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Full text of "Boyd's Washington and Georgetown directory : containing a business directory of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria"

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Proteus* t>y Letters Patent, dated Feb. 19, 1856; Oct. 28, 1856; Dec. 8, 1857; Jan. 
12, 1858; Nov. 16, 1858, and March 29, 1859. 

The recent improvements in these Tables make them unsurpassed in the world. They are 
now offered to scientific Billiard players as combining speed with truth, never before obtained 
in any Billiard Table. 

Salesrooms, Nos. 786 and 788 Broadway, New York. 
Manufactory, Nos. 65, 67, and 69 Crosby 3treet. 


Patented. April 5, 1859. 


This is a Double Acting Force Pump, with but one bore and one Pis- 
ton, worked by a tee piece, having as much leverage and less friction, 
in its working than any other pump heretofore invented. 

The working parts all stand under the water, as does the air-chamber, 
beyond the reach of careless or malicious interference or frost ; there 
is no loss of water and no loss of labor in any depth — a constant flow 
of water is kept up. The different sizes — five in all — work in diame- 
ters of from 14 to 24 inches, and cost $15, $20, $25, $40, and $60 each, 
are worked by hand, horse, water, wind, or steam ; adapted to cisterns, wells, tanks, ma- 
chinery, engines, mines, railroads, or docks, forcing water under or above ground to great 
heights and distances. It has pow been in successful operation for eight months, in every 
depth from 8 to 100 feet, commencing at Maine and extending to the Rio Grande, and in 
New Brunswick and Cuba. 

"This is a new Pump which is offered for puhlic favor. Those who have used it speak highly of it."— N. Y. 

"The piston discharges at both ends into the air-chamber, causing a regular flow of water at the discharge 
pipe at top. If preferred, every part can be galvanized, except the piston, which keeps itself clean, and is 
proof against rust." — N. Y. Evangelist. 

"This is a new invention, being exceedingly simple, rendering the labor of working it, on account of the 
very small amount of friction in its working parts, very trifling in comparison to other Pumps of a similar na- 
ture." — N. Y. Christian Advocate and Journal. 

"As a specimen of the ease and efficiency with which this Pump works, we can state that one man, working 
regularly, forced water from this Pump a distance of 540 feet, being 97 feet perpendicular height."— Scientific 
American, N. Y. 

"One of these Pumps now in use in this vicinity, enables us to state that full confidence can be placed in the 
statement contained in the advertisement."— Presbyterian Banner and Advocate, Pittsburg, Pa. 

A Working Model and Pumps always to be seen on application at the office. Complete 
drawings, prices, and particulars in detail sent free of postage. Address, 

147 Chambers Street, M. Y. 





Passenger trains leave daily on arrival of trains from the East by Pennsylvania 
Railroad, for all points accessible by rail in the States of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, 
Kentucky, and all the States and Territories of the Great West, 

Woodruff Sleeping Car attached to each Night Train. 

Fare at all times as low as by any other Railroad route. 

Jickets via this, the principal route between the East and "West, can be procured 
at most of the principal Ticket Offices in the East. 

Freight of all kinds forwarded by this route will be subject to less handling or 
changes of cars between New York, Boston, Philadelphia, or Baltimore, and all 
prominent points in the West, than by any other route, with advantages in time. 

Kates of Freight transportation at all times as low as by any other Railroad 

For further information of through receipts to any Western point, please apply 

LEECH & CO., No. 54 Kilby St., Boston. 

2 Astor House, N. Y. 
8 Battery Place, " 
1 Dock St., Philada. 
E. J. SNEEDER, Agent Pennsylvania R. R., S. W. 

corner 13th and Market Sts., Philadelphia. 
MAGRAW & KOONS, 80 North St., Baltimore. 


General Freight and Passenger Agent, 


(Of the late firm of Winchester & Scott,) 



No. 814 Chestnut St., nearly opp. Girard House, 


Particular attention given to ordered Shirts. A perfect fit guaranteed. Wholesale Trade 
supplied with fine Shirts and Collars. 



No. 405 F Street, tbree doors east of "Vtli Street, 


Models of every description made for inventors. Duplicating, altering, and repairing promptly 
attended to. Sewing Machines and light machinery of all kinds made and repaired. Gears of 
every description cut and made to order. Also, patterns for iron or brass castings. 



Funerals attended to at all hours. 

Alfred Street, near King, 



Corner Fifteenth and G Streets, opposite the State Department, 



Bouquets or Cut Flowers furnished, 
ported to any part of the Union safely. 

Plants, Shrubbery, and Trees packed with care, so as to be traas- 
H. D. has a large collection of Greenhouse and Parlor Plants. 

Ohio Avenue, near 12th Street West and the Canal, 

Has constantly on hand a supply of 



Mfifmt * 







4J7& 3E , orxia.S3rl-v"«»i3Li«; Avenue, 

Garments sold in this establishment, prove to be just as reco 

J&y Garments sold cheaper here than elsewhere. 


Garments well made. Neatly and strongly sewed. Made from cloth, fine and coarse, 
of the best quality, and sold at unprecedented LOW PRICES. 

Bemember "Temple of Fashion," 476 Penn. Av., two doors east of the U, S. Hotel 




%rib |Mtnt SJratotr-Stoim S>$A Pairafattorg, 

j£\.t tlxe Old /St^xxd, 

No. 706 Chestnut Street, above Seventh, opposite the Washington House, 

FINE SHIRTS and DRAWERS made from measurement, and in all cases warranted to 
fit. Gentlemen will be furnished with a formula for measurement on application by mail. 



If you want DELICIOUS COFFEE always, and at a saving 
of from forty to fifty per cent., get an " OLD DOMINION" 
COFFEE POT. Over forty different styles and varieties are 
manufactured. The " THE OLD DOMINION" TEA POT takes 
only half the usual quantity of Tea. You will save the price of 
either in two months, and secure daily a Table Luxury prized 
above all others. 

§3^~ Sold by dealers in Housekeeping articles, and Storekeepers generally, 

117 and 119 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia. 
Manufacturers under the Patent for the United States. Also, Manufacturers under the Patent of 



No. 308 Pennsylvania Avenue. 


No. 626 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. 

These establishments are the first of their class in the cities in which they are 
tsituated, and comprise in their operations every valuable style of Photographs in 
an elegance of finish not surpassed in the world. 



No. 348 Pennsylvania Avenue, and 311 G Street, 

Between Brown's Hotel and Seventh Street, 

» ®» §•» 



By patronizing our 
own mechanics we may 
rest assured we pro- 
mote our own best in- 
terests, and at the same 
time increase the 
strength and standing 
of our community. 

In Northern Shoes 
I deal only in bar- 
gains, guaranteeing to 
sell such at certainly 
as low prices as any 
house in this latitude. 

I keep one or two 
hands only on Ladies' 
work, and what I do 
in that line may be re- 
lied on. 

Uniform prices and 
small profits may in 
all cases be expected. 




M 3&3wLc^Mjks!j loM tS <&> JL A SJ d> J& ? 



Late Principal of Mystic Hall Seminary, 

Mrs. Smith takes pleasure in giving notice that the additional buildings, gym- 
nasium, and riding grounds on the estate of Surgeon-General Lawson, adjoining 
Secretary ThOxMSOn's, are finished, and she has opened with a corps of experienced 

Every facility is afforded for a thorough education, those professors and teachers 
only being employed who possess a tact for teaching, and have acquired great eru- 
dition and a distinguished reputation in their respective departments. 

The course of instruction embraces the Ancient and Modern Languages, the 
higher Mathematics, and the various branches of a solid English education. 

Among the authors taught are Sherwin's Algebra, Davis' Legendre's Geometry 
and Trigonometry, Cartee's Physical Geography, Weber's History, Karnes's Criti- 
cism, Cleveland's English Literature, Whateley's Morals and Christian Evidences, 
Thompson's Outlines of the Laws of Thought, Butler's Analogy, and Haven's 
Mental Philosophy. 

The Graceful Department comprises Music, Drawing, Painting, Dancing, Man- 
ners, Carriage, and Conversation generally. Several private collections of pictures, 
shells, birds, coins, &c., have been kindly offered for the gratification and improve- 
ment of the Young Ladies. 

A valuable Library is always accessible to the young ladies, and the Maps, 
Globes, Chemical and Philosophical Apparatus furnish ample means of illustration 
in school. Distinguished gentlemen are engaged to lecture upon Anatomy, Che- 
mistry, Natural Philosophy, Astronomy, and History, with diagrams and appa- 

Applications will be answered and pupils received until the limited number is 
complete; and parents and guardians may be assured that no efforts or appliances 
will be wanting to secure the comfort, thorough instruction, and elegance of their 
daughters and wards, while the utmost . strictness and exclusiveness will be 

The young ladies will have the advantage of attending the lectures of the Smith- 
sonian Institute, and of visiting the places of interest and instruction which are 
found only in the Federal metropolis. 

Post Office address, 

WASHINGTON, D. C, Box 702^ 

Hb«s!»i> *?*k-±JJ *&&&-)?* Jjj^-i 



308 Pennsylvania Avenue, 
Between Ninth and Tenth Streets. 

All the different styles of Portraiture are produced, of which the principal are — 

PHOTOGRAPHS, from Cabinet to Life size, 


PHOTOGRAPHS finely executed in 


PHOTOGRAPHS finely finished in 


PHOTOGRAPHS, plain, from Locket to 



IVORYTYPES, in the highest style of the Art. 

w mi Jf ip«0t§p m. 

N. B. Copies of all kinds of Pictures made in the best manner. 
Also, on hand and for sale, 


iu and about Washington, including the Public Buildings and other objects of 

"The Union must be preserved." 


448 Pennsylvania Avenue, near 4i Street. 

Every variety of Portrait and Miniature likeness taken 
in the most artistic style, and of the highest finish. Our 
life size American Photographs are larger and in every 
respect more desirable and cheaper than the Pantaloon 
Photographs, ycleped "Imperial," but which have nothing 
imperial about them except the price. 

Photographs for $2 equal to any others in the city at $5. Ambrotypes from 
50 cents to $5. 






No, 487 6th St,, between La, Av, and C St,, 

Keep constantly on hand 

Bath Tubs, Water Closets, Washhand Basins, Iron, Lead, 

and Soapstone Sinks, Cast Iron, Lead, Galvanized, 

Block Tin, and Earthen Pipes, of all sizes, for 

the introduction of the Potomac Water. 

Also, India Eubber Hose of all sizes and qualities, 

Hydraulic Rams, &c. &c. 

Orders from the country promptly attended to. 



Claim ^gent anir Negotiator for loans, 

Corner of Louisiana Av. and 7th Street, 


(Near Sixth Street,) 

robert h. wmM 3 

o o Jk. o h - iue -a. is. e n , 

8th Street, near D, 

33-u.ilcis none To-Lit fix- is t class Xiglxt x^roxrls.. 

Repairing of all kinds done in the cheapest and best manner. 


GF7Q Pennsylvania •A.'xroxi.-uLe, 



Office, Louisiana Av., No. 64 in the Bank of Washington Building. 
Residence, No. 482 Tin Street, opp. Gen-'l P. Office. 

Conveyancing in all its various branches. Deeds prepared, Wills, Contracts, and other legal 
writings executed. Acknowledgments of Deeds in and out of office. Documents copied and 
attested, Depositions carefully taken, and Commissioner for the various States and Territories. 

Note.— Those requiring the services of a Justice (magisterially), he will consult them at their own residence 
er privately at his own office, at all hours. 



Office C, corner of Seventh Street, over Bank of Washington. 
JAMES ADAMS, President. ALEX. McINTIEE, Secretary. 

George Shoemaker, 
Samuel Cropley, 
Richard Jones, 
Samuel Redeern, 

John D. Barclay, B. B. French, 

John C. Rives, Richard Barry, 

J. Gideon, A. G. Davis, 

A. Rothwell, Thomas Parker. 


Dealers in 



No. 42 Centre Market Space, between Seventh and Eighth Sis., 






Jfamilg Skforag-macjmtes, 

*J^o v W<a 



Extensive dealer in 

Fine Fancy Goods, Toys, Fans, 4c. 

Articles suitable for Presents to suit all Ages. 
No. 308 Penn. Av., between 9th and 10th Sts. 

G-IjAG-£3TT c*3 DODSON, 

Importers and dealers in all kinds of 


Also, Toilet and Table Linens of all kinds. 

No. 4 Market Space, 1 door East of 9th Street, 


Wholesale and retail dealers in 

No. 407 South Side, Penn. Avenue, 


Sill ilili911t(l| 
Corner of Seventh Street and Louisiana Avenue, 

3?"±xx© ZjlquorSy Oysters, GrA.xa3.Oy cfeo. 



346 Broadway, New York, 

33 South Sixth Street, Fhilada. 



No. 256 Penn. At., bet. 12th and 13th Streets, 

ilFilf II if Ml 



Has constantly on hand a large and choice assortment of the above goods, which 
will be sold, wholesale or retail, at the lowest market prices. 


Dealer in 



Corner 9th Street West and Hew York Avenue, 


C St, bet. Four-and-a-half 4 Sixth Sts, 


The best Livery Stable in the city attached. 


MRS. BEVERIDGE, Proprietress, 
Pennsylvania Avenue, corner Third Street, 

J6^ The public will find this a fashionable and quiet resort, eligibly situated for 
persons having business at the Capitol. 

This house has recently been thoroughly repaired, enlarged, and remitted with 
new furniture and modern improvements. 

The Proprietress respectfully solicits the patronage of her old friends and the 
public generally. 



No. 507 Seventh St,, Washington, D. C, 

ml §iprt, ffWurt} fuftlfc, 11 £. €mmiffliw&^ 

Commissioner of Deeds for all the States and Territories of the Union. 


No. 4 Louisiana Avenue. 

Patent Agent, & Attorney for Inventors, 

4T7& Seventli Street, 

(Opposite the Post Office,) 

Attends personally to any business connected with the United States Patent Office, and to 
appeals to the Judges of the United States Circuit Court ; and also, through responsible 
correspondents, procures patents in all foreign countries where patent laws exist. 


And Commissioner of Deeds for most of the States and Territories. 

Office at No. 66 Louisiana Avenue; Residence, No. 581 H Street North. 

Office hours from 7 A. M. to 10 P. M. 

£3= Acknowledgments of Deeds, Depositions, and all other business requiring a Commissioner of Deeds or 
Justice of the Peace, attended to at the residences of the persons requiring such services, at all hours. 

:n". c. deivee, 


Duplicate Models, Patterns for Castings, &c. 

3STO. 4TFG Seventli Street, 


U3=* General agent and manufacturer of Z. N. Morrell's Seed Planter and Fertilizing Distributer. 



ISTo. 492 Seventli Street, 

MUTUAL BENEFIT LIFE INS. CO., .... Capital $3,235,613 05 
CONTINENTAL FIRE INS. CO., . . . Capital and Surplus $905,000 00 

DIVIDENDS 40 to 50 per cent. Other Companies with ample Capital. 

Also, the Wholesale Depot of Dr. Watrous' Healing Balsam, which Cures many diseases with 

perfect certainty. TRY IT. 


Seventh Street, under the Avenue House, 

Sell the following goods at a lower price than any other house in this market : 

WINES. — Madeira and Sherry, different brands and prices; Claret and Malaga, do. 
do. ; Champagne, do. do. 

BRANDIES. — "Old Hennessy," purest and best made: Jules Robin &Co.; Pinet 
Fils; Castillon & Co. ; Domestic. 

WHISKIES.— "Old Unger;" Pure Rye, double distilled in copper; Old Rye, very 
pure and old Family Rye, two years from distillery; Scotch and Irish from U. S. bond- 
ed warehouse. 

MISCELLANEOUS.— Gins, several qualities and prices; Rums, do. do.; Cordials, 
do. do.; Cigars, Havana and domestic. 


3>0"o. 370 ES Street, 

Between 10th and 11th Sis., 

Keeps on hand the best French Patent Leather and Calf Skin, which he will make 
up in the neatest style. Repairing promptly and neatly done. 



3STo. 521 Centre IVE^o^Xsiot, 

At the intersection of 9£ Street, Louisiana Avenue, and C Street, 



355 Pennsylvania Avenue and 270 B Street, Washington, D. C. 

Strangers visiting the Capitol will be shown to the above directions by my customers, 
friends, and the citizens in general. 

3 17 

Oox*. of DEI slit la and X Streets, Navy 3T£*,x-cl ? 

■W r A.SHI3SrC3-T03Sr, ID. o_, 

Dealers in all kinds of 

iiosaiMio uqogis. 

Hams, Shoulders, Smoked Beef, Fresh Beef, Pork, Butter, 

Cheese, Lard, Eggs, Apples, Potatoes, Onions, Cabbage, 

Turnips, Family and Extra Flour, Meal, Corn, 

Oats, Ship Stuff, Brown Stuff, Shorts, 

Cut Hay, &c. 




469 1st Street West, near the Capitol. 

t. Esxrw. 



land and Calcined Plaster, Cement, Lime, 

Hair, White and Common Sand, &c. 

Office and Yard, Virginia Av., bet. 9th and 10th Sts. East, Navy Yard, 

Near Anacostia Bridge. 

Coal from the best mines in the country. 2,240 lbs. to the ton in all cases. Fairness and promptness may- 
be relied upon. 

S. A. H. MARKS, Jr., 

Dealer in jt TT A TT> 

W00d ; Coaj^^^^^^ Sand, Cement 


And Plaster. 

Office and Yard, E Street South, between 6th and "Un East, 
T7^7--A-JSHI3NrC3i-T03Xr, 3D. O. 


No. 499 11th St., North of Penn. Av., 

Hefo Jfitrnito & iRpjjflfatas SHawrowuL 




Of the latest styles and most desirable patterns. 

Sofas, Lounges, & Easy Chairs, in Damask, Brocatelle, & Haircloth, 


All kinds of Furniture repaired in the best manner, cheap for cash. Particular attention 
paid to Drapery, Curtains, Carpets, &c. 

506 7th Street, under Odd Fellows' Hall. 


Seventh. Street, Island., 

TOsiaaEKB'if m ®* $♦ 



Nursery, over Long Bridge, Virginia. 

A fine collection of ROSES and other plants. Bouquets made to order, and cut 
Flowers for sale at the Greenhouses, on Seventh and B Streets (Island), Washington, D. C. 




540 7th Street West, corner Louisiana Avenue, 

Opposite Avenue House. 



Agent for Pensions, Soldiers' Claims for Land, &c, 

And for the Sale and Purchase of Real Property, and Conveyancer, 

No. 525 Twelfth Street West. 


No, 22 Louisiana Avenue, 

w^imiiwiit*iif$ ©«% €* 


No. 589 Eighth Street East, 

Physicians' prescriptions dispensed with accuracy and dispatch 
at all hours. 


Corner Pennsylvania Avenue & 1st Street, 

Fine Liquors, Oysters, Graxne, dtec 



J, H, & A, W, KIRKWOOD, Proprietors, 



The patronage of the public is invited, 

LUSK & SMITH, Proprietors. 

JTJNlJLTA. house, 

25 I¥. Four-and-a-half St., 

This house is conducted on the plan of rooms with or without meals. Persons room- 
ing elsewhere in the city will find meals served here in a style to please. 

C. T. & U. BOWEN, §jH^r 

JVo. 431 New York Avenue, '^^C^IhR^ 

Between 14th and 15th Sts. West. 3^K2s^-~ 


Imitation of all kinds of Wood and Marble neatly executed in the latest 
and most approved style. 




ISTo_ 481 INTim/tltL Street, 

Between D and E Streets, 


345 F North, between 9th and 10th West. 



No. 249 Pennsylvania Avenue, bet. 13th and 13th Sts. 3 





No. 357 Maryland Avenue, between 2d and 3d Sts., Capitol HilL 

Their Monuments are of a new style ; they will contain, if desired, a portrait of the deceased in bas-relief. 
Models and designs will he shown to any one who will call at their Studio. 

■E>A.TJJLm sipos, 



431 E Street, two doors east of Seventh, Washington, D. C, 

Has constantly on hand the choicest brands of Champagne, Claret, and Hungarian and French Wines; Old 
Cognac and other Brandies ; Holland Gin, Jamaica and Santa Cruz Rum ; also, a great variety of Cordials, &c. 
Fine Rye Whiskey, as per analysis of Dr. Antisell. Various brands of imported Segars. Families supplied 
with Porter, Ale, and Lager Beer in bottles or in kegs. All orders promptly executed, and purchases delivered 
free of charge. 



Capital, $200,000. 

Besides the actual capital of the Company, the charter renders the private fortune of each stock- 
holder liable for losses. 

Office, corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and lOth Street. 


M. W. Gault, Wm. Okme, James F. Haliday, 

Wm. F. Bayly, Benj. Beall, Francis Mohun, 

Samuel Bacon, Hudson Tayloe, Joseph Bryan. 

Grafton D. Hanson, Secretary. James C. McGuire, President. 


No. 515 Seventh Street West. 

J. P. INGLE, President. CHARLES BRADLEY, Secretary. 


Wm. A. Bradley, C. H. Wiltberger, T. Blagden, 

Dr. J. M. Broadhead, Dr. G. P. Todson, S. H. Hill, 

Dr. J. M. Roberts, W. J. McDonald, M. A. Guista. 

Dr. J. C. Hall, Joseph H. Bradley, 



Capital 6123,000, securely invested. 

This Company offers to the property holders of the District the same protection 
as other Companies, at about two-thirds of the cost, and they receive back one-half 
of the amount paid by them, in case the Company meets with the same success as 
for the past five years that it has been doing business, which has shown the actual 
cost of insurance of first class risks to be less than 10 cents on the $100. 

The insured becomes a member at certain fixed and uniform rates, for which he 
gives a deposite note, interest payable annually in advance, to form a fund for the 
payment of losses. All payments are placed to the credit of the insured, and after 
losses and expenses are deducted, any savings that may accrue are returnable, agree- 
ably to the Charter and By-Laws, without deduction, and with interest thereon. 

The fact that all of the Insurance Companies of the District are declaring large 
dividends to their stockholders, at once shows the great profit on their premiums. 
and the consequent saving to persons insuring with this Company. 

ULYSSES WARD, President. 
CHARLES WILSON, Secretary. MATHEW G. EMERY, Treasurer. 

Ulysses Ward, T. J. Magruder, Mathew G. Emery, 

John Dickson, John Yan Riswick, J. C. McKelden, 

Charles Wilson. 

Office adjoining (north) the Bank of" Washington. 


Established 18 44, by 



Offlce 7 corner IF -1 a,xi.oL 'Ztli Streets, 

Every information given in relation to the Patent Laws, and Patents taken out in 
the United States and foreign countries on reasonable terms. 

Inquiries in relation to improvements in Mills, Machinery, Manufactures, &c. 
will be promptly and reliably answered; and orders for the purchase and shipment 
of the best products of American skill and ingenuity, will be speedily and faithfully 
executed for a reasonable commission. 

Washington, D. C, June 24, 1854. 
To all whom it may concern: 

The undersigned, members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, 
being personally acquainted with Z. C. Robbins, Esquire, of this city, take pleasure in say- 
ing that he is a gentleman highly esteemed for his integrity as a man and his capacity as 
a Solicitor at the Patent Office. 

Wm. T. Hamilton, Md. Chas. E. Stuart, Michigan. 

H. Hamlin, Maine. Samuel Clarke, " 

Nathan Belcher, Conn. B. B. Thurston, R. I. 

Chas. Hughes, N. Y. 

Washington, D. C, November 28, 1848. 
To all -whom it may concern : 

During the time I have filled the office of Commissioner of Patents, and for some time 
previous, Zenas C. Robbins, Esq. has followed the business of Patent Solicitor in this city, 
and has been in the daily prosecution of business in the line of his profession, at the Patent 

I am well acquainted with Mr. Robbins personally, and believe him to be a man of integ- 
rity and ability, to whom persons at a distance may safely entrust their business. I am 
pleased to have the opportunity to say that he is faithful to the interests of his clients, and 
has been, thus far, very successful in the practice of his profession. 



Having been frequently requested by friends to obtain Government Passports, 
the subscriber has decided to make this a portion of the business of his office. 

Five dollars will be the charge for procuring a passport, and one dollar the charge 
for obtaining the vise of a Foreign Minister upon a passport. On the receipt of the 
requisite fee, the necessary papers, accompanied by full directions, will be promptly 
forwarded by mail. Attention is called to the subjoined extracts from an official 


Office for Patents, 

Washington, D. C, April, 1859. 

Department of State. "Washington, D. C, August, 1857. 

Citizens of the United States visiting foreign countries are liable to serious inconveniences, if un- 
provided with authentic proof of their national character. Their best safeguard is a passport from 
this Department, certifying the bearer to be a citizen of the United States. 

Persons who leave the country expecting to obtain passports whilst abroad, from the Diplomatic 
or Consular Agents of the United States, are liable to disappointment ; inasmuch as it is the duty 
of those agents not to grant documents of that character, except to persons who are certainly known 
to be entitled to them : and it is sometimes difficult, if not impracticable, to procure proof of this 
fact in a foreign country. 

Certificates of citizenship or passports issued by State authorities, or by Judicial or Municipal 
functionaries of the United States, are not recognized by the officers of foreign governments ; and 
by the twenty-third section of the act of Congress, approved on the 18th of August last, it is made 
penal for such authorities and functionaries to issue such passports. 


$xmt\ fplkrg, Jtofoers, anir Jfeatfro, 

No. 275 Penn. Av., bet. 10th and Uth Sts, 




Xo. 310 Penn. Avenue, between 9th and 10th Sts., 

Our Bonnets took the Medal at the Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institnte. 


FMliiltlLl HAT, 


No. 424 Penn. Av., between 41 and 6th Streets, 


j-. "w. ooijUiasrsr c*? oo., 


Jfantg anb Staple §rg §0oK (Mts, Sjmfofe, # Pattilas, 


523 7th Street, 3 doors above Penn. Av., 


Farticxilar attention given to all oi'ders. 

W. B. WINDSOR. H . c . WI jjd S0 H. 


No. 359 Seventh Street, below Northern Liberty Market, 
HVTotto. qxLlols. sales ancl small profits. 

tMBmiMOi 1MML 


Late of the Firm and successor to 
jam TOIDID cfc GO., 

ZBro^Arm/s ]VCa,r1ole ZB-u.ilc3_i:n.g- 7 


IJfetnpIitait Saitajj (teMislpttt. 


MIIIT TlllOft. 


Cor. of Pennc At. and 14th St., opposite Willard's Hotel, 

m-^Mpmjmnmirmf k»« mzim 


S. W. OWEN. 


Pennsylvania Av., bet-ween 14th and 15th Sts., 

WAtNIH6T0H, »♦€♦ 

Naval and Military Uniforms executed in the neatest style. 


H. F. LOUDON & CO., 


JL Ac^ciillMp^^ 


Brown's Hotel, Washington, D. €. 



Wholesale and retail dealer in 


No. 61 Louisiana Av., bet. 6th and 7th Sts., 



"■ '0, |pljti«, & §fM» #1 
Three doors east of National Hotel, 



Wholesale and retail dealer in fine 


No. 413 7th Street, bet. and H Streets, 

E. E. WHITE & CO., 

Wholesale and retail dealers in 

No. 63 H-oxxi^i^ixx^ jSLveixuLe, 

Between 6th and Itli Streets, opposite the 


500 Ninth Street, near Pennsylvania Avenue, 


Manufacturer and Proprietor of 




Between Eighth and Ninth Streets, 


WM. T. DOVE & CO., 

No. 500 Ninth Street, few doors north of Fenn. Av., 

filliliiiilll ft iiiii WiliiUlk 


Chandeliers, and other Gas, Water, and Steam Fixtures. 




No. 486 7th St,, 7 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall, 

Paper-hanging executed in the best manner. 



No. 12 Market Space, between Eighth and Ninth Streets, 




fata' fattctj Slimming aito jliltag ®kmh, 

DXTo- 14 3Vfl:£trls.ot Space, 





Pennsylvania Avenue, between 9th and 10th St*. 

Ladies' French and American Gaiters, Misses' and Children's Shoes, Gentlemen's 
Shoes of all kinds, Travelling Trunks of most superior quality. 


(Successors to Job W. Angus,) 



GLAZIERS AND IMITATORS of all kinds of Wood and Stone. 

Shop, No. 562 Seventh St., opposite Centre Market, 

JS^ All orders attended to at the shortest notice. 


Corner o±" ESiglitla and 3D Sts., 

C. & H. MARTIN, Proprietors. 

C3P Guests will find this house conveniently located for business or pleasure, being in 
the most central part of the citv. 




Opposite 5th Street, 




3D. O. 



Jtormgs # CjMwlfes at f afo, 

No. S20 "Ztla Street, 
WMttttlMtTOl*, ». ft 


iftiiiif mw lim 


Between 4* and 6th Streets, 

WaSf«f§QY©» CITY* 

Residence, 425 Mass. Av.. bet. 6th and 7th Streets. 


Messrs. F. DUBOIS & CHS. REGL.AI1V, 

Ex Cook of the houses of CHEVET & BILLET, of Paris, have just opened an establishment 

for the sale of 

HOGS' FLESH, SAUSAGES, &c, at 366 E St., corner of 11th. 



MM. F. Dubois & Ch. Eeglatn, ex cuisiniers des Maisons Chevet & Billet de Paris, viennent d'ouvrir un. 
6tablissement de charcuterie fran^aise, au No. 366 E Street, corner Ilth, et prendront sur ordre tout ce qui cou- 
cerne leur art. 



«■ ,&>) 

IF 1 st. 7 Toet. 6tH etna 'Ztli West, 


B. M. GILDEA, D. D. S., 

DEMTAIa s it ii is je o m 

Southeast cor. 7th and E Streets, 

Opposite the General Post-office, 



And Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents. 

Office 7th St., nearly opposite the Patent and Post-office Departments, 


Dealer in 



No. 389, corner I and Ninth Streets, 



W. L. WALL. 




South side Fenn. Av., corner 9th Street, 

Sales of Real and Personal Property of every description attended to on the 
most reasonable terms. 



Auction and Commission Merchants, 

Corner 10th Street and Penn, Avenue, 

Will attend to the Purchase or Sale of Real Estate, either at 
Auction or Private Sale, and will cash all deferred payments on 
sales of Eeal or Personal Property, at the lowest rates. 






Penn. At., between 10th and 1 1th Sts., 
WAtHIHOTOH, »♦ ft* 

Bells hung in the most approved style, either with or without tubing. Annunciators put up in Hotels and 
Private Dwellings in the best manner. Signal Bells and Steamboat Gongs constantly on hand. Orders for 
Speaking Tubes with Alarm Whistles attended to. All kinds of repairing executed with neatness and dispatch. 



No. 259 

Pennsylvania Avenue, bet. 12th and 13th Sts. 




Honse and Sign Painter and Glazier, 

54 Louisiana Avenue, 

Residence F south n 7th west. 

Jobbing promptly attended to, and charges moderate. 



No. 53 Louisiana Avenue bet. 6th and 7th Sts. 

Sign and Decorative Painting of every description done to order. 

Honse, Sign, and Ornamental Painter, 


Imitations of Woods and Marbles, Enamelled White, Enamelling on Glass, and 
all kinds of Pine Fainting. 

All the above work done in superior manner. Orders for old and new Glazing promptly -attended to. 
Office, TTT^roXftlx Street, oor. 33. 

j. -A.. jcxmsrsToisr, 

m&mmmwmmm mm mwwmwm* 

15th St., between New York Avenue and H St,, 

Orders solicited and promptly executed. 



No. 318 Fenn. Av., bet. 10th and 11th Streets, 

msiaiiEKB'om ®. ®. 

5 6o 

Dealer in very superior 

§©» & 1BWI! WMOM, 

Fine Diamond, and all other rich and fashionable Gold Jewelry, every 

variety of Silver-plated Ware, Gold, Silver, Steel, and other 


Also, Manufacturer of every style of Solid Standard Silver Ware, 
338 Fenn, Avenue, above Ninth Street. 



370 0E , en.rLS3rlxra,rLi«. ja.ireri.-uie, 

WA8iBIIIH®7(DSS, B» @. 


Has constantly for sale a complete assortment of European and American Watches. 
Chronometers, duplex, Patent and Detached Levers, fine Mantle Clocks, and Musical 
Boxes carefully repaired. 


Dealers in 

Very Superior Gold and Silver 

And all other rich and fashionable Gold Jewelry, as well as an ex- 
tensive assortment of very fine fancy articles. Every variety of Silver-plated Ware. Gold, Silver. 
Steel, and other Spectacles. Also, a large assortment of all kinds of CLOCKS bought from the 
manufactory, all of which will be sold low for cash. 

No. 516 7th west, opposite "National Intelligencer Office," Washington, D.C. 

Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry repaired promptly and in the very best order. 



No. 512 7th St. West, below Odd Fellows' Hall, 

Regular Sales every Evening, and on Market days. 

Keeps on hand an extensive stock of Jewelry and Watches, with, a great variety of fancy 
goods and notions. Particular attention called to the trade. Large consignments received 
from New York importers and manufacturers, which will be sold at very low prices. At- 
tention called to sales of Real Estate, Furniture, &c. &c. 


Wholesale and retail dealers in 


<fco. dfco. tfco. 


Opposite Bank of Washington. 


No. 488 North side of Penn. Avenue, 

(Four doors west of Third St.,) 



O££loe, KTo. 405 IF 1 Street, 


Business connected with the Patent Office and the Courts attended to for Inventors. 



Southeast corner of Seventh and E Streets, 

(Entrance on E Street,) 


(Late Draughtsman of U. S. Capitol Extension,) 



No. 312 D Street, next to the cor. of Penn. Avenue and 11th St.,. 

WMNIIMITOfl, ©♦ €* 


Successors to Elvans & Thompson, 

No. 309 Pennsylvania Avenue, bet, 9th and 10th Sts,, South side, 

Dealers in 

gmgHj gabdneTj & general mmmm$ s 



IB" 1 St:re©t 7 cor. of Seventli, 

In connection with J. T. Pitman, London; G. W. Yapp, Paris; Eugene (xUillery, Brussels : 
Frederick Paget, Vienna, Ac. &c. &c. 

Drawings and Specifications prepared, Examinations made, Caveats filed, Patents obtained 
here and abroad, Rejected Applications prosecuted, Interferences conducted, Extensions ap- 
plied for, Reissues procured, Assignments prepared. 




For business in all Departments of Government, 

Office, Southeast cor. F and Seventh Streets, 


Special attention to the settlement of Accounts, the obtaining 
of Contracts, and the investigation of Pre-emption, Bounty Land, 
Pension, and other Public Business, as well as Private Negotia- 

XIstalDllslied. izx 1844. 

Deeds, Wills, Contracts, and other Legal Writings drawn, Affidavits and Acknow- 
ledgments taken, &c. 

Residence, 592 M St., between 6th and 7th. 




No. 499 7th West, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall, 

Manufactures and has constantly on hand a large assortment of superior 

d?o. «X?o. tfcc. 


Wholesale and retail dealer in 


403 Pennsylvania Avenue, south side, between ij> and 6th Sts., 


Wholesale and retail dealers in 

No. 523 Ninth St., corner Louisiana Avenue, 

G. & T. PARKER & CO., 

Dealers in fine 


343 and 345 Penn. Avenue, 

Opposite Brown's Hotel. 


J. W. SEARS & BRO., 


No, 48 Market Space, between 7th and 8th Sts., 



No. 36 "CENTEAL 8TOEES," No. 36 


Between 7th and 8th Streets, opposite Centre Market, Washington, D. C. 



&mm in B@ffi£sm bh mm% 



L. F. FERRY & CO., 


, €ttvtaitt& Ifptthig*, #1 iMfo, tit. 


Pennsylvania Avenue and Ninth Street, 

em of Washington, o. e. 





WMHtWGYOll, O. C. 

Every variety of garment for Gentlemen's and Youths' wear, of the latest style, and of 
superior manufacture, including a complete assortment of Furnishing Goods. 





Cotarabia Livery mi Sale Stables, 

Eighth Street, between D and E, 

Carriages, Buggies, and Saddle Horses for Hire. 



Wos. 471 and 473 west side Eighth Street, between D and E Streets, 

And attentive Hostlers always on hand. 



253 Pennsylvania Avenue, between 12th and 13th Streets, 


WA8HI»6T0n v ©. €. 



Pennsylvania Avenue and Fourteenth St., 

JOHN B. UNSWORTH, Proprietor, 

Opposite TTCTlULAxrcI.'fli Hotel. 



$ Mm' anfr fciton's 

The finest assortment of French Confectionery, Frnits, etc., always on hand. 



252 rPeinzELS-y-l-v-aiiia, _A.-v-em/u.e 7 

wron, ©. cu 



HNTo. 489 JSixtlx St., 


^ <SF^ ^% 



Pennsylvania Avenue and 13i St,, 


The above well-known and long-established Hotel having passed into the hands 
of thfi undersigned, he would respectfully inform his friends and the former patrons 
of this establishment, that having renovated and refurnished the same in a superior 
manner, he is prepared to accommodate every delegation, however large, with the 
most comfortable quarters, where every attention will be paid to their comfort and 

To visitors and strangers the above House will be found a most desirable resort, 
from its close proximity to the Public Departments. 

JAMES DONNELLY, Proprietor. 


[Pennsylvania; Avenue, 

The undersigned respectfully inform their 
friends and the public, that the above House, 
having been closed for the last two months, and 
thoroughly renovated and refurnished, will be 
reopened on the 7th of November instant. 

The house being heated with steam, and pro- 
vided with additional rooms, &c, compares 
favorably with any other in the country. It is 
now capable of accommodating some three hun- 
dred persons. 

No efforts will be spared on the part of the 
proprietors or their attendants to contribute to 
the comfort of their guests. 

The former proprietor, Mr. L. 0. Smith, re- 
taining an interest in the House, returns thanks 
for past favors, and requests a continuance of 
the same for the new firm. 

Very respectfully, 


6 41 



Iftmufetaw af 



g^b Imports of anb S&froUsale anb Retail JUaler in 




Between Pennsylvania Avenue and Canal Bridge, 


/ C. G. BALt 


&-. COACH, MAI^ERj^l 



Manufacturers of 



WAtNfliGTOlf , ©♦ *. 

Wm. M. Ellis & Bro., Eagle Iron Works, are prepared to fill promptly all orders for STEAM 
ENGINES, portable or stationary, high or low pressure, Steam Boilers of all kinds, Saw, Grist, or 
Sugar Mills, Hydrostatic or other Presses, Shafting, Gearing, Ac, for Flouring or other Mille. 
Castings and Forgings of every description. 

Olxlo -A.-ct©:dl-ixo, oor. X3tla JStaroot XPST&mt. 



Seventh West, corner F North, Washington, D. C. 

This establishment possesses all the facilities for attending to all the distinct branche 
of the profession. 

Aided by several scientific assistants, prepares drawings and specifications necessary to 
the obtaining of Letters Patent, in this and foreign countries, examines the validity of 
patents, furnishes opinions upon the patentable merit of inventions, and attends to all other 
matters connected with the Patent Office. 

In cases of Appeal, either before the Commissioner of Patents of the U. S. District Court, 
involving legal points, I am associated with the most able counsel. Particular attention 
paid to the procuring of foreign patents. German, French, and Spanish spoken and written 
in my office. 

J". CT. 3VXcI3NrTI3FtI3, 
Patent Attorney and Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents. 


Wholesale and retail dealers in 

Fill FlliLI 6ftQOBHfiS. 




Agents for the celebrated Chestnut Grove Whiskey. 


Dealer in 

IS* t 


419 Pennsylvania Avenue, bet. 3d and 4} Sts., 




499 Seventh Street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall, 



^ ^w«^^ae| 


Ium&mjj atrtr (Sas-jfittittg 


Pennsylvania Avenue. 


Kitchen Ranges, with Water Backs; Copper 

Boilers; Marble, Copper, Cast-iron, and 

Lead Bath Tubs; Bedet Pans; 

Shower Baths; 

Butler's Pantry Sinks; Slop Closets; Wash 

Stands, with Italian or Tennessee Marble 

Tops; Fountains and Jets, in the 

greatest variety. 


Our stock of Gas Fixtures comprise the greatest variety and 
style in the city. 

Steam and Gas Fitting 

In all its branches, arranged for public and private buildings. 




The losses sustained "by Bankers 
and Merchants during the past ten 
years, must have convinced the pub- 
lic that something more reliable than 
sheet iron safes were necessary for 
protection against the force and skill 
of the burglar. A few years since, 
Mr. Lewis Lillie, of Troy, N. Y., 
turned his attention to the manufac- 
ture of a Safe and Lock that should 
be what the public security demand- 
ed, viz. : perfect protection against 
Fire and the skill of the Burglar. 

His Chilled Iron Safe and Com- 
bined Permutation and Combination 
Lock were the result of his careful 
study and mechanical ingenuity. 
That he proved equal to the task, is 
fully shown by the universal favor 
his work has received from the prin- 
cipal bankers and merchants in New 
York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans, St. Louis, and all prin- 
cipal cities and towns of the country. We feel confident that upon a careful examination 
of the many merits of these Safes and Locks, to which the public are respectfully invited, 
our claim of producing the only Fire and Burglar Proof Safe will not be considered unwar- 
ranted. We invite the fullest examination, confident that when the difference between our 
Chilled Iron Safes and the sheet iron boxes is once fully understood, no prudent man will 
hesitate which to rely upon for the protection of his property. We also invite an exami- 
nation to a list of over two hundred of the principal bankers throughout the country, now 
using this work. We would add that we are now supplying more bank work than all the 
rest of the Safe makers put together. 

For Sale by E. C. PATTISON, General Agent, 

55 Louisiana Avenue, Washington, D. C. 


Are respectfully offered to the public as the 

most simple and reliable Scales ever put into 

Their principal advantages are as follows : — 

Great simplicity of construction. 

Perfect reliability under the severest tests. 

Their compactness enables them to be used 
without the construction of a deep pit ; a 
great desideratum where the ground will not 
admit drainage ; in addition to which, much 
expense is saved. 

It is hardly possible for these Scales to get 
out of order; no jarring of the platform in 
any way affects the working part of the 

We can furnish at short notice, 


Call and examine these Scales, and the Certificates from hundreds of the first mercantile firms 

throughout the country. 

E. C. PATTISON, Agent, 
55 Louisiana Avenue, Washington, D. C. 

having been taken within 60 days, ove* 
[ other competitors. These Scales hav< ' 
'no Check Rods. Receive all Friction and , 
'Wear on Balls. No Jarring of the Plai- 
%rm affects the Working of the 
will weigh when out of Level, 
large Scales require no Pit. 
We are prepared to execute orders ; 
''short notice for Railroad Track and Min- 
ing, Hay, Coal and Cattle Scales, at man- 
/ ufacturers' p rices. Send for Circulars. ' 
I T^IQWETJr., Maker, Brandon, VU _ 
\ FBANK E. HOWE, 191 Broadway 



388 Pennsylvania Avenue, 

(Under the National Hotel,) 


These machines are superior for all manufacturing purposes. 
They are more desirable for all kinds of family sewing ; capa- 
ble of doing a greater variety of work ; perfectly simple, easily 
kept in order, and are much cheaper, because they earn more 
money. They are just the machines for every family. We invite all to call at our 

Office, No. 388 Pennsylvania Avenue, 

and examine them and their work. The great economy in using such a machine will at 
once become apparent. Explanations given to all. 

Circulars, illustrating all of SINGER'S SEWING MACHINES, with specimens of their 
work, furnished to all or sent to any address. A good assortment of 


and other machine findings kept on hand by . 

I. M. SINGER & CO., 

Central Office, 458 Broadway, New York. 
WM. H. GLOVER, Agent, 

■W-A-SIirN-a-TOIN-, ID- O- 




J". MI. McCamly & Co., 

388 and 390 

Pennsylvania Avenue, 

National Hotel Building, 




Would respectfully inform his Customers and the Public that he has removed his 
Warerooms and Manufactory to 


Cor. Wooster St., west of Broadway, 


Where lie offers a splendid assortment of 


All of which are accompanied with a guarantee of seasoned material and superior 




Of 7 and 1\ Octaves, 



Metallic Frames over Bridges, Pearl Keys, Gold 

and Silver Strings, Grand Diagonal and 

Horizontal, with Circular Scales, 





















Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year eighteen hundred and sixty, hy 


in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia. 

I n 


The Publisher of the Washington and Georgetown Directory, in presenting 
his second issue of this work, desires to return his thanks for the patronage 
bestowed upon it, and the facilities extended his canvassers in gathering the 
necessary information. 

With an increase of some 3,000 names over the last canvass, he trusts that the 
Directory will be found to have improved in an equal degree for completeness 
and accuracy. 






Delaware State Business Directory. 
"Wilmington City Directory. 

District of Columbia. 

Washington and Georgetown. 

New Jersey. 

Camden, Salem, Atlantic, Gloucester 

and Cape May counties. 
Essex, Hudson and Union counties. 
Mercer and Burlington counties. 
Newark Business Directoi-y. 

New York. 

Auburn and the county. 

Binghampton and the county. 

Broadway St. Directory, N. Y. City. 

Brooklyn Business Directory. 

Elmira and the county. 


N. Y. State Business Directory. 

N. Y. Tax Book. 

Rome and the county. 



Syracuse and the county. 




Lancaster and the county. 

Philadelphia Business Directory. 

Philadelphia Co-partnership Directory. 

Berks, Lebanon, Lehigh, Northampton 
and Schuylkill counties. 

Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Mont- 
gomery counties. 

Rhode Island. 


Pawtucket and Woonsocket. 


Virginia State Business Directory, 


Telegraph Map of the United States and 
British Possessions, etc., etc. 

Directories of any City or State Fur- 

Offices — 346 and 348 Broadway, New 
York, and 33 South Sixth Street. 


Abbreviations, 33 

Advertisements. Index to, 5 

Amer. Col. Society, 222 

American Ministers, 214, 215 

Amusements, Places of, 178, 230 

Appendix, 209 

Arsenal, 213 

Associations, &c, 222 

Asylums, 221, 229 

Attorney General's Office, 213 

Banks, 218, 226, 229 

Business Directory, 177 

Cemeteries, 218, 228 

C. and 0. Canal, 225 

Christian Asso. (Y. M.), 223, 230 

Churches, 218, 226, 229 

City Authorities, 216, 226, 229 

Clubs, 220 

Coast Survey, 213 

Colleges, Universities, &c, 220, 226, 227, 228 

Colonization Society, 222 

Congressional Directory, 239 

Courts, 221, 229 

Custom House, 229 

Departments, Interior, 212 

" Navy, 212 

Post Office, 213 

" State, 209 

" Treasury, 209 

War, 211 
Fire Companies, 221, 229 
Foreign Ministers, 213 
Gas Works, 222, 227 
Georgetown Directory, 161 
Government Establishments, 213 
Government of U. S., 209 
Hospitals, 221 

Insurance Companies, 222, 228, 229 
Interior Department, 212 
Jail, 225, 229 
Libraries, 222, 229 
Markets, 222, 229 

Masonic Societies, 223, 228, 230 

Military Asylum, 221 

Ministers, American, 214, 215 

Ministers, Foreign, 213 

Miscellaneous Associations and Societies, 222 

Names too late for insertion, 6 

National Institute, 222 

National Observatory, 220 

Navy Department, 212 

Navy Yard, 213, 225 

Navy Yard, Officers of, 213 

Newspapers and Magazines, 223, 228, 230 

Odd Fellows, 224, 228 

Patent Office, 213 

Penitentiary, 225 

Pension Office, 212 

Police, 217 

Post Office, City, 218, 228, 229 

" " Department, 213 
Public Buildings, 201, 230 
Public Schools, 217, 227 
Bail Roads, 225, 230 
Rechabites, 224 
Red Men, 224, 228 
Secret and Benefit Societies, 223 
Senators and Rep's, 
Smithsonian Institute, 220 
Societies, &C..222 
Sons of Temperance, 225 
Stages, 225 

State Department, 209 
Steamboats, 225, 230 
Street Directory, 
Supreme Court, 213 
Telegraphs, 225, 230 
Temperance Societies, 225 
Travelling Routes, 225, 230 
Treasury Department, 209 
Universities, 220, 227, 228 
U. S. Agricultural Society, 223 
War Department, 211 
Washington Infirmary, 222 


Adams' Express Co., 208 

Allen & Jackson, 12 

Appleton, D., &Co., 55 

Arthur, Burnham & Gilroy, 7 

Baldwin, Wm. D.. 35 

Ball, Charles G., 42 

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 4 

Barher, Joseph & Bro., 232 

Barhour & Semmes, 35 

Barnaclo, J. W., 176 

Bartholow, J. P., 42 

Baumgarten, J., 44 

Beveridge, A. F., 15 

Bickel, John P., 50 

Bowen, C. T., & IT., 21 

Bradley, Charles, 13 

Brandner, F., 39 

Bray, George W., & Co., 34 

Brooke, Zach. B., 12 

Brown, Edmund F., 36 

Browning & Keating, 49 

Brush & King, 18 

Carrington & Lloyd, 30 

Clagett & Dodson, 14 

Clapp, E. D., 6 

Clark, John D., 20 

Clark, T. Edward, 18 

Clayton, T. G., 35 

Colley, J. W., & Co., 25 

Collins T. K., Agent, 53 

Coltman, C. L., 6 

Cripps, Wm. McL., 18 

Davis, James Y., 26 

Davis, John, 39 

Denham, L. J., 22 

Dennis, John P., 43 

De Selding, Charles, 16 

Dodge, Thomas H., 31 

Dolan, Edward, 26 

Donn, Thomas C, 16 

Donnelly, James, 40 

Douglas, Henry, 6 

Dove, Wm. T., & Co., 28 

Driver, N. C, 16 

Dubois, F. & C. Reglain, 30 

Dyer, Edward C, 15 

Edney, James M., 2 

Einolf, G., 17 

Ellis, Wm. M., & Bro., 43 

Elvans, John R., &.Co., 36 

Evans & Watson, 3 

Everett, B. C, 232 

Everett, Charles, 16 

Falls, A. J., 208 

Farrel, Herring & Co., front cover 

Fenwick & Marshall, 14 

Finkmann, Conrad, 39 

Firemen's Insurance Company, 13 

Franklin Insurance Company, 23 

Friedrich, Emil S., 35 

Gagliardi & Giampaoli, 22 

Gautier, C, 40 

Gibson, J. C, 28 

Gildea, B. M., 31 

Gittings, Benjamin E., Mrs., 29 

Glover, Wm. H., 47 

Goldsmith, H. A., 19 

Graham, Robert H., 12 

Green & Brother, 160 

Gross, Magnus, 28 

Gunther C. G. & Sons, outside cover 

Hamilton, H. W., & Co., 29 

Hamilton & Leach, 27 

Harrison, V. F., 48 

Holbrook, J.T., 20 

Hood, H. 0., 34 

Hoover, S. P., 29 

Howell & Brothers, outside cover 

Howe's Scales, 46 

Hughes, William, 19 

Hutchinson & Munro, 25 

Janney Henry, 8 

Jensen, N., 34 

Johnson, J. H., 12 

Johnston. J. A., 33 

Jones, F. W., 30 

Joyce, Andrew J., 43 

Kane & Duffy, 22 

Keleher & PywelL 39 

Kimmell, A. F., 15 

King & Burchell, 49 

Kirk, G. E., 33 

Kirkwood, J. H., & A. W., 21 

Knight Brothers, 177 

Kuehling, J. M., & Son, 32 

Lake, E. A., &Co., 209 

Lane, Charles H., 25 

Lapsley Thos. J., outside cover 

Leipziger, E., 7 

Lewis, J. C, 17 

Lillies' Safes, 46 

Loudon H. F., &Co., 26 

Lusk & Smith, 21 

McCamly, J. M., & Co., 47 

McCartey, A., 11 

McClees & Beck, 7 and 10 

McGuire, James C, & Co., 32 

Mclntire, A., 13 

Mclntire, J. N., 44 

McLaughlin, H. J., 14 

McPherson, H. M. B., 27 

Markriter, John, 28 

Marks. S. A. H., jr., 18 

Man kin, John W., 22 

Martin, Cyrus & H., 29 

Merrill, J. H., 20 

Moore, D., 42 

Murray & Semmes, 14 

Mutual Fire Insurance Companv, 23 

Neale, B. J., 27 



O'Brien, John E.. 31 

O'Connor k Collender, 2 

O'Donnell, J. D., 20 

Orr, John W. 

Owen, E.. k Son, 26 

Parker, G. k T., k Co., 37 

Parker, M. T., 33 

Pattison, E. C, 46 

Pearson George, vi 

Perry, Louis P.. k Co., 3S 

Philp k Solomons, 176 

Pittsburgh, Port Wayne k Chica20 K. R., 5 

Purdv, Henry C, 37 

Pyle James, 54 

Randolph & Randolph, 30 

Redmond, A. C. 23 

Remer. Smith k Co., 41 

Riley, William R., k Bro.. 33 

Bobbins, Z. C. 24 

Samstag, S., 34 

Schmidt. Jacob. 40 

Schneider, C, 32 

Scott, JohnB., 33 

Scott, J. TV., 6 

Sears, I. W., k Bro., 33 

Semmes, John H., k Co., 37 

Shillington J., front cover 

Siebert S., 223 

Singer. I. M., k Co., 47 

Sipos, Paul, 22 

Smith, Eliza TV., 9 

Smith, F. Southgate, 12 

Speiler. Win. F. 



Stanford. TV. H.. 35 

Stansburv. Charles F., 36 

Steer, P. J.. 13 

Taylor & Hutchison. 13 

Thompson k Hannan, 11 

Thompson, J. TV., k Bro., 45 

Thrift, Robert G., 20 

Topham, James S., 37 

United States Hotel, 41 

Unsworth, John B , 39 

Upperman, TV. H.. 44 

TTtermehle, Charles H., 30 

Van Camp, A., 31 

TValker Xoah k Co., 33 

Wall k Barnard. 32 

Waller, A. B., 18 

Walter, Karmann & Bopp, 43 

Washington Female Institute, 9 

Washington Insurance Company, 23 

Waush. James E.. 15 

Webb, W. B., 16 

Werner Charles. 17 

Wharton Chas. Jr., 49 

Wheatlev, Benedict, 6 

White. E. E.. k Co.. 27 

Wight, 0. C, 225 

Winchester k Co., 7 

Windsor k Bro.. 25 

Woodruff, J. B. k Son, 50 

Woodward. C. 33 

Young. Simpson k Co., 17 



Burns Dennis, grocer, 24 K north, h do 

Butler Cooper, messenger War Dept, bds 470 

11th west 
Clark Horace F. Hon., h 342 K north 
Cobb W. R. TV., member, bds 28 4| west 
Cunningham Charles TV., plumber, 510 7th west 
Degges William A., carpenter, bds 434 L north 
Dennis J., jr., agent for patents for inventions, 

371 F north opp south front Patent Office, h do 
Ferry James T., manufacturer drain tiles, 366 

11th west 
Hudson Edward, harness-maker, h E south n 7th 

Knight Henry M., engraver, h 602 Md av 
Linney Ernst, painter, h 467 Md av 
McRea James M., correspondent, 63 Indiana av 
Meinking William F., tailor. 322 C north, h do 

Metzerott Robert, engraver, bds 409 G north 
Miller Christian, cupper and leecher, 427 6th west 
Pearson George TV., confectioner, 491 8th west 
Peddecord Catharine, milliner and dressmaker, 

473 10th west 
Sheid John T., huckster, 39 Centre and Northern 

markets, h 7th west n G north 
Taliaferro Gustavus S., clerk Treas Dept, h 473 

13th west 
Ward Ulysses B.. lumber, 12th west e B north, h 

2" Northern Market space 
West John D., restaurant, 323 E north, h 220 C 

Windsor H. Clay, clerk, 324 Penn av, h 359 7th 

Wolf John L., student, bds 316 F north 
Youn? Marv, widow, h 437 8th west 



Wholesale dealer in 

s ji0, fitifm, fpte, (fomp gm% gtots, 


Goods delivered free in any part of the City and Georgetown. 

491 8th St. West, 4 doors north of Penn. Av., Washington, D. C. 



MORNING- EXPRESS.— Passengers leave New York, foot of Courtlandt Street, at 7 00 
A. M., via New Jersey Railway, arriving at Philadelphia 10 45 A. M. 

Leave Philadelphia, via Phila., Wilm. $• Baltimore Railway, at 12 00, noon, arriving at 
Baltimore 3 54 P. M., and Washington (via Washington Br.), at 5 45 P. M. 

Leave Baltimore at 4 05 P. M., via Baltimore fr Ohio Railway, arriving at Benwood next 
morning, in time to connect with the 8 15 A. M. train on Central Ohio Railway for Columbus 
and Cincinnati, arriving at Columbus at 1 50 P. M., and Cincinnati at 6 35 P. M. 

The above train (leaving New York at 7 00 A.M.), makes close connection at Grafton 
with Northwestern Virginia Railway, arriving at Parkersburg 8 40 next morning. 

EVENING EXPRESS.— Leaves New York at 6 00 P. M., and arrives at Philadelphia 9 43 

Leaves Philadelphia at 11 10 P. M., and arrives at Baltimore 3 55 A. M., and Washing- 
ton 5 50 A. M. 

Leaves Baltimore at 7 45 A. M., and arrives at Wheeling 3 00 A. M. next morning. 


1st EXPRESS TRAIN.— Passengers leave Wheeling at 12 05 P. M. (connecting at 
Wheeling and Benwood with Express Trains from Cincinnati and Cleveland), and arrive at 
Grafton 5 07 P. M., Cumberland 10 40 P. M., and Baltimore 6 45 next morning. 

Leave Baltimore at 8 36 A. M., via Phila., Wilm. fy- Bait. Railway (connecting with morn- 
ing train from Washington via Washington Br.), and arrive at Philadelphia 12 48 P. M. 

Leave Philadelphia at 2 00 P. M., via Camden fy Amboy Railway, and arrives at New 
York 5 30 P. M. 

NIGHT MAIL.— Leaves Wheeling at 9 40 P. M. (connecting with 10 00 A. M. train from 
Cincinnati), and arrives at Grafton at 2 55 A. M. 

Leaves Grafton at 3 A. M. (connecting with 9 20 P. M. train from Parkersburg, via North- 
western Virginia Railway), and arrives at Cumberland 8 15 A. M., and Baltimore 4 55 P. M. 

Leaves Baltimore at 5 31 P. M. (connecting with 3 20 P. M. train from Washington), 
and arrives at Philadelphia 9 58 P. M. 

Leaves Philadelphia at 11 00 P. M., and arrives at New York 3 10 A. M. 


(Owned and run by Bait, and Ohio Railway Co,) 

Leave Baltimore at 4 20 and 8 00 A. M., and 3 15 and 4 20 P. M. 

Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7 45 A. M. 5 and 3 20 and 5 20 P. M. The 6 20 A. M. and 
3 20 P. M. are the Western Trains. 

Passengers by this line from New York or Philadelphia for the West or Southwest, can 
buy tickets to Washington and back at only $2 additional, thus allowing them to visit the 
National Metropolis on their route at but trifling cost. Baggage checked from Washington 
through to the West. 

For further information, tickets of every kind, &c, apply to 

J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, at Camden Station, Baltimore. 
Or, T. H. PARSONS, Agent, at Washington Station. 

tfJUf" This is the only line by which travellers between New York and the West can visit 
Washington City. Round Trip Tickets from Baltimore to Washington City, have been pro- 
vided especially for their convenience between the Eastern Cities and the Great West, at 
the largely reduced rate of but Two Dollars ; for which sum, added to the current price of 
Western Tickets, travellers may visit Washington City on their way. New and superior 
Sleeping Cars have been introduced on this road. 

Through Tickets and general information can be had at the Baltimore and Ohio Railway 
Office, 229 Broadway, New York, cor. Barclay Street, above the Astor House or New Jersey 
Railway Depot, foot of Courtlandt Street. 

JAS. B. WATERS, Ticket Agent, 
C. W. PERVEIL, Gen. Agent. 

L. M. COLE, Gen. Ticket Agent, Bait. 

W. P. SMITH, Mast, of Trans., Baltimore. 


There are 1170 blocks or squares, bounded by 21 Avenues and over 100 Streets. 
The Capitol is the division of all the alphabetical and numeral streets. The A, B, 
C streets, having North affixed to them, are on the north side of the city, running 
from east to west, divided by Capitol Street from the A, B, C streets on the south 
side, which have South affixed to them, and which run parallel with the north A, 
B's, &c, thus making duplicate streets, but particularly differing from each other 
with the "north" and "south" attached. 

The numeral streets, called East 1st, 2d, and West 1st, 2d, 3d, &c, run north 
and south, and are divided into East and West by Capitol Street, which runs 
directly through the centre of the city; one end is called South Capitol, the other 
North Capitol. The numeral streets cross the alphabetical and the avenues. 
There are duplicates of these streets, as well as those of the alphabetical, but dis- 
tinguished from each other by East and West. 

Brown's Alley — -rear K north, between 24th and 25th west. 

Carolina Terrace— begins 363 I north and ends 351 do. 

Carroll Place — from A south to E Capitol, east front of the Capitol. 

Carroll Street — from 1st east to 2d east, between B and C south. 

Connecticut Alley— from Connecticut avenue to 18th west. 

East Capitol — east from the Ca.pitol. 

Eastern Market Space — on 5th east, between K and L south. 

Goat Alley— from 6th west, between L and M north. 

Jackson Hall Alley — rear of Jackson Hall, Pennsylvania avenue. 

Lafayette Square— opposite President's mansion. 

Madison Place — from H north to Penn avenue, both sides of Lafayette Square. 

Marble Alley — from 22 Mo avenue to 391 Penn avenue, and from 47 4£ west, 

Market Space — from Penn avenue, corner of 9th to 7th west. 

North Capitol— north from the Capitol. 

Northern Market Space — on K north, between 7th and 9th west. 

Organ Alley— from 595 N to 588 M north. 

Pierce— from N J avenue, between L and M north to N Capitol. 

Plater's Alley — between 4th and 5th west and I and K north. 

President's Square — from 15th to 17th west, on Pennsylvania avenue. 

"Ridge Street — west from 149 4th west. 

Snow's Alley— from 94 I north, between 24th and 25th west. 

South Capitol — south from the Capitol. 

Temperance Hall Alley — from 360 D north. 

Union Alley — from M south to south — between 4j and 6th west. 

Union Row — from 300 Gr north to H north. 

Van Street— from 388 4| west to 773 3d west, 

Washington Street — from 72 4th west to 5th west. 

Water Street — -begins at the Potomac, cor 21st west, and ends at the Observatory. 

Willow Tree Alley— from 462 B south. 


Abbreviations necessarily used occasionally in the Directory. — Ab above; al alley: asst 
assistant ; av avenue; b or bds boards; c or cor corner; Cen Centre; Conn Connecticut ; Del 
Delaware ; dept department ; do same place, or same street ; E Cap isW Capitol ; Ga Georgia ; 
ft /oo£; h ftowse; Ind Indiana ; Ky Kentucky ; La Louisiana ; la /ane ; Me Maine ; Md Mary- 
land; Mass Massachusetts; mkt market; Mo Missouri; n near; N C 2Vbr*A Carolina; N H 
JVeio Hampshire; N 5 New Jersey ; N Y New York: nth. nor*7i ; N G^ North Capitol; opp 
opposite; Pa or Penn Pennsylvania ; r rear; R I Rhode Island; S C aSWA Carolina; So Cap 
aSW/i Capitol; st sfreef {implied); Tenn Tennessee; Treas Treasury; USA and U S N 
United States Army and Navy; Va Virginia; Vt Fermorc*. 



-The names in CAPITAL LETTERS are those of advertisers and subscribers to the 

Abbot Charles, clerk Treas Dept 

Abbot George J., clerk State Dept, bds 300 K 

Abbott Dinah, wid Richard, h 454 M north 
Abbott Geo. A., silversmith, 338 Penn av, h 492 

G north 
Abbott George D., clerk Treas Dept 
Abbott Henry L., Lieut USA, h Rugby house 
Abbott Joseph, h 286 E north 
Abbott Richard H., carpenter, h 286 E north 
Abbott Thomas J. , clerk, h 444 20th west 
Abbott Thomas, driver, h 454 M north 
Abell John B., h 313 Virginia av 
Abert Charles, lawyer, 211 F north, h 264 I nth 
Abert John J., topog. engineer, h 264 I north 
Abraham Francis, plasterer, h 126 4| west 
Acardi Salvador, musician, h 532 7th east 
Acker Caroline, wid Jacob, h 179 2d west 
Acker John F., stonecutter, h E north n 2d west 
Acker Nicholas, stonecutter, E north c 1st west, 

h 380 E north 
ACKMANN CHRISTIAN, lager beer, 398 Md 

av, h do 
Acton Barbara E., wid Theodore, h 10th east n 

N south 
Acton Elijah, blacksmith, h 573 7th east 
Acton George, blacksmith, h 152 E south 
Acton John H., bricklayer, h 154 E south 
Acton Osborn, carman, h S Cap c N south 
Adam Wm. Rev., bds 383 Penn av 
Adams, clerk, 7th west, bds 425 F north 
Adams Abraham (col'd), laborer, h 282 2d west 
Adams Annie M., teacher, bds 429 11th west 
Adams Caleb (col'd), carman, h 773 3d west 
Adams Christopher, carpenter, h north n 8th 

Adams Chauncey, clerk Land Office, h 421 I nth 
Adams David, grocer, 265 21st west, h do 
Adams Edward C, huckster, h 713 7th west 
Adams Elijah (col.), laborer, h 3d west n M south 
ADAMS EXPRESS CO., Pa av n 2d 
Adams George, scavenger, h 268 F south 
Adams George R., messenger Patent Office, h 460 

11th west 
Adams George W., reporter States and Union, h 

421 I north 

ADAMS JAMES, cashier Bank of Washington, 

h 296 B south 
Adams James E., porter house, 629 8th east 
Adams James T., machinist, h 323 13th west 
Adams John, rigger, h 3d east cor I south 
Adams John, seaman, h 396 L south 
Adams John F., clerk P Dept, h 361 I north 
ADAMS JOHN G., grocer, 8th west c L nth, h do 
Adams John L., clerk Patent Office, bds 361 I 

Adams John Q., huckster, h 63 F south 
Adams John Q., clerk, bds 421 I north 
Adams Joseph H., clerk Patent Office, h 421 15th 

Adams Joseph M., paying teller Bank of "Wash- 
ington, h 296 B south 
Adams Joseph T., clerk Treas Dept, bds 448 E 

Adams Josias, shoemaker, 606 7th east, h do 
Adams J. Cookman, prof of music, h 323 8th west 
Adams Louisa (col.), wid Geo., h L nth n N J av 
Adams Margaret, tailoress, h 577 11th west 
Adams Marshall (col'd), cabinet maker, h 311 8th 

Adams Mary, boarding house, 337 Penn av 
Adams Priscilla L., groceries, 38 F south, h do 
ADAMS RICHARD, restaurant, 286 Pa av, h do 
Adams Robert (col'd), coachman, h 311 8th w 
Adams Samuel, grocer, 288 C south, h do 
Adams Samuel (col'd), laborer, h 79 A south 
Adams Sibyl, wid John, h 635 5th east 
Adams Sylvester, fireman, h 502 E south 
Adams Thomas, bds 429 11th west 
Adams Thomas N., late livery, h 546 M north 
Adams Thomas W., clerk, 521 7th west, bds E 

north opp P Bldg 
Adams West, laborer, h 707 3d west 
Adams William, blacksmith, h C north c 7th east 
Adams William col'd, laborer, h 241 9th west 
Adams Win. A., books and periodicals. 478 7th 

west, h 9th west n Penn av 
Adams William W., huckster, h 715 7th west 
Adamson Alex., books, &c., 478 7th west 
Adamson Benjamin, bds 349 Penn av 
Adamson Joseph L., blacksmith, h 390 K south 
Adamson Roger, scavenger, h 14th west n S north 



Adainson Samuel, bds 349 Perm av 

Addison Daniel D., claim agent, 187 K nth, h do 

Addison James T., clerk War Dept 

Addison T. B., clerk Treas Dept 

Addison W., clerk Treas Dept 

Adler Adolph (Adler & Bro.), fancy goods, 439 

7th west, h do 
Adler Henry (Adler & Bro.), fancy goods, 439 

7th west, h do 
Adler & Bro. (Adolph & Henry), fancy goods, 

439 7th west 
Adrian George W., bricklayer, h 470 Mass av 
Adson Augustus, school tencher, h 577 6th west 
Adz Christopher, grocer, 334 Mass av, h do 
Agnew George W., salesman, 506 9th west, bds 

445 9th west 
Ahearnin John, laborer, h H north n 7th east 
Ahl Peter, clerk Land Office, h 260 8th west 
Aietcheson William, machinist, h Mass av n 2d 

Aigler Christopher, confectioner, 546 Penn av 
Aigler Jacob, confectioner, 319 D north, h do 
Aigner Levi, laborer, h r 215 F south 
Aiken Matthew, laborer, h B north n 4th east 
Aiken Prudence & Matilda, bathing rooms, 350 

C north 
Aiken Susan, wid Samuel, h 318 3d west 
Aiken William J., gardener, h 379 N Cap 
Ailer George, toys, 407 7th west, h do 
Albert Thomas (col'd), plasterer, h 94 23d west 
Albert William, cabinet maker, h 21st n N H av 
Albritton Louisa, wid Edward, h 342 6th west 
Alder Morris, clerk War Dept 
Alderslade George E., machinist, h N south n 2d 

Aldrichs Alexander, bds 479 10th west 
Aleider Joseph, cabinet maker, h 348 8th west 
Alexander Charles, h 400 9th west 
Alexander Charles, clerk Patent Office, h 350 11th 

Alexander Charles A., h 103 D south 
Alexander Charles M. (Alexander & Bro.), law 

yer, 499 7th west, h 396 9th west 
Alexander Columbus, printer, 191 F north, h 326 

F north 
Alexander Columbus 0., printer, bds 378 E north 
Alexander Edward F., paper hanger, bds 531 12th 

Alexander Eugene J , h 350 11th west 
Alexander George, bds 603 H north 
Alexander Harriet (col'd), wid William, h 20 13i 

ALEXANDER JOHN, paper hangings and up- 
holsterer, 240 Penn av, h 531 12th west 
Alexander Joseph (col'd), laborer, h 2 Snow's al 
Alexander Lawrence, clerk, 442 Penn av, bds 13th 

west n B south 
Alexander Mary B., wid Charles, h 531 12th west 
Alexander Oscar, printer, h 378 E north 
Alexander Sander (col'd), laborer, h N north cor 

15th west 
Alexander Thomson H. (Alexander & Bro.), law- 
yer, 499 7th west, h 396 9th west 
Alexander T. B., coast survey, Soldiers' Home 
ALEXANDER & BRO. (C. M. & T. H.), lawyers, 

499 7th west 
Alexandre Gustave, teacher, 273 F north, h do 
ALIG MATHIAS, Rev., h 372 5th west 
Allan Joseph H., blacksmith, h 472 4th east 
Allah Thompson, clerk Land Office, h 469 I north 
Allbright Thomas J., clerk, h 367 15th west 
Allen Abiel, clerk Treas Dept, h 628 H north 
Allen Albert G., reporter, bds 417 Penn av 
Allen Alexander, bds 298 B south 
Allen Ann, wid Oliver, b 703 3d east 
Allen Aquilla R., detective police, h 512 Mass av 

Allen Charles, druggist, 11th west cor Md av, h 

679 7th west 
Allen Edward S. (Allen & Jackson), plasterer, 275 

Penn av, h 320 Va av 
Allen Edwin, blacksmith, h 703 3d east 
Allen Elijah (col'd), carman, h 250 E south 
Allen George, blacksmith, h 523 9th east 
ALLEN GEORGE F., dry goods, 28 Market 

space, h 314 D north 
Allen Hannah, wid Henry, h 520 Va av 
Allen Hiram, laborer, h G south n 4±- west 
Allen James, clerk, bds 505 7th west 
Allen James (col'd), coachman, h al r 503 N nth 
Allen James M., clerk, 319 Penn av, bds 505 7th 

Allen J. Washington, salesman, 28 Market space, 

bds 314 D north 
Allen John, h Mass av cor 4th west 
Allen Josephine (col'd), widow, h al r Presbyte- 
rian church 4£ west 
Allen Letitia, milliner, 305 Penn av, h do 
Allen Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h S Cap n D 

Allen Mary A., wid Andrew, h 565 6th east 
Allen Phil., clerk, Dept, rooms at 417 Penn av 
Allen Robert, carpenter, h 495 I north 
Allen Robert F., clerk, 403 Penn av, bds 305 do 
Allen Samuel (col'd), brickmaker, h 308 2d west 
Allen Thomas, driver, h H north n 2d east 
Allen Thomas (col'd), brickmaker, h 308 2d west 
Allen Timothy, provisions, H north n 2d east 
Allen William, printer, bds 588 I north 
Allen William A. (Headley & Allen), shoemaker. 

268 B north, h 32 Washington 
ALLEN & JACKSON (Edward S. Allen & An- 
drew Jackson), plasterers, 275 Penn av 
Alliot F., hairdresser, 210 Penn av 
Allison Mary E., wid John, h 280 F north 
Allison Susan, wid John, h 342 4th west 
Allyn Lucius B., clerk Navy Dept, h 603 M north 
Alman Daniel, laborer, h N C av n 2d east 
Alman James, laborer, h 524 10th west 
j Altderfer Louis, watchmaker, h 104 26th west 
Altderfer Margaret, wid Peter, h 104 26th west 
Altderfer Philip, watchmaker, h 104 26th west 
j Alt-emus Thomas, plumber, h 587 8th east 
I Altemus William A., clerk, 587 8th east 
Alvy Mary, wid John, h 4th west n N north 
Alworght John, laborer, h 469 Mass av 
Alworth Daniel, laborer, h 3d west n L north 
Ambler John, chief clerk Bureau of Construction, 

h 122 Penn av 
j Ambush Augustus (col'd) , whitewasher, h 406 11th 

I Ambush Edward (col'd), laborer, h 348 15th west 
Ambush Edward (col'd), whitewasher, h 364 15th 

Ambush Enoch (col'd), teacher, 95 E south, h 233 
i D south n 6th west 
; Ambush Hannah (col'd), wid Alexander, h 319 

13th west 
Ambush Stephen (col'd, oysters, B north n N 


Penn av 
Ames Charles, h 451 14th west 
Ames George C, claim agent, bds 374 H north 
Amidon Hollis, upholsterer, h 285 Va av 
Amon Rosa, wid George, h 139 Del av 
Amos John W., clerk P Dept, h 514 L north 
Amyes John (col'd), laborer, h 351 C south 
Anacostia Engine Co., Va av cor K south 
Anderson, clerk Land Office, h 455 D north 
Anderson, clerk P Dept, bds 4£ west c Penn ar 
Anderson Alexander, lawyer, bds 356 D north 



Anderson Arthur, clerk Pension Office, bds 378 

13th west 
Anderson Charles (col'd), laborer, h r north n 

10th west 
Anderson Charles C, blacksmith, Md av n 7th 

west ; h 611 7th west 
Anderson Charles F., architect, h 456 11th west 
Anderson Chas. H., books and periodicals, 458 

7th west ; h 232 D north 
Anderson C. Miss, h 459 D north 
Anderson Edward E., huckster, h 240 4§- west 
Anderson Eliza A. Miss, boarding-house, 459 D 

Anderson Elizabeth, provisions, 84 G nth ; h do 
Anderson Harriet, wid Alexander, h 659 N J av 
Anderson Henry H., blacksmith, h 27th west n j 

E north 
Anderson Hezekiah, blacksmith, h 554 11th east [ 
Anderson Hugh J., h 411 I north 
Anderson James, shoemaker, h 555 13th west 
Anderson James, watchman Land Office, h 555 

13th west 
Anderson James, watchman Patent Office, h 436 ! 

11th west 
Anderson James (col'd), waiter, h 501 11th west 
Anderson James F. (col'd), hack driver, h 387 j 

Mass av 
Anderson James I., coachmaker, h 555 13th 

Anderson James L., clerk, h Md av c 10th west 
Anderson Jefferson (col'd), cartman, b. N Y av n 

22d west 
Anderson John, blacksmith, bds 257 D north 
Anderson John, laborer, h N J av n N north 
Anderson John (col'd), laborer, h 511 N north 
Anderson John G., clerk P Dept, bds 439 9th 

Anderson John L., clerk Pension Office, h 378 

13th west 
Anderson John M., clerk Cap., bds 436 11th west 
Anderson John S.. messenger, 292 Pa av ; h 401 

H north 
Anderson John W., boots and shoes, 193 C north 
Anderson Joseph, laborer, h 239 20th west 
Anderson Joseph D., clerk Navy Dept, bds 411 I 

Anderson Joseph D., clerk, h 555 13th west 
Anderson J. Marshall, h 555 13th west 
Anderson J. W., clerk, Treas Dept 
Anderson Leonard J., clerk P O, h 8 4^ west 
Anderson Lingan B., huckster, h 635 E south 
Anderson Lueinda (col'd), wid Abram, washer- 
woman, h 497 H north 
Anderson Luken, plasterer, h 86 13£ west 
Anderson Marcellus M., clerk 6 Aud's Office, bds 

4-£ west cor Penn av 
Anderson Mary A., h 190 4J west 
Anderson M. M., clerk Treas Dept 
Anderson M. W., h 459 D north 
Anderson Notly, carpenter, bds 257 D north 
Anderson Samuel, cartman, h 25th west n P nth 
Anderson Thomas F., clerk Treas Dept, h461 6th 

Anderson William, clerk Treas Dept, h 389 13th 

Anderson William, painter, h 562 13th west 
Anderson William (col'd), laborer, h 462 17th 

Andreas William, moulder, h 369 L south 
Andrews Albert, laborer, h r 6th west n Q north 
Andrews Christopher, h 354 G north 
Andrews Ferdinand, clerk Treas Dept, h 291 8th 

Andrews Gardner K., huckster, 51 Cen mkt, h 

288 7th west 
Andrews George T., bds 354 G north 

Andrews J. F., reporter, bds 8th west c Penn av 
Andrews Sebastian, baker, h 6th east n A north 
Andrews Timothy P., asst paymaster U S A, h 

231 F north 
Andrews Wm. (Andrews & Vanhorn), provisions, 

384 L south ; h L south n 4th east 
Andrews William E., carpenter, h 81 La av 
Andrews & Vanhorn (Wm. Andrews & Benjamin 

Vanhorn), provision, 384 L south 
Andrus H. Nelson Mrs., h 485 10th west 
Angel Henry, blacksmith, h 596 11th west 
Angel John, cabinet-maker, h 348 Va av 
Angel John, painter, h 109 F south 
Angel John T., painter, h 348.^ Va av 
Angell Owen W., h 464 K south 
Angermarm John, watchman, h 327 5th west 
Angney Isaac, clerk Treas Dept., h 313 G north 
Angus Job W. (F. L. Harvey & Co.), hardware, 

325 Penn av, and carpenter, 562 7th west ; h 

457 I north 
Anthony, cabinet-maker, bds 11th east n D south 
Anthony Joseph, hats, caps, and boots, 540 7th 

west; h 268 C north 
Anton August, instrument maker, h 621 N J av 
Antony J. G., physician, 48 La av, h do 
Apple Frederick, clerk, 367 Penn av, bds 113 B 

Appleby George W., carpenter, 358 7th west, h 

493 Mass av 
Appleby Horatio G., blacksmith, h 77 7th west 
Appleby William M., grocer, 368 3d east, h do 
Applegate John, laborer, h 486 E south 
Appier Jesse, pattern m'k, h 728 New Jersey av 
Appleton Henry D., physician, 413 C north, h do 
APPLETON JOHN, asst. sec. of State, bds Rugby 

Archer Andrew J., blacksmith, h 349 4£ west 
Archer Charlotte, wid, h 288 I north 
Archer Daniel Q., clerk post office, h 463 D north 
Archer D. W., clerk Treas Dept 
Archibold Samuel, chief engineer Navy, h 289 G 

Ardeeser John, carpenter, h 321 7th west 
Ardes Ferdinand, engraver, h Carroll n 1st east 
Ardeser Mattis, laborer, h r 578 L north 
Armistead Samuel, machinist, h 14th east n K 

Armor Charles, clerk Post Office Dept, rooms 590 

M north 
Arrastead William C, laborer, h 595 9th east 
Armstrong Francis, laborer, h 585 13th west 
Armstrong Jonathan, ship carpenter, h 89 L 

Armstrong Michael, blacksmith, bds 257 D north 
Arndolf Edward, carpenter, bds 603 H north 
Arnold Anna E., h 205 4^ west 
Arnold Aquilla K., police at Capitol, h 467 D 

Arnold Aza, patent agent, h 441 6th west 
Arnold Charles W., police, h C south n 2d east 
Arnold George L., laborer, h 551 7th east 
Arnold Harrison B., printer, h 562 I north 
Arnold James, hack-driver, h 126 4th west 
Arnold James E., watchman, h 620 11th east 
Arnold Rezin, farmer, h 397 G south 
Arnold Richard, blacksmith, h 551 7th east 
Arnold Samuel D., attendant in asylum, h N C 

av n 3d east 
Arnold William H., boots and shoes, 601 8th east, 

h do 
Arth Philip, musician, h 541 6th east 
Arvin George H., carpenter, h K north cor N J 

Ash Edward (col'd), porter, h 4S0 loth west 
Ash Jacob, police, h 314 Del av 
Ash James E. (col'd), laborer, h 2S0 loth west 



Ash Michael, gardener, h N Capitol c north 
Ashburn Benjamin, clerk P Dept, h 512 I 

Ashburn B. S., clerk Treas Dept 
Ashby John R., clerk, h 3d west n E north 
Ashdown Win., grocer, 240 4£ west, h 172 G south 
Ashford Mahlon, lawyer,' City Hall, h 550 II 

Ashton Alexander, huckster, h 57 D south 
Ashton Charles B., carman, h 4| west n M south 
Ashton John, laborer, h 22d west n B north 
Ashton Mary, wid James, bds 552 I north 
Ashton William (col'd), seaman, h 259 F south 
Atchinson George, laborer, h 581 7th east 
Atchinson Ignatius, boiler-maker, h 553 E south 
Atchison James I., Supt Water Works, h 212 L 

Athey James C, carpenter, h 621 7th west 
Athey Thomas B., tailor, h 621 7th west 
Atkins David A. (col'd), huckster, 315 Centre 

mkt, h 8th east c C south 
Atkins George (col'd), marketman, h 8th east c 

C south 
Atkinson George, plasterer, h 398 4^ west 
Atkinson Robert J., 3d auditor Treas Dept, h 

381 11th west 
Atkinson Thaddeus S., clerk Treas Dept, h 381 

11th west 
Atlee Goodwin Y., clerk, 464 7th west, h P south 

n 4^ west 
Atlee S. Torke, clerk Treas Dept, h I south n 

4-| west 
Atridge Agnes, variety, 576 H north, h do 
Attwell James W., carpenter, bds 406 Mass av 
Attwell John, tinsmith, h 342 8th west 
Auerochs Frederick, stonecutter, h 282 F south 
Auge Jacob, printer, h 331 5th west 
Auguste Samuel, laborer, h 14th east n K south 
Augusterfer John A., butcher, 13 North'n mkt, 

and 69 Centre mkt, h G north c 4th west 
Aukward Theresa, wid. Horatio, h 667 3d east 
Auld Edward, clerk Land Office, bds 461 9th west 
Auld James, clerk Treas Dept, h 330 G north 
Auld Theodore, plasterer, h 245 D north 
Auldman Charles, founder, h 344 D north 
Aulick John H., Commodore U S N, h 258 I 

Aulick J. Wiley, h 258 I north 
Austin Sarah, boarding, h 500 6th west 
Austin William F., roofer, h N J avn N north 
Averill Calvin K., attorney, bds 548 Penn av 
Avery Robert S., tide computer, h 122 A south 
Avery Thomas, plasterer, h 96 G south 
AYLMER ROBERT R., grocer, 183 Penn av 
Ayton Mary A., h 516 8th west 

Babey Fritz, wheelwright, bds 401 11th west 
Babington Peirce, laborer, h 94 2d west 
Babington William, h r 329 1st west 
Babington William, laborer, h 243 3d west 
Bache A. D., supt coast survey, h 585 N J av 
Bachenhaimer Henry, peddler, h 470 F north 
Bacher John C, cigars, 234 Penn av, bds Penn 

av n 11th 
Bachman Jonas D., clerk Treas Dept 
Bacon Abraham (col'd), sawyer, h 341 L north 
Bacon Isaiah (col'd), laborer, h 437 L north 
Bacon Peter F. (Samuel Bacon & Co.), grocer, 

319 Penn av, h 3 Indiana av 
BACON SAMUEL & CO. (Peter F. Bacon), 

grocer, 319 Penn av, h 439 E north 
Bacon Samuel H., clerk, 319 Penn av, bds 439 E 

Bacon Susan (col'd), wid Samuel, h 340 Mass av 

Bacon Washington, carpenter, h 317 6th west 
Baden Thomas E., claim agt, 8th west, h 645 7th 

Baer Benjamin F., clerk P Dept, h 199 6th 

Baeschlin Frederick, blacksmith, 2d west n B 

north, h 540 5th east 
Baeschlin John, grocer, 113 F south, h do 
Bagby Robert B., land and pension agent, 387 

9th west, h do 
Basely Patrick, laborer, h 186 26th west 
BAGGOTT JAMES W., restaurant, 362 E north 
Bagley Horace, bone mill, h r O north bet 6th 

and 7th west 
Bagnam William, hack owner, h 440 13th west 
Bahan Charles P., Prof Gonzaga College, h do 
Bailey Benjamin S., collector, h 347 5th west 
Bailey Carroll (col'd), brickmaker, h 539 8th 

Bailey Elizabeth (col'd), wid John, h 402 14th 

Bailey Geo. A., clerk Globe office, h 427 5th west 
Bailey G., clerk Int Dept, bds Lafayette house 
Bailey John, clerk at Capitol, h 28 A north 
Bailey John, laborer, h 1^ west n S south 
Bailey John (col'd), laborer, h 333 C south 
Bailey John R., driver, h 2d east n H north 
Bailey Joseph, boatman, h N J av n M south 
Bailey J. F., harness maker, 591 7th west, h do 
Bailey Marcellus, lawyer, h 392 C north 
Bailey Margaret L., proprietress National Era, 

Ind av c 2d west, h 392 C north 
Bailey Rebecca, groceries, 108 C south, h do 
Bailey Robert J.Tgasfitter, h 508 Md av 
Bailey Robert M., carpenter, h 508 Md av 
Bailey Washington, laborer, h 1st east n M south 
Bailey William, blacksmith, h r 622 11th east 
Bailey William, hackman, h E Capitol c 9th east 
Bailey William, laborer, n K south n 4V west 
Bailey William H., bookbinder, h 102 G north 
Bailey William H., gasfitter, h 187 D south 
Bailey William L., clerk War Dept, h 406 I north 
Bailey William T., laborer, h 46 F south 
Bailleul George, printer, bds 504 Penn av 
Baillieux Louis, gardener, h S north n 8th west 
Baily Stephen, dentist, 277 13th west, h do 
Bain Andrew, stonecutter, h 457 Penn av 
Baird James, stonecutter, h 336 6th west 
Baird James J., upholsterer, h 26 Washington 
Baird Spencer F., asst secy Smithsonian Institu- 
tion, h 332 N Y av 
Baird William A., upholsterer, h 520 L north 
Baker Ann, h 152 H south 

Baker Chas., messenger War Dept, h 452 L north 
Baker Clarence, h 570 N J av 
Baker Edward, machinist, h 208 H north 
Baker Elizabeth, wid Jesse, h 29 Organ alley 
Baker Henry C, h 3d east n Mass av 
Baker Isaac M., carpenter, h 416 H north 
Baker John, carpenter, bds 476 12th west 
Baker John A., book-keeper, 558 7th west, h 8th 

west n D north 
Baker John H. (Thomas & Baker), carpenter, 4i 

west n M south, h 252 4^ west 
Baker Levi, laborer, h 407 9th east 
Baker Lewis, h 353 8th west 

Baker Reuben F., clerk, 365 Penn av, bds 14 La av 
Baker Samuel (col'd), barber, 267 21st west, hdo 
Baker Thomas, h 8th west bet D & E north 
Baker Thos. B., bookbinder, h 8th west n E nth 
Baker Walter, carpenter, h 563 4th east 
Baker Zachariah, asst flour inspector, h K north 

n 26th west 
Balbach Arthur, draughtsman, h 433 Mass av 
Baldwin Almon, h 451 D north 
Baldwin Andrew, laborer, h 3d west n D south 



Baldwin Edward (Baldwin brothers), sash, doors, 

and blinds, D north c 1st west ; h 406 3d west 
Baldwin Gabriel L., bricklayer, h 10th east c E 

Baldwin Henry, examiner Patent Office, h 331 

N Y av 
Baldwin Henry, jr., clerk, 404 F north ; bds 331 

N Yav 
Baldwin Henry C. (Baldwin brothers), sash, 

doors, and blinds, D north c 1st West ; h 467 

D north 
Baldwin Michael, blacksmith, h 87 La av 
Baldwin Thomas (col'd), cartman, h 132 22d 

Baldwin William D., patent agent, 7th west c F 

north ; bds 331 N Y av 
Baldwin William H. (Baldwin brothers), sash, 

doors, and blinds, D north c 1st west ; h 3d 

west c E north 
Baldwin William T., bricklayer, h 10th east c E 

Baldwin Brothers (William H., Henry C, & Ed- 
ward), sash, blinds, and doors. B* north cor 1st 

BALL CHARLES G., ranges and furnaces, E 

north ab 13th west ; h 585 L north 
Ball Dabney Rev., h 434 F north 
Ball George (col'd). waiter, h 311 18th west 
Ball Isaac S., silversmith, h 185 6th west 
Ball James A., printer, h 263 C north 
Ball James T., policeman at Cap, h 447 2d east 
Ball John, feed, 530 Penn av ; h 386 5th west 
Ball Llewellyn, clerk City Hall, bds 310 Penn av 
Ball Penelope, wid Babney, sen., h 418 Mass av 
Ball Robert, letter carrier, h 558 G north 
BALLANTYNE WILLIAM, bookseller, 498 7th 

west, h 563 9th west 
Ballard Byron, folder at Cap, h 452 3d east 
Ballard Louisa, h 88 G south 
Ballauf Daniel (Wm. & D. Ballauf), furniture, 

461 8th west, h do 
Ballauf Wm. & D., furniture, 461 8th west, h do 
Ballinger Francis, carman, h 319 4^ west 
Ballinger Joseph, laborer, h 620 N north 
Ballinger Mary, h 376 Va av 
Ballinger Richard, huckster, h 64 M south 
Ballinger Spencer, laborer, h 52 M South 
Ballinger Westley, huckster, h 64 M south 
Ballman John H., watchman Patent Office, h 445 

9th west 
Balloch James, clerk Treas Dept 
Balmain Andrew, clerk War Dept, h 294 H north 
Balmain Henry W., clerk 2d Auditor's Office, h 

519 17th west 
Baltzer Susan, wid, h 354 G north 
Bamberger George W., bricklayer, bds 407 9th 

Bamberger Henry C, bricklayer, bds 381 9th 

Bamburger William C, wheelwright, C south n 

9th, h 563 Md av 
Banf Ulrich, baker, 292 2d west, h do 
Banff John, baker, h 407 Va av 
Bangs James C, carpenter, 257 G north, h 391 

10th west 
Bangs Margaret, wid David, h 532 12th west 
Bano;s Wm. H. Mrs., bds 442 9th west 
BANK OF METROPOLIS, 450 15th west 

7th west e La av 
BANK OF WASHINGTON, 7th west c C north 
Banks David, dyer, h 391 Penn av 
Banks John (col'd), waiter, 11th west n V north 
Banks Joshua, flour and feed, 561 II north, h do 
Bannan John, shoemaker, 627 7th east, h do 
Bannan Michael, grocer, 46S 9th west, h do 

Bannerman Mary A., boarding-house, 467 9th 

Bannister John E., laborer, h D nth c 27th west 
Bantom Louisa (col'd), h 488 13th west 
Bar Isaac (Bar & Brother), dry goods, 482 I 

south, h 478 I south 
Bar Levi (Bar & Brother), dry goods, 482 I south, 

h 478 I south 
BAR& BROTHER (Levi & Isaac Bar), clothing, 

478, and dry goods, 482 I south 
Barandarian G., Mexican Charge de Affaires, h 

404 16th west 
Barbarin Francis S., dentist, 242 Penn av, h at 

Barbarin F. N., clerk War Dept 
Barber Albert (col'd), porter, h 443 14th west 
Barber Casper, tinsmith, 391 Penn av, h 93 4| 

BARBER GEORGE (Barber & Bean), butchers, 

53 Centre, h 587 10th east 
Barber Gustavus R., stamper, h 390 19th west 
BARBER JOSEPH, tinware and birds, 391 Penn 

av, h 93 4.i west 
Barber William, copper-roller, h 402 G south 
Barber & Bean (Geo. Barber & Chas. Bean), 

butchers, 53 Centre mkt 
Barbour James L. (Barbour & Semmes), grocer, 

65 La av, h 449 D north 
BARBOUR & SEMMES (Jas. L. Barbour & John 

B. Semmes), grocers, 65 La av 
Barch Joseph, coppersmith, h 246 4| west 
Barclay John D., clerk Treas Dept 
Barclay John M., clerk House of Rep, h 263 I 

Barclay Wm. H. H., coal and wood, 481 9th 

west, h 54 Mo av 
Bardon Michael, watchman Patent Office, bds 445 

9th west 
Barker Benjamin, stonecutter, h 583 13th west 
Barker Dolphus (col'd), barber, h r 425 14th west 
Barker Irwin S., carpenter, bds 425 H north 
Barker James, clerk at Capitol, h 394 15th w r est 
Barker James W., carpenter, 446 N Y av, h 425 

H north 
Barker John H., butcher, 65 Centre mkt, h 361 

L south 
Barker John H., laborer, h 595 12th west 
Barker Matilda (col'd), fish, 241 Centre mkt, h 

at Georgetown 
Barker Quinton, h 177 6th west 
Barker Wetsley, h 589 12th west 
Barker Wm. N., clerk Treas Dept, h N J av n C 

Barkley George W., h N J av n M south 
Barlin Julia, wid Keenan, h 302 D north 
BARLOW GEORGE, butcher, centre mkt, h 589 

10th east 

Barlow , h 258 F north 

BARNACLO JONATHAN W., justice of the 

peace, 388 9th west, h do 
Barnard Caroline M., wid Edw. F., h 383 L north 
Barnard Charles C, h 229 H north 
Barnard Hanson F., printer, h 383 L north 
Barnard Hayward F., machinist, h 377 L north 
Barnard Henry S., engraver, h 319 B north 
Barnard Joseph, laborer, h 14th west n R north 
Barnard Montgomery F., clerk, h 3S5 L north 
Barnard Robt. W. (Wall & Barnard), auctioneer, 

317 Penn av, h at Georgetown 
Barnard Theodore, agt N Y associated press, 356 

Penn av, h 575 6th west 
Barnes Elias E., contractor, h 449 M north 
Barnes Ephraim, gardener, h Del av n I north 
Barnes Henry S., butcher, 21 North'n mkt, and 

42 Centre mkt, h High Gtn 
Barnes James (col'd), laborer, h 62 Q south 



Barnes Lemuel, moulder, h al r 434 L south 
Barnes Martha E., wid James, h Mass av n Md av 
Barnes Mary Ann (col'd), washerwoman, h 572 

9th west 
Barnes Sarah A., wid Thomas J., h 612 10th east 
Barnes Thomas T. (Barnes & Mitchell), dry 

goods, 5 Market space, hds Brown's hotel 
Barnes William, dentist, 5th east n B north, h do 
Barnes William A., grocer, 14th west c I north 

h 436 M north 
BARNES & MITCHELL (Thos. T. Barnes & 

John R. Mitchell), dry goods, 5 Market space 
Barney Mary C, h 531 17th west 
Barnhill Gabriel, Tate printer, h 496 N north 
Barnhouse Caleb, carpenter, h H south n 4| west 
Barnhouse Richard, carpenter, h 518 Md av 
Barnsley John J., huckster, h 224 4th west 
Baron George 0., carpenter, h 171 G south 
Baron Henry H., carpenter, h 169 G south 
Barr John H., wheelwright, h 546 4th east 
Barr J. Russell (Wilson & Barr), com mer, 496 

9th west, h 488 M north 
Barr Robert, carpentc.*, h 685 4th east 
Barr Thomas, laborer, h 542 4th east 
Barr William T., cartman, h G north n 23d west 
Barrett Catharine, wid Joseph, h 531 4th east 
Barrett Charles, machinist Pat Office, bds 552 M 

Barrett Daniel, laborer, h 297 N Capitol 
Barrett Dennis, laborer, h A north n 4th east 
Barrett Dennis, laborer, h 23 Organ al 
Barrett Edward, laborer, h 24 Organ al 
Barrett Edward, messenger State Dept, h Vt av j 

c H north 
Barrett Elizabeth, bds 47 A north 
Barrett George F., painter, h 531 4th east 
Barrett Harriet, dressmaker, h 407 10th west 
Barrett James, waiter, at Willard's 
Barrett John, bookfolder, h 396 2d east 
Barrett John C, clerk, 327 Penn av, bds do 
Barrett Margaret, dressmaker, h 407 10th west 
Barrett Michael, grocer, 132 H north, h do 
Barrett Robert, laborer, h Organ al 
Barrett Thomas, laborer, bds 464 F north 
Barrett Thomas, laborer, Treas Dept 
Barrett Thomas J., h D north c 5th east 
Barreyro Francisco de Asis, private sec Brazilian 

Minister, h 299 I north 
Barrier George, baker, h 78 C south 
Barringer John, bds 573 L north 
Barrington Samuel, supt Columbian Armory, h 6 

Mo av 
Barron Daniel, carpenter, h 248 K north 
Barron Daniel, laborer, h 381 D south 
Barron Daniel N., clerk, 324 Penn av, bds 6th 

west n H north 
Barron George 0. (Entwisle & Barron), carpen- 
ters, 11th west n C north, h G south n 6th west 
Barron Henry, carpenter, 333E north, h 415 11th 

Barron Henry L., carpenter, h 701 7th west 
Barron Thomas H., carpenter, 71 La av, h G south 

n 4^ west 
Barros , sec'y Brazilian Legation, bds 446 

15th west 
Barrow William, banker, 15th west c F north, 

bds 439 I north 
Barry Catharine, grocer, 494 10th west, h do 
Barry Daniel P., farmer, h 584 N J av 
Barry David, laborer, h N north n 5th west 
Barry Edmund, Capt., h 584 N J av 
Barry Edward, blacksmith, h 392 I south 
Barry Francis, clerk, h N south n 3d east 
Barry George W., clerk Treas Dept 
Barry James, laborer, h 93 A south 
Barry James, iron finisher, h H north n 2d east 

Barry James C, farmer, h 584 N J av 
Barry John, machinist, brls Union Hotel 
Barry John, plumber, h 4th west n N north 
Barry John N., miller, h E south n 6th west 
Barry Juliana, wid James D., h 584 N J ax- 
Barry McClintock Y., clerk, bds 357 E north 
Barry Maria, wid Francis, h N south n 3d east 
Barry Mary, wid Thomas, h 476 L south 
Barry Michael, laborer, h K north n N J av 
Barry Patrick, brass moulder, h H nth n 2d east 
Barry Patrick, messenger at Capitol, b 520 N J av 
Barry Richard, clerk Navy Yard, h 28 Mo av 
Barry Robert, laborer, h 222 E south 
Barry Thomas, bricklayer, h al r 644 N north 
Bart Charles L. Mrs., dressmaker, h 297 G north 
Bart Leonart (Fuss & Bart), boots and shoes, 419 

& 406 7th, h 419 do 
Bartel Louisa, dressmaker, h 76 4£ west 
Bartel William, gardener, h 76 4J west 
Bartels Hugo, painter, 320 C north, h do 
Barth Henry, late druggist, h 406 G south 
Barthel Edward (Bartbel & Bro.), dyer, 4^ west 

cor Penn av, h do 
Barthel John (Barthel & Bro.), dyer, 4£ west cor 

Penn av, h do 
Barthel & Bro. (John & Edward), dyers, 4£ west 

cor Penn av 
Barthol Frederick W., shoemaker, h 200 6th west 
Bartholow J. Presley, agricultural implements, 

558 7th west, h 54 Mo av 
Bartle George, clerk State Dept, h 467 I north 
Bartle Rudolph, engraver, h 612 Md av 
Bartlett David, h 386 N Capitol 
Bartlett Elizabeth, wid Isaac, h 423 H north 
Bartlett Fitz J., clerk P O, h 476 I north 
Bartlett Isaac C, carpenter, h 546 4th east 
Bartlett John H., clerk Treas Dept, h 209 N Y av 
Bartlett Minnie, school, h 424 H north 
Bartlett Thomas, princ ex'r Treas Dept, bds 482 

Penn av 
Bartlett Walter, carpenter, h 390 Va av 
Bartley Aaron, laborer, h F south n 1st west 
Bartley John, clerk, h 379 18th west 
Bartley William, laborer, h 586 K south 
Barton Alice (col'd), wid Ramsey, h r 506 L nth 
Barton Louisa, wid Thomas B., bds 333 9th west 
Barton Seth W., rigger, h 341 12th west 
Barton Thomas B., clerk P O Dept, bds 333 9th 

Barton William (col'd), laborer, h 424 I south 
Bartoner Peter, laborer, h R north n 4th west 
Bashlan Frederick, blacksmith, h 548 4th east 
Bassant Henry, laborer, h 6th east n B north 
Bassett Agur, saddler, h 22 E Capitol 
Bassett David, clerk Treas Dept, h 341 N Y av 
Bassett Euphemia, wid Simeon, h 44 E Cap 
Bassett George A., clerk, h 22 E Capitol 
Bassett Isaac, doorkeeper at capitol, bds 383 2d 

Bassett John M., patent medicines, 384 Md av 
Bassett Mason N., machinist, h 44 E Cap 
Bassford Charlotte (col'd), wid John, h 424 K nth 
Bassford William T., scavenger, h 378 B north 
Bastable Charles, stonecutter, h 189 22d west 
Bastiannella Titus, clerk P 0, h 439 1st east 
Basye Caroline V., wid Joseph, h 181 G north 
Batchen James, stonecutter, h 6th west n C south 
Bateman James 0., ticket agent, h 360 3d east 
Bateman M. (col'd), laborer, h 414 I north 
Bateman Nathaniel, stonecutter, h 2d east n C nth 
Bates Christian, laborer, h L south n 4i west 
Bates David W., clock repairer, h 1st eastn B nth 
Bates Edgar H., justice of the peace, h 183 4th wst 
Bates Frederick (Bates & Bro.) , soap and candles, 

462 G north, h 538 H north 
Bates John E., druggist, 7th east cor L south 



Bates Lawrence W., Rev., h 450 9th west 
Bates Richard, laborer, h 381 Mass av 
Bates Robert (col'd), boatman, h 446 N north 
BATES ROBERT W., wood and coal, Hth west 

cor C north, h 154 Penn av 
Bates Wm. (Bates & Bro.), soap and candles, 462 

G north, h 1st west cor N Y 
Bates & Bro. (Fred. & Wm. Bates), soap and 

candles, 462 G north 
Bauer Antoine, wheelwright, h Del av n K north 
Bauer George, baker, 334 Centre mkt, & confec- 
tioner, 89 4| west, h do 
Baugher H. Lewis, teacher, bds 413 11th west 
Baum James, laborer, h 3d west n H south 
Baum Leonard, physician, 407 11th west, h do 
Baum William H., h 6th west n H south 
Baum William H., printer, bds 407 11th west 
Bauman John, blacksmith, h 208 20th west 
Baumaun Paxil, brewer, 504 D south, h do 
BAUMGARTEN JULIUS, engraver, 499 7th 

west, h do 
Bawsel Edward, clerk, brls 556 M north 
Bawsel Matthew, h 556 M north 
Bawsel Minor, clerk city P 0, h 556 M north 
Baxter James, late blacksmith, h Mass av n 15th 

Baxter Sidney S., attorney, h 486 12th west 
Baxter Woolsey, blacksmith, h 481 6th east 
Bayard J. A., U S senator, h 184 F north 
Bayless Wm J., clerk at Adams Ex Office, h 386 

5th west 
Bayliss Backnell, h 30 Mo av 
Bayliss William, telegraph operator, h 386 5th 

Bayly Charles B., clerk, 326 D north, h 358 K 

Bavly Jas. F., bookkeeper, 252 Penn av 
BAYLY WILLIAM F., stationer, 278 J Penn av, 

h 358 K north 
Bayly William IT. C, clerk, h 358 K north 
Bayne Clinton, blacksmith, h 665 4th east 
Bayne John, shipcarpenter, h 526 Va av 
Bayne John, stonemason, h 480 Mass av 
Bayne Michael J., painter, h 6th east n B north 
Bayne Thomas J., late boots and shoes, h 447 D 

Beach Christopher C, shoemaker, 580 11th west 
Beach Levi, plasterer, h 645 5th east 
Beach Mary, wid William, h B north n 6th east 
Beach Nathaniel, huckster, 85 Centre mkt, h 590 

11th west n Md av 
Beach Samuel B., clerk P Dept, h, 310 9th west 
Beach Solomon C, huckster, North n Market, h 

588 11th west 
Beach Susan H., wid Wm. E., h 49U 8th west 
Beach William, scavenger, h B north n 6th east 
Beach Zachariah, laborer, h B north n 6th east 
Beacham John, waterman, h 560 8th west 
Beagle William T., engineer., h II sth n 4i west 
Beaird John, laborer, h 120 H north 
Beale Charles (col'd), waiter, h 210 23d west 
Beale Robert, h 622 Pa av 
Beale Robert M., law student, bds 622 Pa av 
Beall Ann, wid Richard B. W., h 513 12th west 
Beall Benjamin (Middleton & Beall; also (Hove, 

Brother & Co.), h 14 La av 
Beall Francis II., locksmith, 60 La av, h 307 Va 

Beall George, clerk Land Office, bds 316 F north 
Beall G. W., clerk Land Office, bds 328 F north 
Beall Horatio (Lutz & Beall), harness, &c, 392 

Pa av, h 486 L north 
Beall James, laborer, h 534 4th east 
Beall James E., bricklayer, bds 399 9th west 
Beall Larkin A., clerk, bds 415 10th west 
Beall Richard J., bricklayer, h 399 9th west 

Beall Richard J. T., telegraph operator, National 

hotel, h 504 10th west 
Beall Robert, clerk, 402 Pa av, bds 448 D north 
Beall Benjamin B., carpenter, h 264 5th west 
Beall Samuel, carpenter, h 651 7th west 
Beall William D., clerk War Department 
Beall William II., clerk, 69 La av 
Bean Ann, boarding house, N south cor 3d east 
Bean Ann (col'd), washerwoman, h 213 E south 
Bean Benjamin F., cabinetmaker, 685 3d east, 

h 697 do 
Bean Carrie D., widow William S., h 561 4th east 
Bean Celia A. (col'd), h 294 I north 
Bean Charles (Barber & Bean), butchers, 53 

Centre mkt, h 587 10th east 
Bean Colmore, h 548 3d east 
Bean George, laborer, h 14th east n L south 
Bean James, hackman, h 391 4| west 
Bean James A., restaurant, 528 8th east, h 587 

10th east 
Bean William W., carpenter, 412 3d west, h 362 

3d east 
Beard Henry, clerk Paten*^ Office, h 384 H north 
Beard Lewis, clerk Treas Dept 
Beard Matilda, wid William C, h 400 9th west 
Beard Matthew, engineer, h M south n 4£ west 
Beardsley Charles, clerk, 308 Pa av, bds 339 E 

Beardsley Levi (Beardsley & Harvey), agent. 492 

7th, h 483 E north 
Beardsley William H., book-keeper, 267 Pa av, 

h 275 D north 
Beardsley & Harvey (Levi Beardsley and Frede- 
rick L. Harvey), patent agents, 492 7th west W. Seaman, clerk Treas Dept, bds 387 

N Yav 
Beasley Joseph B., hack stable, 328 C north, h 

52 La av 
Beatley Cageby, waterman, h G nth n 26th west 
Beaton Frederick, laborer, h P north n 1st west 
Beatty John A., clerk Treas Dept, h 186 4th west 
Beatty Walter, student, bds 357 E north 
Beatty William, engineer, h 468 F north 
Beaulean August, teacher of music, h 11th west c 

P north 
Beaurean Thomas, painter, h 180 6th west 
Beavers James S., oil agent, h 586 M north 
Becher Frederick, carpenter, h 9th east n D sth 
Beck Andrew, h 773 N J av 
Beck Ernest, baker, 773 N J av, h do 
Beck Jane S., teacher, h 87 L south 
Beck John, clerk 6th Auditor's office, h 310 Ya 

BECK JOHN, shoemaker, 7th west cor F north, 

h 487 8th west 
Beck Rezin, h 370 6th west 

Beck T. J. Dorsey (McClees & Beck), photo- 
graphs, 308 Pa av, h 370 6th west 
Beck Waters R., carpenter, h 87 L south 
Becker George, carpenter, h 579 L north 
Becker John, shoemaker, 447 12th west, h do 
Becker John, teacher, h 5th east n C north 
Becker Lawrence, laborer, h Tenn av n F north 
Becker Victor, piano-tuner, 396 Pa av, h 435- 

I north 
Becker William, tailor, h 38S 8th west 
Beckert Christian, teacher, h 5th east n A south 
Beckert Frank A., h 630 E south 
Beckert John, baker, h 422 E north 
Beckert Joseph, plasterer, 143 5th west 
Beckert Theresa, wid George, h 630 E south 
Becket Sarah (col'd), h 308 I north 
Becket William (col'd), feed, L north n 24th 

west, h do 
Beckett Ananias fool'd), porter, h E south near 

9th west 



Beckett Frances (col*d), washerwoman, h X nth 

cor 17th west 
Beckett James (col*d), laborer, h 15th west near 

P north 
Beckett John (col'd), farmer, h 320 12th west 
Beckett John (cold), fireman, h E south n 9th 

Beckett Lizzie (eol'd), h r 329 1st west 
Beckett Louisa (col'd), washerwoman, h E south 

n 9th west 
Beckett Theopolis (col'd), laborer, h E south n 

9th west 
Beckett William (col'd), carman, h S9 E south 
Beckett "William (col'd), hackman, h Conn al n 

17th west 
Beckman Sarah (col'd), h 207 X J av 
Beckwith John H. (col'd), laborer, h 213 K north 
Bede Jane, wid George, b 384 10th west 
Bedell John, clerk Treas Dept, bds 400 D north 
Beedle Leanna, wid Alexander, h 402 20th west 
Beers Benjamin F. (Beers & Bro.), carpenter, 

598 Penn av, h 343 B south n 2d east 
Beers Charles I. (Beers <fc Bro.), carpenter, 598 

Penn av, h 3d east n D north 
Beers Isaac, carpenter, Penn av, h 560 3d east 
Beers Isaac, watchman Patent Office, h 479 E nth 
Beers <fc Brother (Benjamin F. & Charles I. Beers), 

carpenters, 598 Penn av 
Beetley Joseph, cigar-maker, h 53 26th west 
Beguin Joseph, boarding-house, 425 13th west 
Behar John, carpenter, h 588 X north 
Behrend Bendiza J. (Gotthelf & Behrend), fancy 

goods, 414 7th west, h do 
Behrens Frederick, baker, 194 6th west, h do 
Behrens John (Behrens & Wiegmann) , h 326 B nth 
Behrens & "Wiegmann (J. Behrens & P. Wieg- 

mann) , tobacco and snuff, and importers of Ha- 
vana and domestic cigars, wholesale and retail 

dealers. 544 Penn av 
Beill William, printer, h 244 C north 
Beird David, cartman, h 78 G north 
Beitzell John, laborer, h 663 Md av 
Beitzell Josiah, policeman, h 663 Md av 
Beland Louis, tailor, h 263 F north 
Belcher Edward H., clerk Treas Dept, bds 485 

12th west 
Belfoe Caroline (col'd), widow, h Pierce n 2s J av 
Belger J., Brevet Major, assistant quartermaster 

War Dept 
Bell Alexander, h 455 12th west 
Bell Ann (col'd), washerwoman, h H north n 7th 

Bell Ann E., h 374 L north 

Bell Ann E., ladies' seminary, 4S9 L north, h do 
Bell Anna (col'd), washerwoman, h 52 F south 
Bell Catherine, Mrs., h 512 I north 
Bell Charles (col'd), laborer, h 680 4th east 
Bell Charles, jr. (eol'd), driver, h 680 4th east 
Bell Daniel, machinist, bds 604 8th east 
Bell Daniel (eol'd), laborer, h 216 F south 
Bell David (col'd), hack-driver, h r 425 14th west 
Bell Francis H., gun and locksmith, 60 La av, 

h 305 Ya av 
Bell John, carman, h 137 K south 
Bell John, laborer Treas Dept 
Bell John, restaurant, 542 Penn av, h do 
Bell John (col'd), driver, bds 510 X north 
Bell John (col'd), carman, h 255 F south 
Bell John (eol'd), laborer, h 331 C south 
Bell John Z. (col'd), carman, h 218 4th west 
Bell Joseph (col'd), driver, bds 510 X north 
Bell Lloyd C, gunsmith, 359 D north, h 673 7th 

Bell Maria (col'd), washerwoman, h 249 Vt av 
Bell Martin, blacksmith, 1st west cor Md av, h 

4£ west cor Md av 

Bell Mary, h 491 Mass av 

Bell Mary, second-hand clothing, 503 11th west 

Bell Mary (col'd), wid Benjamin, h 253 21st west 

Bell Mary (col'd), wid Silas, h C south n 3d east 

Bell Moses (col'd), laborer, h 1st east n C south 

Bell Moses (col'd), laborer, h 491 D south 

Bell Xephi (Turner & Co.), ambrotypist, 4S0 Penn 

av, h 307 Ya av 
Bell Robert, clerk, h 448 D north 
Bell Samuel (col'd), laborer, h 510 X north 
Bell Samuel P., machinist, bds 54 Mo av 
Bell Sarah (col'd), wid Simon, h 216 H north 
Bell Sarah A., wid Avery, h M north c 8th west 
Bell Thomas, laborer, h 143 Md av 
Bell Thomas (col'd), laborer, 577 3d west 
Bell Thomas P. (col'd), waiter, h X nth n 2d west 
Bell William, dj-er, 429 Penn av, h do 
Bell William, supt P Dept, h 409 I north 
Bell William H., gunsmith, h 251 Ya av 
Bell William S. (col'd), laborer, h 551 1st west 
Bellew Robert, porter-house, 550 12th west, h do 
Bellew Thomas, stonecutter, h 219 9th west 
Belshaw William J., fresco painter, h 667 X J av 
Belt Alfred, carpenter, h 398 11th west 
Belt E. S., wid Benjamin M., bds 270 F north 
Belt James M., police, h 278 D north 
Belt Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 91 M north 
Belt Thomas W., carpenter, h 384 Sth west 
Belt William L., printer, h 356 D north 
Bender Eliza (col'd), wid Charles, h X Y av n 

20th west 
Bender George B., clerk Ordnance Office, h 196 

I north 
Benezette Hazell, machinist, h 118 C south 
Benezette Maria, millinery, 118 C south, h do 
Benjamin Joseph D., carpenter, h 210 X J av 
Benjamin J. P., senator, h 1 Madison pi 
Benner F. W., engraver, h 612 Penn av 
Benner Henry C, engraver, 616 Penn av, h do 
Bennett Andrew, watchman, h H south n 6th 

Bennett Benjamin (col'd), cooper, h 525 3d west 
Bennett Clement W., lawyer, 428 H north, h do 
Bennett George, wheelwright, h 76 6th west 
Bennett Hannah, wid John, h 208 19th west 
Bennett James, laborer, h 289 X Capitol 
Bennett James (col'd), waiter, h 388 12th west 
Bennett John, laborer, h Goat alley 
Bennett John E. (col'd), waiter, h r 284 B north 
Bennett Martha, h 388 12th west 
Bennett Richard, laborer, h Jackson n 1st east 
Bennett William, laborer, h 671 H north 
Bennett William, tailor, h 433 8th west 
Bennett William W., clerk, 528 7th west, h H 

north c 11th west 
Benser George W., bartender, h 358 5th west 
Benson Sylvanns E., clerk in Senate, h 231 F 

Benson Thomas R., carpenter, h Md av n 14th 

Benson Wm. B., late carpenter, h 304 9th west 
Benter Ann, h r 497 3d west 
BEXTER WILLIAM F., restaurant, 312 C 

north, h 499 Md av 
Bentley Alexander J., clerk Treas Dept, h 160 

4th west 
Bentley John P., clerk Treas Dept, h 51S L north 
Bentley Thomas, machinist, h 4b4 M south 
Benton Mary A., groceries, 335 Md av, h do 
Benton T., laborer, h 84 26th west 
Bentz Catharine, wid Leonard, h 1st east n K 

Beondi Antonio, messenger Xavy Dept, h 9th 

west n north 
Berger Henry, blacksmith, 14th c R I av, h do 
Berger William, blacksmith, 14th west c R I av 




Bergling Geo., tailor, 284 Perm av, h 511 11th 

Bergling Henry, tailor, 344 D north, h 405 5th 

Bergman Lambert M., leather and findings, 307 

Penn av, h 421 8th west 
Bergman Peter, messenger Patent Office, h 648 L 

Bergmann Bernhardt, painter, h 326 B north 
Bergmann Charles W., teacher of music, h 456 

13th west 
Bergmann William, shoemaker, h 239 F north 
Bergmann William, musician, h 610 N north 
Bergmann Wm. Henry, carpenter, h 574 N north 
Berkley Benjamin, butcher, 61 Centre mkt, h 545 

G south 
Berkley Charles, butcher, h 12th east n D south 
Berkley John T., dyer, h 624 11th west 
Berkley Joseph, locksmith, h 545 G south 
Berkley Sarah N., wid Enos E., h 547 G south 
Berkley Wesley J., late butcher, h 547 G south 
Bernard H. S., engraver, h 319 B north 
Bernard Henry (col'd), laborer, h r 652 G north 
Bernard John (col'd), sawyer, h 5 Brown's alley 
Bernard & Co., hats, caps and furs, 448 Penn av 
Bernhard Catharine, wid John, h 299 C north 
Bernhard John, cook, h 295 C north 
Bernstein Wm., machinist, h 5th east n A south 
Beroker Bernard, cabinetmaker, h 416 E north 
Beron Wm., painter, 564 7th west, h Ga av n 

11th east 
Berret Charles B., lieut Revenue Serv, bds E 

north n 2d west 
BERRET JAMES G., Mayor, office City Hall, h 

H north n 15th west 
Berret John J., h E north n 2d west 
Berret Julius H., h E north n 2d west 

Berrett , clerk, bds 337 Penn av 

Berry Ann R., wid Christopher C, h 30 13^ west 

Berry Augustus, tinner, h 446 L south 

Berry Benjamin, h 418 D north 

Berry Eliza T., wid Washington, h 460 D north 

Berry George, laborer, h 438 K south 

Berry James, waterman, h 583 11th west 

Berry John, watchman, h 383 Va av 

Berry John H., boiler-maker, h 594 5th east 

Berry Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h Marble al n 

4£ west 
Berry Michael R., clerk, h 591 6th west 
Berry Smith (col'd), laborer, h 507 Va av 
Berry Susan, wid John, h 362 L south 
Berry Thomas, contractor, Patent Office, h 410 

E north 
Berry Thomas, laborer, h 362 L south 
Berry Thomas- W., lawyer, 10 4£ west, h 460 D 

Berry Walter, rooms 401 9th west 
Berry Washington 0., tinsmith, 93 Centre mkt 

and 487 7th west, h F south n 4£ west 
Berryman LeroyH., h 530 12th west 
Bertenatti Joseph, Sardinian Minister, bds 446 

15th west 
Beschke William, teacher languages, h 406 K 

Besh Saul, ragman, h 339 6th west 
Bessau Oscar, clerk Indian Office, bds Lafayette 

Best Anthony, watchman State Dept, h 500 11th 

Bestor Eliza, wid Owen H., h 323 G north 
Bestor Orson H., clerk, 402 Penn av, bds D north 

c 4th west 
Bestor Owen B., grocer, I north c 11th west, h 

323 G north 
Bestor Whitman C, h 273 I north 
Better William (col'd), laborer, h r 414 L north 

Bettor Henry (col'd), laborer, h 507 6th east 
Bettor John (col'd), waiter, h 402 I south 
Betts John, clerk, bds 476 12th west 
Betts Royston, clerk Patent Office, h 592 12th 

Betz John, laborer, bds 482 9th west 
Bevan Francis, laborer, h N south n 1| east 
Bevan Mary, wid Thomas, h 485 13th west 
Bevans David H., conductor on R R, h 356 C nth 
BEVERIDGE A. F. Mrs., proprietress Washing- 
ton house, 3d west c Perm av 
Beveridge Benjamin F., bds Washington house 
Beveridge M. William (Chas. S. Fowler & Co.), 

china and glass, 504 7th west, bds 367 N Y av 
Beyer John, stonecutter, h S Capitol n B south 
BICKEL JOHN F., gasfitter and plumber, 393 

Penn av, bds National hotel 
Bickerton John, surveyor, h 30 Washington 
Biddleman Daniel, tinsmith, 552 I north, h do 
Bielaski Alexander, 302 Penn av, h 259 Va av 
Bielaski A., draughtsman, land office 
BIEN SAMUEL, agt fancy goods, 18 Market 

space, La av, h 393 6th west 
Bigelow Jacob, gen'lagt, 480 7th west, h 395 6th 

Bigger Finley, register Treas Dept, bds 357 E 

Bigger Finley, jr., student, bds 357 E north 
Bigger John, cierk P Dept, bds 357 E north 
Bigger R. H., clerk Treas Dept 
Bigger Wm., student, bds 357 E north 
Biggins James, grocer, 108 23d west, h do 
Biggs Edward, plasterer, h 54 11th east 
Biggs James E., painter, h 188 23d west 
Biggs John H., plasterer, h 68 26th west 
Biggs Levi, laborer, h 27 F north 
Biggs Samuel, laborer, h 59 4|- west 
Biggs William T., laborer, h 186 23d west 
Bigler John, carpenter, h 585 E south 
Bigler Philip, musician, h 12th east n Penn av 
Bigler William Hon., senator, h 426 11th west 
Bigley D. R. P., ambrotypist, bds 7th west n P 

Billing Rebecca K., wid William W., tailoress, h 

446 K north 
Bills Henry A., clerk P O Dept 
Bilt Rudolph, wheelwright, h 367 Va av 
Binckley John M., clerk Land Office, h 436 N 

Binnix Edward, plasterer, h 139 E south 
Binnix Samuel, plasterer, h 119 13? west 
Binns John, cigar-maker, h 326 B north 
Birch Charles J., tailor, h 230 D north 
Birch George, plasterer, h 331 F north 
Birch Henry, livery stable, 14th west n D north, 

h D north n 14th west 
Birch Henry, paver, h 200 20th west 
Birch Jacob W, restaurant, 527 9th west, h do 
Birch James H., tavern, G south c 11th west, h do 
Birch Joseph E., gunner, h 14 Ohio av 
Birck Joseph R., watchman, h 379 3d east 
Birch Richard, carpenter, h 742 N J ay 
Birch Samuel H., huckster, h 66 E south 
Birch Susanna C, wid Balaam, h 45S 14th west 
Birch Thomas, carpenter, h 331 F north 
Birch Vincent, bricklayer, h 560 H north 
Birch Wesley, tavern, h F south n 9th west 
Birch Wm. II., clerk, 271 Penn av, h Georgetown 
Birch William H., livery stable, 14th west n D 

north, h 240 D north 
Birchett Richard T., atty and agt for claims, 490 

7th west 
Birckhead Edward, cabinetmaker, h 497 I north 
Birckhead Elizabeth, wid Wm., h 510 I north 
Birckhead Franklin, watchman, bds 540 I north 
Birckhead Oliver H., h 540 I north 



Bird Ebnrn (E. Bird & Bro.), carpenter, ft 7th 

west, h 75 F south 
Bird John H. (E. Bird & Bro.), carpenter, ft 7th 

west, h Va av n 7th west 
Bird Thomas R., hotel, B north c 2d east 
Bird William, watchman, h 171 E south 
BIRD E. & BRO. (Eburn & John H. Bird), car- 
penters and builders, foot 7th west, Island 
Birge Silas, bds 446 12th west 
Birnie Clotworthy, h 55 Penn av 
Birrett John, carpenter, bds 603 H north 
Birth Wm. W., grocer, 388 3d west, h 406 3d 

Bischof John, painter, 18 Washington, h do 
Bishof Joseph, blacksmith, h 183 F south 
Biscoe Ann, h E south n 6th east 
Bishop Charles, paper-hanger, h 171 E south 
Bishop David J., books and periodicals, 216 Penn 

av, bds Hern don house 
Bishop George, bds 500 Penn av 
Bishop Henry, clerk, h 19th west n M north 
Bishop Henry, shoemaker, h 204 6th west 
Bishop Jemima, seamstress, h 557 E south 
Bishop John S., shoemaker, h 176 E south 
Bishop Leroy, C, clerk, 342 Penn av, bds do 
Bishop Rudolph, clerk, Mkt sp cor 8th 
Bishop Thomas, painter, bds 204 6th west 
Bishop W. 0., com of patents, bds National h 
Bishop D. J. & Co. (J. C. Moran), booksellers, 

216 and 438 Penn av 
Bitner Henry, huckster, h 487 Md av 
Bitner William G., gunsmith, 158 Penn av, h 

268 H north 
Bittinger B. F. Rev., h 557 9th west 
Bixby Daniel, barkeeper at Willard's 
Bixler Mary, wid John, h 114 E Cap 
Black James A., provisions, D south, h 366 1st 

Black Jeremiah S., attorney general, h 348 K nth 
Black Moses (col'd), whitewasher, h 155 C south 
Black Owen, laborer, h I south n 1| east 
Black Samuel, laborer, h Union al n N south 
Black Sarah, wid John, h 600 Mass av 
Blackfan Joseph H., clerk P Dept, h 386 H nth 
Blackford Isaac, judge of the court of claims, 

bds 4 A north 
Blackiston Lewis, cabinetmaker, h 227 D north 
Blackstock George, carpenter, h 109 F south 
Bladen John, laborer, h 10th east n M south 
Bladen William, huckster, 523 Centre mkt 
Blades George W., butcher, h 672 4th east 
Blades Wm., shoemaker, h 672 4th east 
Blaer Robert, baker, h 24th west n M north 
Blagden Thos., 499 7th west 
Blain Mary A., wid William, h 401 9th west 
Blaine Robert G., clerk, bds 486 E north 
BLAIR MONTGOMERY, lawyer 6 President's 

Square, h do 
Blaisdell William A., huckster, 143 Centre mkt, 

h Fairfax Co. 
Blair Ann J., wid James, h 281 F north 
Blake Ann, wid James, h 1st east n C south 
Blake E. Tucker, late physician, h 5 Indiana av 
Blake George, printer, bds 369 6th west 
Blake James H., clerk Land Office, h 424 11th 

Blake John, printer, bds 369 6th west 
Blake John B., commissioner public bids, h 5 

Ind av 
Blake William, laborer, h 281 N Cap 
Blake William, stonecutter, bds 548 I north 
Blakney James T., bookbinder, bds 647 L north 
Blanchard Ann, wid Wm., h 449 8th west 
Blanchard Samuel B., physician, 258 Penn av 
Blanchard Valentine (Blanchard & Mohun), 
books, 310 D north, h 341 G north 

Blanchard William (Buell & Blanchard) , printers, 

Ind av cor 2d west, h 247 Penn av 
BLANCHARD & MOHUN (V. Blanchard &R. B. 
Mohun), booksellers, 310 D north cor Penn av 
Blanchet Leontine, teacher French, 223 G north 
Bland John, carman, h rear 215 F south 
Bland Wm. H., moulder, h 566 Va av 
Blaney Dennis, h 141 K south 
BLAU HERMANN, upholsterer, 264 G nth, h do 
Blau Joseph A., stair builder, 466 G north, h 312 

4th west 
Bligh James, grocer, 525 11th west, h do 
Bligh John, livery stable, C north n 12th west, h 

240 C north 
Bligh John, porter at Kirkwood house 
Blizzard Stephen, segar-maker, h 538 K north 
Bloecher Catharine, fancy goods, 412 7th west 
Bloettner William E., gunsmith, bds 268 II north 
Blondeau Adolph S., engraver Coast Survey, h 

283 B south 
Blondin Thomas, laborer, h 69 K north 
Bloom John, clerk, h E south cor 10th east 
Bloor John, clerk Indian Office, bds 378 E north 
Bloss John B., clerk Land Office, h Del av cor M 

BLOSSOM WALDO A., sewing machines, H nth 

n 1st west, h do 
Blossom Wayne W., telegraph operator, h H nth 

n 1st west 
Blount Thomas M., lawyer, 370 9th west, h do 
Blout H. L., millinery, 401 7th west, h do 
Blummer William, laborer, h 393 9th east 
Boarman Richard A., gunner Navy Yard, h 507 

E south 
Boarman Sylvester B., bookkeeper Bank of Wash- 
ington, h 445 8th west 
Bochman, bds 485 10th west 
Bocock Thomas, bricklayer, h 370 12th west 
Bode Christian, tailor, h 431 8th west 
Bode Elizabeth, wid John, h 431 8th west 
Bodely Lucy (col'd), h Temperance Hall al 
Bodien Henry, draughtsman Navy Dept, h 546 

6th east 
Bogan Benjamin L., clerk at Cap, h 451 Mass av 
Bogan John F., tailor, h 211 4th west 
Bogan Martin V. B., physician, 455 Mass av 
Boggess T. L., blacksmith, 10th west n C south, h 

555 10th west 
Boggs Elizabeth H., teacher, h 7th east n G south 
Bogle John, marble polisher, h 728 6th west 
Bogus Augustus, segars, 416 E north, h do 
Bohlayer Eliza, h 620 11th west 
Bohlayer Jacob A., butcher, Centre mkt, h 517 

I south 
Bohlayer John, butcher, 12 Centre mkt, h I 

south c 9th east 
Bohlayer John, butcher, 8 Centre mkt, h B north 

c 5th east 
Bohleber David, tailor, h 506 11th west 
Bohlem Herrman, laborer, h Van n 4£ west 
Bohn Casimir, prints, books, &c, 568 Penn av, 

h 418 1st east 
Bohn John, cartman, bds 70 E Cap 
Bohrer George A., grocer and wood-yard, 11th 

east n south, h 11th east cor G south 
Bohrer George P., clerk, h 11th east cor G south 
Bohrer Julius S., lieut U S N, h 27 Penn av 
Boiseau James T., blacksmith, h 462 G south 
Boiseau Richard F., clerk City Hall, bds 462 G 

BOKEL JOHN A. Rev., h F south cor 6th west 
Boland Patrick, laborer, h 438 9th west 
Boland Thomas, laborer, h 372 Va av 
Bolden William, machinist, h P north n 5th west 
Bolen George, laborer, h L north n N J av 
Boll Paulus, musician, h r 519 9th east 



Bollmeyer J. Frederick, clerk Treas Dept, bds 

482 12th west 
Bolton Elizabeth Miss, h 226 G north 
Bolton Patrick, laborer, h Jackson n N Cap 
Bond Ignatius (col'd), coachman, h 266 K north 
Bond Joseph, miller, h 9th west n north 
Bond Levi (col'd), laborer, h 200 K north 
Bond Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h 94 I3§ west 
Bond Overton (col'd), waiter, h 370 11th west 
Bond Samuel K., pumpmaker, 421 14th west, h 

529 Md av 
Bond Thomas D., machinist, h 308 8th west 
Bonds Georgianna, school, E south n 9th west 
Bonds Rebecca (col'd), washerwoman, h r 93 E 

Boninni John, musician, h 11th east n G south 
Bonnet Eugene, draughtsman Treas Dept, h 423 

13th west 
Bontz Henry (Bontz & Coombs), furniture, 369 

7th west, h 460 11th west 
Bontz Jacob, tobacconist, 282 Penn av, bds 460 

11th west 
Bontz John, h 504 9th west 
Bontz & Coombs (Henry Bontz & James W. 

Coombs), furniture, 369 7th west 
Boohy R., printer, h 573 12th west 
Booie Jane (col'd), wid, h 393 I north 
Booie William (coi'd), carpenter, h 266 D south 
Booker Robt. H. (col'd) (Booker & Stewart), 

barber, 314 E north, h 389 I north 
Booker & Stewart (col'd) (Robt. H. Booker & C. 

A. Stewart), hairdressers, 314 E north 
Bookman Henry D., harness-maker, h 2d west n 

G north 
Boone Jane E., wid J. B., h 455 10th west 
Boone John F., clerk, h 594 Md av 
Boone John F., jr., clerk, h 594 Md av 
Boos William H., carpenter, h 4th west nNJav 
Boose Thomas, bricklayer, bds 477 I north 
Bootes Samuel M., clerk Treas Dept 
Booth James, blacksmith, h 642 8th east 
Booth Richard E., laborer, h 667 3d east 
Bopp Catharine, dressmaker, 509 11th west, h do 
Bopp Charles E., blacksmith, h 10th east n N 

Bopp George (Walter, Karmann & Bopp), coach- 
builder, 346 D north, h 509 11th west 
Bopp Jane G., wid Frederick, h 10th east n N 

Bopst Joshua D., restaurant, 531 9th west, h do 
Bopst Mathias, lager beer, 522 N J av, h do 
Bopst William, grocer, 447 7th west, h do 
Borland Alexander, carpenter, h 352 L north 
Borland Alexander T., carpenter, h 352 L north 
Borland Andrew J., cupper and leecher, h 434 

Mass av 
Borland Charles, carpenter, h 346 L north 
Borland John, carpenter, h 16th west n P north 
Borland John A., painter, 386 7th west, h 348 L 

Borland Maria, wid John, h 346 L north 
Born Mathias, tailor, h 303 D north 
Born Philip, tailor, h B north n 1st west 
Borremans Charles, restaurant, 537 17th west 
Borrows Joseph, physician, 396 E north, h do 
Boscow Emma, wid Arthur, h 27 7th west 
Boss Abraham J. (A. J. & J. S. Boss), carpenter, 

H north n 10th west, h L north bet 4th and 5th 

Boss James H., builder, h 628 II north 
Boss John P., printer, h 222 N Y av 
Boss Joseph S. (A. J. & J. S. Boss), carpenter, H 

north n 10th west, h 181 N Y av 
Boss William A., police, h 295 D north 
Boss A. J. & J. S., carpenters and builders, H 

north n 10th west 

Bosse William, wheelwright, Md av c 3d east, h 

6th east n A north 
Bossi Isaac (col'd), oysterman, h G south n 3d 

Boston Alexander (col'd), carman, h D south 
Boston Daniel (col'd), express driver, h r 284 B 

Boston Daniel (col'd), waiter, h P north c 10th 

Boston Daniel (col'd), waiter, h 380 15th west 
Boston R. (col'd), waiter, h 437 14th west 
Boston Robert (col'd), laborer, h 423 L north 
Boswell Edward (Boswell & Bro.), druggist, Va 

av c 7th, h 675 7th west 
Boswell F. A. (F. A. Boswell & Co.), liquors, 20 

F south, h 577 Va av 
Boswell Henry, laborer, h 673 3d east 
Boswell Henry T., laborer, h 532 4th east 
Boswell James, blacksmith, h 79 K south 
Boswell John, laborer, h I south n Va av 
Boswell John, laborer, h 673 3d east 
Boswell John C. (Boswell & Bro.), blacksmith, 

ft 7th west 
Boswell John H., machinist, h 191 4th west 
Boswell Matthew, blacksmith, h 651 3d east 
Boswell Otho, messenger, h 675 7th west 
Boswell Otho (Boswell & Bro.), druggist, Va av c 

7th west, h 579 Md av 
Boswell Rebecca A., dressmaker, 550 I north 
Boswell Richard II., shoemaker, 9th west c K 

north, h 550 I north 
Boswell Robert, laborer, h ft 9th west 
Boswell William, blacksmith, h K south n 6th 

Boswell William H. (Boswell & Bro.), blacksmith, 

ft 7th west, h K south n 4§ west 
Boswell & Bro. (W. H. & John C. Boswell), black- 
smiths, ft 7th west 
BOSWELL & BRO. (Otho & Edward Boswell), 

druggists, Va av c 7th west 
Boswell F. A. & Co. (F. A. Boswell & R. H. Yate- 

man), liquor and provisions, 20 F south 
Bosworth Lewis, clerk Patent Office, h 278 8th 

Boteler Chas. W. (C. W. Boteler & Sons), fur- 
nishing store, 318 Penn av, h 395 E north n 

10th west 
Boteler Charles W., jr. (C. W. Boteler & Sons), 

furnishing store, 318 Penn av, h 360 D north 
Boteler Edward M., gasfitter, Penn av bet 9th 

and 10th west, h 293 7th west 
Boteler Henry D., clerk, bds 395 E north 
Boteler John D., boots and shoes, 635 7th east 
Boteler John W. (C. W. Boteler & Sons) , furnish- 
ing store, 318 Penn av, h 415 12th west 
Boteler Philip, livery stable, 491 6th west, h 340 

8th west 
BOTELER C. W. & SONS (Chas. W., jr., & John 

W.), general house furnishing store and auc- 
tioneers, 318 Penn av 
Bottomace William, h 1ST south n 4i west 
Bottomley James, carpenter, h 557 G north 
Bottomore Chas. H., watchmaker, 250 Pa av, bds 

12th west n E north 
Boudearn James, h Carroll n 2d east 
Boughtwell Edward P., Capt U S Navy, h 275 F 

Bouick Rufus A., clerk, 10 mkt sp, bds Avenue 

Boulanger Joseph, restaurant, 237 G north, h do 
Bouley\john, blacksmith, bds 319 8th west 
Bounds Basil, agent, h r 554 14th west 
Bouse Henrietta (col'd), cook, h 258 F north 
Bouser Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 284 2d west 
Bouvet Mathieu, tailor, h 239 I north, h do 
Bouvet Napoleon, tailor, h 234 I north 



Bowen Anthony (col'd), laborer, h 85 E south 
Bowen Benjamin, sweep master, h 433 M north 
Bowen Charles II., bricklayer, bds 329 6th west 
Bowen Cornelius T. (C. T. & U.G. Bowen), painter, 

N Y av n loth west, h 433 M north 
Bowen Fielder (eol'd), laborer, h 492 N north 
Bowen George, h 433 N north 
Bowen Harrison S., printer, h 229 H north 
Bowen Henry C, printer, bds 450 Mass av 
Bowen Henry 0., carman, h 743 N J av 
Bowen James, bricklayer, h 329 6th west 
Bowen James A., hackman, h 650 6th west 
Bowen John, printer, h 450 Mass av 
Bowen John W., bricklayer, bds 450 Mass av 
Bowen Joseph O. D., printer, h 179 C south 
Bowen L., conveyancer, h 346 Va av 
Bowen S. J. (Bowen & Herrick), 7th west c F 

north h "Washington County 
Bowen Theodore, shoemaker, 467 L south, h do 
Bowen Theodore L. (Bowen & Proctor), grocer, 

456 Mass av, h 329 6th west 
Bowen Uriah G-. (C. T. & IT. G. Bowen), painter, 

N Y av n 15th west, h 433 M north 
Bowen & Herrick (S. J. Bowen & Geo. R. Her- 
rick), agents, 7th west c F north 
Bowen & Proctor (Theodore L. Bowen & Alex. 

M. Proctor), grocers, 456 Mass av 
BOWEN C. T. & U. G., painters, NYavn 15th 

Bower John, baker, bds 619 7th east 
Bowie Adam (col'd), laborer, h D south n 4th east 
Bowie Argyle C, clerk, h 453 9th west 
Bowie Arnold (col ; d), sawyer, h 131 I north 
Bowie John 0., painter, h Mass av n Md av 
Bowie Mary R., boarding, h 453 9th west 
Bowler Meresa, teacher, h 523 3d west 
Bowlin Albert (col'd), shoemaker, 663 L north 
Bowlinger Rosanna. h 570 7th west 
Bowman Alexander H., chief bureau construc- 
tion, h 499 12th west 
Bowman Geo. W., editor and proprietor "Con- 
stitution," E north n 12th west, h 439 H north 
Bowman John, blacksmith, h 260 H north 
Bowman Leonard, shoemaker, h 441 9th west 
Bowman Mary (col'd), wid Jeremiah, h 212 B 

Bowman Thomas (col'd), sawyer, h 335 Mass av 
Bowman "William (col'd), waiter, h 247 Yt av 
Bowne Naonii, wid Robert L., h 359 I north 
Bowyer John C, clerk State Dept, h 355 K nth 
Boyce James A., bricklayer, h 390 Ya av 
Boyd Andrew, directory agent, bds 442 9th west 
Boyd George, hackman, h 379 13th west 
Boyd George K. (Noell & Boyd), blinds, &e, 291 

Penn av, h 238 D north 
Boyd Hannah, wid Weston, h 364 8th west 
Boyd Jane, grocer, 40 K north, h do 
Boyd John D., carpenter, h 70 26th west 
Boyd Joseph, hackman, h 385 13th west 
Boyd J. K. Mrs., h 314 D north 
Boyd Thomas, laborer, h 227 22d west 
Boyd William, machinist, h 491 I south 
Boyd "William, h r 434 Ya av 
BOYD W T M. H., publisher of the Directory of 
Washington and Georgetown, and other cities, 
principal office 346 Broadway, N Y, & 33 S 6th, 
Boye Franklin (col'd), laborer, h 88 13} west 
Boyer Henry (Oentrich &, Boyer), restaurant, 507 

11th west, h do 
Boyer R. M. (Sweeny, Rittenhouse, Fant & Co), 

banker, 352 Penn av 
Boylan Andrew, laborer, h 260 D north 
Bovland Michael, blacksmith, 4£ west c Md av, 

h 92 4| west 
Boyle Christopher, Depot house, 463 C north 

Boyle Cornelius, physician, 27 4£ west, h do 
Boyle Francis E. Rev., h F north c 10th west 
Boyle James, laborer, h 22 Organ alley 
Boyle John, confectioner, 156 Penn av, h do 
Boyle John, laborer, h F north n 10th east 
Boyle John F., supt Treas extension, h 25th 

west c D north 
Boyle Junius J., commander U S N, h 349 21st 

I Boyle Patrick, marble cutter, h 379 Ya av 
Boyle Robert, laborer, h F north n Md av 
I Boyle Terence, laborer, h 10 Temperance Hall al 
j Boyle William, laborer, h 432 1st west 
! Boyne Thomas, tailor, h H north n 2d west 
I Bovnton Sylvanus C, clerk Pension office, bds 

428 1st east 
( BOZZEL ROBERT L., wheelwright, 18th west n 

Penn av, h 470 11th west 
, Braconey Henry, stonecutter, h 555 Mass av 
Braconier Henry, stonecutter, h 74 13V west 
Bradburn John D., pattern-maker, h 560 13th 

Bradbury John, brass finisher, h 592 10th east 
Bradford Allen, laborer, h 3 E Capitol 
Bradford Henry, clerk, rooms at 373 Penn av 
Bradford Morgan, coachtrimmer, bds 605 H nth 
Bradford William J., broker, 7th west, h 605 H 

Bradford Wm. R., bds 4.V west c Penn av 
Bradley Alexander, brushmaker, h 13th west c 

N north 
Bradley Ambrose, laborer, bds 195 N J av 
Bradley Anna, wid Dr Phineas, h 320 N Y av 
BRADLEY CHARLES, Franklin Ins Co, h 400 

C north 
Bradley George, watchman, h 318 5th west 
Bradley Henry J., carpenter, 5th east n G south 
Bradley Isaac, stonecutter, h 12th east n E nth 
Bradley James, laborer, h 190 G south 
Bradley John T., huckster, h 13th west c Md av 
Bradley Joseph H. (Bradley & Bradley), lawyer, 

1 4i west, h do 
Bradley Joseph II., jr. (Bradley & Bradley), law- 
yer, 1 4.V west, h do 
Bradley Maria, wid Charles C, h 530 L north 
Bradley Sarah C, wid Reed, h 10th east n B nth 
BRADLEY WILLIAM, stone yard, 201 H north 
Bradley William W., finisher, h 414 G south 
BRADLEY & BRADLEY (Joseph H. & Joseph 

H., jr.), lawyers, 1 4| west 
Brady James, laborer, h 584 7th east 
Brady James, overseer, bds 560 Penn av 
Brady James, shoemaker, h 787 3d west 
Brady John, gaslighter, h 617 12th west 
Brady Michael, shoemaker, h 660 G north 
Brady Michael, shoemaker, h 299 N Capitol 
Brady Silas S., plasterer, h 181 N north 
Brady William 0., clerk, h 617 12th west 
Brady's Photographic Gallery, 352 Penn av 
Brammell Mary, h 591 12th west 
Brandebury Lemuel G., lawyer, 341 18th west 
Brandenbury Fred. W., cigars, 174 Penn av, h do 
BRANDNER FRANCIS, Richmond house, 8th 

west c D north 
Brandt John D., clerk Navy Yard, h 524 8th east 
Brandt Martin, shoemaker, 76 Penn av, h do 
Branham John W., h 234 L north 
Branham J. Richardson, h 454 E north 
Branham Mary, wid William, h 234 L north 
Branhan W. H., clerk Treas Dept, bds U S 

Brannan David M., carpenter, bds 513 Md av 
I Brannan Edward, laborer, h 145 K south 

Brannan Ellen, wid Robert, h al r 246 C north 
j Brannan John, State Dept, h 372 15th west 
I Brannan John, stonecutter, h 431 M north 



Brannum Lorenzo (col'd), coachman, h 495 13th 

Branson Benjamin (col'd), laborer, h 353 M nth 
Branson James, laborer, h H east n south 
Branson John T., laborer, h 536 Va av 
Branson Simeon, plasterer, h L north n 2d west 
Branson Vincent T., clerk, 36 Market sp, bds 34 

Mo av 
Branson William, laborer, h 1st east n N south 
Branson William (col'd), engineer, h 387 11th 

Brant Elizabeth, washerwoman, h Vt av n N nth 
Branzell Catharine, h D south n 1st west 
Brashear Julia, wid Edmund, h 356 B north 
Brashear William B., grocer, 526 Penn av, h do 
Brashears Thomas J., printer, h 608 7th west 
Brashears Thomas N., h 608 7th west 
Brawner Mary L., wid Thornton, h 6th east n B 

Brawner William H. (John II. Semmes & Co.), 

grocer, 523 9th west, bds 425 Penn av 
Braxton John T., hackman, h 569 10th west 
BRAY GEO. W. & CO., watches and jewelry, 516 

7th west, h do 
Breast George, rigger, h 362 K south 
Breast James A., shoemaker, h 285 7th west 
Breast James S., moulder, h 362 K south 
dent, h 263 G north 
Breckner Charles, carpenter, h 574 L north 
Bredekamp Hermann, baker, 130 4i- west, h do 
Breed Daniel, Solicitor of Patents, F north c 7th 

west, h 359 I north 
Breed Lawrence H., clerk at Capitol, bds 558 

Penn av 
Breen Patrick, laborer, h 2d west c Mass av 
Breene John, laborer, h r 329 1st west 
Breggeman William H. C, printer, h 418 K nth 
Brehler Thaddeus, tailor, h 365 Va av 
Breisasker Christian P., shoemaker, h 460 7th 

Breithaupt John G., laborer, h Carroll n 1st east 
Bremmer Lewis, confectioner, h 269 D north 
Brenaugh J. C, clerk Treas Dept 
Brengle Lawrence J., Prest C and Canal, 34 

4£ west, h at Frederick, Md 
Brennan Mary, grocer, 302 18th west, h do 
Brennan Patrick, grocer, 358 Va av, h do 
Brenner Anthony, bds 217 6th west 
Brenner Peter A., h 217 6th west 

Brent , music teacher, bds 495 7th west 

Brent Eliza (col'd), washerwoman, h 130 A south 
Brent Elton (col'd), laborer, h 183 F north 
Brent Francis, lawyer, City Hall, h 306 Del av 
BRENT GEORGE W., attorney at law, 26 La av, 

h at Alexandria 
Brent Harriet, h 450 13th west 
Brent Henry W., physician, bds 284 F north 
Brent John (col'd), laborer, h 305 18th west 
Brent John C, lawyer, City Hall, h 435 6th west 
Brent Wm. H., coast survey, h 305 18th west 
Breslin John, laborer, h 504 3d east 
Bresnahan Cornelius, grocer, 440 10th west, h do 
Bresnahan, Daniel A., clerk, h 304 4th west 
Bresnahan Jeremiah, laborer, h 446 10th west 
Bresnahan John, laborer, h 410 B north 
Bresnahan John, laborer, h 44 1st west 
Bresnahan John, laborer, h 444 10th west 
Bresnahan Mary, wid John, h 415 6th west 
Bresnahan Michael, laborer, h 19 Organ al 
Bresnahan Richard, laborer, h 607 Mass av 
Bresnahan Thomas, shoemaker, 284 C south, h do 
Bresnahan Timothy, laborer, h 7 Temperance 

Hall al 
Bresson Michael, laborer, h 303 4th west 
Brett Morris, laborer, h 263 12th west 

Brewer Albert (Kipp & Brewer), restaurant, 368 

F north, h do 
Brewer Henry, clerk Treas Dept 
Brewer Hiram, h 85 4.| west 
Brewer John W., huckster, 12 Northern mkt, h 

368 F north 
Brewer William, hackman, h 300 D north 
Brick Edward, blacksmith, h Del av n K north 
Brick William, laborer, h 233 1st east 
Brickley Isaac, brickmaker, h 1£ east n N south 
Brickley John, brickmaker, h M south n 1st east 
Bridge II., U. S. Navy Dept, h 300 K north 
Bridge Joseph B., planemaker, 458 7th west, h 

603 H north 
Bridge Joseph N., carpenter, bds 603 II north 
Bridge Margaret R., boarding-house, 603 H nth 
Bridget Charles, paver, h N H av n 21st west 
Bridget James A., hackman, h 98 G north 
Bridget John F., carriage manufacturer, 395 Penn 

av, h D north bet 1st and 2d 
Bridget Richard B., coachmaker, 84 La av, h 360 

11th west 
Bridwell Moses T., tailor, h Md av c 9th west 
Briel Conrad, confectioner, 251 Penn av, h do 
Briel Michael, confectioner, 476 9th west, h do 
Brien Mary, h 402 13th west 
Brierton Patrick, laborer, h 486 L south 
Briggs, clerk Patent Office, bds 445 I north 
Briggs Marion, carpenter, h 408 G south 
Brigham H. O., clerk Patent Office, bds 8th west 

c Penn av 
Bright Adam, carpet-weaver, h 292 N Y av 
Bright George, carpenter, bds 292 N Y av 
Bright Henry, boots and shoes, 609 8th east, h do 
Bright Jacob, engineer, h 4571 south 
Bright James, clerk, h 613 E south 
Bright James, jr., plumber, h 613 E south 
Bright Jesse D., senator, h 423 15th west 
Bright John, gardener, h H north c 9th east 
Bright John W., bricklayer, h 491 G south 
Bright Michael E., machinist, h 357 L south 
Bright Rebecca, wid Jacob, h 457 I south 
Bright William H., bricklayer, h 512 Md av 
Bright Wm. T., coast survey, h 517 G south 
Brighthart George, butcher, h M north n Capitol 
Brightwell Hall, dentist, h 334 9th west 
Brimmer Richard M., stage prop, h 227 B south 
Brink Mahlon, brickmason, h Md av c 2d east 
Brink Mahlon, restaurant, 534 Penn av, h do 
Brintnall Sewall, clerk Land Office, bds -161 9th 

Brisco Henry (col'd), laborer, h 493 N north 
Brisco William T., plasterer, h 303 8th west 
Briscoe Ann, boarding, h 150 Penn av 
Briscoe Palmer (col'd), laborer, h K north n 3d 

Briscoe Thomas (col'd), carman, h E south c 9th 

Briscoe Thomas (col'd), fireman, h 121 E south 
Briscoe William (col'd), laborer, h 4S F south 
Brissey Isaiah E., leather and findings, 496 6th 

west, h 548 8th south 
Bristol Lydia F., seminary, 394 V V I north, h do 
Bristow F. M., M. C, bds 411 3d west 
Broader Michael, laborer, h 90 2d west 
Brock Dr., bds 29 4j west 

Brock William G., tailor, h G south c 8th west 
Broden Patrick, laborer, h 224 E south 
Broderick Edward, laborer, h 3d west n G south 
Broderick Richard, cow dealer, h 3d west o G 

Broderick Thomas, grocer, 3d west n G south 
Broderick Thomas, tailor, h 120 4.. west 
Brogdon Catharine (col'd), wid George, h 4 Snow's 

Bromwell Wm. J., clerk State Dept 



Bronahan Cornelius, laborer Treas Dept, h 440 

10th west 
Bronaugh George W. D., h 543 10th west 
Bronaugh Jeremiah, clerk, bds 209 Penn av 
Bronaugh John C, clerk Treas Dept 
Bronaugh John W., clerk Bureau Construction, 

h at Georgetown 
Bronaugh William J., clerk, h 543 10th west 
Bronell Charles, laborer, h 258 4-k west 
Broner Washington, laborer, h K south n 4\ west 
Brook Boyd N., huckster, 31 Centre mkt, h Bla- 

densburg rd 
Brook Edmund J., h 21S 6th west 
Brook Margaret, h SOS 6th west 
Brookbanks Thomas, farmer, h 336 Ya av 

Brooke , bds 423 Pa av 

Brooke Catharine L., school, 138 Pa av, h do 
Brooke Mackall, clerk, Treas Dept, h 136 Pa av 
Brooke Robert C, office, 558 7th west, h 409 

13th west 
Brooke Thomas, laborer, h 312 4th west 
Brooke Walter T., clerk Int Dept, h 631 M north 
Brooke Walter W., bds 631 M north 
Brooke William P., office 558 7th west, h 507 

E north 
BROOKE ZACH. B., attorney, La av cor 7th. h 

409 13th west 
Brookenberry Mary (col ; d), wid, h 182 K north 
Brookfield Alexander, plumber, h 396 D north 
Brooke E. H., clerk War Dept 
Brooks Albert (col'd), brickmaker, h 227 E south 
Brooks Amelia (col'd), h r 284 South 
Brooks Andrew (col'd), carman, h 205 E south 
Brooks Austin (col'd), sawyer, h 305 Md av 
Brooks Basil (col'd), laborer, h S C av n 2d east 
Brooks Charles (col'd), huckster, 92 Centre mkt, 

h 499 3d west 
Brooks Edward, grocer, 297 3d west, h 299 do 
Brooks Francis, superindent, h 411 5th west 
Brooks George H. (col'd), h 237 E south 
Brooks George W. (col'd), cutler, h 223 E south 
Brooks Henry (col'd), plasterer, h 182 3d west 
Brooks Henry (col'd), waiter, h 233 E south 
Brooks Henson (col'd), carman, h 225 E south 
Brooks Howard, tailor, h 297 3d west 
Brooks James W. (col'd), shoemaker, 522 13th 

west, h 488 do 
Brooks John, h 64 6th west 
Brooks John (col'd), waiter, h 392 19th west 
Brooks John H. (col'd), steward, h 225 E south 
Brooks J hn T. (col'd), wood sawyer, h 140 

22d west 
Brooks Joseph (col'd), carman, h E sth c 9th west 
Brooks Joseph C, provisions, 573 8th east, h 

I south n 7th east 
Brooks Joshua (col'd), carpenter, h 259 12th 

Brooks Mary F. (col'd), wid, h 334 M north 
Brooks Rachel (col'd), h 345 C south 
Brooks Rebecca (col'd), washerwoman, h r 557 

9th west 
Brooks Richard, moulder, h 485 I south 
Brooks Richard (Brooks & Jones), provisions, 

555 11th east, h 566 11th east 
Brooks Richard (col'd), laborer, h 237 E south 
Brooks Theodore (col'd), laborer, h 346 Mass av 
Brocks William, moulder, bds 586 11th east 
Brooks William (col'd), brickmaker, h 225 E sth 
Brooks & Jones (Richard Brooks and James 

Jones), provisions, 555 11th east 
Broom Andrew (col'd), laborer, h Sth west near 

R north 
Broom Mary, widow, bds 423 Pa av 
Broom Robert H., clerk Supreme Court, bds 423 

Pa av 
Broomiield Nathan, laborer, h 6^ west n E south 

Brosnan Daniel A., clerk, 474 7th west, h 304 

4th west 
Brosnan Michael, laborer, h 609 Mass av 
Brothers Lewis J., physician, 179 B south 
Brothers & Gray (Lewis J. Brothers and Milton 

W. Gray), physicians, 179 B south 

Brown , clerk Post Office, h 456 11th west 

Brown Absalom, horse-shoer, D north near 8th 

west, h 249 3d west 
Brown Abraham, laborer, h 10th west n Q north 
Brown Albertius E. (Brown & Williams) grocer, 

I north cor 11th west, bds 367 N Y av 
Brown Alexander, stonecutter, h Carroll n 2d east 
Brown Alexander, teller Bank District of Colum- 
bia, h 537 H north 
Brown Alfred, banker, 7th west, h 537 H north 
Brown Andrew J., laborer, h Ga av n 16th east 
Brown Ann, wid Alexander A., h 456 Pa av 
Brown Archibald (col'd), laborer, h 178 3d west- 
Brown Basil (col'd), waiter, h 521 Va av 
Brown Bernard W., carpenter, h 589 12th west 
Brown Catharine, wid Peter, h 676 L north 
Brown Charles, huckster, h 177 8th west 
Brown Charles (col'd), cook, h 128 A south 
Brown Charles (col'd), laborer, h 386 N north 
Brown Charles (col'd), laborer, h 252 20th west 
Brown Charles H., butcher, 21 and 23 Centre 

mkt, h 435 L south 
Brown Charles H. (col'd), laborer State Dept, h 

N north n 15th west 
Brown C. Augustus, watchmaker, 338 Pa av, h 

362 D north 
Brown Christianna (col'd), wid John, h r 347 

15th west 
Brown Daniel (col'd), porter, h r 14th west near 

L north 
Brown David, bds 33 i B north 
Brown David, junk, bds 558 Mass av 
Brown Diana (col'd), wid William, h Goat alley 

n 6th west 
BROWN EDMUND F., notary public, Ac, 7th 

west c F north, h 592 M north 
Brown Edward, laborer, h K n 4V west 
Brown Ele, music-teacher, h 9 Northern Market 

Brown Eleazer R., printer, h 592 M north 
Brown Eli, laborer, h 97 K south 
Brown Elias E., stonecutter, h 363 18th west 
Brown Eliza, groceries, 13th west c C south, h do 
Brown Eliza (col'd), h 583 3d west 
Brown Eliza (col'd), wid Samuel, h 180 6th west 
Brown Elizabeth, wid Richard, h 468 L south 
Brown Elizabeth (col'd), wid Alexander, washer- 
woman, h 402 K north 
Brown Elizabeth (col'd), wid Thomas, h 548 G 

Brown Emily (col'd), wid Thomas, h K north n 

20th west 
Brown Eugene, grocer, N north c 4th west, h do 
Brown Francis, plasterer, bds N south c 11th east 
Brown Francis, shoemaker, 11th east n Ya av 
Brown Frank (col'd), carman, h 380 L north 
Brown Frank (col'd), farmer, h 183 3d west 
Brown Geo., gardener, bds 289 B north 
Brown George, pattern-maker, h r 523 9th east 
Brown George (col d), waiter, h 159 24th west 
Brown George W., carpenter, bds 416. H north 
Brown Gustavus (col'd), Rev., h 362 21st west 
Brown Hanson, contractor, h 614 C north 
Brown Harriet, wid Sewell, h 447 I north 
Brown Henry, huckster, 73 Northern n Market, 

h 245 4th west 
Brown Henry (col'd), brickmaker, h 200 23d west 
Brown Henry (col'd), laborer, h r 317 Ya av 
Brown Henry (col'd), porter, h 192 6th west 
Brown Henry (col'), waiter, h 428 I south 



Brown Isaac (col'd), laborer, h 387 K north 
Brown Isaac (col'd), laborer, b Pierce n N J av 
Brown Israel, clerk Int Dept, h 23 A south 
Brown James, shoes, 4th east c L south, h 402 K 

Brown James (col'd), h 171 5th west 
Brown James (col'd), blacksmith, h 308 I north 
Brown James A., clerk at Capitol, h 25 A south 
Brown James W., clerk War Dept, h 512 12th 

Brown Jane, wid William, h Mass av n Md av 
Brown Jefferson (col'd), hackman, h 226 B south 
Brown Jemima P., wid Reuben, h 271 7th west 
Brown Jerome, jr., bookkeeper, 376 D north, h 

525 L north 
Brown Joel, printer, bds 420 D north 
Brown John, h 22d west n B north 
Brown John, carman, h 8th west n G south 
Brown John, gardener, bds 289 B north 
Brown John, laborer, h B north n 6th west 
Brown John, laborer, h M north n 16th west 
Brown John, tailor, h438 3d east 
Brown John, tailor, h 183 5th west 
Brown John, waiter, h al r 246 C north 
Brown John (coFd), porter, 325 I north 
Brown John (col'd), waiter, h r 452 10th west 
Brown John (col'd), whitewasher, h 180 3d west 
Brown John H. (col'd), plasterer, h 391 I north 
Brown John L., carpenter, r Mass av, bet 13th 

and 14th west, h Mass av 
Brown John M. (col'd), (Johnson & Brown), bar- 
ber, 495 6th west, h 325 I north 
Brown John S., carpenter, h 451 M north 
BROWN JOHN S., patent agent, 451 7th west, h 

373 13th west 
Brown J. W., clerk Treas Dept 
BROWN JOSEPH F., Sec. Gas Light Co., and 

alderman, 514 11th west, h 454 H north 
Brown Joseph R., painter, h I north c 26th west 
Brown Julia (col'd), h 27 Jackson Hall al 
Brown Lafayette J., clerk Int Dept, h 446 13th 

Brown Lewis, laborer, h 614 C north 
Brown Lewis (col'd), shoemaker, h 180 6th west 
Brown Lewis H. (col'd), shoemaker, 298 I north, 

h 172 6th west 
Brown Lloyd (col'd), laborer, h N north n 24th 

Brown Louisa (col'd), washerwoman, h 159 B 

Brown Lucinda A. (col'd), dressmaker, r 185 F 

Brown Luraner (col'd), h 356 II north 
Brown Maria, wid John, h 202 H north 
Brown Maria, wid John, h 274 N Y av 
Brown Maria (col'd), wid Robert, h 168 I north 
Brown Marshall, Brown's hotel, 364 Penn av 
Brown Marshall (col'd), hack-driver, h 343 8th 

Brown Mary, wid Archibald, h 190 6th west 
Brown Mary, wid James, h 3d east n Mass av 
Brown Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h r 317 Va 

Brown Mary (col'd), wid Jefferson, h 218 B south 
Brown Mary E., seamstress, h L north n 17th 

Brown Mary E., wid Eli, boarding, h 416 II nth 
Brown Mary II., wid Beverly T., h 76 Mo av 
Brown Michael (col'd), whitewasher, h 261 C 

Brown Nathan (col'd), laborer, h 513 N north 
Brown Nehemiah, school, 363 C north 
Brown Patrick, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Brown Paul, artist, 434 Penn av 
Brown Perry, printer, h 507 I north 
Brown Reuben R., printer, h R north n 9th west 

Brown Richard L., clerk, h 642 Md av 

Brown Richard W., clerk, h G north n 7th west 

Brown Robert, contractor, h 602 C north 

Brown Robert, stonecutter, h 25 A south 

Brown Robert (col'd), cook, h Pierce n N J av 

Brown Robert (col'd), h 391 3d west 

Brown Robert W., carpenter, I north c 10th west 

Brown Robert W., oysters, I north c 9th west 

Brown R., boatman, h 616 9th west 

Brown R. B., clerk Treasury Dept 

Brown Sallie (col'd), h al r Presb church 4r\ west 

Brown Samuel, clothing, 520 Penn av, h 386 D 

Brown Samuel (col'd), butcher, h 473 K north 
Brown Sarah, wid John M., h 207 6th west 
Brown Seth, huckster, 517 Centre mkt, h Va 
Brown Solomon G. (col'd), messenger, h r 185 F 

Brown Susanna (col'd), wid George, h 335 L nth 
Brown Thomas, gardener, h 377 15th west 
Brown Thomas, huckster, 49 Centre mkt, h n 

Soldiers' Home 
Brown Thomas, moulder, h 476 E south 
Brown Thomas (col'd), carman, h 379 M north 
Brown, Thomas A., painter, h 306 8th west 
Brown Thomas B., furniture, 360 7th west, h 521 

I north 
Brown Thomas B., pianticonist, h 347 4^ west 
Brown Tillotson P., late hotel, h 419 5th west 
Brown Win., farmer, h 251 3d west 
BROWN WILLIAM, grocer, 44 La av 
Brown William, laborer, h 373 3d east 
Brown William, paver, h R north n 8th west 
Brown Wm., plasterer, h 284 N Y av 
Brown William, plasterer, h 178 G north 
Brown William, steward Marine barracks, h 520 

I south 
Brown William, stonecutter, h 13th west cor C 

Brown William (col'd), brickmaker, h 432 11th 

Brown William (col'd), eating-house, 484 D south, 

h 486 do 
Brown William (col'd), farmer, h 8th west n R 

Brown William (col'd), laborer, h 425 2d east 
Brown William (col'd), laborer, h N north n 17th 

Brown William (col'd), waiter, h 521 Ya av 
Brown William (col'd), waiter, bds 402 K north 
Brown William (col'd), steward at Brown's hotel 
BROWN WILLIAM A., grocer, F north c 13th 

west, h 309 G north 
Brown William E., blacksmith, h 13th east near 

Penn av 
Brown William M., editor Constitution, h 437 H 

Brown William M., cement roofer. 7th west, h 

616 H north 
Brown Wm. M. (J. W. Colley & Co.), dry goods, 

523 7th west, h 452 Penn av 
Brown William P., carpenter, h E south c 9th 

Brown William V. H., clerk Land Office, h 354 

N Yav 
Brown W. Paul, artist, Penn av, h 447 I north 
Brown AVilson, carpenter, bds 370 6th west 
Brown Zachariah, folder at Capitol, h 6th east c 

A north 
BROWN & WILLIAMS (Albertius E. Brown and 

John 0. Williams), grocers, 1 north o 1 1th west 
Browne Daniel J., Patent Office, h 356 tJ north 
Brown's Hotel, Penn av n 66b. west 
Browning Amos G., clerk Treas Dept, bds 387 X 

Y av 
Browning Edward, laborer, h N south n N J av 



Browning Horatio (Browning & Keating), grocer, ' Buchanan 

353 Penn av, h 454 11th west 
Browning JohnN., mess. P. 0. 246 C north" 
Browning Peregrine W., tailor, 472 Penn av, h 

61 Mo av 
Browning William, clerk Navy Yard, h 528 Va 

BROWNING & KEATING (H. Browning and J. 

M. Keating), grocers, 353 Penn av 
Bruce Alexander (col'd), job wagon, h K north 

n 1st west 
Bruce Catharine, wid Alfred, h 3d east n N C av 
Bruce Charles, hackman, h 298 C south 
Bruce Charles (col'd), driver, h 418 11th west 
Bruce Charles (col'd), whitewasher, h 509 6th 

Bruce Jephtha, clerk, 446 Penn av, h do 
Bruce Polly (col'd), washerwoman, h 2d east n A 

Bruce Robert (col'd), laborer, h 353 Va av 
Bruce Susan (col'd), wid John, h 426 L north 
Bruce William H. (col'd), barber, h 353 Va av 
Bruehl August, boots and shoes, 262 Penn av 
Bruff Joseph G., draughtsman Treas Dept, h 339 

19 th west 
Bruff Richard W., carpenter, h 392 D south 
Brumagim Jacob, butcher, h 385 4£ west 
Brumagim Jacob S., provision, 371 4£ west, h do 
Brumagim John W., butcher, 19 Northern and 9 

Centre markets, h 385 4£ west 
Brumidi Constant, painter, h 485 D north 
Brummel William, clerk State Dept, bds 456 

Penn av 
Brunley George W., clerk Land Office, bds 9th 

west c F north 
Brunner James G. W., carpenter, h 10th west n 

Q north 
Brush Abner, carriage-maker, bds 400 I north 
Brush George 0., grocer, 8theast, bds 581 8th east 
Brush Truman M. (Brush & King), grocer, 595 

8th east, h at Fairfax, Va 
BRUSH & KING (Truman M. Brush & Hiram H. 

King), grocers, 595 8th east 
Brushnell Patrick, laborer, h 16 13| west 
Bryan Bernard, blacksmith, h 482 L south 
Bryan Charles C, clerk, bds 352 N Y av 
Bryan Eliza (col'd), wid W., h 501 11th west 
Bryan Elizabeth, wid Enoch, h 472 I south 
Bryan James L., printer, h 361 L north 
Bryan Jemima (col'd), wid Charles, h 8th east n 

B south 
Bryan John, laborer, h 640 Mass av 
Bryan John (col'd), ostler, h 8th east n B south 
Bryan John T., plasterer, h 361 L north 
Bryan John V., provisions, N J av c B south, h 

366 3d east 
Bryan Joseph, of Alabama, 332 Pennsylvania av 
Bryan Joseph, late carpenter, h 352 N Y av 
Bryan Joseph B. (Geo. & Thos. Parker & Co.), 

grocer, 341 Penn av, h 335 N Y av 
Bryan Samuel B., blacksmith, h 13th east n 

Penn av 
Brvan Thomas E., agent, h 264 D south 
BRYAN WILLIAM, grocer, 44 Market space, h 

457 6th west 
Bryan William, messenger, h 361 L north 
Bryant Catharine, wid A., h 476^ Penn av 
Bryant Elizabeth (col'd), washerwoman, h 209 D 

Bryant Emma, wid William, boarding house, 303 

G north 
Bryant George (col'd), carpenter, h 185 F north 
Bryant John Y., claim agent, h 524 M north 
Bryant Pauline, wid Robert, h 193 D north 
Bryant Wm. M. (Lewis & Bryant), druggist, 548 

H north, h 303 G north 

clerk, bds 209 Penn av 

Buchanan Daniel (col'd), laborer, h C south n 4£ 

Buchanan Franklin, commandant U S Navy, h do 
BUCHANAN JAMES, Hon. President of the 

United States, Executive Mansion, Penn av bet 

I5th and 17th 
Buchanan John, grocer, 14th west nN north 
Buchanan R. H. L., clerk Treas Dept 
Buchanan Robert, Col U S N, h 351 I north 
BUCHESNOY C. R., hotel, 233 F north 

Buchgenberg , h 391 Penn av 

j Buchier Wilkinson, laborer, 133 Md av 
! Buchignanni Antonio, h 200 I north 
Buchier John, clerk, bds 509 7th west 
BUCHLY ANTHONY, undertaker, 303 Penn av 
Buck Daniel, asst clerk House Reps, h 427 5th 

i Buck Harry B., paper hanger, bds 471 11th west 
| Buck Sidney S., clerk, h G north c 12th west 
Buck Theodore, paper hanger, bds 471 11th west 
Buckingham Caleb, blacksmith, h 388 E north 
Buckingham Edmund, clerk, h 388 E north 
Buckingham Edmund F., bookkeeper, h 13th 

west n B south 
Buckingham Francis M., R R agent, h 610 H 

Buckingham John, blacksmith, h 398 N north 
Buckingham Thomas B., boarding, h 47 A north 
Buckley Cornelius, laborer, h 636 Mass av 
Buckley Edward, laborer, h H north n 5th east 
Buckley Edward, laborer, h 3d west n D south 
Buckley James, gatekeeper Navy Yard, h 526 I 

Buckley John, laborer, h 373 Va av 
Buckley John, laborer, h 3d west n D south 
Buckley John, laborer, h 462 B south 
Buckley Margaret, wid Daniel, h L north n 2d 

Buckley Mary, h 209 F south 
Buckley Patrick, laborer, h r D south n 3d west 
Buckley Rudolph, furniture, 408 7th west, bds 

410 7th west 
Buckley Thomas A., seargt, h 9th east n G south 
Buckner George, stageman, h 227 B south 
Buehler Frederick, bookbinder, h 203 4^ west 
Buehler John, baker, 116 D south, h do 
Buell Martin (Buell & Blanchard), printers, Ind 

av c 2d west, h 449 8th west 
BUELL & BLANCHARD (Martin Buell & Wm. 

Blanchard), printers, Ind av c 2d west 
Buerger Ernst M., Rev., h E north c 4th west 
Buete Henry, shoemaker, h 375 Va av 
Buffington James, M. C, h 408 C north 
Buil John McL., carpenter, h 304 18th west 
Bulkley Michael, laborer, h 2d west n G south 
Bull Mary J., h 482 12th west 
Bullard James H., blindmaker, h 284 Va av 
Bulley Alexander F. (A. F. Bulley & Co.), grocer, 

Va av cor 8th east, h 596 Va av 
Bulley A. F. & Co. (Alexander F. Bulley and A. 

Forrest Queen), grocers, Va av cor 8th east 
Bundick Richard J., waterman, h 111 13 k west 
Bundy Robert (col'd), laborer, h N north n 12th 

Bunnell Edward, stonecutter, bds 289 B north 
Bunton Robert, stonecutter, h 463 M north 
I Burch Charles B., draughtsman, bds 560 H north 
i BURCH CHARLES J., billiard saloon, 476 14th. 

west, h 230 D north 
j Burch Elizabeth, wid Alexander, h 440 Mass av 
; Burch Frederick A., bricklayer, bds 331 9th west 
Burch John, instrument-maker, 333 F nth, h do 
| Burch John H., h 336 19th west 

Burch Joseph A., carpenter, h N Y av n 5th west 
I Burch Richard, bricklayer, h 333 F north 



Burch Sarah, will Fielder, h 478 14th west 
Burch Thomas L., bricklayer, h 106 4§ west 
Burch Thomas W., assessor, h 379 5th west 
Burch Thomas W., carpenter, Washington n 5th 

west, h 368 5th west 
Burch Valinda, h 464 Mass av 
Burch Vincent, bricklayer, bds 5th west n H nth 
Burchart William, shoemaker, bds 289 F north 
Burche George D., bookbinder, h 6th west n Q nth 
Burche R. W., clerk Land Office 
Burche Susan M., Mrs., h 462 6th west 
Burchell Norval W. (King & Burchell), grocer, 

Vt av cor 15th west, h 241 Vt av 
Burchell P. R., clerk, bds Franklin house 
Burdett Perry, clerk, bds 265 8th west 
Burdeft W. W., dry goods, 351 7th west, h 323 

8th west 
BURDINE ALFRED, bridge-keeper, h 11th east 

n Bridge 
Burdine Charles, blacksmith, h 6th east n B south 
Burdine James, barkeeper, h 92 C south 
Burdine Margaret, wid William, h 11th east, n 

Burdine Reuben, h 358 6th west 
Burdine William H., grocer, 15th east c G north 
Burdoff Lewis, messenger President's mansion, h 

340 8th west 
Burgdorf Carl, cabinetmaker, 436 K south, h do 
Burgee John R.. machinist, bds 308 8th west 
Burgel John, engineer, h 308 9th west 
Burger Frederick, ciga.r-maker, bds 314 G north 
Burgess Andrew, fireman, h 13th east n I south 
Burgess Charles, h 249 F north 
Burgess Charles, blacksmith, h 14th east n K 

Burgess Charles H., bill-poster, h 230 B north 
Burgess Emma (col'd), seamstress, h 310 C south 
Burgess Greorge B., boiler-maker, h 620 C north 
Burgess George W., barber, 8th west c D south 
Burgess James, laborer, h 601 K south 
Burgess John, laborer, h 674 K south 
BURGESS RICHARD, claim agent, 211 F north, 

h 249 do 
Burgling George, tailor, h 511 11th west 
Burk Albert (col'd), porter, h 343 20th west 
Burk Francis, coachman President's mansion 
Burk Ignatius (col'd), laborer, h 27th west n K 

Burk James (col'd), hackman, h Ohio av n 14th 

Burk John M., shoemaker, h 671 7th west 
Burk Patrick, laborer, h r 102 2d west 
Burk Patrick, laborer, h 318 4th west 
Burk Peter, laborer, h 605 E south 
Burk Redmond, laborer, h 322 4th west 
Burk Rosanna, wid John, h 382 20th west 
Burkart Henry, liquors, Del av n I north, h do 
BURKE DANIEL M. (col'd), barber, 233 F nth, 

h 20th west bet I and K 
Burke Elizabeth, wid Edmund, h 495 11th west 
Burke Henry (col'd), cart-driver, h r 412 N nth 
Burke Hilliard (col'd), carpenter, h 266 20th west 
Burke James, h Goat alley n 6th west 
Burke James, driver, h E north n 2d east 
Burke James, printer, h 66 Washington 
Burke John, laborer, h 664 G north 
Burke John M., shoemaker, 359 D nth, h 6£ west 
Burke Lawrence, shoemaker, 601 Penn av, h do 
Burke Martha, wid Michael, h 456 9th east 
Burke Mary Ann (col.), washerwoman, h G south 

n 10th west 
Burke Patrick, laborer, h 191 I north 
Burke Patrick, laborer, h 358 Va av 
Burke Patrick, laborer, h Goat alley n 6th west 
Burke Simon, teacher, h 486 11th east 
Burke Thomas, laborer, h 1st west n M north 

Burke William, clerk Pension Office, h 15th west 

n K north 
Burkhardt Lewis, auxiliary guard, h 449 9th west 
Burkman Henry, carpenter, h Union al n N south 
Burley Sally (col'd), washing, h 399 8th west 
Burley Thomas R. (col'd), whitewasher, h 296 I 

Burnett Enoch, potter, 369 8th west, h 351 8th 

Burnham David, printer, bds 588 I north 
Burns Ann G.. wid Benjamin, h 403 9th west 
Burns Benjamin F., overseer Capitol, h 346 10th 

Burns Catharine, wid Patrick, h 543 Mass av 
Burns David, laborer, h 513 Va av 
BURNS GEO., boots and shoes, 340 Penn av, h 

391 L north 
BURNS HARMON, boots and shoes, 408 Pa av, 

h 501 Mass av 
Burns James, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Burns Jx>hn, laborer, h 287 N Capitol 
Burns John, laborer, h 1st west n D south 
Burns John, shoemaker, h 431 Mass av 
Burns John, stonecutter, h B south n 6th east 
Burns Mary, wid Thomas, bds 546 G north 
Burns Patrick, laborer, h 392 13th west 
Burns Robert (col'd), carpenter, h 495 13th west 
Burns Samuel, h 22d west n B north 
Burns Sylvester, laborer, h 32 K north 
Burns Thos., asst doorkeeper Prest's Mansion, h 

1st west n C south 
Burns Thomas J., painter, h P north n 15th west 
Burns Thomas J., peddler, h 419 12th west 
Burns William, laborer, h L north n 2d west 
Burnside John, printer, h 407 5th west 
Burr Charles C, clerk Navy Dept, h 419 10th 

Burr David H., h 364 C north 
Burr Elizabeth (col'd), wid John, h 413 G north 
Burr Henry A., topographer P Dept, 391 H 

Burr Henry A. Mrs., school, h 391 H north 
Burr Richard R., h 460 F north 
BURR RICHARD W., wood and coal, 7th west 

c Mass av, h 321 3d west 
Burr Thomas S., clerk, h 385 9th west 
Burrell George W. (col'd), waiter, h 392 19th 

Burrell Linda (col'd), wid John, h N T av n 20th 

Burrough Thomas, wagoner, h D north n 27th 

Burroughs Wm. C. (Burroughs & St. Clair), car- 
penter, 347 E north, h 66 C south 
Burroughs & St. Clair (Wm. C. Burroughs and 

Jas. W. St. Clair), carpenters,. 347 E north 
Burruss Jane S., boarding, h 416 D north 
Burtchell Peter R., book agent, 488 i 7th west, 

bds. Franklin house 
Burfhy Robert, blacksmith, Gtn, h 386 L south 
Burton Joseph B., salesman, 28 mkt sp,. bds 14th 

west n D north 
Bury Edward, druggist, 354 L south, h do 
Bury Eliza, wid Wm., h 354 L south 
Bury James, late blacksmith, h 566 Va av 
Bury John, clerk, h 242 L north 
Bury Joseph, druggist, h 354 L south 
Buscher Bernard, huckster, h Del av n I north 
Buscher Henry, grocer, 246 N Capitol, h do 
Buse Ferdinand, painter, h 175 5th west 
Bush Francis, hackman, h 43 Washington 
Bush James (col'd), hackman, h N north n 15th 

Bush John, laborer, h 335 G north 
Bush Rebecca (col'd). 348 C south 
Bush Sophia, wid Ankran, h 320 20th west 

See Advertisement of "Old Dominion" Coffee and Tea Tot. 




Bu?h Thomas (col'd), hackman, h 392 N north 
Bushby James H., grocer, 315 7th west, h do 
-Bushell George, stonecutter, h al bet 1st and 2d 

east n B north 
Bushing Henry, cabinetmaker, h 422 G north 
Butcher Edward (col'd), laborer, h 50 G south 
Butcher James (col'd), laborer, h 50 G south 
Butcher John, clerk, bds 508 L north 
Butcher Phebe, wid Jonathan, h 508 L north 
Buthmann A. E. Mrs. (Win. H. Campbell & Co.), 

wines, &c, 383 Penn av, h 175 2d west 
Butler Abraham, h 275 F north 
Butler Amelia (col'd), wid James, h 286 K north 
Butler Barbara (col'd), wid Andrew, seamstress, 

h 312 10th west 
Butler Benjamin (col'd), oysters, 445 6th west, h 

604 9th west 
Butler Callman, carman, h 97 K south 
Butler Charles, brickmaker, h 11th west c Q 

Butler Charles (col'd), laborer, h 300 12th west 
Butler Charles (col'd), waiter, bds 443 13th west 
Butler Clement M. Rev., h 438 D north 
Butler Columbus (col'd), porter, h 219 F south 
Butler David, clerk Post Office, h 572 N J av 
Butler David (col'd), laborer, h r 186 E south 
Butler Delphia (col'd), laborer, h r 214 F south 
Butler Edward, laborer, h 217 23d west 
Butler Eliza (col'd), wid Isaac, h 65 A south 
Butler Elizabeth, nurse, bds 569 H north 
Butler Fanny (col'd), washerwoman, h 18th west 

c D north 
Butler Ferdinand, restaurant, 467 14th west 
Butler George (col'd), restaurant, E north, h 392 

12th west 
Butler George (col'd). seaman, h 437 F north 
Butler Harriet, bds 334 N Y av 
Butler Henrietta (col'd), wid William, h r 

north n 10th west 
Butler Henry (col'd), carpenter, h 359 10th west 
Butler Henry (col'd), carpenter, h 112 F north 
Butler Henry (col'd), laborer, h al 3d west n C 

Butler Henry (col'd), porter, h P north cor 10th 

Butler Henry (col'd), sawyer, h 257 20th west 
Butler Hezekiah (col'd), oysterman, h 368 15th 

Butler Ignatius (col'd), carpenter, h 8th east n 

B south 
Butler James, blacksmith, h 589 10th east 
Butler John H., laborer, h 23 26th west 
Butler John G. Rev., h 413 11th west 
BUTLER JOHN J., resident physician, Wash- 
ington Infirmary 
Butler Joseph, printer, h 198 N Y av 
Butler Lewis (col'd), barber, h 310 C south 
Butler Lydia (col'd), domestic, h 142 22d west 
Butler Margaret (col'd), wid Henry, h 504 3d 

Butler Mary (col), wid William, h 443 13th west 
Butler Nancy (col'd), wid Madison, h 2d east n 

C north 
Butler Nancy (col'd), wid Anthony, h 445 13th 

Butler Philip S., livery stable, 6th west c C nth, h 

340 8th west 
Butler Thomas, laborer, h 106 24th west 
Butler Thomas (col'd), laborer, h r 214 F south 
Butler Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 322 12th west 
Butler Thomas S., wood and coal, 4th west n G 

north, h 526 K north 
Butler Walter (col'd), waiter, h 214 K north 
Butler William (col'd), slater, h 612 9th west 
Butler William (col'd), waiter, h 507 Va av 
Butler William B., carman, h 616 9th west 

Butler William B., dealer, h 12th east n G north 
Butler William H. (col'd), whitewasher, h 393 H 

Butterbaugh George, tailor, h 394 2d east 
Butts Caleb S., clerk Pension Office, h 365 Mass 

Butts Lafayette W., tinsmith, F south cor 8th 

west, h 87 F south 
Butts William B., physician, 279 7th west, h do 
Buwie James (col'd), waiter, h 343 15th west 
Buwie Mary, wid William, h 379 N Y av 
Byer Samuel B., carpenter, h 177 D south 
BYINGTON SAMUEL, supt Columbian Armory, 

h 6 Mo av 
Byram James H., carpenter, h 185 23d west 
Byram John W., millwright, h 404 20th west 
Byrne James, clerk at Garrison, h 663 7th east- 
Byrne Martha C, h 383 N Y av 
Byrne Patrick A., clerk city P 0, h 438 7th west 
Byrne Mary A., confectionery, 109 Penn av, h do 
Byrne Thomas, grocer, 481 14th west ; h do 
Byrnes John, laborer, h 265 4th west 
Byrnes Margaret, wid Thomas, h 265 4th west 
Byrnes Matthew, porter house, 255 F north 

Cabell Edward A., clerk Land Office, h 404 H 

Caden James, h 2S4 F north 
Caden James F., bds 284 F north 
Caden Joseph C, bds 284 F north 
Cadle William, laborer, h 459 D south 
Cadman Walter, chief messenger War Dept, h 

401 15th west 
Cady Charles C, bds Washington house 
Cady John, laborer, h 104 23d west 
Cady Mathias, laborer, h 122 23d west 
Cady Patrick, laborer, h 100 23d west 
Cahan Cecelia (col'd), wid Henry, h C south n 

3d west 
Cahill Wm., laborer, h L north n N J av 
Caho John T., h 538 II north 
Caho Wm., carpenter, bds 538 H north 
Cain J. Fendall, clerk War Dept 
Calbert John, clerk Pension Office, h 231 F north 
Caldwell Armistead M., butcher, h 101 I north 
Caldwell E. Calhoun, h 623 Md av 
Caldwell John H. (Rochat & Caldwell), wood and 

coal, 14th west n G north, h 14th west n N Y 

Caldwell John M., clerk P Dept, bds 410 F 

Caldwell J. F., h 623 Md av 
Caldwell Lycurgus W., clerk Treas Dept, h 366 

N Yav 
Caldwell Patrick J., bookbinder, h 555 Mass av 
Caldwell Sarah, wid William, h 14th west n N 

Caldwell William N., huckster, 127 Centre and 

63 Northern mkts, h at Georgetown 
Calhoun John, brickmaker, h 122 4} west 
Calla Henry, finisher, h 564 3d east 
Callaghan George, laborer, h B south c 6th east 
Callaghan Patrick 0., grocer, 446 20th west 
Callahan Charles, ornamental plasterer, 5th west 

n M, h 225 5th west 
Callahan Dennis, blacksmith, h 544 I south 
Callahan Dennis, laborer, h D south cor 4th east 
Callahan Dennis, laborer, h 280 2d west 
Callahan Dennis, draughtsman, h 181 6th west 
Callahan Francis, stonecutter, h N J av c G nth 
Callahan Jeremiah, plasterer, h 236 4£ west 
Callahan Jerome, bricklayer, h4^ westn K south 
Callahan John, grocer, 26th west n I north h do 
Callahan Mary, wid Timothy, h 181 6th west 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, Manufactured by 



Callahan Patrick, laborer, h 654 G north. 
Callahan Timothy, laborer, h 705 6th west 
Callan Chris. C, lawyer, 623 7th west 
Callan Frederick, student, h 213 F north 
CALLAN JAMES N., druggist, 436 E north, h 

43 8 do 
Callan James T., laborer, h A north n 8th east 
Callan John F., clerk Military Com Senate, h 

438 E north 
Callan Lawrence, laborer, h A north n 8th east 
Callan Michael P., clerk city P 0, h 474 H north 
CALLAN NICHOLAS, notary public and com 

deeds, 213 F north, h do 
Callis Prospero, wine and liquors, 374 D north, 

bds Richmond house 
Callow William, waiter, h 52 Penn av 
Calvert Charles, clerk War Dept, h 342 19th west 
Calvert Geo. W., salesman, 322 Penn av 
Calvert William H., supt gas-house, h K north n 

20th west 
Cambridge Grace (col'd), washerwoman, h r 319 

Va av 
Camerdy Patrick, laborer, h D south n 3d west 
Cameron Gilbert, builder, h 559 9th west 
Cameron John, stonemason, h 224 D South 
Cameron John A., h 94 G north 
Cameron 'John W., clerk Navy Dept, bds 322 N 

Cameron Mary A., h 29 Organ al 
Cameron Rosa, wid David A., dressmaker, h 451 

9th west 
Cammack Christopher, jr. (C. Cammack & Son), 

merchant tailor 212 F north, h do 
Cammack John, huckster, 125 Northern mkt, h 

7th west n Toll-gate 
Cammack William, collector, h Va av n 7th west 
CAMMACK WM., florist, 13th west cor E north 

and 14th west n R north, h 7th west n Toll- 
CAMMACK C. &Son (Christopher Cammack jr.), 

merchant tailors, 212 F north, h do 
Camp Alma, wid Edson, h 356 6th west 
Camp Walter B., clerk P Dept, h 356 6th west 
Campbell Adaline (col'd), washerwoman, h r 186 

E south 
Campbell Albert H., supt Wagon roads Interior 

Dept ? h 438 H north 
Campbell Alexander, driver, h 499 1st west 
Campbell Alexander, stonecutter, bds 289 B nth 
Campbell Archibald, Am Com of N W Boundary, 

h 282 H north' 
Campbell Charles, machinist, h 553 K south 
Campbell Daniel, h 504 Mass av 
Campbell James, carpenter, bds 420 D north 
Campbell James K. P., clerk P O Dept 
Campbell Jane, wid Daniel, h 504 Mass av 
Campbell John, guard at Penitentiary, h 55 4£ 

Campbell John A., judge supreme court, h 339 I 

Campbell John G., painter, h 65 13} west 
Campbell J. A., U S engineers, h 726 N J av 
Campbell Leonidas C. (Campbell & Son), hard- 
ware, 351 Penn av, h 447 E north 
Campbell Maria R., wid Samuel, h 32 4£ west 
Campbell Mason, clerk Treas Dept, h 358 Mass av 
Campbell Peter, laborer, h 10th west n P north 
Campbell Richard II., painter, 7th west n Md av, 

h 65 13A west 
Campbell Robert, huckster, h S Cap n L south 
Campbell Robert G., clerk Patent Office, h 487 

Mass av 
Campbell Robert T., draughtsman, h 487 Mass av 
Campbell Win. (col'd), laborer, h 263.1 F north 
Campbell William (col'd), oysterman, h 119 E 


Campbell Wm. H. (Campbell & Son), hardware, 

351 Penn av, bds 58 Mo av 
Campbell Wm. H. & Co. (A. E. Buthmann), 
wines and liquors, 383 Penn av, h 269 7th west 
Campbell William W., cement, &c, on Canal, h 

374 13th west 
CAMPBELL & SON (Wm. H. & L. C. Campbell), 

hardware, 351 Penn av 
Canfield Charles I., printer, h 232 1st east 
Cannon George Q., h 485 6th west 
Cannon John T., moulder, h 575 10th east 
Cannon Joseph, laborer, h 688 L south 
Cannon Margaret, wid Abel, h 586 K south 
Cannon Wm. M., Cannon's bitters, 528 7th west 
Cannon William P., machinist, h 506 K south 
Cantwell John, grocer, 13 E Capitol, h do 
Cantwell Mary, wid John, h 31 E Capitol 
Cantwell Michael, grocer, 445 2d east, h do 
Cantwell Michael, wood, A north n 2d east, h. B 

south C Pennsylvania av 
Cantwill James, grocer, 341 6th west, h do 
Caplain Susthene, sculptor, h A north n 9th east 
Capper John, shoemaker, 411 Penn av, h 4^ west 

n Penn av 
Capron Ann M., wid Henry, h 356 K south 
Carberry John, grocer, 498 3d west, h do 
Carbery Thomas, president Bank of the Metropo- 
lis, h 605 C north 
Carden Thomas, clerk, h 599 10th west 
Cardwell David A., clerk, h 453 D north 
Carigan Catharine, groceries, 215 F south, h do 
Carigan John, dyer, h 215 F south 
Carlin A. W. F., clerk, h 603 12th west 
Carlin Catharine, h 366} L north 
Carlin J. E. F., grocer, 601 12th west, h 603 12th 

CARLISLE JAMES M. (Carlisle & Maury), law- 
yers, 436 D north, h do 
Carlisle Nelson, messenger at Capitol, h 110 E 

CARLISLE WILLIAM, lawyer, 436 D north 
Carlisle & Maury (James M. Carlisle & William 

A. Maury), lawyers, 436 D north 
Carll George, butcher, 2 Northern and Centre 

markets, h 7th east n K north 
Carman Jane, dressmaker, 25 E Capitol, h do 
Carmody Jeremiah, grocer, 683 H north, h do 
Carmody John, laborer, h 701 H north 
Carney Lawrence, stonemason, h 30 13} west 
Carney Luke, hostler, h al r 246 C north 
Cams J. B., clerk Treas Department, bds Wash- 
ington house 
Carolus John, clerk P Department 
Carothers Andrew Rev., h 224 N Y av 
Carpenter Eliza (col'd), wid William, h K north 

n 20th west 
Carpenter Emelirie, wid Robert, h N Y av n 21st 

Carpenter James, laborer, h 198 L north 
Carpenter James N., clerk Land Office 
Carpenter John R., machinist, h 68 E Capitol 
Carpenter John R., plasterer, h N Y av n 21st 

Carpenter Mariam H., boarding, h 68 E Capitol 
Carpenter Mordecai (col'd), briekmaker., h 1st 

west n F south 
Carpenter Patrick, porter, h 261 12th west 
Carr Charles, milkman, h 447 N north 
Carr Jacob S., machinist, h 11th west n P north 
Carr James, brass-finisher, b 387 10th west 
Carr John, brass-founder, h B north n 1st west 
Carr John, laborer, h 72 Penn av 
Carr John, watchman, h 499 12th west 
Carr Mary Ann, h 329 H north 
Carr William, h 47 Maine av 
Carr William, laborer, h 24th west n G north 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, 111 and 119 South Teuth Street, Philadelphia. 




Carr William E.. painter, 257 G north, h 149 4th 

Carrico Angeline M., wicl Joshua, h 379 6th west 
Carrico James, h 434 20th west 
Carrico Joseph, carpenter, h 549 E south 
Carrico Peter G., carpenter, h 121 I north 
Carrico William H., grocer, 630 11th east, h do 
Carrier A. L., model-maker, h 4.V west n K south 
Carrington Campbell, law student, bds 516 M 

Carrington Edward C. (Lloyd & Carrington), law- 
yer, "20 La av, h 516 M north 
Carroll Andrew, butter-dealer, 96 Centre and 11 

Western markets, h 182 H north 
Carroll Andrew (col'd), laborer, h 333 10th west 
Carroll Ann, h 556 Maryland ay 
Carroll Ann C, h S C av c 2d east 
Carroll Barbara, wid Michael, h 570 Gr north 
Carroll Bryan, laborer, h 16 Organ al 
Carroll Catharine, h 442 10th west 
Carroll Charles, boots and shoes, 127 Penn av, h 

E north c 12th west 
Carroll Charles, machinist, h 425 20th west 
Carroll Daniel, laborer, h 575 G south 
Carroll David (col'd), carman, h 281 G north 
Carroll David (col'd), huckster, 69 Centre mkt, 

h Baltimore pike. 
Carroll Elizabeth, wid Robert, h 362 11th west 
Carroll Fielder F. (col'd), oysterman, h 242 F 

Carroll Frances, h IV east n N south 
Carroll George, butcher, 3 Centre market, h 7th 

east n I north 
Carroll James, laborer, h 297 13th west 
Carroll James T., carpenter, h 112 C south 
Carroll John (col'd), laborer, h 740 N J av 
Carroll John H. (col'd), machinist, h al B south 

bet 1st east and N J av 
Carroll Joseph G. (Degen & Carroll) , butcher, 54 

Centre and 18 Eastern mkts, h 358 K south 
Carroll Lawrence, tinner, h 316 18th west 
Carroll Michael, brass-moulder, h 596 8th east 
Carroll Patrick, carpenter, h r E north n 2d west 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, h 203 4th west 
Carroll Peter, lamplighter, h 20th west n L north 
Carroll Roger, laborer, h 654 N north 
Carroll Sarah (col'd), h C south n 3d west 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, h 241 JL north 
Carroll Thomas L., laborer, h 14th west n C sth 
Carroll William T., clerk, h 174 F north 
Carroll William W., laborer, h 575 G south 
Carstens Emerich, artist, 193 Md av, h do 
Carter Arthur (col"d), carman, h 747 3d west 
Carter Fanny (col'd), washerwoman, h 66 K sth 
Carter George (col'd), porter, h S Capitol n D 

Carter Harrison P. (Young & Carter), wood and 

coal, ft 13.^ west, h 12th west n Md av 
Carter Henson (col'd), laborer, h 353 2d west 
CARTER JAMES, book agent, 499 7th west, h 

6^ west n D south 
Carter James (col'd), huckster, 87 Centre mkt, h 

410 8th west 
Carter Jeremiah, gardener, h Del av n K north 
Carter John, finisher, h 483 I south 
Carter John F., clerk House Reps, h 457 10th 

Carter John F., policeman, h 285 4th west 
Carter Joseph J., clerk, 499 7th west, bds 6£ west 

n D south 
Carter Maria A., boarding, h 4 A north 
Carter Rachel (col'd), wid Thomas, h 243 Conn 

Carter Richard, laborer, h 677 H north 
Carter Richard W., dry goods, 50 Market sp, h 

469 E north 

Carter Robert (col'd), laborer, h al B south, be 

1st east and N J av 
Carter Washington (col'd), laborer, h 318 12th 

Carter Willis (col'd), driver, h 58 La av 
Cartwright Rachel, wid Jonathan, h 542 H north 
Carusi Eugene, lawyer, La av c 7th, h 446 13th 

Carusi Nathaniel, pianos, 11th west n Penn av, h 

446 13th west 
Carusi Samuel P., sr., professor of music, h 85 

Penn av 
Carver Richard H., clockmaker, h 558 13th west 
Casanave Peter, wood, 10th west on Canal, h 14th 

west n Md av 
Casazza John, boarding, h 215 7th west 
Casey Edward, laborer, h 6th west n L north 
Casey John, hack owner, h 445 Penn av 
Casey John, laborer, h 139 B south 
Casey Michael, laborer, h 310 3d west 
Casey Patrick, laborer, h 103 K north 
Casey Samuel U S Treasurer, h at Ky 
Casey Stephen, laborer, h 36 Organ al 
Cash Leonard (col'd), h r N north n 10th west 
Casparis James, hotel, 11 A south, h do 
Casper John A., carpenter, h 151 Del av 
Cass Andrew J., clerk Pension Office, h 381 2d east 
CASS LEWIS, Hon., Secretary of State, h 273 

and 275 Vt av 
Cassell Constantine, clerk, 402 Penn av, bds Ya 

av c 7th 
Cassell Elizabeth E., h 308 Ya av 
Cassell George T., bricklayer, h 308 Ya av 
Cassell John H. (Cassell & Wilson), bricklayer, 

7th west c Md av, h do 
Cassell John T., painter, 7th west n Md av, h 7th 

west c Md av 
Cassell Thomas, stonecutter, h F south c 2d west 
Cassell Thomas M. (Cassell & West), grocer,-Md 

av c 7th west, h 663 7th west 
Cassell & West (Thomas M- Cassell & Thomas 

West) , grocers, 7th west c Md av 
Cassell & Wilson (John H. Cassell & Michael Wil- 
son), bricklayers, 7th west c Md av 
Cassian Michael, prof. Gonzaga College, h do 
Cassidav Peter, carpenter, h 234 L north 
Cassidy* Mrs., h 303 D north 
Cassidy Charles, carpenter, bds 476 12th west 
! Cassidy Henry, gardener, h 428 14th west 
Cassidy Samuel, grocer, 257 N Y av, h do 
Cassin Joseph R., druggist, 265 7th west, h do 
Casteel Mary, wid Edmund, h 655 4th east 
Castel John B., grocer, 549 8th east, h do 
Castell Edward 0., blacksmith, h 659 4th east 
Castleman David J. (Castleman & Bro.), wood 

and coal, B north c 6th west, bds 377 Penn av 
Castleman Stephen D. (Castleman & Bro.), wood 

and coal, B north o. 6th west, h Penn av c 26th 

CASTLEMAN & BRO. (Stephen D. & David J.), 

wood and coal, B north c 6th west 
Castor Peter, grocer, 314 F north, h do 
Cathcart Thomas J., chief clerk 2d Comp Treas 

Dept, h 379 18th west 
Caton Emanuel B., clerk at Capitol, h 330 5th 

Caton John, grocer, 393 5th west, bds 435 E nth 
Caton Martin, laborer, h 233 22d west 
Caton Mary, wid Thomas, h 190 E north 
Caton Michael, cashier Globe Office, 464 Penn av, 

h 399 5th west 
Caton Thomas, printer, h 385 5th west 
Caton Timothy, blacksmith, h 214 L north 
Cator John, shoemaker, h 434 K south 
Cator Joseph L., wood and coal, M north n 10th 

west, h 310 10th west 

Buy an "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, and 



Cator Louisa, wid Benjamin, h 5th West n M nth 
Causten James H., notary public, 209 F north 
Caustin John (col'd), porter, h 279 D south 
Cavanagh Peter, coachdriver, h Van n 4£ west 
Cave Wm. A., clerk, h 334 6th west 
Cawood Elizabeth, wid Thomas, h 364 L south 
Cawood Hezekiah, blacksmith, h 364 L south 
Cawood Philip A., tinner, h 372 L south 
Cawood Stephen, tinner, 532 7th west, h 364 L 

Cawthon Robert, clerk Treas Dept, h 76 Mo av 
Cecil Rudolph, clerk, 5 Market sp, bds Franklin 

Cepler John G., baker, 199 4£ west, h do 
Chace Jane A., wid William, h 368 L north 
Chadwell Louisa, wid Lemuel, h 317 Del av 
Chaffee William E,, bootmaker, 640 8th east, h 

523 4th east 
Chamberlin Catharine, wid John, h 254 20th west 
Chamberlin William H., laborer, h 254 20th west 
Chambers Benjamin, engraver, 464 10th west 
CHAMBERS BENJAMIN, jr., wood and coal, 

464 10th west, h do 
Chambers James, huckster, 72 Centre mkt, h at 

Chambers Joanna, h 520 Penn av 
Chambers William, cabinetmaker, h494 L north 
Chambers William, laborer, h r 314 4th west 
Champion Elizabeth, wid Samuel, h 508 Va av 
Champion Thomas, machinist, h 449 K south 
Champion Thomas, jr., boiler-maker, h 449 K 

Champion William H., carpenter, h 606 C north 
Chandlee Henry P., porter, h 520 I north 
Chandler Elizabeth C, wid, h 342 N Y av 
Chandler Henry (col'd), fish, 242 Centre mkt, 

h at Georgetown 
Chandler Jos. B., clerk Treas Dept, bds U S hotel 
Chandler William E., card-writer, h 504 14th 

Chapin Erastus M. (Chapin & Bro.), wood and 

coal, 422 7th west, h 509 I north 
Chapin Heman L. (Chapin & Bro.), wood and 

coal, 422 7th west, h 330 9th west 
Chapin & Bro. (Erastus M. and Heman L.), wood 

and coal, 422 7th west 
Chapman Alfred, clerk Patent Office, h 440 E nth 
Chapman Helen, wid Andrew, h 767 3d east 
Chapman Henry (col'd), carpenter, h 190 M nth 
Chapman James, bricklayer, h 87 Penn av 
Chapman John, bricklayer, h 14th west n P north 
Chappell John, laborer, h 329 20th west 
Charles Albert (col'd), porter, h 229 Vt av 
Charles James, printer, bds 388 7th west 
Charlton Benjamin, clerk, bds 347 C north 
Charlton George H. (col'd), blacksmith, h 202 M 

Chase, clerk Land Office, bds St. Charles hotel 
Chase Arthur (col'd), laborer, h 327 10th west 
Chase Basil (col'd), laborer, h 495 D south 
Chase Benjamin (col'd), cartman, h 331 15th west 
Chase Caroline (col'd), wid Daniel, h 327 10th 

Chase Charles (col'd), laborer, h 321 10th west 
Chase Elizabeth (col'd), wid David, h 509 6th east 
Chase Elizabeth (col'd), dressmaker, h 327 10th 

Chase Henry, bookbinder, h 659 M north 
Chase George N., lawyer, 393 1st west, h do 
Chase Hannah (col'd), wid Henry, h r 418 N nth 
Chase Henry (col'd), laborer, h 331 15th west 
Chase Jacob P., lawyer, 393 1st west, h do 
Chase Jerome P., lawyer, 393 1st west, h do 
Chase John, clerk P O Dept 
Chase Lelia, wid, h Plater's al n K north 
Chase Major, at Capitol, rooms 483 6th west 

Chase Richard, plumber, h 218 4j west 

Chase Sarah (col'd), washerwoman, h r 506 L 

Chase Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 321 10th west 
Chase Thomas, jr. (col'd), laborer, h 321 10th 

Chase William, provisions, 197 I north, h do 
Chase William, stonecutter, h 365 I north 
Chase William (coPd), driver, h 192 3d west 
Chase William (col'd), brickmaker, h 302 C south 
Chase William H., clerk Treas Dept, h Penn av, 

n 14th west 
Chase William H., clerk, 38 Market sp, bds H 

north n 7th west 
Chase William H. (col'd), wheelwright, 3 North- 
ern Market sp, h 412 I north 
Chatten Eliza, wid William, h 361 L south 
Chauncey Bridget, wid John S., h 595 I north 
Chauncey John T., carpenter, h 259 4th west 
Chedal James D., printer, h 404 D north 
Cheek W. F. bds Franklin house 
Chery Clayton, leather-dealer, La av n 9th west, 

h 355 6th west 
Cherry John C, blacksmith, bds 401 11th west 

34 4| west 
Cheseldine Electrus (col'd), laborer, h C north c 

2d east 
Cheseldine George W., copper refiner, h 408 I 

Cheshire R., h 570 13th west 

Chesney James, clerk Pension Office, h 435 D nth 
Chesney Theodore O., clerk at Capitol, h 435 D 

Chew Arthur (col'd), laborer, h 527 3d west 
Chew Christopher C, machinist, h 248 8th west 
Chew Isabella E., boarding-house, 739 N J av 
Chew John (col'd), carman, h r E north n 2d west 
Chew Philip (col'd), cartman, h 337 1st west 
Chew Robert F., carpenter, bds 248 8th west 
Chew Robert S., Consular Bureau, State Dept, 

h 302 H north 
jChew Tabitha, wid Robert, bds 248 8th west 
*Chew William (col'd), hackman, h 329 1st west 
Chickler Christian, laborer, h 157 Del av 
Chidester John M. (col'd), laborer, h 320 F north 
Childress Spotwoocl, contractor, h 461 10th west 
Childs Albert, brickmaker, h 1st east n M south 
Childs Eleanor V., wid Enos R., h 382 5th west 
Childs Edmund L., clerk P 0, h 1 Ind av 
Childs Isaac P., brickmaker, h N south n S Cap 
Childs Stephen D., clerk, h 382 5th west 
Childs Thomas, bookbinder, h N north n 8th west 
Chilton James V., clerk City Hall, bds Penn av 

n 22d 
Chilton John M., clerk, 5 Market sp, bds Penn 

av c 21 st west 
Chilton Robert S., clerk State Dept, h 401 N Y av 
Chilton Samuel (Chilton & Magruder), lawyer, 

432 D north, h 94 Penn av 
Chilton William B., real estate agent, over Bank 

of Washington, bds Penn av n 22d 
CHILTON & MAGRUDER (Samuel Chilton & 

Allan B. Magruder), lawyers, 432 D north c La 

Chin Hannah (col'd), washerwoman, h 211 E south 
Chinchilla Pablo, musician, h 474 I south 
Chipley Samuel N., policeman, h 5S6 7th west 
Chipman George, lawyer, 360 C north, h do 
Chisholm Henry, boiler-maker, h 530 4th east 
Chism George W., carpenter, h 194 23d west 
Chism John, lime, on Canal, n 19th west, h 20th 

n M north 
Chism John, limeburner, h 198 20th west 
Chism William L., painter, h 100 G north 
Choate Lydia E., teacher, h La av n 6th G south 

You will have delicious Coffee always. 




Choppin William, carpenter, 15th west c^Y av, 

h 16th west n M north 
Chrisman William, huckster, h 489 Md av 
Chrismond Oscar B., hairdresser, 608 8th east 
Chrismond William H.. clerk, h 11th east nO south 
Christian Tobias, music teacher, 426 1st east 
Christiani Charles, apothecary, 371 Penn av, h do 
Christie Francis C, physician, 323 9th west, bdsdo 
Christopher John, auxiliary guard, h 6th east c 

G south 
Christopher Michael, blacksmith, bds 11th east c 

K south 
Church Alfred (col'd), laborer, h 212 D south 
Church C. B., carpenter, F south n 11th west, h 

634 11th west 
Church Peter (col'd), grain-measurer, h 27th west 

n I north 
Churchill Svlvester, Inspector Gen'l U S A, h 

332 N Y av 
Churchwell Hon., bds Lafayette house 
Churns James, laborer, h 484 L south 
Cio Mary, wid Barney, h 85 La av 
Cissel David T., bricklayer, bds 504 L north 
Cissel Elizabeth, wid, h 523 11th west 
Cissel George W. (Moore & Cissel), grocer, 387 

7th west, h 438 I north 
Cissel Jackson (col'd), oysterman, h 548 E south 
Cissel S. Solomon, laborer, h 342 6th west 
Cissel William, bricklayer, bds 274 8th west 
Cissell George T., coppersmith, h 13th east n Penn 

Cissell Thomas F., butcher, h 486 Q north 
Clagett Darius (Clagett & Dodson), drygoods, 4 

Market sp, h 386 C north 
Clagett John B. (Clagett & May), drygoods. 324 

Penn av, h 386 C north n 4| west 
Clagett Maurice, salesman, 4 Market sp, h 386 

C north 
Clagett William II. (W. M. Shuster & Co.), dry- 
goods, 38 Market sp, h 530 H north 
CLAGETT & DODSON (Darius Clagett & Jas. B. 

Dodson), house-furnishing drygoods, 4 Market 

CLAGETT & MAY (John B. Clagett & Jos. I. 

May), dry goods, 324 Penn av 
Clampitt William H., carpenter, r 290 G north, 

h 388 H north 
Clancey John, laborer, h 297 4th west 
Clancy James coachtrimmer, bds 279 D north 
Clancy Joanna, wid Patrick, h 229 3d west 
Clancy Patrick, laborer, h 229 3d west 
Claphan John, pyrotechnist, h 474 K south 
CLAPP E. DWIGHT, machinist, 405 F north, h 

Mass av n 7th west 
Clare George G , clerk, 521 7th west, bds H north 

n 7th west 
Clare Thomas, clerk, h 565 9th west 
Clark Alfred M., clerk Patent Office, bds 362 10th 

Clark Andrew J., clerk Treas Dept, h 369 13th 

Clark Ann, wid Edward, h 3 Ind av 
Clark Ann, wid William, h 573 L north 
Clark Anna, wid Robert, dressmaker, h 451 9th 

Clark A. M., clerk Land Office 
Clark Benjamin F., coal and wood, 4 J west c D 

south, h M south n 4| west 
Clark Caleb C, blacksmith, Md av n 14th east 
Clark Charles, carpenter, h 554 3d east 
Clark Chas. M., bds 297 D north 
Clark Charlotte, wid Arthur, h 215 Penn av 
Clark Daniel D., coachbuilder, Penn av, h E nth 

n 12th west 
Clark Delilah, wid Win., h 14th east c Penn av 
Clark Delina (col'd), h 267 F south 

CLARK EDWARD, architect, 442 7th west, h do 

Clark Edward M., clerk, h 109 D south 

Clark Elizabeth W., wid James B., h 364 7th 

Clark Ellen, wid William H., h 297 D north 
CLARK GEORGE B., grain and feed, 534 Penn 

av, h 577 6th west 
Clark Henry E., clerk, 308 Penn av, h 403 Hnth 
Clark Henry H., messenger Capitol, h 366 10th 

Clark Isaac (col'd), carman, h 642 J N north 
Clark James, grocer, 3d west n F south, h do 
Clark James A. (H. Grubb & Co.), tailor, 525] 

7th west, h 326 6th west 
Clark James T., clerk Treas Dept 
Clark John, grocer, 271 F south, h do 
j Clark John, instrument m'kr, Naval Observatory 

Clark John, laborer, h 3d westn H south 
! Clark John, stonecutter, h 7th west n I south 
' Clark John (col'd), waiter, h 370 15th west 
j CLARK JOHN D., justice of peace and notary 

public, 525 12th west, h 403 H north (See adv) 
Clark John F., patent agent, h 413 E north 
Clark John H., clerk Land Office, bds 330 F nth 
Clark John J., gardener, h 3d east n I north 
Clark John T., gasfitter, h 391 4£ west 
Clark John T. C., grocer, K north c 7th west, h 

500 L north 
Clark John W., dentist, 364 7th west, h do 
Clark Joseph R., physician, bds 398 9th west 
Clark J. R,., bds 8th west c Penn av 
Clark Lawrence, hackman, h 391 4J- west 
CLARK LEMUEL F., paper hangings and up- 
holsterer, 24S Penn av, h 418 H north 
Clark Marsh B., h 361 E north 
Clark Milton, printer, h 339 E north 
Clark M. L. Mrs., dressmaker, E north n 12th 

Clark Reuben B., grocer, 337 4^ west, also (Clark 

& Dunn), brick-manufacturer, office same, h 83 

M south 
Clark Richard W., messenger Post Office, h 53 A 

Clark Samuel, boots and shoes, 99 D south, h 

609 12th west 
Clark Samuel, stonemason, h 609 12th west 
Clark Samuel T., carpenter, B north n 7th east 
Clark Susan (col'd), wid John, h B south c 4th 

! Clark S. M., Treas Dept, h 283 I north 
; Clark Thomas, h 221 20th west 
! Clark Thos. A., clerk, 324 D north, bds E north 

n 11th west 
Clark Thomas, stonecutter, h al r 434 L south 
Clark Thomas (col'd), h 405 G north 
l CLARK T. EDWARD, coal, wood and lumber 

yd, Ya av bet 9th and 10th east, h Penn av c 

14th east (See adv) 
I Clark Timothy & Co. (G. W. M. Crook), boots 

and shoes, 16 Market space 
; Clark Yacher (col'd), laborer, h 518 N north 
Clark & Dunn (Reuben B. Clark & James Dunn), 

brick manuft's, 337 4^ west and K south n 2d 

Clarke , clerk Land Office, bds St Charles 

I Clarke Abraham, carpenter, 400 6th west, h do 
j CLARKE DANIEL B., druggist, Penn av c U 

west, h 545 13th west 
Clarke Eliza W., wid George W., h 483 L south 
Clarke George J., laborer, h 518 K south 
Clarke Gustavus A., messenger City Hall, h do 
Clarke Henry A. (J. S Harvey & Co.), wood and 

coal, 475 10th av, and grocer Md av c 13| west, 

h 134 C south 
Clarke Isaac, h 500 H north 

Arthur, Burnhani, & Gilroy, Philadelphia, 



Clarke John, milkman, h 336 Mass av 
CLARKE JOHN G., teller at Rigg's & Co., h 280 

H north 
Clarke John H., clerk Treas Dept, h 50 E Cap 
Clarke John W., clerk Treas Dept 
Clarke Joseph S. bds 474 Penn ay 
Clarke Madison C, bds 273 F north 
Clarke Philip (col'd) (Shorter & Clarke), barber, 

513 9th west, h 405 G north 
Clarke Bichard H. (Clarke & Smith), lawyer, 6th 

west c La av, h 328 H north 
Clarke Bobert, undertaker, 9th east, h 462 K 

Clarke Bobert C, hairdresser, Penn av n 20th 

west and 186 I north, h 306 20th west 
Clarke Bobert D., clerk Patent Office, h 346 9th 

Clarke Thomas, mes'ger at Capitol, h 78 E Cap 
CLABKE & SMITH (Bich'd H. Clarke & A. 

Austin Smith), lawyers, 6th west c La av 
Clarkson James, bricklayer, h 201 5th west 
Clarkson Robert B., bricklayer, bds 227 5th west 
Clarkson Thomas, pressman, h 616 H north 
Clarvoe John A. W., nlasterer, h 132 E south 
CLARVOE JOHN H., 'hotel, 413 Penn av, h do 
Clary James D., draughtsman, 8th west c F nth, 

bds 371 9th west 
Clary William S., justice of the Peace, 8th west, 

h 371 9th west 
Claxton Alfred B., clerk Treas Dept, h 363 13th 

Clay James, laborer, h 300 3d west 
Clay Joanna, grocer, 300 3d west, h do 
Clayton Joseph C, draughtsman, bds 526 Mass 

Clayton Philip, assistant Sec'y Treasury, h 307 I 

CLAYTON THOMAS G-., patent agent, 405 F 

north, 526 Mass av 
Cleary Douglas M., clerk, 352 Penn av, bds 3 

Maine av 
Cleary Jas. K., salesman, 330 Penn av, bds 3 

Maine av 
Cleary Morris, gasfltter, h 302 3d west 
Cleary Patrick, laborer, h 24th west n G north 
Cleary Beuben, collector's clerk, City Hall, h 3 

Maine av 
CLEABY BEUBEN, physician, 188 4j west, h do 
Cleary William, h 3 Maine av 
Clemens William, tailor, h 16th west n M north 
Clements Alexander, painter, h 207 M north 
Clements Aloysius N. H., 490 Md av 
Clements A. H., artist, 278i Penn av 
Clements Benjamin H. (B. H. Clements & Bro.), 

painter, 160 Penn av, h 201 M north 
Clements Benjamin N., chief clerk PO Dept, bds 

323 9th west 
Clements Bennett, clerk Treas Dept 
Clements Charles A., butcher, h 531 6th east 
Clements Edmund C, carpenter, h 335 8th west 
Clements Eliza C, fancy goods, 458 6th west, h do 
Clements Elizabeth, boarding-house, 187 F north 
Clements Ellen, wid William, h 338 5th west 
Clements John T., h 580 I north 
Clements John W., painter, h M south n 4J- west 
Clements Lucius, h 113 4.J- west 
Clements Bachael, h 113 4i- west 
Clements Bichard J. (B. H. Clements & Bro.), 

painter, 160 Penn av, h 205 M north 
Clements Samuel N., clerk, h 78 13 J west 
Clements Stephen C, carpenter, h 371 20th west 
Clements Thomas A., carpenter, h Penn av c 5th 

Clements Washington (col'd), laborer, hr3S9 3d 

Clements William, painter, h 440 G south 

Clements William E., copper worker, bds 633 5th 

Clements B. H. & Bro. (Bichard J. Clements), 

painters, 160 Penn av 
Clementson Caroline, wid William, h 391 9th west 
Clendenin George, supt Glenwood Cemetery Office, 

292 Penn av, h adj the cemetery 
Clephane James, librarian Washington library, 

h 327 G north 
Clephane James 0., reporter, bds 327 G north 
Clephane Lewis, clerk, bds 327 G north 
CLEVEB WM. E., veterinary surgeon, 6th west 

n C north, h 7th west 
Clifford Edward, laborer, h 101 K south 
Clifford Thomas, laborer, h 2d west n C south 
Clinch Nicholas, clerk Treas Dept 
Clitch H. Mrs., fancy goods, 298 Penn av, h do 
Oliver Henry, stonemason, h 255 Va av 
Clokey John E., carpenter, h 308 G north 
Clokey Wm. N., printer, h 280 N Y av 
Clomens Joseph M, paver, h 124 4th west 
Closs L. M., rooms at 495 11th west 
Clubb John L., senate stationer, h 524 I north 
Cluss Adolph, draughtsman Navy Dept, h 130 

2d west 
J Clute Hartman, shoemaker, h 117 E Capitol 
Clute H. D., general agent, 253 Va av, h do 
Clute John W., clerk, bds 253 Va av 
Clymer George, surgeon U S N, h 308 H north 
i Coakley Gabriel (col'd), oysters, 214 H north 
Coakley Bebecca (col'd), wid George, h r 246 C 

Coates John H., feed, 26 west n Penn av, h do 
COBB HOWELL, Sec'y Treas, h I north c 15th 

Cobb Ursula E., wid Charles, dressmaker, h 595 

N north 
Coburn James M., clerk P Dept bds 390 H nth 
Coburn John, h 390 H north 
Coburn John V., grocer, 390 H north, h do 
Coburn 0., clerk, bcls Franklin house 
Coburn Wm. A., clerk 6th Auditor's Office, h 399 

H north 
Cochran Anna M., h 250 F north 
Cochran George, printer, h 286 Va av 
Cochran Geo. W., segars, 398 Penn av and 514 

7th west, h 497 E north 
Cochran James A., clerk, 5 Mkt sp, bds 463 9th 

Cochran Bobert, clerk in House Bepresentatives, 

h 115 B south 
Cochrane John T., clerk Indian Office, h 253 F 

Cockerille Samuel J., dentist, 246 Penn av, h do 
Codman Wm. H., clerk Treas Dept, bds 417 Pa av 
Codrick John H., laborer, h r 548 Penn av 
Codrick William F., cartman, h 86 C south 
Codrick William J., hackman, h E south c 6f west 
Coe James (col'd), h r 425 14th west 
Coffee Patrick, labox-er, h 268 D south 
Coffin Michael, laborer, h 230 L north 
Cogan John, laborer, h 263 L north 
Cogan Thomas, grocer, 373 20th west, h do 
Cogswell Joseph P., printer, h 446 Mass av 
Cogswell William W., bricklayer, h 95 F south 
Cohen Edward, hats and caps, 416 7th west, h do 
Cohen Emil, 510 I north 
Cohen James, salesman, 329 Penn av, h 0th west 

n Mass av 
Cohen James H., shoes, Penn av, h 324 5th west 
Cohen Levi, boots and shoes, 117 Penn av, h II 

north n Penn av 
Cohen Moses, clothing, 70 4^ west, h do 
Cohen Robert, boots and shoos, 329 Penn av, h do 
Cohen Bobert, jr., salesman, 329 Penn av, h 6th 

west n F north 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jars. 



Cohill Elizabeth, wid William, h 633 5th east 

Cohill Henry R., tinner, h 735 3d east 

Cohill John, blacksmith, h 633 5th east 

Coke Eglantine, h 250 F north 

Coke William (col'd), waiter, h 204 H north 

Colbert Christianna (col'd), waiter, h N north c 

17th west 
Colbert Joanna, wid Michael, h 255 3d west 
Colbert John, laborer, h 308 3d west 
Colbert John, laborer, h r D south n 3d west 
Colbert John (col'd), whitewasher, h r 583 3d west 
Colbert Lloyd (col'd), waiter, h 234 D south 
Colbert Mary (col'd), wid George, h S Capitol n 

D south 
Colbert Matthew, laborer, h r D south n 3d west 
Colburn Captain, bds 32 4-|- west 
Colclazer Francis W., messenger Patent Office, h 

442 K north 
Colclazer Frederick L., U S A, h r 578 L north 
Colclazer John, confectioner, h 634 N north 
Colclazer Joseph I., huckster, Northern market 
Coldwell Joseph T., manager N Y & N Tel Co, 

National hotel, h 379 Penn av 
Cole Alfred, brakesman, h 593 Mass av 
Cole Elizabeth A., wid John T., h 560 I north 
Cole Francis R., restaurant, 622 8th east 
Cole Henry, scroll-sawyer, bds 449 1st west 
Cole Isaac, Rev., h 441 12th west 
Cole James, gasfitter, bds 471 11th west 
Cole John (col'd), laborer, h 606 3d west 
Cole John (col'd), huckster, h 225 D south 
Cole Samuel, clerk at Capitol, h 457 9th west 
Cole Sibley (col'd), wid Shadrach, h r 452 10th 

Cole Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 8th west n S nth 
Cole Thomas W., engineer, h 366 19th west 
Cole Violet (col'd), wid John, h 501 1st west 
Cole Washington (col'd), oysterman, h 1st west n 

G south 
Cole William, laborer, h 207 E south 
Colegate James, clerk Treas Dept, h 441 E north 
Coleman Charlotte (col'd), wid John, h Platers 

alley n K north 
Coleman Henry Ccol'd), porter, h E nth n 1st west 
Coleman James, blacksmith, h 562 3d east 
Coleman James, watchman, h 2d east n D north 
Coleman Margaret, h 226 E south 
Coleman Mary, wid William, h 536 I north 
Coleman Michael, waiter, h 2d east n D north 
Coleman Patrick, stage-driver, h 825 4£ west 
Coleman William, boatman, h 147 K south 
Coleman William, mason, h 626 7th east 
Coleman William H., clerk Land Office, h 324 M 

COLINEAU CLEMENT, brewer, K north c 27th 

west, h at Georgetown 
Colison Charles C, paper hanger, 538 7th west, 

bds 552 M north 
Collard George, carpenter, h 718 4th east 
Colleton Thomas, laborer, h 293 13th west 
COLLEY JAMES W. & CO. (Wm. M. Brown), 

dry goods, 523 7th west, bds 411 3d west 
Collier A. J., grainer, 406 7th west, h do 
Collier J., shoemaker, h 406 7th west 
Collier Peyton, laborer, h 569 H north 
Collins Alfred, bricklayer, h 87 M north 
Collins Andrew, stonemason, h 11th east n B 

Collins Charles, laborer, h 157 26th west 
Collins Cornelius, laborer, h Goat alley 
Collins C. R., USA, rooms 267 G north 
Collins Dennis, laborer, h Fudge n 5th west 
Collins Dennis, laborer, h 632 N north 
Collins Dick W., clerk, bds 211 Penn av 
Collins Ellen, widow, bds 211 Penn av 
Collins James, laborer, h 116 23d west 

Collins James H., messenger, h 230 G north 
Collins Joanna, wicl Timothy, h 589 G north 
Collins John, bricklayer, h 10th east n C north 
Collins John, bricklayer, h 331 Md av 
Collins John, brakesman, h 491 D north 
Collins John, cabinetmaker, bds 457 Penn av 
Collins John, carpenter, h P north n 18th west 
Collins John, laborer, h 304 3d west 
Collins John, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Collins John, laborer, h 86 2d west 
Collins Joseph S., clerk, h 265 7th west 
Collins Lorenzo, carpenter, h 14th west n P north 
Collins Louisa, eating house, 491 Centre market, 

h G north n 2d west 
Collins Martha M., milliner, 337 7th west, h do 
Collins Mary, wicl Owen, pantaloon maker, h 305 

8th west 
Collins Michael, machinist, h 527 7th east 
Collins Morris, laborer, h 608 Mass av 
Collins Morris, laborer, h 469 Va av 
Collins Patrick, laborer, h 246 D south 
Collins Patrick, laborer, h 606 Mass av 
Collins Reuben, baggage master, h 309 C north 
Collins Richard, bricklayer, h 381 3d east 
Collins Thomas, laborer, h 341 Va av 
Collins Timothy, mason, h 3d west n D south 
Collins William, blacksmith, h F north n 3d west 
Collins William, carpenter, h 473 M north 
Collins William, laborer, h 341 Va av 
Collins William H. (col'd) , laborer, h 349 20th west 
Collins William T., huckster, Northern market, 

h 337 7th west 
Collins W. B., clerk Treas Department 
Collinsworth Ariverel D., h 418 E south 
Collison Charles, paper-hanger, bds 552 M north 
Collison George, carpenter, h 813 6th west 
Collison Peter J., tinsmith, h 214 4.^ west 
Collom William M. Rev., clerk, Treas Dept, h 

291 G north 
Colmesnil James G., clerk Treas Dept, bds La- 
fayette house 
Colmesnil J. D., paymaster Treas Dept, bds La- 
fayette house 
Colpitis Thomas, marble cutter, h 352 4th west 
Colquhoun William S., bds 772 3d east 
Colt Chester A., clerk, P O, h 383 12th west 
Coltman Charles F. A., watchman, h 506 Md av 
COLTMAN CHARLES L., bricks, Vt av c 13th 

west, and flour mill, Ohio av n 12th west, h 420 

M north 
Colton Edward, bds Franklin house 
Colton George E., barkeeper at National hotel 
COLUMBIA COLLEGE, 14th west n boundary 

COLUMBIA INSTITUTION for the deaf and 

dumb and the blind, Boundary n M north 
Columbus Albert, confectioner, 47 N Liberty 

mkt, h 320 5th west 
Columbus Charles, eating stand, Marsh market, 

h 511 L north 
Columbus Charles J., plasterer, h 328 5th west 
Columbus Frank, plasterer, h 469 I south 
Combs John H., teacher, h 590 H north 
Combs Michael, h 401 10th west 
Combs Robert M., dry goods, 613 8th east, h 611 

8th east 
Comerford Michael, grocer, 466 K south, h do 
Comly John, boiler-maker, h 663 7th east 
Commadore Holdsworth (col'd), laborer, h 533 

3d west 
Compton Emanuel G., grocer, 9th west c C north, 

h 46 La av 
Compton John W., clerk P 0, h Rugby house, 

300 K north 
Compton William H., clerk, 10 Market space, bds 

466 6th west 

Buy an "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, and 



Conant Joseph S., peddler, h 205 3d west 

Conard John, laborer, h 751 N J av 

Conboye James C, decorative painter, 71 La av, 

h G north c 13th west 
Condict Henry F., clerk Patent Office, h 473 6th 

Condor John R., clerk P 0, h 612 H north 
Cone Charles F., chief messenger House Reps, h 

322 8th west 
Cone J. n. Rev., bds 447 Penn av 

464 Penna av 
Conlan Michael, laborer, h 205 4th west 
Conlan Peter, grocer, 315 3d west, h do 
Conley John, carriage-maker, h 229 4£ west 
Conley John, laborer, h 181 5th west 
Conlin Patrick, laborer, h 485 3d west 
Conn George W.; clerk Land Office, h 442 N 

Connell David, laborer, h 290 2d west 
Connell Dennis, grocer, 509 K north, h do 
Connell Dennis, laborer, h 243 3d west 
Connell John, hackman, h 674 L north 
Connell John W., printer, bds 669 M north 
Connell Michael, bricklayer, h 591 G north 
Connell Nancy, h 518 I north 
Connell Patrick, butcher, 41 Northern mkt and 

237 Centre mkt, h 179 5th west 
Connell Patrick, laborer, h 135 Md av 
Connell Robert A., bookbinder, h 669 M north 
Connell Robert S., carpenter, h P north n 15th 

Connell Sarah A., wid William, h 14th west n P 

Connelly Daniel, clerk, h Md av c B north 
Connelly Edward, coachsmith, bds 279 D north 
Connelly Elizabeth, grocer, Md av c B north 
Connelly John, laborer, h 86 2d west 
Connelly Julia, h r 329 1st west 
Connelly Michael, brass-finisher, bds 279 D north 
Connington Michael, gardener, h 538 14th west 
Connelly Patrick, stone-polisher, h 500 3d east 
Conner Charles, tailor, room at 499 7th west 
Conner Daniel, laborer, h 5th east n A south 
Conner Elizabeth, wid Martin, h 22d west n B 

Conner Henry (col'd), whitewasher, h 162 6th 

Conner Hugh, stonemason, h 96 G north 
Conner James, laborer, h 397 G north 
Conner James A., hackdriver, h 370 10th west 
Conner John, gardener, h 273 C south 
Conner John, laborer, h r 328 3d west 
Conner John, laborer, h 248 D south 
Conner John E. ( bricklayer, h 458 K north 
Conner Luke, laborer, h 49 K north 
Conner Michael, grocer, 13th west c D north 
Conner Thomas, laborer, h F south n 4£ west 
Conner Thomas, laborer, h 48 1st west 
Conner Thomas, stoves, 7th west c K north, h do 
Conner William, baker, h 302 8th west 
Conner William, laborer, h 30 F north 
Conner William W., saddler, h 547 4th east 
Connolly Francis, clerk P O Dept 
Connolly Thomas C, clerk Patent Office, h 14 

Northern Market sp 
Connor Bryan, laborer, h 226 N J av 
Connor Cornelius, laborer, h 24th west n G north 
Connor Daniel, laborer, h N J av n G north 
Connor David, laborer, h N north n N J av 
Connor Dennis, grocer, h 283 N Capitol 
Connor Dennis, laborer, h 484 F north 
Connor Ellen, dressmaker, 195 1 north, h do 
Connor James, boiler-maker, h M south n 3d east 
Connor Jeremiah, laborer, h 2d west n G north 
Connor John, grocer, 368 6th west, h do 

Connor John, laborer, h 139 B south 
Connor John, laborer, h N north n 4th west 
Connor Michael, laborer, h 434 L south 
Connor Michael, laborer, h 644 8th east 
Connor Terrence, laborer, h r N J av n G north 
Connor Thomas, grocer, 316 4th west, h do 
Connor Valentine, carpenter, h 461 G south 
Conover Allen, barkeeper, h Powhatan house 
Conoway Elizabeth (col'd), washerwoman, h V 

north c 10th west 
Conoway Joseph S. (col'd), cartman, h 171 24th 

Conoway Robert (col'd), butcher, h 278 2 1st west 
Conrad Chas. E., salesman, bds 12th west n E 

Conrad Michael, laborer, h 267 4th west 
Conroy Dominick, messenger at Capitol, h 195 N 

J av 
Conroy James, carpenter, h 463 3d east 
Conroy John F., laborer, bds 195 N J av 
Constant Joseph, saddler, h 419 12th west 
CONSTITUTION, E north n 12th west 
Contee James, laborer, h 343 15th west 
Contnor Isaac, upholsterer, h 346 G north 
Conway Francis, wid William, h 443 Mass av 
Conway James A., turner, h 270 D north 
Conway John, painter, h B north n 1st west 
Conway William O., clerk Land office, h 443 Mass 

Coogan Edward, machinist, h 595 10th east 
Cook Abraham, printer, h318 3d west 
Cook Charles G., gardener, h north c 7th west 
Cook Frances F., wid John A., h 520 Ya av 
Cook George (col'd), waiter, h 345 L north 
Cook George R., moulder, h 610 7th east 
Cook Geo. W. M. (T. Clark & Co.), boots and 

shoes, 16 Market sp, bds 9th west n E north 
Cook Gustav, shoemaker, h 365 7th west 
Cook Henry, hairdresser, 430 E north, h 418 do 
Cook Henry, laborer, h 24th west n II north 
Cook Hope A., wid Alfred, h 349 L north 
Cook James R., blacksmith, h 610 7th east 
Cook Jane (col'd), wid John, h 254 K north 
Cook John, blacksmith, h 589 10th east 
Cook John (col'd), teacher, h 254 K north 
Cook John C., slave-trader, h 568 7th west 
Cook Joseph M., blacksmith, h 589 10 east 
Cook Josephine E., wid John, h A north n 1st 

Cook Leonard O. (Smith & Cook), lumber, 6th 

west opp Mo av, h 7th west c D south • 
Cook Mary C, variety, 318 3d west, h do 
Cook Matthias, basket-maker, h Q north c 6th 

Cook Matthew, carpenter, h 633 H north 
Cook Patrick, contractor, h 71 24th west 
Cook Patrick, laborer, h 100 24th west 
Cook Samuel, woodyard, 2d westc C north, h536 

C north 
Cook Sarah, wid Richard W., h 461 G south 
Cook Thomas, finisher, h 702 4th east 
Cook Thomas, finisher, bds 418 G south 
Cook Truman, naval storekeeper, h 366 L south 
Cook William, laborer, h 523 7th east 
Cook William (col'd), hackman, h 241 Conn al 
Cook William (col'd), laborer, h 347 L north 
Cook William L., laborer, h 442 K south 
Cooke Benjamin C, clerk Navy Agent's Office, h 

406 9th west 
Cooke George M. clerk, bds 209 Penn av 
Cooke H. A., clerk Treas Dept 
Cooke John II., painter, h 9th west n P north 
Cooke William II., carpenter, h 663 7th west 
Cooke William W., painter, h 1S5 H west 
Cookendorfer Thomas, h 10 Penn av 
Cooksey George R., carpenter, h 550 3d east 

You will have delicious Coffee always. 



Cooksey Joshua I., paver, h N south n 4J west 
Cooksey Thomas E., clerk, bds 482 Penn av 
Cooley Azariah, h 576 M north 
Coolidge R. H., asst surgeon U S A, h 322 H nth 
Coornbe James G., physician, 783 3d east, h do 
Coombes William J., police, h 510 Va av 
Coombs Anne (col'd), wid John, h 25 Jackson 

Hall alley 
Coombs Cecilia (col'd), washerwoman, h 347 6th 

Coombs James W. (Bontz & Coombs), furniture, 

369 7th west, h 195 F north 
Coombs Joseph J. (Weston & Coombs), publisher, 

Ind av c 2d west, h 472 H north 
Coombs Samuel, painter, h 523 11th west 
Coomes Charles, painter, h 422 L north 
Coomes Joseph (Coomes & Bro.), provisions, 131 

Penn av, h at Geoi-getown 
Coomes J., laborer, Land Office 
Coomes Samuel, messenger Land Office, h 416 

12th west 
Coomes Sylvester (Coomes & Bro.), provisions, 

131 Penn av, h at Georgetown 
Coomes & Bro. (Joseph & Sylvester), provisions, 

131 Penn av 
Coon John, paper-hanger, bds 445 9th west 
Cooney Bridget, wid Michael, h 72 Washington 
Cooney Michael, laborer, h 79 4£ west 
Cooney Patrick H., clerk Treas Dept, h 403 5th 

Coop George, butcher, h L north n N Capitol 
Cooper Charles (col'd), laborer, h 1st west n F 

Cooper Henry D., bricklayer, h 1st west c Pierce 
Cooper John M., clerk Attv General's Office, h 

567 H north 
Cooper Lewis (col'd), whitewasher, h 392 15th 

Cooper Lloyd N., carpenter, 467 12th west, h do 
Cooper R. H. Douglass, clerk, 7th east c L south, 

bds do 
Cooper Samuel, adjutant general 
Cooper Thomas, coachman, Prest's mansion 
Cooper Thomas (col'd), waiter, h 593 3d west 
Cooper William, salesman, h D south n 13th west 
COOPER WILLIAM, police magistrate, 209 D 

south, h 121 D south 
Cooper William (col'd), laborer, h 4th east n A 

Cooper William B.. salesman, 267 Penn av, h C 

south n 13th west 
Cooper W. W., clerk Coast Survey, bds 452 Penn 

Copeland David (col'd), laborer, h 66 G south 
Copeland Hugh, stonecutter, h 118 E Capitol 
Copeland Richard, Penn av bet 13th and 14th 

west, h 494 10th west 
Copeland Richard C, 410 Penn av, h 367 do 
Corbett James, laborer, h H north n 7th east 

Corbett N. P., agent and broker, over Bank of Cox George G. 

I Corning Henry C, carpenter, h 577 6th west 
Cornwall James, blacksmith, h 6th west near H 

! Cornwall Joseph W., coachmaker, h 302 Va av 
Cornwell Charles, tavern, h 628 ] 1th west 
Corridon Bryan, stonecutter, h N north bet 4th 

and 5th west 
Corrigan Patrick, paper carrier, h al r 644 N nth 
Corrigan Terry, h 88 G north 
Cortney William, h Plater's alley n K north 
Corwin A. R. C, h 646 I north 
Cosby F., clerk Treas Dept 

Coser Susan (col'd), wid William, h 493 N north 
Cosgrove James, laborer, h 80 2d west , 
Cosgrove John, gardener, h 591 9th east 
Cosley Howard (col'd), porter, h 382 15th west 
| Costell Robert, laborer, h r 562 G north 
I Costell William (col'd). laborer, h 69 A south 
j Costello Jeremiah, laborer, bds 464 F north 
I Costello Timothy, laborer, h 298 3d west 
j Coster Stephen, commissioner, h 12th east n G 

] Costigan John, grocer, 9th east cor M south, h do 
Costin Charlotte T. (col'd), dressmaker, 17 A 

south, h do 
Costin William, cutler, 485 8th west, h C south n 

2d west 
Costin William (col'd), whitesmith, h 325 C south 
Cotten Daniel, laborer, bds 86 2d west 
Cotter James, variety, 277 N Capitol 
Cottrell George F., carpenter, h 213 F south 
Cottrell John N., wines, h 480 L north 
Cottrell Robert, scavenger, h 14th west n S north 
Coughlin Dennis, grocer, 413 6th west 
Coulson Theresa (col'd), nurse, h 117 F north 
Goumbs John T., carpenter, h 28 13^ west 
Countee John (col'd), laborer, h 1st west n Va av 
Countee Jonathan (col'd), laborer, h 344 I north 
Courk Patrick, laborer, h 50 1st west 
Courtenay Frederick R., engraver, h 351 Md av 
Cover John (col'd), gardener, h N north n 24th 

Cowan James, soap-manufacturer, 19th west n L 

north, h 196 L north 
Cowan William J., clerk Treas Dept 
Cowes Samuel L., clerk Patent Office, h 397 12th 

Cowing William, clerk City Hall, h 373 Penn av 
Cowling Atwell (Cowling & Bro.), livery stable, 

304 G north, h 302 do 
Cowling Edward, h 299 G north 
Cowling Thomas (Cowling & Bro.), liverv stable, 

304 G north, h 302 do 
Cowling William W., carpenter, bds 442 K north 
Cowling & Bro. (Atwell and Thomas Cowling), 

livery stables, 304 G north 
Cox Caroline, wid Cornelius, h 357 Mass av 
Cox Charles A., bricklayer, h 4th east c C south 
Cox Clement, laborer, h 303^ 4th west 

Corbett William, laborer, h 537 8th east 
Corbitt Abraham, umbrella-maker, 441 Penn av 
Corbitt Daniel, laborer, h r 432 1st west 
Corbley Christopher, carman, h 484 11th west 
Corcoran James, upholsterer, h ]81 23d west 
Corcoran John, blacksmith, 62 Penn av, h 64 do 
Corcoran Patrick, machinist, h 116 A south 
Corcoran Patrick, stonecutter, h 226 D south 
Corcoran Timothy, laborer, h 430 20th west 
Corcoran William W., late banker, h 310 H north 
Coridon James, laborer, h Goat alley n 6th west 
Corman James, laborer, h 341 Mass av 
Cornelius James, finisher, h 497 E south 
Corning Albert W. (H. W. Hamilton & Co.), 

sashes and blinds, 562 7th west, h 513 Md av 

clerk Treas Dept, h 387 C north 
carpenter, h 38 Ohio av 
salesman, 360 Penn av, bds 445 

Cox George F., 

Cox George W. 
9th west 

Cox G. Thomas, bds 453 I north 

Cox Harriet (colored), washerwoman, h 579 Penn 

Cox Joseph B., messenger P Dept, bds 453 I nth 

Cox Kennard, shoemaker, bds 571 H north 

Cox Mary A., wid William, h 387 C north 

Cox R. S., clerk War Dept 

Cox Sophia, tailoress, h 89 G south 

Cox Thos. C., clerk State Dept, h at Georgetown 

COX WALTER S., lawyer, 40 La av, h at George- 

Cox Washington F., carpenter, h 625 N J av 

Cox William, printer, bds 416 D north 

Arthur, Burnhani, & Gilroy, Philadelphi 



Cox William E. (Cox &McKenny), cigars, 438 7th. 

west, h 418 7th west 
Cox William W., clerk P Dept, h 453 I north 
Cox W. W., messenger Treas Dept 
Cox & McKenney (William E. Cox and John D. 

McKenney), cigars, 438 7th west 
COXE RICHARD S., lawyer, 430 D north, h do 
Coxen William, gardener, h 571 north 
Coxton Sarah (col'd), wid John, h r 389 3d west 
Coyle Andrew (Fitzhugh Coyle & Bro.), lumber, 

B north n 13£ west, h 395 C north 
Corle Andrew, Mrs., h 442 D north 
Coyle Andrew B., clerk, 351 Penn av, bds 505 E 

COYLE FITZHUGH & BRO. (Andrew Coyle), 

lumber, B north n 131 west, h 395 C north 
Coyle John, laborer, h 369 Va av 
Coyle John, laborer, h 300 N Y av 
Coyle John, laborer, h 24th west n G north 
Coyle John F., clerk Intelligencer office, h 32 

Mo av 
Coyle Leonidas, h 449 E north 
Coyle Peter, laborer, h 579 9th west 
Coyle Randolph, water registrar, City Hall, h 505 

E north 
Coyne William, clerk Treas Dept 
Cozine Mary A., h 437 Mass av 
Craft Conrad, cigar-maker, bds 411 Penn av 
Craig Andrew, stonecutter, h C north n 4th east 
Craig Benjamin F., physician, 233 I north, h do 
Craig Burton, member, bds 358 D north 
Craig Charles A., carpenter, h 469 M north 
Craig Henry K., chief Ordnance Bureau, h 233 I 

Craig John N., lawyer, 524 7th west, h 233 I nth 
Craig Oliver, laborer, h 1st east n I south 
Craig William (col'd), carman, h K nth n 3d west 
Craighill Joseph A., clerk Treas Dept 
Cramer Charles, laborer, h 302 4th west 
Cramer James L., clerk, h 508 15th west 
Cramlett, carpenter, bds 471 11th west 
Crammer Andrew, butcher, h 1| west n R south 
Cramp Michael, fisherman, h 57 D south 
Crampsey Eliza, corset-maker, 317 F north, h do 
Crampsey John T., wheelwright, h 705 7th west 
Crampsey William D., hatter, h 317 F north 
Crampton Edwin J., machinist, h 348 Va av 
Crampton James (col'd), butcher, h al 3d w near 

B north 
Crampton Sarah, wid James, h 495 12th west 
Crampton Susan Mrs. (col'd). h 445 13th west 
Crampton Wm. B., slater, h 495 12th west 
Cramshier Mary, dressmaker, 241 I north, h do 
Cranch John, portrait painter, 514 Penn av, h 

441 D south- 
Cranch William G., clerk Patent Office, h 441 D 

Crandall German, fancy store Georgetown, bds 

392 8th west 
Crandall Washington I., clerk P Dept, bds 412 

14th west 
Crane Eliza, wid William, h 187 II north 
Crane James, page at Capitol, h 616 8th east 
Crane Matthew, clerk, 407 Penn av, bds B north 

n 2d west 
Crane Michael, grocer, 589 Va av, h do 
Cranford William, laborer, h 3d east n S C av 
Cranston Robert W., carver, h 536 14th west 
Crathey Bridget, wid Patrick, h A north n 4th 

Cratty Michael, laborer, h D north n 12th east 
Craven Rodey, laborer, h 446 3d east 
Craven Henry, painter, h 635 5th east 
Crawford Adam, blacksmith, h 538 8th east 
Crawford Archibald, carpenter, h B north n 6th 


Crawford Charles A., grocer, 183 8th west, h do 
Crawford Charles II., huckster, 66 Northern mkt, 

h 9th west n north 
Crawford Charlotte, wid Robert J., dressmaker, 

h 302 F north 
Crawford David, clerk Indian Office, bds 461 9th 

Crawford James, gasfitter, h 234 D north 
Crawford John M., clerk Treas Dept, h 238 I nth 
Crawford John W., clerk Treas Dept, bds 425 

Penn av 
Crawford J. A., clerk Treas Dept 
! Crawford Mehala (col'd), wid John, h 408 11th 

Crawford Osborn, messenger State Dept, h 274 

8th west 
Crawford Samuel T., bookbinder, bds 535 12th 

CRAWFORD T. HARTLEY, judge of Criminal 

Court, h 411 F north 
Crawford William, machinist, h 388 K south 
Crawford William S., clerk Land Office, h 238 I 

Crawford Wm. S., jr., lawyer, 428J D north, h 

457 9th west 
Creamer Anthony, moulder, h 579 10th east 
Creamer Charles H., carpenter, h 580 II north 
Creamer John, laborer, h 448 L south 
Creaser Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, 373 F north 
Credlin Henry, laborer, h Md av n 13th west . 
Creecy C. E., messenger Treas Dept 
Creecy Henrietta B., wid James R., h 468 10th 

Creed Ellen, wid Timothy, h 56 Penn av 
Creighton John, boarding-house, 549 10th west 
Crews John F., boots and shoes, 424 7th west 
Criddle Abel, restaurant, Market-house basement 
Crider Michael, printer, h 447 9th west 
Crider Wm., gardener, h 115 6th west 
Cridler Augustus M., druggist, 454 Mass av, bds 

12th west n M north 
Crier Benjamin (col'd), cartman, h 202 K north 
Cripps Charles A., h 492 11th west 
CRIPPS WM. McL., furniture, 499 11th west, h 

492 do 
Cripps Wm. M., h 492 11th west 
Crisholm Catharine, h 520 Md av 
Cristman Matilda, h Penn av n 13th east 
Crittenden Josiah D., stonecutter, h 333 20th west 
Crittenden Lorenzo (col'd), steward, h 263 G nth 
Crockwell John N., guard at Capitol, h 549 13th 

Crofft Catharine, wid John H., h 521 8th east 
Croggan John T. S., grocer, 7th west c E south 
Croggon Charity, wid William N., h 398 Mass av 
Croggon Charles S., shoemaker, h 1 Northern 

Market space 
Croggon Henry B., messenger Treas Dept, h 377 

12th west 
Croggon John, huckster, 43 Centre mkt, h 8th 

west cor S south 
Croggon John, grocer, 90 G south, h do 
Croggon Richard C, h 90 G south 
Croggon Thomas, hackman, h 2S3 4th west 
Croggon Wm. N., huckster, h 90 G south 
Crome Henrietta, wid John, h 247 K north 
Crommie Jared (col'd), boatman, h 3d west n C 

Cromwell Elizabeth, wid Nimrod, h 392 Mass 

Cromwell Harriet, wid John, h 655 4th east 
Cromwell Thomas, clerk Land Office, h 392 Mass 

Cromwell Zachariah W., clerk, 375 Penn av. bda 

57 Mo av 
Cronan James, laborer, h Penn av n 5th oast 

Old DoxMinion" Tea Tot. See Advertisement. 



Cronan Matthew, teacher, h r 359 D north 
Cronan Patrick, laborer, h F south n 4£ west 
Cronan Wm., laborer, h 540 K north 
Cronin Barry, laborer, h 550 Mass av 
Cronin John, blacksmith, h 291 4th west 
Cronin Margaret, wid John, h405 6th west 
Cronin Patrick, laborer, h r 562 G north 
Cronin Sarah, wid Philip, h S Cap n B south 
Crook George, boots & shoes, 398 Penn av, bds 

463 9th west 
Crook G-eorge, late brushmaker, h 110 4^ west 
Crook Mary, grocer, 7th west c G south, h do 
Crooks Sophia, wid Alexander, h 466 F north 
Cropley Edward S., printer, bds 420 D north 
Cropps Thomas, laborer, h P north n 15th west 
Crosdale Edmund, clerk, bds 40 Mo av 
Crosen Ira, machinist, h 679 7th west 
Cross Alexander EL, h I north, n 15th west 
Cross Andrew, shoemaker, h 392 K south 
Cross Anna E., h 366 C south 
Cross Ann E. P., school-M, South n 3d east, h 

Cross Ebenezer P., clerk, 497 6th west, bds 356 

15th west 
Cross Eli (col'd), laborer, 399 K north 
Cross Eliza, wid Francis, h 398 I south 
Cross Gabriel, laborer, h 404 I south 
Cross George, sawyer, h 398 I south 
Cross Israel, carpenter, h 600 K south 
Cross James C, boots & shoes, 632 8th east, h 

Cross James T., laborer, h M south near 3d 

Cross Jeremiah, sexton, "Washington Cem, h at 

Cross Joseph, h 414 Va av 
Cross Julia, wid Alexander, h 391 G south 
Cross Lloyd, varieties, 356 15th west, h do 
Cross Robert H., gunner, h 483 I south 
Cross Samuel, laborer, h 398 I south 
Cross Samuel, machinist, h 462 M south 
Cross Thomas (col'd), driver, h 364 15th west 
Cross Thomas B., blacksmith, h 600 K south 
Cross Wm. (col'd), huckster, h 225 D south 
Cross Wm. B. B., lawyer, 428 k D north, h I 

north n 14th west 
Crossen Henry J., clerk Treas Dept, h 356 11th 

Crosset Virginia A., wid "William, h 19th west n 

M north 
Crossfield Addison, clerk, bds, 344 9th west 
Crossfield Eliza M., wid "William E., h 344 9th 

Crossfield George B. (Harris & Crossfield), paint- 
er, 343 E north, h 354 do 
Crossfield James, printer, h 426 I north 
Crossfield Wm., clerk, 476 7th west, h 344 9th 

Crouse Lewis, machinist, h 488 14th west 
Crow John, laborer, h 654 G north 
Crow Joseph, printer, h 11th west n north 
Crowg George, baker, 3d east n I north, h do 
Crowley Mrs., h 518 I north 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, h 599 Mass av 
Crowley James, laborer, h 2d west n C south 
Crowley James, laborer, h 254 F south 
Crowley Jeremiah, stonemason, h 18th west c D 

Crowley Jeremiah D., stonemason, h 197 G 

Crowley John, bds, 518 I north 
Crowley John, carman, h 265 2d west 
Crowley John, laborer, h 358 Va av 
Crowley John P., contractor, bds 542 I north 
Crowley Michael, laborer, h 250 D south 
Crowley Patrick, contractor, h 542 I north 

Crowley Samuel T., carpenter, bds 542 I north 
Crowley Wm. F., huckster, 526 Centre mkt, h at 

Crown Charles B. L. & Co. (J. F. Diffendeffer), 

auction & commission, 357 Penn av, h 561 10th 

Crown Frederick, coachsmith, h 119 F north 
Crown George plasterer, h L north n N J av 
Crown James F., coachpainter, h 119 F north 
Crown Jeremiah, grocer, 336 10th west, h do 
Crown Joseph, carpenter, bds 218 N Y av 
Crown Joseph, coachmaker, bds 119 F north 
Crown Priscilla A., wid Joseph, h 19th west n M 

Crown Samuel T., carpenter, bds 526 K north 
Crown Thomas, auctioneer, Penn av c 6th west, 

h 587 Md av 
Crown Wm. (col'd), butcher, h 671 5th east 
Crowner Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h N north 

n 15th west 
Crowsey Julius, musician, h r 519 9th east 
Crozet Claudius Col., bds 431 14th west 
Cruger Lewis, clerk Treas Dept 
Cruger Lewis, lawyer, 184 I north, h do 
Cruit Ann, wid John L., h 458 11th west 
Cruit Henry, plumber, Treas Dept, bds 458 11th 

Cruit John, watchmaker, 426 7th west, h do 
| Cruit Robert, h 220 F north 
Crumbough John, butcher, 48 Centre mkt, h Gtn 
! Crump Carlisle F., carpenter, h 1st east n N south 
Crump Daniel F., carpenter, h 215 23d west 
, Crump George W., laborer, h Union al n M south 
Crump John, h, 1st east n N south 
Crusor Edward (col'd), feed, Georgetown, h 201 

G north 
Crutchet John P., h 477 6th west 
Crutchett James, cane manufacturer, D north c 

N Capitol, h 474 C north 
Cruttenden Harvey, h 5 Northern Market space 
Cryer Susan, h 291 C south 
Cuddy John, machinist, h al bet 1st and 2d east 

n B north 
Cudlipp Frederick, boarding-h, 427 Penn av 
Cudlipp George, painter, bds 495 7th west 
Cudlipp George D., dr'ghtsman, bds 427 Penn av 
Cudlipp Wm. B., ambrotypist, 426 Penn av, bds 

7th west n D north 
Culbert Margaret Mrs., h 257 N Y av 
Cull Edwin J., prof Columbia College, h do 
Cull James, magistrate, K south n 8th east, h 619 

8th east 
Cullan Thomas, laborer, h 294 2d west 
Cullman Michael, grocer, 3d west c D south, hdo 
Cullinane John, laborer, h 218 E south 
Culliton Patrick, stonecutter, h 465 13th west 
Culnan George, tailor, h 210 NYav 
Culpepper James, med student, bds 439 9th west 
CULVER CHARLES P., druggist, 268 Penn av, 

h 439 11th west 
Culver Frederick B., physician, h 355 11th west 
Culver William C, bds 439 11th west 
Culverwell Mary A., wid Bichard, h 513 L north 
Culverwell Samuel E., printer, bds 513 L north 
Cumberland Charles, laborer, h 76 13| west 
Cumberland George T., ship carpenter, h 659 

Md av 
Cumberland John, watchman, h 401 L south 
Cumberland William, ship carpenter, h 76 13£ 

Cummin Mary A., wid Ebenezer H., h 327 20th 

Cumming E. H., clerk Treas Dept 
Cummings William, gardener, 14th west c R nth, 

h 7th n toll gate 
Cummins J. W., clerk Treas Dept 

See Advertisement of "Old Dominion" Coffee and Tea Pot. 



Cunningham Augustus F., clerk Treas Dept, h 

359 Mass av 
CUNNINGHAM CHARLES W., plumber, 506 

11th west, h 416 K north 
Cunningham Francis R., bookbinder, h 326 8th 

Cunningham Frank P., gardener, h C north c 

10th east 
Cunningham George, machinist, h 466 L south 
Cunningham James, laborer, h 245 1st east 
Cunningham John, marble polisher, bds 569 L 

Cunningham John, printer, h 380 5th west 
Cunningham John S., purser U S N, h 406 I nth 
Cunningham Joseph, laborer, h 438 K south 
Cunningham Matthew, laborer, h 62 26th west 
Cunningham Patrick, laborer, h 83 2d west 
Cunningham Robert, provisions, 12 North'n mkt 

and 215 Centre mkt, h Georgetown 
Cunyan Timothy, laborer, h 318 4th west 
Curbey John H., engineer, h 3d east n H north 
Curby John, laborer, h r D south n 3d west 
Curdy Timothy M., blacksmith, h 219 I north 
Curran Barney, laborer, h 261 20th west 
Curran Barney B., carpenter, h S C av c 6th 

Curran John, laborer, h 107 H north 
Curran Julia, wid h S C av c 6th east 
Curran Nicholas, laborer, h 214 23d west 
Curran Patrick, laborer, h 97 K north 
Curran Stephen M., plasterer, h r 294 8th west 
Currey Ellen, groceries, 271 D south, h do 
Currie James C, clerk, h 530 13th west 
Curry Fannie, wid William, h 78 G north 
Curry Mary (col'd), wid h417 I north 
Curry P. S., upholsterer, h 470 F north 
Curtan Patrick, tailor, h 260 D north 
Curtin Cornelius, laborer, h 475 1st west 
Curtin Daniel, laborer, h r 319 Va av 
Curtin Elizabeth, wid George, h 615 Va av 
Curtin Richard, laborer, h 615 Va av 
Curtin Thomas, grocer, 596 Penn av, h do 
Curtin William, laborer, h 494 K south 
Curtis Charles (col'd), h 493 13th west 
Curtis Charles T., mason, h 366 8th west 
Curtis Henry B., planing mill, 10 Mo av, h 346 

8th west 
Curtis James (col'd), whitewasher, h 488 12th 

Curtis James T. (col'd), whitewasher, h 245 20th 

Curtis John, laborer, h 10th west n D south 
Curtis Mary, wid Thornton, h 346 8th west 
Curtis Nicholas, roofer, h 20 Organ al 
Curtis Peter, laborer, h 467 Va av 
Curtis Samuel R., mem from Iowa, bds 8th west 

c Penn av 
Curton James, grocer, 621 9tb west, h do 
Curton James, laborer, h 751 7th west 
Curton William, h 751 7th west 
Cusack John, laborer, h 297 4th west 
Cushing Charles D., printer, h 478 9th west 
Cushing Robert, laborer, h r 562 G north 
Cusick Patrick, laborer, h 539 14th west 
Custis Lemuel W., grocer, 608 6th west, h do 
Custis Win. H., blacksmith, h 398 D south 
Cutts J. Madison, second comptroller Treas Dept, 

h I north c N J av 
Cutts Richard D., U S Coast Survey, h 292 I 

Cutts Samuel II., clerk Treas Dept, bds 293 G 

Cuvillier Samuel, plumber, h 474 E south 

Dabney Thomas S., salesman, 312 Penn av, bds 

445 I north 
Dacy James, laborer, h 38 Organ al 
Dacy John, laborer, h 36 Organ al 
Dacy Mary, wid Dennis, h 38 Organ al 
Dacy Patrick, laborer, h 38 Organ al 
Dade John (col'd), porter, h 222 B south 
Dade Mary (col'd), wid James, K north n 20th 

Dahler Gustav, cigars, 482 9th west, bds do 
DAHLGREN JOHN A., Commander IT S N, h 

4 west side 4y 
Dailey Oliver A., dentist, 352 Penn av, h 527 II 

Daily Mary E., wid John, h 464 3d east 
Daily Peter, grocer, 245 21st west, h do 
Dale George M., physician, L north, h 202 N Y 

Dale John, tailor, h 422 E north 
Daley Mary, h r 562 G north 
Daley Mary, h 113 4£ west 
Daley Michael, laborer, h 230 L north 
Daley Michael, laborer, h 86 2d west 
Daley Patrick, hackman, h F south c 2d west 
Daley Patrick, marble polisher, h 167 F north 
Daley Samuel, coach-driver, h 659 7th west 
Daley William H., teamster, h 438 20th west 
Dallas Stephen J., clerk Patent Office, h 355 12th 

Dalton David L., clerk Indian Office, bds 461 9th 

Dalton James M., machinist, h 642 8th east 
Dalton Thomas, tailor, h Ridge n 4th west 
Dalton William, hack-owner, h 431 F north 
Daly Dominick, laborer, h 321 E north 
Daly Eugene, laborer, h Goat al n 6th west 
Daly Eugene, stonecutter, h 392 10th west 
Daly James, grocer, 388 L north, h do 
Daly John, laborer, h 38 Organ al 
Daly John E., dentist, h 275 B north 
Daly Lawrence, laborer, h Del av n I north 
Daly Michael, laborer, h 392 13th west 
Daly Michael, laborer, h r 712 G north 
Daly Patrick, laborer, h r 329 1st west 
Daly Patrick, mason, h 291 13th west 
Daly Sarah, wid Timothy, h 442 L north 
Daly Timothy D., butter, 29 Centre and 6 North- 
ern markets, h at Georgetown 
Daly Uriah (col'd), laborer, h 239 Conn al 
Dame John W., clerk, 36 Market sp, bds E north 

n 8th west 
Danaher Patrick, laborer, h 243 E south 
Daniel James, painter, h K south n 4't west 
Daniel John W., clerk Treas Dept, bds 4S5 E 

Daniel Peter V., Judge Supreme Court, h 25 Ind 

Daniel Thomas C, clerk Treas Dept, h 4S5 E 

Daniels Joseph H , music-teacher, 37S 5th west 
Dankworth Cordelia, h 612 Md av 
Dannenberg Moses (M. &W. Dannenberg), boots 

and shoes, 389 7th west, h do 
Dannenberg William (M. & W. Dannenberg), 

boots and shoes, 3S9 7th west, h do 
Dannenberg M. & W. (Moses and William), boots 

and shoes, 389 7th west 
Danner John L. C, clerk Land Office, h 59S N 

Dant Charles H., driver, h 246 7th west 
Dant Francis X., watchman State Dept, h 24S 4th 

Dant George W., clerk, h 559 Md av 
Dant Henry, hackman, h 510 Md av 
Dant Joseph M., bricklayer, h 452 D north 
Dant Susan, wid William, h 452 D north 

The Old "Dominion" Coffee Pot saves one-third. 


Dant Thomas E., farmer, h 244 7th west 

Dant William, hackman, h 519 Md av 

Dante Rachel (col'd), wid Jeremiah, h 395 I north 

Dante William E., bricklayer, h 229 D north 

Darby John, watchman, h 371 5th west 

Darden Francis W., dentist, bds 332 9th west 

Darden Joseph, printer, bds 421 H north 

Darden R. J., laborer, Land Office 

Darden William J., clerk P Dept, h 332 9th 

Dardrick Jacob, baker, h 243 K north 
Darling N., Capt, bds Washington house 
Darnail Mary, wid Francis H., h 367 18th west 
Darnall Thomas L. (Louis F. Perry & Co.), car- 
pets, Penn av c 9th west, h Md av c 11th west 
Darnell Maria (col'd), teacher, h r 509 6th east 
Darnell T. L., clerk War Dept 
Darrell John H., asst dentist, 352 Penn av, bds 

527 H north 
Darrell Julia A., wid John, h 527 H north 
Darrell William S., clerk P Dept, h 496 L north 
Dashiell Eliza, wid George, h 227 D north 
Datcher Francis (col'd), messenger War Dept, h 

260 G north 
DATCHER FRANCIS, jr. (col'd), carpenter, 260 

G north, bds do 
Datcher Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 528 1st west 
Datley George, laborer, h 36 F west 
Davenport Henry K., Lt U S Navy, h 236 G north 
Davey William, h 222 D north 
David Abraham C, clothing, 263 7th west, h do 
Davidge Francis H., h 24 La av 
Davidge Walter D. (Davidge & Ingle), attorney, 

24 La av 
DAVIDGE & INGLE (W. D. Davidge & Christo- 
pher Ingle), attorneys, 24 La av 
Davidson Daniel D., grocer, 93 F south, h 570 8th 

Davidson Delozier, capt U S A, h 404 8th west 
Davidson John B., carpenter, h 233 4i west 
Davidson Joseph H., blacksmith, h 578 7th east 
Davidson Joseph P., clerk Treas Dept, h 406 H 

Davis Abel G., h 512 11th east 
Davis Addison, moulder, h 479 M south 
Davis Agnes (col'd), h r 319 Va av 
Davis Alexander, laborer, h 539 E south 
Davis Alexander D., teller, 292 Penn av, bds 358 

G north 
Davis Alexandria (col'd, carman, h r 209 D south 
Davis Ann E., wid Edward, fancy goods, 379 9th 

west, h do 
Davis Augustus, bricklayer, h I north n 7th west 
Davis A. McDonald, physician, 443 E north, hdo 
Davis Catharine, wid William, h 565 6th east 
Davis Charles, clerk, h 165 H north 
Davis Charles, paper hanger, h 201 Penn av 
Davis Charles, pressman, h 396 9th west 
Davis Charles (col'd), waiter, h 338 Mass av 
Davis Charles W., h 546 I south 
Davis Charles W., painter, h 400 N north 
Davis Cletus A., housepainter, h 70 Washington 
Davis David, auxiliary guard, h 75S 6th west 
Davis David C, watchman Patent Office, h 321 

8th west 
Davis Edward, shoemaker, 10th west n G north, 

h 288 N Y av 
Davis Edward W., printer, bds 438 6th west 
Davis Eldred G., bookkeeper, 336 Penn av, bds 

394 E north 
Davis Eli, watchman Post Office, h 409 11th west 
Davis Elias, cartman, h 663 M north 
Davis Eliza J., boarding, h 357 E north 
Davis Francis, hackman, h 225 N J av 
Davis Francis (col'd), plasterer, h 193 23d west 
Davis George C, auctioneer, h 652 L north 

Davis George E., cooper, h 565 6th east 

Davis Geo. M.. teller Bank of Metropolis, h 356 

G north 
Davis Gilbert R., seaman, h 70 Washington 
Davis Harriet (col'd), washerwoman, h 217 F south 
Davis Henry, laborer, h 178 7th west 
Davis Henry (col'd), laborer, h 306 2d west 
Davis Henry S., carpenter, Penn av, h 459 9th 

Davis Henry W., congressman, h 323 H north 
Davis Hillary (col'd), porter, h 347 10th west 
Davis James, cartman, h 657 M north 
Davis James, shoemaker, 419 12th west, h 438 

6th west 
Davis James (col'd), cook, h 183 25th west 
Davis James (col'd), porter, h 233 N J av 
Davis James B., brass founder, h 271 L south 
Davis James H., painter, bds 288 N Y av 
Davis James N., clerk P Dept, h 480 I north 
Davis James W., upholsterer, h S north c 5th west 
DAVIS JAMES Y., hatter, 356 Penn av, h 412 

6th west 
DAVIS JEFFERSON, U S Senator, h 249 I 

Davis Jesse L., clerk P Dept, h 488 Mass av 
Davis John, agent, h 527 K north 
Davis John, carpenter, h 428 G north 
DAVIS JOHN, livery stable, 471 8th west, h 527 

K north 
Davis John, painter, h 507 Md av 
Davis John (col'd), whitewasher, h 14 K north 
Davis John A., 514 Centre market, h at George- 
Davis John A., carpenter, h 469 K north 
Davis John D., laborer, h 679 3d east 
Davis John H., paver, h N south n 4| west 
Davis John S., pyrotechnist, h 655 7th east 
Davis John T, clerk, bds 507 Md av 
Davis John T., laborer, h'3d east c N south 
Davis Joseph, carpenter, h 288 Va av 
DAVIS JOSEPH W., grocer, 469 9th west c E 

north, h 10th west n E north 
Davis Joseph W., stonecutter, h 440 G south 
Davis Julia (col'd), wid Andrew, h 193 23d west 
Davis J. L., clerk Treas Dept 
Davis Levi, clerk War Dept 
Davis Lewis J. (Lewis Johnson & Co.), banker, 

292 Penn av, h 510 M north 
Davis Lucy B., teacher, h 85 E Capitol 
Davis Madison, printer, h 479 M south 
Davis Margaret (col'd), washerwoman, h K south 

n 3d east 
Davis Mary (col'd), wid, h 353 M north 
Davis Mary A., wid D. W., h 373 Penn av 
Davis Rebecca J. (col'd), washerwoman, h N J 

av n C .north 
Davis Riciiard, h 443 10th west 
Davis Richard (col'd), hackman, h 3d west n L 

Davis R. S., clerk Land Office 
Davis Samuel, clerk, h D north n 6th west 
Davis Samuel, exchange office, 450 Penn av, h 

274 4th west 
Davis Samuel L., butter, 45 Centre and 3 North- 
ern mkt, h at Georgetown 
Davis Sarah, wid John, h 546 I south 
Davis Sarah A. (col'd), washerwoman, h 503 D 

Davis Sophia, wid James, h 279 7th west 
Davis Thomas I., watchman, h 470 K south 
Davis Thomas K., bds 197 6th west 
Davis William, h 539 E south 
Davis William, carpenter, h 465 G south 
Davis William, clerk Treas Dept, h 92 Penn av 
Davis William, machinist, h 529 I south 
Davis William, moulder, h 533 I south 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, lit and 119 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia, 


Davis Wm. (col'd), waiter, h 218 2d west 
Davis William M., painter, h 161 F south 
Davison Henry L., printer, bds 339 9th west 
Davison John, h 424 14th west 
Davison John, laborer, h 18 K north 
DAVISON JOSEPH, maltster, K north c 27th 

west, h 11th west n E north 
Davison Maria L., millinery, 299.} Penn av, h 424 

14th west 
Davison Samuel C, grocer, 13th west c M north 
Daw William, police, h 175 22d west 
Dawes Charles W., carpenter, N north, hN T avc 

4th west 
Dawes Charlotte M., wid Frederick, h N Y av c 

4th west 
Dawes Elizabeth) wid Rufus, h 441 D south 
Dawes Henry L., M. C, h 408 C north 
Dawes Richard M., dentist, La av, h N Y av cor 

4th west 
Dawkins Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h 81 E sth 
Dawson Alabama F., Mrs., bds 486 E north 
Dawson Arthur, clerk City Hall, room at 46 La av 
Dawson Charles, clerk, room at 46 La av 
Dawson Charles G-., clerk, 324 Penn av, bds E 

north n 7th west 
Dawson Edward L., hairdresser, 7th west, h 168 

N Yav 
Dawson Edward L., hairdresser, 276 and 347 7th 

west, h 168 NY 
Dawson James F., clerk, 468 Penn av, bds 612 

7th west 
Dawson John B., printer, bds 420 D north 
Dawsou Thomas H., painter, h 72 26th west 
Dawson William G\, laborer, h 612 7th west 
Dawson William P., carpenter, h 215 5th west 
Day Adam (col'd), waiter, h 191 L north 
Day Austin, ostler, h Conn al n 17th west 
Day Cecelia (col'd), washerwoman, h r 506 L nth 
DAY CHARLES T., provisions, 622 C north, h 

4th east n H north 
Day George (col'd), laborer, 402 I south 
Day Henry R., purser U S N, h 330 21st west 
Day James W. (col'd), messenger, h 358 15th 

Day Mary A. (col'd), widow, h r 452 6th west 
Day Samuel E., segars, 222 Pa av, bds 394 11th 

Dayton Mary, wid A. 0., h 488 E north 
Dayton Wm. (Dayton & Lent), market, 316 E nth 
Dayton Wm. B., lawyer, 8 La av, h 488 E north 
DAYTON & LENT (W. Dayton & D. C. Lent), 

market, 316 E north 
Deahl Addison W., salesman, 360 Penn av, bds 

Md av n 12th 
Deale Wm. G., measurer of buildings, h 432 F 

Dean Alexander J., bookfolder, h 417 Va av 
Dean Amos (col'd), waiter, h H south n 1} east 
Dean Catharine, seamstress, h 347 11th west 
Dean George, laborer, h 10th east n G south 
Dean Isaiah, huckster, h 504 3d east 
Dean John T. W., huckster, 86 Centre market, h 

n Bladensburg 
Dean Julia, wid William, h 12 Marble al 
Dean William, shoemaker, h 677 L north 
Dean William, wagoner, at Washington Asylum 
Dealing George T., carpenter, La av n 4£ west, h 

205 Penn av 
Deasy Jeremiah, laborer, h 557 Mass av 
Deavers William, h 208 7th west 
DE BODISCO WALDEMAR, minister of Russia, 

h 183 G north 
DE BOW'S REVIEW, 291 F north 
De Camp Sidney, bookbinder, 493 10th west, h 

281 Penn av 
De Candry William A., printer, h 360 3d east 

Dechaner John, barber, 442 7th west, h 402 F 

Decker Elizabeth, confectioner, 242 II north, h do 
Decker Philip, confectioner, 436 7th west, h do 
Deco'iniel Carliste T. (Decoeniel & Dennis), music, 

Penn av n 11th west 
DECOENIEL & DENNIS (C. T. Decooniel & B. 

F. Dennis), music and pianos, Penn av n 11th 

De Coever Francis M., clerk, h C south n 12th 

De Coursey Thomas, blacksmith, h 681 4th east 
Decover Marion, clerk, h 118 C south 
Dee David, laborer, h 257 N Y av 
Deeble Edward, bookbinder, h 428 I north 
Deeble John G., carpenter, h 542 14th west 
Deeble Joseph A., clerk, Land Office, h 437 I north 
De Ford Eliza, wid Edward, h 687 4th east 
De Frondat Charles, prof at Columbia college, bds 

456 Penn av 
Defrouville Frederick Mrs., h 407 F north 
Degen William (Degen & Carroll), butcher, 54 

Centre and 18 Eastern mkts, h 510 Garrison 
Degen & Carroll (William Degen & Joseph Car- 
roll), butchers, 54 Centre and 18 Eastern mkts 
De Gerolt Le Baron, Prussian minister, h 331 H 

Degges Margaret 0., wid William, h 214 I north 
Degges Robert H., watchman, h Conn av n K 

Degges William H., carpenter, 10th west, h 484 

L north 
De Haven Samuel, carpenter, h 314 Del av 
De Hell Francis, 2d secy to French minister, h 

334 18th west 
Deholesey Mary J., widow, bds 492 L north 
De Hulsemann Chevalier, Austrian minister, h 

148 F north 
Deitz, P 0, bds 207 6th west 
Deitz Lewis H., blacksmith, h 546 7th east 
Deitz William, laborer, h 546 7th east 
DeKraff't John W., clerk. Interior Dept, h 431 

11th west 
Delacamp John, civil engineer, h 373 13th west 
Delaney Alfred (col'd), porter, h r 353 13th west 
Delaney Caleb (col'd), huckster, 94 Centre mkt, 

h F south n 9th west 
Delaney John, laborer, h P north n 1st west 
Delaney John (col'd), huckster, h 67 F south 
Delaney Levi (col'd), hackman, h 524 1st west 
Delaney Mary (col'd), wid Philip, h north n 

17th west 
Delaney Patrick, laborer, h 664 G north 
Delaney Thomas (col'd), waiter, h 23 1 E south 
Delany Michael, Indian Bureau, h 226 II north 
Delarue M. M., perfumery and fancy goods. 23S 

Penn av, h do 
De Leon T. Cooper, clerk Topographical Bureau, 

h 421 15th west 
De Leon T. C. T., clerk War Department 
De Limbourg Roest, minister Netherlands, 543 

17th west 
Dellar Francis, milkman, h 160 6th west 
Dellaway Ann, wid John, h 340 19th west 
DELLE GEORGE, restaurant, 336 7th west, h do 
DELLINGER HENRY M., carpenter and build- 
er, 9th west c G north, h 560 G north 
Dellwig Louis A., grocer, 588 7th east, h do 
Del Prado Mariano, secy Spanish Legation, h 299 

I north 
De Maine William W., surveyor, h M south n 4} 

De Melville Madame, milliner, 296 E north, 
Dement Jane, h lj east D X south 
Dement John E., inspector Navy Yard, h 9th >vest 

c G north 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jaus. 



Dement Thomas J., bds 456 Penn av 

Deming Chester, clerk Treas Dept, h 365 Mass ay 

Deming Israel, clerk, 61 La av, bds 378 E north 

n 11th west 
Demonet Charles, confectioner, 155 Penn ar, h 

157 ilo 
DE MONTHURRY A. M., prof modern lan- 
guages, 414 7th west, h do 
Dempif Anton, painter, h 329 Md ar 
Derupsey Moses, coachman, h 17th west n L north 
Dempsey Rodey, laborer, h Carroll n 2d east 
Dempsey "William H. (Dempsey & O'Toole), en- 
gravers, 326 Penn av, h 4 "Walker's Row (9th) 
DEMPSEY & O'TOOLE (William H. Dempsey & 
Lawrence J. O'Toole), engravers, 326 Penn av 
Denby Wythe, clerk Treasury Dept 
De Neale Jane, wid James, h 20 Ohio av 
Deneale Kinlaugh, grocer, 677 4th east, h do 
Deneale "William, h 572 9th east 
De Nell Jane, wid James, bds 467 K north 
Dengel Valentine, tailor, h 174 6th west 
Denham Alkanah, clerk Post Office 
Denham Columbus, bookbinder, Globe office, h 

390 10th west 
DENHAM LEMUEL J., dyer, 249 Penn av, h 

Denham Lewis R., silversmith, h 487 11th west 
Denham Oliver B., messenger dept, bds 423 H nth 
Denham Thomas, painter, h 461 G south 
Denham Zebulon "W., disbursing clerk capitol 

extension, h 434 H north 
Denmead Adam, machinist, h 357 Md av 
Denmead George, machinist, h 372 3d east 
Denmead Henry, machinist, h 357 Md av 
Dennaher William, laborer, h 277 4th west 
Dennerson William, surveyor, bds 209 Penn av 
Denneson Elizabeth, wid John, bds 381 5th west 
Denneson William H., printer, h 381 5th west 
Dennesson John T., printer, h 575 I north 
Dennis B. Franklin, tuner of pianos, &c, from 
Checkering & Sons ; and Hallet, Davis & Co., 
Boston, 536 7th west and Penn av n 11th west, 
bds 483 10th west 
Denis Eelix, upholsterer, 519 9th west, h 388 D 

DENNIS JOHN P., coachmaker, 476 6th west, h 

426 D north 
DENNIS JONATHAN, Jb., patent agent, 379 F 

north opp Patent Office, h 444 6th west 
Dennis Thomas, watchman, h 386 G south 
Dennisson William (col'd), waiter, h 181 3d west 
Denny Martha A., carpet-maker, h 188 M north 
Dent Bruce (col'd), huckster, h 585 3d west 
Dent S. Augustus, plumber, h 538 14th west 
Deremer Eliza, wid Jacob, h 33 Penn av 
Deremer Isaac S., grocer, 81 K north, h 31 Penn 

Dermott Ann R., h 295 G north 
Derr Ferdinand, bricklayer, h Md av n 9th east 
Derrick Alexander H., clerk State Dept, h 82 

Penn av 
Derricks Mary (col'd), seamstress, h 17th west n 

D north 
De Sales Mary, sister superior at Washington In- 
De Saules Emily, wid Peter A., h 175 2d west 
Desaules Julius, h 128 C south 
DE SELDING CHARLES, general agt, commis- 
sioner, and notary public, 507 7th west, h B 
south cor 9th west 
Desmond Cornelius, h F south n 9th west 
Desmond Mary, groceries, F south n 9th west 
Desmond Michael F,, grocer, 4^ west cor K south 
Desmond Timothy, laborer, h 442 Va av 
De Stoeckle Edward, Russian Minister, h 27S I j 

Detrick R. B., academy, H north n 20th west, h 

E north cor 10th west 
Detweiler Frederick M., printer, h 643 L north 
Devaugh Edward, blacksmith, h G south n 3d 

De Yaughan Anne, wid Samuel, sen., h403 E nth 
De Yaughan Benjamin T., laborer, h 725 7th west 
De Yaughan Samuel, h 403 E north 
De Yaughan Thomas, printer, h M north n 1st 

De Vaughn Walter, bartender, h 78 13V west 
De Vaugrignuse Baron, chancellor French lega- 
tion, h 158 F north 
De Yaul Levi, laborer, h Ya av cor 11th east 
Deveny Charles, dry goods, 597 8th east, h do 
Devereux Robert, carman, h 371 G south 
Devereux William, carman, h 371 G south 
Devers Arthur, bricklayer, bds 155 4th west 
Devers George, plasterer, bds 155 4th west 
Devers Lewis, h 155 4th west 
Devers William H., bricklayer, h 6th west n Q nth 
Devine Thomas, laborer, h 2d east n C north 
Devlin John S., lawyer, h 55 6th east 
Devlin Mary, A., wid Lieut John S., h 551 6th 

Dewdney John, bailiff, h 168 22d west 
Dewees George, h 155 B south 
De Wetterstedt William W., Swedish Minister, 

238 G north 
Dewhurst William H. H., boots and shoes, 522 

Penn av, bds 526 do 
De Witzleben Arthur, draughtsman, bds 427 Pa 

Dice George, laborer, h 353 10th west 
Dice John, printer, h 424 K north 
Dice William H., carpenter, h 353 10th west 
Dick James (col"d), laborer, h 412 11th west 
Dick John W., collector, h 206 N Y av 
Dick Moses (col'd), csirtman, h 402 11th west 
Dick Robert (col'd), laborer, h 326 C south 
1 Dick Robert (col'd), whitewasher, h 349 8th west 
| Dickens Thomas W., clerk at Capitol, h 12 A nth 
I Dickins Asbury, sec'y of the Senate, h 274 F nth 
| Dickman Henry, laborer, h 228 B south 
Dickson Christian, laborer, h 525 Md av 
1 Dickson David (col'd), laborer, h 227 N J av 
! Dickson Edward, harness-maker, h 6£ west cor E 

j Dickson James, senator, h 305 J north 
! Dickson John (Dickson, Gordon & Co.), wood and 

coal, I north cor Yt av, h at Georgetown 
| Dickson William, bookkeeper, 322 D north 
I Dickson Gordon & Co. (John Dickson, Daniel S. 
Gordon, & William King), wood and coal, I 
north cor Yt av 
I Dieste Peter A., shoemaker, 461 Penn av, h do 
| Dieterich Christian, tailor, h 390 D south 
Dieterich Conrad, tailor, 33 4^ west, h Marble al 
n 6th west 
j Difrenderffer John F. (C. R. L. Crown & Co.), 
auction and commission, 357 Penn av, h 587 
Md av 
Diggins John, laborer, h 250 D south 
Diggle James, carpenter, h N south n 4| west 
Diggs Anna (col*d), wid Charles, h 141 A south 
Diggs Jane (col'd), wid Matthew, h L north n 22d 

Diggs John H., coast survey, h 210 K north 
Diggs Judson (col'd), waiter, h 362 15th west 
DIGGS SAMUEL J., bricklayer, h 609 M north 
Digney Hugh, laborer, h 421 Md av 
Dikeman William R., h 339 18th west 
Dill Edward, clerk at the Capitol, h 369 13th west 
Dill Peter, butcher, 54 Centre mkt, h Georgetown 

DILLI GEORGE, restaurant, 336 7th west 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, Manufactured by 



Dillon David, hackman, h 464 F north 
Dillon Edward, laborer, h 425 6th west 
Dillon James, jeweller, h 677 7th west 
Dillon Jonathan, watchmaker, h 677 7th west 
Dillon Michael, mason, h 222 N J av 
Dillow William, grocer, 130 G north, h do 
Dines Ann (col'd), wid Charl^ h 90 23d west 
Dines Maria (col'd), nurse, h 263 C south 
Dines Priscilla (col'd), wid Isaac, h 422 I south 
Dines William (col'd), laborer, h 345 10th west 
Dingfelder Peter, shoemaker, h 422 E north 
Dinkkler Harry, driver, h 499 1st west 
Dinnies Alfred J., clerk Land Office, bds 418 9th 

Dishman John R., cabinetmaker, h 584 12th west 
Dishshard Lewis, blacksmith, h 81 K south 
Dison Mary A. (col'd), washerwoman, h r 81 E 

Dison William V. (col'd), laborer, h r 81 E south 
Dittrich Francis (F. Dittrich & Bro.), hats and 

caps, 425 7th west, h do 
Dittrich Richard (F. Dittrich & Bro.), hats and 

caps, 425 7th west, h at Bait 
Dittrich F. & Bro. (Francis and Richard), hats 

and caps, 425 7th west 
Ditty Martha R., wid Samuel, h 311 Penn av 
Divine Aaron, shoemaker, h 422 D north 
Divine James F., clerk P Dept, h 543 L north 
Divney Edward, laborer, h 122 23d west 
Dix Alethia, wid John, h 352 11th west 
Dix Lucinda (col'd), wid Robert, h 325 10th west 
Dixon Absalom, bricklayer, h 209 20th west 
Dixon Charity (col'd), wid Solomon, h 314 12th 

Dixon Ruth, wid Jacob, h 461 11th west 
Dixon William, clerk, h 538 7th east 
Dobbin James, messenger at the Capitol, h 6th 

east n E Capitol 
Dobbin John F., h 6th east n A north 
Dobson Walter B., stonemason, h N north n 8th 

Dockett William (col'd), waiter, h 311 15th west 
Dodd Elizabeth, h 111 F south 
Dodd Elizabeth, wid Joseph, h 713 3d east 
Dodd J. W., clerk Land Office 
Dodd Reuben, laborer, h 554 10th west 
Dodd William F., laborer, h 554 10th west 
Dodge Alexander, assistant doorkeeper Senate, h 

465 D south 
Dodge Alexander H., clerk State Dept, h at 

Dodge Elizabeth P., wid Robert, h 392 E north 
Dodge Jonas S., driver Adams' ex, bds Md av n 

6th west 
Doclge S. A., bds 423 Penn av 
DODGE THOMAS H., lawyer, 7th west c F north, 

h 419 II north 
Dodge Wilber M., omnibus ag't, h 500 Md av 
Dodson Alfred (col'd), coachman, h r 347 15th 

Dodson Anna (col'd) , wid William, washerwoman, 

h 347 8th west 
Dodson David (col'd), h 314 10th west 
Dodson David (col'd), waiter, h 288 K north 
Dodson Henry (col'd), laborer, h Carroll n 1st 

Dodson Jacob (col'd), laborer, h 479 L north 
Dodson James (col'd), laborer, h 454 1st west 
Dodson James B. (Clagett & Dodson), dry goods, 

4 Mkt sp, h 333 N Y av 
Dodson Mathias (col'd), brickmaker, h 3d eastn 

C south 
Dodson R. Townsend, salesman, 4 Mkt sp, bds 

333 N Y av 
Dodson Sylvia (col'd), wid Nace, h S Capitol n B 


Dodson William (col'd), laborer, bds 347 8th west 
Dogins Andrew (col'd), laborer, h 278 F south 
DOLAN EDWARD, tailor, Penn av c 14th, bds 

Lafayette house 
Dolan James, laborer, h 228 L north 
Dolan John, stonecutter, h 342 4th west 
Dolman James, laborer, h 705 3d west 
Domain Albert, h 556 Penn av 
Donahoe Michael, grocer, Goat al, h do 
Donahue Hugh, stonemason, h 458 L north 
Donahue Peter, boiler-maker, h 3d east n S C av 
Donahue Rosanna, wid Patrick, h G south n 5th 

Donaldson B. S., huckster, 525 Centre mkt, h 609 

7th west 
Donaldson Daniel, carpenter, h 185 24th west 
Donaldson Edward, clerk, h 576 1ST north 
Donaldson Edwin G., butcher, 8th west c M north, 

h N north bet 6th and 7th 
Donaldson George, policeman, h 276 B north 
Donaldson James, asst mesgr State Dept, h L 

north, n 15th west 
Donaldson James, carman, h 54 E south 
Donaldson John W., lab., h 11th w n O north 
DONALDSON ROBERT B., dentist, 276 Penn av, 

h 8th west c B south 
Donaldson Samuel H., carpenter, h 591 6th west 
Donaldson Sinclair, huckster, h 609 7th west 
Donaldson Thomas G., huckster, 137 Centre mkt, 

h 602 11th west 
Donaldson William, painter, h 99 F south 
Donaldson William H., laborer, h 168 9th west 
Donavan Jane, wid Randall, h 548 4th east 
Donavan Michael, laborer, h 328 Va av 
Donelan Patrick H., clerk, 446 Penn av, h do 
Doner Samuel, steward, h 246 K north 
Donithan William T.", clerk, h 73 F south 
Donley Bernard, painter, h 475 9th west 
Donlon Patrick, laborer, h 711 G north 
Donn Alphonso, huckster, 63 Centre mkt, h 4th 

west c S north 
Donn Edward W., architect, U S Capitol, bds 290 

G north 
Donn George W., cabinet ware, H north, h 597 do 
Donn John W., clerk U S Coast Survey, bds 290 

G north 
Donn Oliver P., agent, h 595 H north 
DONN THOMAS C, justice and commissioner, 70 

La av, h 581 H north 
Donnelly Henry, clerk, 464 7th west, bds 8th 

west ab G north 
DONNELLY JAMES, restaurant, 301 E north. 

Donnelly John, steward, h 270 D north 
Donnelly John I., plasterer, h 24& L north 
Donnelly Martin, harness-maker, bds 407 9th west 
Donnelly Patrick, clerk, h 363 15th west 
Donnelly Patrick, gardener, h 406 4th east 
Donnelly Patrick, huckster, h 482 Md av 
Donnelly Patrick, stonemason, h 249 D south 
Donnelly Richard, grocer, 216 11| west, h do 
Donnelly Thomas, huckster, h 422 E north 
Donnelly Thomas, laborer, h 25th west n K north 
Donnelly Thomas, laborer, h 228 N J av 
Donnelson Win,, butcher, 27 North'n mkt, h at 

Donnogan John, laborer, h 536 K north 
Donnoghue Cornelius, h N J av n north 
Donogan Thomas, laborer, h Ridge n 5th west 
Donoho Thomas, clerk Intelligencer office, h 368 

D north 
Donoho Thomas S., clerk Patent Office, h 434 X 

Donoho William II., agent, 360 Mass ar. h do 
Donohoe Jas. W., clerk at Willard's hotel 
Donohoo John Mrs., h 492 12th west 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, lit and 119 South Teuth Street, Philadelphia. 



Donohoo Thomas, grocer, 506 3d east, h do 
Donohoo Wm. J., tax clerk City Hall, h 492 12th 

Donohue David, laborer, h F north n N J av 
Donohue James, laborer, h 93 K north 
Donahue Michael, grocer, 118 23d west, h do 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, h 6th east n A south 
Donahue Redden, laborer, h 73 26th west 
Donohue Thomas, laborer, h H north n 7th east 
Donohue Thomas H., carpenter, h 202 22d west 
Donovan Catherine, wid James, h 426 G north 
Donovan Cornelius, laborer, h 16th west n K nth 
Donovan Dennis, laborer, h 16th west n K north 
Donovan Dennis, watchman, h 68 Washington 
Donovan John, laborer, h 16th west n L north 
Donovan Martin, laborer, h 253 20th west 
Donovan Michael, harness, 98 4h west, h do 
Donovan Michael, tinsmith, h 426 G north 
Donovan William, watchman, h 6th west near K 

Doody John, laborer, h r D south n 3d west 
Dooley Ann B., wid Michael, h 517 4th east 
Dooley James F., messenger at Capitol, h 517 4th 

Dooley John, clerk, h 863 L north 
Dooley Wm., huckster, h 489 8th west 
Doran John, blacksmith, h 503 9th west 
Doran John, stonecutter, h 409 5th west 
Doran John G., clerk P O Dept, bds421 11th west 
Dorian Thomas H., stonecutter, h F north n Md 

Doring Jonas, shoemaker, h 460 7th west 
Dorman William, clerk Pension Office, h 369 10th 

Dornin Edward, laborer, h 438 10th west 
Dorothy Washington, tavern, 388 7th west, h do 
Dorrance George W. Rev., h 422 14th west 
Dorsett Fielder R., carpenter, 222 G north, h 208 

G north 
Dorsey Aaron, hatter, h 514 Mass av 
Dorsey Allen S., late livery stable, h 486 I nth 
Dorsey Ann, wid John, h 356 5th west 
Dorsey Edward J., coachpainter, h 511 Md av 
Dorsey Hamilton (col'd), laborer, h Goat al n 

6th west 
Dorsey Hanson, hostler, h O north n 17th west 
Dorsey Isaac (col'd), oysterman, h 241 N T av 
Dorsey James (col'd), waiter* h 596 I north 
Dorsey John W., salesman, 42 Market space, bds 

6 4A west 
Dorsev Joseph G., bds 511 Md av 
Dorsey Lewis W., bds 422 11th west 
Dorsey Lorenzo, clerk P O Dept, h 422 11th west 
Dorsey Presley W., hotel, 381 7th west, h do 
Dorsey Samuel (col'd), well digger, h 497 N nth 
Dorsey Stephen, laborer, h 106 23d west 
Dorsey Thomas H., salesman, 42 Market space, 

bds 356 5th west 
Dorsey Wm. N., clerk, 8th west c F north, bds 

339 8th west 
Dosier Joseph (col'd), waiter, h 474 17th west 
Doty John H. H., clerk, h 200 22d west 
Doubleday Charlotte, wid Joshua, h 18 Ohio av 
Dougherty Cornelius A., letter-carrier, h 67 13V 

Dougherty Eleanor, wid John, h 590 G north 
Dougherty Henry, carpenter, h 16th west n P nth 
Dougherty Hugh, brickmaker, h N J av c N 

Dougherty Joseph, blacksmith, h 8th east n 

Penn av 
Dougherty Joseph, stonecutter, h 183 N Y av 
Dougherty Richard, brickmaker, h H south n l£ 

Dougherty Thomas, laborer, h A north n 5th east 
Dougherty William, contractor, h 404 12th west 

Doughertv William, stonecutter, h 81 4J- west 
DOUGLAS HENRY, florist, opp Treas Dept, h 

Conn av n 19th west 
Douglas James (col'd). laborer, h 193 20th west 
Douglas Jane, wid John, seamstress, h 118 4£ 

Douglas Jane S., wid James, F north n 2d west 
Douglas William, builder, h 591 H north 
Douglas William, lumber-inspector, h 252 C nth 
Douglas William H. (col'd), waiter, h 266 L nth 
| Douglas W. II. C, clerk War Dept 
Douglass Albert P., millinery and fancy goods, 

293 Pennav, h do 
Douglass Archibald O., h 616 M north 
Douglass Daniel, clerk Patent Office, h 616 M 

Douglass Henry (col'd), laborer, h K south n 6th 

Douglass John, bds 21 4| west 
Douglass Joseph (col'd), sawyer, h O north n 9th 

Douglass Louis (col'd), driver, h 396 14th west 
Douglass Mary A., wid John, h 280 15th west 
Douglass Peter (col'd), sawyer, h O north n 9th 

Douglass Samuel G., h 196 22d west 
DOUGLASS STEPHEN A., senator, h 650 I 

Douglass Wm., watchman War Dept 
Douglass William (col'd), laborer, h 1st west n P 

Dove Alice, housekeeper, h 414 8th west 
Dove Charles H., bricklayer, h 204 N Y av 
Dove Elizabeth, wid Henson, h B north n 22d 

DOVE GEORGE M., physician, 472 1 south, h do 
Dove George W., limeburner, h B north n 22d 

Dove John, carpenter, h 220 N J av 
Dove Richard G., clerk Treas Dept, bds 7 North- 
ern Market space 
Dove Robert, carpenter, bds 584 I north 
Dove Robert J., plasterer, h H north n 6th east 
Dove Thomas C, plasterer, h 204 N Y av 
Dove William F., machinist, bds 533 7th east 
DOVE WM. T. & CO., plumbers and gasfitters, 

500 9th west, h 182 G north 
Dover Amelia (col'd), wid James, h 5th east n D 

Dover George (col'd), h 294 I north 
Dover George (col'd), waiter, bds 364 H north 
Dover Judson (col'd), waiter, h 364 H north 
Dow Eliza S., wid Jesse E., h 344 N Y av 
Dowd Daniel, milkman, h 14th west c Mass av 
Dowden Eleanor, wid Horace, h 153 4th west 
Dowden William L., bookbinder, h 4th west n K 

Dowell Catharine, notions, 6th west n H south 
Dowie Jane, wid Michael, h 622 7th east 
Dowling Fenlon D. (A. H. Kerr & Co.), druggist, 

148 4| west, h 502 I north 
Dowling John, clerk Indian Office, h 502 I north 
Dowling Patrick, stonecutter, h 392 6th west 
Dowling William, stonecutter, h 6th west n G 

Downer Ann, wid Joel, h 282 D north 
Downer Richard' M. (Downer & Luttrell), carpen- 
ter, 328 E north, h 242 C north 
Downer & Luttrell (R, M. Downer & John H. 

Luttrell), carpenters, 328 E north 
Downes John, tide computer coast survey, h 532 

Md av 
Downey Elizabeth, wid Wm., h 484 K south 
Downey George W., painter, h R north n 8th west 
Downey John, laborer, h 263 E south 
Downey John, stonemason, bds 592 5th east 

Arthur, Burnhara, & Gilroy, Philadelphia, 



Downey Patrick, cartman, h L north n 2d west 
Downey Timothy, grocer, 305 4th west, h do 
Downing, painter, bds 505 7th west 
Downing Dennis, laborer, h 141 K south 
Downing Joseph, late carpenter, h 362 8th west 
Downing Joseph M., & Brothers (Robert & Wil- 
liam B. Downing), carpenters and builders, 10th 

west n H north, h 547 L north 
Downing Patrick, laborer, h 3d west n D south 
Downing Robert (J. M Downing & Bro's), car- 
penter, 10th west n H north, h 364 8th west 
Downing William, blacksmith, h 360 K south 
Downing William B. (J. M. Downing & Bro's), 

carpenter, 10th west n H north, h 545 L north 
Downing William H., bricklayer, bds 416 H nth 
Downing Zachariah, carpenter, bds 362 8th west 
Downs Benjamin J. S., bds 386 10th west 
Downs Caroline, h 445 C north 
Downs John, h 386 10th west 
Downs John, auctioneer, bds 337 Penn av 
Downs John, laborer, h 530 I south 
Downs Patrick, grocer, 343 6th west, h do 
Doyle Francis M., blacksmith, h 133 K south 
Doyle F., clerk Treas Dept 
Doyle George, cabinetmaker, h 581 L north 
Doyle John, laborer, h 231 G north 
Doyle Patrick, stonecutter, h 41 west n I south 
Doyle Peter, bricklayer, bds 279 D north 
Doyle Richard, grocer, N C av n 2d east, h do 
Doyle Robert E., doorkeeper att'y gen'l's, h 465 

11th west 
Doyle Timothy, wagoner, h B north n 4th east 
Doyle William, carpenter, h 343 10th west 
Dozier Philip, bookkeeper, bds 482 Penn av 
Dozier Wm. R., farmer, h 161 I north 
Drain Rosanna, wid Henry, h 261 C north 
Draine Mary, wid Charles, h 390 10th west 
Drake Amelia, silk and lace cleaner, h Gr south 

n 5th east 
Drake Willard, h 442 9th west 
Drane James W., carpenter, 429 9th west, h 331 

9th west 
Drane William, h 605 H north 
Draper A. H., h 292 Va av 
Draper Charles, h 292 Va av 
Draper L. J., physician, 421 11th west, bds do 
Draper Nathan C. (Truman & Draper), 12th west 

c Ohio av, h 583 12th west 
Dredge James W., blacksmith, 19th west c K nth, 

h260 L north 
Dresher Charles, laborer, h 143 Del av 
Drew Edward M., tailor, 308 C north, h 433 10th 

Drew George W., dyer, 299 Penn av, h do 
Drew J. AVaters, clerk, h 10th west n H north 
Drexler Constantine, taxidermist, h 662 N north 
Drexler Dorothy M., wid John F., h 348 6th 

Drexler George, shoemaker, h 415 7th west 
Drier Henry, trunkmaker, h 7th east n I north 
Drinkard William R., chief director War Dept, 

h 350 K north 
Dripps James, iron moulder, h 90 C south 
Driscoll David, tailor, h 421 6th west 
Driscoll James, laborer, h 92 2d west 
Driscoll John, laborer, h 239 3d west 
Driscoll Mary C, wid Dennis, h 14 13£ west 
Driscoll Patrick, laborer, h Goat al n 6th west 
Driscoll Richard, shoemaker, h 92 2d west 
DRIVER NELSON C, model-maker, 476 7th 

west, h 4£ west n K south 
Droney Michael, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Droney Thomas, laborer, h 209 4th west 
Droop Edward, clerk, Penn av c 11th, bds 287 E 

Drummond Francis, h 326 4th west 

Drummond Nicholas, carpenter, h 326 4th west 
Drury Charles W. (Drury & Mickum), painter, 

73 Penn av, h 135 I north 
Drury Samuel, justice of the peace, 73 Penn av, 

h 133 I north 
Drury Samuel T., grocer, 294 E north, h L north 

n 16th west 
Drury Terrence, wood and coal, 165 Penn av, h. 

399 16th west 
Drury William, shoemaker, h 53 26th west 
Drury William C, painter, h 602 11th west 
Drury William P., lime, 10th west c B north, h 

433 11th west 
Drury & Mickum (Charles W. Drury & George B. 

Mickum), painters, 73 Penn av 
Dubant Henry, bookbinder, bds 435 8th west 
Dubant Mark, h 435 8th west 
Dubant Peter M., restaurant, Penn av c 6th, h 

503 6th west 
Dubernt A., h 391 Penn av 
Dubois Marie, hair work, 256 Penn av, h do 
DUBOIS F. '& CHAS. REGLAIN, charcutiers 

francais, 366 E north c 11th west 
Duchesnoy Robert, boarding- h, 233 F north 
Duckett Edward (col'd), laborer, h 114 F north 
Dudley Henry, wheelwright, h 235 4£ west 
Dudley William, coachsmith, h D south n 4| west 
Dudney William T., carpenter, h 163 24th west 
Duehay Alexander, carpenter, h 373 M north 
Duff Mary, wid John, h 21st west n N Y av 
Duffy Michael, h 313 8th west 
Duffy Michael, watchman, h 584 C north 
DUFFY 0. E., bookseller and stationer, 536 7th 

west, h do 
Duffy Thomas (Kane & Duffy), carpenter, 345 F 

north, h H north n 3d west 
Dufief John L., (Sweeny, Rittenhouse, Fant & 

Co.), banker, 352 Penn av 
Dufief Mary, wid Sherubim, h 381 12th west 
Dufour Oliver, clerk Land Office 
Dugan Mary, wid John, h 75 A south 
Dugan Patrick, laborer, h 75 A south 
Duquid Robert, stonecutter, h 180 7th west 
Duhamel William J. C, physician, 496 I north 
Dukehart Francis (col'd), laborer, h 252 E south 
Dulaney John, carpenter, h N north n 18th west 
Dulaney William L., huckster, h 47 Maine av 
Dulang William, laborer, h 220 E south 
Duley Allen, laborer, 92 G north 
Dulin Charles, blacksmith, h 213 4-h west 
Dulin James, machinist, h 714 4th east 
Dulin Sarah A., wid Armstead, h 714 4th east 
Dull James, h 468 14th west 
Dunawin James C, h Mass av c 15th west 
DUN A WIN JAMES E., exchange office, 430 

Penn av, h 15th c Mass av 
Dunbar James K., clerk, bds 398 10th west 
Dunbar Sarah (col'd), wid George, h 235 G north. 
Duncan Henry (col'd), sawyer, h 170 F north 
Duncan Jane, wid John, h 348 E north 
Duncan Stephen, clerk Land Office, h 21 Ind av 
Duncan Step., jr., clerk Treas Dept, h 21 Ind av 
Duncanson John M., clerk, bds 478 II north 
Duncanson Martha, wid John A. M., h 47S H 

Duncanson Wm. M., note clerk Patriotic Bank,. 

h 478 H north 
Dundas William II., second asst PO Dept 
Dunford James, clerk at Kirkwood house 
Dunham Alva (Wallis it Dunham), carriages, 502 

& 506 6th west, h 13th west n F north 
Dunkinson William H., bds 316 F north 
Dunlap Charlotte (col'd), nurse, h 303 Ml av 
Dunlap Joseph (col*d), waiter, h 608 3d west 
Dunlap Winnie (col'd), seamstress, h 303 Md av 
Dunlap Harriet (col'd), wid George, h 3G8B south 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jars. 



Dunmore Solomon (col'd), wagoner, h Marble al 

n 4£ west 
Dunn Bridget, wid Charles, h 624 7th east 
Dunn David, clerk P Dept 
Dunn Edward, marine, h 585 E south 
Dunn Edward, engineer, h 436 3d east 
Dunn George, musician, h 542 7th east 
Dunn James (Clark & Dunn), brick manufactu- 
rer, 337 4£ west, h N south n 4| west 
Dunn James, laborer, h 292 F south 
Dunn John, laborer, h 445 N Y av 
Dunn John Y., stonecutter, h 1st west c Pierce 
Dunn Lawson B., com clerk at Capitol, h 546 H 

Dunn Lydia A., wid E. A., h 351 6th west 
Dunn Orlando H., painter, h 193 4| west 
Dunn Peter, marine corps, h 624 7th east 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, h Van n 4£ west 
Dunnigan David, laborer, h Goat alley n 6th west 
Dunnigan John, polisher, h 35 Organ alley 
Dunnigan Patrick, grocer, 532 K north, h do 
Dunnigan William, laborer, h 1 F north 
Dunnington Charles, watchman, h 298 B south 
Dunnington John E., huckster, 97 Centre mkt, h 

9th west n Penn av 
Dunnivan Thomas, laborer, h 26 Organ alley 
Dunnivan Timothy, laborer, h Goat al n 6th west 
Durand Claudius C., boarding-house, 474 15th 

west, & 468 11th west 
Durham Elora (col'd), wid Clayton, h 665 Penn av 
Durham George G., h 353 Md av 
Durham James H., h 353 Md av 
Durity George W., tel watchman National hotel, 

h 6| west n E south 
Durity James R., cabinetmaker, h 344 L north 
Durkee Charles, U S Senator, bds 490£ Mass av 
Durkin Thomas, carman, h 7th west n G south 
Dutch Hildry (col'd), cartman, h 334 M north 
Dutch John (col'd), cook, h 166 I north 
Dutton George W., butcher, 7 Centre mkt & 335 

12th west, h 333 12th west 
DUVAL GEORGE W. (Mallard & Duval), provi 

sions, 235 Penn av, h 369 K north 
Duval Thomas B., bds 461 E north 
Duvall Andrew J. (Duvall & Bro.), tailor, 434 

Penn av, h 421 5th west 
Duvall Ann E., wid John P., h 250 7th west 
Duvall Benjamin H. (Duvall & Bro.), tailor, 434 

Penn av, h 70 Ind av 
Duvall Charles H., clerk, bds 274 9th west 
Duvall Eli, messenger Treas Dept, h 273 B north 
Duvall Eli, wheelwright, Q north c 9th west, h do 
Duvall Enoch, laborer, h 559 7th east 
Duvall Hattie, seamstress, bds 268 H north 
[Duvall Henry C, baggage master, h 591 Mass av 
Duvall James E., bricklayer, h 105 D south 
Duvall John, blacksmith, 454 G north, h 274 9th 

Duvall Samuel, grocer, 206 I north, h 112 Pa av 
Duvall Washington, blockmaker, h 590 11th east 
Duvall Wm. T., h 3d west n F north 
Duvall Wm. T. S., clerk general Post Office, h 3d 

west n F north 
DUVALL & BRO. (Benj. H. & A. J.), tailors, 

434 Penn av 
Dwyer Ellen C, boarding, h 428 1st east 
Dwyer Honora, grocer, 114 A south, h do 
Dwyer John, grocer, 75 7th west, h same 
Dwyer John, laborer, h 2d east n C north 
Dwyer Thomas R., grocer, 74 E Capitol, h do 
Dver Benjamin F., carpenter, h 669 N J av 
DYER EDWARD C, wines, liquors, and segars, 

256 Penn av, h 270 F north 
Dyer James II., carpenter, h D north n 27th west 
Dyer John W., hardware, 133; and boots and 

shoes, 129 Penn av, h 129 do 

Dyer J. W., telegraph operator, h 135 B south 
Dyer Margaret, dressmaker, 8th west n D north 
Dyer Martha, dressmaker, 4911 8th west, h do 
Dyer William B., segars, 135 Penn av, h 169 23d 

Dykes Ann, wid Wm., h 662 7th east 
Dykes Francis M., blacksmith, h 662 7th east 
Dyser Jacob, blacksmith, bds 336 L south 
Dyson Charles (col'd), milkman, h 6 7th west 
Dyson Harriet A. (col'd), washerwoman, h r 343 

10th west 
Dyson Robert (col'd), laborer, h 319 C south 

Eagleston Josiah, cook, h 265 N Y av 

Eakle Elias H., carpenter, h 10th east n B north 

Earl Richard, hackman, h 103 H north 

Earl Robert, livery stable, 212 H north, h 336 

21st west 
Earl Robert, jr., livery stable, 212 II north, h 336 

21st west 
Earlv Robert, laborer, h 3d west n D south 
EARNEST JOSEPH Rev., h 394 Mass av 
Earp Alexander, tinner, bds 507 I north 
Earp Ann, wid James, h 507 I north 
Earp John W., painter, 475 11th west, h 266 C 

Easby Horatio N. (H. N. & J. W. Easby), lumber, 

D north c 26th west, h 333 9th west 
Easby John W. (H. N. & J. W. Easby), lumber, 

D north c 26th west, h 156 G north 
Easby H. N. & J. W., lumber, D north c 26th 

East John, tailor, h 637 north 
Eastman Seth, major U S A, h 346 K north 
Easton Ann (col'd), wid David, h 218 2d west 
Easton John T., laborer, h 207 26th west 
Easton Sidney (col'd), waiter, h 354 15th west 
Eaton Ann I., wid Nathan, h 57 7th west 
Eaton Mary A., wid Henry, dressmaker, h 484 

10th west 
Eaton Susan, wid David, h 356 K south 
Ebbs Henry J., clerk, 20 Mkt sp, bds 356 5th 

Ebelin Mary A., wid Henry, h 614 N north 
Ebeling Henry, h 187 5th west 
Eberbeck John H., h 413 10th west 
Eberling Henry, county constable, h 5th west c 

N north 
Eberly A., stoves, 431 7th west, h do 
Eberly Daniel, cabinetmaker, h 210 7th west 
Eberman John, watchman Patent Office, bds 373 

9th west 
Eckhart William, baker, h 546 7th east 
Eckloff Adolphus, constable, h 316 5th west 
Eckloff Catharine, wid Joseph, h 597 I north 
Eckloff Chas. G., policeman, 508 12th west 
Eckloff E. C, tailor, h 497 Mass av 
Eckloff Godfrey F., tailor, 473 9th west, h do 
Eddy Edward C, clerk Navy Dept, h 354 11th 

Eddy Mary, wid,-h 354 11th west 
Edel Louis, laborer, h 14th west n R north 
Edelen Ann, wid Ignatius, h 401 H north 
Edelen Francis, police, h 612 I south 
Edelen William, printer, bds 401 H north 
Edelin Edward H., h 572 13th west 
Edes Richard, h 337 E north 
Edes Samuel C, office 456 W 15th, bds Willard's 
Edgerton Joseph (col'd), laborer, h 432 I south 
Edinboro William (col'd), waiter, h 340 I north 
Edinburg Ellen (col'd), wid Jas., h 17 Jackson 

Hall a 1 
Edlen Joseph, carpenter, 6th west c G south 
Edlin Horace, clerk Patent Office, bds 425 Pa ay 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot 7 Manufactured by 


Edraond John D., salesman, 351 Penn av, bds 447 

E north 
Edmonds Charles, grocer, 548 I north, h do 
Edmonds George H., grocer, 198 N Y av, h do 
Edmonds John B., clerk, 324 Penn av, bds 337 

Penn av n 7th 
Edmonds Win. B., salesman, Penn av c 9th, bds 

Avenue house 
Edmonson Mary E. (col'd), washerwoman, h 360 

E north 
Edmonson Thomas, h 453 L south 
Edmondston Charles, carpenter, 468 G- north, h 

443 I north 
Edmonston Elijah, boots and shoes, 491 7th west, 

h 536 H north, n 3d west 
Edmonston Enoch; clerk, bds 405 9th west 
Edmonston Gabriel, carpenter, bds 405 9th west 
Edmonston Jackson, carpenter, bds 435 I north 
Edmonston Nathan, carpenter, h 405 9th west 
Edmonston, Thomas, policeman, h 560 L north 
Edmunds John, clerk at Clagett's, room at 46 La 

Edmunds John D., clerk, bds 482 Penn av 
Edmundson Edwin H., printer, bds 514 Mass av 
Edmundson Elizabeth, h 558 10th west 
Edmundson Ephraim (col'd), waiter, h 249 20th 

Edmundson Harrison, seaman, h 558 10th west 
Edmundson Josiah (col'd), waiter, h 249 20th 

Edmundson Martha (col'd), washerwoman, h 322 

18th west 
Edmundson Paul (col'd), laborer, h 249 20th west 
Edmundson Richard (col'd), coachman, h 194 M 

Edwards Alpheus L., clerk Treas Dept, bds 327 

9th west 
Edwards Catharine A., wid Henry, h 290 C north 
Edwards David S., surgeon U SN, h400 16th west 
Edwards Edward, carpenter, h loth west c L nth 
Edwards Elizabeth, wid James, h 173 22d west 
Edwards George T.. moulder, bds 440 G south 
Edwards George W., carpenter, h 152 I north 
Edwards James F., police, h 165 24th west 
Edwards James L., late Com of Pensions, h 157 F 

Edwards John L., clerk, h 157 F north 
Edwards John S., attorney, 442 F north, h do 
Edwards Joseph, bricklayer, h 374 15th west 
Edwards Leroy, grocer, 351 12th west, h do 
Edwards Margaret, wid Geo., h 440 G south 
Edwards Mary, h 22 13| west 
Edwards Overton W., clerk Indian Office, h 404 

Mass av 
Edwards Samuel M., clerk P O Dept, h 327 9th 

Edwards Thomas C, painter, h 152 I north 
Edwards William A., bds 404 Mass av 
Edwards William S., U S Coast Survey, h 400 

16th west 
Egan Catharine, wid John, h 308 4th west 
Egan Henry, drygoods, 321 Penn av, h 503 E nth 
Egan Peter, machinist, h 159 F south 
Egan William, h 503 E north 
Eggleston Benj., proof reader State Dept, h 468 

Mass av 
Egloffstein F. F. W., bds 46S 10th west 
Eichhorn Mary, wid George, h 331 3d west 
Eichhorn Rudolph, butcher, 236 Centre mkt, h 

335 3d west 
EICULER WM. F. D., watches and jewelry, 507 

7th west, h do 
Eichstadt Adolph, h 296 Penn av 
EINOLF GEORGE, boots and shoes, 370 E north, 

Ela Richard, clerk Treas Dept, h 447 Sth west 

Elber John, turner, h 168 6th west 

Elberfeld Ellen, wid Henry, h G south n Sth east 

Elbert John, tailor, h 381 10th west 

Elder T. H., student, bds 479 10th west 

Eli John W., h 71 Penn av 

Eliason James, brick manuf., 3d c M south, h 

425 Va av 
Eliot Johnson, physician, 408 F north, h do 
ELIOT WALLACE, druggist, 298 F north, h452 

12th west 
Elkins Sandy, blacksmith, 2d west c B north, h 

182 E south 
Ellery Albert, clerk Treas Dept, h 119 Penn av 
ELLICOTT J. P., billiards, Penn av, h 312 F nth 
Elliot Mary E., wid William, h 383 N Capitol 
Elliot Seth A., clerk P Dept, h 578 N J av 
Elliot & Patten, patent agents, 8th west c F north 
Elliott Alexander, clerk Treas Dept, bds 399 H 

Elliott Alexander, jr., foreman Globe office 
Elliott Ann, wid Silas, h 17th west n L north 
Elliott David A., clerk Navy Dept, bds 525 H nth 
Elliott Elizabeth, wid Jonathan, h 186 Md av 
Elliott Emma, wid Lynde, h 435 H north 
Elliott Henry C, clerk U S Arsenal, bds 435 H 

Ellicott James P., billiards, 468 13th west, h 312 

F north 
Ellington Guilford, seaman, N south n 4£ west 
Elliott Jared L. Rev., h 397 H north 
Elliot Jehu W., clerk, 482 7th west, h 25 4| west 
Elliott John L., clerk P Dept 
Elliott Julia R., wid William, h 524 K north 
Elliott J. Hugh, salesman, h 75 4j west 
Elliott Reason, express driver, 11th east n C south 
Elliot Win., huckster, 519 Centre mkt, h Va 
Elliott Wm. A., clerk Navy Dept, h 410 20th west 
Ellis Ann, wid Wm., h 683 4th east 
Ellis Edmund I., carpenter, h 681 M north 
Ellis Henry C, stonecutter, h 608 C north 
Ellis James G., carpenter, 470 G north, h 389 6th 

ELLIS JOHN F., music and pianos, 306 Penn 

av, h 430 6th west 
Ellis Jonas B. (William M. Ellis & Bro.), ma- 
chinist, Ohio av c 13th west, h 117 B south 
Ellis Samuel S. H., shoemaker, h 6S3 4th east 
ELLIS WILLIAM M. & BRO. (Jonas B. Ellis), 

machinists, Ohio av c 13th west, h 730 N J av 
Ellwenger Frederick, blacksmith, h 170 4i west 
Elmore James, painter, h 3d west n E south 
Elmore Jerome, painter, 86 C south, h do 
ELVANS JOHN R. & CO., hardware and coach 

findings, 309 Penn av, h 524 Md av 
Elvans Mary Ann, h 575 Md av 
Elwell Francis H., laborer, h 599 Sth east 
Elwood Ella, wid Isaac T.. h 255 D north 
Elwood William D., bookbinder, bds 255 D north 
Ely A., member, bds 267 G north 
Ernbrey T. Marshall, clerk Treas Dept, h 504 H 

Emerson Charles, agent for Virtue, Emmins, <fe 

Co , 4881 7th west, h 482 north c 11th west 
Emerson George \\ T .. butcher, 43 Centre mkt and 

18th west n L north, h 20S I north 
Emerson Harrison, boiler-maker, h 1st east n M 

Emerson Isaiah, printer, bds 3S5 10th west 
Emerson Robert P., bowling-saloon, 403 Penn av, 

bds National hotel 
EMERY MATTHEW G., stone- vard. 2d west n 

B north, h 41S F north 
Emery Woodbury, clerk P 0. h 405 12th west 
Emmerich G-eorge, clerk PO. h Va av n 1 1th oast 
Emmeriok Frederick, clerk at Cap, h 463 1 south 
Emmerman Ernest, soapmaker, 2d east n Q nth 

Arthur, Barnham, & Gilrov, lit and 119 South Tenth Street, Thiladelphi 




Emrnerson Hester A., wid James H., h 510 Ya av 
Emraert George, butcher, 225 Centre mkt, h 502 

E north 
Emniich John J., jeweller, h Temperance Hall al 
Emrnieh Joseph, salesman, bds D nth n 9th west 
EMMNER JULIUS, hairdresser, 263 Penn av, h 

479 13th west 
Emons Richard, machinist, bds 11th east c K sth 
Emory William H., col U S A, h 239 H north 
EMRICH PETER, restaurant, 510 11th west 
Engel Christian, huckster, h Md av c 2d east 
Engel Ferdinand, draughtsman, h 21 E Capitol 
Englebrecht Anna, wid, h 159 Penn av 
Engelhart Andrew, brass-finisher, h 383 Va av 
English, machinist, bds 502 10th west 
English James, printer, h 607 H north 
English Julia, confectioner, 492 Mass av, h do 
English Patrick H., painter, h 492 Mass av 
Ennis Gregory, contractor, h 2S2 F north 
Ennis John F., lawyer, 22 La av, h 282 F north 
Enright Michael, laborer, h L north n 2d west 
Enthoffer Joseph, engraver Coast Survey, h 447 

D north 
Entwisle Samuel, coppersmith, h 424 3d east 
Entwisle Thomas B (Entwisle & Barron), carpen- 
ter, 11th west n C north, h 258 H north 
Entwisle & Barron (Thomas B. Entwisle & George 

O. Barron), carpenters, 11th west n C north 
Eoritz John H., shoemaker, 69 4 £ west, h 5th 

west n north 
Erb Philip, bartender, bds 522 N J av 
Erbach Charles, brewer, 330 Md av, h do 
Ereckson James C, laborer, h 27th west n K nth 
Ergood Jesse, grocer, 7th east c G south, h 405 G 

Ervine Douglas, sec to English Legation, h 491 

17th west 
Erwin Sidney B., clerk Navy Dept, bds Lafayette 

Esby James, cabinetmaker, S Capitol n A south 

h 4£ west n O south 
Esby Maria, wid Wm., h 546 I south 
Eschbork Henry, machinist, h 262 D north 
Eslin James, brickmaker, R north n 4th west, h 

r Columbia College 
Esline George W. G., paver, h 515 P north 
Espey James, cabinet-maker, h 387 4^ west 
Espey John, bookbinder, h 442 20th west 
Espey Samuel, h 387 4| west 
Espey Samuel C. Mrs., h 387 5th west 
Espiuta Francis, musician, h 511 E south 
Esputa John, musician, h 511 h Sth east 
Essex John, stonecutter, bds 480 Mass av 
Essex Josiah, carpenter, h 503 I north 
Estill Isaac, clerk Treas Dept, h 36S 12th west 
Eston Levin, waterman, h 9 F north 
Etchison Elizabeth, boarding-house, 567 I north 
Etchison Emanuel D., late drygoods, h 330 10th 

Etchison Frank, clerk, 12 Market space, bds K 

north n 7th west 
Etchison Latimer A. & Co., drygoods, 301 Penn 

av, bds 330 10th west 
Etchison Lemuel, stonecutter, h 23 North'n Mar- 
ket space 
Etchison Lycurgus E., clerk, Market space c 8th, 

h 567 I north 
Etchison Rachel G., fancy goods, 12 Market 

space, h K north n 7th west 
Evans Mrs., widow, h 582 I south 
Evans Alexander H., clerk at Capitol, h 509 E 

Evans Benjamin M., clerk Land Office, h 608 H 

Evans Cecelia, wid John K., h 478 E south 
Evans Clifford, clerk, h 202 N Y av 

Evans Edward, h 537 7th east 

Evans George (col*d) ; seaman, h Plater's al n K 

Evans George W., auxiliary guard, h 419 Ya av 
Evans Henry (col'd), coachman, h 223 4th west 
Evans Henry C., engraver, bds U S hotel 
Evans Henry S., engraver coast survey, bds St 

Charles hotel 
Evans Isaac, stonecutter, h 254 E south 
Evans James A., ticket agent, 376 Penn av, h at 
Evans James B., carpenter, h 608 H north 
Evans Jane, h 657 Md av 
Evans John (col'd), barber, h 379 I north 
Evans John D., trimmings, 433 7th west, h do 
Evans John F., musician, h 478 E south 
Evans John H. (col'd) (Smith & Evans), barber, 

251 Penn av, h 9th west n D north 
Evans Letitia, washerwoman, h 484 13th west 
Evans Richard, carpenter, h 242 4£ west 
Evans Richard, carpenter, 215 4^ west 
Evans Samuel, moulder, h 478 E south 
Evans Susan, boarding, h 208 2d west 
Evans Thomas, plumber, 162 Penn av,h 370 19th 

west n Penn av 
Evans Traverse, shoemaker, 477 Mass av, h do 
Evans Walter, laborer, h 368 L south 
Evans Walton, clerk P 0, h 394 12th west 
Evans William, shipcarpenter, h 653 Md av 
Evans William A., clerk, h 78 K north 
Eveleth Ebenezer, clerk, h 377 18th west 
Eveleth James, clerk, h 375 19th west 
EVENING STAR (The), 325 D north 
Evens Benjamin, clerk Land Office 
Everett Benjamin F., tinner, h 179 23d west 
EYERETT CHARLES, patent attorney, 476 7th 

west, h 2d west c E north 
Everett Samuel, tinner, h 183 23d west 
EYERETT THOMAS T., patent agent, 488 7th 

west, h 518 M north 
Everett Thornley S., clerk at the Capitol, h 273 

B south 
Everett William, coachtrimmer, bds 456 9th west 
Everson Mark, h li east n N south 
Evert John, butcher, 129 4| west, h do 
Ewald John, baker, 83 Northern market, h 8th 

west n E south 
Ewell Albert M., bookkeeper, 530 7th west, bds 

37 Ah west 
Ezell J. B., assistant doorkeeper at House, bds 

St Charles hotel 

Faber Adolph, draughtsman, h 52 E Capitol 
Fabyan B. Douglass, clerk at National hotel 
Fagan Henry, finisher, bds 442 M south 
Fagan Mary A., wid Nicholas, h 490 Md av 
Fagan William, wheelwright, h 237 D south 
, Fague Solomon J., clerk P Dept, h 382 9th 

Faherty John P., carpenter, h 439 G north 
Faherty James F., carpenter, bds 505 7th west 
Faherty William P., packer and proof reader 

State Dept, h 512 L north 
Fahey Thomas, porter house, 556 7th west, h do 
Fahnestock, clerk, bds 209 Penn av 
Fahrmeier Peter, job wagon, h 580 L north 
Fairfax William, clerk, 474 7th west, bds C south 

n 2d east 
Fairfax Wilson M. C, coast survey, h C south c 

2d east 
Falconer Elisha, carpenter, h 353 7th west 
Falconer Mahlon, carpenter, h 566 M north 
Falconer R. J., carpenter, h 280 7th west 
Falconer Sarah, milliner, 353 7th west, h do 

"Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, and 



Falconer William H., carpenter, I north n 9th 

-west, h I north n 12th west 
Fales George W., messenger Treas Dept, h 554 

M north 
Fales Joseph T., examiner Patent Office, h 466 

Mass av 
Fales Nathan W., clerk Ordnance Office, h 488 

H north 
Faley Thomas, waiter, h 5th east n B north 
Falkenstein, h 391 Pean av 
Fallon John, tailor, h 582 H north 
Fallows William J., stonecutter, h 23d west n N 

FALLS ALEXANDER J., agent Adams' Express 

Co., 514 Penn av, h 406 I north 
Fancoop John, milkman, K south n 4| west 
Fanning William H., police, h 537 12th west 
Fant Hamilton G-. (Sweeny, Rittenhouse, Fant & 

Co.), banker, 352 Penn av, h 428 D north 
Fantine Joseph, h Md av n 4^ west 
Farley Alice, wid Lawrence, h 48 La av 
Farley Edward W., principal Everett Institute, 

Mass av n 9th west, h 423 10th west 
Farley Hugh, painter, bds 279 D north 
Farmer Ignatius (cord), hackman, h N J av n C 

Farmer Peter, painter, h 172 22d west 
Farnham Jane, wid Robert, h 486 M north 
Farnum Rodney M., farmer, h 465 M north 
Farquhar Louisa, wid A. M., boarding-house, 458 

12th west 
Farr Alfred (eol'd), laborer, h 126 23d west 
Farr Catharine (cord), wid Andrew, h Vt av n 

N north 
Farr William W., clock repairer, 257 Penn av, h 

Farrar Mary A., widow John M., h 409 E north 
Farrell Ann, wicl James, h 5th west n H north 
Farrell Bridget, groceries, E south, c 2d west, h 

Farrell Christopher, laborer, h Carroll n 2d 

Farrell Dennis, waterman, h 61 D south 
Farrell John, laborer, h r 295 1st west 
Farrell John, tinner, h City Hall 
Farrell Roger, laborer, h 480 F north 
Earrell William, barkeeper, h L south n 6th 

Farren John, stonecutter, h P north n 5th west 
Farrington Wm., printer, h 377 N Y av 
Farrold Alfred, carpenter, h 559 6th east 
Farrolcl Joseph, carpenter, h 559 6th east 
Fasnaught George, contractor, h 78 6th west 
Faulkner Ckas. J. Hon., Va, bds Lafayette house 
Faulkner Wm., shoemaker, h 354 C north 
Faulkner Wm. H., carpenter, I north, h 404 I 

Faunce Christopher, fisherman, h 62 D south 
Faunce Conard, fisherman, h 596 14-th west 
Faunce George D., fisherman, h 600 14th west 
Faunce George W., fisherman, h 125 13.i west 
Faunce Wm., fisherman, h 655 Md av 
Fauth Julius, saloon, 449 1st west, h do 
Favarger A., bds 446 15th west 
Fearson Joseph C, butter, 341 Centre mkt, h 334 i 

19 th west 
Fearson Wm. P., salesman, bds 472 lOthwest I 
Feaster Mary, h 514 8th west 
Feearsinger Hilarius, carpenter, h Goat alley 
Fegan Peter, rectifier & distiller, 95 La av, h 116 ! 

4£ west 
Fegan Thomas, painter, h B north n 1st west 
Fegarro Antonio, watchman, li 691 4th east 
Felger Francis, varieties, 532 Sth west 
Fendall Philip R., lawyer, ±\ opp City Hall, h 

393 D north t 

FENDALL WM. Y., lawyer, At opp City Hall, h 

393 D north 
Fendner Ferdinand, basket-maker, 67 Centre 

mkt, h 573 north 
Fendner Henry, basket-maker, h 573 north 
Fendner William, grocer, 158 6th west, h 375 

Fendrich Xayer, machinist, h 541 7th east 
Fennell Ann, wid John, h 463 3d east 
Fennell Lawrence J., watchman Navy Yard, h 

463 3d east 
Fennell Simon, shoemaker, h 197 N J av 
Fennel Thomas, tailor, 368 D north, bds Frank- 
lin house 
Fenton Charles B., printer, h 182 D south 
Fenton Daniel V., printer, h 592 8th west 
Fenton James L., printer, h 182 D south 
Fenton Robert W., butcher, h 189 7th west 
Fenton Wm. H., butcher, 34 Northern mkt, h 189 

7th west 
Fentress Harriet, boarding-house, 505 7th west 
Fenwick George P., physician, 623 7th west 
Fenwick J. Thomas, clerk, h 10th west n C 

Fenwick Richard M. A. (Fenwick & Marshall), 

restaurant, La av c 7th, h H north n 2d 
Fenwick Robert W., agent Munn & Co., 464 7th 

west, h 523 I north 
Fenwick Sarah E., wid Robert, h 523 I north 
Fenwick Wm. A., wood & coal, 7th west c Canal, 

h 160 C south 
FENWICK & MARSHALL (Richard M. A. Fen- 
wick & Robert H. Marshall), restaurant, La av 

c 7th 
Feran Thomas, chief clerk Treas Dept, h401 13th 

Ferere Lewis, stonecutter, h S Capitol n B south 
Ferguson Andrew, bricklayer, h 217 4^ west 
Ferguson Bailey N., carriage-maker, 336 C north, 

h 6th west n E north 
Ferguson Benjamin (eol'd), steward, h r 55410th 

Ferguson Benj. W., magistrate, 538 Penn av, h 

A north n 3d east 
Ferguson Elizabeth, h 813 6th west 
Ferguson James, prof in the Observatory, h 206 

I north 
Ferguson James R.. carpenter, h 402 E south 
Ferguson John B., h Ga av n 3d east 
Ferguson Joseph, barber, h 476 D south 
Ferguson Samuel (colored), sawyer, h 239 C 

Ferguson William, clerk Treas Dept, bds 543 L 

Ferguson William M., clerk War Dept, bds 173 

K north 
Ferguson William P., clerk, h Ga av n 3d 

Ferris Michael, laborer, h 270 D south 
Ferry Hugh, stonecutter, h 187- 7th west 
Ferry James T., bricklayer and drain tiles, h 327 

12th west 
Field Jane, wid Oliver, h 375 L south 
Fields Henry (col'd), weaver, h 15 A south 
Fields George, laborer, h 532 I south 
Figaniere, Minister from Portugal, bds 446 15th 

File Lewis, tinner, h 24S D north 
Filius James, machinist, h 472 E south 
Fill John, prof, of mathematics, h 483 10th west 
Fill John C, prof, of music, bds 4S3 10th west 
Fill Wm. F. A., bds 483 10th west 
Fillebrown George, h 224 II north 
Fillebrown Thomas, clerk, h 224 II north 
Filling Frederick, laborer, b 8th west n W north 
Finch John S., painter, h 599 N north 

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Finch Mary E., wid David, h 391 13th west 
Finckel Samuel, Rev., h 418 20th west 
Finckel S. D., clerk War Dept 
Findley Frank, draughtsman, bds 357 E north 
Findley Joseph J., painter, h 56 M north 
Fink Casper, stonemason, h 73 24th west 
Fink John, stonecutter, h 119 I north 
FINKMANN CONRAD, Franklin hotel, 253 

Penn av 
Finlev Wm., tobacconist, 7th west c F north, h 

544 H north 
Finnacom Stokely S., shoes, 105 Penn av, h 204 

20th west 
Finnigan Bartholomew, laborer, h 634 Mass av 
Finnigan Michael, carpenter, h 255 9th west 
Finton Michael, stonemason, h E south c 1st west 
FIREMAN'S INS. CO. of Washington and 

Georgetown, 306 C north 
Fish Roswell A., clerk, h 197 F north 
Fisher Betsey (col'd), h Temperance Hall al 
Fisher Charles, clerk Treas Dept, h 353 13th west 
Fisher Charles Y., machinist, bds 504 Penn av 
Fisher David (col'd), h 418 14th west 
Fisher Ellwood, h 399 3d west 
Fisher Frederick, locksmith, bellhanger, and 

gunsmith, 416 7th west, h do. 
Fisher Harriet F., h 614 12th west 
Fisher Henry, hackman, h 74 H south 
Fisher Henry (col'd), steward, h r 397 12th west 
Fisher Jacob, stonecutter, h 3d east n H north 
Fisher Jacob, stonecutter, h 1st west bet H and I 

Fisher Lorina (col'd), wid Abraham, h 467 N Y 

Fisher Morris, boots and shoes, 287 Penn av, h do 
Fisher Percival, machinist, h 395 G south 
Fisher Philip, confectioner, bds 316 Penn av 
Fisher Thomas J. (J. C. McG-uire & Co.), com 

mer, D north c 10th west, h 420 N Y av 
Fisher Uronimus, laborer, h H north n 2d east 
Fisher William E., billiards, Penn av, h 353 13th 

Fisher Wm. M. (Marr & Fisher) , billiards, 11th 

west c Penn av, h 13th west n L north 
Fishman Solomon, dry goods, 391 7th west, h do 
Fishpaw William, clerk, bds 328 N Y av 
Fisk Wm., second-hand books, 482 15th west, h 

480 do 
FISTER JOHN, butcher, 59 Centre mkt, h 23d 

west n M north 
Fitton William, finisher, bds 564 3d east 
Fitz Margaret, wid Michael, h 554 Mass av 
Fitz Thomas, musician, h r D south n 3d west 
Fitzgerald Bridget, h 75 A south 
Fitzgerald Dennis, huckster, N Liberty mkt, h 

337 G north 
Fitzgerald Edward, h 48 Washington 
Fitzgerald Edward, carpenter, h 10 Ohio av 
Fitzgerald Edward, laborer, bds N noi'th c N J av 
Fitzgerald Edward, laborer, h Goat al 
Fitzgerald Edward, laborer, h 72 Washington 
Fitzgerald E., clerk, h 353 F north 
Fitzgerald Garrett, laborer, h 605 Mass av 
Fitzgerald John, grocer, Plater's al n K nth, h do 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, h r 377 3d east 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, h 80 2d west 
Fitzgerald John E., bds 474 Penn av 
Fitzgerald Margaret, boarding-h, 474 Penn av 
Fitzgerald Mary A. (col'd), wid James, h N nth 

n 17th west 
Fitzgerald Michael, h 304 3d west 
Fitzgerald Michael, watchman, h 17th west n L 

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h 302 3d west 
Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h 290 3d west 
Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h 558 3d east 

Fitzgerald Susan, variety, 354 E north, h do 
Fitzgerald Thomas, contractor, h 303 3d west 
Fitzgerald Thomas, grocer, N north c N J av, h do 
Fitzgerald Thomas, laborer, h 605 Mass av 
Fitzgerald Thomas, laborer, h 75 A south 
Fitzgerald Thomas, laborer, h 410 B north 
Fitzgerald Thomas, gasfitter, h r 2d east n C north 
Fitzgerald Timothy, laborer, h r 562 G north 
Fitzgerald William A., printer and agent for Lan- 

dreth's seeds, 353 F north, h 355 F north 
Fitzgibbons Edmund, laborer, h A north n 1st 

Fitzhugh Elizabeth (col'd), washerwoman, h 71 

G south 
Fitzhugh John C, farmer, h 6th east n A north 
Fitzhugh P. A., clerk Treas Dept 
Fitzhugh William M., clerk Land Office 
Fitzmorris Luke R., ostler, h 257 D north 
Fitzmorris Margaret, wid Daniel, h 554 Mass av 
Fitzpatrick Bernard, grocer, 327 15th west, h do 
Fitzpatrick Eliza, boarding-h, 604 8th east 
Fitzpatrick Honora, wid Michael, h 75 A south 
FITZPATRICK JAMES, messenger bank of Me- 
tropolis, h 479 11th west 
Fitzpatrick James, watchman, h 594 I south 
Fitzpatrick John C, Sec'y of Senate, h 294 B 

Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, h 75 A south 
Fitzpatrick Susannah, wid Nicholas, h 655 4th east 
Fitzsimmons James, waiter, h 15 13| west 
Fladung Henry, shoemaker, 105 E Capitol, h do 
Flagg Edmund, lawyer, h 276 H north 
Flaherty Edward, tinner, h 8 Temperance Hall al 
Flaherty John, carpenter, h 226 N J av 
Flaherty John, plasterer, h 205 5th west 
Flaherty John, tinner, h 7 Temperance Hall al 
Flaherty Michael, laborer, h 373 '5th west 
Flaherty Patrick, laborer, h 101 K north 
Flaherty William, watchman, h 544 G north 
Flanagan James, grocery and liquors, 208 F north 
Flanagan John, carpenter, h 478 N J av 
Flanagan Michael, plasterer, bds 558 Mass av 
Flanagan Thomas, laborer, h 674 G north 
Flanagan James, laborer, h. 287 N Capitol 
Flannery Martin, stonecutter, h 551 Mass av 
Fleet Julia (col'd), h 447 3d west 
Fleet Margaret (col'd), wid Jarvis, h 298 21st west 
Fleet Sarah (col'd), h 493 13th west 
Fleetwood Isaac (col'd), laborer, h 560 K north 
Fleishell Jacob J., stonecutter, h 408 4th east 
Fleming Abraham, feed, 403 7th west, h do 
Fleming James J., watchman at Capitol, bds 57 

4i west 
Fleming John, h 57 4i west 
Fleming John R., stonecutter, bds 57 4 1 west 
Fleming Lawrence, laborer, h 479 Mass av 
Fleming Michael, laborer, h 2d west n D south 
Fleming Thomas, bds 57 ih west 
Fleming William, printer, bds 57 4^- west 
Flemming Eliza, huckster, 71 Northern mkt, h N 

Y av n 6th west 
Flemming Elizabeth, wid Edwin, h 284 N Y av 
Flemming John, laborer, h K north n 3d west 
Flemming Patrick (Flemming &Foy), stable, 353 

C north, h 57 4| west 
Flemming Thomas, laborer, h 418 B north 
Flemming & Foy (P. Flemming & J. Foy), livery 

stables, 353 C north 
Flenner Wm., bookkeeper, 358 Penn av, h 477 

I north 
Fletcher Ann, h 25 west n F north 
Fletcher Arthur W., real estate agt, 430 F north 
Fletcher Basil (col'd), messenger, h 589 3d west 
Fletcher Charles, clerk City P O, h 618 Md av 
Fletcher Emily (col'd), h 229 N J av 
Fletcher Edward T., clerk, h 502 K north 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot saves oiie-tkircl. 



Fletcher George, clerk, h 618 Md av 

Fletcher Hannah, wid Thomas J., h 502 K north 

Fletcher Henrietta (col'd), washerwoman, h 214 

F south 
Fletcher Henry (col'd), coachman, h 341 L north 
Fletcher James (Fletcher & Johnston), Lunch 

house, 485 10th west, h do 
Fletcher James, bds 398 10th west 
Fletcher James A., contractor, h 598 I north 
Fletcher John, paver, h 600 I north 
Fletcher Noah Mrs., h 466 E north 
Fletcher St. Clair, clerk, 317 Penn av, h 618 Md av 
Fletcher William, contractor, h 25th west n F nth 
FLETCHER & JOHNSTON (James Fletcher and 

William Johnston), Lunch house, 485 10th west 
Fleury Eugene L., clerk Navy ag't, h 383 L north 
Flinch Margaret,' wid William, h N Y av n 13th 

Flinn Thomas, laborer, h 610 Mass av 
Flinn William, Navy agent, 290 F north, h do 
Flint Charles W., restaurant, F north n 15th west, 

h 422 13th west 
Flint C. W. Mrs., dressmaker, h 422 13th west 
Flood George W., messenger Topographical Dept, 

h 467 13th west 
Flood John, laborer, h 602 6th west 
Flood Richard H., late grocer, h 473 12th west 
Flood William, laborer, h 491 3d west 
Flood William G., clerk, h 131 D south 
FLORENCE THOMAS B., editor National Dem- 
ocratic Quarterly Review, N W c Penn av and 

17th west 
Flowers Alexander, printer, bds 476 12th west 
FLOYD JOHN B. Hon., Secretary of War, h 345 

I north 
Fluery Robert E., waterman, h 39 F south 
Fluery Walter A., waterman, h 39 F south 
Flynn Daniel, messenger Coast Survey, h 388 D 

Flynn Edward, laborer, h 1st east n M south 
Flynn John, laborer, h 432 K south 
Flynn John M., hackman, h 530 K north 
Flynn Michael, bricklayer, h 7 Union row 
Flynn Morris, laborer, h 2 Union row 
Flynn Patrick, laborer, h r D south n 3d west 
Flynn Patrick, laborer, h 1st east n M south 
Flynn Peter, laborer, h 507 17th west 
Flynn Simon, carriage-maker, 305 D north, h do 
Foegler John, tailor, h 489 8th west 
Fogerty James, watchman P Dept, bds 426 

14th west 
Folen Patrick, grocer, 99 K north, h do 
Foley Bartholomew, laborer, h 591 G north 
Foley Daniel; laborer, h 460 M north 
Foley Harvey, laborer, h 16th west n north 
Foley Jeremiah, laborer, h 48 1st west 
Foley Margaret, wid Martin, h 17th west n Lnth 
Foley Mary, wid Michael, h 40 Washington 
Foley Patrick, hostler, h 245 3d west 
Foley Patrick, laborer, h 581 G north 
Foley Patrick, laborer, h 502 3d east 
Folk George R., brickmason, h 297 8th west 
Folk Harriet, wid George, h 569 E north 
Follansbee Geo., carpenter, 412 3d west, bds H 

north n 6th east 
Follansbee Joseph, late carpenter, h H north n 

6th east 
Foller John, grocer, 570 5th west, h do 
Fontana Vincenzo, sculptor, h 327 B north 
Foos John A., bricklayer, h 419 11th west 
Foote Henrietta, wid Andrew, h 394 14th west 
Forbes Ann M., boarding, h 554 Penn av 
Forbes George C, printer, h 210 N Y av 
Forbes John M. D., carpenter, h 554 Penn av 
FORCE CHARLES F., physician, 328 D north, 

bds 478 10th west 

Force Marion E., h 478 10th west 

Force Peter, h 478 10th west 

Force Wm. Q., attorney, 480 10th west, h 478 do 

Ford Alexander M'C, med student, bds 418 9th 

Ford Benjamin C. (col'd), carpenter, 1^ west n 

I south 
Ford Carroll, carpenter, bds 505 7th west 
Ford Catherine, wid John, h 426 G north 
Ford Charles, brickmaker, bds 505 7th west 
Ford Charles (Ford & Windsor), brick manufr., 

N south c South Capitol 
Ford Elizabeth, wid Henry, h 40 Mo av 
Ford Elizabeth, boarding, h 160 F north 
Ford Franklin, laborer, h 259 E south 
Ford Frederick (col'd), hackman, h 215 4th west 
Ford Harriet (col'd), wid Charles, h 124 23d west 
Ford Hubbard (col'd), laborer, h 10th west n E 

Ford James, laborer, h 17th west n D north 
Ford James (col'd), waiter, h 393 21st west 
Ford James H., carpenter, h 533 11th west 
Ford John N., carpenter, h 241 Va av 
Ford Michael, stonecutter, h 239 20th west 
Ford Michael, tailor, h 289 N Capitol 
Ford Oliver R., clerk, h 220 H north 
Ford Patrick, laborer, h Carroll n 2d east 
Ford Pattie (col'd), widow, h 393 21st west 
Ford Sarah, wid Martin, h 229 20th west 
Ford Silas (James M. McCamly), clothing, 388 

Penn av, h at Newark, N J 
Ford Stephen C, clerk Treas Dept, bds 485 12th 

FORD S. CALVERT jr., druggist, 290 Penn av, 

h 13th west n G north 
Ford Thomas G., leather-dealer, 430 7th west 
Ford William (col'd), carman, h 550 G north 
Ford William (col'd), carpenter, h 258 20th west 
Ford William (col'd), huckster, h 272 21st west 
Ford & Windsor (Charles Ford and David Wind- 
sor), brick manfs., N south c South Capitol 
Foreman Edward, examiner Patent Office, h 422 

16th west 
Forest William H., h 352 18th west 

Forman , bds 383 Penn av 

Forman Emma (col'd), wid William, h 8th east c 

A north 
Forrest Ann, wid Andrew, h 587 8th east 
Forrest Alexander, bds 596 Va av 
Forrest Charles, shoemaker, h 415 8th west 
Forrest Charles W., clerk, h 337 21st west 
Forrest Henson (col'd), laborer, h C south n 3d 

Forrest Jane, wid Henry, h 337 21st west 
Forrest John, butcher, h N south n South Capitol 
Forrest Jonathan, bootmaker, h 401 5th west 
Forrest Thomas H., boot-fitter, h 409 8th west 
Forsberg Gustave, steward, h 477 11th west 
Forsyth Chas. Allen, engineer, bds Lafayette 

Forsyth L. Cass, clerk Treas Dept, bds Lafayette 

Forsyth William, surveyor City Hall, h 250 G nth 
Fort William S., clerk Treas Dept, h 328 9th west 
Forteney Edwin W., clerk PO Dept, h 363 K nth 
Forrester Ann, seamstress, h 568 10th east 
Forrester James, finisher, h 568 10th east 
Fosbenner Eliza, dressmaker, h N J av n C north 
Fosburg August, architect, bds 357 E north 
Foskey Edward (col'd), wagoner, h 122 F north 
Fosner Conrad, gardener, h S Capitol n B south 
Fosner Win., ostler, h S Capitol n B south 
Foster Edward, shipoarpenter, h 490 K south 
Foster James, blacksmith, h 555 E south 
Foster Moses, h 47 A north 
Foster Moses, Mt Pleasant hotel, 2 A north, h do 

Old Dominion" Tea Pot. See Advertisement. 



Foster Robert, bookbinder, b 13tb east n G soutb 
Foster Thomas, messenger 3d Aud Office, b £66 

12th west 
Foster Thomas (col'd), waiter, b 399 1st west 
Foster Thomas G., tobacconist, 513 9th west, bds 

466 12th west 
Foster Wm., variety store. 578 N north, h do 
Foster Wm. 0., barkeeper, 283 Penn av 
Fotten Joseph G., chief engineer War Dept 
Fouke Charles, bds 492 E north 
Fouke Isaac, bds 492 E north 
Fouke Jacob, clerk Land Office, h 492 E north 
Foulkes John E., bookkeeper, 326 D north, h E 

south n 11th west 
Fowble David, carpenter, K north, h 670 M nth 
Fowke Mary, h 631 7th west 
Fowke Samuel, pilot, h 7th west n I south 
Fowler, clerk, bds 424 I north 
Fowler Allen G.. clerk Pension Office, h 600 N nth 
Fowler Alonzo R., livery stable, r 331 12th west, 

h 331 do 
Fowler Anna E., teacher, h 600 7th west 
FOWLER CHARLES S. & CO. (John F. Webb 

& M. Wm. Beveridge), china, glass, and earth- 
enware, 504 7th west, h 430 F north 
Fowler Elizabeth, wid Thomas, h 167 I north 
Fowler Elizabeth C, wid Jesse, h 569 L north 
Fowler Emily D., h 464 M north 
Fowler Henderson, wood and coal, 4£ west st 

bridge, h 717 3d east 
Fowler James D., laborer; h 107 I north 
Fowler John L., furniture, K south n 3d east 
Fowler Julia, wid Stephen, h 533 12th west 
Fowler Lester N., clerk, h 600 N north 
Fowler Margaret, wid James, bds 357 9th west 
Fowler Mary A., wid Benj. F., h 619 Va av 
Fowler Mary A., wid William, h 534 11th east 
Fowler Mary E., grocer, 236 4th west, h do 
Fowler Mary F., school, 671 3d east, h 8th east 
Fowler Mrs., h 570 N north 
Fowler Rebecca, h 600 7th west 
Fowler Robert B., clerk Engineer's Dept, h 365 

11th west 
Fowler Samuel (Sweeny, Rittenhouse, Fant & 

Co.), banker, 352 Penn av, h 427 F north 
Fowler Solomon, grocer, 193 I north, h do 
Fowler Thomas, laborer, b 85 M north 
Fowler Thomas, shoemaker, h 317 F north 
Fowler Thomas W., bookseller, Mass av c 5th 

west, h 475 Mass av 
Fowler William H., carpenter, h 533 4th east 
Fox Ann (col'd), wid Thornton, h 156 I north 
Fox Charles, baker, bds 279 F north 
Fox Ellen, wid Michael, h 463 11th west 
Fox George W., laborer, h 562 9th east 
Fox James, brass-finisher, h 686 4th east 
Fox John, baker, bds 279 F north 
Fox John (Fox & Vanhook), real estate broker, 

490i 7th west, b 457 7th west 
Fox John E., clerk, h 60 E south 
Fox Margaret, wid Hugh, h 686 4th east 
Fox Mary, wid John, h 562 9th east 
Fox Peter F., grocer, 455 L south, h do 
Fox William (col'd), cooper, h 75 26th west 
Fox & Vanhook (John Fox & John W. Vanhook), 

real estate brokers, 490£ 7th west 
Foxwell Ellen, wid Gabriel, h 470 11th west 
Foxwell James, messenger, h 470 11th west 
Foy James, grocer, 303 B south, and (Flemming 

& Foy) livery stable, 353 C north, h 303 B sth 
Foy John, blacksmith, bds 336 L south 
Foy Mary Ann Miss, h 530 I north 
Foy Sarah Miss, h 530 I north 
Frailey Carolina M. B., wid Charles, h 403 N Y av 
France James (co'ld), oysters, N Y av n 13th 


France John H., exchange office, 497 6th west, h 

354 C north 
France John, exchange office, 266 Penn av, h do 
France Joseph H., h 354 D north 
France J. Edward, agent, bds 505 7th west 
France Thomas E., Lane & Tucker's bldg, h 270 

C north 
Francis, bookbinder, bds 416 D north 
Francis George, clerk, h 500 Penn av 
Francis George, house furnishing hardware, 490 

7th west, h 453 10th west 
Francis Richard (col'd), waiter, h 383 N Y av 
Francis Thomas, agent Noah Walker & Co., 368 

Penn av, h 356 N Y av 
Francis Thomas (col'd), bartender, h 146 E north 
Frank Jacob, butter-merchant, 468 Centre and 

Navy Yard mkts, h 178 K north 
Frank Joseph, cooper, h Del av n I north 
Frank Lewis E., bricklayer, h 87 Penn av 
Frankland Ann E., widow, h 13 Northern market 

Frankland Walter, clerk, 38 Market space, bds 

H north n 7th west 
Franklin James M., engraver, rooms at 275 

Penn av 
Franklin John P., lawyer, bds 404 C north 
Franklin Samuel, machinist, h 579 C north 
Franklin Samuel R., lieutenant U S N, bds 353 

19th west . 
Franklin Stephen P. (Franklin & Rothrock), pa- 
per-hangings, 505 9th west, h 404 C north 
Franklin William, printer, h 405 E north 
Franklin William A., clerk, 523 7th west, h B 

north c 1st east 
Franklin William B., h 240 I north 
Franklin W. Joseph, carpenter, h 536 14th west 
FRANKLIN & ROTHROCK (S. P. Franklin and 

L. J. Rothrock), paper-hangings, 505 9th west 
Franks Edward G., bds 502 L north 
Franks Theodore, clerk Land Office, b 502 L 

Franze Louis, artist, 320 C north, b 330 Del av 
Franzoni Charles W., bds 506 I north 
I Franzoni Jane, h 125 D south 
Franzoni John C, printer, h 506 I north 
Franzoni Joseph D., clerk, 375 Penn av, bds I 

north n 7th west 
Franzoni Virginia Miss, h 589 Penn av 
Fraser Hercules (col'd), servant, h K north n 

N Jav 
Fraser James, wood and coal, 456 G north, h 298 

Va av 
Fraser J. A., clerk of Penitentiary 
Frazer John, grocer, I north c 18th west, h do 
Frazer William, farmer, l£ west n U south, h do 
Frazier Benjamin, messenger, h 538 I north 
Frazier George W., carpenter, h 590 M north 
Frazier James, baker, 87 Northern mkt and 277 

F north, h 277 F north 
Frazier Thomas J., printer, h 350 5th west 
Frazier William F., shipbuilder, river bet 9th and 

10th west, h do 
Frazier William H., provisions, Mass av c I 

north, h 272 8th west 
Frederick George, stonecutter, h 469 K north 
Free Joseph D., carpenter, h 291 D north 
Free Thomas, limeburner, h B north n 22d west 
Freedenberger Michael, baker, 99 Northern mkt, 

h C north n 4th east 
Freeland Joseph (col'd), whitewasher, h 22d west 

n B north 
Freeman Benjamin (col'd), laborer, h 318 18th 

Freeman Henry, upholsterer, h S north n 4th 


The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, Manufactured by 



Freeman John, h 564 L north. 
Freeman John, baker, 80 N north, h do 
Freeman John (col'd), carpenter, h 342 M north 
Freeman John, jr., baker, 82 Northern market, 

h N north n 6th west 
Freeman John P., tailor, h 562 L north 
Freeman Margaret, teacher, h 746 N J av 
Freeman P. C, laborer Land Office 
Freeman Wallar (col'd), carpenter, h 342 M 

Freeman William G., colonel U S A, h 316 H 

Frees John M., waterman, h 384 4-J west 
Freese Samuel, carpenter, h 552 H north 
Freirich Charles, tobacconist, 7th west n Md av 
FRENCH BENJAMIN B., lawyer, 37 E Capi- 
tol, h do 
French Charles D., carpenter, bds 360 5th west 
French Charles E , huckster, 143 Centre market, 

h Alexandria Co 
French Edmund F., clerk Treas Dept, h 5th east 

c Penn av 
French Emily, wid William, h 4th west nN north 
French Ephraim, stonecutter, h 442 6th west 
French Harriet A., wid William, h 202 II north 
French James B., tailor, h 6-| west n D south 
French Michael, shoemaker, h 515 L north 
French Thomas, steward, h 13 13£ west 
French Walter H., clerk at National hotel 
Frere Elizabeth, wid James, h 348 20th west 
Frere James W., carpenter, h 348 20th west 
Frere John B., plasterer, h 348 20th west 
Frere Richard A., boarcling-house, 502 Penn av 
Frere Richard M., painter, Jackson Hall al, h 

502 Penn av 
Freudenberger Michael, baker, 600 C north, h do 
Freund Ludwig, huckster. Northern market and 

516 Centre mkt, h 167 8th west n P north 
Freyhold Edward, clerk War Dept, h 377 14th 

Frick Martin, tailor, h 174 4| west 
Fricke William, machinist, h G south n 13th east 
Fridley George W., exchange office, Penn av, h 

274 D north 
Fridley Philip, messenger, bds 274 D north 
Fridley P. B., laborer Land Office 
Fridley W. H. H., clerk, h 274 D north 
Friebus J. A. T., clerk, 324 Penn av, bds Penn 

av n 3d 
FRIEDRICH EMIL S., architect, 312 D north, 

h 89 E Capitol 
Friederich Lorian, butcher, 58 Centre mkt, h 9th 

east n M' south 
Frier B., messenger, h 127 D south 
Fries John M., h 239 N Y av 
Friess Christopher, cabinetmaker, h 482 9th west 
Frisbie William (col'd), cook, h 410 I north 
Fristoe Edward T., professor Columbian College, 

h Mass av n 10th west 
Fritsch William, teacher languages, 361 7th west 
Fritz Frederick, watchman, h 545 Mass av 
Fritzinger George M., ostler, h 503 1st west 
Fritzinger Thomas J., watchman, h 220 2d west 
Frizell Maria, wid John, h L north n 17th west 
Frizell William J., printer, h L north n 17th west 
Frost Leonard, painter, h 476 M south 
Froy G. R., Patent Office, bds 352 D north 
Fry Annie R., wid James, h 396 D south 
Fry Caroline V. M., wid Nathaniel, h 351 1 north 
Fry James T., carpenter, h 396 D south 
Fry Joseph, carpenter, 404 D south, h 619 N Jav 
Fry Thomas, watchman, h 345 4$ west 
Fry Thomas E., shoemaker, h 295 C north 
Fryer Elijah S., gilder, bds 255 Penn av 
Frysinger Henry, clerk Treas Dept, h 410 K north 
Fugett James, stagedriver, h 193 4} west 

Fugett Martin, h 727 7th west 

Fugitt Charles F., fisherman, h N J av c N south 

FUGITT FRANCIS I., grocer, 383 L south, h 

365 L south 
Fugitt James, carman, h F south n 8th west 
Fugitt Jared, laborer, h 644 5th east 
Fugitt Joseph, lumber, 90 La av, h 434 D north 
Fugitt Thomas E., machinist, h N J avc N south 
Fugitt Thomas M., machinist, h N Jav c N south 
Fuller B., fifth Audt Treas Dept, h M north c 

12th west 
Fuller Edward F., clerk, h 70 D north 
Fuller Edward H., clerk Land Office 
Fuller George F., engineer, h 443 12th west 
Fuller Henry L., clerk Treas Dept, h 413 I north 
Fuller Thomas J. D., 2d Auditor Treas Dept, h 4 

Northern market space 
Fullerton James S., express driver, h 311 Del av 
Fulmer George W., attorney, h 461 I south 
Fulmer John pattern-maker, h 492 I south 
Funk Henry, huckster, 146 Centre mkt, h on 

Bladenburg rd 
FUNSTEN DAVID, lawyer, 30 La av, h at Alex- 

Furlong Moses, laborer, h A north n 1st east 
Furmage William, gardener, h north n 5th west 
Furse John, plumber, h 492 14th west 
FURSE THOMAS, plumber and gasfitter, 307 E 

north, h 492 14th west 
Furtner Alexander, bricklayer, h 405.. K north 
Furtner Columbus, h 309 6th west * 
Fuss John G. (Fuss & Bart), boots and shoes, 

406 & 419 7th west, h 419 do 
Fuss & Bart (John G. Fuss & Leonart Bart), boots 

and shoes, 419 and 406 7th west 
Fussell Jacob, confectioner, F north c 12th west, 

h 296 F north 

Gaburri Leone E., physician, 423 13th west, h do 
Gaddis Adam, foreman Navy Yard, h Ga av c 10th 

Gaddis Adam, jr. (A. Gaddis, jr. & Co.), grocer, 

M south c 11th east, h 488 M south 
Gaddis George H., clerk, h Ga av c 10th east 
Gaddis Lemuel (A. Gaddis jr. & Co.), grocer, M 

south c 11th east, bds 529 11th east 
Gaddis William, blacksmith, h Ga av c 10th 

Gaddis A., jr. &Co. (Adam, jr. & Lemuel Gaddis), 

grocers, M south c 11th east 
Gadsby Richard J. (col d). cook, h 257 21st west 
Gadsby William, clerk Treas Dept, h 266 H north 
Gaffney Michael, butter, 100 Northern mkt, h 

315 8th west 
GAGE AARON, Vernon house, 3d west c Mo av 
Gage Alden L., clerk Pension Office, h 348 10th 

Gage Rhoda A., wid Anthony, h 446 H north 
Gagliardi Thomas (Gagliardi <fc Giampaoli), sculp- 
tor, 2d east e Md av, h 3d east c C north 
GAGLIARDI & GIAMPAOLI (Thomas Gagliardi 

& Dominicus Giampaoli), sculptors, 2d east c 

Md av 
Gahagan Bridget, wid Patrick, h 166 23th west 
Gahagan James, laborer, h 222 L north 
Gaines E. P., clerk P Dept 
GAINES GEN. Mrs., bds National hotel 
Gaines W. W., clerk Treas Dept 
Gainor Mary, wid John, h 122 lv north 
Gainor William S., carpenter, h 422 K north 
Gaither Benjamin, h 314 I north 

lerk, 406 6th west, bds 398 

Gaither Francis t 

Gaither Margaret 

wid Greenburv. h 514 I north 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, 117 and 119 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia. 


Gaither Margaret, wid John, h 17 Northern mar- 
ket space 
Gale Lsonai-d D., chemist and patent agent, 471 

E north, h do 
Galer Ruth, wid William B., h 383 10th west 
Galer William B., clerk P Dept, h 279 8th west 
Gales Joseph (Gales & Seaton), National Intelli- 
gencer, 513 7th west, h at Eckington 
Gales & Seaton (Joseph Gales and Wni. W. Sea- 
ton), proprietors of the National Intelligencer, 

513 7th west 
Galhorn George W., huckster, 95 Centre mkt, h 

9th west n E south 
Galagker Alexander, supt., h 190 D south 
Gallagher Dennis, messenger Patent Office, h 517 

H north 
Gallagher Edward J., machinist, h 436 9th west 
Gallagher Julia, seamstress, h 37H 11th west 
Gallagher Mary, dressmaker, h 436 9th west 
Gallagher Richard, machinist, h 436 9th west 
Gallagher Richard S., machinist, h 436 9th west 
Gallagher Thomas laborer, h 314 4th west 
Gallagher Timothy, laborer, h 135 X Y av 
Gallaher B. Franklin, purser U S N, h 353 I 

Gallaher John S., claim agt, 2 Todd's bldg, h ! 

369 F north 
Gallaher John S., jr., patent agent, 375 F north, 

bds 369 do 
Gallant Edward, carpenter, h 6th west n north [ 
Gallant Peter, carpenter, 2S3 C north, h 5th west 

c P north 
Gallant Wm. G., carpenter, bds P north c 5th west 
GALLAUDET E. M., supt Columbia Institution, 

h at Columbia Inst 
Gallivan Catharine, h r 462 B south 
Gallivan Martin, laborer, h N north n 5th west i 
Gallivan Timothy, laborer, h 224 L north 
Galloway James, hackman, h 462 B south 
Gait Eliza, wid James, h 499 9th west 
Gait James V., jeweller, 354 Penn av, bds 499 

9th West 
Gait Matthew W. (M. W. Gait & Bro.), jeweller, 

354 Penn av, h 313 F north 
Gait Stirling, salesman, 354 Penn av, bds 499 9th 

Gait Thomas J. (T. J. & W. M. Gait), wood and | 

coal, 547 12th west, h 10 La av 
Gait William (M. W. Gait & Bro.) jeweller, 354 | 

Penn av, h499 9th west 
Gait William M. (T. J. & W. M. Gait) wood and 

coal, 547 12th west, bds 313 F north 
GALT M. W. BRO. (Wm. Gait), jewellers, 354 \ 

Penn av 
GALT T. J. & W. M., wood and coal, 547 12th j 

Gant Ann (col'd),wid Benjamin, h r 537 K north 
Gant Charles (col'd), laborer, h 511 N north 
Gant Charles (col'd), porter, h N J av n C north 
Gant Eliza E. (col'd), wid Charles, h 8th west n 

S north 
Gant Julia (coPd), wid Mathias, h L north n 22d 

Gantner John, blacksmith, 603 Pennav, h Engle 

n B south 
Gantt Benjamin (col*d), porter, h 269 F south 
Gantt Cecelia (col'd), washerwoman, h E south n 

10 west 
Gantt Edward (col'd), waiter, h 464 17th west 
Gantt James (col'd), laborer, h 391 B south 
Gantt Jeremiah (col'd), laborer, h 464 17th west 
Gantt Julius H., clerk P 0, bds 371 Penn av 
Gantt Louisa (col'd), wid Armstead, h N north n 

4th west 
Gantt Samuel (col'd), h Carroll n 1st east 
Gantt Samuel (col'd), laborer, h 1st west nF sth 

Gantt Thomas (col'd), laborer, bds r 329 1st west 
Garber Andrew, blacksmith, Penn av, bds Car- 
roll n 1st east 
Garcia Cbarles W. F., machinist, bds, 206 6th west 
Garcia Susan R., wid Francis, h 206 6th west 
Gardiner J. C, bds 218 F north 
Gardiner Mary E., segars, 556 Penn av 
Gardner Alexander, photographer at Brady's, 352 

Penn av, h at Kendall Green 
Gardner Charles K., clerk Land Office, h 566 N J 

Gardner Charles T., h 290 G north 
Gardner David A., late builder, h 460 N Y av 
Gardner Frank (col'd) laborer, h South Capitol n 

R south 
Gardner Jacob B., clerk P O, and druggist, A 

south n 1st west, h 285 B south 
Gardner James, copper-finisher, h 611 E south 
Gardner John H., carpenter, h 183 7th west 
Gardner John M.. lawyer, h 566 X J av 
Gardner Mary J.,' wid Wm. F., h 501 I north 
Gardner Mrs., wid, h r P north n 14th west 
Gardner Nelly (col'd), wid Isaac, washerwoman, 

h 385 Mass av 
Gardner William F., h K north n 15th west 
Gardner William H. s clerk U S Coast Survey, 

h 290 G north 
Garesche Julius P., capt U S A, h 377 11th west 
Garland Robert R., lieut U S A, h 243 I north 
Garner Edward, waterman, h 36 F south 
Garner Frances, dressmaker, h 455 6th west 
Garner Frederick, carpenter, bds 266 8th west 
Garner George W., carpenter, h 4S6 13th west 
Garner James (col'd), waiter, h 257 F south 
Garner James W., clerk Treas Dept, h 323 9th 

Garner Jefferson, engineer, h 56 M south 
Garner John T., paver, h 266 Sth west 
Garner Lucretia, wid Charles X., h 418 G south 
Garner Samuel, laborer, h 647 5th ea?t 
Garner T. H. (col'd), sexton, h 408 4th west 
GARNETT A. Y. P., physician, 465 9th west 
Garnett Edgar M., clerk C. Claims, h 394 I north 
Garnett M.^R. H., M. C, h 424 h north 
Garr M., bds Washington house 
Garrett Antonio, blacksmith, h 627 7th east 
Garrett Caroline, wid Richard, h 329 loth west 
Garrett George W., carpenter, Jackson Hall al, 

h 655 7th west 
Garrett Milton, h 246 G north 
Garrett Rebecca, wid G., h 561 E south 
Garrett Richard, barber, h 329 15th west 
Garrett William F., carpenter, h 561 E south 
Garrettson Ninirod, dry goods, 226 7th west, h do 
Garrigan Thomas, jeweller, h 371 1st west 
Garrison George H., waiter, h 255 K north 
Garrison Ray M. G., shipcarpenter, h 91 G south 
Garst David W., millwright, h 3S0 L south 
Gartland Francis, h 339 4j west 
Garvey Joseph, laborer, h 106 23d west 
Garvin James, laborer, h 34 K north 
Gas Works, 27th west c G north 
Gasch Hermann, segars, 357 7th west, h do 
Gass John, clerk National hotel, h 11th west c L 

Gassaway Madison, watchman Patent Office, h 434 

11th west 
Gassway Thomas (col'd), cook, h 234 L north 
Gast Jonathan, clerk Post Office, bds 6 La av 
Gaszynski Titus F., prof of dancing, Franklin 

Hall, bds 211 Penn av 
Gates Ann E., wid James A., h 737 3d east 
Gates Charles, h 211 F south 
Gates George H., feed, 319 5th west 
Gates James R., laborer, h 565 10th east 
Gates John N., grocer, 565 11th east, h do 

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Gates Lemuel A., laborer, h 9th east n C south 
Gates Richard D., blacksmith, h 588 11th east 
Gates Samuel, plasterer, h r 215 F south 
Gates Sylvester F., carpenter, h 522 I south 
Gates William L., carman, h 10th east n C south 
Gates William W., laborer, h 567 10th east 
Gattan Edward, iron roller, h 472 L south 
Gattrell George P., butcher, 137 Centre mkt, h 

270 8th west 
Gattrell John M., butcher, h 584 N north 
Gattrell Otho, butcher, 38 North'n and 44 Centre 

mkt, h 7th west n north 
GATTRELL T. SEWALL, wood and coal, 9th 

west c H north, h 438 I north 
Gattrell William B., 32 North'n mkt, h 270 8th 

Gau Alexander, Sec'y Prussian Legation, bds 

431 14th west 
Gaughran Patrick H., laborer, h 14th west n 

GAUTIER CHARLES, saloon, 252 Penn av, h do 
Garvin James, boiler-maker, h 594 7th east 
Garvin Patrick, grocer, r 319 Va av, h do 
Gawler Alfred H., upholsterer, h 216 22d west 
Gawler Joseph, undertaker, 184 Penn av, h do 
Gayhart John, junk, h 198 4l west 
Gazella Francis, tailor, h 575 Penn av 
Geantner John, blacksmith, Penn av, h Carroll 

n 2d east 
Geary Morty, grocer, F north n 2d west, h do 
Geddes Charles W., h B south c 13i west 
Geddes Robert, clerk, h B south c 13^ west 
Geddings Edward, moulder, h 500 E south 
Geddis George, stonecutter, h 618 C north 
Gee Henry P., turner, h B north n 7th east 
Gee M. C. Mrs., dressmaker, 344 5th west, h do 
Geer Robert, laborer, h 183 5th west 
Geier Anton, tailor, h Goat al 
Geier Bernard, butcher, 14 Centre mkt, h 12th 

east n H north 
Geier Edward, laborer, h 22 Organ al 
Geier Frank M., cabinetmaker, 290 7th west 
Geiger John J., carpenter, h 246 4th west 
Geiger John J. jr., carpenter, 4th west c Wash- 
ton, h 246 4th west 
Genau Daniel, boots and shoes, 501 7th west, h 

428 do 
General Church Home, 470 12th west 
Gengenbach Dorothy, wid Charles, h 149 Del av 
George Edson C, clerk at National hotel 
George William, laborer, h r 329 1st west 
George William (col'd), cartman, h I north n 22d 

Georgetown Club House, 314 I north 
Gephart George, carpenter, h 311 7th west 

liquors, and manufacturers of punch essences 

and cordials, 381 Penn av, h 13 Mo av 
Gerecke Wm. (J. F. & W. Gerecke), wines, &c, 

381 Penn av, h 13 Mo av 
Gerhard Joseph, barber, 306 C north, and restau- 
rant, 346 do, h do 
German John IL, painter, 65 Penn av, h 348 20th 

German Thomas, laborer, h 471 1st west 
Germon Eliza, wid Vincent, h 8 Union row 
Germon J. F., exchange office, 404 7th west 
GERMUELLER FRANCIS, saddles, harness, and 

trunks, 372 7th west and 383 Penn av, h 300 N 

Gessford Charles, carpenter, h 602 14th west 
Gessford Charles, variety store, 602 14th west 
Gessford James W., carpenter, h 703 7th west 
Gettier Henry L., tapper, h 234 D north 
Gettinger Benjamin, carpenter, h 237 Va av 
Getzendanner Joseph, laborer, h 656 7th east 

Getzendanner William, blacksmith, h 656 7th east 
Gevekort A., carriage-trimmer, h 391 Penn av 
Geyer Erbin, laborer, h 526 K north 
Ghiselli Francois, fruits, &c, 536 Penn av 
Giampaoli Dominicus (Gagliardi & Giampaoli), 

Italian sculptor, 2d east c Md av, h 3d east c 

C north 
Gibb Robert, laborer, h L north c 15th west 
Gibbons Charles H., clerk, h 208 6th west 
Gibbons George T., sexton, h 337 5th west 
GIBBONS JOHN L., physician, 328 N Y av 
Gibbons Patrick, marble polisher, h 68 *t\ west 
GIBBS JAMES B., dentist, 244 Penn av. h do 
GIBBS JOHN H., hairdresser, 218 and 242 Pa 

av, h 242 do 
Giberson Gilbert L., attorney and justice, 66 La 

av, bds 1st west n N Y av 
Gibney Patrick, laborer, h 93 K north 
Gibson, restaurant, 440 7th west 
Gibson Caleb, laborer, h ft 9th west 
Gibson Charles (col'd), sawyer, h 86 26th west 
Gibson Eliza, h 341 Va av 
Gibson Francis (col'd), whitewasher, h 414 I 

Gibson George, Genl U S A, h 217 F north 
GIBSON JACOB C, fancy goods, 20 Mkt sp, h 

388 6th west n G north 
Gibson James, baker, h 228 7th west 
Gibson James F., artist, Brady's gallery, h 357 

18th west 
Gibson James G., salesman, 48 Mkt sp, bds 407 

H north n 12th west 
Gibson John, fisherman, h 669 Md av 
Gibson John, fishmonger, Northern mkt, h 14th 

west n Md av 
Gibson John A., hackman, h 511 8th west 
Gibson Joseph, finisher, h 516 K south 
Gibson Joshua, calker, h 516 K south 
GIBSON JOSHUA, restaurant, 483 7th west and 

G north c 7th west, h do 
Gibson Minor, lawyer, 407 H north, h do 
Gibson Moses, clerk, 519 7th west, bds 407 H 

north n 12th west 
Gibson Samuel J., waterman, h 40 F south 
Gibson Walter W., bricklayer, h 453 N north 
Gibson William, blacksmith, h 595 12th west 
Gibson William, waterman, h r 618 Md av 
Gibson William, Lieut U S Navy, bds 264 G 

Giddings Dominick, bricklayer, h II north n 2d 

Giddings Richard, blacksmith, Mass av n 7th 

west, h N Y av 
GIDEON GEORGE S., printer and binder, 511 

9th west, h 8th west c K north 
Gideon Jacob, h 468 7th west 
Gieseger Andrew, rag-picker, h 4th east n E north 
Gilbert Francis, carpenter, h 6th east n B south 
Gilbert Frederick B., clerk B & O R R, h Del av 

c N north 
Gilbert Horatio N., land agent, 54S Pa av, h do 
Gilbert John M., late hotel keeper, h Del av e M 

Gilbert Thomas (col'd), drayman, h S3 26th west 
GILDEA BERNARD M., dentist, E north o 7 th 

west, h do 
Giles W. B., clerk War Dept 
Gill Christopher, plasterer, h 13| west c E south 
Gill Christopher, stonemason, h SS south 
Gill John F., laborer, h 34 M south 
Gill Joseph A., policeman, h 1 6 \ west 
Gill Robert, plasterer, h 136 south 
Gill Stephen F., plasterer, h 592 L4th west 
Gillard George E., paints, Penn av, h 360 E 

Gillchrost Clotilda, h 536 L north 

You will have delicious Collee always. 



GILLET RANSOM H., solicitor Court of Claims. 

h 41!.-) N Y av 
Gillet Silas W., clerk Land Office, Ms 405 N Y av 
Gillett Mary, wid, bus 439 Penn av 
Gillett Mary L. Mrs., bds 482 Penn av 
Gillilan William J., carpenter, h 292 F south 
aillis Bosanquet W., clerk Patent Office, h 3d 

west n F north 
GILLISS JAMES M., lieutenant U S N, h 172 

F north 
Gilliss Levin I., Rev., h 320 X Y av 
Gillmeyer Andreas, cart-man. h 297 C north 
Gilman William H., druggist, Penn av, h Bound- 
ary n 4tb west 
GILMAN ZADOCK D., druggist, 350 Penn av 
Giltinan Daniel, laborer, h r 6tb west n L north 
Ginnaty James, police, h 371 M north 
GITTINGS BENJAMIN E., fancy goods, 14 

Market space, h 393 E north bet 9th and 10th 

Gittings Christina, wid Thomas, h 276 8th west 
Gittings Jedediah, h 276 8th west 
Gittings Richard T., coachsmith, Mass av, h 430 

K north 
Given John, cartman, h 25 26th west 
Given John T. & Co., coal and wood, 14th west 

cor C north, h 122 C north 
Givens George, clerk, bds 408 14th west 
Giveny Bernard, h 363 5th west 
Gladman James H., shoemaker, h 593 I south 
Glasco Matthew, machinist, h 612 C north 
Glasco Sarah E., wid Beecher, h 599 11th east 
Glasgow David P., carpenter, h 139 E north 
Glasgow Susan, wid Thomas, h 7 Snow's 
Glass Andrew, gardener, bds 289 B north 
Glassgow Augustus A., painter, h R north n 8th 

Glassgow John, hatter, h 334 Va av 
Gleason Dennis, laborer, h 237 1st east 
Gleason Patrick, laborer, h 291 N Capitol 
Gleason Patrick, laborer, h 668 G north 
Gleason Patrick, mason, h 392 13th west 
Gleason Timothy, grocer, 20th west c L north 
Glenn Samuel F., clerk Pension Office, h 338 9th 

Glennan Patrick, waiter, h 462 B south 
Glick John, laborer, h 1st east n K north 
Glick, John H., butcher, 5 Northern and 11 Cen- 
tre markets, h 7th west n Boundary 
Glick Jonas, clothing, 422 and 276 Penn av, h 

422 Penn av n 4| 
Glorius Anthony, gardener, h S north n 4th west 
Glorius George, huckster, 173 Centre mkt, h 4th 

west cor R north 
Glover David F., driver, h 89 M north 
Glover Jane, wid Charles, h 466 10th west 
Glover John W., bookbinder, h 537 11th west 
GLOVER WILLIAM H., sewing machines, 388 

Penn av (under National hotel), bds 452 Penn 

Glumar Joseph, painter, bds 485 10th west 
Goagelin Frederick, blacksmith, 7th west c Mass 

av, h alley n 7th west bet N and north 
Gobright Lawrence A., agt N Y associated press, 

356 Penn av, h 397 E north 
Gockeler Charles G., baker, 494 Md av, h do 
Gockeler George J., baker, 172 5th west, h do 
Goddard Andrew, dry goods, 347 7th west, h 511 

I north 
Goddard Benjamin, laborer, h 504 E north 
Goddard Benjamin, machinist, h 14th east n K 

Goddard Emma A. C, h H south n 10th west 
Goddard John H., chief of police, h 511 I north 
Goddard John H., jr., guard at jail, bds 511 1 nth 
Goddard Madeline, wid Daniel, h 402 L north 

Goddard Sarah, wid Isaac, h 371 11th west 
Goddard Sarah, wid Zachariah, h 243 Vt av 
Goddard Solomon, constable, h R nth n 9th west 
Goddard Thomas, shoemaker, h 259 21st west 
Goddard William, bricklaver, h 571 north 
Goddard William C, grocer, 375 10th west, h 379 

Goddard William W., bricklayer, bds 379 10th 

Godev Marv A., wid Edward, h 584 I north 
GODEY WILLIAM H , lime-kiln, 9th west cor B 

north and 8 K north, h at Georgetown 
Godfrey Francis, h 4th west cor Mass av 
Godfrey Joseph H., bricklayer, h 181 22d west 
Godfrey Lewis, painter, h 14th cor V north 
Godfrey Martha, wid William II., h 181 22d west 
Godley Pierce, hatter, h 673 H north 
Godman Robert V., guard Penitentiary, h 335 4£ 

Godron William H., saddler, h I south n 4| west 
Godwell George, tinsmith, h r 554 14th west 
Godwin William, clerk P Dept, bds 425 Penn av 
Godwin William N. J., clerk Treas Dept 
Goff Albert C, agent, bds 504 Penn av 
Goff Ann B., wid James, h 138 E Capitol 
Goff George P., bookbinder, 2d west cor Ind av, 

h Ya av n S Capitol 
Goggin Robert W., printer, h 328 4th west 
Goheens John T., plasterer, h 208 N Y av 
Goheens Nellie (col'd), wid Luke, h 266 K north 
Goins Augustine, dressmaker, h 394 8th west 
Goins John G. (cord), painter, bds 324 8th west 
Golden Catharine, h 97 F south 
Golden Daniel, stonemason, h r 483 3d west 
Golden Margaret, porter house, 616 8th east, h do 
Golden S. M., omnibus agent, 8th east c M south, 

h. Marlboro' rd 
Goldenstroh George, shoemaker, h 400 1st east 
Goldin John, photographer, h 6 4^ west 
Goldin Lucinda, wid John, h 9th west n O north 
Golding Aurelia (coPd), dressmaker, 92 23d west 
Golding Elizabeth, h 294 D north 
Golding Singleton, hackman, h 250 C north 
Goldsborough Lewis M., Capt U S Navy, h 347 

19th west 
Goldsborough Lewis M., jr., clerkship Congress, 

h 347 19th west 
Goldsborrough Sarah, wid Frederick, h 260 I nth 
Goldsborrough William, bricklayer, h 260 I north 
GOLDSMITH HENRY A., furniture, 506 7th 

west, bds Pa av n 10th 
Goldsmith James W., messenger Treas Dept, h 

13th west cor north 
Goldsmith L., h Union alley n M south 
Goldsmith Martha, boarding, h 383 2d west 
Goldsmith Simon, clerk, 294 Pa av, bds 498 10th 

Goldsmith Simon, clothing, 355 7th west, h do 
Goldsmith Thomas, teacher, bds 5S1 8th east 
Gollahorn George, huckster, h 9th west c E sth 
Gonzaga College (R C) F north bet 9th and 10th 

Gooch Charles, painter, bds 408 6th west 
Gooch Daniel W., M. C, h 408 C north 
Gooch Henry, bricklayer, bds 408 6th west 
Gooch James, hatter, bds 408 6th west 
Gooch Sarah, wid James, h 408 6th west 
GoodE. P., h408Paav 
GOOD ALL GEORGE W., gas and steam fitter, 

564 7th west, h 596 6th west 
Goodall Thomas, finisher Coast Survey, h 659 

N Jav 
Goodloe Daniel R., editor National Era, h 408 

9th west 
Goodloe Harvel H., clerk Pension Office, h 40S 

9th west 

See Advertisement of "Old Dominion" Coffee and Tea Pot. 



Goodman James, confectioner, h 426 14th west 
Goodmanson Peter, doorkeeper Capitol, bds 479 

10th west 
Goodrich George, blacksmith, h r 648 7th east 
Goodrich Jeffrey, huckster, 14 Northern market, 

h 246 E north 
Goodrich John, printer, bds 476 12th west 
Goodrich Josiah, clerk City Post Office, h 435 

5th west 
GOODRICH WILLIAM M., painter, 270 G nth, 

h 446 M north n 13th west 
Goodrick John H., quarterman, h 13th east near 

G south 
Goordidge Allen, clerk P 0, h 379 14th west 
Goods William II., saddler, h 281 8th west 
Goodwin Thomas, blacksmith, h 220 6th west 
Goodyear Charles, India rubber manufacturer, h 

253 I north 
Goodyear Peter, laborer, h 27th west n E north 
Gooley Thomas, laborer, h 345 6th west 
Goolrick John C, clerk War Department, h 48 

E Capitol 
Gordon Charles, h 265 I north 
Gordon Charles, laborer, hP north n 12th east 
Gordon Charles H., clerk, h 533 7th east 
Gordon Charlotte (col' d), teacher, h481 13th west 
Gordon Charlotte (col'd), wid William H., h 367 

I north 
Gordon Daniel S. (Dickson, Gordon &Co.), wood 

and coal, I north cor Vt av, h at Georgetown 
Gordon David, claim agent, h 506 E north 
Gordon Emanuel, carpenter, h 470 G south 
Gordon George, printer, h 432 Mass av 
Gordon George, jr., bricklayer, h R north near 

9th west 
Gordon Henry L., porter, h 471 14th west 
Gordon James, blacksmith, h 534 7th east 
Gordon James, restaurant, 277 Pa av, h do 
Gordon James A., blacksmith, h 468 M south 
Gordon James P., clerk, h 173 B south 
Gordon John, messenger, P O Dept, h 287 G north 
Gordon John, shoemaker, h 482 M south 
Gordon Joseph N., clerk, h 614 12th west 
Gordon Samuel H., stonecutter, h E Capitol cor 

10th east 
Gordon William A., clerk, h 206 G north 
Gore T. H. (Matthews & Gore), dry goods, 358 

7th west, h same 
Goritz Hermon, shoemaker, h 175 5th west 
Gorman Arthur, messenger P O, bds St Charles h 
Gorman Dennis, hackdriver, bds 278 N Y av 
Gorman James, laborer, h 696 G north 
Gorman Michael, carpenter, h 560 Md av 
Gormley Patrick, police, h 4th west n N north 
Gormley Richard, laborer, h 3d east n S C av 
Gormly John, gasfitter, h 84 4i west 
Gorsorch Chapel, 4| west cor L south (Pastor, 

Jas. H. M. Lemon) 
Gosler James, clerk War Dept 
Goslin James, laborer, h 403 8th west 
Goss John A., plumber, h 218 4j west 
Goss Thomas, blacksmith, h 480 K south 
Gothe John, segar -maker, bds 411 Penn av 
Gott Isabella (Gott & Co.), dressmaker, 179 Penn 

av, h do 
Gott Lewis E., student, h 212 G north 
Gott Richard, clerk, h 212 G north 
Gott & Co. (Isabella Gott & Sarah F. Haney), 

dressmakers, 179 Penn av 
Gotthelf Nathan (Gotthelf & Behrend), fancy 

goods, 414 7th west, h do 
Gotthelf & Behrend (Nathan Gotthelf & Bendiza 

J. Behrend), fancy goods, 414 7th west 
Gottrell John M., butcher, 11 Centre mkt, hN 

north n 6th west 
Gottsmann Charles, tailor, h 482 E north 

Gouge William M., clerk Treas Dept, bds 300 F 

Gould John A., clerk, h 135 E north 
Gould Stephen G., carpenter, h 9th east n G 

Gouldey Joseph, brickmaker, h K south n 4^ 

Grace Aaron B., bricklayer, h E south n 6th east 
Grace John, shoemaker, h 186 6th west 
Grady Thomas, watchman, h 275 E north 
GRAF ADOLPH, tailor, 502 9th west, h La av n 

9th west 
Grages August, segars, 323 7th west, h do 
Graham, gasfitter, bds 471 11th west 
Graham Alosia, wid William, h 358 B south 
Graham Curtis B., lithographer, 243 Penn av, h 

309 D north 
Graham French, tailor, h 258 L north 
Graham George Mrs., h 236 G north 
Graham Guy, watchman Land Office 
Graham Hanibal (col'd), laborer, h 349 2d west 
Graham James, laborer, h 539 8th east 
Graham John, tailor, h 293 E north 
Graham John, stonecutter, h 563 G north 
Graham John M., bricklayer, h 421 13th west 
Graham J. A., clerk Land Office 
Graham Martha A. (col'd), wid James, h C south 

n 3d east 
GRAHAM ROBERT H., coachmaker, 477 8th 

west, h 300 Va av 
Graham Susan, wid John, h 406 16th west 
Graham William N., carpenter, h 71 K north 
Grame Robert, clerk Treas Dept, h 382 13th west 
Grammer Christopher, lawyer, 428 D north, h 446 

11th west 
Grammer F. L., clerk 6th Auditor's Office, h 312 

Va av 
Grand John, laborer, h 581 Penn av 
Grandjean Agathe, wid Mitchell, h 323 B north 
Grand on Joshua Rev., h 137 I north 
Graney Michael, laborer, h A north n 4th east 
Granger James H., brass-finisher, h 4£ west n M 

Granger John, carpenter, h 477 M south 
Granger J. N., recorder Land Office, bds Wash- 
ington house 
Granger Margaret, h 335 4i west 
Granger Millie Mrs., clerk Patent Office, h 383 

10th west 
Grant, laces, Penn av c 8th, bds 331 Penn av 
Grant Edward, laborer, h 18 Organ al 
Grant Eliza (col'd), washerwoman, h 92 23d west 
Grant Francis E., clerk, h 295 12th west 
Grant George H., bricklayer, h 295 12th west 
Grant James, laborer, h 32 Organ al 
Grant Josiah V., clerk, h 295 12th west 
Grant Mary, wid Elisha C, h 341 13th west 
Grant Mary, wid John, h 114 A south 
Grant Michael, laborer, h 114 A south 
Grant Walter, laborer, h 32 Organ al 
Grant W. Wallace, clerk Constitution Office, h 

587 I north 
Grantum Peter (col'd), cook, h 205 3d west 
Graves George, cabinetmaker, h 412 8th west 
Graves Patrick, laborer, h 423 Md av 
Gray Ann M. (col'd), wid, h 310 12th west 
Gray Benjamin F., variety store, 103 D south 
Gray Catherine, wid James L., bds 327 Q north 
Gray Charles (col'd), baker, E south n A\ west 
Gray Daniel (col'd). laborer, h 3d west D X Y av 
Gray Edward (col'd), haokman, h 77 E Capitol 
Gray Edwin N., machinist, bds 501 Bid av 
Gray Ceo. W., clerk, 324 Peun av, bds 430 9th 

west n G north 
Gray Hamilton K., carpenter, bds 501 Md av 
Cray Henry W., printer, bds 38S 10th west 

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Gray Isaac S., carpenter, h 486 H north 

Gray Israel, laborer, h 307 B south 

Gray John A. (col'd), waiter, h 383 15th west 

Gray John B., gardener, h 183 K north 

Gray J. W. D., carpenter, h 442 12th west 

Gray Mary J. (col'd), wid. Richardson, h 215 D 

Gray Milton W. (Brothers & Gray), physician, 

179 B south, h Staten Island, NY 
Gray Rebecca (col'd), wid George, h r 345 10th 

Gray Robert, calker, h 6th west n G south 
Gray Sophia (col'd), wid Josiah, h 1st east n D 

Gray Sylvester (col'd), laborer, h r 14th west n 

L north 
Gray Thomas (col'd). laborer, h 269 C south 
Gray Thomas K., tailor, 384 D north, h 501 Md 

Gray Tonev, brickmaker, h A north n 8th east 
GRAY WILLIAM A., druggist, N E cor Mass av 

and 4th west, h do 
Grayson Edward B., clerk Indian Bureau, h 468 

M north 
Grayson Florence (col'd), porter, h 282 8th west 
Grayson John C, physician, 451 13th west, h do 
Grayson Sarah, wid B., h 596 I north 
Grayson S. M. Mrs., bds Lafayette house 
Greason W., porter house, E north cor 13th west 
Green Alfred (col'd, waiter, h 385 11th west 
GREEN AMMON, auction and commission, 526 

7th west, h 400 D north 
Green Ann, grocer, 122 G north, h do 
Green Anna (col'd), h 268 D south 
Green Archibald R., carpenter, h 207 5th west 
Green Bernard, bar-keeper at Kirkwood house 
GREEN C. EDWIN, house-furnishing goods, 178 

Penn av (h 369 9th west), where may be found 

at all times a complete assortment of House 

Furnishing Goods, such as cabinet furniture, 

chairs, beds, and mattresses, dinner, breakfast, 

and tea sets, knives, forks, spoons, &c, of all 

kinds and qualities, all of which he offers to 

the public at the lowest prices for cash — call 

and inspect. 
Green David M., butcher, 17 Northern mkt, h ab 

Green Edward, laborer, h 95 K south 
GREEN EDWIN, furniture, 180 Penn av, h 504 

11th west 
Green Eliza A., (col'd), eating-house, 80 La av 
Green Emma (col'd), h r 329 1st west 
Green Henrietta, wid Lawrence, h 667 L north 
Green James, grocer, 186 20th west, h do 
Green James (col'd), waiter, h 201 L north 
Green James S. (col'd), cartman, h M north n 

26th west 
Green Joel C, auctioneer, 526 7th west, bds 394 

E north 
Green John, clerk, h 13th west cor L north 
Green John (col'd), cartman, h 270 D south 
Green John F., butter-dealer, h 273 7th west 
Green John T., laborer, h 372 L south 
GREEN JONAS, homoeopathic physician, 385 C 

north, h do 
Green Mantroy (col'd), cartman, h 526 1st west 
Green Maria (col'd), h 275 D south 
Green Mary A., grocer, h 229 22d west, h do 
Green Michael, grocer, L north, cor 13th west 
Green Nelson (col'd), cartman, h 412 Mass av 
Green Patrick, carman, h 585 13th west 
Green Rebecca (col'd), washerwoman, h 14th 

west n N north 
Green Robert (col'd), waiter, h Jackson Hall al 
Green Thomas, lawj^er, h 17th west cor C north 
Green Thomas, seaman, bds 646 7th east 

Green Timothy, laborer, h 229 3d west 

Green William (col'd), whitewasher, h 667 L nth 

GREEN WM. L., restaurant, E north cor 8th 

west, h 455 8th west 
Greenberry Sibley, plasterer, bds 576 L north 
Greene Joseph D., asst clerk P Dept, h Kendall 

Greene Thomas E. (col'd), junk, h 420 11th west 
Greenfield Basil, eating-house, K north n 20th 

I Greenfield Henry C, grocer, 472 M south, h do 
j Greenfield William, laborer, h 88 G north 
I Greenhow Rose 0., wid Robert, h 398 16th west 
j Greenleaf Albert, clerk, h 268 G north 
Greenleaf Wm. C, clerk, 511 9th west, h 334 do 
Greenman John, jr., clerk Washington house 
Greenwell Benedict 0., carpenter, h 101 A south 
Greenwell Clement E., fireman, h D south n 3d 

Greenwell Combs, machinist, h N Y av n K south 
Greenwell James, pumpmaker, Md av cor 8th 

west, h 167 F south 
Greenwood Alfred B.. commissioner of Indian 

Afi'airs, h 355 11th west 
Greenwood William, harness-maker, h 6£ west n 

E south 
Greer Alexander A., carpenter, h 368 10th west 
Greer Charles E., clerk, 407 Penn av, bds 8th 

west cor M north 
Greer Cornelius L., carpenter, h 345 9th west 
Greer Henry, clerk, h M north cor 8th west 
Greer Henry T., carpenter, h 360 8th west 
Greer John R., carpenter, bds M north cor 8th 

Greer Mary, wid James, varieties, 317 12th west 
Greer Richard V., carpenter, bds M north cor 

8th west 
Greer Theodore J., carpenter, bds M north cor 

8th west 
Greeves Sarah A., wid Thomas, h 357 9th west 
Gregg Samuel, laborer, h 92 D south 
Gregg William L., messenger, h 484 11th east 
Greggsberry James, laborer, h 14th west c Q nth 
Gregory Alfred, solicitor of patients, 7th west 

cor E north, h 478 I north 
Gregory George, printer, h 588 H north 
Gregory Maria A., seamstress, h 8th w n G s 
Gregory Richard, copyist, h Franklin Hall 
Gregsby Ann, wid James, confectioner, 248 C 

north, h do 
Gregson John, veterinary surgeon, 253 D north, 

h Penn av n 13th west 
Grenacher Charles L., laborer, h 287 4th west 
Grenager Caroline, confectioner, 42 Ohio av 
Grennan Patrick, machinist, bds 595 10th east 
Gridley Jas. H., patent agent, 7th west c F nth, 

bds Washington house 
! Grier Robert C, judge, bds 23 i\ west 
1 Griffin Charles G., police, h 187 26th west 
Griffin James, painter, h 3S4 G south 
Griffin James, shoemaker, 7th west, h 266^ 5th 

Griffin James C. (W. T. & J. C. Griffin), shoes, 

314 Penn av, h 254 5th west 
Griffin John, laborer, h r 562 G north 
Griffin John T., prin prep Dept, Columbia Col, 

Griffin Martin, laborer, h 227 22d west 
Griffin Michael, laborer, h 25 Organ alley 
Griffin Michael, plumber, h F north n 2d west 
Griffin Patrick, laborer, h 302 10th west 
Griffin Patrick, machinist, bds 616 8th east 
Griffin Richard B., cabinetmaker, S Capitol n A 

south, h 334 4th west 
Griffin Richard C, clerk Patent Office, bds 323 9th 


Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, Philadelphia, 



Griffin Rinaldo (col'd), carpenter, h A north c 7th 

Griffin Robert C, machinist, h 490 M south 
Griffin Thomas, laborer, h r D south n 3d west 
Griffin Thomas B., clerk h 325 7th west 
Griffin "William, messenger P 0, h 3d east n C 

Griffin Wm. & Bro., shoes, 280 7th west 
Griffin William I., laborer, h B north n 22d 

Griffin Wm. T. (W. T. & J. C. Griffin), shoes, 

314 Penn av, h 395 10th west 
GRIFFIN W. T. & J. C, boots & shoes, 314 

Penn av 
Griffith Charles T., bookkeeper, 326 D north, bds 

30 K north 
Griffith Daniel, finisher, h K south n 3d east 
Griffith Dennis, wheelwright, h 98 D south 
Griffith Edward J. (Griffith & Shields), hardware 

339 Penn av, h 319 9th west 
Griffith Edward L., machinist, h 622 7th east 
Griffith James, tailor, h 585 11th west 
Griffith John II., finisher, h 479 Va av 
Griffith Michael, supt Smithsonian grounds, h 

79 4| west 
Griffith Robert A., h 11 Snow's alley 
Griffith Thomas, laborer, h 585 7th east 
GRIFFITH WM. A., messenger P and marble 

worker, 430 9th west, h do 
GRIFFITH WM. T. (Matlock & Griffith), tailor, 

515 9th west, h 30 Northern mkt sp 
GRIFFITH & SHIELDS (E. J. Griffith & J. E. 

Shields), hardware, 339 Penn av 
Griggs Abel, musician, h 9th east n G south 
Grimes Catharine L., wid Reynold, h 162 N Y av 
Grimes Charles T., carpenter, h 162 N Y av 
Grimes George H., grocer, 434 Mass av, h do 
Grimes James M., physician, bds C north c Del 

Grimes John F., shoemaker, 469 12th west, h 397 

11th west 
Grimes John R., carpenter, h 185 N Y av 
Grimes John T., iron-finisher, h 1st east n M 

Grimes Michael H., shoemaker, 598 8th east, h 

452 K south 
Grimes Richard, huckster, 61 Centre market, h 

P GCo 
Grimes Robert, shoemaker, h 400 D south 
Grimes Williams L., carpenter, h 162 N Y av 
Grimley Jacob, carpenter, h 112 E Capitol 
Grindall George R., tinsmith, F n 6th west, h do 
Grindell Henry (col'd) shoemaker, 444 13th west, 

h 16th west n I north 
Grinder Adam (William & Adam Grinder), 

brick manuf, 1st east c M south, h 1st east n 

M south 
Grinder John, brick manuf, S Capitol c K south, 

h 1st east n K south 
Grinder Joseph, bricklayer, h 219 4£ west 
Grinder Joseph, carpenter, h 291 C south 
Grinder William (William & Adam Grinder), 

brick manuf, 1st east c M south, h 1st east n 

M south 
Grinder Wm. & Adam, brick manufs, 1st east c 

M south 
Griner Anthony W., brickmaker, h 292 C south 
Grinnel Robert, blacksmith, h 9th east n C 

Gripenschutz Chas., sergeant marines, h 542 7th 

Grissett Wm., carman, h C south n 3d west 
Gritzner M. C, draughtsman, 491 7th west 
Groose Wm., blacksmith, 3d east n E north 
Groshon Catharine, widow Elias A., h 564 L 


Groshon E. Walter, clerk, h 564 L north 
Groshon J. Hanson T., printer, bds 564 L north 
Gross Charles (col'd), waiter, h 112 A south 
Gross George, physician, 407 11th west, h do 
GROSS MAGNUS, druggist, 500 9th west, h do 
Gross Mary (col'd), wid Charles, h L north n 

21st west 
Grote Frederick, tailor, h 556 9th east 
Grouard Ellen B., wid Geo. M., h 410 6th west 
Groux Daniel E., teacher languages, 225 Penn av 
Groves William, dentist, Penn av, bds 404 10th 

Grubb George M., bricklayer, h 235 D north 
GRUBB HIRAM & CO. (Jas. A. Clark), tailors, 

525^ 7th west, h 220 N Y av 
Grupe Wm., confectionery and toys, 415 Penn av 
Grusher Valentine, tailor, h 348 8th west 
Grymes Craven F. (col'd), waiter, h 339 N Y av 
Gudgin Richard, veterinary surgeon, h 299 7th 

Guerin August, signpainter, 409 K north, h do 
Guerin Michael, laborer, h 445 10th west 
Guest E. G., clerk Pat Office, rooms 285 G north 
Guest Francis, painter, h 824 6th west 
Guest Jonathan, clerk P Dept, bds 453 9th west 
Guigon Peter, cook, h 40 Ohio av 
Guild James, grocer, 486 F north and 301 B south, 

h 486 F north 
Guilder Joseph H., artist, 562 13th west, h do 
Guillot Adolph (A. & J. Guillot), shoemaker, 258 

Penn av, h do 
Guillot Jules (A. & J. Guillot), shoemaker, 258 

Penn av, h do 
Guillot A. & J., ladies' shoemakers, 258 Penn av 
Guinand William, provisions, 541 8th east, h do 
Gulick George F., grocer, 556 N J av, h 563 4th 

Gunnell Helen M., wid James S., h 397 20th west 
Gunnell Henry D., wood and coal, 2d west c A 

north, Va av n 2d west, h 362 4£ west 
Gunnell Joseph, wood, 2d east c E Capitol, h 4£ 

Gunnell Patrick, laborer, h 291 N Capitol 
Gunnell Robert H , machinist, h 362 4|- west 
Gunnell W. C, cor clerk Bank of Metropolis, h 

397 20th west 
Gunnell William H., brick-manufacturer, M south 

n 1st east, h 394 C north 
Gunsalus Daniel H., shoemaker, 451 Penn av 
Gunton Wm., pres't Bank of Washington, h 340 

Penn av 
Gurley John A., M. C, h 404 E north 
Gurley Phineas D. Rev., h 390 I north 
Gurley Ralph R. Rev., sec'y Colonization Soc'y, 

458 Renn av, bds 447 Penn av 
Guthridge Robert, boatman, h 423 Va av 
Gutridge William (col'd), carpenter, h 304 20th 

Guttenson John, confectioner, 63 Penn av, h do 
Guy Benjamin F. (Sibley & Guy), stoves, &e., 322 

D north, h 375 E north 
Guyton Ophelia, school, 271 6th west, h do 
Gwiu Alfred (col'd), laborer, h 336 M north 
Gwin William M., U S Senator, h 234 I north 
Gwynn Elizabeth, boarding, h 4S6 E north 
Gwynne Carey, clerk Dept, bds 45S 12th west 

Haas Ignatz, restaurant, 510 Fenn av, h do 
Haas Jacob, machinist, h 136 E Capitol 
Haase Henry, shoemaker, 41S K north, h do 
Haburn Charles, grocer, 81 La av, h do 
Hackett Isaac, clerk Treas Dept, h 322 X Y av 
Hackney Barton, carpenter, h 20 K north 
Hadaway Charles, iron-moulder, h 12S E south 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jars. 



Hadden Elias W. (C. J. Hamilton and E. W. Had- 

den), cor E north ab 13th west, h Md av n 6th 

Haddington Timothy, laborer, h 50 1st west 
Haddon Henry, laborer, h H north n 3d east 
Had ley William, carpenter, K south n 14th east 
Hael Henry, gardener, h 176 5th we?t 
Hagan John, horsenail-maker, D north n 8th west, 

h G north n 7th west 
Hagan Nicholas, laborer, h 238 D south 
Hagarty Patrick, laborer, h 213 20th west 
Hager Charles, blacksmith, h D south n 13th west 
Hager Christopher, baker, 348 18th west, h do 
Hagerty Daniel, grocer, 253 0th west, h do 
Hagerty Eliza, wid John, h 345 9th west 
Hagerty Thos., exchange office, bds 431 6th west 
Hagerty William, grocer, Penn av c 22d west, h 

170 22d west 
Haggerty, clerk Land Office, bds 423 Penn av 
Hagner Daniel R., physician, 211 H north, h209 

Haight Zenar, milkman, h 542 I south 
Haines, clerk Dept, room at 417 Penn av 
Haines De Wilton, clerk Treas Dept, h 189 22d 

Haines James (col'd), bartender, h S Capitol n B 

Haines Joseph (col'd), laborer, h 492 D south 
Haislup Mary C, wid Henry, h 381 9th west 
Hakenyos John, boots and shoes, 278 7th west, h 

200 6th west ' 
Haley A. G., clerk Land Office 
Haley Catharine, h 556 Md av 
Haley John, tailor, h 275 N Capitol 
Haley Mary A., wid Michael, h 406 G south 
Haley Michael, boiler-maker, h 593 9th east 
Haley Patrick, tailor, h 419 6th west 
Halev William D. Rev., h 371 3d west 
HALIDAY JAMES F., tax collector, office City 

Hall, h 391 N Y av 
Hall Albert G., clerk Gas office, h 446 L north 
Hall Alexander, clerk Treas Dept, bds 337 Pa | 

Hall Allen F., daguerreotypes, Georgetown, h 307 

Va av 
Hall Baruch, clerk, 61 La av, h 424 F north n 7th j 

Hall Benjamin, blacksmith, h Pa av c 13th east l 
Hall Catherine, wid, h 324 8th west 
Hall Catherine, wid Stephen, h 311 15th west 
Hall Charles (col'd), ostler, h 1st east n D south ' 
Hall Charles H. Rev., h 374 H north 
Hall Daniel W., h 401 C north 
Hall David A., h 61 K north 
HALL EDWARD, grocer, 40 Mkt space, h 458 

H north 
Hall Edward (of Va.), solicitor, No. 15 over Bank 

of Washington 
Hall Edwin (col'd), driver, h I north c 25th west 
Hall Eleanor, wid John, h 472 E south 
Hall Eliza (col'd), wid Henry, h 414 I north 
Hall Francis (col'd), whitewasher, h 214 D south 
Hall Frederick, h 472 M north 
Hall G. Alfred, cashier Gas Light Co., bds 307 

Penn av n 10th west 
Hall George R., coach and carriage-maker, 13j 

west c Penn av, h 352 11th west 
Hall George W., h 8th west c B south 
Hall G. W., printer, bds 307 Penn av 
Hall Henry (col'd), laborer, h r 554 10th west 
Hall James, U S Arsenal, h 461 4^ west 
Hall James A., messenger, h 550 14th west 
Hall James C, physician, 334 Penn av, h do 
Hall James S., glassblower, h 6^ west n E south 
Hall Jane (col'd), wid Jerry, h 3d east n S C av ! 
Hall John P., saddler, h 644 6th west 

' Hall Joseph B., doorkeeper Treas Dept, h 374 12th 

: Hall Joseph S., h 314 E north 
; Hall Margaret, wid Dr. Joseph, h 378 8th west 

Hall Mary Ann, h 459 Maryland av 
, HALL R.'BRICE, dry goods, 375, and shoes and 

carpets, 373 7th west, h M north n 12th west 
Hall Theodore C., printer, h 212 4th west 
Hall Washington, laborer, h 356 8th west 
HaU'William, clerk Land Office, h 547 M north 
Hall William, machinist, h 136 H south 
Hall Wm. B., salesman, 4 Mkt space, h 500 K 

north n 5th west 
Hall William F., clerk Patent Office, h 470 M nth 
Hall William H., waterman, h 41 F south 
Hall William J. (Hall & White), machinst, 4^ 

west c Maine av, h 11th west n E south 
1 Hall William T., printer, h 6h west n E south 
; Hall & White (William J. Hall & George White), 

machinists, 44 west cor Maine av 
Halleck John T., printer, h 563 H north 
, Hallen Patrick, laborer, h 137 Md av 
Haller William, clerk Treas Dept 
Halley Edgar, carman, h X south n 4£ west 
Halliday Henry, carpenter, h 539 11th west 
j Hallinan Thomas, stonemason, h N J av c H 

j Halloran John, grocer, L north nXJ av, h do 
! Hallow Rebecca, wid Francis, h 314 K north 
Halstead John, clerk Patent Office, h 382 12th 

Halter Nicholas, clerk P Dept, h 430 I north 
Haltzclaw Thomas J., carpenter, h 241 Va av 
Hamann August, tinsmith, 357 10th west, h do 
Hamer Jacob P., Rev., h L north n 24th west 
Hames John (col'd), oysterman, h 199 E south 
Hamill Jane, wid William, h Pierce n 1st west 
Hamilton Albert, waterman, h 40 F south 
Hamilton Alexander, machinist, bds 293 Penn av 
Hamilton Alice, h 541 12th west 
Hamilton Anthony (col'd), waiter, h 296 21st 

Hamilton Charles F., laborer, h 301 13th west 
Hamilton Charles J. (C. J. Hamilton & E. W, 

Hadden) , carver, E north ab 13th west, h 133 

G north n 22d west 
Hamilton Charles 0., painter, 7th west n Penn av, 

h 641 7th west 
Hamilton Edward, h 36 Mo av 
Hamilton Edward, laborer, h 586 11th west 
Hamilton "Eliza, wid Chas. B.. h 469 2d east 
HAMILTON HENRY W. & CO. (A. W. Corning), 

sashes, doors, and blinds, 562 7th west, h 513 

Md av 
Hamilton James H., h 247 F north 
Hamilton John, messenger, h 71 13| west 
Hamilton John A., clerk, 65 La av, h do 
HAMILTON JOHN CO., lawyer, 428 k D north, 

bds 36 Mo av 
Hamilton Joseph, printer, h 596 H north 
Hamilton Josiah, wheelwright, bds 363 ISth west 
Hamilton Lucy (col'd), wid Dady, h 296 21st west 
Hamilton Robert, clerk, h 452 3d east 
Hamilton Robert, sergeant marines, h 591 8th east 
Hamilton Robert W., h 469 2d east 
Hamilton Samuel (Hamilton & Leach), liquors, 

396 Penn av, bds 441 5th west 
Hamilton Sarah, wid Alexander, h 293 Penn av 
Hamilton Thomas (col.), laborer, h 296 21st west 
Hamilton William, professor Gonzaga College 
Hamilton William Rev., h 420 Mass av 
Hamilton William E., h 456 6th west 
Hamilton William H., architect, bds 39S 10th west 
Hamilton William H. carpenter, h 339 Md av 
HAMILTON C. J. & E. W. HADDEN, carvers, 

E north ab 13th west 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, manufactured by 



HAMILTON & CO. (H. W. Hamilton and A. W. 

Corning), painters, sashes, blinds, &c, 562 7th 

HAMILTON & LEACH (Samuel Hamilton and 

J. E. Leach), wines, liquors, and cigars, 396 

Penn av 
Hamlin Joseph, h 554 N J av 
HAMMACK JOHN D., restaurant, 202 Penn av, 

h 12 13i west 
Hammer Michael, ragman, h 222 Ohio av 
Hammerschlag Herman, paper-box maker, 404 

7th west, h do 
Hammett John C, land agent, Penn av, bds 461 

9 th west 
Hammill Mary, h 621 north 
Hammitt Joseph, Rev., registrar Columbia Col- 
lege, h do 
Hammon Edward (col'd), laborer, h 179 3d west 
Hammond John, huckster, Northern mkt, h 329 

7th west 
Hamon Ephraim (col'd), carpenter, h 189 24th 

Hamor "William, carpenter, h 513 11th east 
Hampton Silas W., clerk, h 13th west n B 

Hanavan Catherine, wid Hugh, h 466 11th west 
Hancock Andrew, restaurant, 239 Penn av, h do 
Hancock Charles W., h 8th west n G south 
Hancock John, clerk, 239 Penn av, bds do 
Hancock Samuel (col'd), bartender, h 146 E nth 
Hancock Thomas, medical student, bds 406 9th 

Handley Eliza, wid William, h 197 N J av 
Handley James, printer, bds 383 5th west 
Hands John, broker,. 456 Penn av, h 599 H north 
Handy Calvin, shoemaker, h 581 Md av 
Handy Edward G., h 104 A south 
Handy Helen, wid Charles, boarding-house, 421 

11th west 
Handy Samuel S., policeman, h 514 Md av 
HANDY SAMUEL W. K., grocer, 229 Penn av, 

h 632 11th west 
Handy William, clerk Treas Dept, h 397 13th 

Hanes Washington, butter dealer, 354 18th west 
Haney Hugh, millinery, 179 Penn av, h do 
Haney Owen, laborer, h 229 3d west 
Haney Sarah E. (Gott & Co.), dressmaker, 179 

Penn av, h do 
Hanftmann Joseph, shoemaker, h 568 L north 
Hanlein E., junk, h 359 Va av 
Hanley James, laborer, h 25th west n K north 
Hanlin Timothy, laborer, h N J av n N north 
Hanline Joseph, baker, 335 Centre market, h 7th 

west n L north 
Hanly Edmund, h 162 G north 
Hannan Daniel (Thompson & Hannan), gas- 
fitter, 487 6th west, h 255 3d west cor I north 
HANNAY PETER, patent agent, 476 7th west, 

h 3d west cor F north 
Hannon Cynthia, select school, 404 K north, h do 
Hanrahan Michael, laborer, h L north, n 2d west 
Hansell Emerick W., messenger State Dept, h D 

north n 13th west 
Hansman Theodore, physician, 491 7th west 
Hanson Ann, h 43 La av 

Hanson Elizabeth (col'd), wid Luke, h 509 Va av 
Hanson Ellen (col'd), h 266 D south 
Hanson George C, clerk Land Office 
Hanson George W., cartman, h 58 D south 
Hanson Grafton D., secretary Wash Ins Co, 292 

Penn av, h E south cor 4th east 
Hanson Isaac K., clerk, h 517 17th west 
Hanson John M., clerk City Hall, h 3d east n E 

Hanson McLean, clerk City Hall, h 450 3d east 

Hanson Richard M., clerk War Dept, h C south 

n 6th east 
Hanson Samuel, h N J av n C south 
Hanson Samuel, clerk P 0, h 450 3d east 
HANSON T. M., life and fire insurance agent, 

520 7th west, h 345 5th west 
Hanson W. Maria, wid Noah, h 85 E Capitol 
Hany Hugh, clerk, bds 349 Penn av 
Happ Nicholas, gardener, h 330 6th west 
Harbaugh John R., carpenter, h 535 10th west 
Harbaugh Joseph, h 493 7th west 
Harbaugh Leonard E., agent Odd Fellows' Hall, 

h 487 E north 
Harbaugh Valentine, druggist, 449 7th west, h do 
Harbin George F., clerk, h 462 L south 
Harbin James, machinist, h 525 8th east 
Harbin Philip W., shoemaker, 543 8th east, h 

393 G south 
Hardiman Thos. F., gardener, h 4^ west n F 

Harding James E. T., daguerreotypist, 405 7th 

west, h 651 L north 
Harding John T., clerk, bds 276 8th west 
Harding Thomas, huckster, 122 Centre mkt, h 

Bladenburg rd 
Hardington David, laborer, h r 295 1st west 
Hardon Robert, cutter, 362 Penn av, bds Wren's 

Hardy Ann, wid William, h 502 K south 
Hardy Harrison, gardener, h 371 20th west 
Hardy Harrison, laborer, h 422 I north 
Hardy Henry, reporter Intelligencer, h 115 I 

Hardy Walter, laborer, h 495 G south 
Hardy William, clerk Interior Dept, bds 467 9th 

Hardy William, laborer, h 502 K south 
Hare D. 0., engraver, 264 Penn av 
Hare Jane, h G south n 5th east 
Hare John F., laborer, h 9th east n D south 
Harford E. Granville, printer, bds 661 M north 
Harford Sarah Ann, wid William, h 661 M north 
Harrison Horace N., lieut U S N, h 364 Mass av 
Harkins John, laborer, h 692 4th east 
Harkness Daniel S., carpenter, K north n 10th 

west, h 421 H north 
Harkness George W., plasterer, h 405 H north 
Harkness John C, architect, 330 N Y av, h do 
Harkness Samuel, clerk P Dept, h 7 Northern 

market space 
Harkness Thomas F., letter carrier, h 457 N Y av 
Harley Smith (col'd), well-digger, h 372 11th west 
Harlie Charles, physician, 150 Penn av, bds do 
Harmon Aaron D., clerk Treas Dept, h 516 L 

Harmon Andrew, provisions, R R Depot, bds 

445 9th west 
Harmon Charles W., carpenter, h 6^ west n D 

Harmon John L., coachpainter, h 389 10th west 
Harmon William, clerk, bds 516 L north 
Harned John, laborer, h 263 E south 
Harper George K., clerk Treas Dept, h 319 10th 

Harper Thomas, bricklayer, bds 259 4th west 
Harper Walter (Harper & Mitchell), dry goods* 

312 Penn av, bds Brown's hotel 
Harper William, watchman, h 42S 3d east 
Harper Wm. C, grocer, 397 Penn av. h do 
HARPER <fc MITCHELL (Walter Harper A John 

T. Mitchell), dry goods. 312 Penn av 
Harr Oliver, huckster, h 602 11th west 
Harrigan Catharine, wid Cornelius, h 350 6th 

Harrigan Patrick, fruit stand, h 6th west n L 


Arthur, Buraham, & Gilroy, 117 and 119 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia, 



Harriman E.. reporter, h 456 9th west 
Harrington Daniel, laborer, h 319 F north 
HARRINGTON GEORGE, lawyer, 452 E north 
Harrington George TV., coremaker, h 666 4th east 
Harrington Patrick, laborer, h 227 22d west 
Harrington Richmond, painter, bds 603 H north 
Harrington William, watchman, h A north n 1st 

Harris Angelo (col*d), laborer, h 115 F north 
Harris Arnold, Major, h 268 Tt av 
Harris C. M. B., clerk Treas Dept 
Harris David (col'd), laborer, h 343 8th west 
Harris Edwin, salesman, 354 Penn av 
Harris George (col : d), hairdresser, Georgetown, 

h 94 I north 
Harris George, laborer, h Ta av n 2d west 
Harris Gwynn, clerk, h 595 10th west 
Harris Henry C. (col'd), shoemaker, 320 F north 
Harris Henry J. (col'd), shoemaker, F north, h 

402 N Y av 
Harris James, grocer, 673 7th west, h do 
Harris John (Harris & Crossfield) , painter, 343 E 

north, h Sth bet M and N north 
Harris John D., printer, h D south c 13th west 
Harris John T. (col'd), hairdresser, 529 17th west, 

h 96 I north 
Harris Joseph (col'd), laborer, h 22d west n D 

Harris Samuel L., agent, 278^ Penn av, h 24 4£ 

Harris Sophia (col'd), washerwoman, h 288 K 

Harris William, carpenter, h 584 8th west 
Harris William, rooms, 8 La av 
Harris William A. Rev., clerk Gen Land Office, 

h 510 L north 
Harris W. H., clerk Land Office 
Harris Wm. J. (Harris & Crossfield), painter, 343 

E north, h 569 N north 
Harris & Crossfield (Wm. J. Harris & G. R. Cross- 
field) painters, 343 E north 
Harrison Benjamin D., carpenter, h 656 6th west 
Harrison Charles, tinsmith, h 597 6th west 
Harrison Ellen, dressmaker, 97 E Capitol, h do 
HARRISON E. 0. Mrs., boarding-house, 377 

Penn av 
Harrison James, plumber, h K south n 4th east 
Harrison J. C, bds 391 C north 
Harrison James W., bookbinder, h 362 5th west 
Harrison Louisa (col'd), wid Robert, h 131 G 

Harrison Mary A., wid James, h 529 9th east 
Harrison Richard, watchman State Dept, h 294 

Sth west 
Harrison Robert, police, h 284 C north 
Harrison Robert H., laborer, h 552 L north 
Harrison Robert H. jr., painter, bds 552 L north 
Harrison Robert M., carpenter, h 274 Vt av 
Harrison S., wid Maj. Thomas, h 768 3d east 
Harrison Thomas, carpenter, h 554 Sth west 
Harrison Thomas, clerk Naval Observatory 
Harrison Thomas J., quarterman, bds 488 K 

Harrison Uriah D., saddler, h 2541 north 
Harrison William, coachmaker, h 433 Sth west 
Harrison William H., grocer, 506 K south, h do 
Harrity James, laborer, h r 32S 3d west 
Harrold Henry, laborer, h 4th east c E north 
HARROLD JAMES A. Rev., h 14th west c N 

Harrold Sarah A., wid Wm. H., h 585 11th east 
Harron Columbus, fisherman, h li east n N south 
Harron Thomas, fisherman, h Ik west n T south 
HARROVER GEORGE, furniture repairer, G 

south n 4g west, h do 
Harrover James R.. tinsmith, 597 6th west, h do 

j HARROYER WM. H, stoves and tinware, 532 

7th west, h406 D north 
j Harry Frank A., exchange office, 214 Penn av, h 

213 Penn av 
HARRY GEO. W., exchange office, 214 Penn av, 

bds 213 do 
Harry Joseph M., exchange office, 410 Penn av 
' Harry Philip, clerk Topographical Dept, h 350 

L north 
Hart Andrew J., student, h 85 E Capitol 
1 Hart John, laborer, h 331 G north 
I Hart John M., salesman, 42 Market space, bds 

337 Penn av 
Hart Marian, clerk, bds 337 Penn av 
Hart Michael, laborer, h 421 6th west 
Hart Patrick, mariner, h D south n 9th east 
Hart Thomas, tailor, r 377 3d east 
Hart William, laborer, h 340 4th west 
Hart William B., clerk Treas Dept, h 402 12th 

Hartbrecht Stephen, cigars, 448 7th west, h do 
Hartig Augustus, tinware, 65 Centremkt, h Penn 

av n 20th east 
HARTIG GUSTAV, stoves, 125 Penn av, h do 
Hartin Michael, laborer, h 6th east n B south 
Hartly John F., clerk Treas Dept, h 326 N Y av 
Hartman Ann, wid Frederick, h 617 8th east 
Hartman Charles, canemaker, bds 449 1st west 
Hartman Ferdinand, tailor, 256 L north, h do 
Hartman Francis, printer, h 219 8th west 
Hartman Frederick, sculptor, h 327 B north 
Hartman George, baker, 617 8th east 
Hartman Rudolph, farmer, h R north n 3d west 
Hartmann John, tailor, h 252 4th west 
Hartnett Mary E., wid Patrick F., h 568 M nth 
Hartough William, messenger, h 85 E Capitol 
Hartshorn George F., hackman, h 115. H north 
Hartwell George, clerk Treas Dept, bds 467 9th 

Harvey Arsenius I. (James S. Harvey & Co.), 

wood and coal, 475 10th west ; and grocer, Md 

av c 13-J, h B south c 9th west 
Harvey Frederick (Beardsley & Harvey), agent, 

492 7th west, h 483 E north 
Harvey Frederick L. & Co. (J. W. Angus), hard- 
ware, 325 Penn av, h E north n 4th west 
Harvey George, painter, h 243 Yt av 
Harvey G. W. (Harvey & Co.), undertaker, 410 

7th west, h do 
Harvey George W., clerk, bds 317 G north 
Harvey James, laborer, h 24S 7th west 
Harvey James S., grocer, Md av c 13* west, and 

wood and coal, ft 13^ west and 10th west n D 

north, h 419 13th west 
Harvey Mary A., wid Henry, h 317 G north 
Harvey M. E. (Harvey & Co.), undertaker, 412 

7th west, h do 
Harvey Richard F., undertaker, h 410 7th west 
Harvev Thomas, carpenter, h 248 7th west 
HARVEY THOMAS M., oysters, 2S1 C north, 

h 619 7th west 
Harvey William C, painter, 681 7th west, h do 
Harvev William M., painter, h 243 Vt av 
HARVEY J. S. & CO. (J. S. & Arsenius J Har- 
vey & H. A. Clarke), grocers, Md av c 13j- 

west, and wood and coal, ft 13£ west and 10th 

west bet D and E north 
HARVEY & CO. (M. E. & G. W. Harvey), un- 
dertakers, 410 7th west 
Harz Ellen, wid Moses, tobacconist, 439 13th 

west, h do 
Haske Bernard, shoemaker, bds 39 A south 
Haske George A., shoemaker, 39 A south, h do 
Haskell Henry W., printer, h 520 K north 
Haskin John B. Hon., member, h N J av c I 


Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, aud 



HASKINS CHARLES, architect, bds Ebbitt 

Haslup Mary A., wid William, h 5th west c H 

Hasselbasch Herman, wheelwright, 7th west, h 

619 north 
Hassenmeyer Gottlieb F., lager beer saloon, 315 

D north, h do 
Hassett Patrick, laborer, h 268 D south 
Hassler Anna J., wid Charles A., h 461 13th west 
Hassler Ferdinand E., claim agent, 280 B north, 

h 282 do 
Hassler Lawrence, gardener, h 107 E Capitol 
Hastings Hugh, teacher, h Mass av n 15th west 
Hatch Anselm, h 147 D south 
Hatch Charles, laborer, h 581 G north 
Hatch Nathaniel, attorney, 492 7th west, h 514 

12th west 
Hatter Nicholas, clerk P Dept 
Hatton George W., h K south n 14th east 
Haupman Daniel, tinner, 512 11th west, h do 
Haupman Francis E., tinner, bds 512 11th west 
Haupman Greorge W., tinner, bds 512 11th west 
Havenner Chas. W., clerk, 558 7th west, h 171 

D north 
Havenner John F., baker, h 10th west n Md av 
Havenner Thomas, baker, 438 Centre, h 347 C 

Havenner Thos. H. and Lady, young ladies' insti- 
tute, 464 E north, h do 
Haviland James C, clerk Treas Dept 
Havilland Edward, clerk Land Office, bds 465 

10th west 
Hawes Charles W., brass-finisher, h 394 4| west 
Hawk Ann, wid Thomas, h 610 8th west 
Hawk Charles, painter, h 610 8th east 
Hawk John, laborer, h 10th east n G north 
Hawkins Augusta A., wid J. L. t h 441 Mass av 
Hawkins Caleb (col'd), cook, h 427 L north 
Hawkins Edward, butter dealer, 315 10th west 
Hawkins Eliza (col'd), washerwoman, h 92 13| 

Hawkins E. A., h 414 14th west 
Hawkins George (col'd), waiter, h 218 B south 
Hawkins James, stonecutter, h EI avn 15th west 
Hawkins John L., agent Quarter Master's Dept, 

227 F north 
Hawkins John L., clerk, h 449 Mass av 
Hawkins Julia A. (col'd), washerwoman, h 331 

10 th west 
Hawkins Maria (col'd), wid John, h 210 2d west 
Hawkins Mary (col'd), wid Isaac, h 331 1 0th west 
Hawkins Mary A. (eol'd), wid Caleb, h 471 K nth 
Hawkins Robert L., clerk, h 319 6th west 
Hawkins William (col'd), laborer, h al r 503 N 

Hawley Anson (col'd), coachman, h 351 M north 
Hawley John W., h 119 E north 
Hawley Wilhelmina D., wid William, h 57 Penn 

Hawley William, jr., h 57 Penn av 
Hay Henry, painter, h 328 6th west 
Hay William J. (Knapp & Hay), blacksmith, 344 

Va av, h 185 D south 
Hayden Charles F., blacksmith, h 580 7th east 
Hayden James, laborer, h 229 22d west 
Hayden Lewis S., clerk Indian Office, bds 482 12th 

Hayden Mary, wid Richard, h 372 13th west 
Hayden William J., watchman Navy Yard, h 5S0 

7th east 
HAYES BARNARD, grocer and feed, II north c 

4th west, h do 
Hayes John, laborer, Canal n I south 
Hayes John L., lawyer, 15th west, h 356 K nth 
Hayes Nicholas, laborer, h N J av n N north 

Hayes Sarah, wid Robert, h 315 F north 
Hayes Thomas, laborer, h 444 10th west 
Hayne Lawrence B., clerk Treas Dept 
Haynie Hancock, pilot, h M south n 6th west 
Hays Alexander (col'd), sexton, h 397 9th west 
Hays James W. (col'd), musician, bds 307 9th 

Hays John, laborer, h al r 644 N north 
Hays John, segar-maker, h 116 E Capitol 
Hays John W., paper-hanger", h 295 8th west 
Hays Thomas, watchman, h 202 20th west 
Hays Timothy, laborer, h al r 644 N north 
Hays Wm. W., clerk, bds 425 Penn av 
Hayson Henry (col'd), oysterman, h 240 F south 
Hayward Hester, milliner, h 437 13th west 
Hayward Joshua, laborer, h 437 13th west 
Hazard Henry H., clerk, h 259 9th west 
HAZARD OLIVER E. P., justice of the peace, 

227 Penn av, h 223 Penn av 
Hazard Robert R., pumpmaker, h 457 E north 
Hazel Alexander, h 287 20th west 
Hazel Cordelia, wid, h 390 12th west 
Hazel James H., butcher, 52£ Centre mkt, h 172 

K north 
Hazel John, watchman, h 6th east n B north 
Hazel William J., florist, h B north n 5th east 
Hazel Zachariah, moulder, h 6th east n B north 
Hazelton Asa L., clerk Treas Dept, h 284 9th west 
Head George M., clerk Treas Dept, h 74 Mo av 
Headley John P. (Headley & Allen), shoemaker, 

268 B north, h 577 11th west 
Headley & Allen (John P. Headley & William A. 

Allen), shoemakers, 268 B north 
Heafley Jacob D., printer, bds Washington house 
Heald Harriet C, school teacher, 205 I north, h do 
Heald Jane S., matron Genl Church Home, 470 

12th west 
Healey Michael, mason, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Heap David P., physician, h 355 K north 
Heap Gwin H., clerk, h 275 I north 
Heard Joseph, hairdresser, h 20 4§ west 
Hearhily John, laborer, h 321 G north 
Heart John, bds 252 G north 
Heath D. W., h 585 6th west 
Heath J. Harry, clerk General Land Office, bds 

8 La av 
Heatley Jane, wid James, h 396 I north 
Heaton S. G., clerk Land Office, bds 418 9th west 
Hebb Sarah, wid William, h E south on reserva- 
tion 13 
Hebner Arnold, draughtsman, h 377 1st west 
Heck Jacob J., baker, 612 L north, h do 
Heck William C, bookbinder, bds 416 D north 
Heddenger John, marine, h 572 9th east 
Hedgeman Peter, hostler, Adams' ex 
Hedgman John G., clerk Treas Dept 
Hedrick Joseph, supt Senate folding room, h 26 

A north 
Heffell Helen, bds 241 4th west 
Heffern Bridget, h 717 N J av 
Heffern John, laborer, h H north c 2d west 
Heffernen Patrick, printer, h 277 D north 
Hefiebower Carrie, teacher Wash City Orphan 

Asylum, h do 
Heiberger Francis J. (H. F. Loudon & Co.), 

tailor, 362 Penn av, h 437 6th west 
Heibold Herman, carpenter, h 572 N north 
Heide George, h S7 4) west 
Heil George, waiter, h Del av n K north 
Heil Michael, tailor, h Del av n I north 
Heimer Joseph, briekmaker, bds N south o 3d 

Heimerdinger Christian, lager boor. 33 I S north 
Heimerdinger Frederick, confectioner, 287 C m-th 
Hein Samuel, genl disbursing agent coast survey, 

h Georgetown 

Old Dominion 1 ' Tea Pot. Soe Advertisement. 



Heinboch Henry, hostler, h r 503 1st west 

Heinbrook Henry, h 222 Ohio av 

Heine "William, huckster, 61 Northern mkt, h 2d 

west n Boundary 
Heinzerling George, baker, Ya av c 7th east 
Heise Charles, butcher, h 703 4th east 
Heise John C, laborer, h 407 K north 
Heise Joseph L.. butcher, 60 Centre market, h 

703 4th east 
Heiser Paul, potter, h 550 L north 
Heisler Anton, laborer, h Goat al 
Heisler John, cartraan, h 165 8th west 
Heiss John P., editor and proprietor " States and 

Union," 524 7th west, bds Avenue house 
Heitmuller Alfred, farmer, h N north c 3d east 
Heitmuller Antoine. huckster, 37 Northern mkt, 

h Vt av n N north 
Heitmuller Henry, huckster, Northern market, h 

185 5th west n north 
Hellen B. Johnson, physician, 396 4th west, hdo 
Hellen Clifton, lawyer, h 432 D north 
Hellen Johnson, lawyer, h 432 D north 
Hellen Mrs., bds 316 F north 
Heller Simon, millinery, 34 Market sp, h do 
Hellmuth Stephen, shoemaker, bds 239 F north 
Helpold Elizabeth, h L north n N Capitol 
Hempler John G., tailor, 310 C north, h do 
Hemsley Frances (col'd), washerwoman, h r 209 

D south 
Hemsley Lawrence (col'd) , porter, h r 209 D south 
Henderson, plasterer, bds 504 L north 
Henderson John, carpenter, N Y av and 14th 

west, h 556 13th west 
Henderson Richard paper-hanger, h 573 Md av 
Henderson Richard H., lawyer, La av, h 281 I 

Henderson Thomas (col'd) , laborer, h 12 Organ al 
Henderson William A., carpenter, h 670 4th east 
Hendley James, clerk, 540 7th west, bds 529 

Md av 
Hendley James D., bookkeeper Kirkwood house 
Hendley William, salesman, 356 Penn av, bds 

529 Md av 
Henline Joseph H., confectioner. 297 7th west 
Hennage John H., clerk, Market space c 8th, bds 

505 7th west n D north 
Hennessey Jeremiah, porter-house, 538 Penn av 
Hennessy Timothy, laborer, h E south n 2d east 
Henning Albert, watchman, h 6th east n Mass av 
Henning Bennett, carpenter, h 508 I n6rth 
Henning George C., boots and shoes, 7th west n 

Md av, h do 
Henning George F., bricklayer, h 553 10th west 
Henning Helen, wid George, h C north n 7th east 
Henning Henry N., bricklayer, h 391 6th west 
Henning James, clerk War Dept 
Henning Stephen, machinist, h 515 11th east 
Henning Washington, carpenter, h 809 6th west 
Henning AVilliam J., moulder and grocer, G south 

n 4th east, h do 
Henrichs Christian, painter, h 342 G north 
Henry Catharine (col'd), wid, h 353 15th west 
Henry Christian F., shoemaker, h 198 6th west 
Henry Frank, printer, bds 616 H north 
Henry James, clerk Post Office, h 586 I north 
Henry James L., chief examiner Patent Office, h 

153 F north 
Henry John, laborer, h 70 F north 
HENRY PATRICK M., attorney, &c, 476 7th 

west, h 338 21st west 
Henry Robert V., laborer, h 510 Ya av 
Hensell Henry, butcher, h Del av n K north 
Kensell John, brickmaker. h 143 Del av 
Henshaw Foster, pumpmaker, 463 Ya av, h do 
Henshaw Harriet M., school, Va av cor 4th east 
h 463 Va av 

Henshaw Henrv C, engineer, h 645 7th east 
HENSHAW JOSHUA L., school, 645 7th east 
Henson Andrew (col'd), musician, h 476 13th west 
Henson Joseph (col'd), laborer, h alley r 531 

8th east 
Henson Mary, h 85 D south 

Henson Susan (col'd), wid David, h 130 A south 
Henson Thomas (col'd), waiter, h 422 Va av 
Henson Thomas M., ins agent, 7th west, h 345 

5th west 
HEPBURN CHARLES W., carpenter, h 23 E 

Hepburn David, stonemason, h 578 Md av 
Hepburn George, carpenter, h 83 F south 
Hepburn Henry, carpenter, h 578 Md av 
J Hepburn Henry, carpenter, h D south n 13th west 
! Hepburn Jeremiah, h 23 E Capitol 
Hepburn John, stonecutter, h 8th west n H south 
I Hepburn Peter, builder, h 85 F south 
' Herald James, laborer, h 1st east n N south 
Herbert Ananias, hairdresser, 415 7th west, h 665 

Pa av 
Herbert Charles 0. (col'd), chairseater, h r 414 

L north 
Herbert Constant, butcher, h 255 21st west 
Herbert Elizabeth, wid Stephen, h 545 6th east 
Herbert George, blacksmith, h Ya av c 11th east 
Herbert Gottlieb, variety store, 505 D south, h do 
Herbert James (col'd), laborer, h 682 L north 
Herbert Joseph W., physician, 550 H north, bds 

409 12th west 
Herbert Leonard F., bds 407 12th west 
Herbert Maria (col'd), washerwoman, h 586 3d 

Herbert Rachel (col'd), widow Nathaniel, h 682 

L north 
Herbert Robert (col'd), gardener, h r 95 E south 
Herbert Samuel M. (Matlock & Herbert), tailor, 

399 7th west, h 316 9th west 
Herbert Sarah A., wid Frank, h 407 12th west 
Herbert Theodosia, h 339 C south 
Herbert Thomas F., bds 407 12th west 
Herbert Thomas S., lamplighter, h 183 22d west 
Herbert William, carpenter, h 542 H north 
Herbert William J., clerk, h 191 22d west 
Herbst Daniel, tailor, 95 4§ west, h do 
Hercus George C, carpenter, h 573 Md av 
Herfurth Augustus, shoemaker, 168 4£ west 
Herfuth Robert, shoemaker, 571 8th east 
Hergesheimer E., draughtsman, h 284 G north 
Herlahy Lawrence, hackman, h 472 F north 
Herlahy Timothy, laborer, bds 472 F north 
Herley Thomas, laborer, h F north n N J av 
Herman Joseph P., millinery, 335 Pa av, h 10th 

west cor La av 
Herman Martin, confectioner, h 277 N Capitol 
Herman Samuel, groceries and dry goods, 131 

4| west, h do 
Herold George A., clerk naval store, h 636 8th east 
Herr Samuel T., moulder, bds 416 H north 
Herrell George N., grocer, 241 20th west, h do 
Herrell John E., grocer, 207 20th west, h do 
Herron William T. (Sweeny, Rittenhouse, Fant, 

& Co.), banker, 352 Pa av, h at Georgetown 
Hertzberger Isaac, pawnbroker, 429 Pa av, h do 
Hess Frederick, carpenter, h P north n 3d west 
Hess Jacob, laborer, h 136 E Capitol 
Hess John, baker, bds 279 F north 
Hess Mary, wid Conrad, h P north n 3d west 
Hess Powell, h 562 G north 
Hesselbach William R., draughtsman, h 17th 

west n L north 
Hessler Conrad, blacksmith, h 147 Del av 
Hessler Lawrence, huckster, 105 Centre market, 

h E Capitol n 4th east 
Hessler Mary, h 513 3d west 

Arthur, Buruham, & Gilroy, Philadelphia, 



Hester J. W., clerk Land Office 

Heswell Peter (col'd), painter, h 270 21st west 

Hettinger Michael, laborer, h 627 north 

Hetzel Margaret R., h 139 F north 

Heunisch Francis, brass finisher, h 333 Md av 

Hewett Peter, h 23 Pa av 

Hewitt Andrew K., bookkeeper Bank Metropolis, 

h Pa av cor 6th east 
Heydon Charles ~W\, watches and jewelry, Na- 
tional hotel, h 381 Pa av 
Hibbs Charles, messenger Pension Office, h 510 

Mass av 
Hickerson Adelaide, wid William, h 228 Ohio av 
Hickey Daniel, cattle-dealer, h 492 I south 
Hickey John, stonecutter, h 456 D south 
Hickey John O., bricklayer, h E south n 2d west 
Hickey Lawrence, laborer, h Pierce c 2d west 
Hickey Morris, laborer, h 2d east n G. north 
Hickey Patrick W., painter, h N C av n 3d east 
Hickman Anthony (col'd), laborer, h 209 3d west 
Hickman John L. (col'd), carman, h 668 L north 
Hickman Joseph (col'd), cook, h 439 14th west 
Hicks Charles (col'd), job wagon, h 364 B south 
Hicks Edward, marine, h 9th east n G south 
Hicks Josephine, wid Wm., h 579 Penn av 
Hicks Lloyd (col'd), laborer, h 506 3d west 
Hicks Wm., draughtsman, bds Penn av n 2d east 
Hieder Frederick, carpenter, h 276 7th west 
Higby James, shoemaker, h 4th west n north 
Higdon Ann, wid John, h 271 4th west 
Higgins David, clerk Navy Dept, h 505 17th west 
Higgins John, laborer, h 271 D south 
Higgins Lucretia, wid Thomas, boarding-house, 

437 8th west 
Higgins Mahlon, shoemaker, Mass av c 7th west, 

h N north n 9th west 
Higgins Patrick, gardener, h 432 3d east 
Higgins William, contractor, h 343 Mass av 
Higginson Charles, clerk, bds 465 10th west 
Higginson C. P., clerk Land Office 
Higgs Sallie D., wid Joseph, h 22d westn Pa av 
Highfield Mary, wid Joseph h, 213 23d west 
Hilbus Ann, wid Jacob, h 241 H north 
Hilbus Francis, carpenter, h 502 14th west 
Hildebrandt Belcher, machinist, h 394 K south 
Hile Joseph, shoemaker, h 272 4th west 
Hileman Samuel, student, bds 479 10th west 
Hiler Charles, confectioner, h 572 N north 
Hill Alice, h'530 Md av 
Hill Ann S., wid William, h 350 H north 
Hill Anthony (col'd), sawyer, h 488 13th west 
Hill A. P., capt U S Coast Survey, bds Willard's 

Hill Benjamin, carpenter, 4| west n M south 
Hill Caroline (col'd), wid, h 428 L north 
Hill Charles, farmer, h Mass av c 14th west 
Hill Charles S., bookkeeper at Biggs & Co., h327 

H north 
Hill Clement, farmer, h 304 H north 
Hill Eliza, dressmaker, h 497 10th west 
Hill Eliza (col'd), wid John, h 301 4th west 
Hill Elizabeth (col'd), wid Robert, h 284 D north 
Hill Francis H., physician, 445 F north, h do 
Hill George, senr., h Mass av cor 10th west 
Hill George, jr., paper-dealer, 99 La av, h at 

Hill George W., boiler-maker, h B south n 12th 

Hill George W., clerk Treas Dept, bds 370 6th 

Hill Henry (col'd), hackman, h 364 21st west 
Hill Isaac, wood-merchant, I north c 4th west, h 

417 9th west 
Hill James H., dentist student, bds 417 9th west 
Hill John, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Hill John (col'd), waiter, h 469 D south 

Hill John S., moulder, h 187 24th west 

Hill Joseph, laborer, h 694 G north 

Hill Joshua Hon., M. C, h 456 E north 

Hill Mary E., wid Isaac, h 19th west n M north 

Hill Nancy (col'd), washerwoman, h 267 C south 

Hill Nicholas S., lawyer, h Mass av c 14th west 

Hill Richard, contractor, h 181 K north 

Hill Richard (col'd), hackman, h 366 21st west 

HILL SILAS H., lawyer, 472 E north, h do 

Hill Stephen P. Rev., h 327 H north 

Hill Theresa, h 407 10th west 

Hill William, laborer, h 272 D south 

Hill William, machinist, h 703 N J av 

Hillborn Nathan W., variety store, 571 8th east 

Hilleary Leonard, h 423 8th west 

Hillery Robert (col'd), laborer, h 160 H north 

Hillery Wm. H., butcher, 143 N Y av 

Hilliard Francis, bds 48 La av 

Hills M. A., milliner, 295 Penn av, h do 

Hills Thomas 0., dentist, 306 Penn av, h do 

Hillyard Benjamin F., plasterer, h 565 L north 

Hillyer John, laborer, h H north n 3d east 

Hillyer Junius, solicitor Treas Dept, h 508 M nth 

Hilton Catharine, wid Samuel, h 559 E south 

Hilton George, laborer, h 576 6th west 

Hilton James H., grocer, 269 7th west 

Hilton John, clerk, h 375 14th west 

Hilton John, watchman, h 117 I north 

Hilton John E., clerk, h 14th west n L north 

Hilton John P., collector, 239 F north, h 375 14th 

HILTON JOSEPH H., boarding-h, 273 F north 
Hilton Joshua, h 194 22d west 
' Hilton Samuel, carpenter, h 559 E south 
Hilton Susan, wid William, fancy goods and con- 
fectionery, 375 9th west, h do 
Hilton Uriah D., h 165 I north 
Hinckle, clerk Coast Survey, h 455 D north 
Hinckley, bds 471 11th west 
Hineline Thomas, carpenter, h Penn av c 10th 

Hineline William D., laborer, h 11th east n O 

Hineman Timothy S., laborer, h I north n 7th 

Hines Abraham A., carpenter, h 157 I north 
Hines Ann, huckster, 319 Centre mkt, h E north 

n 4th east 
Hines Christian (C. & M. Hines), furniture, 20th 

west n Penn av, h do 
Hines David, clerk, h 110 Penn av 
Hines George, laborer, h 260 H north 
Hines George W., painter, bds 450 12th west 
Hines Jacob, bds 425 H north 
Hines John B., plasterer, h 203 22d west 
Hines Matthew (C. & M. Hines), furniture, 20th 

west n Penn av, h do 
Hines Michael, laborer, h 229 3d west 
Hines Philip, messenger Treas Dept, h 450 12th 

Hines William H., plasterer, h 325 ISth west 
Hines William T., carpenter, h 16th west n L nth 
Hines CM., furniture, 20th west n Penn av 
Hinkel John P., hairdresser, 3 E Capitol, h do 
Hinkle Henry W., carpenter, h 407 6th west 
Hinman Charles W., asst librarian Congress lib- 
rary, bds National hotel 
Hinman Colniar C, h 221 6th west 
Hinton George W. (Hinton & Teel), tailor, 406 

Penn av, h 493 Md av 
HINTON & TEEL (Geo. W. Hinton and Wm. S. 

Teel), tailors, 406 Penn av 
Hipkins John L., tinsmith, b 622 II north 
Hirgushimer Edwin, clerk Coast Survey, bds 2S4 

G north 
Hirst Ellen, h 42 M south 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jars. 



Hitchcock Joseph, stonecutter, bds 383 2d east 
Hitchcock Joseph V., clerk, bds 383 2d east 
Hitchcock Josiah, granite, cutter, h Boundary n 

7th west 
Hitchcock Robert J., upholsterer, 11th east c K 

south, h do 
Hite David (col'd), painter, h 268 L north 
Hitz Florian, grocer, 31 A south, h do 
Hitz George W., brass-finisher, h 124 A south 
Hitz John, Swiss Consul Genl, h 29 A south 
Hoak Augusta, wid Henry, h 536 8th east 
Hoar Maurice, laborer, h 270 D south 
Hoban Henry Rev., Treas Gonzaga College, h do 
Hoban Marian B., wid James, h 417 15th west 
Hobbs Benjamin, clerk, bds 556 7th west 
Hobbs John G., pumpmaker, 14th west, h 580 L 

Hobbs Thomas J., clerk Treas Dept, bds 458 12th 

Hobbs Wm., hostler, Adam's ex 
Hoch August, shoemaker, h 248 D north 
Hocmelle Paul, French attache, h 359 18th west 
Hodge William, clerk Navy yard, h 378 G south 
Hodge William L., h 330 H north 
Hodges Benjamin, physician, 615 8th east 
Hodges Catharine, wid Benjamin, h 426 I north 
Hodges Churchill, late hotel keeper, h 236 D nth j 
Hodges Eliza, wid Benjamin, h 533 11th west 
Hodgson John W., locksmith, h N nth n 8th west ] 
Hodgson Joseph F., stoves, 405 7th west, h H 

north n 6th west 
Hoeppner A., Coast Survey, h 377 1st east 
Hoerrich August, tinsmith, 7 A south, h do 
Hoffa Hertz, jewelry, 337 Penn av, h 486 Mass av 
Hoffa Michael, jeweller, Penn av, h 486 Mass av | 
HOFFAR ANCUS M., dentist, 296 E north, h , 

380 13th west 
Hoffman Ann, wid Jeremiah, h 156 4th west 
Hoffman Charles, cabinetmaker, h 614 L north 
Hoffman Henry B., cabinetmaker, h G South n 

1st west 
Hoffman Jacob, laborer, h 630 N north 
Hoffman Jacob, ostler, h 390 2d east 
Hoffman John, hackman, h 4^ west n K south 
Hoffman Josiah, bricklayer, bds 411 H north 
Hoffman Susannah, wid Josiah, h 411 H north 
Hogan clerk Land office, bds 32 4£ west 

Hogan James, marine, h 493 11th east 
Hogan John, gunsmith, h 493 11th east 
Hogan John, laborer, b 358 Va av 
Hogan John D., clerk Treas Dept, bds 425 F 

Hogan Peter (col'd), messenger Patent Office, h 

495 N north 
Hogan Philip, laborer, h 40 Organ alley 
Hogan Reuben (col'd), sawyer, h 178 H north 
Hogan Thomas, laborer, h 695 H north 
Hogan William, clerk Land Office, bds 215 F nth 
Hogan William, translator State Dept, h 261 1 nth 
Hogeland John, carpenter, bds 476 12th west 
Hogg John W., clerk Navy Dept, bds 344 N Y av 
Hogg Moses, stonecutter, h Pierce n 1st west 
Hogstetter John, laborer, h 238 4^ west 
Hohlberg S., fancy goods, 394 7th west, h do 
Holbrook Charles F., stonecutter, h 595 I north 
HOLBROOK JOSEPH T., "Hiawatha Hall," 570 

Penn av, h do 
Holcombe Royal, bds 417 12th west 
Holden Eveline B., h 367 Penn av 
Holden Francis, h 369 Penn av 
Holden Thomas, auxiliary guard, h 196 G south 
Holland Ephraim, student, h 362 Mass av 
Holland James S., clerk, 412 9th west 
Holland John, laborer, h 440 1st west 
Holland John E., clerk War Dept, h 508 H north 
Holland Wm. E., bartender, h413 8th west 

Hollarn Morris, laborer, h 85 2d west 

Holliday , bds 391 C north 

Holliday James, wheelwright, h 258 L north 
Holliday William S., land broker, 324 Penn av, 

bds 418 9th west 
Hollidge Joseph, gardener, bds P north n 4th west 
Hollidge Thomas, dairyman, h 124 5th west 
HOLLINGSHEAD JOHN S., justice of peace, 

notary public, &c, 8th west c E north, h 424 

9th west 
Hollingshead Margaret R., wid John, h 424 9th 

Hollister Amos D., clerk P Dept, h 297 B south 
Hollohan John, laborer, h 528 K north 
Hollohan John, laborer, h 482 F north 
Hollohan John T., messenger City P O, h C south 

n 11th west 
Holmead A., clerk Land Office 
Holmead Alfred Rev., h 575 14th west 
Holmead Anthony, furniture, 59 La av, h do 
Holmead Elizabeth, boarding, h 4£ west c Penn 

Holmead James B., h 533 13th west 
Holmead J. E. F., ass't examiner Patent Office, h 

575 14th west 
Holmes John, laborer, h 535 8th east 
Holmes Malachi (col'd); messenger, h 398 14th 

Holroyd James, machinist, h 536 I south 
Holroyd John, machinist, h 536 I south 
Holschuh John, tailor, h 297 C north 
Holson Thos. R., bartender, 570 Penn av 

Holston , h 216 N Y av 

Holston John G. F., physician, 373 E north, h do 

Holt John, blacksmith, h 413 K north 

HOLT JOSEPH, Postmaster General P O Dept, 

h 590 N J av 
Holt William O., cabinetmaker, h 247 N Y av 
Holtzclew John M., carpenter, bds 505 7th west 
Holtzman Geo. H., clerk Indian Office, h 462 13th 

Homann Charles, cabinetmaker, 436 K north 
Homans Rhoda L., wid Daniel, h 60 A south 

Homer , bds 32 4^ west 

Homer Sarah J., wid Joseph, h 409 N Y av 
Homiller Charles, butcher, 46 Centre market, h 

Homiller Michael, butcher, 18 and 20 Northern 

mkt, h Georgetown 
Homiller Michael H., butcher, 27 Centre mkt, h 

Georgetown heights 
Homiller William, butcher, 13 Centre mkt, h ab 

Hongler Daniel, draughtsman Navy Yard, h 3d 

east n S C av 
Hood Abner T., stonecutter, h 3d east n H north 
HOOD HENRY O., watches and jewelry, 338 Pa 

av, h do 
Hood John, director Gen'l Land Office, h 358 9th 

Hood John H., clerk Pension Office, h 205 6th 

Hood Washington T., cabinetmaker, h 604 N nth 
Hooe Bernard, clerk, rooms 2 4| west 
Hooe Bernard, jr., draughtsman, h 2 4| west 
Hooe Peter H. (Hooe, Brother & Co.), dry goods, 

10 Market sp, h 367 C north 
Hooe Robert A. (Hooe, Brother & Co.), dry goods, 

10 Market sp, bds Brown's hotel 
Hooe Robert H., clerk, 10 Market sp, bds 367 C 

HOOE, BROTHER & CO. (P. H. & R. A. Hooe, & 

B. F. Middleton and Benjamin Beall), dry 

goods, 10 Market space 
Hoofnagle Andrew, moulder, h 519 Sth east 
Hoofnagle William, moulder h 517 8th east 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot saves one-third. 



Hook Marcus R., mail agent, h 439 6th west 
Hook William H., tailor, h 3d west n G south 
Hooper Lucy, h L south n 6th west 
Hooper Samuel, laborer, h B north n 4th east 
Hooper William H., Hon. M. 0., h 485 6th west 
Hootee Naomi, wid Philip, bds 415 11th west 
Hoover Adam M., bricklayer, h 169 K north 
Hoover Albert, carpenter, h 167 7th west 
Hoover Andrew D., limeburner, h 86 G north 
HOOVER ANDREW P., boots and shoes, 331 Pa 

av, h 433 F north 
Hoover John, butcher, 26 North'n and 20 Centre 

mkts, and provisions, 8th west cor D north, h 

336 N Y av 
Hoover John, butcher, h 6 M north 
Hoover John E., salesman, 320 Penn av, bds 169 

7th west 
Hoover John T., clerk Coast Survey, h 201 6th 

Hoover Lawson P., limedealer, Rock creek n I 

north, h 160 G north 
Hoover Mary A., wid Andrew, h 117 Penn av 
Hoover Michael, drover, h 167 7th west 
Hoover Samuel, butcher, 17 Centre mkt and 22 

and 24 Northern mkt, h P north n 6th east 
HOOVER SAMUEL P., boots and shoes, 320 Pa 

av, h 492 E north 
Hoover Wm., P Dept, h 209 6th west 
Hop Rachel (col'd), wid Wm., h 182 N Y av 
Hope William H., contractor Patent Office, h 614 

7th west 
Hopkins Anna M., wid Philip, h 573 H north 
Hopkins George, brickmaker, h Conn av n 2d nth 
Hopkins George N., med student, h Conn av n P 

Hopkins George W. (J. & G. W. Hopkins), brick- 
maker, 101 20th west, h 20th west and Conn av 
Hopkins Ira A., publisher, h 362 1st east 
Hopkins John (col'd), cartman, h 511 N north 
Hopkins Joseph (col'd), porter, h 351 Va av 
Hopkins Levin H., clerk, 390 Penn av, bds 56 

Mo av 
Hopkins Lewis (col'd), brickmaker, h north n 

10th west 
Hopkins Major, coachman, h 316 18th west 
Hopkins Mary, wid Philip R., h 352 6th west 
Hopkins Washington, clerk, 374 Penn av 
Hopkins Wm. M. S., gents' furnishing, 374 Penn 

av, bds 383 Penn av 
Hopkins J. & G. W., brickmakers, 101 20th west 
Hopman Philip, plasterer, h 72 M north 
Hopp Henry (col'd), laborer, h 298 12th west 
Hopps William J., plasterer, h 252 4th west 
Horan Patrick H., watchman, h 15 13| west 
Horigan D., watchman Naval Observatory 
Horn Richard, laborer, h E south c 2d east 
Horn Timothy, laborer, h 77 D south 
Hornbeck Valentine, shoemaker, 334 C north, h 

50 La av 
Horner John H., auxiliary guard, h B north n 1st 

Horner Wm., watchman, h B north n 1st west 
Horney Patrick, laborer, h 96 23d west 
Hornig Peter F., butcher, 15 Centre mkt, h £ 

west n S Capitol 
Horning Felix, butcher, h 1| west n T south 
Horning George D., baker, F north n 2d west 
Horning John, confectioner, 441 K south, h do 
Horning Peter T., butcher, 39 Northern mkt and 

15 Centre mkt, h £ east n S Capitol 
Horrigan John, laborer, h L north n N J av 
Horsey Eliza D., wid Outerbridge, h 376 H north 
Horsman William H., carman, h 46 F south 
Horstman John, laborer, h 606 11th west 
Horton Wm. S., segars, 490 Penn av, bds St. 

Charles hotel 

Horwitz Phineas J., surgeon U S N, h 444 12th 

Hosch August, boots and shoes, 225 Penn av, h D 

north c 14th west 
Hoskins George, tinner, h 234 D north 
HOSKINS JAMES 0. C, composition of asphal- 

tum and composition roofing, K south n 3d west, 

h 297 4| west 
Houck John W., bookbinder, bds 336 8th west 
Hough Cassandra, varieties, 424 D north 
Hough Charles, printer, bds 393 9th west 
Hough James H., clerk, 504 7th west, bds 452 

Penn av 
Hough Joseph P., mariner, bds 452 Penn av 
Hough Oscar R., salesman, 334 Penn av, h452 do 
Hough Peyton Mrs., boarding-h, 452 Penn av 
Hough William W., butter, h 69 Penn av 
Houghton Ceylon, machinist, h 460 L south 
Houlihan Christopher, grocer, 28 Organ al 
Hounschild William, paper-hanger, 168 Penn av 
Housam Dort Mrs., variety, 379 F north, h do 
Housam Frederick, tailor, h 379 F north 
Houseman George M., cook, h E south n 10th west 
Houston John H., clerk, h 175 G north 
Houston S. A., clerk Treas Dept, h 38 Mo av 
Houx Matthias, plasterer, h 315 6th west 
Howard Annie J., dressmaker, 264 H north 
Howard Benjamin S., clerk Dept, h 334 G 

Howard Elizabeth, h 665 4th east 
Howard Flodoardo W., bds 397 6th west 
Howard Garrett, coachman, h 372 9th west 
Howard George T., Potomac hotel, H south c 10th 

Howard Hamilton P., physician 332 F north, h do 
Howard John, butcher, 7th Northern market and 

30 Centre mkt, h 9th east n B north 
Howard John, driver, h 138 22d west 
Howard John C, livery-stable, 382 7th west, h 

373 7th west 
Howard Joseph, laborer, h 543 8th east 
Howard Joseph T., physician, 369 10th west, bds 

411 8th west 
Howard Lewis (col'd), laborer, h 337 N Y av 
Howard Peter (col'd), waiter, h 357 K north 
Howard Richard, laborer, h 166 25th west 
Howard Robert, painter, h 334 5th west 
Howard Rosanna, wid Henry, h 336 5th west 
Howard Theophilus (col'd), sexton, h B south 

cor 7th east 
Howard Thomas, huckster, h 594 11th west 
Howard Thomas H., marine, h 566 9th east 
Howard Thomas W\, mail agent, h 390 9th west 
Howard William, late gardener, h 45 Me av 
Howard William, segars, 192 4 £ west, h do 
Howard Wm. E., notary public, h 458 D north 
Howe John, blacksmith, h 482 L south 
Howe Richard, prison keeper, h 277 4£ west 
Howe Walter, exchange office, 372 Penn av, h 56 

Mo av 
Howel Shadrach R., clerk Land Office, h 263 Sth 

Howell Alvah, h 277 Penn av 
HOWELL DANIEL, hotel, 167 Penn av, h do 
Howell George B., clerk Land Office, h 299 B south 
Howell John, laborer, h N south n li east 
Howell Samuel, laborer, h N south n l.V east 
Howell Thomas, carpenter, h N south n 1 V east 
Howell William P., h 440 I north 
Howland Mark, farmer, h W north n 14th west 
Howland Moses, h 21 Organ al 
Howie Peter C, clerk Patent Offioe, h 352 G nth 
Howlett John, gardener, h 176 }," Y av 
Howlin Patrick, laborer, h X J av n L south 
Hoyle Henry J., huckster, 53 Centre mkt, h 217 

8th west 

See Advertisement of "Old Dominion'' Coffee and Tea Tot. 



Hoyle James, clerk, bds 482 Penn av 
Hoyle James L., clerk, bds 393 9th west 
Ho'yle William L.. clerk, h 58 Mo av 
Hoynes Patrick, laborer, h F south nl| west 
Hoynes Thomas, blacksmith, h F south n Ik west 
Hubbard Andrew, blacksmith, h 192 D south 
Hubbard Elizabeth (col'd), wid Wm, h 301 4th 

Hubbard Henry (col'd), laborer, hr 557 9th west 
Hubbard Joseph S., prof mathematics navel ob- 
servatory, h S9 Penn av 
Hubbard Rose (col'd), washerwoman, h W north 

n 14th west 
Hubbard Solomon, grocer, 475 14th west, h do 
Hubner Adam, dressmaker, 506 11th west, h do 
Hudson carpenter, bds 476 12th west 
Hudson Edward, harness-maker, bds City hall 
Hudson John, plasterer, h 281 D north 
Hudson Samuel, farmer, h E south cor 65 west 
Hudson "Wm. V., bds "Washington house 
Huesmann Caspar A., clerk Land Office 
Hueter Chas., tailor, h 463 Penn av 
Huggins A. J., clerk Land Office 
Hughes Andrew, laborer, h 1st east cor I south 
Hughes Andrew W., clerk P 0, h 402 8th west 
Hughes Arthur, h 21 Organ al 
Hughes Catharine, grocer, 584 G- north, h do 
Hughes Charles H., carpenter, bds 384 13th west 
HUGHES EVAN, tailor, 232 Penn av, h 384 13th 

Hughes George "W., baker, 224 7th west, h do 
Hughes Hugh, stonecutter, h 173 25th west 
Hughes James, laborer, h 680 L north 
Hughes James, laborer, h 131 K south 
Hughes John, laborer, h 440 K south 
Hughes John (col'd), eartman, h 497 N north 
Hughes Mary 0. (col'd), wid William, h 169 24th 

Hughes Mrs., wid, h 470 L south 
Hughes Philip (col'd), plasterer, h 219 4th west 
Hughes Rebecca, huckster, 317 Centre mkt, h 

Hughes Robert B., collector, 8th west n Penn av, 

h 567 12th west 
Hughes Samuel F., machinist, h 450 9th east 
Hughes Thomas, butcher, h 125 13 A- west 
Hughes Wesley (col'd), eartman, h 169 24th west 
HUGHES WILLIAM, florist, 567 7th west, h do 
Hughes William (col'd), laborer, h 194 20th west 
Huguely Charles, plasterer, bds 317 5th west 
Huguely George, carpenter, bds 317 5th west 
Huguely Sarah Mrs., h 317 5th west 
Huhn Michael, lager beer saloon, 552 7th west 
Hull Chester H., printer, bds 588 I north 
Hultz Henry, laborer, h 14th west n R north 
Hume Charles, clerk Treas Dept, h 374 10th west 
Hume Francis, h 457 11th west 
Hume J. R. F., clerk, bds Franklin house 
Hume Thos. L., clerk, 40 Market sp, bds Frank- 
lin house 
Humes Alexander, carpenter, h 322V 5th west 
Humes Andrew, printer, h 377 5th west 
Humes Charles, clerk, 341 Penn av, bds 8th west 

c I) north 
Humes George, clerk Treas Dept 
Humes Jane, wid John, h 377 5th west 
Humphrey John (Humphrey & Summers), car- 
penter, 51 La av, h 592 N north 
Humphrey John, plasterer, h 195 6th west 
Humphrey Thomas (col'd), waiter, bds 229 N J 

Humphrey & Summers (John Humphrey & Thos. 

Summers), carpenters, 51 La av 
Humphreys Andrew A., U S A, h 345 19th west 
Humphreys Charles W., dentist, Penn av, bds 
National hotel 

Humphreys Ellen (col'd), wid Joseph, h 436 L 

Humphreys George (col'd), brickmaker, h 494 

3d east 
HUMPHREYS GEORGE W., dentist, 12 and 14 

Market sp, bds Nationel hotel 
Humphreys Hezekiah (col'd), blacksmith, N sth 

c South Capitol, h 562 Mass av 
Humphreys Mary A. E. (col'd), washerwoman, h 

N J av c E south 
Humphreys Owen T. (Humphreys &Juenemann), 

brewer, h 577 C north 
Humphreyville Ebenezer, plasterer, h 14th west c 

Q north 
Hungerford Henry, h 393 N Y av 
Hunnicutt Peter, moulder, h 24th west n M north 
Hunt, messenger Treas Dept, h 398 N Y av 
Hunt Amos, insurance agent, 51 A north, h do 
Hunt Chloe A., wid Benjamin, h 330 Sth west 
Hunt Esther, wid William, h 47 La av 
Hunt George N., machinist, h 473 G south 
Hunt Harvey J., silversmith, h 437 10th west 
Hunt John R., carpenter, h 47 La av 
HUNT R. FINLEY, dentist, 310 Penn av, h do 
Hunt Taylor, tailor, h 305 7th west 
Hunt Thomas, engineer, h 593 10th west 
Hunt Thomas J., instrument-maker, h 470 5th 

Hunt Thomas J., painter, bds 330 8th west 
Hunt William G., engineer, h 111 H north 
Hunt William R., clerk, h 83 M south 
Hunt Zophar, printer, h 51 A north 
Hunter Alfred, second-hand books, Penn av, h 

408 13th west 
Hunter George, coachman, bds 646 7th east 
Hunter John, clerk P Dept, h 476 H north 
Hunter John C, at Riggs & Co., bds 476 H north 
Hunter John T., clerk, h N J av n K south 
Hunter Milbourne, blacksmith, N Y av c L nth, 

h 9th west n O north 
Hunter R. M. T., senator, h 424 H north 
Hunter Sarah, wid Thos., h 10 La av 
Hunter Sibyl Mrs., boarding, h 581 8th east 
Hunter Taliaferro, clerk Navy Dept 
Hunter Wm., chief clerk State Dept, h at George- 
Hunter William, provisions, 365 10th west, h K 

north n 11th west 
Hunter William C, carpenter, h 406 20th west 
Huntress Charles A., clerk, bds 400 11th west 
Hurd John, stagedriver, h 453 6th west 
Hurdle Charles W., carpenter, h 553 1st west 
Hurdle Edward, clerk, bds 383 6th west 
Hurdle Edwin M., clerk at Woodward's, bds 407 

6th west 
Hurdle Jackson, carpenter, h 265 N Y av 
I Hurdle Samuel V., bricklayer, h 212 I north 
i Hurdle Thomas, carpenter, 338 C north, h 437 G 

J Hurdle William, bricklayer, h 22d west n Penn 

: Hurdle Wm. L., carpenter, h 437 G north 
Hurley Amanda, dressmaker, h 408 Mass av 
\ Hurley Cornelius, laborer, h 540 K north 
I Hurley Dennis, laborer, h 2d west n D south 
; Hurley Frank (M. Hurley & Co.), exchange of- 
fice, 492 Penn av, bds National hotel 
1 Hurley Henry, bricklayer, h 10th west n O north 

Hurley James W., pumpmaker, h 443 N north 
( Hurley Jeremiah, laborer, h 652 G north 
! Hurley Jeremiah, printer, h 543 north 
I Hurley John, butcher, h 441 N north 
Hurley John Mrs., h 84 2d west 
j Hurley John H. , butcher, 41 Northern market, h 

8th west n M north 
I Hurley John P., gasfitter, h 408 Mass av 

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Hurley Michael & Co. (Frank Hurley), exchange 

office, 492 Penn av, h at Norfolk 
Hurley Patrick, carpenter, bcls H north n 2d west 
Hurley Patrick, laborer, h 1 Union row 
Hurley Susanna, wid Presley, bds 168 N T av 
Hurley Walter G., restaurant, 7th west, h 441 N 

Hurley William, h 441 N north 
Hurst Elizabeth, wid Thomas, h 701 3d east 
Hurst Julia, wid William, h 336 8th west 
Hurst Urias, clerk, h 548 12th west 
Husman A., clerk Land Office, bds 391 C north 
Hussey Catharine wid Bartholomew, h 102 2d 

Hussey William, stonecutter, h 591 G- north 
Hustus Philip C, coachsmith, h 102 G- south 
Hutcherson Thomas, blacksmith, h 523 7th east 

Hutchins M. C, h 391 C north 

Hutchins Francis, bricklayer, h 524 K north 
Hutchins Martha, wid John, h 187 D north 
Hutchins Sarah G., wid Samuel, h 450 F north 
Hutchins William H., bricklayer, h 294 N H av 
Hutchinson James, finisher, h 10th east nN south 
Hutchinson James L., carpenter, 430 G north, h 

322 9th west 
Hutchinson Joseph (Hutchinson & Munro), fancy 

goods, 310 Penn av, h 496 H north 
Hutchinson Margaret A., milliner, 41 A south 
Hutchinson Thomas J., clerk, h 360 L south 
Hutchinson William, brickmaker, h l£ west c F 


Hutchinson William E., machinist, h 529 9th east 

HUTCHINSON & MUNRO (Joseph Hutchinson 

and Jas. B. Munro), fancy goods, 310 Penn av 

Hutchison Edgar S. (Taylor & Hutchison), dry 

goods, 42 Market sp, h at Alexandria 
Hutton Archabault L., bricklayer, h 94 F south 
Hutton Archibald, bricklayer, h 261 E south 
Hutton George, boiler-maker, h 460 M south 
Hutton Jacob D., bricklayer, h 10th west n E 

Hutton Rebecca M., wid Joseph, h 398 20th west 
Hutton Saloma R., wid James, h 296 H north 
Hutton William R., architect, 322 Penn av, h 

296 II north 
Huyck Leonard, teller, 517 7th west, bds 425 Pa 

Hyatt Jane, boarding-house, 339 Penn av 
Hyatt Richard G. Mrs., h 375 6th west 
Hyde Catherine, tailoress, bds 362 8th west 
Hyde David, grocer, 220 E south 
Hyde James, laborer, h 2d west n Va av 
Hyde James E.', plasterer, bds 287 8th west 
Hyde John R., carpenter, 292 9th west, h 8th west 

n M north 
Hyde Richard A. (H. Moran & Co., also of R. A. 
Hyde & Co.), coal and wood, 407 I north, and 
243 F north, h 287 8th west 
Hyde Richard A. & Co. (Horatio Moran), wood 

and coal, 407 I north, h 287 8th west 
Hyde Richard L., carpenter, bds 287 8th west 
Hyde Samuel G., clerk Land Office, h 367 10th 

Hyde Thomas, bookkeeper at Riggs & Co., h at 

Hynes John, laborer, h F south c 1| west 
Hynes Mary, wid, h 390 7th west 
Hyssett Euima, nurse, h 332 18th west 

Iardella Francis C, h 589 Penn av 
Iardella Lawrence A., h 210^ N Y av 
Iardella Nicholas M., clerk post office, h 589 Pa 

Icheberg Isaac (Lauchheimer & Icheberg), cloth- 
ing, 394 Penn av, h at Alexandria 
Iddings James, shoemaker, h 237 4th west 
Iddings Samuel, h 237 4th west 
Idt John P., gardener, h 86 20th west 
Iglehart Isaac, laborer, bds 12th east n D south 
Imrie John, stonecutter, h 6th west n C south 
Inch Mary, grocer, 648 7th east, h do 
Indermauer Jeremiah, saloon, 572 7th west, h do 
Indermauer Jeremiah, jr., blacksmith, h 164 G 

Ingersoll John R., carpenter, bds 407 9th west 
Ingersoll Thomas R., boarding, h 407 9th west 
Ingham Samuel, Com Customs Treas Dept, h 207 

Penn av 
Ingle Christopher (Davidge & Ingle), lawyers, 24 

La av, h 486 E north 
Ingle Henry, clerk City P 0, h 455 D north 
Ingle John H., h 570 N J av 
Ingle John P., Pres Franklin Ins Co, h 570 N J 

Ingle Joseph, clerk First Auditor's Office, h 582 

N Jav 
Ingman Julia A., wid William, h 405 10th west 
Ingman Thomas A., clerk, bds 405 10th west 

Ingraham , claim agent, 42 La av 

Ingraham Duncan N., Capt U S N, h 495 17th 

Ingraham Lettie (col'd), wid Washington, h 425 

L north 
Ingraham Thomas (col'd), fisherman, h 332 6th 

Ingraham William, clerk Patent Office, bds 386 

9th west 
Ingraham William B. (col'd), messenger, h 324 

18th west 
Ingram James A., machinist, h A north n 8th 

Ireland Susan Mrs. (Sweeney, Rittenhouse, Fant 

& Co.), h 427 F north 
Ironside Roger B., clerk Land Office, h 246 N 

Irvin James H., auxiliary guard, h 575 7th east 
Irving David E., tobacconist, 514 7th west, h 410 

D north 
Irving Sarah, boarding-house, 28 4| west 
Irwin James W., clerk, h 173 I north 
Irwin Richard B., clerk War Dept, h 202 I north 
Irwin Thomas, hackman, h 426 14th west 
Irwin Wm. M., clerk Indian Bureau, h 445^ 13th 

Isaacs William M., clerk Treas Dept, h 408 K 

Isdale Nelson, shoemaker, h 283 4£ west 
Isemann Henry, shoemaker, 374 G south, h do 
Isemann John C., shoemaker, h r 177 6th west 
Ishon George, junk, h 168 4 A- west 
Israel Robert & Co., furniture, 428 7th west, h 526 

I north 
Ives Joseph, Lieut U S A, h 256 I north 
Ivey Catharine, wid Wm. H., h 552 7th east 
Ivey Charles C, clerk at Capitol, h 552 7th east 

Jack James, printer, h 653 3d east 
Jack Mary A., dressmaker, 41 4i west, h do 
Jack Susan, wid James, h 41 4|: west 
Jackson, clerk, Penn av, bds 433 F north 
Jackson Alfred H., clerk Land Office, bds 490 H 

Jackson Amy (col'd), h Jackson Hall al 
Jackson Andrew (Allen & Jaokson), plasterer. 

275 Penn av, h 316 Q north 
Jackson Andrew, blacksmith, 326 C north, h 518 

H north 

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Jackson Benjamin L. (Jackson, Brother & Co.), 

grocer, 333 Penn av, h do 
Jackson Clement (col*d), laborer, k I north n 2Gth 

Jackson Frederic, coachmaker, h 84 C sonth 
Jackson George (col'd), laborer, h Goat al 
Jackson George (col'd), laborer, h r 14th west n 

L north 
Jackson George C, messenger Treas Dept, h 

Alexandria Co, Va 
Jackson Grace, wid Francis, h 225 D north 
Jackson Harriet (col'd), cook, h 588 3d west 
Jackson Henry (col'd), bds 493 N north 
Jackson Henry (col'd), laborer, h 321 10th west 
Jackson Irene (col'd), wid Patrick, h 321 10th 

Jackson Israel M., clerk, 331 Penn av, bds do 
Jackson Jacob (col'd), h I north n 26th west 
Jackson Jas. F. (col'd), wheelwright, 513 H north, 

h 400 7th west 
Jackson Joseph C, clerk, 333 Penn av, b 337 do 
Jackson Lewis (col'd), porter, h 317 8th west 
Jackson Lewis (col'd), laborer, h Ohio av n 14th 

Jackson Maria (col'd), h 10th east n C north 
Jackson Mary (col'd), wid, h 308 12th west 
Jackson Mary (col'd), wid Alonzo, h 4th east n 

G south 
Jackson Mary J., wid Andrew, h 590 11th east 
Jackson Nathan (col'd), sawyer, h 312 18th west 
Jackson Pompey (col'd), carman, h 155 4^ west 
Jackson Prescott (col'd), laborer, h 245 Conn al 
Jackson Samuel H., student, bds 415 10th west 
Jackson Samuel L. (col'd), carter, bds 493 N 

Jackson Simon (col'd), coachman, h B south c 

4th east 
Jackson Vincent B., letter carrier, h 591 M north 
Jackson Wm. B., sen., bookkeeper, 333 Penn av 
Jackson Wm. B. (Jackson, Bro. & Co.), grocer, 

333 Penn av, h do 

Jackson & Geo. J. Seufferle), grocers, 333 Pa av 
Jacob George, turner, 260 H north, h do 
Jacobs Cornelius, clerk h 644 7th west 
Jacobs George (col'd), waiter, h al r 246 C north 
Jacobs Maria (col'd), wid Henry, h 9th east n B 

Jacobs Mary, h 507 3d west 
Jacobs Mary, wid Thomas, h Yt av c north 
Jacobs Thomas, clerk, h 669 7th east 
Jacobs William W., clerk Land Office, bds 447 

Mass av 
James Charles H., h 575 14th west 
James Edward, plasterer, h G south c 8th west 
James Edwin, lawyer, F north c 7th west, bds 2S8 

F north 
James John, carpenter, h 402 K north 
JAMES J. DAWSON, note clerk Bank of Me- 
tropolis, h 288 F north 
James Mary L., h 371 13th west 
James Robert (col'd), plasterer, h 203 E south 
James Samuel, grocer, 94 26th west, h do 
James William, carpenter, bds 322 5th west 
James William (col'd), blacksmith, h 399 K north 
Jameson John M., P M of Senate, h 451 2d east 
Jamieson Harriet (col'd), h 378 16th west 
Jamison, clerk Dept, bds 334 G north 
Jamison Elias (col'd), steward, h 117 F north 
Jannev Annie, h 515 17th west 
JANNEY HENRY, boots and shoes, 348 Penn av, 

h 467 8th west 
Janney Jacob, 348 Penn av, h 467 8th west 
Janney Samuel H., clerk Treas Dept 
Janvier Benjamin A., clerk 3d Auditor's Office, 
h 432 H north 

Janvier Francis D. Haes, clerk Dept, bds 252 H 

Jarboe Benedict, guard Penitentiary, h 4£ west 

n N south 
Jarboe Daniel W., messenger, h 4} west n N south 
Jarboe Francis M., grocer, 20th west cor I north 
Jarboe George B., carpenter, h 4^ west n N south 
Jarboe John F., painter, h 141 Del av 
Jarboe John T., blacksmith, h 456 G south 
Jarboe Mary, wid Thomas, b 338 6th west 
Jarboe Matthew, carpenter, h 454 G south 
Jardin Armand, florist, Conn av cor 18th west 
Jarvis C, laborer, h 161 8th west 
Jarvis Charles F., salesman, 338 Penn av, bds 

Avenue house 
Jarvis Rachel, wid John, h 494 11th east 
Jasper Jane (col'd), washerwoman, h 114 K nth 
Jay Jabez, shoemaker, 468£ 11th west, h 505 13th 

Jeffers Mary A., wid Mathias, h 65 Mo av 
Jeffers William J., machinist, h 673 N J av 
Jefferson Ferdinand, clerk State Dept, h 359 11th 

Jefferson Henry (col'd), laborer, h 236 N Y av 
Jefferson Thomas, bricklayer, bds 303 8th west 
Jeffries Mary, wid George, h 553 6th east 
Jekyll Thomas, patent agent, 7th west, bds 335 

B south 
Jenafer Robert (col'd), laborer, h 302 12th west 
Jenckes Amos T., clerk Patent Office, h 561 4th 

Jenefer Thomas (col'd), porter, h north n 9th 

Jenkins Alexander (col'd), carpenter, h N north 

n 15th west 
Jenkins David B., huckster, h 40 F south 
Jenkins Elizabeth, seamstress, h 451 N Y av 
Jenkins George (col'd), laborer, h r 186 E south 
Jenkins George F., blacksmith, h 7th east n G 

Jenkins Harriet, wid George, h 641 7th east 
Jenkins Thomas, blacksmith, h 641 7th east 
Jenkins Thornton A., captain U S N, h 84 Penn 

Jenks Daniel, clerk Patent Office, h 411 E north 
Jenner G., English Legation, bds Lafayette house 
Jenney Thomas (cold), farmer, h Goat alley n 

6th west 
Jennings Frances, washerwoman, h 235 L north 
Jennings Paul (col'd), h 418 14th west 
JENSEN NICOLAY, watchmaker, 330 Penn av 
Jesunofsky Jacob, moulder, h 554 9th east 
Jesup Thos. S., quartermaster-general War Dept, 

h 281 F north 
Jewell Claudius B., grocer, 2S3 7th west, h 323 
• 9th west n L north 

Jewell David, watchman, h 393 20th west 
Jewell James G., clerk Treas Dept 
Jewell John M., clerk War Dept 
Jewell Moses, h 367 N Y av 
Jewell Thomas, bookkeeper Bank of Metropolis, 

h at Georgetown 
Jillard George E. (J. Jillard & Son), paints, 254 

Penn av, h 360 K north 
Jillard J. & Son (George E. Jillard), paints, oils, 

and glass, 254 Penn av, h at Baltimore 
Jillson William E., professor Columbia College, 

h Rugby house 
Jirdinston James A. N., bookkeeper, h 379 6th 

Joachim John, butcher, 37 Northern market, h 

D north n S Capitol 
Johns George W., clerk P 0, bds 331 Penn av 
Johns George W., laborer, h Canal opp 17th west 
JOHNS HENRY F., Kimmell house, 355 C north 
Johns Jacob (col'd), sawyer, h N J av n D south 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, manufactured by 



John? John S., Navy Yard, h 381 E north 
Johnson Abraham (col'd), porter, h 529 3d west 
Johnson Albert (col'd), laborer, h G south n 3d 

Johnson Albert E. H., draughtsman, h 304 9th 

Johnson Albert W., bookbinder, h 296 8th west 
Johnson Alexander, stonecutter, bds 383 2d east 
Johnson Alexander, timekeeper, bds 383 2d east 
Johnson Ann, wid John, h 597 N north 
Johnson Ann (col'd), h r 329 1st west 
Johnson Ann M., wid Hezekiah, bds 323 5th west 
Johnson Baker W., clerk P 0, h 428 9th west 
Johnson Benjamin (col'd), laborer, h 275 4th west 
Johnson Benjamin A., shoemaker, 546 6th west, 

h 9 Me av 
Johnson Caroline, boarding-house, 6 La av 
Johnson Catherine, wid Alexis, h 348 6th west 
Johnson Catherine (col'd), wid Henry, washer- 
woman, h 318 10th west 
Johnson Charles (col'd), porter, h 558 K north 
Johnson Charles H., printer, bds 392 E north 
Johnson Charles H., shoemaker, bds 565 G north 
Johnson D. B., huckster, h 113 13£ west 
Johnson Eliza (col'd), wid William, h 415 I nth 
Johnson Eliza (col'd), washerwoman, h N north 

n 4th west 
Johnson Eveline, wid, h 622 11th east 
Johnson Fanny (col'd), wid, cook, h 318 10th west 
Johnson Francis, cabinetmaker, h 597 N north 
Johnson George, clerk, h 528 Md av 
Johnson George J. (Sutton & Johnson), boots and 

shoes, 121 Penn av, and dry goods, 20th west 

c Penn av, h 359 20th west 
Johnson George W., undertaker, 4| west n Md 

av, h do 
Johnson Grafton (col'd), laborer, h 263 F south 
Johnson Hannah (col'd), washerwoman, h 236 D 

Johnson Henry, inventor, h 230 6th west 
Johnson Henry (col'd), barkeeper, h 103 M south 
Johnson Henry (col'd), hairdresser, 216 F north, 

h 342 15th west 
Johnson Henry D., Librarian State Dept, h 264 I 

Johnson Henry L., clerk P O Dept, h 475 I nth 
Johnson Henry N., shoemaker, 455 M north, h 

443 9th west 
Johnson Isaac L., law student, bds 357 11th west 
Johnson James, blacksmith, hU west n S south 
Johnson James, clerk at Capitol, bds 452 Pa av 
Johnson James, coachpainter, h N Y av n 21st 

Johnson James, seaman, h 356 21st west 
Johnson James, grocer, If west n S south, h do 
Johnson James (col'd), brickmaker, h Goat al 
Johnson James E., butcher, 15 Northern mkt and 

64 Centre mkt, h 4f west c P south 
Johnson James H. (col'd) (Johnson & Brown), 

barber, 495 6th west, h at Georgetown 
Johnson Jane (col'd), cook, h al 3d west bet B 

and C north 
Johnson Jane (col'd), wid David, h 328 C south 
Johnson Jeremiah (col'd), laborer, h 241 9th west 
Johnson John, blacksmith, h 416 G south 
JOHNSON JOHN, bounty, land, pension, and 

patent agent, 7th west c E north, h 572 M nth 
Johnson. John, huckster, h G south n 1st west 
Johnson John (col'd), carman, h C south n 6th 

Johnson John (col'd), laborer, h 251 F south 
Johnson John (col'd), laborer, h N north n 15th 

JOHNSON JOHN II., justice of peace, La av n 

cor 7th west, h 482 E north 
Johnson John J., printer, bds 164 I north 

Johnson John R., engineer, h 62 E south 
Johnson John W.. painter, bds 570 M north 
Johnson Joseph, laborer, h r 1 west n F south 
Johnson Joseph (col'd), cook, h al 3d west bet B 

and C north 
Johnson Joseph (col'd), laborer, h E south n 4£ 

JOHNSON LEWIS, & CO (David Walker & 

Lewis J. Davis), bankers, 292 Penn av, h 358 

G north 
Johnson Lorenzo D., bds 370 6th west 
Johnson Martin, clerk 6th Auditor's Office, h 392 

E north 
Johnson Mary, wid Philip, bds 321 G north 
Johnson Mary W., wid Philip C, h 291 F north 
Johnson Michael, laborer, h D south n 3d west 
Johnson Miranda (col'd), washerwoman, h 519 

8th west 
Johnson Mrs., h 470 12th west 
Johnson M., clerk Treas Dept 
Johnson Nancy (col'd), wid Henry, domestic, h, 

387 Mass av 
Johnson Peter (col'd), h 310 10th west 
Johnson Philip C. Mrs., h 266 F north 
Johnson Priscilla, wid Horatio, h 482 11th west 
Johnson Reverdy Hon., lawyer, h 271 Vt av 
Johnson Rhoda, wid Chauncey R., h 344 L north 
Johnson Richard (col'd), waiter, h 392 B south 
Johnson Richmond D., physician, h 175 Penn av 
Johnson Robert, clerk, bds 485 10th west 
Johnson Robert, laborer, h 229 Vt av 
Johnson Robert M. & Co., agricultural imple- 
ments, 9th west n B north, bds 34 Mo av 
Johnson Robert W., coachmaker, 553 12th west, 

h 535 8th south 
Johnson R., clerk War Dept 

Johnson Ruth (col'd), wid Abraham, h 66 M nth 
Johnson Samuel (col'd), coachman, hl36 22d west 
Johnson Simpson, finisher, h 622 11th east 
Johnson S. A. Mrs., confectionery, 427 E north 
Johnson Thomas, carpenter, bds 325 8th west 
Johnson Thomas, clerk Tre-as Dept, h 81 M nth 
Johnson Thomas, laborer, h 2d west n C south 
Johnson Thomas R., h N Y av n 5th west 
Johnson Thomas W. (Johnson & Sutton), dry- 
goods, 24 Market sp, h 487 6th west 
Johnson Townly (col'd), carman, h 256 D south 
Johnson Walter, supt Wash Monument Ground 
Johnson Walter C, butter, SO Northern mkt, h 

341 9th west 
Johnson Walter R. Mrs., h 505 12th west 
Johnson Wellington (col'd), laborer, h 191 20th 

Johnson Wilhelmina. wid Peyton, h Plater's al 

n K north 
Johnson William, h 79 7th west 
Johnson William, carpenter, h 119 F north 
Johnson William, huckster, h Union alley n 

Johnson William, messenger Capitol, h 325 8th 

Johnson William, restaurant, 460 Penn av 
Johnson Win., jr., bds 325 Sth west 
Johnson Wm. (col'd), hackdriver. h al 3d west 

bet B & C north 
Johnson William A., clerk Pension Office, h 357 

11th west 
Johnson Wm. C, barber, h 565 G north 
Johnson William H., blacksmith, bds 432 G 

Johnson Wm. H. (Johnson & Lord), carpenter, 

458 G north, h 323 5th west 
Johnson William K., butter. 77 Northern mkt, 

h 418 Mass av 
Johnson William T., butter merchant, in "J Mar- 
kets, h 418 Mass av 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, lit and 119 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia, 



Johnson Willis, h 501 11th west 
JOHNSON & BROWNE (col'd), (James H. John- 
son and John M. Browne), barbers, 495 6th 

JOHNSON & LORD (William H. Johnson and 

J. B. Lord), carpenters and stairbuilders, 458 G 

Johnson & Sutton (Thomas W. Johnson and 

Robert M. Sutton), dry goods, Market space c 

8th west 
JOHNSON, FRY, & CO., publishers, 499 7th 

Johnston Ann (col'd), washerwoman, h S Capitol 

n C south 
Johnston Ann M. (col'd), washerwoman, Marble 

al n 4£ west 
Johnston Charles H. (col'd), barber, h 342 15th 

Johnston Daniel, laborer, h 480 11th east 
Johnston David (col'd), hackman, h 40 F north 
Johnston Eliza (col'd), wid Wm., h S Capitol n 

C south 
Johnston Elizabeth, wid John, h 561 6th east 
Johnston Emily (col'd), wid Samuel, h 80 Penn 

Johnston Emily (col'd), wid Samuel, h 82 26th 

Johnston French S., cabinetmaker, h Mass av 

nl5th west 
Johnston Henry (col'd), coachman, h 130 23d 

Johnston Horace S., saddles, harness, & trunks, 

373 Penn av, h 498 Md av 
JOHNSTON JAMES A., carpenter, 15th west 

n N Y av, h 383 9th west 
Johnston John F., carpenter, h 106 A south 
Johnston Julia, wid Thomas, h 136 23d west 
Johnston J. E., colonel U S A. h 215 H north 
Johnston Letitia (col'd), wid Henry, h 257 21st 

Johnston Mary (col'd), wid Collins, h 170 I nth 
Johnston Mildred Ann, wid James, h 294 10th 

Johnston Morris (col'd), laborer, h 113 23d west 
Johnston Robert, blacksmith, 4^ west c M south, 

h 4^ west n N south 
Johnston Robert, merchant, h 571 N north 
Johnston Sarah H., wid Robert, h 424 G north 
Johnston Thomas M., laborer, h 67 27th west 
Johnston William (Fletcher & Johnston), lunch 

house, 485 10th west, h at Georgetown 
Johnston William N., cabinetmaker, 416 Mass 

av, h do 
Johnston William P., physician, 466 7th west 
Joiner Richard, clerk Treas Dept, bds 284 G 

Joline Charles 0., clerk Land Office, h 354 10th 

Jolly John (Williams & Jolly), grocer, wood, 

and coal, 3d east c Ga av, h N south c 3d east 
Jones Aaron (col'd), waiter, h 333 10th west 
Jones Alfred (col'd), carman, h 60 G south 
Jones Alfred (col'd), feed, K north n 21st west, 

and 494 Centre mkt, and 527 12th west, h 126 

K north 
Jones Andrew (col'd), hackman, h 402 N Y av 
Jones Ann (col'd), wid Oliver, h 312 12th west 
Jones A. J., clerk Treas Dept 
Jones Catesby, lieutenant U S N, bds 413 13th 

Jones Catharine (col'd), washerwoman, h M 

north n N Capitol 
Jones Charles (col'd), porter, h 286 G north 
Jones Charles Lee, attorney, over Bank of Wash- 
Jones Charles R. Mrs., bds 220 6th west 

1 Jones Charles S., doorkeeper at Capitol, h 442 H 

i Jones Charles T., chief clerk Treas Dept, bda 

Avenue house 
i Jones C. Lucien, clerk Patent Office, bds 413 13th 

Jones Daniel (col'd), brickmaker, h 216 2d west 
Jones D. Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, 491 A 8th 

west, h do 
Jones Edward S., lieutenant Marine Corps, h 493 

17th west 
Jones Edward W., clerk P Dept, bds 323 9th 

Jones Edwin, bookbinder, 9th west c La av, bds 

221 5th west 
Jones Edwin T., carpenter, bds 416 H north 
Jones Elisha, h 211 N Y av 
Jones Eliza, boarding-house, 442 M south 
Jones Eliza (col'd), wid, washerwoman, h 318 

10th west 
Jones Frances J., wid George H., h 334 N Y av 
Jones Francis, plasterer, bds 198 3d west 
Jones Francis A., bailiff City Hall, h at Gtn 
JONES FREDERICK W., atty at law, bds Union 

hotel, Georgetown 
Jones George A., painter, bds N J av n N north 
Jones Hamilton, carpenter, h 482 10th west 
Jones Isaac (is 115 years old), h 273 C north 
Jones James, coachsmith, h 99 F south 
Jones James (Brooks & Jones), provisions, 555 

11th east, h 578 11th east 
Jones James, stagedriver, h 486 14th west 
Jones James (col'd), brickmoulder, h 4th east n 

Md av 
Jones James A. (col'd), Rev., h 527 3d west 
Jones James B., huckster, h 179 M north 
Jones James H., grocer, 542 M north, h do 
Jones Jefferson, clerk Treas Dept 
Jones John E., clerk, 397 Penn av, bds do 
Jones JohnF., laborer, h 225 20th west 
Jones Joseph, grocer, 15 E Capitol, h do 
Jones Levi, machinist, h r 58 M south 
Jones Lewis Dr., clerk Committee Senate, h 454 

E north 
Jones Martha (col'd), washerwoman, h 66 M nth 
Jones Mary (col'd), wid William, h 275 4th west 
Jones Mary (col'd), wid Wm., h 286 G north 
Jones Mary Ellen (col'd), washerwoman, h r 95 

E south 
Jones M. A. M., wid Gen'l Roger, h 413 13th west 
Jones M. W. Mrs., bds 479 10th west 
Jones Nicholas, carpenter, h 567 8th west 
Jones Noah Rev. (col'd), huckster, 68 Northern 

and 111 Centre mkts, h 209 G south 
Jones Parkinson (col'd), h 284 D north 
Jones Paul (col'd), whitewasher, h 241 C north 
Jones Reese, finisher, h 442 M south 
Jones Richard, painter, h 341 10th west 
Jones Roger, Lieut USA, bds 413 13th west 
Jones Samuel W. (F. Tenney & Co.), National 

hotel, Penn av c 6th 
Jones Sarah, wid Richard, h 493 L north 
Jones Sarah (col'd), wid Benjamin, h L north n 

22d west 
Jones Susan, h 567 8th west 
Jones S. B., h 391 Penn av 
JONES THADDEUS A., grocer, N Y av c 10th 

west, bds do 
Jones Thomas, laborer, h 681 L north 
Jones Thomas Rev., bds 444 11th west 
Jones Thomas S., huckster, 62 Northern mkt, h 

Jones Walter, Lieut USA, bds 413 13th west 
Jones William, blacksmith, O south c 4£ west 
Jones AVin., postmaster and physician, h 403 C 


Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, Philadelphia, 



Jones William (col'd), brickniaker, h E Capitol 

n 14th east 
Jones Wm. Carey, lawyer, h 379 C north 
Jones William H., pumpmaker, 459 Va av. h do 
Jones William L. (Jones & Miller), restaurant, h 

319 E north 
Jones William 0., carpenter, h 483 Mass av 
JONES WILLIAM S., grocer, Mass avc 3d west 
Jones William T., shoemaker, h 100 E Capitol 
Jones William T., shoemaker, h 677 3d east 
Jones William W., bricklayer, h 130 4th west 
Jones William W., watchman, h 104 E Capitol 
Jones W. Brooke, clerk City P 0, h 546 H north 
Jones W. Hemphill, chief clerk Comptroller's Of- 
fice, h 450 H north 
Jones Zepheniah, bricklayer, h 493 L north 
Jones & Miller (William L. Jones & John L. Mil- 
ler), restaurant, 321 E north 
Jonscher Emil, harness-maker, 248 H north, h 

241 L north 
Jordan Caroline, wid John, h 425 11th west 
Jordan Cassa A. (col'd), washerwoman, 554 14th 

west, h do 
Jordan Charles M., carpenter, bds 425 11th west 
Jordan Colby A., clerk Treas Dept, h 407 E nth 
Jordan Flemming, hairdresser, 593 8th east, h 

Centre house 
Jordan James, watchman, h 412 G south 
Jordan John A., carpenter, G north c 14th west, 

h 331 G north 
Jordan J. H., clerk Treas Dept 
Jordan Lewis, clerk Treas Dept 
Jordan M., clerk Treas Dept 
Jordan Patrick, messenger War Dept, h 458 N 

Jordan Robert H., blacksmith, h 13th east n 

Penn ay 
Jordan Robert S., clerk Treas Dept, h 538 L nth 
Jordan Thomas W., bds 323 9th west 
Jordan William, machinist, h 178 4£ west 
Jordan William, butcher, h north n N Capitol 
Jordan, coachfinisher, bds 471 11th west 
Jordan J. W. (Jordan & Westerfield), carpenter, 

345 E north, h 10th west n E north 
Jordan & Westerfield (J. W. Jordan & D. Wester- 
field), carpenters, 345 E north 
Joseph Joseph, boots and shoes, 619 8th east, h 

556 9th east 
Joseph Peter, watchman, h 531 I south 
Josetti Martin L. B., tailor, h 455 6th west 
JOST BENEDICT, wines and liquors, 181 Penn 

av, h do 
Jouvenal Jacques, marble cutter, h B north n 6th 

Jouvenal Peter, restaurant, 14th west n S north 
Joy Henry C, h 8th west c Penn av 
Joy James F., shipcarpenter, h 390 K south 
Joy John W., auxiliary guard, h 13^ west c E sth 
Joy Joseph, laborer, h 77 13^ west 
Joy Nelson, boarding-house, 8th west c Penn av 
Joy Susan, h 87 I south 

Joy William T., cabinetmaker, h 444 K north 
JOYCE ANDREW J. (Joyce & Lenman), black- 
smith, 22 Ohio av, and coachmaker, 477 14th 
west, h 219 E north 
Joyce Ann, wid Richard, h 351 18th west 
Joyce John J., clerk, h 447 13th west 
Joyce Michael, mason, h 457 N north 
Joyce Richard, clerk, 334 Penn av, h 351 18th west 
Joyce Susan, wid Edward, h 301 B south 
Joyce Thomas, laborer, h 226 L north 
Joyce & Lenman (Andrew J. Joyce and Charles 

Lenman), blacksmiths, 22 Ohio av 
Judd John G., printer, h 582 I north 
Juenemann George (Humphreys & Juenemann), 
brewers, 4th east c E north, h do 

Jullien Augustin, cook, h 412 13th west 
Jullien Mary A., school, 412 13th west, bds do 
Jullian William A., French cook, h 412 13th west 
Junken Charles, Coast Survey, h 442 N north 
Just Charles, carpenter, 513 K north, h do 

Kahl Joanna, wid J. F., h 452 10th west 

Kahl John V., butcher, Northern Liberty market, 

h 78 M south 
Kahler Thomas H., bookbinder, h 484 I north 
Kahlert Gustavus, butter, 337 Centre mkt, h 613 

7th west 
Kahlert Mrs., wid John H., h G south n 13th east 
Kaiser Adam, carpenter, h 163 5th west 
Kaiser Henry, cabinetmaker, 219 Penn av, h do 
Kaiser Henry, baker, 161 6th west, h do 
Kaiser Henry H., baker, 451 10th west, h do 
Kail Sophia S., h 326 H north 
Kalussowski Henry, clerk Land Office, h 660 M 

Kammerer Godfried, paper agent, h B north n 

1st west 
Kane Cecelia, wid Patrick, h 330 M north 
Kane Cornelius, laborer, h B north n 4th east 
Kane Fendal, clerk War Dept, bds 456 6th west 
Kane Francis, coachtrimmer, bds 476 12th west 
Kane Harriet (col'd), h 443 13th west 
Kane James, bds 498 3d west 
Kane James, stonemason, h 305 4th west 
Kane James J. (Kane & Duffy), carpenter, 345 F 

north, h 602 H north 
Kane Jeremiah, laborer, h Goat alley 
Kane John, laborer, h 271 12th west 
Kane John, laborer, h F north n 2d west 
Kane John, laborer, h 350 6th west 
Kane John F., bookbinder, bds 459 10th west 
Kane Michael, laborer, h 77 A south 
Kane Thomas, laborer, h 181 5th west 
Kane William, laborer, h al r 246 C north 
KANE & DUFFY (James J. Kane and Thomas 

Duffy), carpenters, 345 F north (see adv) 
Kappler Gregor, shoemaker, 294 N Y av, h do 
Kariher L., coast surveyer, h 361 7th west 
Karmann Harmon (Walter, Karmann & Bopp), 

coachbuilders, 346 D north, h 95 4^ west 
Karr Jacob, watches and jewelry, 480 Penn av 
Kaspari Henry, bootmaker, 493 9th west, h do 
Kasper Christian, confectioner, 200 6th west 
Kauffman George, huckster, 72 Northern and 15 

Centre market, h P north n 3d west 
Kauffman Isaac, dry goods, 219 II north, h do 
Kauffman Jonas, clothing, 119 & 494 Penn av, h 

D nth n 7th west 
Kauffman Myer II., boots, 416, and clothing, 41S 

Penn av, h do 
Kaufman Aaron & J., boots and shoes, 510 7th 

west, h 448 7th west 
Kaufman Benjamin, clothing, 3d west, h 394 D 

Kaufman Conrad, lamplighter, h D south n S Cap 
Kaufman Joseph (A. & J. Kaufman), boots and 

shoes, 510 7th west, h at Georgetown 
Kaufman N., clothing, 519 9th west, h 394 D nth 
Kavanagh Matthew, laborer, h 72 6th east 
Kavanaugh Arthur, laborer, h 5 Union row 
Kavanaugh John M., clerk Patent Office, h 400 

8th west 
Kay Joanna, wid Patrick, h 356 B north 
Kealey Daniel, watchman, h 628 Sth east 
Kealey James, blacksmith, h 446 L south 
Kealey Sarah A., teacher, h 517 6th oast 
Kean Gilbert D., clerk Pension Office, h 394 N Y 

Kearney Jane, wid Nicholas, h 254 4th west 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jars. 



Kearney Mary A., wid John A., h 393 18th west 
Kearney Richard, student, h 393 18th west 
Kearns John, clerk P Dept, h 506 L north 
Kearon John, carpenter, h 137 E north 
Kearon Robert, in Congressional library, h 599 

M north 
KEASBEY JOHN B., physician, 332 Penn av 
Keating George W., 14 Northern and 6 Centre 

mkts, h N Capitol n Boundary 
Keating James, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Keating John J., stonemason, Pierce n 1st west 
Keating John M. (Browning & Keating) grocer, 

353 Penn av, h 454 11th west 
Keating Martha, wid Edward, h 439 K north 
Keating Patrick M., laborer, h 475 M north 
Keefe John, huckster, 153 Centre mkt, h 3d west 

n Md av 
Keefe John, fruits, Centre mkt, h N J av n G 

Keefe Mary., wid William, h 284±- H north 
Keefe William N., watchman, h 284 | H north 
Keefer Joseph A., salesman, 368 Penn av, h 393 

10th west c I north 
Keeffe Richard, saddler, bds 476 12th west 
Keegan John, h 485 Md av 
Keeley Laurence, grocer, 195 I north, h do 
Keen'W. E. C, clerk 6th Auditor's Office, bds 

409 12th west 

Keenan , clerk, bds 209 Penn av 

Keenan Charles, collector Gas Office, h 519 1 north 
Keenan Daniel, stonecutter, bds B north n 1st 

west , 
Keenan Michael, liquors, K north c 20th west 
Keenan Patrick, laborer, h 554 Md av 
Keene Joseph R., teacher, h 565 H north 
Keep Julia, widow, h 376 E north 
Keese Augustus E. L., county constable, h 628 

N north 
Keevan John, laborer, h 30 Organ alley 
Kehl John V., butcher, 484 Centre mkt, h M 

south n 4| west 
Kehrmen Hortense, wid John, h 435 7th west 
Keickhoefer Adolphus T. (Riggs & Co.), ba,nker, 

Penn av c 15th north, h 267 F north 
Keickhoefer A. A., bookkeeper at Riggs & Co., 

bds 267 E north 
Keifer John J., butcher, 1 Northern mkt, h N 

Capitol n M north 
Keiff John, cow dealer, h 192 G south 
Keiler John, plasterer, h 398 L north 
Keiser John, baker, 288 9th west, h do 
Keith Warner (col'd), coachman, h 6th west c L 

Keithley John, grocer, 723 3d east, h do 
Keithley Richard, variety store, 679 4th east 
Keithley Samuel, blockmaker, h M south n 7th 

Keilholtz William H., bricklayer, h 634 8th east 
Keleher James (Keleher & Pywell), livery-stable, 

8th west n E north, h 22 Mo av 
Keleher Michael, in P 0, h 442 10th west 
KELEHER & PYWELL (Jas. Keleher & R. R. 

Pywell), livery -stable, 8th west n E north 
Kelleher Honora, wid Patrick, h 88 2d west 
Kelleher James, laborer, h D north n Md av 
Keller Charles, h 13th west n B south 
Keller Charles, plasterer, h 34 Washington 
Keller Henry, clerk, h 574 G north 
Keller James H., clerk Land Office, bds 469 13th 

Keller Jonas P., clerk Ordnance Dept, h 469 

13th west 
Keller Michael, supt Patent Office, h 314 7th west 
KELLEY JOSEPH F., collector and constable, 

373 9th west, h do 
Kellum Zerubbabel, h 592 I north 

Kelly Bernard, plasterer, h 4 Temperance Hall al 
Kelly Bernard, tinsmith, bds 368 9th west 
Kelly Columbus, laborer, h 328 Va av 
Kelly James, coachman, h Vt av c H north 
Kelly James, grocer, 4§ west c K south, h do 
Kelly James, mason, h 387 13th west 
Kelly James, stoves, 176 Penn av, h do 
Kelly James L, clerk Indian Office, bds 421 11th 

Kelly John, h 419 8th west 
Kelly John, brickmaker, h 260 D north 
Kelly John, bricklayer, h 6 Union Row 
Kelly John, liquors, 112 4* west, h do 
Kelly John, tailor, 162.} Penn av, h do 
Kelly John T., clerk, h 388 L north 
Kelly Joseph, laborer, h 107 H north 
Kelly Joseph W., stonecutter, h 410 E north 
Kelly I. R., clerk Land Office, bds 386 9th west 
Kelly Martin, gardener, h 290 C south 
Kelly Michael, blacksmith, h r 462 B south 
Kelly Michael, laborer, h A north n 4th east 
Kelly Michael, laborer, h 267 4th west 
Kelly Michael, laborer, h 445 6th west 
Kelly Michael J., law student, bds 376 13th west 
Kelly Miles, restaurant, 520 N J av, h do 
Kelly Moses, chief clerk Interior Dept, h 372 4th 

Kelly Nathaniel, painter, h 291 7th west 
Kelly Patrick, laborer, h 66 4^ west 
Kelly Patrick, stonecutter, h 462 B south 
Kelly Peter, laborer, h 433 13th west 
Kelly Richard, clerk Patent Office, h 376 13th west 
Kelly Richard, painter, h H north n 2d east 
Kelly Samuel, teacher, bds 317 D north 
Kelly Terrence, laborer, h 25 Organ alley 
Kelly Thomas, horseshoer, h 2 Temperance Hall 

Kelly Thomas, laborer, h 166 25th west 
Kelly Thomas, mason, h 18 E Capitol 
Kelly William M., plasterer, h 549 L north 
Kelly William, watchman, h 368 M north 
Kelsey John, bricklayer, h 528 I south 
Kemon Peter S., printer, h 317^ 5th west 
Kemp William, blacksmith, h 483 M south 
KENDALL AMOS Hon., h Kendall Green 
Kendall George M., clerk, h 512 Md av 
KENDALL JOHN E., treas W & N Tel Co, h 

6 west side 4i west 
Kendall Lewis (col'd), musician, h 482 13th west 
Kendrick Ann L., wid George, grocer, 251 9th 

west, h do 
Kendrick George, coachsmith, h 697 6th west 
Hendrick Michael, laborer, h r 537 K north 
Kendrick William, blacksmith, h 697 6th west 
Kengla Lewis, butcher, 36 and 38 Centre mkt, h 

at Georgetown 
Keniely James, huckster, h 9 Temperance Hall al 
Keniely Michael, stonemason, h H north c 2d 

Kennard J. Spencer Rev., h 501 E north 
Kennaugh William E., h F south c 10th west 
Kennedy Anthony, senator, h 468 6th west 
Kennedy Catharine, boarding-house, 579 9th west 
Kennedy Christopher, stonecutter, h Willow Tree 

al n B south 
Kennedy George W. E. (Kennedy & Pugh), gro- 
cer, 508 7th west, h 377 6th west 
Kennedy James, grocer, 218 21st west, h do 
Kennedy James A., clerk P O andjustice of peace, 

h 414 F north 
Kennedy John, maildriver, h south n 4£ west 
KENNEDY JOHN C., lawyer, 7th westc F north, 

h 448 H north 
Kennedy John W., bds 448 H north 
Kennedy Joseph M., bds 380 H north 
Kennedy J. C. G., supt census, h 380 H north 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot saves one-third. 



Kennedy Michael, laborer, h r 293 1st west 
Kennedy Michael J., machinist, h 731 3d east 
Kennedy Thomas, engineer, h H north c 2d west 
Kennedy Thomas, laborer, h 656 G- north 
Kennedy Thomas, stonecutter, h 685 7th west 
Kennedy William, laborer, h Ga av n 10th east 
Kennedy William A., clerk States and Union of- 
fice, h 221 5th west 
Kennedy & Pugh (George W. E. Kennedy & Wm. 

G. Pugh), grocers, 508 7th west 
Kennelly Martin, mason, h N north n 5th west 
Kenney Francis, carpenter, h Md av n 8th east 
Kenney Thomas, watchman, h C south n 1st east 
Kennon J. C. W., physician, h 361 15th west 
Kennon Newell, clerk Pension Office, h 361 15th 

Kenny John, laborer, h 44 1st west 
Kenny John, stonecutter, h H north n 2d west 
Kent De Witt, clerk Land Office, h 485 10th west 
Keoble Jacob, clerk, 407 Penn av, h do 
Keough Georgianna, groceries, 2d east n A north 
Keough James, laborer, h 34 K north 
Keough Michael, laborer, h 34 K north 
Keough Thomas, laborer, h 32 K north 
Keppel David, driver, h 477 1st west 
Ker A. Alexander, clerk, 5 Market space, bds 

434 G north 
Ker Samuel, clerk, 5 Market sp, bds 434 G north 
Kerhman Herrmann, wheelwright, h 93 4£ west 
Kern Frederick S., carpenter, h 633 M north 
Kernan Daniel, messenger at Capitol, h A north 

c 5th east 
Kernan Thomas, brassmoulder, h 387 10th west 
Kerr Alexander, clerk Treas Dept, bds 410 12th 

KERR A. H. & CO. (F. D. Dowling), druggists, 

148 4i west, h 410 12th west 
Kerr James, laborer, h 275 N Capitol 
Kerr Jane, wid William S., h 44 E Capitol 
Kerr Lucretia, wid James D., h 410 12th west 
Kerr Michael, carpenter, h 4^ west, n E south 
Kerr Norman M., iron works, h 457 2d east 
Kerr Peter, variety store, 478 E north 
Kerrick Hugh B., clerk Treas Dept, bds 339 F 

Kersey James F., carpenter, h 212 4| west 
Kershaw John, blacksmith, h 461 Va av 
Kertzinger John, butcher, h 117 E Capitol 
Kesley Julia A., school, 293 6th west 
Kesley William, page sec of Senate, bds 293 6th 

Kessler George E., h 529 12th west 
Kesty Patrick; grocer, 302 F north, h do 
Ketcham Orlando, printer, bds 588 I north 
Ketcham William, printer, bds 588 I north 
Ketcham William J., watchmaker, h 582 C north 
Kettler William H., tailor, 318 F north, h 313 do 
Ketzinger John, butcher, 482 Centre market, h 
. 116 E Capitol 

Key Gilliss (col'd), hackman, h 390 N north 
Key Samuel (col'd), carman, h 377 M north 
Keys Charles E., barkeeper, h N south n 4£ west 
KEYS CHARLES M., wood, coal and building 

material, 548 12th west, h 540 13th west 
Keys Nicholas, grocer, 32 E Capitol, h do 
Keyser B. U., clerk Navy Dept 
Keyser Henry, baker, 97 Northern mkt, h 6th 

west c north 
Keyser Joseph, clerk, bds 337 Penn av 
Keyworth John, h 382 II north 
Kibbey John B., office 65 La av 
KIBBEY WM. B , office 65 La av, h 398 C nth 
Kidder Byron A., stonecutter, h 463 M north 
Kiddie Isabella, wid Andrew, h Md av n 7th east 
Kiddle Alexander, flour and feed, 191 K north 
Kidmore Louis, huckster, h 623 12th west 

Kidwell Alexander C, paver, h N south n 4i- 

Kidwell Allison, moulder, h 572 6th east 
Kidwell Arthur W., plasterer, h 4±- west n K 

Kidwell George F., wood and coal, E north c 14th 

west, h 179 22d west 
Kidwell George W., clerk Treas Dept, h 346 10th 

Kidwell George W., paver, h P north n 4th west 
Kidwell John I., watchman, h 254 4th west 
Kidwell John L. (Kidwell & Laurence), druggist, 

296 E north, h at Georgetown 
Kidwell Joseph, shoemaker, h 58 M south 
KIDWELL & LAURENCE (J. L. Kidwell and 

J. A. S. Laurence), druggists, 296 E north 
Kiefer John J., provisions, N Liberty mkt, h M 

north n N Capitol 
Kiefer Philip, boots and shoes, 501 10th west, h 

292 C north 
Kiegel Cornelius, laborer, h F north n 12th east 
Kiernan Charles, h 148 4| west 
Kiesecker Adam, boots and shoes, 446 7th west 
Kiester Ferdinand, shoemaker, h 503 11th west 
Kiger Alfred (col'd), hackman, h 556 H north 
Kilfoye Patrick, laborer, h 498 D south 
Kilfoyle Dennis, h 77 A south 
Kilian George L., butcher, 4 Northern and 40 

Centre mkt, h F north n 24th west 
Killian John, confectioner, 304 F north, h do 
Killian John G., butter, 246 Centre mkt, h 163 I 

Killian Joseph, clerk Patent Office, h 328 13th 

Killigan Mary, wid Thomas, h 278 N Y av 
Killigan Thomas, hackdriver, h 278 N Y av . 
Killigan Timothy, laborer, h 308 3d west 
Killman John M., waterman, h B north h 21st 

Killmon D., boarding-house, 476 Md av, h do 
Killmon John T., h 471 D north 
Kimball Charles, detective police, h 4| west n K 

Kimball Theodore H., clerk Treas Dept, h 392 I 

n orth 
KIMMELL ABRAHAM F., h 361 C north 
Kincannon U. A., clerk Indian Office, bds St 

Charles hotel 
King Albert F. A., med student, bds 258 8th west 
King Amasa W., clerk Coast Survey, bds 207 

N Yav 
King Ann (col'd), wid Joseph, h Plater's al n K 

King Basil (col'd), laborer, h 245 9th west 
King Benjamin, blacksmith, h N south n 4£ west 
King Charles, h 316 F north 
King Charles (col'd), driver, h 337 Mass av 
King Charles B., artist, 486 12th west 
King Charles K., clerk, h 167 H north 
King C. E. R., physician, 25S 8th west, h do 
King Daniel, machinist, h 181 N north 
King Edwin F., A M, bds 359 6th west 
King Elisha (col'd), farmer, h 259 Vt av 
King Enoch, painter, h 65 K north 
King Esther (col'd), washerwoman, h 399 21st 

King E. H., cabinetmaker, 316 E north, h 297 

F north 
King George (col'd), cartman, h 269 20th west 
King George H., paperhanger, h 552 M north 
King George H., clerk, 538 7th west, h 552 M 

King Henry, clerk, 414 Penn av 
King Henry, milliner} 7 and fancy goods, 29 1 Fenu 

av, h 498 10th west 
King Henry (col'd), shoemaker, h 424 E south 

See Advertisement of "Old Dominion" Coffee and Tea Pot. 



King Hiram H. (Brush & King), grocers, 598 Sth 

east, h 490 I south 
KIXG HIE AM I., Avenue house, 7th west c 

Penn av 
KIXG HORATIO, 1st assist P M Gen'l, h 510 

King Horatio C, law student, bds 510 H north 
King Jacob F., police, h 509 L north 
King James, h 435 E north 
King James, bricklayer, bds 571 H north 
King James, carpenter, h 167 5th west 
King James A., h 496 12th west 
King James D., clerk Lighthouse Board, h 359 

6th west 
King James E., blacksmith, h 36 31 south 
King John, basketmaker, h Q north c Sth west 
King John, butcher, h 210 4# west 
King John, gardener, Washington Asylum, h do 
King John, hackman, h 291 1st west 
King John, huckster, 17 Northern mkt, h Pine 

Branch road 
King John B., laborer, h 125 7th west 
King John F., messenger Post Office and grocer. 

315 5th west, h do 
King John H., clerk P 0, h 5th west c K north 
King John I., carpenter h 125 7th west 
King John I., boiler-maker, h 34 Ohio av 
King John T., carpenter, h 406 Mass av 
King Joseph, huckster, h 83 La av 
King Joseph (col'd), laborer, h 1S5 2d west 
King Joseph W., laborer, h 223 F south 
King Joseph W-, variety store, Centre mkt. h 83 

La av 
King Joshua H. (H. F. Loudon & Co.), tailor, 362 

Penn av, h 564 H north 
King Julia (col d), wid William F., h 414 L nth 
King Julius, tanner, h 208 20th west 
King Louisa, boarding, h 316 F north 
King Martin, clerk at Marine Barracks, h 552 

X~J av 
King Martin D.. plasterer, h 231 4th west 
King Mary, wid Eichard H.. h 496 12th west 
King Matilda P., wid John W., h 400 E north 
King Michael, h 291 1st west 
King Montgomery S., carpenter, h L north bet 

25th and 26th west 
King ZSTorman L.. bds Vt av c I north 
King Xorval W., printer, h 496 12th west 
King Patrick, hackman, bds 291 1st west 
King Patrick H., jailor, h 372 6th west 
King Eeason (col'd), waiter, h alley rear 14th 

west ab L north 
King Eichard F.. huckster, 8 Northern and 119 

Centre mkt?, h 576 X north 
King Eobert B.. watchman, h 438 1st west 
King Samuel, millinery and fancy goods, 2S9 Pa 

av. h 516 11th west 
King Samuel L., clerk P Dept, bds 316 F north 
King Samuel McK., h 254 F north 
King S. S., wid John, bds 291 E north 
King Thomas, calker, h 91 26th west 
King Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 223 9th west 
King Thomas A., carman, h 221 F south 
King Thomas B., lawver, 38 La av 
King Thomas G., bds*596 X north 
King Virginia A., dressmaker, h 406 Mass av 
King V. E., clerk Coast Survey, h 447 D south 
King William (Dickson, Gordon & Co.), wood and 

coal, I north c Vt av, h at Georgetown 
King Wm. B., clerk Washington house, bds do 
King William H. , carpenter, h Penn av c 6th east 
King William W. , clerk Land Office, h 254 F north 
King Zebulon M. P. (King i Burchell), grocer, 

Vt av c 15th west, h 15th west c I north 
King & Burchell (Zebulon M. P. King & Norval 

W. Burchell), groceries, Vt av c 15th west 

Kingsbury Erastus A., agent, cloaks and mantil- 
las, 506* 9th west, bds Layfayette Institute 
Kingsford Mary E., school," 460 9th west, h 415 

E north 
Kinney, Bridget, wid James, h 1st west n K north 
Kinney Christopher, butcher, h G north c 4th 

Kinney John, huckster, h 1st west n K north 
Kinney Mary, wid Patrick, h 222 L north 
Kinney Michael, laborer, h 1st west n K north 
Kinney Thomas, messenger, h Carroll n 1st east 
Kinsev Benjamin S., hides, 564 7th west, h 522 

Kinsev Eobert E., E E agent, h 522 Md av 
Kinsley Henry M., hackdriver, h 531 L north 
Kinsley Wm., bricklayer, h 1 Temperance Hall al 
Kipp Elbert, clerk, h 58S 7th east 
Kipp Seth W. (Kipp & Brewer), restaurant, 368 

F north, h do 
Kipp & Brewer (Seth W. Kipp & Albert Brewer). 

restaurant, 368 F north 
Kirby Francis, laborer, h 64 C south 
Kirby Mary, wid Thomas, h 608 I north 
Kirby Samuel, furniture, 481 Sth west, h Sth west 

n D north 
Kirby Samuel G., cabinetmaker, bds 560 Pa av 
Kirbv Thomas, laborer, h 295 4th west 
Kirby William W., h 479 E north 
Kircher David, saddler and harness-maker. 420 

K north, h do 
Kirchner Hermann, printer, h 262 H north 
.Kirchner Wilhelmina, embroideries, 262 H north 
Kirk Edward, baker, h 254 D south 
KIEK GEOEGE E., painter, La av n 7th, h F 

south n 7th west 
Kirk Mary A., wid Thomas, h 69 7th west 
Kirk Silas, paper-hanger, bds 412 F north 
Kirk Silas E., clerk, 53S 7th west, bds 412 F nth 
Kirkwood Albert W, (J. H. <fc A. W. Kirkwood), 

Kirkwood house 
Kirkwood Ellen, boarding, h 476 12th west 
Kirkwood John H. (J. H. & A. W. Kirkwood), 

Kirkwood house 
Kirkwood Jonathan, printer, h 476 12th west 
KIRKWOOD J. H. k A. W., Kirkwood House, 

Pa av cor 12th 
Klackering Charles, engraver Coast Survey, bds 

335 B south 
Klakring C. F., h 19 E Capitol 
Kleiber Elizabeth, widow George, h 364 D north 
Kleider Anna, widow Francis, h 501 9th west 
Klerlin Andrew, stonecutter, h 469^ K north 
Kiev Frederick, clerk Treas Department 
Kline Thomas, huckster, Northern market, h S 

north n 9th west 
Klink Alexander C, clerk Patent Office, h 351 

10th west 
Kloeppinger Christopher, confectioner. 476 G nth 
KLOMANX CHAELES, restaurant, 509 7th west 
Klopfer Benjamin D., auxiliary guard, h 365 

5th west 
Klopfer Christian, printer, h 456 7th west 
Klopfer Christian G., h 1SS I north 
Klopfer Christian G., shoemaker, h 546 Mass av 
Klopfer Edwin J., clerk Mayor's Office, h 435 

G north 
Klopfer Frederick A., printer, h 456 7th west 
Klopfer Henry A., messenger, h 641 L north 
Klotz Charles, restaurant, 507 9th west, h do 
Klotz Frederick, tailor, h 249 4th west 
Klotz George, carpenter, h 547 Mass av 
Klunk Joseph M., carpenter, h 395 11th west 
Knapp Auren (Knapp & Hay), wheelwright, 344 

Va av, h 1S5 D south 
Knapp Charles, agent, bds 455 Sth west 
Knapp Ellen Mrs., h 320 I north 

The "Old Dominion'" Coffee Pot ; Manufactured by 



Knapp & Hay (Auren Knapp and William J. Hay), 

blacksmiths and wheel rights, 344 Va av 
Knauss Jacob, butcher, h L south n 4i west 
Knight Caleb, stonecutter, h 5th east n B north 
Knight Edward A. Rev., h 481 2d east 
Knight Frederick G., watchman, h 121 13| west 
Knight George, grocer, 582 N north 
Knight George H. (Knight Brothers), patent 

agent, 7th west cor F north, h at Cincinnati, 
Knight Henry, Virginia House, Md av c 13J west 
Knight Henry M., grocer, 595 7th west, h 602 

Md av bet 11th and 12th west 
Knight John, engraver, h 602 Md av 
Knight Margaret A., boarding, h 8 La av 
Knight Octavius (Knight Brothers), patent agent, 

7th west cor F north, bds 447 Pa av 
KNIGHT BROTHERS (George H. and 0.), 

solicitors of patents, 7th west cor F north 
Knipple Daniel, shoemaker, 438 11th west, h do 
Knorr Ernest R., hydrographer, h 514 K north 
Knott Ignatius M., h 518 Mass av 
Knott James A., laborer, h H south n 6th west 
Knott John, shoemaker, bds 4th west n north 
Knott Josiah H., grocer, 333 18th west, h do 
Knott Martha, wid John, h K north n 12th west 
Knott William E., printer, h 520 Mass av 
Knowles Charles K., law student, 492 7th west 
Knowles Ephraim W. (J. Knowles & Son), car- 
penter, 10th west n G north, h 501 L north 
Knowles John, carpenter, 10th west, h 501 L nth 
Knowles John & Son (Ephraim W. Knowles), 

carpenters and builders, 10th west n G north, 

h 501 L north 
Knowles John M., messenger Paymaster's Office 

U S Armory, bds 399 9th west 
Knowles William, feed, 230 7th west, h same 
Knox Bartholomew, laborer, h 182 4£ west 
Knox Patrick, laborer, h 182 4f west 
Knox Rose, widow James, h 220 L north 
Koch Augustus, restaurant, 340 D north, h do 
Koch Bernhardt, harness-maker, 244 H nth, h do 
Koch Henry, lager beer, 294 7th west, h do 
Koch Werner, editor "Washingtoner Intelligenz- 

blatt," 7th c La av, h 418 E north 
Kochler John, varieties, 235 Centre market, h 4£ 

west n E south 
Kohler John, liquors and groceries, 184 4|- west 
Kolb Daniel, clerk, 350 Pa av, bds 12th west near 

E north 
Kolb George, tailor, h 390 N Capitol 
Kolb John G., cutter, h 390 N Capitol 
Kolopinski Leopold, cabinetmaker, h 227 8th west 
Kondiupe J., engraver Coast Survey, bds 335 B 

Koockogey Samuel, bookbinker, h 312 8th west 
Koones Charles M., clerk, 292 Pa av, h D north 

n 3d west 
Koones Elizabeth, school, 450 D north, h do 
Koones Frederick, clerk, Navy Agent's Office, h 

338 4th west 
Koons Rebecca, widow Charles, h 456 D north 
Korff Caroline, dressmaker, h A north n 1st east 
Koristeawish Romain, glazier, h 625 O north 
Kottman Everett, butcher, bds 553 11th east 
KOTTMAN HENRY, baker, 553 11th east, h do 
Kough Jane, wid Patrick, h 419 L north 
Kough Sarah, grocer, 419 L north, h do 
Kozel John, brewer, 572 L north, h do 
KRAFFT GEORGE S., baker, Pa av cor 18th 

west, and 434 Centre mkt, h 143 Pa av 
Krafft John M., bds 487 12th west 
Krafft Mary, widow John M., h 487 12th west 
Kraft Christopher, baker, h 18th west n Conn av 
Kraft Conrad, lamplighter, h 6th east n A north 
Kraft George M., watchman, h 6th east n A south 
Kraft Paul, plasterer, h Mass av n Md av 

Kraft Peter, laborer, h 1st west n O north 
Kraft Philip, plasterer, h C north n 6th east 
Kraft Philip, blacksmith, 245 7th west, h do 
KRAMER ANDREW, butcher, 8 Centre mkt. h 

| east n S Capitol 
Krammer George W., provisions, 574 11th west 
Krauber William, carpet-weaver, h 164 K north 
Krauser Joseph, rag dealer, h 6th east n H north 
Kreamer Charles H., watchman P O Dept 
Kreger Elizabeth, boarding-house, B north n 1st 

Kreger Joseph, blacksmith, bds B north n 1st west 
Krepps James W., clerk, 374 Penn av, bds 34 

Mo av 
Kretschmar J. C, clerk, rooms 453 10th west 
Krzyzanowski Wladimir, china, &c, 383 7th west, 

bds 351 8th west 
Kubel Edward, instrument-maker, h 343 1st east 
Kudmore John, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Kuehling John H. (Kuehling & Son), locksmith. 

259 Penn av, h do 
Kuehling John M. (Kuehling & Son), locksmith. 

259 Penn av, h do 
KUEHLING & SON (J. M. & J. H. Kueling). 

locksmiths, 259 Penn av 
Kugler Charles M., confectioner, 518 Penn av 
Kuhl Henry, h 319 G north 
Kuhn Joseph, shoemaker, 403 15th. west, h 455 M 

KULLNSKI JNO. & CO., watches and jewelry, 

302 Penn av, h 587 L north 
Kulp John, h F south n 3d west 
Kummer Charles, cabinetmaker, h 414 7th west 
Kummer Jacob, cabinetmaker, h 290 N T av 
Kunkel Jacob M., member, h 376 H north 
Kuntz Henry, blacksmith, Penn av, h 232 Md av 
Kurtz David, watchman, h 349 F north 
Kurtz Thomas, printer, h 349 F north 
Kurtz William C., carpenter, h 361 F north 

La Barre Francis, firegilder, 503 10th west, h do 
Labeale Lewis, stonecutter, h D north n 3d east 
Labille Jesse C, carpenter, h 274 N Y av 
Lacey A., bricklayer, h 523 E south 
Lacey John J., shoemaker, h 122 E Capitol 
Lacey John T., machinist, h 646 6th west 
Lacey Robert, A., clerk P O Dept 
Lacey Thomas, laborer, h 231 3d west 
Lackey Andrew, tailor, h 589 L north 
Lackey James, tailor, 462 7th west, bds Dorsev's 

Lackey Robert J., clerk, h 181 G north 
Lacy John (eol'd), waiter, h 333 15th west 
Lacy Maria (col'd), wid, h 333 15th west 
Lacy William, huckster, 515 Centre mkt, h Ya 
Ladd Harriet V., wid Joseph P., h 397 18th west 
Lafasser Epulet, glazier, bds 407 9th west 
Lafayette House, 233 F north 
Laggan John, grocer, 218 L north, h do 
Lahana Otto, painter, h S Capitol n B south 
Lahayne Charles, painter, 432 E north, h do 
Lahna Henry, restaurant, 52S Penn av, h do 
Laird John A., watchman, bds 552 Penn av 
Laird Samuel, guard at jail, bds 552 Penn av 
Lake Eli, laborer, h 11th west n P north 
LAKE ELIZABETH A. & Co., jewelry and fancy 

goods, 370 Penn av (under Brown's), h 12th 

Lakeman John D., tailor, 2S1 Penn av, h 516 I 

Lakmever Frederick, liverv stable, 229 G north. 

h 23 i do 
Lamb Eliza, boarding-house. 209 Penn av 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, 11? and 119 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia 



LAMB FRANCIS, looking-glasses and picture 

frames, 237 Penn av, h 209 do 
Lamb George, gilder, bds 209 Penn av 
Lamb James, artist, h D south n 9th east 
Lamb James, laborer, h 689 H north 
LAMB SETH, St. Charles hotel, 3d west c Penn 

Lambdin Charles W., coachpainter, h 328 8th 

Lambell K. H., brick-manufacturer, N JavcN 

south, h 750 N J av 
Lambert Thomas, stoves, 459 Penn av, h do 
Lambert William T., bds 421 11th west 
Lambright George, draughtsman, bds 369 9th 

Lambright Mary, wid George, h 369 9th west 
Lammond Alexander, fancy goods, 484 7th west, 

h 3d west n F north 
Lammond Alexander, jr., clerk, 484 7th west, bds 

3d west n F north 
Lammond Charles, clerk, 484 7th west, bds 3d 

west n F north 
Lammond Peter, clerk Patent Office, h 367 L nth 
Lamurn Benjamin (col'd), laborer, h 1st west n 

Va av 
Lancaster Catharine (col'd), wid Edward, h N 

north c 17th west 
Lancaster Charles (col'd), 335 Mass av 
Lancaster Charles (col'd), coachman, h 411 Gnth 
Lancaster Charles (col'd), laborer, h 353 C south 
Lancaster Hillary (col'd), waiter, h 207 N J av 
Lancaster John L., clerk, h 597 Md av 
Lancaster Walter (col'd), waiter, h 19 Jackson 

Hall alley 
Landey Julia (col'd), nurse, h r 420 L north 
Landic Isaac (col'd), laborer, h 496| N north 
Landon Christina, wid Daniel, h Vt av c I north J 
Landos Lewis (col'd), porter, h 362 11th west 
Landric Sarah (col'd), h Plater's al n K north 
Landrick Frances (col'd), wid John, h 438 12th 

Landrick Isaac (col'd) steward, h 424 H north 
Landrick Bichard T. (col'd), plasterer, bds 438 

12th west 
Landrick William H. (col'd), waiter, h 184 3d 

Landsdale Henry N., house agent, 7th west, h268 ■ 

8th west 
Landvoigt Charles, carpenter, h 366 11th west 
Landvoigt Dora, wid George, h 366 11th west 
Landvoigt Edwin, printer, bds 366 11th west 
LANE CHARLES H., gents' furnishing, 424 Penn 

av, h 44 Mo av 
Lane Frank, carpenter, h 563 10th west 
Lane George A., butter, 95 Northern and Centre 

mkt, h 175 K north 
Lane John, butter, 41 Northern mkt, h at George- 
Lane Joseph, senator, h 455 8th west 
Lane Marcus B. D., clerk Sixth Auditor's Office, 

bds 447 Mass av 
Lane Thos. H., clerk Treas Dept, h 138 24th west 
Lang John, restaurant Georgetown, h 96 I north 
Lang Patrick, shoemaker, h 350 6th west 
Lang Robert, laborer, h 595 7th east 
Lange John, jeweller, 437 7th west, h do 
Langfitt Ann, wid William, h 261 4th west 
Langley Alice, wid, h 378 8th west 
Langley Alocious, blacksmith, h 595 Va av 
Langley Charles W., iron moulder, h 529 Md av 
Langley George H., carpenter, h 84 E Capitol 
Langley George T., bricklayer, h 396 L north 
Langley Ignatius, boiler-maker, h 701 4th east 
Langley James, blacksmith, h 4th east n N south 
Langley Joseph, laborer, h 101 I south 
Langley Mary, h 755 N J av 

Langley Mary, wid William B., h 586 I south 
Langley Mary E., wid Gabriel, grocery, 254 8th 

west, h do 
Langley Samuel, finisher, h 550 11th east 
Langley Thomas H., grocer, 602 N north, and 

huckster, 124 Northern, and 163 Centre mkt, 

h 187 6th west 
Langley William, watchman, h 8th east c Pa av 
Langran William, engraver, h A north n 3d east 
Langster Linda (col'd), washerwoman, h 228 N 

Langtry H., clerk Treas Dept, bds 314 D north 
Lanham Mary A., wid Elisha, h 276 K north 
Lankau Leopold A., painter, h 6th east n B north 
Lansburgh M. & Bro., fancy goods agency, 322 C 

Lansdale Henry N. (McKenny & Lansdale), ins 

agent, 520 7th west, h 8th west n M north 
Lansdale Wesley, carpenter, bds 567 I north 
Lannan Adaline (col'd), h 444 13th west 
Lanord Daniel, carpenter, h 413 Va av 
Laporte Ann. h 481 11th west 
Laporte Eugene, printer, h N north n 8th west 
Laporte Wm., h 481 11th west 
Lapshire Peter, stonecutter, h 256 N Capitol 
Larcombe Benjamin F., plasterer, h 243 B south 
Larcombe George, coachpainter, h 592 8th west 
Larcombe James M., stonecutter, h 243 B south 
Larcombe John, carpenter, h 243 B south 
Larcombe John, printer, h 214 G north 
Larcombe. Thomas, stonecutter, h 243 B south 
Lare Sarah, h G south n 1st west 
Larkin John, agent, h 309 7th west 
Larkin John, blacksmith, bds B north n 1st west 
Earned Benjamin F., paymaster gen'l War Dept 
Earner Andrew J., clerk, h 528 Mass av 
Earner Gideon W., clerk, bds 414 D north 
Lamer Mary, h 368 D north 
Lamer Michael, at Capitol, h 441 F north 
Lamer Noble D., printer, h 432 I north 
Earner Thomas D., clerk, h 347 9th west 
Larrabee Charles H., M C, bds 400 4th west 
Lashhorn John P., messenger at Riggs & Co., h 

472 11th west 
Laskey Lucy A., wid Richard, h 379 D north 
Laskey Richard H., lawyer, 36 La av, h 379 D 

Laskey Robert V., carriage-maker, B north, h 

379 D north 
Laskey William, clerk Supreme Court, h 379 D 

Lassalle Frank. H., books and periodicals, 492 

Penn av, h B north cor 3d west 
LASSELLE HYACINTH, claim agent, h 274 B 

Lasselle Joseph, chaser, h 330 Del av 
Lasselle William P.. law student, bds 274 B north 
Latham Ann, wid Moses, h 595 E south 
Latham Jeremiah D., clerk War Dept, bds 337 

Penn av 
Latham John E., dry goods, 137 Penn av, h 131 

Latham W., clerk Sixth Auditor's Office, h 7th 

west cor C south 
Latimer Marcus B., clerk, 322 D north, bds E 

north n 7th west 
Latimer Samuel H., clerk, 38 Market space, bds 

375 E north - 
Latimer William K., U S N, h 517 12th west 
La Truitte Anthony, billiards, 497 6th west, bds 

397 Penn av 
Laub John Y., clerk Treas Dept, h 405 13th west 
Lauchheimer Henry (Lauchheimer & Icheberg), 

394 Penn av, h at Baltimore 
Lauchheimer & Icheberg (H. Lauchheimer and I. 

Icheberg), clothing, 394 Penn av 

Buy an "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, and 



Lauck Henry C, clerk Pension Office, h 322 G nth 
Laughlin Michael J., collector, h 396 N Y av 
Lauman Henry, machinist, h 492 13th west 
Laurence J. A. S. (Kidwell & Laurence), drug- 
gist, 296 E north, h at Georgetown 
Laurie Cranston, clerk P Dept, h 481 Mass av 
Lautner George, baker, h 580 G north 
Lauxnian M., machinist, h 264 N Capitol 
Lavender James, huckster, 11 Northern and 100 

Centre markets, h 214 6th west 
Lavender James, provisions, N north cor 5th west 
Lavender John, carpenter, bds 214 6th west 
Laville Robert H. Mrs., h 274 N Y av 
Lavzzi James, cook, h 661 7th east 
Law John G.,, clerk, h 166 G south 
Law Joseph E., carpenter, h 601 N north 
Lawler Daniel, laborer, h 511 Va av 
Lawrence, medical student, bds 406 9th west 
Lawrence Alexander W., professor mathematics 

Naval Observatory, h 453 10th west 
Lawrence Augustus N t , colonel U S A, h 83 Penn 

Lawrence De Witt C, examiner Patent Office, h 

446 H north 
Lawrence Ellen (col'd), washerwoman, h r 558 

10th west 
Lawrence George L.. laborer, h 543 E south 
Lawrence James (col'd), laborer, h 345 13th west 
Lawrence James (col'd), steward, h r 558 10th 

Lawrence John, printer, h 596 11th west 
Lawrence Joseph H., jeweller, h 525 9th east 
Lawrence Mary, h 598 11th west 
Lawrence Mary W., school, 382 5th west, h do 
Lawrence Nancy, stewardess, h 145 D south 
Lawrence Samuel A., clerk, h 183 I north 
Lawrence Valentine, bootmaker, h 543 E south 
Lawrenson James, clerk P Dept, h 394 6th west 
Lawrenson William S., carpenter, h 399 11th west 
Lawrie John, mason, h 575 L north 
Lawson Ann, dressmaker, h 490 I north 
Lawson Mary, dressmaker, h 490 I north 
Lawson Thomas, surgeon-general U S A, h 426 

20th west 
Lawson William, bricklayer, h I south cor Va av 
Lawson William, harness-maker, h 604 14th west 
Lawton Edwin M., machinist, h 23d west n N nth 
LAY J. CARBERRY, claim agent, Penn av (over 

Brown's hotel), bds 441 10th west 
Lay Richard, clerk P 0, h 441 10th west 
Lay Richard G., lieutenant USA, bds 441 10th 

Lay Thomas W., engineer, bds 441 10th west 
Laydon Martin, laborer, h 101 K north 
Lazenby Benjamin C, salesman, bds 476 10th 

Lazenby Elisha, carpenter, 8th west n M north, 

h 2741 8th west 
Lea John F., major U S A, h 356 H north 
Lea Luke (Suter, Lea & Co.), banker, 517 7th 

west, h 448 E north 
Leach Charles, brickmoulder, bds 670 N north 
Leach John, brickmoulder, bds 670 N north 
Leach John jr., bricklayer, bds 670 N north 
Leach John E. (Hamilton & Leach), liquors, 396 

Penn av, bds National hotel 
Leach William, baker, 1\ west n south, h do 
Leach William, laborer, h 584 11th west 
Leak John R., clerk, h 318 7th west 
Leake Samuel A., clerk Treas Dept, h 371 13th 

Lear James, marble-polisher, h 90 2d west 
Lear John P., laborer, h 451 K south 
Learer Leno, wid Charles, h 8th west n S north 
Learnard Charles J., lawyer, over Bank of Wash- 

LEARNARD & CORBETT, lawyers and claim 

agents, over Bank of Washington 
Leary Arthur, laborer, h L north n 2d west 
Leary Dennis, shoemaker, h 284 C south 
Leary Ellen, wid Dennis, h 273 C north 
Leary John, laborer, h 46 1st west 
Leary Michael, laborer, h 560 4th east 
Leary Paul, plasterer, bds 476 12th west 
Lease Ezra (Lease & Co.), furniture, 502 7th west, 

h 447 7th west 
Lease & Co. (Ezra Lease, & C. 0. Wall), furni- 
ture, 502 7th west 
Leatherbury Littleton (col'd), porter, h 547 8th 

Leathers Bryson, carpenter, bds 442 12th west 
Leckron Daniel H., constable, h 165 I north 
Le Compte Anna, wid James L., h 407 13th west 
Leddy Bowen, late grocer, h 434 7th west 
Leddy Hugh, grocer, 603 6th west, h do 
Leddy Owen, h 365 13th west 
Lederer Christian G., confectioner, 392 7th west 
Ledyard Henry, lawyer, 275 Vt av, h do 
! Lee Alexander, h 475 6th west 
Lee Alfred, feed, 546 12th west and 489 Centre 

mkt, h at Georgetown 
Lee Alfred H., physician, 400 I north, h do 
Lee Ann (col'd), h S C av n 2d east 
Lee Carter (col'd), laborer, h 8th west n D south 
Lee Catharine, wid Win., h G south cor 9th east 
Lee Catharine (col'd), h 98 6th west 
Lee Catharine (col'd), washerwoman, h r 317 Va 

Lee Chapman, h 400 I north 
Lee Charles (col'd) carman, h 317 Va av 
Lee Charles H., clerk War Dept, bds 411 3d west 
Lee Chloe A. (col'd), wid William, h 121 H north 
Lee Cornelius (col'd), oysterman, h 430 I south 
i Lee Edwin (col'd), huckster, h 6th Snow's al 
Lee Eliza J. (col'd), washerwoman, h 337 L north 
Lee Ella (col'd), cook, h 547 4th east 
Lee Ellen, wid Philip, h 257 L north 
Lee Florida, h 648 6th west 
Lee George (col'd), driver, h 495 D south 
Lee George (col'd), laborer, h r 317 Va av 
Lee Geo. W., clerk, bds 29 U west 
Lee G. W. C, asst engineer War Dept 
Lee Henry, clerk, 50 Market sp, bds 464 E north 
Lee Henry, laborer, h 594 I north 
Lee Henry, undertaker, 433 Penn av, h 516 Md 

Lee Henry (col'd), porter, h 231 N J av 
Lee James N. (col'd), whitewasher, h 251 L north 
Lee Jesse, well-digger, h 21st west n N Y av 
Lee John, h Penn av n 6th east 
Lee John Col., h 215 F north 
Lee John driver, h 519 E south 
Lee John (col'd), coachman, h 259 L north 
Lee John (col'd), laborer, h 535 1st west 
Lee John (col'd), laborer, h 98 2d west 
Lee John (col'd), waterman, h 239 C north 
Lee John F. Maj., Adj Genl Office 
Lee Joseph (col'd), laborer, h 36S 15th west 
Lee Joseph (col'd), laborer, h 517, Va av 
Lee Josiah (col'd), laborer, h 446 E south 
Lee Julian P., bds 470 7th west 
Lee Katharine (col'd), washerwoman, h r 317 

Va av 
Lee Lewis (col'd), steward, h 359 K north 
Lee Louisa (col'd), cook, h 519 5th east 
Lee Lucy (col'd), washerwoman, b r 209 D south 
Lee Margaret (col'd), wid Michael, h 695 4th east 
Lee Mary, wid Patrick, h 265 4th west 
Lee Matilda, wid William, h A north n 3d east 
Lee Peter (col'd), h N J av n north 
Lee Phoebe (col'd). wid Philip, h 149 F north 
Lee Richard, messenger, h 500 Md av 

You will have delicious Coffee always. 



Lee Richard (cord), waiter, h 338 M north 
Lee Richard B., major U S A, h 470 7th west 
Lee Richard B., jr., bds 470 7th west 
Lee Samuel messenger, h li west n F south 
Lee Samuel P., Capt U S N, h 429 13th west 
Lee Searenary (col'd), wid Sanford, h 358 21st 

Lee Sylvester (col'd) , laborer, h 1st east n D south 
Lee S. S., com U S coast survey, h Ravensworth 

n Alex 
Lee Washington (col'd), driver, h r 414 L north 
Lee William (col'd), cartman, h 394 B south 
Lee William B., clerk War Dept, h 88 Penn av 
Lee Bois Alfred, tailor, h 314 D north 
Leech Daniel D. T., clerk P Dept, h 470 I nth 
Leech James W., h 22d west n D north 
Leech John, cooper, h r 562 G north 
Leech Robert, clerk Treas Dept, h 425 10th west 
Leehv John, laborer, h 289 13th west 
LEEKE ARTHUR W., grocer, 558 H north, h 

373 6th west 
Leeke Henry, grocer, 558 H north, h 373 6th west 
Leer James, marble polisher, 90 2d west 
Leesnitzer Julius, tinsmith, h 187 F south 
Lefler Philip, laborer, h r north bet 6th and 7th 

Lehman Eliza, wid Jacob, h 2d east n A north 
Leibin C. A., wid Anthony, bds 319 G north 
LEIPZIGER E., clothing, 476 Penn av, h Mass 

av. (See adv.) 
Leisenberger Henry, junk, h 176 4| west 
Leitch Eliza, wid Thomas, h 264 B north 
Leizar Robert, laborer, h 1st east n I north 
Lelong Pierre, h 169 22d west 
Leman Charles, baker, h 238 F north 
Le Merle Augustus E., clerk Pension Office, h 607 

M north 
Le Merle Augustus E., jr., engraver, bds 607 M 

Lemon Charles, sr., clerk, h 495 L north 
Lemon Charles, bookkeeper, 391 E north, h 495 

L north 
Lemon Charles, jr., bricklayer, h 482 O north 
Lemon James H. M. Rev., h 679 7th west 
Lemon William (col'd), laborer, h NTavn 4th 

Lemons John (col'd), laborer, h 182 N Y av 
Lenahan Cornelius, laborer, h 243 1st east 
Lenahan Michael, laborer, h 675 H north 
Lenhady Bridget, wid Michael, h Jackson n N 

Lenman Charles (Joyce & Lenman), blacksmith, 

22 Ohio av, h 17th west n K north 
Lenman George B. (Lenman & Brother), lumber, 

Ohio av n 12th west, h 433 11th west 
Lenman John T. (Lenman & Brother), lumber, 

Ohio av n 12th west, h 471 12th west 
LENMAN & BRO. (John T. & George B. Len- 
man), lumber, Ohio av n 12th west 
Lenox Walter, lawyer, 49 La av, h 376 E north 
Lent Cornelius, h 4th west n R north 
Lent David C. (Dayton & Lent), market, 316 E 

Lenthall John, chief bureau construction Navy 

Dept, h 165 F north 
Leod Matthew, clerk Treas Dept 
Leonard Andrew, moulder, bds 336 L south 
Leonard Chauncey (col'd), Rev., h 154 I north 
LEONARD CORNELIUS, intelligence office, 494 

11th west, h 10th west 
Leonard Elias N., bookkeeper and salesman at 

Woodward's, h 291 E north 
Leonard Michael, laborer, h 45 E north 
Leonard Wm. H., chandler, h 348 5th west 
Leonberger John, baker, 74 F south, h do 
Leonhardt Jacob, clerk, h 514 4th east 

Leonhardt John, sexton, h 5th east n B north 
Leopold Augustus, wheelwright, 375 B north, h 

410 4th east 
Lepley Michael, cook, h 258 D north 
Lepreux Augustus, grocer, 265 Penn av, h do 
Lepreux Jane, wid Louis, h 265 Penn av 
Lepreux Louis, harness-maker, h 300 8th west 
LERCH JOHN J. B., leather and findings, 508 

11th west, h do 
Leroy Taylor, clerk Land Office, bds 8th west c 

Penn av 
Lesby James 0. (West & Lesby), bricks, Sth Capi- 
tol c K south, h 319 6th west 
Leshear Wm. M., clerk, 38 Market sp, h at 

Leski W. Thomas, patent agent, 476 7th west, 

bds 442 N north' 
Lester Wm. W., clerk Patent Office, bds 383 E 

Leuber Frank A., clerk coast survey, h at George- 
Leutner Albert, hairdresser, 516 Penn av, h do 
Leves Charles E., printer, h 369 6th west 
Leves Richard, printer, bds 369 6th west 
Levy John (col'd), carman, h 248 20th west 
Levy Jonas P., liquors, 562 Penn av, h do 
Levy Thomas, laborer, h 555 3d west 
Levy Wesley W. (Levy & Miller), billiards, 430 

Penn av, h 42 Mo av 
LEVY & MILLER (W. W. Levy & Geo. W. Mil- 
ler), billiard saloon, 430 Penn av 
Lewis Archibald (col'd), messenger, h 485 Mass 

Lewis Austin, laborer, h B north n 22d west 
Lewis Benjamin (col'd), h Jackson Hall al 
Lewis Caroline, h 172 E south 
Lewis Charles C, bds 276 4th west 
Lewis Charles H., printer, h 573 17th west 
Lewis David, bricklayer, bds 435 8th west 
Lewis David (col'd), waiter, h 323 10th west 
Lewis Edward J., salesman, bds 335 G north 
Lewis Edward W., daguerreotypist, bds 276 4th 

Lewis Eliza, wid Samuel, h 318 B north 
Lewis Elizabeth, h 654 6th west 
Lewis Elizabeth (col'd), wid David, h 222 B sth 
Lewis Emanuel (col'd), cook, h 317 18th west 
Lewis George T., carpenter, h 573 17th west 
Lewis Grenville, draughtsman, bds 6th west n H 

Lewis Harrison P., bookbinder, h 281 E north 
Lewis Henry H., U S N, h 301 I north 
Lewis James, bricklayer, h 435 Sth west 
Lewis James (col'd), porter, h 387 15th west 
Lewis James H., boatman, h 104 G south 
Lewis James H., watchman, h 581 I north 
Lewis Jane C, wid Edward W., h 276 4th west 
Lewis John, wagoner, h al r 246 C north 
Lewis John (col'd), hackman, h 522 1st west 
Lewis John E., carpenter, h 219 D north 
Lewis John S., clerk Light House Board, h 231 

F north 
Lewis John T., watchman, h 7th west n G south 
Lewis John W., carpenter, 246 I north, h do 
Lewis Joseph (col'd), h 493 N north 
LEWIS JOSEPH C, insurance agent, 492 7th 

west, h at Hopeton 
Lewis Joseph F., clerk P Dept 
Lewis Joseph K., insurance agent, 492 7th west, 

h at Hopeton 
Lewis Joseph M., brickmaker, h 398 4£ west 
Lewis Josephine, h 10th west n E south 
Lewis J. D., clerk Navy Dept 
Lewis Lawrence, instrument maker, h 315 B 

Lewis Lucinda (col'd), h r 462 B south 

Arthur, Bumharn, & Gilroy, Philadelphia, 



Lewis Mary, dressmaker, 470 F north, h do 
Lewis Mary A., wid Samuel, h 573 17th west 
Lewis Moses (col'd), farmer h 213 D north 
Lewis Nathan, messenger Navy Yard, h N south 

n 11th east 
Lewis Oscar (Lewis & Bryant), druggist, 548 H 

north, h do 
Lewis Reeve (children of), hds 371 6th west 
Lewis Richard C, clerk, 324 Penn av, bds Dor- 

sey's hotel 
LEWIS SAMUEL, watches and jewelry, 250 

Penn av, h 335 G north 
LEWIS SAMUEL L., lawyer, 73 K north, h do 
Lewis Thomas, bricklayer, h north n 9th west 
Lewis Thomas. P., clerk War Dept, rooms at 451 

13th west 
Lewis William, feed, 495 Centre mrkt, h George- 
Lewis William, waterman, h 618 9th west 
Lewis William (col'd), h 394 Penn av 
Lewis William (col'd), waiter, h 386 N Y av 
Lewis William J., carpenter, h 573 17th west 
LEWIS & BRYANT (Oscar Lewis & William M. 

Bryant) , druggists, 548 H north 
Licbau Henry, restaurant, 34 La av, h do 
Liebermann Charles H., physician, 241 F north 
Liebrand George H., clerk, bds 383 6th west 
Lighte & Bradbury (New York), pianos, 11th 

west n Penn av 
Lighter John T., carpenter, 11th east n Penn av, 

h 551 E south 
Lightner Hopkins, clerk Treas Dept 
Lincoln John, jeweller, h Md av n 7th west 
Lincoln Martha, fancy goods, 301 Penn av, h do 
Lincoln Nathan S., prof Columbian College, h 

501 12th west 
Lindemann L. Gustav (Zahn & Lindemann), 

tailor, 444 7th west, h at Baltimore 
Lindenkhol Adolphus, draughtsman Coast Sur- 
vey, h 426 1st east 
Linder Nicholas, shoemaker, h 507 K north 
Lindsay Alfred, clerk Treas Dept, h 371 N Y av 
Lindsay David R., disbursing clerk Treas Dept 
Lindsay Lewis, boarding, h 434 G north 
Lindsay William T., laborer, h 69 K north 
Lindsey Catharine S., dressmaker, 324 Penn av 
Lindsey Samuel, engineer, h Union al n M south 
Lindsey William, clerk Interior Dept, bds 461 

11th west 
Lindsly Harvey, physician, 370 C north, h do 
Lindsly Webster, physician, C north c 4^ west, h 

370 C north 
Linkin Marshall T., engineer, h 524 Mass av 
Linkins Daniel, cartman, h 43 F north 
Linkins Ellen, seamstress, h 204 L north 
Linkins Francis, provisions, K north n 20th west, 

h N north n 18th west 
Linkins Joseph C, feed, 200 L north, h do 
Linkins Lewis P., cartman, h 35 F north 
Linkins Mary A., wid John, h 29 F north 
Linkins Walter, contractor, h 170 Va av 
Linkins William, butcher, 66 Centre and Western 

mkt, h 83 20th west 
Linney Edward, tailor, 170 Penn av, h do 
Linney Ernest, painter, h 5th east n C north 
Linsey John, tinner, h K south c 11th east 
Linton John A., lawyer, 49 La av, h 424 E 

Linton Lucien, tel operator, h 424 E north 
Linton Philip H., plasterer, h 538 Md av 
Linton Samuel, clerk, h 536 Md av 
Linton Samuel B., draughtsman, h 536 Md av 
Linton Win, clerk Treas Dept, h 3S0 C north 
Linton Win, A,, lawyer, h 424 E north 
Lintz Samuel, clerk, 446 Penn av, h do 
Liomin Eugene, machinist, h 310 4th west 

Lipphard Adolph F., shoemaker, N south n 4£ 

Lippitt Charles E., bds 371 F north 
Lippitt Wm. F., physician, 371 F north, h do 
Lippolt John G., physician, h 608 N north 
Lipscomb William C , collector, h 461 D north 
Lisboa Miguel M. , Brazilian minister, h 14th west 

c M north 
LIST CHRISTIAN H., restaurant, 6th west c C 

north and Penn av, h 353 Penn av 
Liston James, laborer, h 612 Mass av 
Liston John, laborer, h 45 Washington 
Litchfield Edward, carpenter, h 376 L south 
Litchfield Hiram S., carpenter, h 6£ west n E 

Litchfield Hiram T., huckster, 4 Centre mkt, h at 

Little Alonzo F., professor of music 310 Penn av 
Little Ann, wid Daniel, boarding, h 560 Penn av 
Little A. B., examiner of patents, bds National 

Little Henry R., bricklayer, h 553 Va av 
Little James, constable, h 557 Va av 
Little James, laborer, h Ga av c 17th east 
Little Jane E., boarding, h 415 10th west 
Little John, butcher, 15 Centre market, h at Mt 

Little John, carpenter, h 554 6th east 
Little Joseph, tailor, h 415 10th west 
Little Levi, brickmaker, h 554 6th east 
Little Mary A., wid Peter, h 533 Va av 
Little Peter E., bricklayer, h 378 G south 
Little Thomas, stonecutter, h C north n 4th east 
Littleton James, driver Adams' ex, h 352 5th west 
Littleton Thomas J., carpenter, bds 352 5th west 
Liverpool James (col'd), oysterman, h l£ east n 

N south 
Liverpool P. (col'd), washerwoman, h N south c 

li east 
Lizarzaburu Nicholas, sec Peru legation, h 448 

6th west 
Lloyd Asbury (Lloyd & Carrington), lawyer, 20 

La av, h H north n 6th west 
Lloyd Benjamin F., clerk, h 573 13th west 
Lloyd Charles H., bricklayer, h 197 F south 
Lloyd James T., watchman, bds 474 Penn av 
Lloyd John M., policeman, h M south n 4£ west 
Lloyd Mary A., wid James, h 243 H north 
Lloyd Matilda, h 573 13th west 
LLOYD RICHARD B. & CO., attys for claims, 

pension and bounty land, <fcc, 7th west cor E 

north opp Genl Post Office, h 373 10th west 
Lloyd Thomas E. (Tucker & Lloyd), agent, 474 

7th west, h 571 13th west 
Lloyd & Carrington (Asbury Lloyd and E. C. 

Carrington), lawyers 20 La av 
Loafflor Jacob, shoemaker, h 208 5th west 
Lobia Edwin, printer, bds 382 8th west 
Lochbebler Rudolph, huckster, h 321 13th west 
LOCHBOEHLER NICHOLAS, cabinetmaker and 

undertaker, 338 C north, h 6th west n M north 
Lochrey Sarah, wid Edward, h 227 Penn av 
Lock Loa, carpenter, h 108 4,} west 
Locke John H., laborer, h D south n 1st west 
Locke Wm. Q., messenger City Hall, h do 
Lockery Edward, plasterer, h 139 D south 
Locksmith Catharine, wid Andrew, h G north n 

11th east 
Lockwood Henry A., clerk Treas Dept, h at Va 
Lodge James (col'd), laborer, h 740 N J av 
LOEFFLER ERNST, lager beer brewer, N north 

n N J av, office 226 4th west, h do 
Loeligar John, lock and gunsmith, 4;nU Penn av 
Loemen Eugene, machinist, h 310 4th east 
Logan Edward T., ooaoh'driver, h Too 6th west 
Logan Henry (col'd), waiter, h 120 E north 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jaus. 



Logan John (col'd), h 273 4th west 

Logins Levi (col'd), whitewashes h 438 L north 

Lohr Charles, polisher, h Penn av 

Lokey James B., provisions, 488 Md av, h do 

Lomax Alfred (col'd), laborer, h 201 E south 

Lomax Alfred (col'd), soapboiler, h 347 8th west 

Lomax Elizabeth, h 89 I south 

Lomax Elizabeth V., wid Mann P., h 192 G north 

Lomax Julia (col'd), washerwoman, h r 93 E 

Lomax Richard B. W., carpenter, h D south n 3d 

Lomax Samuel F., waterman, h 711 7th west 
Lomax Thomas (col'd), porter, h 253 F south 
Lomax V, (col'd), laborer, h r 93 E south 
Lomax William (col'd), laborer, h 390 B south 
Lomax William (col'd), brickmaker, h 282 2d 

Lomey William, laborer, h H north n 7th east 
London Thomas, carpenter, h 58 Penn av 
Loney Dennis, laborer, h 66 2d west 
Long Daniel (Neil & Long), blacksmith, 340 C 

north, h 507 K north 
Long David, laborer, h 238 D south 
Long Dennis, blacksmith, h 2d west n D south 
Long James G., clerk Pension Office, h 395 12th 

Long John C, h 224 F north 
Long Matthew, painter, h 273 D south 
Long Michael, laborer, h 300 3d west 
Long Michael, laborer, h E south n 10th west 
Long Patrick, laborer, h 33 Organ al 
Long Robert, clerk Treas Dept, bds 458 12th west 
Longcur Anthony C, stngedriver, h 114 4| west 
Longden Elizabeth, wid George, bds 439 9th west 
Loomis Joseph B., clerk, h 532 Md av 
LOOMIS LAFAYETTE C, prof of Lafayette 

Inst, 309 F north, h do 
Loomis Levi, h 422 I north 
LOOMIS MAHLON, dentist, 336 Penn av, bds 

8th cor Penn av 
Loomis Silas L. Dr., prof mathematics and civil 

engineer, h 277 I north 
Loper Charles, shoemaker, h 769 3d east 
Lopes Anthony, stonecutter, h 370 3d east 
Loranger Philip J., clerk Patent Office, h 362 10th 

Lorch Herrmann G., barkeeper, h 572 7th west 
Lord Ebenezer (Wm. & E. Lord), grocer, 604 N 

north, bds 201 6th west 
Lord Francis B., clerk, 331 Penn av, h 482 G nth 
Lord Francis B., jr., clerk, h 433 G north 
Lord John B. (Johnson & Lord), carpenter, 458 

G north, h 330 4th west 
Lord William, grocer, 482 G north, h do 
Lord William & E., grocers, 6C4 N north, h 309 

5 th west 
Loring Edward G., judge Court of Claims, h 303 

I north 
Losano Mathias, tailor, 2 Willard's hotel, rooms 

13th west c F north 
Lott Annie, wid Robert M., h 92 26th west 
Lotter Frank, stonecutter, h 1st east n I north 
LOUDON H. F. & Co. (F. J. Heiberger & J. H. 

King), tailors, 362 Penn av 
Loudon William (col'd). carpenter, h 314 18th 

Loughborough & Loughborough, lawyers, 12 La 

Loughlin Chain, grocer, 335 20th west, h do 
Love John, stonecutter, bds 366.} 11th west 
Love John L., clerk, 296 E north, h at George- 
Love J. Lawrence, clerk, bds 415 10th west 
Love Leon, cook, h 446 10th west 
Love Peter E., member from Ga, bds 273 F nth 

LOVE JOY JAMES W. H., physician, 409 and 

411 12th west, bds 409 do 
Lovejoy John N., clerk Treas Dept, h 409 12th 

Lovejoy John S., druggist, 411 12th west, bds 

409 do 
Lovelace George H., laborer, h 92 G north 
Lovelace John, laborer, h 82 G north 
Loveland William, music-teacher, h 94 C south 
Loveless James, carpenter, h 399 11th west 
Loveless James, laborer, h 16th west n M north 
Loveless John W., maildriver, h G nth n 2d east 
Lovett Thomas R., farmer, h n 21st west and 

boundary line 
Loving Henry C, clerk Land Office, room at 373 

Penn av 
Loving L. L., clerk Navy Dept, h 227 H north 
Low Jeremiah (col'd), h 141 A south 
Low Joseph, carpenter, h 672 4th east 
Low Phebe (col'd), h 141 A south 
Lowe Bennett, laborer, h 452 I south 
j Lowe Elizabeth, trimmings, 297 Penn av, h do 
! Lowe James W., carpenter, h S Cap n B south 

Lowe Jeremiah (col'd), laborer, h 386 13th west 
I Lowe Nathan, laborer, h 29 Organ al 
Lowe N., carpenter, h 573 Md av 
Lowe Oliver, trunkmaker, bds 429 Mass av 
Lowe Richard B., clerk P O, bds 417 Penn av 
Lowe Thomas, bricklayer, h 2d east n G north 
Lowe Warren, farmer, h H north n 3d east 
Lowe William, bricklayer, h 452 I south 
Lowndes Francis, clerk Treas Dept 
Lownds William R., h 400 12th west 
Lownes Isaac (col'd), laborer, h 265 F south 
Lownes Thomas (col'd), laborer, h C south n 6th 

Lowrey Charles F., printer, h 313 6th west 
Lowry George, grocer, Georgetown, h 77 K north 
Lowry Henry, shipcarpenter, h 355 13th west 
I Lowry James H, clerk War Dept, h 395 N Y av 
Lowry Jane (col'd), wid Steward, h r 506 Lnth 
Lowry William E., carpenter, bds 224 N Y av 
Lowry William H., clerk General Land Office, h 

340 9th west 
Loxman Eva, wid Martin, h K north n 2d east 
Luber Leonhard, cabinetmaker, 44 Ohio av, h do 
Lucas Augustus, carpenter, h 251 21st west 
Lucas Carter (col'd), sawyer, h 255 L north 
Lucas David H., calker, h 27th west n E north 
Lucas Ellen (col'd), h B north cor 2d west 
Lucas George (col'd), porter, h 495 D south 
Lucas George (col'd), waiter, h 380 N north 
Lucas John P., moulder, h F south n 4^ west 
Lucas Josiah M., agent, 228 H north, h at Jack- 
sonville, 111 
Lucas Lewis (col'd), porter, h 332 M north 
Lucas Louisa (col'd), wid Henry, h 137 A south 
Lucas Samuel (col'd), waiter, h 137 A south 
Lucas Thomas, watchman, h 575 17th west 
Lucas William, h 403 20th west 
Lucas William (col'd), waiter, h r D south n 4th 

Luccareni John, statuary, 240 F north, h do 
Luccshesi Mary, wid Joseph, h 346 B north 
Luce Stephen B., lieutenant U S A, h 394 20th 

Luckett Alexander, tinsmith, 11th east n Penn 
av, h 8th east n L south 
I Luckett Beniah W., plumber, bds 583 L north 
' Luckett Francis, fisherman, h. 801 3d west 
! Luckett John, fisherman, h Ik west cor S south 
Luckett Joseph, watchman, h H south n 6th 
i Luckett Mrs., h 473 D south 
Luckett Minerva, wid Leegran, h 583 L north 
I Luckett Robert P., printer, bds 583 L north 

Buy an "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, and 




LUDMAN CHARLES, French dressmaker, 262 

Penn av, h do 
Ludwig Pierre, laborer, h 693 4th east 
Ludwig Patrick, laborer, h 14 K north 
Luff Frederick, paper-agent, h 517 Md av 
Lugenbeel John W., telegraph office, 452 15th 

west, bds 379 Penn av 
Lully Meno, clothing, 389 7th west, h do 
Lum Benjamin F., bartender, h 381 7th west 
Lummins Primas (col'd), cook, h 110 23d west 
Lumpkin James M., clerk Treas Dept, bds 411 3d 

Lumsden William A., clerk Land Office 
Lusby James (J. T. Mcintosh & Co.), tailor, 452 

Penn av, h 319 6th west 
Lusby James, carpenter, h 567 K south 
Lusby James A., finisher, h 533 6th east 
Lusby James H., shoemaker, 510 Md av, h do 
Lusby John F., seaman, h 683 4th east 
Lusby John W., boiler-maker, h 543 I south 
Lusby Lemuel L., brass-finisher, h Gr south n 13th 

Lusby Sarah, h Ga av n 13th east 
Lusby Thomas, laborer, h 10th east n M south 
Lusby William H., blacksmith, h 530 11th east 
LUSBY WILLIAM H. ; grocer, 531 4th east, h do 
Lusk D. Hall (Lusk & Smith), Juniata house, 25 

4| west 
LUSK & SMITH (D. H. Lusk and J. R. Smith), 

Juniata house, 25 4| west (See adv) 
Luther Daniel, painter, h 366| 11th west 
Luther Sarah, wid Daniel, h 368 11th west 
Luttrell John H. (Downer & Luttrell), carpenter, 

328 E north, b 422 13th west 
Lutz Francis A. (Lutz & Beall), harness, &c, 392 ! 

Penn av, h 248 G north 
LUTZ & BEALL (F. A. Lutz and H. Beall), sad- \ 

dlery, trunks, and harness, English bridles, 

martingales, bitts and stirrups, fine woollen ! 

kersey, travelling rugs, horse-blankets, sleigh- 
bells, fly-nets, whips, &c, 392 Penn av (See ' 

^uxen Thomas I., blacksmith, h 498 4th east 
Lybrand George II., clerk, h 6th west n G north 
Lycett Edward, binder, 271 Penn av, h 531 10th 

west n Md av 
Lyddan Michael, stonecutter, h 471 9th west 
Lyell Frances F. G. Mrs., bds 486 E north 
Lyle Malinda (col.), washerwoman, h 249 F south 
Lyles Henry, feed, 3d west cor D north, h 275 9th 

Lyles John F- (col'd), bartender, h S Capitol n 

C south 
Lyles Semas (col'd), wid Thomas, nurse, h 309 

8th west 
Lyles William H., laborer, h 62 M south 
Lynch Ambrose, h 480 E north 
Lynch Bridget, wid Patrick, h 712 G north 
Lynch Daniel Rev., professor Gonzaga College 
Lynch Daniel, laborer, h 303 J- 4th west 
Lynch Edward, h 385 L north 
Lynch James, h 27 E Capitol 
Lynch James, tailor, 447 6th west, h do 
Lynch James J., laborer, h 537 4th east 
Lynch James S., plasterer, h 577 Mass av 
Lynch Jeremiah, milkman, h N north n 5th west 
Lynch John, laborer, h Ridge n 5th west 
Lynch John, laborer, h 139 1ST Y av 
Lynch John, laborer, h 608 Mass av 
Lynch John, laborer, h r 712 G north 
Lynch John T., bricklayer, h 550 Sth west 
Lynch Joshua, coachsmith, h 67 Me av 
Lynch Mary, boarding, 558 Mass av 
Lynch Michael, laborer, h Ridge n 4th west 
Lynch Michael, laborer, h 56 Washington 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, h 277 4th west 

Lynch Peter, messenger at Capitol, h 8th east n 

A north 
Lynch Robert S., clerk Gen'l Land Office, bds 400 

D north 
Lynch William, brickmaker, h F south c 1st west 
Lynch William, laborer, h 8th east n B south 
Lyon Alexander, laborer, h 532 4th east 
Lyon John L., blacksmith, h 539 7th east 
Lyons Charles, brickmaker, h 499 10th west 
Lyons Jacob E., h 499 10th west 
LYONS LORD, British ambassador, h 245 H north 
Lyons Timothy, stonemason, h 252 4th west 

McAlister Caroline, wid J. R., h 2 4^ west 
McAllister Michael, laborer, h N C av n 2d east 
McAnenny Patrick, laborer, h Jackson n N Cap- 
McArdle Henry, laborer, h 485 Md av 
McArdle John, laborer, h Jackson n 1ST Capitol 
McArdle Owen, stonecutter, h 567 10th west 
McArdle Stephen, provisions, 5 Snow's al. h do 
McAULEY GEORGE, exchange office, 503 7th 

west, h 327 5th west 
McAvoy George, gilder, h 9 13 1 west 
McBee Randolph, gasfitter, bds 416 H north 
McBlair John H., h 182 I north 
McBlair Wm., commander U S N 
McBride John, tallow chandler, h 19 26th west 
McCabe Archibald, shoemaker, h 589 7th west 
McCabe John, laborer, h 298 F south 
McCadden Thomas, laborer, h 201 7th west 
McCafferty William, shoemaker, h 562 H north 
McCaffrey Hugh, grocer, 2d west c D south, h do 
McCaffrey Joseph H., machinist, h 488 I south 
McCaffrey Thomas, patternmaker, h 480 E south 
McCaligett John, laborer, h N north n 4th west 
McCalla John, laborer, h 240 D south 
McCalla John M., lawyer, 15 Ind av, h 9 do 
McCalla John M., jr., physician, 13 Ind av, h 9 

McCallum Archibald T., clerk Treas Dept, bds 

370 6th west 
McCalmont Alfred B., asst Atty General, h 234 H 

McCamant Thomas J., clerk General P 0, bds 474 

Penn av 
McCAMLY JAMES M. & CO. (Silas Ford), cloth- 
ing and trunks, 388 and 390 Penn av, bds Na- 
tional hotel 
McCann Daniel K., carpenter, h 391 20th west 
McCann Thomas, laborer, h F south n South 

McCarrick James, clerk P Dept 
McCARTEY AUGUSTUS, photographer, 448 Pa 

av, h do (See adv) 
McCartey Wm., jr., h 448 Penn av 
McCarthy Charles, messenger State Dept, bds 3S5 

5th west 
McCarthy Charles, laborer, h 85 A south 
McCarthy Daniel, laborer, h 390 N Y av 
McCarthy D. Austin, clerk, h 349 13th west 
McCarthy Ellen, wid James, h Goat al n 0th west 
McCarthy Eugene, carpenter, h 364 lltli west 
McCarthy Eugene, grocer, 271 12th west, h do 
McCarthy Eugene, laborer, h 14 Organ al 
McCarthy Jeremiah, grocer, 390 7th west, h do 
McCarthy Jeremiah J., laborer, h 244 D south 
McCarthy John, grocer, 120 4« west, h do 
McCarthy John, grocer, Sth west north, h do 
McCarthy John, laborer, h 48 1st west 
McCarthy Joseph, olerk, bds 544 Q north 
McCarthy Margaret, wid James, h 395 5th west 
McCarthy Michael, laborer, h 565 3d west 
McCarty Bartholomew, laborer, h 2 Union row 

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McCarty Charles, laborer, h Plater's al n K north. 
McCarty Charles F., carpenter, h 398 15th west 
McCarty Daniel, clerk Land Office, h 364 10th 

McCarty Daniel, laborer, h 601 Mass av 
McCarty Daniel, laborer, h Del av n I north 
McCarty Eliza (col'd), wid John, h 314 12th west 
McCarty James, laborer, h 577 9th west 
McCarty John, gardener, h 193 K north 
McCarty John T., printer, h 573 Md av 
McCarty J. J., clerk, rooms 453 10th west 
McCarty Mary, h r 562 G north 
McCarty Mary, wid John, h Ridge n 5th west 
McCarty Michael, laborer, h L north n 25th west 
McCarty Michael, ostler, h al r 246 C north 
McCarty Patrick, laborer, h 705 6th west 
McCarty Thomas, watchman, h 293 3d west 
McCarty Timothy, h 376 Mass av 
McCaskie Sophia, wid Peter, h 243 H north 
McCathran Donnell, painter, h 10th east n G south 
McCathran Isaac H., clerk, 38 Market space, h 

10th east n E south 
McCathran James R., carpenter, h 10th east n G 

McCathran "William W., teacher, h 424 G south 
McCauley Andrew J., driver, h F north nNJav 
McCauley Charles S., Commodore, h Penn av n 

15th west 
McCauley Elizabeth, wid John, h 667 4th east 
McCauley George, broker, h 437 5th west 
McCauley Jane, groceries, 61 M south, h do 
McCauley Joseph, blacksmith, h 61 M south 
McCauley Patrick, gardener, h Jackson n N Cap 
McCaulev William, laborer, h Vt av n O north 
McCauley William M., clerk Patent Office, h 423 

5th west 
McCaully Robert, engineer, h 378 N Capitol 
McChesney John H., grocer, 314 7th west, h do 
McChesney William R., grocer, 41 7th west, h 

McCleary M. J., draughtsman, h NYavn 14th 

McClees James E. (McClees & Beck), photographs, 

308 Penn av, h at Philadelphia 
McCLEES & BECK (Jas. E. McClees & T. J. D. 

Beck), photographs, 308 Penn av 
McClelland George, engineer, h 640 N Y av 
McClelland John, machinist, 467 10th west, h 424 

McClelland Robert, omnibus driver, h 298 10th 

McClery James, clerk Treas Dept, h 218 F north 
McClery James F. R., bds 218 F north 
McClery Morven J., coast survey, NTarn 14th 

McCLINTOCK JOHN M., jr., baggage express, 

394 D north, bds National house 
McCloskey James, laborer, h 659 3d e,ast 
McClosky Ellen, wid Richard, h 350 8th west 
McClosky William T. (Yost & McClosky), tobac- 
conist, 8th west c L north, h do 
McCloud Donald, h 176 G north 
McClure Charles, clerk, rooms 267 G north 
McColgan James, h 251 Penn av 
McCollam John J., bricklayer, h 15 Northern 

market space 
McCombs David G., clerk Navy Yard, h C north 

n 1st east 
McConnell James B., student, bds 378 E north 
McConnell Morris, segar manuf, 592 Penn av 
McConnell Wm. P., dentist, 498 Penn av, h do 
McConvey Henry, stonecutter, h 363 5th west 
McCook Daniel, bds 331 Penn av 
McCook John, laborer, h 6th west c C south 
McCorkle Joseph P., clerk Navy Dept, h 377 20th 


McCormick Charles, resident student Washing- 
ton Asylum 
McCormick Elizabeth, h 432 1st east 
McCormick Hannah T., wid Andrew T., h 591 I 

McCormick Hugh, clerk Patent Office, h 394 4th 

McCormick James, stonecutter, h 375 L north 
McCormick John, tailor, h 6| west n D south 
McCormick Mary A., wid John, h 556 6th east 
McCormick Patrick, laborer, h B south c 7th east 
McCormick Van Horn, salesman, 334 Penn av, 

bds 289 D north 
McCoy Benjamin (col'd), fireman, h 669 L north 
McCoy George, engraver Coast Survey, h 623 

Penn av 
McCoy George, physician, 346 B north, h do 
McCoy Martha, wid Jackson, h 604 I south 
McCoy Thomas B., stonecutter, h 3d east n B 

McCoy William, laborer, h 713 3d east 
McCristal John, painter, h P north n 15th west 
McCubbin Nicholas, carver, 8th west c D north, 

h 366 9th west 
McCubbin Nicholas 0., barber, 4th west n Mass av 
McCubbin Richard, barber, h 271 4th west 
McCubbin Susan, wid Edward, h 366 9th west 
McCullom William J., builder, bds 425 F north 
McCullough James, stonecutter, h 687 7th west 
McCullough John, stonecutter, h 207 22d west 
McCune James, laborer, h 470 K south 
McCune John, carpenter, h M north n 15th west 
McCune William T., carpenter, h 610 Md av 
McCurdy E., grocer, 286 C south, h do 
McCurley Isaac, clerk, 367 Penn av, bds 113 B 

McCutchen John H., lawyer, 24 Mo av, h do 
McCutchen William, blacksmith, h 673 6th west 
McDade Lewis, bds 349 Penn av 
McDaniel Amelia (col'd), h 173 5th west 
McDaniel Enoch L., provisions, 470 E south, hdo 
McDaniel Michael, laborer, h 227 22d west 
McDermott Arthur (M. McDermott), coach- 
builder, 455 Penn av, h 69 Mo av 
McDermott Francis, (M. McDermott), coach- 
builder, 455 Penn av, h 69 Mo av 
McDermott James, barkeeper, at National hotel 
McDermott James (M. McDermott), coachb'lder, 

455 Penn av, h 69 Mo av 
McDermott James, shoemaker, h r 462 B south 
McDermott John, police, h 39 F north 
McDermott John (M. McDermott), coachbuilder, 

455 Penn av, h 67 Mo av 
McDermott Letitia, wid Michael, h 69 Mo av 
McDermott M. (John, James, Francis and Arthur 

McDermott), coachbuilders, 455 Penn av 
McDermott William, clerk, h 229 I north 
McDermott Wm. J., shipcarpenter, bds 391 L 

McDevitt Edward, waiter, h D south n N J av 
McDevitt James, laborer, h 113 4k west 
McDevitt John, china ware and furniture, 313 

Penn av, h G south c 9th west 
McDevitt Patrick, h 481 10th west 
McDonald Ann, h 539 17th west 
McDonald Ann, washerwoman, h 477 M north 
McDonald Charles F., clerk, Post Office Dept, h 

497 12th west 
McDonald Christopher, messenger P 0, h N C av 

n 2d east 
McDonald Daniel, hackman, h 231 G north 
McDonald James, shoemaker, 492 L north, h do 
McDonald Lawrence, laborer, h 23 Organ al 
McDonald William J., clerk Senate, h c north c 

Del av 
McDonnell Hugh, laborer, h M north c 16th west 

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McDonnell James, harness-maker, h 11th east n 

N south 
McDonnell Thomas, U S Coast Survey, h 42 E 

McDonough James, variety store, 643 7th east 
McDonough Peter, huckster, 7 Centre mkt, h 344 

8th west n H north 
McDowell Joseph, clerk, h 350 18th west 
McDuell John, clerk Land Office, h 420 14th 

McElfresh Caleb E., huckster, 129 Northern and 

55 Centre mkts, h 278 4th west 
McElfresh Ceo. S., tobacconist, under National 

hotel, h 420 6th west 
McElfresh Henry B., huckster, 123 Northern and 

133 Centre mkts, h 249 N Y av 
McElfresh James P., carpenter, 509 12th west, h 

334 5th west 
McElfresh John W., painter, h 163 F south 
McElfresh Zachariah, carpenter, h 278 4th west 
McElwee John E., carpenter, bds 440 6th west 
McElwee Samuel, printer, h 440 6th west 
McElwee Samuel, jr., printer, bds 440 6th west 
McEniry Thomas, Treas Dept, bds 383 Penn av 
McEvoy John, U S A, h r 578 L north 
McFadden Ellen, wid Wm., h E south n 20th 

McFall James, hackman, h 503 3d west 
McFarlan Alexander B., h 521 12th west 
McFarlan Daniel, dentist, 521 12th west, h do 
McFarland Ellen, wid John, h 658 4th east 
McFarland James, carpenter, h E south c 12th 

McFarland John B., laborer, h 497 11th east 
McFarland John M., pyrotechnist, h 658 4th 

McFarland William, musician, h 578 9th east 
McGARVEY JOHN, grocer, 24 K north, h do 
McGavin D. C, guard Penitentiary, h P south 

n 4j west 
McGaw Owen, clerk Treas Dept 
McGeady John, cabinetmaker, h 299 1st west 
McCee Catharine, grocer, Md av c 4th east, h do 
McGee Frank A., bookkeeper, 312 Penn av, 

bds Kirkwood house 
McGee Hugh, bds 186 20th west 
McGee Robert F., hackman, h 562 8th west 
McGhan Francis (Myers &McGhan), gasfitter, &c 

376 D north, h 480 9th west ab D north 
McGill Robert T., bds 418 9th west 
McGill Thomas, printer, 271 Penn av, h 252 C 

McGill Wm. W., bookkeeper, 9th west c D north, 

h 397 5th west 
McGinley James, laborer, h 500 3d west 
McGinnis Michael, laborer, h 708 G north 
McGinnis Nicholas, waterman, h 88 C south 
McGinniss Peter, carpenter, h 321 4^ west 
McGinnity Bernard, carpenter, bds 255 9th west 
McGivern Daniel, guard Penitentiary, h 217 4& 

McGlue George T., wood and coal, 226 I north, 

h 237 do 
McGonigle Mary A., h 474 11th west 
McGowan James, bookbinder, h 234 D north 
McGowan James, printer, bds 392 6th west 
McGrath Dennis, laborer, h r H north n 2d east 
McGrath John, watchman, h 5th east n B north 
McGrath Thomas, blacksmith, A south n S Cap, 

h 6th east c Mass av 
McGrath Thomas, saddler, h 297 C north 
McGraw Edward, laborer, h 358 Va av 
McGraw James, hackman, h 535 Md av 
McGraw Patrick, laborer, h 2d west n E south 
McGraw Peter Mrs., h 468 F north 
McGraw Philip, shoemaker, h 787 3d west 

McGregor Nathaniel M. (McGregor &Co.), gene- 
ral house-furnishing, 530 7th west, h 437 E nth 
McGregor & Co. (Nathaniel M. McGregor, Thos. 

L. Potter & Henry F. Zimmerman), general 

house-furnishing, 530 7th west 
McGuiggan Arthur J., printer, bds 420 D north 
McGuigan Joseph, watchman, h 72 E Capitol 
McGuire Frederick B. (J. C. McGuire & Co.), 

com mer, D north cor 10th west, h 445 E north 
McGuire James, bds 9th west c F north 
McGuire James, machinist, h 517 8th east 
McGuire James C. (J. C. McGuire & Co.), com 

mer, D north c 10th west, and bindery, H north 

c N Capitol, h 445 E north 
McGuire Patrick, stonecutter, h 387 13th west 
McGuire Thomas, blacksmith, 475 8th west, h 

580 7th west 
McGUIRE J. C. & CO. (Thos. J. Fisher & F. B. 

McGuire), auction and commission, D north c 

10th west 
McGuirk Bernard, gardener, h 231 4| west 
McHenry Edward L., police, h 620 H north 
McHenry Hugh, clerk Coast Survey, 417 Pa av 
McHenry Robert W., clerk P 0, h 348 L north 
Mcllvain Joseph H., clerk Treas Dept, bds 423 

Penn av 
Mcllvaine Louisa, wid Henry, bds 286 F north 
Mclney John, stonecutter, h 256 E south 
McINTIRE ALEXANDER, Sec Fireman's Ins 

Co, over Bank of Washington, h 347 K north. 

(See adv) 
McINTIRE ARTHUR L., draughtsman Patent 

Office, h 387 M north 
McINTIRE JACOB N., patent attorney, 7th west 

c F north, h E north n 2d west 
McINTIRE TIMOTHY C, pharmaceutist, 370 

7th west, h 28 Northern Market space 
Mcintosh Edward, blacksmith, h 452 10th west 
Mcintosh Henry C. O. L., patent medicines, E 

south n 6th west, h do 
Mcintosh James T. & Co. (Jas. Lusby), tailors, 

452 Penn av, h 452 Mass av 
Mcintosh Job P., oysters, 369 5th west, h do 
Mcintosh J. M., tailor, h 299 C north 
Mcintosh Norval, carpenter, bds 383 2d east 
Mclntyre J. Nollner, patent attorney, 7th west, 

h E north n 2d west 
McKay George, stonecutter, h Mass av n Md av 
McKean James P., bookbinder, 414 D north, h 

McKean Sarah A. (col'd), wid James, h N north 

n 24th west 
McKean Samuel M., clerk, h 545 17th west 
McKee Andrew E., bds 411 H north 
McKee Robert 0., bds 411 H north 
Mc Kee William, carpenter, h 9th west n north 
McKee William R., bds 411 H north 
McKeever Thomas, grocer, K north cor Conn av 
McKelden William P. (McKelden & Co.), baker, 

496 7th west, h 629 M north 
McKelden & Co. (Wm. P. McKelden & C. W. 

Patterson), bakers, 496 7th west 
McKenna, clerk, bds 504 10th west 
McKenna Andrew, gardener, h 177 Penn av 
McKenna Ann, confectionery, 177 Perm av. h do 
McKenna Patrick, justice of peace, Penn av o 4th 

east, h 675 Penn av 
McKenna Peter, grocer, 450 21st west, h do 
McKenney Ann, h 123 K north 
McKenney Christopher G, pattern-maker, h 545 

6th east 
McKenney Edward, finisher, h 552 11th east 
McKenney Jacob, printer, bds 189 5th west 
MeKenney James II., clerk, bds 213 N X av 
MoKenney James H., fireman, h 41 F south 
McKenney John, laborer, h 379 loth west 

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MeKenney John (MeKenney & Lansdale), notary 

public, "520 7th west, h 213 N Y ay 
MeKenney John D. (Cox & MeKenney), cigars, 

438 7th west, h 213 N Y av 
MeKenney John S., cashier Patriotic Bank, h at 


and Henry N. Lansdale), insurance agents, 520 

7th west 
McKenny Jareth, pattern-maker, h 595 11th east 
McKenny Julia, dressmaker, 490 Mass av, h do 
McKenny Letitia, wid William, h 10th east n N 

McKenny Vincent, grocer, 599 11th east, h do 
McKerisher Alexander, gardener, h 185 K north 
McKettrick Michael, boiler-maker, h 396 L south 
McKibben Ellen, wid James, h 659 M north 
McKim John, clerk, h 567 8th east 
McKIM SAMUEL A. H., physician, 586 7th 

east, h do 
McKinney Felix, laborer, h D south n 1st west 
McKinstry Ann, wid Win., h 18 Ohio av 
McKneu Zadoc W., superindt, h 629 Penn av 
McKnew Nathan C. (McKnew & Marlow), fire- 
wood mill, 7th and Canal, bds 56 Mo av 
McKnew & Marlow (N. C. McKnew and Walter 

H. Marlow), Union firewood mill, 7th & Canal 
McKnight Catherine P., wid John, h 310 Pa av 
McKnight Geo. R., clerk, 273 Penn ay, h at 

McKnight Martha H., wid Geo. B., h 401 3d west 
McKnight Robert, M. C, h 422 12th west 
McLain George W., printer, h 440 K north 
McLain Richard T., clerk P Dept 
McLain Wm. Rev., financial sec'y Colonization 

Society, 458 Penn av, h 381 C north 
McLane Catharine, wid Charles S., h Penn av c 

10th east 
McLane John, laborer, h 85 A south 
McLane William, bookbinder, h 408 H north 
McLane William, machinist, h Penn av c 10th 

McLaughlin Daniel, grocer, 260 4th west, h 253 

3d west 
MCLAUGHLIN HENRY J., fancy and variety 

store, 308 Penn av 
McLaughlin Hugh C, supt Statistical Bureau 

State Dept, h 439 E north 
McLaughlin John, blacksmith, h 669 Penn av 
McLaughlin John, hackman, h 413 Va av 
McLaughlin Thomas C. (McLaughlin & Wilson), 

carpenter, 282 E north, h 285 do 
McLaughlin & Wilson (Thomas McLaughlin and 

Thomas C. Wilson), carpenters, 282 E north 
McLean Anthony, clerk Treas Dept 
McLean Henry, machinist, h 492 13th west 
McLEAN JOHN, Judge of the Supreme Court, 

bds 4 A north 
McLean Richard, clerk, h 232 7th west 
McLean Robert, painter, 358 E nth, h 424 L nth 
McLean William, lumber, 13th west c Canal, h 

424 L north 
McLean Wm. R., foreman Star office, h 436 Mass 

McLeod Matthew, clerk Treas Dept 
McLeonard, bds 391 C north 
McLeran G. C, clerk Treas Dept 
McLinden Patrick, teamster, bds 426 14th west 
McMahan James, laborer, h 485 3d west 
McMahan James, laborer, h 75 A north 
McMahan John, messenger, h 267 L north 
McMahan John, soldier, h Jackson n N Capitol 
McMahan John, laborer, h 480 F north 
McMahan Michael, laborer, h 303 4th west 
McMahan Patrick, laborer, h 484 F north 
McMahon Bridget, wid John, h 417 8th west 

McMahon Martin, clerk P Dept 
McMahon Thomas, laborer, h 229 3d west 
McMakin Joseph, clerk, bds 357 E north 
McMann Martin, clerk P Dept, bds 287 G nth 
j McManus Edward, doorkeeper at White House, 

h 396 15th west 
McManus Patrick, laborer, h 556 I north 
MeMarrow James, laborer, h 26 Organ alley 
McMeans James, clerk P Dept 
McMinn Mary A. and Abbey, h 448 10th west 
McMurray Robert, trunkmaker, h 277 8th west 
McNair Dunning R., Serjeant at arms, h 465 6th 

McNair S. Y., clerk Treas Dept 
McNally Arthur, laborer, h 509 E south 
McNally John, laborer, h Ga av n 12th east 
McNally Matthew, nailer, h 557 E south 
McNamara Bridget, wid Martin, h 235 1st east 
McNamara Dennis, laborer, h 658 G north 
McNamara Dennis, laborer, h Jackson n N Cap 
McNamara James, laborer, h 87 A south 
McNamara John, laborer, h 323 G north 
McNamara John, laborer, h 624 Mass av 
McNamara Martin, grocer, 703 H north, h do 
McNamara Michael, laborer, h r H north n 2d 

McNamara Thomas, laborer, h Jackson n N Cap 
McNamee Charles, clerk City Hall, h 12 E Cap 
McNamee John, machinist, h 485 6th east 
McNamee Stephen, carpenter, h 483 6th east 
MeNantz Patrick H., carpenter, h 347 B south 
McNaughton George, watchman, h 380 6th west 
McNear William, carpenter, h 717 N J av 
McNeill Ann. confectionery, 46 4£ west, h do 
McNeill Archibald, clerk Treas Dept, h 445 12th 

McNeill Archibald, marble-polisher, h 345 B sth 
McNeill Margaret E. B., boarding-house, 439 

Penn av 
McNeir George A. R., printer, bds 351 6th west 
McNeir Joseph R., exchange office, 450 Penn av, 

bds 291 E north 
McNeir Thomas S., agent, 434 Penn av, h 436 F 

McNeir William, clerk Patent Office, bds 434 G 

McNerhany Francis, naval storekeeper, h 460 I 

McNerhany John, clerk, h 476 P north 
McNichol Patrick, clerk, h 354 4th west 
McNulty Augustus, blacksmith, h al bet 1st and 

2d east n B north 
McNulty Christopher, marble-polisher, h r 377 3d 

McNulty Frederick J., clerk Treas Dept 
McNulty Patrick, laborer, h 222 N J av 
McPherson Charles (col'd), coachman, bds 404 

11th west 
McPherson Eleanor (col'd), wid Benjamin, h 404 

11th west 
McPherson Henry H., druggist, 571 Penn av 
McPherson H. H., h H north n 7th west ' 

McPHERSON H. M. B., grocer, 413 7th west, h 

H north n 7th west (See adv) 
McPherson John, shipcarpenter, h 565 13th west 
McPherson Mary A. (col'd), washerwoman, h r 

14th west n L north 
McPherson Samuel, watchman, bds 571 H north 
McPherson W. S., clerk, h 7th west n I north 
McQuade Patrick, laborer, h Jackson n N Cap 
McQuay Benjamin, laborer, h 565 Md av 
McQueen David, clerk, 309 Penn av, h 290 Va av 
McQueen Patrick J., laborer, h D south n Va av 
McQuillan Catharine, school, 243 H north, h at 

McQuillan Mary A., wid, h 217 F north 

Arthur, Burnhani, & Gilroy, Philadelphia, 



McQuin James, blacksmith, bds 558 Mass av 

McQuinlan Thomas, laborer, h 98 27th west 

McQuinn James, porter, h 26 2d west 

McRae Daniel, tailor, h 165 6th west 

McRea Albert H., clerk, 6th Auditor's Office, h 

511 17th west 
McSherry James, clerk Navy Dept, h 405 I north 
McSweeny John, laborer, h 621 7th east 
McSweeney Patrick, laborer, h 438 M south 
McVarey Lawrence, laborer, h 298 F south 
McVarey Peter, laborer, h D south n 3d west 
McVey John, beltmaker, h 493 I south 
McWilliams John, machinist, bds 604 8th east 
McWilliams Mary Ann, wid Hugh, boarding, h 

289 B north 
MAACK WILLIAM N. H., brewery and bottler, 

4£ west c N south, h do 
Macaboy James, laborer, h 688 4th east 
Macaboy William M., shoemaker, h 167 25th west 
Macalagat Michael, laborer, h r 696 G north 
Maccubbin Mary Gr., h 10 La av 
Macdonald C. F., clerk Treas Dept 
Macfeely Wm., telegraph operator, National ho- 
tel, h 379 Penn av 
Macgill Emily, wid Thomas, h 397 5th west 
Macgill Wm. W., clerk, h 597 5th west 
Mack John, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Mack Patrick, laborer, h 248 D south 
Mackall Brooke, clerk Treas Dept 
Mackall Richard L., clerk Treas Dept 
Maekelfield John, faborer, h 1| west n P south 
Mackey Philip, roofer, h 260 4th west 
Mackey Thomas, blacksmith, h 459 2d east 
Mackey William, butcher, h 525 6th east 
Mackie James S., clerk State Dept, h at George- 
Macnamara John, huckster, 16 Northern mkt, h 

7th west n Tollgate 
Macomb Harriet B., wid Alexander, h 276 I north 
Madden John, laborer, h 46 Washington 
Madden Margaret, washerwoman, h 422 E north 
Madden Timothy, laborer, bds 245 3d west 
Maddox, clerk, 7th west, bds 378 E north 
Maddox Alexander, laborer, h 606 I south 
Maddox Elizabeth J., wid William D., h N south 

n 3d east 
MADDOX FERDINAND T., dry goods, 349 7th 

west, rooms 323 8th west 
Maddox George, paver, h 587 11th east 
Maddox James, wheelwright, h 6^ west n E south 
Maddox John L., M. D., h N south n 3d east 
Maddox Kate A. M., h N south cor 3d east 
Maddox Maria (col'd), washerwoman, h 310 18th 

Maddox Sarah A., wid Alexander, h 499 13th west 
Maddox Thomas H., clerk Treas Dept, h 466 E 

MADES CHARLES, restaurant, 465 Penn av 
Madigan John, shoemaker, 293 4th west, h do 
Madigan Mary, wid Michael, h 296 3d west 
Madigan Patrick, laborer, h 81 A south 
Madigan Patrick, laborer, h 546 G north 
Madigan Patrick, shoemaker, 324 4th west, h do 
Madigan Patrick, stonecutter, h 56 Washington 
Madison Francis (col'd), public waiter, h 435 

14th west 
Madison John (col'd), carman, h r 329 1st west 
Madison Luke (col'd), carman, h r 329 1st west 
Madison Wm. F., h 286 N Y av * 

Maedel Adolphus M., engraver, h 453 N Y av 
Maedel Charles B., fancy goods and machinist, 

153 Penn av, h do 
Maedel E. A., engraver, h 335 E north 
Maedel J. W., engraver, h 453 N Y av 
Magar Benjamin, pilot, h 598 11th west 
Magar Chloe Ann, grocer, 598 11th west, h do 

Magar John, shoemaker, r 215 F south, h do 
Magaw Samuel, Lieut U S N, h 21st west n G nth 
Magee Charles, grocer, Md av c 6th east, h do 
Magee James S., policeman, h 35 F south 
Magee Samuel, h 436 G north 
Magee Wm. (Magee & Co.), segars, 493 8th west, 

h 436 G north 
Magee & Co. (Wm. Magee & C. A. Sengstack), 

segars, 493 8th west 
Magill George W., civil engineer, h 365 K north 
Magill John B., painter, h C south c 1st east 
Magill John W., bookkeeper, 292 Penn av, h 415 

H north 
Maginnis Wm., carpenter, h 649 3d east 
Magnes Frederick, huckster, h 107 F north 

Magraw Samuel M., clerk Treas Dept 
Magruder Allan B. (Chilton & Magruder), law- 
yer, 432 D north, h 267 I north 
Magruder Belford, tailor, 477 10th west, h 111 B 

Magruder Elizabeth (col'd), wid Wm., h 519 5th 

MAGRUDER F. M., boots and shoes, 379 7th 

west, h Washington Co 
Magruder George A., captain U S N, h 288 H 

Magruder Harriet (col'd), cook, h r 214 F south 
Magruder Harriet (col'd), washerwoman, h 210 

D south 
Magruder Harry (col'd), porter, h 210 D south 
Magruder John (col'd), laborer, h 397 1st west 
Magruder Kitty (col'd), domestic, h 399 1st 

Magruder Nancy, wid Albert, h 27th west n K 

Magruder M. A., boots and shoes, 379 7th west 
Magruder P., , wood, h 6th west n G south 
Magruder Rezin (col'd), laborer, h 195 K north 
Magruder Rosanna D., wid Oliver, h 434 I north 
Magruder Samuel C. (Magruder & Stone), wood 

and coal, 6th west opp Mo av, and ft 11th west, 

h 6th west n G south 
Magruder Thomas J., boots and shoes, 398 D 

north, h 422 F north 
Magruder Wm. B., physician, 91 Penn av, h do 
MAGRUDER & STONE (Samuel C. Magruder 

& Woodford Stone), wood and coal, 6th west 

opp Mo av, and ft 11th west 
Maguire Bryan, laborer, h 202 G north 
Maguire James F., clerk Treas Dept, h 325 13th 

Maguire Michael, laborer, h 705 6th west 
Maguire Patrick, h 3d west n D south 
Maguire Patrick, grocer, 254 F south, h do 
Maguire Peter, laborer, h 548 Mass av 
Mahall Samuel, carman, h R north c 11th west 
Mahar Michael, laborer, h r 578 L north 
Maher James, grocer, 4.V west c I south, h do 
Maher John, laborer, h r D south n 3d west 
Maher Thomas F., printer, h 59S 7th west 
Maher Timothy, laborer, h 271 C south 
Maher Timothy, laborer, h 200 G north 
Mahler Hermann, laborer, h 7th east u B north 
Mahon Alexander, clerk Treas Dept, h N J av n 

C south 
Mahon August, cigars, 7th east n G south, h do 
Mahon D. W., chief clerk 1st Auditors Office, h 

335 Penn av 
Mahon Jane 0., wid David W., h 835 Tonu av 
Mahoney David, plasterer, h 33 t 3d west 
Mahoney Elizabeth (col'd), wid James, h 27th 

west n K north 
Mahoney James, laborer, h 628 Mass av 
Mahoney John, clerk, h 445 N Y av 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jars. 



Mahoney John, laborer, h C south n 3d west 
Mahoney John, laborer, h Goat al 
Mahoney Mary E., wid Thomas, h 332 3d west 
Mahoney Miles, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Mahoney Peyton (col'd), driver, h 338 15th 

Mahoney Robert, painter, 85 G south, h do 
Mahony Daniel, laborer, h 548 13th west 
Mahony Dennis, laborer, h 94 2d west 
Mahony Richard (col'd), laborer, h Goat al 
Maillet Eruile, clerk, 476 7th west, bds F north 

n 5th west 
Main James, computer Coast Survey, h 6th east 

n A north 
Major B. C, druggist, 464 7th west 
Major Bernard C, clerk, bds, 554 M north 
MAJOR DANIEL, lawyer, 32 La av, h 224 G 

Major Daniel G., astronomer, h 158 G north 
Major Henry, clerk P Dept 
Major James J., carpenter, h 503 L north 
MAJOR JOHNR., druggist, 409 7th west, b 503 

L north 
Makel Hanson (col'd), laborer, h M north n N 

Makeley P., huckster, h 91 D south 
Makepeace David B., sash and blindmaker, h 1 

Maine av 
Malatesta John, fruit stand, h 490 N north 
Malcolm W. B., 250 Penn av 
Malihan Timothy, watchman, h 278 7th west 
Mallard Charles (Mallard & Duval), provisions, 

235 Penn av, h 541 10th west 
MALLARD & DUVAL (Charles Mallard & Geo. 

W. Duval) , provisions, 235 Penn av 
MALLERY RICHARD A. Rev., h 563 4th east 
Mallon John, boatman, h Penn av n 22d west 
Malloney Mary, wid Thomas, h r 295 1st west 
Malloy Thomas J., laborer, h Mass av n C north 
Malloy Wm.. chairmaker, h 412 B north 
Malone Edward, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Malone John, laborer, h 2d east, n G north 
Malone Lawrence, grocer, 288 3d west, h do 
Malone Timothy, laborer, h 2d east n H north 
Maloney John, laborer, h 293 N Capitol 
Maloney John, laborer, n 199 L north 
Maloney John, laborer, h D south cor 1st west 
Maloney John, laborer, h Goat alley n 6th west 
Maloney John, laborer, h 302 3d west 
Maloney Mary, h F north n 2d west 
Maloney Michael, laborer, h 77 A south 
Maloney Michael, laborer, h 253 20th west 
Maloney Patrick, laborer, h H north n 2d east 
Maloney Stephen, laborer, h 77 A south 
Maloney William, printer, bds 476 12th west 
Malster "William, dentist, 521 12th west 
Maluski Alexander, clerk City Hall, h do 
Malvin Samuel (col'd), blacksmith, h 182 E south 
Manahan Joseph, clerk Treas Dept 
Mangan James H., laborer, h 7th east n I north 
Mangum George T., laborer, h A north n 9th east 
Mangum Gonsalvo, laborer, h 12th east n Md av 
Mangum Rinaldo, clerk, h K south n 14th east 
Mangum Zachariah, blacksmith, h 11th west near 

E south 
Maniett Joseph, moulder, h 571 7th east 
MANKIN JAMES, grocer, 398 9th west, h do 
Mankin John C. (col'd), laborer, h 11 Plater's al 
Mankin John R., h 409 9th west 
MANKIN JOHN W., house, sign, and ornamen- 
tal painter, 481 9th west, h 615 H north (See 

Mankin Michael, laborer, h 6th east n B south 
Manley Louisa (col'd), wid William, h 368 11th 

Mann A. Dudley, rooms 267 G north 

Mann Charles, shoemaker, h 647 L north 

Mann Henry (col'd), laborer, h I north n 24th 

Mann Jesse F., shoemaker, h 192 23d west 
Mann John, shoemaker, h 564 6th west 
Mann Joseph (col'd), wood-sawyer, h 212 23dwst 
Mann Mary, h 28 4f west 
Manning, bds 427 Pa av 
Manning Euphemia, widow Nathaniel, h 453 13th 

Manning Francis A., bookbinder, h 14th west n 

P north 
Manning Thomas, teamster, h I south n Canal 
Mansell Peter, waiter, h 18 13^ west 
Mansfield John, blacksmith, h N south n 4£ west 
Mansfield Joseph, engineer, h 494 E south 
Mansfield Thomas, stagedriver, h Union alley n 

N south 
Mantz Sarah, wid George, h 466 M south 
Manyett Frederick, moulder, bds 562 L north 
Marbury Grace (col'd), wid Charles, h 301 4th 

Marbury William, physician, 9th west c H north, 

bds 418 9th west 
Marceron E. F., matron Penitentiary, h 4^ west 

n N south 
Marceron James, carpenter, h 519 6th east 
Marceron Joseph F., blacksmith, h Pa av n 6th 

Marceron Lectius, machinist, h 480 M south 
Marceron Lewis, overseer, h Pa av n 6th east 
Marceron Marcellus, grocer, 584 11th east, h do 
Marche Esther, widow Peter, h 8th east n Pa av 
Marche Thomas, plasterer, h 8th east n Pa av 
Marcoe William E., printer, h 411 8th west 
Marconnier Alpanier P., cook, h 231 H north 
Marders Elizabeth, grocer, 398 4£ west, h do 
Marders Henry, carpenter, h 398 4i west 
Marders James, laborer, h 398 4£ west 
Mardsley William, stonecutter, bds 289 B north 
Margeron Margaret, wid Harmon L., h 517 11th 

Marini Luize G., prof dancing, h 20th west cor 

Pa av 
Marix Henry, professor of languages, 454 D north 
Markins John 0., blacksmith, G north c 7th west, 

h 407 8th west 
Markoe Francis, clerk State Dept, h 194 I north 
MARKRITER JOHN, paper-hangings, 486 7th 

west, h 402 6th west (See adv.) 
Markriter Martha, widow John, h 402 6th west 
Marks Edward, carpenter, h 12th east c E south 
Marks Fanny (col'd), wid, nurse, h 312 I north 
Marks Henry E., blacksmith, h 571 7th east 
Marks Jacob, gunsmith, h 12th east cor E south 
Marks Jacob, shoemaker, 531 8th east, h do 
Marks James, bartender, h 139 D south 
Marks Samuel A. H., clerk Quartermaster's Of- 
fice, h 398 G south 
MARKS SAMUEL A. H.. jr., wood and coal, 

385 E south, h 39S G south 
Marks William A., clerk Land Office, bds 378 

E north 
Markward George W., grocer, 299 8th west, h 

Marler Benjamin (col'd), coachman, h r north 

bet 6th and 7th west 
Marll David T.. cabinetmaker, h 349 Mass av 
Marll Ursula, wid John, h 425 8th west 
Marlow Alfred H., h 404 B north 
Marlow Edward G., clerk, 508 7th west, h 367 

N Yav 
Marlow Henry, laborer, h 356 21st west 
Marlow John W, carpenter, I north, h 384 9th 

Marlow Samuel D., clerk, bds 384 9th west 

The Old "Dominion" Coffee Pot saves one-third. 



Marlow Walter H. (McKnew & Marlqw) , fire-wood 

mill, 7th and Canal, h B north n 3d east 
Maroney Mrs., h r 573 L north 
Marquis ffm. H., h 400 Penn av 
Marr Arthur N., clerk, bds 605 M north 
Marr James, carpenter, h 236 1st east 
Marr James F., bricklayer, h 170 9th west 
Marr James H., clerk P Dept, h 605 M north 
Marr James H., jr., carpenter, bds 605 M north 
Marr John (Marr & Fisher), billiards, 11th west 

c Penn av, h 11th west n II north 
Marr John T., bowling saloon, 325 E north, h 

417 11th west n H north 
MARR & FISHER (John Marr & W. M. Fisher), 

billiards, 11th west c Penn av 
Marrigan Michael, laborer, h 237 3d west 
Marriot Charles, jeweller at Gait's, bds 12th west 

c E north 
Marron John C, clerk P O Dept 
Marrow Samuel (col'd), sawyer, h 123 G north 
Marsden Isaiah, blacksmith, h 2d east n C north 
Marselas Mary, wid Henry, boarding-house, 571 

H north 
Marsh Otis W., printer, h 391 N Y av 
Marshall Charles G., h 380 E north 
Marshall Chesterfield (col'd), laborer, h 464 5th 

Marshall Henrietta (col'd), wid Robert, h 184 K 

Marshall Jane, h G south n 1st west 
Marshall Mahelia (col'd), wid, h P north c 10th 

Marshall Martha Ann, h N south n 6th west 
Marshall Priscilla (col'd), washerwoman, h 69 G 

Marshall Richard (col'd), waiter, h 539 12th west 
Marshall Robert H. (Fenwick & Marshall), re- 
staurant, La av c 7th, h do 
Marshall Susan, h Me av n 4£ west 
Marshall Thomas, laborer, h 1st east n N south 
Marshall Wellesly Z. (col'd), blacksmith, h 569 

4th east 
Marshall William, auctioneer, 464 7th west, h 

445 C north 
Marshall William, shipcarpenter, h 665 3d east 
Marshall William (col'd), oysterman, h 507 6th 

Marshall Wm. F., student, bds 7th west c La av 
Marston George, bds National hotel 
Marten Philip, shoemaker, 481 6th west, h Wash- 
ington n 5th 
Mai'tin Amos F., carpenter, h459 10th west 
Martin Andrew, pyrotechnist, h 511 G south 
Martin Benjamin M., watchman, h 110 C south 
Martin Charles C, carpenter, h 599 12th west 
Martin Charlotte D., assistant matron General 

Church Home, 470 12th west 
MARTIN CYRUS (C. & H. W. Martin), Frank- 
lin house 
Martin D. James, clerk, 312 Penn av, bds Avenue 

Martin Fanny (col'd), wid David, h 17th west n 

D north 
Martin Fanny (col'd), wid Thomas, h 214 22d 

Martin Frances W., wid Henry, h 396 11th west 
Martin George II., bricklayer, h 518 K south 
Martin Hamilton (col'd), laborer, h 190 N Y av 
Martin Henry, huckster, 521 Centre mkt, h Md 
Martin Henry, plasterer, bds 396 11th west 
Martin Henry L., clerk Land Office, rooms 421 

13th west 
Martin Henry W. (C. &H. W. Martin), Franklin 

Martin Jacob, shoemaker, h 462 9th west 
Martin James, blacksmith, h 489 6th east 

Martin James, bookbinder, h 522 10th west 
Martin James, stonecutter, h K north n 15th west 
Martin John, h C north c 1st east 
Martin John, wheelwright, 4£ west n Md av, h do 
Martin J. W., blacksmith, 611 11th west, h 617 

11th west 
Martin Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h 574 8th 

Martin Philip, shoemaker, h 20 Washington 
Martin P. M., physician, h 234 7th west 
Martin Robert (col'd), stonemason, h 271 21st 

Martin Robert, laborer, h south n 1| east 
Martin Thomas, bricklayer, h 34 F south 
Martin Thomas, brickmaker, h N south n South 

Martin Thomas (col'd), messenger, h 144 22dwest 
Martin Thomas, clerk Treas Dept, h 444 11th west 
Martin Thomas E., clerk, bds 353 19th west 
Martin Timothy, laborer, h 502 3d west 
Martin William, collector, 151 B south, h do 
Martin William, laborer, h 1st east n K south 
Martin Wm., shoemaker, 449 6th west, h do 
Martin William (col'd), carpenter, h 574 8th west 
Martin William H., hairdresser, 427 7th west, h 

316 10th west 
Martin Wm. T., draughtsman, h 7th west n E nth 
Martin Zacharias, shoemaker, h 423 I north 
MARTIN C. & H. W., Franklin house, 8th west 

c D north 
Martine Andrew, h 590 12th west 
Martz William, civil engineer, h 414 K north 
Masi Margaret, h 402 13th west 
Masi Matilda, h 402 13th west 
Masi Seraphim, boarding, h 461 9th west 
Mason Ann (col'd), wid Thomas, h 210 2d west 
Mason Barney, lieut U S N, h 164 Va av 
Mason Betsey C, wid Thompson, h 341 I north 
Mason Catharine, wid Gen'l John, h 122 Penn av 
Mason Emanuel (col'd), carpenter, h 8th east c A 

Mason Fanny, wid Michael, h Jackson n 1st east 
Mason George T. (col'd), laborer, h 120 6th west 
Mason Henry (col'd), cabman, h 206 K north 
Mason James, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Mason John, laborer, h Jackson n 1st east 
Mason Joseph T. (col'd), teacher, h 123 I north 
Mason J. N. Hon., senator, h 424 H north 
Mason Mary, wid Milo, h 409 H north 
Mason S. Y., clerk General P 0, rooms 275 Penn 

Mason Thomas (col'd), fish, 21 Northern and 317 

Centre mkts, h L north n 22d west 
Mason Thomas, laborer, h Jackson n 1st east 
Mason Thomas, laborer, h 6 H north 
Mason William H., shoemaker, 13th west c G 

north, h 314 G north 
Mason William T. T., h 134 Penn av 
Massey Andrew, stonecutter, h 143 D south 
Massey Caroline (col'd) wid John, h 37S 16th west 
Massey Henry, stonecutter, h 44 F south 
Massey John (col'd), brickmaker, h 182 K north 
Massie E. Lewis, clerk Treas Dept, bds 3S6 9th 

Massie Sarah E., wid Thomas J., h 3S6 9th west 
Massoletti Joseph R., watchmaker, 370 Penn av, 

h 282 9th west 
Massoni P. Chevalier, Naples minister, bds 446 

15th west 
Mast John, machinist, h 395 L south 
Masters Wm., bds 485 10th west 
Masterson Catharine, wid Charles, h 292 3d west 
Mastin Robert L., carpenter, h 343 18th west 
Mastin William E., carpenter, h 343 18th west 
Mathany Wm., messenger, bus Franklin house 
Mathers Mary, wid, b r 1 1th west ah L north 

See Advertisement of "Old Dominion" Coffee and Tea Tot. 



Mathes John (col'd), laborer, h 5th west c P nth 
Mathes Su?an (col'd), h 5th west n P north 
Mathews Edward T., clerk Treas Dept, bds 512 

L north 
Mathews Francis (col'd), porter, h 340 M north 
Mathews Sarah (col'd), wid Richard, h 341 13th 

Mathews Sarah T.. wid William P., h 398 12th 

Mathews Thomas, agent Sun and Star, h 350 1st 

Mathiot George, electrotypist, h 296 Del av 
Mathis Frank (col'd), laborer, h 427 L north 
Matlock Jeremiah G. (Matlock & Herbert), tailor, 

399 7th west, h 513 I north 
Matlock Simeon (Matlock & Griffith), tailor, 515 

9th east, h 414 8th west 
MATLOCK & GRIFFITH (Simeon Matlock and 

Wm. T. Griffith), tailors, 515 9th west 
Matlock & Herbert (Jeremiah G. Matlock and 

Samuel M. Herbert), tailors, 399 7th west 
Matney Joseph, printer, h 522 Mass av 
Mattern Peter A.; school, 459 11th west, h 172 

6th west 
Matthews Edward S. (Matthews & Simms), drug- 
gist, 500 Penn ay, bds Washington house 
Matthews John, paper agent, h 12th west c W nth 
Matthews Martha (col'd). wid Francis, h 471 K 

Matthews Philip (col'd) , wid James, h 212 2d west 
Matthews Richard T., clerk Treas Dept, bds 461 

9th west 
Matthews Robert A., bds 411 3d west 
Matthews Thornton (col'd), waiter, h 253 E south 
Matthews T. W. (Matthews & Gore), dry goods, 

358 7th west, h do 
Matthews & Gore (T. W. Matthews and T. H. 

Gore), dry goods, 358 7th west 
MATTHEWS & SIMMS (Edward S. Matthews 

and Giles G. C. Simms), druggists, 500 Pa av 
Matthieson Hans A., watchman, h 739 3d east 
Matthieson James A., machinist, h 739 3d east 
Mattingly Edward, h 768 3d east 
Mattingly Francis, hatter, 494 7th west, h do 
Mattingly George, agent Potomac Steamboat Co., 

foot of 6th west, and 372 Pa av, h 166 F south 
Mattingly George E., ticket agent, 372 Penn av, 

bds Washington house 
Mattingly James E., tinner, h 453 L south 
Mattingly Joseph, bookbinder, bds 471 11th west 
Mattingly Joseph, foreman Globe office, h Mass av 
Mattingly Wm. F., law student, h 494 7th west 
Mattison J. C, clerk Treas Dept 
Mattison John T., clerk Auditor's Office, bds 418 

9th west 
Maud Mfiry, wid William, h 341 15th west 
Maud Robert, seaman, h 341 15th west 
Maury Charles B. (Taylor & Maury), books, 334 

Penn av, h 409 3d west 
Maury John W. Mrs., h 405 C north 
Maury Matthew F., lieut USN, supt of Observa- 
tory, E north bet 23d and 25th west 
Mnury T. F., physician, 4 i west c C north, h 375 

C north 
Maury William A. (Carlisle & Maury), lawyers, 

436 D north, h 379 3d west 
Maus John N., h 532 L north 
Mavers George, hairdresser, 496 Penn av, h B 

Maxey George, agent, 193 D north, h do 
Maxwell Charles S., tailor, h 340 5th west 
Maxwell Harvey K., stonecutter, h 10th west n Q 

Maxwell Jane, wid Robert, h N Y av n 5th west 
MAXWELL JOHN S., fancy dry goods, cloaks 

and mantillas, 328 Penn av, h 364 12th west 

Maxwell Proteus, h 123 D south 
Maxwell Thomas, clerk, h 364 12th west 
Maxwell .William, watchman, h 4£ west n I south 
Maxwell William B., guard Penitentiary, h 4£ 

west n H south 

Mav , bds 466 F north 

MAY FRANCIS R., exchange office, 261 F north, 

h 410 H north 
May John F., bookkeeper, 324 Penn av, h at 

May John F., physician, h 397 C north 
May Joseph, dry goods, bds 486 E north 
May Joseph I. (Clagett & May), dry goods, 324 

Penn av, h E north n 6th west 
May R. L. , Lieut Naval Observatory 
May Thomas 0., bookbinder, bds 410 H north 
Mayhew William, laborer, h 453 K south 
Maynadier Henry E., Lieut USA, h 372 19th 

Maynadier William, Capt Ordnance Dept, h 332 

19th west 
Maynadier William M., clerk Coast Survey, h332 

19th west 
Mayo Robert, jr., clerk State Dept, bds 7th west 

n D north 
Mayo Robert H., bds Lafayette house 
Mazzullo John, musician, h Penn av n 13th east 
Mead Edward, laborer, h 454 D south 
Mead Francis W., physician, 681 6th west 
Mead Harback, blacksmith, 9th east, h 501 4th 

Mead James H., iron railing, La av n 9th west, h 

6th east c D south 
Mead John, blacksmith, h 9th east n C south 
Mead John W., clerk P 0, h 6th east n B south 
Mead Mary A., wid Thomas, h 389 N Y av 
Mead Simeon, messenger Treas Dept, h 681 6th 

Meader Henry, seaman, h 464 M south 
Meador C. C. Rev., h 403 12th west 
Meadows David, machinist, h 550 L north 
Meads Benjamin, carpenter, h 303 7th west 
Meads William W., carpenter, h 244 4th west 
Mead William W., shipcarpenter, h 432 G south 
.Meager Grace, millinery and fancy goods, N Y 

av c 10th west, h do 
Meager John, h N Y av c 10th west 
Mealey Daniel P., coachmaker, h 666 L north 
Meals Anna, dry goods, 780 6th west, h do 
MECHLIN ALEXANDER H., claim agent, 268 

H north 
Mechlin J. P., h 248 22d west 
MECHLIN WILLIAM, chief clerk 2d Auditor's 

Office, h 164 F north 
! Meek John, laborer, h 595 Penn av 
Meek Peter, grocer, 597 Penn av, h do 
j Medford Charles, carpenter, h 9th west n north 
i Medill William, first comptroller Treas Dept, bds 

Avenue house 
J Medley John, carpenter, h 301 D north 
Meehan John S., librarian at the Capitol, h 295 

B south 
! Meehan Munson, clerk at the Capitol, h 295 B 

! Meehan Walter C. H., librarian at the Capitol, h 

325 B north 
j Meek, prof at Smithsonian Institute, bds 421 

13th west 
Meek John B. Rev., clerk, h 551 13th west 
Megee Bernard, restaurant, Penn av c 26th west 
Megle Margaret, wid Jacob, h 99 E Capitol 
Mehaffey Dr., clerk at Capitol, bds National hotel 
Meigs Montgomery C, h 361 H north 
Meiners August, paper-hanger, 367 7th west, h do 
Mela Henry & Son (Wm. Mela), boots and shoes, 

522 7th west, h 502 9th west 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, Manufactured by 



Mela "William (H. Mela & Son), boots and shoes, 

522 7th west, h 502 9th west 
MELCHER ANDREW D., carpenter, h 207 N Y 

Melcher Charles A., clerk, bds 207 N Y av 
Meldrura James, clerk Patent Office, h 589 M 

Melhorn Francis C, huckster, h 337 19th west 
Meller John, stonecutter, h F north n 10th east 
Meller Mitchell, clerk first Auditor's Office, h 512 

M north 
Mellis John, stonecutter, h Md av n 7th east 
Mellor John, Mt. Vernon Hotel, 826 6th west 
Mellser Michael, laborer, h P north n 14th west 
Melson John, messenger Treas Dept, h 307 6th 

Melvin Henry B., student, bds 350 N Y av 
Melvin Josiah, printer, h 484 north 
Melvin M. B., physician, Va av c 7th west 
Melvin Samuel, clerk Treas Dept, h 350 N Y av 
Melvin Timothy, h Md av c 13^ west 
Menny John, grocer, 107 H north, h do 
Menke Minard, cheese, 328 Centre mkt, h 3d 

west n F north 
Menzer Herman, musician, h al r 434 L south 
Mercer George (col'd), blacksmith, h 514 N north 
Merchant E. M., clerk P 0, bds 337 Penn av 
Merchant Silas, academy, E north cor 10th west 
Meredith Eliza (col'd), h N north n 1st west 
Meredith John H., stoves, 272 7th west, h do 
Meredith Philip (col'd), waiter, h 172 I north 
Merillat Mary, wid Charles H., h 287 4th west 
Merrick William M., judge of Circuit Court, h 

425 F north 
MERRILL JAMES H., patent agt, 540 7th west 
Merrill Oliver R., clerk Navy Dept, h 413 I north 
Merritt A. E., clerk, bds 486 E north 
Merryman John H., oils, 261 7th west, h do 
Mertz William, bookfolder, h 414 K north 
Metcalf Jane, wid John, h 597 9th east 
Metcalf William, daguerreotypist, rooms 6 4| west 
Mettle Henry, bricklayer, bds 580 G north 
Metzdorff Henry, butcher, bds 703 4th east 
Metzerott G. B., engraver, h 409 G north 
METZEROTT WILLIAM G., music and pianos, 

Penn av cor 11th, h 287 E north 
Metzger James, bookkeeper, rooms at 465 10th 

Meusel Charles, silver-plater, 483 8th west, h do 
Meushaw Zachariah, bookbinder, h 360 5th west 
Meyer Frederick, tailor, h 414 11th west 
Meyer Henry, tailor, h 319 F north 
Michaelson Ernst (Schutter &Michaelson), paint-. 

er, 342 G north, h 543 13th west 
Michler N., engineer USA, bds 264 G north 
Mickall Leon, bds Lafayette house 
Mickum George B. (Drury & Mickum), painter, 

73 Penn av, h 134 22d west 
Mickum Samuel, messenger, h 134 22d west 
Mickum Samuel C, painter, bds 134 22d west 
Middleton Alpheus, clerk, 365 Penn av, bds Ave- 
nue house 
Middleton Benjamin F. (Middleton & Beall, and 

Hooe, Brother & Co.), grocer, 365 Penn av, h 

14 La av 
Middleton Charles II., sexton, h 380 16th west 
Middleton Daniel W., clerk, h 568 N J av 
Middleton Erasmus J., clerk City Hall, h Wash- 
ington county 
Middleton John II., restaurant, 9th west cor B 

north, h 9th west n E north 
Middleton Lydia (col'd), h F south cor 3d west 
Middleton L. J., ice-dealer, F north, h 489 12th 

Middleton Richard, stonecutter, h 573 C north 
Middleton Richard (col'd), baker, h 593 3d west 

Middleton Robert S., machinist, h 529 I south 
Middleton Robert W., clerk Treas Dept, h 342 

9th west 
Middleton Samuel C, clerk, 10 Market space, h 

540 I north 
Middleton William, stonecutter, h 5th east n A 

Middleton & Beall (Benj. F. Middleton and Benj. 

Beall), grocers, 365 Penn av 
Mier George, bookbinder, h 127 4^ west 
Milburn Clara, wid Stephen, h 390 E north 
Milburn J. Parker, druggist, Penn av n 14th west, 

bds 209 Penn av 
Milburn Margaret, h 285 Va av 
Milburn Thomas, carpenter, h 184 D south 
Milburn Washington C, at Milburn's drug store, 

220 Penn av 
MILBURN J. P. & CO., druggists, 220 Penn av 
Miles Abraham, laborer, h 438 11th east 
Miles George, brickmaker, h 2o3 4th west 
Miles Josephine, h r 497 3d west 
Miles J. W., clerk Treas Dept 
Miles Nicholas, laborer, h 301 3d west 
Miles William, carpenter, h 324 9th west 
Miles William, printer, h 588 I north 
Miles W. Porcher, representative, h 424 H north 
Miller Aaron W., physician, 549 6th east, h do 
Miller Andrew, butcher, h M north n N Capitol 
Miller Benjamin, messenger P 0, h 462 H north 
Miller Casper, h Va av n 2d west 
Miller Catharine, grocer, 38 Washington, h do 
Miller Charles, late butcher, h 11th east cor Penn 

Miller Charles jr., butcher, 29 Northern mkt and 

25 Centre mkt, h 9th east n N south 
Miller Charles, florist, h R north n 19th west 
Miller Charles, restaurant, 26th west n Penn av 
Miller Christian, gardener, h E south n 17th east 
Miller David, huckster, 145 Centre market, h 7th 

west, 1st toll-gate 
Miller Eleazar H., artist, 356 Penn av, h 480 M 

Miller Francis, h 381 N Y av 
Miller Frank, bookbinder, h 38 Washington 
Miller George, bricklayer, h 440 Va av 
Miller George, carpenter, 523 K north, h do 
Miller George, carpenter, h 314 Va av 
Miller George, laborer, h 4th east cor E north 
Miller George H., carpenter, h C north n 1st east 
Miller George M., restaurant and hairdresser, 369 

Penn av, h do 
Miller George W., bds 349 Penn av 
Miller George W. (Levy & Miller), billiards, 430 

Penn av, bds 428 Penn av 
Miller George W., butcher, 24 Centre mkt, h K 

north c 13th east 
Miller Harriet, wid John, h 623 north 
Miller Henry, farmer, h 449 Mass av 
Miller Henry, segar-maker, bds 411 Penn av 
Miller Isaac S., master of arms Arsenal, h 664' 

6th west 
Miller Isaiah A., carpenter, h 438 K north 
Miller Jacob, basket-maker, 54 Penn av, h do 
Miller Jacob, butcher, 40 Northern and 24l) Cen- 
tre mkts, h 5th east c D north 
Miller Jacob, coachmaker, h 3 7th west 
Miller James, baker, h 574 G north 
Miller James, grocer, 371 15th west, h do 
Miller James, watchman, h 601 7th west 
Miller James M., clerk PO Dept, bds 331 Penn av 
Miller James M., bds 481 Mass av 
Miller John, gardener, h R north n 4th west 
Miller John, gardener, h 16th west n Q north 
Miller John P., bricklayer, h 145 Del av 
Miller John L. (Jones & Miller), restaurant, 321 
E north, h do 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, lit and 119 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia. 



Miller John P.. clerk, h 328 21st west 
Miller John P., laborer, h 4th west n north 
Miller John T., bricklayer, h 282 N Y av 
Miller Joseph, butcher, 68 Centre and 8 Northern 

mkts, h M north n N Y av. 
Miller Joseph, laborer, h 4th east c E north 
Miller Joseph H., painter, 345 B south, h do 
Miller L., boots and shoes, 373 11th west 
Miller Ludwig, laborer, h 299 C north 
Miller Mary D., boarding-house, h 211 Penn av 
Miller Morris S., assistant quarter master, 207 F 

north, h 232 I north 
Miller M. H., clerk Treas Dept 
Miller Nathaniel, stonecutter, h H north n 7th 

Miller Reese A., stonecutter, h 2d east n C north 
Miller Robert, grocer, 256 E south, h do 
Miller Robert, rued student, bds 258 8th west 
Miller Royal E., confectioner, 520 7th west, h 332 

8th west 
Miller Samuel, laborer, h 515 8th east 
Miller Thomas (C. & T. Miller), butcher, 29 
Northern and 25 Centre mkts, h 10th east n N 
Miller Thomas (col'd), laborer, h r 114 4| west 
Miller Thomas, physician, 246 F north, h do 
Miller Thomas J., clerk Pension Office, h 495 

Mass av 
Miller Thomas W., plumber and gasfitter, 243 

Penn av, h N north n 13th west 
Miller Valentine, carpenter, h 115 E Capitol 
Miller William, clerk Treas Dept, h 422 N Y av 
Miller William, painter, h 420 E south 
Miller William, painter, h 100 4^ west 
Miller William, shoemaker, h 237 D south 
Miller William J., lawyer, La av c 7th west, h 

211 Penn av 
Miller & Grant (N. Y.), lace and fancy goods, 24 

Market space 
Miller C. & T., butchers, 25 Centre and 29 North- 
ern mkts 
Milligan Ann, wid John, h 335 Md av 
Mills Eliza B., wid Robert, h 553 N J av 
Mills Elizabeth, wid John, h 557 6th east 
MILLS JOHN, boots and shoes, 504 Penn av 
Mills John E., carman, h H south c 2d west 
Mills John H., machinist, bds 504 Penn av 
Mills Louisa, wid John, h 272 5th west 
Mills Mary, wid Edward, h 221 22d west 
Mills Mary A., boarding-house, 504 Penn av 
Mills Robert T., grocer. Md av c 4th east, h do 
Mills Samuel C, ambrotypist, bds 504 Penn av 
Mills Virginia, boarding, h 663 N J av 
Mills William, moulder, h 557 6th east 
Mills William, pilot, h 663 N J av 
Mills William M., millwright, h 551 11th east 
Millstead John, teacher, h 586 Va av 
Milstead Daniel, brickmaker, h 744 N J av 
Milstead James W., clerk, bds 586 Va av 
Milstead Robert A., brickmaker, h 1st east n N 

Milstead Thomas, h 216 U west 
Milstead Walter, laborer, h Union al n N south 
Milstead William B., oysterman, h I south n l£ 

Milton George L., iron-moulder, h 661 7th west 
Minahan John, plumber, h 543 Md av 
Minehan Joseph, laborer, h 2d west n G south 
Miner Benjamin (col'd), waiter, h 395 H north 
Minger Harriet (col'd), washerwoman, Plater's al 

n K north 
Minger Minor, plasterer, h 331 3d west 
Minitor Thomas, laborer, h 24th west n G north 
Minitree Andrew, carpenter, Md av n 4£ west, 

bds Mo avn 4£ west 
Minor Francis (col'd)., carman, h 600 9th west 

Minor Frank, lawyer, 40 Mo av, h do 
Minor James (col'd), sawyer, h 329 10th west 
Minor James (col'd), laborer, h 345 13th west 
Minor James (col'd), waiter, h 292 12th west 
Minor John (col'd), bookbinder, h 8 13 \ west 
Minor John R., restaurant, 15th east cor Md av 
Minor Nancy, wid Joseph, h 329 10th west 
Minor Philip H., clerk City hall, bds La av 
Minster Moses, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 

322 F north, h do 
Minster William, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 

298 D north, h do 
Mintner Jacob, gardeper, h S north n 4th west 
Minzies Susanna, wid James, h 400 E north 
Mxrick M. Adelaide, music teacher, h 661 N J av 
Mirick Ursula 0., wid Stephen, h 661 N J av 
Missimer John, messenger at Capitol, h 124 E 

Mister Isaac, cartman, h 108 D south 
Mitchell, restaurant, 312 E north 
Mitchell Charles, steamboat captain, h 635 7th 

MITCHELL CHARLES W. , wood coal, sand, and 

lime, 7th west and canal, h 555 Md av 
Mitchell George C. B., lawyer, 7th west cor F 

north, h 300 9th west 
Mitchell George W., real estate agent, 7th west 

cor F north, h 300 9th west 
Mitchell Harriet M., wid James, h 418 G north 
Mitchell Harvey, clerk Land Office, h 436 N nth 
Mitchell Henry C, wood and sand, Canal n 7th 

west, h 179 D south 
Mitchell James, jr., tel operator, National hotel, 

h at Georgetown 
Mitchell John, h 308 Del av 
Mitchell John (col'd), baker, h 389 11th west 
Mitchell John, dry goods, rooms at 295 Penn av 
Mitchell John, laborer, h 224 N J av 
Mitchell John M., laborer, h 500 K south 
Mitchell John R. (Barnes & Mitchell), dry goods, 

5 Market sp, h 418 G north 
Mitchell John T. (Harper & Mitchell) dry goods, 

312 Penn av, h 469 E north 
Mitchell Joseph T., blacksmith, h 489 6th east 
Mitchell Levi (col'd), laborer, h 203 N J av 
Mitchell McCormick, h r 652 G north 
Mitchell Matilda, wid Thomas, h 500 K south 
Mitchell Rebecca, wid Dennis, h 388 2d east 
Mitchell Theophilus D., clerk, 5 Market sp, bds 

418 G north 
Mitchell Thomas, guard Penitentiary, h do 
Mitchell Thomas A., solicitor of Patents, bds 300 

9th west 
Mitchell Uriah, hackman, h 137 D south 
Mitchell William, steamboat captain, h C south 

cor 12th west 
Mitchell Wm. H., upholsterer, 428 E north, h 

12th west cor F north 
Mitchell Wm. S., clerk, 5 Market sp, bds 418 G 

Mitchell Zachariah (col'd), laborer, bds 389 11th 

Mitchell Zebedee, wood and coal, G north n 5th 

west, h 578 H north 
Mix Chas. E., chief clerk Indian Office, h 164 

High, Gtn 
Mix Wm. A., clerk, 517 7th west, h at George- 

Mockbee Joseph A. (Willett & Mockbee), car- 
penter, 453 11th west, h 400 6th west 
Mockebbee George W., shoemaker, h K south n 

4£ west 
Mockebbee Thomas, carpenter, h r 58 M south 
Mockebee John B., gardener, h 108 E Capitol 
Mockley Bridget, wid Patrick, h 8 Temperance 
hall al 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot saves one-third. 



Moeise Aaron, clerk P 0, bds 436 G north 
Moeller John N., tobacconist, 393 10th west, h do 
Moffat Daniel J., green grocer, 575 Penn av, h do 
Moffitt Alfred, huckster, h F south n 2d west 
Mohane Thomas, laborer, h 540 K north 
Mohun Catharine, wid Philip, h 326 3d west 
Mohun Francis, contractor, h 446 6th west 
Mohun Richard B., (Blanchard & Mohun), books, 

310 D north, h 446 6th west 
Mohun William, supt at Capitol, h 322 3d west 
Molenard J., clerk Land Office, bds 9th west cor 

F north 
Molina L., minister from Costa Rica, bds 446 15th 

Moling Elizabeth, wid Thomas, h 491 9th west 
Mollard Francis, laborer, h 327 B north 
Molloy James, laborer, h r 578 L north 
Monaghan Dunn, laborer, h r 328 3d west 
Monaghan Edward, laborer, h 69 27th west 
Monaghan Peter, grocer, N J av cor G north 
Monahan Patrick, laborer, h 45 K north 
Monroe Columbus, clerk, bds 211 Penn av 
Montague E. T. Col., clerk at Capitol, bds 411 3d 

Montague Peter, laborer, h 590 7th east 
Montezuma, Harmonio de Toledo Marcedones 
de, sec'y Brazilian Legation, bds 446 15th 
Montgomery Samuel, machinist, h 642 7th east 
Montgomery William S., machinist, h 633 7th 

Mood Andrew, junk, h Van n 4£ west 
Moody George A., laborer, h 67 27th west 
Moody Jane (col'd), wid London, h r O nth bet 

6th and 7th west 
Moody Sarah, seamstress, h 105 M south 
Moody Theodore L., clerk 2d Auditor's Office, h 

321 E north 
Moody Washington, moulder, bds 407 6th west 
MOONEY MICHAEL, grocer, C south c 13* 

west, h do 
Mooney William, folder at Capitol, h 3d east n 

S C av 
Moore A., clerk Patent Office, bds St Charles 

Moore Ann (col'd), wid Joseph, h 343 L north 
Moore Cyrus, h 29 Ind av 
Moore C. W. T. Capt., bds Brown's hotel 
MOORE DOUGLASS, paper-hangings and up- 
holstery, 538 7th west, h 412 F north (See adv) 
Moore George M., upholsterer, bds 280 9th west 
Moore Henry (col'd), shoemaker, h 408 11th 

Moore Henry W., salesman, 50 Market space, h 

173 8th west 
Moore James, hackman, h 642 11th west 
Moore James F., carpenter, h 83 4^ west 
MOORE JAMES H., grocer, 385 12th west c C 

south, h do 
Moore James T., carpenter, h 10th west n Q nth 
Moore James W., bricklayer, bds 363 18th west 
Moore Job F. ; bricklayer, bds 363 18th west 
Moore John, laborer, h 327 6th west 
Moore John, merchant, La av, h 347 F north 
Moore John, omnibus line, bds 554 Penn av 
Moore John, stonecutter, h H north n 2d east 
Moore John (col'd), cartman, h 237 C north 
Moore John F., printer, h 443 F north 
Moore John M., clerk, h 269 I north 
Moore John R., bricklayer, bds 363 18th west 
Moore Joseph B., druggist, 113 Penn av, h do 
Moore Joseph H., clerk 6th Auditor's Office, h 

190 I north 
Moore Joseph P., clerk to quartermasters, h at 

Moore Lucy E., teacher, h452 3d east 

Moore Margaret E., wid Peter, h 434 13th west 

Moore Philip, blacksmith, h 70 F north 

Moore Richard, painter, 484 6th west, h 314 5th 

Moore Richard H., painter, 6th west, h 314 K 

Moore Rufus A., h A north n 9th east 
Moore Sarah, wid James, h 349 F north 
Moore Sarah W., boarding, h 452 3d east 
Moore Thomas, carpenter, h 468 9th west 
Moore Thomas, carpenter, h r 398 N north 
Moore Virlinda, wid Wm. H., h 471 10th west 
Moore William (col'd), laborer, h 1st east n D 

Moore William G., clerk at Capitol, h 18 North- 
ern Market space 
Moore William H., printer, 312 D north, h 471 

10th west 
Moore William M. (Moore & Cissel), grocer, 387 

7th west, h 232 6th west 
Moore Wm. W., printer, h 443 F north 
Moore & Cissel (William M. Moore & George W. 

Cissel), grocers, 387 7th west 
Moostorf Frederick, paver, h S north n 6th west 
Moran Alkanah, h 127 Md av 
Moran Ann, wid John, h 157 H north 
Moran David, gardener, h 465 3d east 
Moran E., clerk Bank of Washington, h 328 F 

Moran Elijah, carpenter, h 187 I north 
Moran Elizabeth, wid William, h 512 7th west 
Moran Enoch V., carpenter, h 197 23d west 
Moran Horatio (H. Moran & Co., also R. A. 

Hyde & Co.), coal and wood, 243 F north and 

407 I north, h 243 F north 
Moran James B., h 512 7th west 
Moran James T., cartman, h 21 F north 
Moran John E., laborer, h 378 20th west 
Moran Joseph C. (D. J. Bishop & Co.), books, 

216 and 438 Penn av, h 486 G north n 5th 
Moran Margaret, wid John, h al r 644 N north 
Moran Martha A., wid Wheeler, h 272 D north 
Moran Susan, wid, h 431 Mass av 
Moran Thomas M., clerk, 36 Market sp, bds 402- 

Mass av n 10th 
Moran William, grocer, 131 Md av, h do 
Moran William E., messenger Land Office, h 402 

Mass av 
Moran H. & Co. (Horatio Moran and Richard 

Hyde), wood and coal, 243 F north and 407 I 

Morarty John, laborer, h r 462 B south 
More Silas, carpenter, bds 352 N Y av 
Morehouse Alanson, h 63 K north 
Moreland Isabella, wid William, vestmaker, h 

236 8th west 
Moreland Richard, finisher, h 520 K south 
Moren Daniel, carpenter, h 378 4^ west 
Morfit Henry M., lawyer, 36 4.} west 
Morgan Edward C, lawyer, Ind av opp City hall, 

h 382 3d west 
MORGAN EDWIN C, lawyer, 895 D north, h 

D north c 3d west 
Morgan Eliza, wid John, h 320 Sth west 
Morgan George H., law student, bds 412 12th 

Morgan George H., watchman, h 46S E south 
Morgan Henry, boiler-maker, h 536 4th west 
Morgan Henry D., supt Wash Monument Ground 
Morgan James E., physician, 604 Md av 
Morgan John, grocer, 1S4 23d west, h do 
Morgan John, laborer, h 566 6th east 
Morgan John B., h 340 K north 
Morgan John R., boots and shoes, 303 Penn av, 

h 320 Sth west 
Morgan Joseph T., carpenter, bds 468 E south 

Old Dominion" Tea Pot. See Advertisement. 



Morgan Littleton F. Rev., h 426 F north 
Morgan Margaret, grocer, 586 11th east 
Morgan Mary, grocer, 26th west n G north, h do 
Morgan Richard, h 66 6th west 
Morgan Richard, foreman, h N J av cor D south 
Morgan Richard, marble-worker, h 409 D south 
Morgan Robert S., bookkeeper, bds 412 12th west 
Morgan Susan (col'd), wid Edward, h 312 12th 

Morgan Thomas P. (Morgan & RhineharO, fer- 
tilizer, 27th westc G north, h 192 I north 
Morgan William, city register, h 377 3d west 
•Morgan William E., h 377 3d west 
Morgan William S., clerk Treas Dept, h 412 12th 

MORGAN & RHINEILART (Thomas P. Morgan 
& George Rhinehart), ground plaster, calcined 
piaster, bone dust, Peruvian, Columbian, Mexi- 
can. Phosphatic, and Sombrero guanos, super- 
phosphate, and ammonia, Nos 1 and 2 mani- 
pulated guano. Also agents for the New York 
and Virginia Screw Steam Ship Co, 27th west 
cor G north 
Moriarty Daniel, laborer, h 3d east c G south 
Morley H. L., boarding-house, 252 G north 
Mornain Thomas, laborer, h r D south n 3d west 
Morony Patrick, grocer, 9 E Capitol, h do 
Morphy Catharine, teacher, h Mass av n 2d east 
Morphy Susan, wid James, h Mass av n 2d east 
Morrass Walter, clerk, bds 418 9th west 
Morriarty Ann, wid Donnell, h Goat al n 6th west 
Morrice Isadore. carpenter, h 519 K north 
Morrice Marcellus, carpenter, bds 519 K north 
Morrice Thaddeus, messenger, h 519 K north 
Morrill Justin S., member, bds 360 C north 
Morris Benjamin F., bricklayer, bds 514 Mass av 
Morris Daniel (col'd). physician, h 194 3d west 
Morris Edward J., member, rooms at 468 14th 

Morris Harriet, h 322 H north 
Morris Jane (col'd), wid Daniel, h S Capitol n E 

Morris L. (col'd), laborer, h 249 9th west 
Morris William, blacksmith, h 629 E south 
Morrisett Thomas, carpenter, 327 E north, h 351 

E north 
Morrison, clerk, bds 452 Penn av 
Morrison Alexander, drygoods, 377 7th west, h 

317 9th west 
Morrison Chas. J., clerk, 432 Penn av, bds 23 

4 t west 
Morrison Elizabeth, wid Alexander, h 442 N nth 
Morrison H. A. Mrs., bds 395 12th west 
Morrison Obadiah H. (W. H. & 0. H. Morrison), 

books, 440 Penn av, h 492 G north 
Morrison Robert I., clerk Land Office 
Morrison Wm. H. (W. H. & 0. H. Morrison), 

books, 440 Penn av, h 23 t£ west 
Morrison Wm. M., bookseller, h 23 4£ west- 
Morrison Wm. W., clerk Bureau Construction, 

h 384 N Y av 
MORRISON W. H. & 0. H., booksellers, 440 Pa av 
Morrissey Martin, laborer, hr 319 Va av 
Morri.ssey Mary, wid Peter, h 98 23d west 
Morrisson Robert, carpenter, h H north n 2d east 
Morrow Eliza S., h 416 6th west 
Morrow James, clerk Pension Office, bds St. 

Charles hotel 
MORROW ROBERT, exchange office, 420 Pa av 
Morse, bonnet-bleacher, 292 Penn av, h 516 11th 

Morse Daniel, bricklayer, h Van n A\ west 
Morse John E., at Patent Office, h 11 Me av 

Morse Reuben, carpenter, bds 505 7th west 
Morse M. & C. II., hat and bonnet bleachers, 292 
Penn av 

I MORSELL BENJAMIN F., grocer, 69 La av, 

bds 6th west n G north 
Morsell Eleanor W., wid Richard A., h 374 L nth 
Morsell Jacob, blacksmith, h 610 8th east 
Morsell John C, h 536 H north 
Morsell John W., paints, &c, C north, h 393 13tb 

Morsell Richard T., clerk General Land Office, h 

374 L north 
Morsell Samuel T. G., builder, h 536 H north 
Mortimer Benjamin, laborer, h r 1st wes,t n F sth 
1 Mortimer Charles G., ale depot, 375 D north 
Mortimer J. T., exchange office, 414 E north, h 

569 Md av 
Morton Ellen, wid James F.. h 522 Va av 
Morton Jackson, late senator, h 288 I north 
Morton James S., Lieut U S A, h 215 F north 
Morton L. M., clerk War Dept 
Moseley Wm. S , clerk Patent Office, h 450 E nth 
Moses James C, clerk Dept, rooms 267 G north 
Moses Susan, dressmaker, h 286 N Y av 
Mosher Theodore, lumber, 4th east c Ga av, h 

407 N Y av 
| Moss George W., h 185 K north 
I Moss Jane G., teacher, h 554 7th east 
Moss John J., blacksmith, h 554 7th east 
Moss John T., clerk Patent Office, h 362 B north 
' Moss Philip D., h 554 7th east 

Motan Benjamin (col'd), waiter, h 299 4th west 
j Moten Lorinda (col'd), wid William, washerwo- 
man, h 498 N north 
i Mothershead Isabella, h 600 6th west 
i Moulden John A., wood and coal, 8th west c 

H north, h 392 8th west 
I Moulden J. A. & Co., wood and coal, H north c 

8th west 
Moulder Emily, wid John U., boarding, h 439 9th 

j Mount Sarah E., h 1st east n K south 
j Mounteney John J., tin and sheetiron worker, 

214 F north, h do 
Mowker J. W. K., laborer, Light-house Board 
Moxley Alberry (col'd), hairdresser, Pa av c 3d, 

h 29 Jackson al 
Moxley Elizabeth, h 10th west n E south 
Moxley Lloyd, painter, h 467 K north 
Moylan John, hackman, h 278 2d west 
Mudd Edward, engineer, h Ga av c 12th east 
Mudd Ignatius F., tailor, 421 7th west, h do 
Mueller Carl, confectioner, 490 6th east, h do 
Mueller Frederick, shoemaker, 239 F north, h do 
Mueller John C, shoemaker, bds 239 F north 
Muhlinghaus F., trimmings, 482 7th west, h at 

Muir Robert, plasterer, h 187 N Y av 
Mulcahy Robert, laborer, h 237 3d west 
Muldaur Alonzo W., draughtsman, bds St. 

Charles hotel 
Muldoon Patrick, laborer, h 102 24th west 
Mulhall John, gardener, h 467 Va av 
Mullen Daniel, laborer, h 577 8th east 
Mullen Dolly (col'd), wid, h 539 12th west 
Mullen Martha C, seamstress, h 628 Sth east 
Mullen William II., stonecutter, h 315 Del av 
Mulligan Ellen, washerwoman, h 450 N Y avenue 
Mulligan James W., huckster, 5 Centre market, h 

216 21st west n M north 
Mullikin Mary A., wid Joseph, h 342 5th west 
Mullikin Nathan, messenger War Dept, h 293 G 

Mullikin Patrick, painter, bds 476 12th west 
Muliin B. (col'd), hackdriver, h 253 K north 
Mullin Sarah (col'd), wid, h 245 K north 
Muliin William, hackman, h 50 M south 
Mullins Timothy, butcher, 10 Centre mkt, h K 

north c 13th east 

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Mullony John, laborer, bds 289 B north 
Mulloy John J., clerk Post Office, h 507 C north 
Mulloy William A., magistrate, 440 3d east, h do 
Mulquien James, porter at Brown's hotel 
Munck C. H., gunsmith, 496 6th west, h 476 9th 

Munder William, butcher, 47 Northern market, 

h G north n 4th west 
MUNN & CO., patent agents and publishers, 464 

7th west 
Munro George A., h 441 M north 
Munro James B. (Hutchinson & Munro), fancy 

goods, 310 Penn av, h 441 M north 
Munro Sarah B., wid David, h 441 M north 
Munson Owen, late dentist, h 463 E north 
Muntz James, blacksmith, K north n 21st west 
Murdoch William C, bootfitter, h 175 D south 
Murdock Nelly, dressmaker, Marble al n Mo av 
Murphey Francis I., magistrate, La av, h 396 8th 

Murphey John P., agent, h C south c 12th west 
Murphey Timothy W., blacksmith, 460 G north, 

h 3d west 
Murphy Anselm F., prof Gonzaga College, h do 
Murphy Catharine, wid Michael, h 233 3d west 
Murphy Cornelius, blacksmith, h 5 Union row 
Murphy Daniel, laborer, h 246 D south 
Murphy Daniel, laborer, h r 562 G north 
Murphy Daniel, liquors, 626 Mass av, h do 
Murphy Daniel H., h H north n 2d west 
Murphy Elizabeth, widow, h 33 Organ al 
Murphy Elizabeth, wid Alexander, h 460 Mass av 
Murphy James, h 319 F north 
Murphy James W., butcher, 50 Centre market, I 

north n 15th west, h at Georgetown 
Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, h N north n N J av 
Murphy John, butcher, 35 Centre mkt, h 509 K 

Murphy John, grocer, 490 L north, h do 
Murphy John laborer, h 1£ west n S south 
Murphy John, laborer, h 1st east n N south 
Murphy John, laborer, h 19 F north 
Murphy John, laborer, h 604 Mass av 
Murphy John, laborer, h 662 G north 
Murphy John, laborer, h 566 6th east 
Murphy John, laborer, h 85 2d west 
Murphy John, laborer, h 3d west n D south 
Murphy John H., butcher, h 509 K south 
Murphy John W., blacksmith, h 492 E south 
Murphy Lawrence, harness and trunks, 470 13th 

west, h 237 D north 
Murphy Mary (col'd), wid Richard, h 168 E nth 
Murphy Mary A., wid Edward, h 352 8th west 
Murphy Michael, laborer, h 558 I north 
Murphy Michael, laborer, h 476 F north 
Murphy Michael, laborer, h 474 F north 
Murphy Michael, laborer, h 599 Mass av 
Murphy Michael, laborer, h 233 3d west 
Murphy Patrick, laborer, h 1 Union row 
Murphy Patrick, laborer, h 85 D south 
Murphy Samuel, printer, bds 54 Mo av 
Murphy Thomas, grocer, 415 3d west, h do 
Murphy Thomas, laborer, h 599 Mass av 
Murphy Thomas, laborer, h 231 22d west 
Murphy Timothy, blacksmith, h 292 3d west 
Murphy Timothy, laborer, h E south e 2d east 
Murphy William, blacksmith, h 4 Union row 
Murphy William, farmer, h 14th west c W north 
Murphy William, laborer, h 44 1st west 
Murray Andrew, butcher, bds 3d west c N north 
Murray Ann, h r 359 D north 
Murray Charles, bartender, h 650 8th east 
MURRAY CHARLES W., stereotyper, 2d west c 

Ind av, h 214 N Y av 
Murray Francis G., clerk Treas Dept, h Vt av n 

N north 

MURRAY HENRY G , restaurant and justice of 

peace, 650 8th east, h do 
Murray Hugh, grocer, 34 Penn av, h do 
Murray James, boiler-maker, bds 455 K south 
Murray John, h 247 20th west 
Murray John H., carpenter, h 167 23d west 
Murray John R. (John H. Semmes & Co., and 

Murray & Semmes), grocer, 523 9th west, and 

407 Penn av, h 26 4J west 
Murray Mary, grocer, K north n 20th west, h 148 

K north 
Murray Mary T., boarding, h 372 N Capitol 
Murray Patrick, laborer, h N north n 4th west 
Murray Patrick, laborer, h 2d east n G north 
Murray P. G., watchman Land Office 
Murray Patrick G., boarding, h 451 9th west 
Murray Sarah, wid Thomas, h 495 9th east 
Murray Stanislaus, commission merchant, 55 La 

av, h 441 5th west 
Murray Thomas, grocer, 6th east n A north, h do 
Murray Thomas, ostler, h 300 D north 
MURRAY & SEMMES (John R. Murray and 

John H. Semmes), grocers, 407 Penn av 
Murt James, laborer, bds 209 4th west 
Murt Patrick, laborer, h 207 4th west 
Murtagh Mary E., wid James, h 497 Md av 
Murtagh William J., printer, h 497 Md av 
Murth Thomas, laborer, h 283 13th west 
Muse D., messenger Naval Observatory 
MUSSER GEORGE J., druggist, I north c 10th 

west, bds 398 10th west 
Mustin Thomas, clerk Treas Dept, h 444 11th west 

C north 
Myer Ferdinand F., clerk, 336 Penn av, bds 302 

9th west 
Myer Frank, note clerk, 517 7th west, h H north 

n 12th west 
Myer Franklin S., magistrate, 8th west, bds 415 

H north 
Myer Max, junk, h 170 4§- west 
Myerle David, insurance and real estate agent, 2 

Todd's building, bds 337 Penn av 
Myers Ann Mrs., h 357 6th west 
Myers Charles (John W. Myers & Co.), wood and 

coal, G north n 22d west, h at Georgetown 
Myers Charles (col'd), laborer, h 541 8th west 
Myers Charles F., bds 482 Penn av 
Myers Charles H. (Myers & McGhan), gasfitter, 

Ac, 376 D north, h 480 9th west 
Myers Daniel, blacksmith, 22d west c Penn av, h 

193 22d west 
Myers Emily, wid Peter, h 461 11th west 
Myers Henry, laborer, h 622 N north 
Myers Jeremiah (col'd), h r 493 3d west 
MYERS JOHN, butcher, 31 Centre mkt, h 7th 

west n the boundary 
Myers John, laborer, h 303 4th west 
Myers John, laborer Treas Dept 
Myers J. N., med student, bds 439 9th west 
Myers John T., messenger, h L north n 17th west 
Myers John W. & Co. (Charles Myers), wood and 

coal, G north n 22d west, h at Georgetown 
Myers Joseph, carpenter, h 4th east n N south 
Myers Joseph H., carpenter, h 737 3d east 
Myers Letitia (col'd), wid Charles, h r 343 10th 

Myers Margaret, wid William, h r 329 1st west 
Myers Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h r 343 10th 

Mj-ers Matthew, laborer, h Ridge n 5th west 
Myers Mrs., washerwoman, h 1st east o K north 
Myers Patrick, grocer, S Capitol n C south, h do 
Myers Sallie C, teacher, 464 E north 
Myers Thomas, painter, h -114 L north 
Myers Thomas H., h 399 13th west 

You will have delicious Coffee always. 



Myers "William, bricklayer, h 389 L south 
Myers William (col'd), waiter, h 233 N J av 
Myers William (col'd), waiter, h 400 14th west 
Myers William E., bookkeeper, h 436 H north 
Myers Wm. E., clerk, 324 Perm av, bds Mass av, 

n 6th 
MYERS & McGHAN (Charles H. Myers and 

Francis McGhan), plumbers and gasfitters, 376 

D north 

Naar Benjamin, clerk P Dept, h 619 H north 
Nace Lewis, carpenter, bds 288 N T av 
Nacbman Henry, peddler, h 34 La av 
Nadab Parker (col'd), carpenter, h E south n 9th 

Nadal Bernard H. Rev., h 276 G north 
Nagle John, grocer, 7 E Capitol, h do 
Nailor James G., carpenter, 82 La av, h N Y av 

n 4th west 
Nailor Thompson, livery stable, 299 E north, h 

231 D north 
Nailor William, coachtrimmer, h 264 D north 
Nairn John TV"., h 466 N Y av 
Nairn Joseph "W. (Nairn & Palmer) , druggist, 342 

Penn av, h do 
NAIRN & PALMER (Joseph W. Nairn and Al- 
bert G. Palmer), druggists, 342 Penn av 
Nalen James, grocer, 685 H north, h do 
Nalle B. J., clerk Land Office 
Nalle James B-, clerk, 10 Mkt sp, bds 367 C north 
Nalley Dennis, laborer, h C north n 6th east 
Nalley Henry, laborer, h H north n 2d east 
Nalley James, oysterman, h L south c 7th east 
Nalley John, laborer, h C north n 6th east 
Nalley Solomon, laborer, h 527 9th east 
Nalley William H., h 592 H north 
Nalley Wm H., bookbinder, h 494 12th west 
Nalley William W., helper, h 622 C north 
Nally Ellen, wid William J., h Mass av n Md av 
Nally John, gardener, h Penn av n 14th east 
Nally Joseph, restaurant, 532 Penn av, h do 
Nally Sarah, wid Wm., h 489 L south 
Nally William, woodturner, h 13th east n G sth 
Narden Joseph, eating stand in market, h 6th 

west n L north 
Nash Anderson, seaman, bds 425 14th west 
Nash Edward, bricklayer, bds 483 L south 
Nash Henry, policeman, h al bet 1st and 2d east 

and B and C north 
Nash Michael, h 483 L south 
Nash Milly (col'd), wid Peter, h 121 Va av 
Nash William, carpenter, h 159 H north 
Nater Horatio, h 42 La av 
Nater Savilla Mrs., dressmaker, 42 La av 
VIEW, Penn av c 17th west. T. B. Florence, 

NATIONAL ERA (The), Ind av c 2d west 

c D north 
Naughton Martin, laborer, h 255 20th west 
Naylor Allison, jr., omnibuses Georgetown, h 448 

12th west 
Naylor Charles, lawyer, 4 4.^ west, h do 
Naylor Daniel, physician, bds 32 4^ west 
Naylor Dickerson, grocer, 488 N north, h do 
Naylor Henry, clerk City hall, h Washington Co 
Naylor John G., carpenter, La av n 10th west, h 

218 N Y av 
Naylor William 0., coachmaker, bds 448 N north 
Neal Dellila (col'd), wid Thomas, h 8th east n B 

Neal George (col'd), eating-house, 210 F north, 

h 238 L north 

Neal Henry (col'd), waiter, h 376 16th west 

Neal James, laborer, h 358 B north 

Neal Levi (col'd), laborer, h 5th east n A north 

Neal Michael, blacksmith, h 348 4th west 

Neal Sarah (col'd), wid Joseph, h 376 16th west 

Neale Ann, wid Joshua, h 466 D south 

NEALE BENJAMIN J., grocer, 61 La av, h 

408 F north 
Neale Charles W., h 561 9th west 
Neale Charles W., jr., bronze-chaser, h 561 9th 

Neale Francis A., laborer, h 466 D south 
Neale Horatio (col'd), laborer, h 68 K south 
Neale John E., h 568 H north 
Neale John T., laborer, h 474 D south 
Neale John H. (col'd), laborer, h 335 C south 
Nebs Michael, porter, h 361 Va av 
NEEB CURTIS, confectioner, 339 Centre mkt, 

and 367 19th west, h 367 19th west 
Neeb Daniel, gardener, h 250 L north 
NEELY JOHN T., attorney, 25 M west, h do 
Neenan John, laborer, h 205 4th west 
Neff Benedick, watchman, h Carroll n 2d ea3t 
Neff Wendell, baker, h 151 4th west 
Neil Michael (Neil & Long), blacksmith, 340 C 

north, h 4th west n F north 
Neil & Long (Michael Neil and Daniel Long), 

blacksmiths, 340 C north 
Neilson Hall, president Great Falls Manufactur- 
ing Company, 490 7th west, h do 
Neiss Charles, ostler, h 214 2d west 
Nelson Charles E., carpenter, h 390 G south 
Nelson John H., drover, h 673 3d east 
Nelson Leary, h 92 Pa av 
Nelson Rebecca (col'd), h r 209 D south 
Nelson Samuel, blacksmith, h 390 G south 
Nelson Samuel, judge Supreme Court, bds Nation- 
al hotel 
Nesmith Ann, wid Ebenezer, h 593 G south 
Nessenson Joseph, instrument-maker, h 379 D 

Nettleton Alfred, messenger Bureau Construction, 

bds Dorsey's hotel 
Nettor Daniel (col'd), laborer, h 277 D south 
Neumeyer Joseph, huckster, Northern and 1S7 

Centre markets, h 5th west c N north 
Neurath Jacob, stonecutter, h Md av c 12th east 
Nevitt Robert, saddler, h 39 4£ west 
Nevius Burnet, sash and blindmaker, h K north 

n 15th west 
Newcomb Laura, bds 409 H north 
Newell Alexander, florist, h 6£ west n E south 
Newell Harman, engineer U S N, h 3d west near 

F north 
Newkirk William B., provisions, 502 Pa av, h 1st 

west c B north 
Newman Cornelius (col'd), waiter, h 40S 11th west 
Newman Eliza, wid Caleb, h 482 11th east 
I Newman George (col'd), laborer, h 592 10th west 
I Newman John A., laborer, h 821 N J av 
Newman Peter J., boots and shoes, 261 Pa av 
j Newman Priscilla, h 85 L south 
Newman Rachel (col'd), washerwoman, h 592 

10th west 
Newman William, locksmith, h 482 11th east 
Newman William J. H., physician, 76 K north 
Newmeyer Christopher, carpenter, h 182 5th west 
Newmeyer Joel, huckster, h 182 Sth west 
Newmeyer Leopold, huckster, 321 Centre mkt, 

h 559 10th west 
NEWTON A. LEWIS, drygoods, 521 7th west, 

bds 425 F north 
Newton Benjamin (col'd), huckster, 316 Centre 

mkt, h 139 A south 
Newton Ignatius, h 368 F north 
Newton James H., printer, h 493 L north 

Arthur, Buruham, & Gilroy, Philadelphia, 



Newton William C, police, h 1ST Y av n 21st west 
Newton William G., engraver, h 374 6th west 
Newton William L., clerk P Dept, h 493 L nth 
Nicholas Jacob, baker, bds 553 11th east 
Nicholas Mary, h 212 G- south 
Nichols George, laborer, h N south n S Capitol 
Nichols George M., grocer, h 132 C south 
Nichols John N. (col'd), waiter, h 549 4th east 
Nichols John R. Rev., h Va av cor 5th east 
Nichols Thomas (col'd), waiter, h 469 D south 
Nichols Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 545 4th east 
Nichols William (col'd), boatman, h 440 E south 
Nichols W. A., maj asst Aclj General 
Nicholson George W., laborer, h 65 K north 
Nicholson Harriet, seamstress, h 7th west near 

B south 
Nicholson Lucy, h K south n 4£ west 
Nicholson Sarah C, h S C av c 2d east 
Nicholson Somerville, lieutenant U S N, h 403 

C north 
Nicholson Thomas W., moulder, h 705 3d east 
Nicholson Walter, jr., helper, h 705 3d east 
Nicholson Walter A., blacksmith, h 705 3d east 
Nicholson Walter L., clerk Coast Survey, h 284; 

B south 
Nicholson William, h 13th west c D north 
Niedfeldt John F., tailor, 420 E north, h do 
Nietzy David, paver, h 594 14th west 
Nietzy John, waterman, h 661 Md av 
Nietzy William, huckster, h 123 13J west 
Niland Dennis, laborer, h 216 L north 
Niles Samuel V. (Young & Niles), agents, 480! 

Pa av, h 513 17th west 
Nisbet Clara, wid Michael, h 286 F north 
Niven Robert J., clerk P Dept 
Nixon Richard B., clerk Patent Office, h 337 E nth 
Nixon W. R., clerk Treas Dept 
Noakes James, painter, h 569 8th east 
Noakes Thomas, painter, h 554 11th east 
Noble Ellen (col'd), wid William, h 132 22d west 
NOBLE HENRY B., dentist, 278i Pa av, bdsl 

311 Paav 
NOBLE LESTER, dentist, 278 i Pa av, h 459 

12th west 
Noble Mason Rev., bds 272 F north 
Noble Samuel (col'd), h Goat alley n 6th west 
Noble T. A., h 533 10th west 
Noe Wm. H., clerk P O Dept, bds 331 Penn av 
Noel Wm. (Noell & Boyd), blinds, Ac, 291 Penn 

av, h do 
Noell & Boyd (Wm. Noell & Geo. K. Boyd), blind- 
makers and upholsterers, 291 Penn av 
Noerr Andrew (Noerr & Sons), baker, 355 E nth 
Noerr Andrew, jr. (Noerr & Sons), baker, 355 E, 

north, h do 
Noerr John C. (Noerr & Sons), baker, 355 E north! 
Noerr Wm. B., bricklayer, h 353 E north 
NOERR & SONS (Andrew, Andrew jr., & John 

C. JNoerr), bakers, 355 E north 
Nokes John, painter, h 516-K south 
Nolan Daniel, laborer, h 99 K north 
Nolan Honora, wid James, h Carroll n 2d west 
Nolan James, roofer, h 545 north 
Nolan Jeremiah, laborer, h 469 Va av 
Nolan Richard, baker, h 323 F north 
Noland Patrick, coachman, h K north n 17th west 
Noland S. S., messenger War Dept, h 215 F north 
Nolan James C, seaman, h 503 Va av 
Noll Johnson, clerk, bds 337 Penn av 
Nolte Ignatz, tailor, h 344 D north 
Nolte Medis, shoemaker, 361 9th west, bds 344 D 

Noonan Cornelius, ornamental plasterer and mas- 
tic worker, 5th west, h 571 L north 
Noonan Edward, grocer, 352 21st west, h do 
Noonan John, lamplighter, h 26th west, c I north 

Noonan Timothy, plumber, bds 558 Mass av 
Norbeck Geo., confectioner, 316 Penn av, h do 
Norbeck William, candy-maker, h 247 K north 
Norflet Thomas, saddler, h 592 G north 
Normal Jane, wid John, h r 341 10th west 
Norman Joseph, painter, bds 15th west c N Y av 
Norment Richard B., clerk Treas Dept, h 22 

Northern market space 
Norment Samuel, lumber, 3d west c Md av, h 50 

Mo av 
Norment Wilbur F., bds 22 Northern mkt space 
Norris Alexander B., clerk, h 553 13th west 
Norris Enoch, carman, h 771 3d east 
Norris Henry, watchman, h 21 13 £ west 
NORRIS JOHN E , atty at law, 362 7th west 
Norris Sarah (col'd), washerwoman, h 158 I nth 
Norris Walter A., clerk P Dept, bds 516 L nth 
Norris William (col'd), carpenter, h 210 K north 
Norris William G., painter, h 537 11th west 
North J. Bartham, clerk Treas Dept 
Norton Albert B., clerk Ordnance Dept U S N, h 

117 B south, bet 13th and 13| 
Norton Andrew I., carpenter, h 556 11th east 
Norton Catharine, wid William, h 556 11th east 
Norton Charles H., school, 30 4| west, h do 
Norton Herman Mrs., h 30 4| west 
Norton James W., bricklayer, h 265 12th west 
Norton Lawrence, gardener, h 12 Ohio av 
Norton William, laborer, h K north n N J av 
Norwood Joseph S., police, h 375 12th west 
Nott J. W., printer, h 605 7th west 
Nourse James B., clerk War Dept 
Nourse John R., clerk Treas Dept, h 520 M north 
Nourse Michael, agent Congressional Library, h 

461 13th west 
Nourse William, banker, 15th west, h 480 N nth 
Nowlen Catharine, h Union alley n N south 
Nowlen Charles, laborer, F north n 2d west 
Noyes Albert M., clerk, h 126 Penn av 
Noyes Crosby S., asst editor Evening Star, 325 D 

north, h 86 G south 
Noyes Geo. H., bds 525 I north 
Noyes Geo. S., h 525 I north 
Noyes Henry C. (Wm. Noyes & Co.), wholesale 

boots and shoes, 59 .t La av, h at Georgetown 
NOYES HENRY 0., shirt manufacturer, 504 9th 

west, h 530 Md av 
Noyes John, notary public, 572 H north, h do 
Noyes Joseph L., Treas Dept, h 525 I north 
Noyes Melvin, printer, h 396 9th west 
Noyes Samuel V., reporter Star Office, h 413 10th 

Noyes Thomas L., clerk P 0, h 572 H north 
Noyes Wm. & Co. (H. C. Noyes), wholesale boots 

and shoes, 59^ La av, h at Georgetown 
Nugent Benjamin H. (col'd), pastor, h 316 10th 

Nugent Eli (col'd), clerk, h 307 8th west 
Nugent James, laborer, h D south n N J av 
Null Thomas, laborer, h 1S2 6th west 
Nutt Henry J., gasfitter, bds 558 Mass av 
Nutt John D., laborer, h 481 I south 
Nutt William D., clerk Treas Dept 
Nutter Sansom (col'd), messenger, h 25S D south 
Nye J. W., carpenter, O north c 10th west, h do 
Nye Lutner B., carpenter, bds north c 10th 

Nyder Peter, laborer, h Va av n 2d west 

O'Bannon Andrew J., chief clerk 4th Auditor' 

Office, bds 411 3d west 
O'Bierne R. F., clerk Land Office 
O'Bold Wm., carpenter, bds 603 II north 
O'Brian Francis, painter, bds 437 8th west 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jabs. 



O'BRIEN E. E., grocer, 9th west c L north, h 

445 Mass av 
O'Brien James, ale agent, h 434 6th west 
O'Brien John, laborer, h 569 G north 
O'Brien John, teacher, h 689 H north 
O'BRIEN JOHN E., grocer, 389 9th west, h 445 

Mass av (See adv) 
O'Brien Lawrence, laborer, h 240 D south 
O'Brien Mary, h 543 Md av 
O'Brien Michael, laborer, h r 329 1st west 
O'Brien Michael, laborer, h 2d west n C south 
O'Brien Michael, laborer, h 3d west n D south 
O'Brien Michael, stonecutter, bds 230 L north 
O'Brien Michael, variety store. G south n 5th 

east, h do 
O'Brien Mrs., h r 329 1st west 
O'Brien Nora, boarding-house, 455 K south 
O'Brien Patrick, grocer, 674 L north, h do 
O'Brien Patrick, laborer, h 569 G north 
O'Brien Patrick, shoemaker, 124 4 i west, h do 
O'Brien Rody, stonecutter, h 181 C south 
O'Brien Samuel D., printer, h 282 B south 
O'Brien Sarah J., wid Jos. H., h Penn av n 13th 

O'Brien Susan, wid Patrick, h 634 7th east 
O'Brien Terrence, laborer, h 327 G north 
O'Brien Thomas, laborer, h N C av n 2d east 
O'Brien Timothy, laborer, h r 329 1st west 
O'Brien Timothy, laborer, h r 328 3d west 
O'Brien William T., shoemaker, F north n 2d 

west, h do 
'Bryan Patrick, laborer, h 119 Va av 
O'Bryon James, painter, 347 E north, h 523 12th 

O'Callaghan Francis, county constable, h 254 N 

O'Connell Daniel, machinist, h 224 Ohio av 
O'Connell Dennis, laborer, h 556 3d east 
O'Connell Ellen, grocer, 82 2d west, h do 
O'Connell Honora, wid John, h 530 K north 
O'Connell Jeremiah, laborer, h 530 K north 
O'Connell Jeremiah, laborer, h Pierce n 2d west 
O'Connell Jeremiah, laborer, h F north n N J 

O'Connell Jeremiah, shoemaker, h 693 H north 
O'Connell John, laborer, h 601 Mass av 
O'Connell Mary J., dressmaker, 530 K north 
O'Conner James, grocer, 505 3d west, h do 
O'Conner Jeremiah C, laborer, h 46 1st west 
O'Connor Augustus, gardener, h 294 5th west 
O'Connor John, laborer, h 69 2d west 
O'Connor Lawrence, architect, 236 I north, h do 
O'Connor Honora, wid John, h 670 G north 
O'Connor Morris, laborer, h r 636 Mass av 
O'Connor Wm. P., grocer, 61 A north, h do 
O'Day James, laborer, h 67 K north 
O'Day John, laborer, h 272 D south 
O'Day John, laborer, h 226 L north 
O'Day John, laborer, h 106 23d west 
O'Day Nicholas, laborer, h 668 G north 
O'Day Peter, laborer, h 194 19th west 
O'Day Thomas, laborer, h 197 L north 
O'Day Thomas, laborer, h 71 24th west 
O'Dell Thomas T., clerk, h 537 13th west 
O 'Donald James, stonecutter, h 455 D south 
O'Donnell Ellen, wid Bernard, h 589 8th east 
O'DONNELL JAMES D., druggist, 589 8th east 
O'Donnell John, boiler-maker, h 644 7th east 
O'Donnell John, laborer, h 34 K north 
O'Donnell John jr., clerk, h 368 L north 
O'Donnell Michael, laborer, h 231 D south 
O'Donnell Thomas, laborer, h D south n Va av 
O'Donnell Wm., tinsmith, h 231 D south 
O'Donnell William B., machinist, bds 589 8th 

O'Donnoghue Dennis, clerk, h 498 G north 

O'Donnoghue Florence, clerk, h 49S G north 
O'Donnoghue Florence, soap and candles, 376 

10th west, h do 
O'Donnoghue John, clerk, h 498 G north 
O'Donnoghue Patrick, soap and candle manuf., 

500 G north, h 498 do 
O'Dowd Richard, clerk, h 130 H north 
O'Hagan James, plumber, h 355 18th west 
O'Hagan John, bds 426 14th west 
O'Hagan Patrick H., grocer, 313 8th west, h do 
O'Hare C. S., grocer, 252 7th west, h do 
; O'Hare John, laborer, h 214 23d west 
! O'Hare Mary, wid Michael, h 2d west n C south 
O'Hare Owen, supt gasworks, h 27th west and 
the canal 
| O'Leary Daniel, grocer, 266 D north, h do 
O'Leary Dennis, stonemason, h 306 4th west 
O'Leary Ellen, h 283 C south 
O'Leary Jeremiah, stonecutter, h 64 4£ west 
O'Leary John, florist, h 16th west n N north 
O'Leary John (O'Leary & Co.), segars, 327 D 

north, bds 471 11th west n E north 
O'Leary & Co. (John O'Leary & William Finley), 
tobacconists, 327 D north 
J O'Leary Timothy, grocer, 31 26th west, h do 
{ O'Leary Timothy, laborer, h 16th west n N north 
j O'Meara Michael, laborer, h 5th east n B north 
O'Meara William C, variety, 524 Penn av, h do 
[ O'Neal Cornelius, laborer, h 312 4th west 
I O'Neal Hiram, clerk, bds 357 8th west 
j O'Neal Horatio G., clerk 4th Auditor's Office, h 
522 M north 
O'Neal James, bookbinder, bds Franklin house 
1 O'Neal John, laborer, h 31 Organ al 
; O'Neale James, machinist, h 5 A south 
; O'Neill Charles W., plumber, h 595 E south 
j O'Neill Dennis, laborer, h 470 3d east 
O'Neill Elizabeth, wid Hugh, dressmaker, h 418 

13th west 
O'Neill James, laborer, h 711 H north 
O'Neill John H., watchman, h 595 E south 
O'Neill John H., jr., h 595 E south 
I O'Neill William, watchman, bds 603 H north 
I O'Reilly Margaret, wid James, h 394 N north 
j O'Shea David, laborer, h 672 G north 
I O'Sullivan Michael, laborer, h 2d east n G north 
0' Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h 2d east n G north 
O'Toole Irwin, laborer, h 216 L north 
O'Toole Jane M., wid Owen, h 437 9th west 
O'Toole John, laborer, h 304 4th west 
O'Toole John, laborer, h 233 22d west 
O'Toole Lawrence J. (Dempsey & O'Toole), en- 
graver, 326 Penn av, h 4 Walker's row (9th) 
O'Toole Peter, laborer, h 233 22d west 
O'TOOLE TIMOTHY J. REV., h F north c 10th 

Oak George, carriage-maker, h 176 6th west 
Ober Henry N., blacksmith, h 410 G south 
Ober John, draughtsman War Dept, h 430 G 

Oberheim John, turner, h 164 6th west 
• Obernstein Casper, blacksmith, 375 B north, h do 
OBOLD FRANCIS S., carpenter, A south n 2d 

east, h 4th east n A north 
Ockert August, blacksmith, h 9th east n D south 
Ockstadt Wilhelm (Velte & Ockstadt), printers, 

470 9th west, h do 
Octon George, carpenter, bds 502 13th west 
Oentrich Henry (Oentrich & Boyer), restaurant, 

507 11th west, h do 
OENTRICH & BOYER (Henry Oentrich & Henry 

Boyer), restaurant, 507 11th west 
Offley Holmes E., clerk, 352 Penn av, h George- 
Offiey John R., clerk, 352 Penn av, h at George- 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, Manufactured by 



Offutt Edward (col'd), miller, h 16 K north 

Offutt Frances E., h 425 8th west 

Offutt George W., painter, h 438 G south 

Offutt H. St. G., chief clerk 6th Auditor's Office, 

h 417 H north 
Offutt John F. C, carpenter, bds 437 Mass ay 
Offutt Zachariah A., painter, h 400 L south 
Ogden Morgan L., insurance agt, 456 15th west, 

h 213 H north 
Ogilvie Walter, engraver, bds 25 A south 
Olcott H. A., clerk Treas Dept, bds 8th west c 

Penn av 
Olcott John B., lightning rods, 338 G north, h do 
Oldfield Catharine C. Mrs., h 531 17th west 
Oldfield Virginia S.,wid Granville, h 151 F north 
Oliphant John, clerk Kegister's Office, h 215 F 

Olive Andrew, laborer, h 8th west n G south 
Olive Henry, exchange office, 522 13th west, h 

332 E north 
Olive Robert, laborer, h 99 K south 
Oliver Cornelius, laborer, h 623 12th west 
Oliver John N., clerk Treas Department, bds 331 

Penn av 
Oliver Thomas, tailor, h 483 14th west 
OPPENHEIMER LEOPOLD, clothing, 300 Penn 

av, h do 
OPPENHEIMER MORITZ, clothing, 74 La av ; 

harness-maker, 78 La av ; boots and shoes and 

hats, 525 9th west and 429 7th west ; h 74 

La av 
Oppenheimer M., junk, h 170 4=k west 
Oppermann August, jeweller and engraver, 519 

9th west 
Orme Dennis, Coast Survey, h 117 H north 
Orme Dennis (col'd), waiter, h 198 M north 
Orme Elizabeth, wid Nathan, h 455 10th west 
Orme Francis M., grocer, 311 Penn av, h 120 C 

Orme James W., clerk, 312 D north, bds 482 

11th west 
Orme Rezin, h 120 C south 
Orme William, grocer, 312 D north, h 482 11th 

Orr James, clerk P O Dept, h 475 L north 
Orr Moses (col'd), laborer, h 120 F north 
Orr Robert P., steward at National hotel 
Orr Samuel, laborer, h 287 N Capitol 
Orr Sarah L. (col'd), wid Henry, h 120 F north 
Orr William (col'd), steward, h 214 22d west 
Orrison James A., carman, h 625 12th west 
Orteiser Christian, laborer, h Md av n 9th east 
Orton Charles A., clerk, bds 506 Penn av 
Orton William H., painter, 520 7th west, h 244 

L north 
Osborn Joseph, blacksmith, h D north n 3d east 
Osborn Nelson, butcher, h 388 4£ west 
Osborn William L.. gardener, h 13th east n B sth 
Osborne James M., carpenter, h 521 L north 
Osborne Joseph, laborer, h 10th east n M south 
Osbourn Margaret, wid Richard, h 411 ]0th west 
Osgodby Sarah L., boarding-house, 504 10th west 
Osgood Rufus F., draughtsman, 450 7th west, bds 

373 13th west 
Osmond Daniel V., Marine Corps, h 9th east n G 

Ossinger John, brewer, h 184 6th west 
Ostermayer Bernard, baker, 149 Centre mkt and 

289 F north, h do 
Oswill William, brickmaker, h 1st west c M south 
Ott Jacob, stonecutter, h Md av n 9th east 
Ott John, clerk Treas Dept, h 312 9th west 
Ott John D., clerk Land Office, h 302 9th west 
Otterback Benjamin L. (H. B. Otterback & Bro.), 

butcher, 26 and 28 Centre mkt, h M north n 

10th west 

Otterback Henry B. (H. B. Otterback & Bro.), 

butcher, 26 Centre mkt and 9th east c M sth, 

h 400 9th east 
Otterback Louis (H. B. Otterback & Bro.), 

butcher, 9th east c M south, h 486 M south 
Otterback Sarah, wid Philip, h 631 8th east 
Otterback H. B. & Bro. (Henry B & Louis Otter- 
back), butchers, 9th east c M south and 26 

Centre mkt 
Otto William, shoemaker, 575 11th west, h do 
Ould Henry, clerk City Hall, h Pa av opp State 

Ould Robert, district-attorney, 462 15th west, h 

Penn av opp State Dept 
Ourand Chapman, clerk P Dept, h 589 I north 
Ourand Elijah, messenger Treas Dept, h 390 12th 

Ourand Joseph T. W., clerk, 317 Penn av, h 329 

9th west 
Ourand Samuel D., bookkeeper Brown's hotel, 

h 577 I north 
Over Francis (col'd), laborer, h 1st east n N C av 
Over Franklin S., draughtsman War Dept, h 595 

10th east 
Owen Edward (E. Owen & Son), merchant tailor, 

212 Penn av, h 474 14th west 
OWEN-E. & SON (S. W. Owen), merchant tailors, 

212 Penn av 
Owen Robert T., clerk, bds 411 3d west 
Owen Samuel W. (E. Owen & Son), merchant 

tailor, 212 Penn av, h 412 N north 
Owens Benjamin, laborer, h 73 A north 
Owens Charles A., painter, bds 563 I north 
Owens Charles C, shoemaker, bds 563 I north 
Owens George, laborer, h 3d east n H north 
Owens James F., shoemaker, bds 563 I north 
Owens Joseph, h 464 D south 
Owens Joseph F., farmer, h 149 B south 
Owens Richard B., street-commissioner, h 500 

Mass av 
Owens Robert, laborer, h 129 Md av 
Owens Stephen (col'd), laborer, h 10th west n R 

Owings Israel C, machinist, bds 504 Penn av 
Owner James, h 520 Va av 
Owner James, h A north n 6th east 
Owner William, h 520 Va av 
Oxley F. M., laborer, h 96 D south 
Oxley J. H. jr., carpenter, h 96 D south 
Oyster George M., butter, 340 Centre mkt, h 56 

E Capitol 

Packard Esther C, h' 277 I north 
Paddon Robert, plasterer, h 226 6th west 
Pade Robert (col'd), laborer, h 332 10th west 
Padgett George, carpenter, h 553 6th east 
Padgett James, blacksmith, h 475 M south 
Padgett John, fireman, h K south n 4th east 
Padgett John T., huckster. 132 Centre mkt, h 

11th east 
Padgett Joseph M., foreman Navy Yard, h 4S5 

L south 
Padgett Mason, laborer, h Ga av n 10th east 
Padgett Sarah, wid John, h Sth west n M north 
Padgett Thomas, huckster, h 440 11th east 
Padgett William II., laborer, h 10th east n M sth 
PAGE CHARLES G., patent-agent, 474 7th west. 

h on 7th st plank road 
Page George, h 648 7th west 

Page Jacob K., umbrella-mender, h 247 21st west 
Page Lucien, steamboat captain, h 127 F south 
Page Margaret, wid, nurse, h 364 9th west 
Page Q. L., grist-mill, F south o 6th west, h do 
Page Robert C, clerk P O Dept. bds 415 10th Yvest 

Arthur, Burnhani, & Gilroy, lit and 119 South Tenth Street, Thiladelpl 




Page Thos. T., clerk, 528 7th west, bds 415 10th 

Page Wm, clerk at Capitol, hds 411 3d west 
Page Y. Pattern, clerk at Capitol, h 477 F north 
Paget Henrietta, wid "William, h 616 Mass av 
Paige Blanchard P., photographs, 4o., 356 Penn 

av, h 346 X Y av 
Paine George H., draughtsman Navy Dept, h 251 

I north 
Palin Tomas Moreno y, agregado Spanish Lega- 
tion, h 299 I north 
Pallent Samuel, gardener, h 6th west n L north 
Palmer Aaron H., American and foreign agent, 

227 Penn av, h do 
Palmer Albert G. (Nairn & Palmer), druggist, 

342 Penn av, h 295 Penn av 
Palmer Charles W. (col'd), waiter, h 313 18th 

Palmer Eliza (col'd), wid William, h 467 N Y av 
Palmer Fannie, h 5S7 12th west 
Palmer John M., tinner, h 9 Snow's al 
Palmer Joseph W., printer, bds 5S0 L north 
Palmer Mary, wid George G., h 580 L north 
Palmer William, type-founder, h B north n 6th 

Palmer "William G. P., phvsician, 458 H north 
Palmer William H., hatter, h 492 14th west 
Palmer "William H., prof of music, h 447 13th 

Palmer W. P., capt Coast Survey, h 288 H nth 
Paltong Michael, laborer, h B north n 4th east 
Paolinelli Constantine, fruit, &c, basement 390 

Penn av 
Paolinelli Raphael & Co., restaurant, 42S Penn 

av, h 575 do 
Parcella Giovanni, shoemaker, h 296 B north 
Parham "William J., constable, h 535 11th west 
Paris Julia A., wid Albert, h 353 19th west 
Paris Sarah "W., wid Albian, h 222 I north 
Parish Sarah, boarding, h 54 Mo av 
Parke William P., barber, h 269 4th west 
Parker Albert (col'd), carman, h 253 L north 
Parker Amasa R., topographer of House Reps, h 

514 M north 
Parker Barbara, wid Thomas, h 241 G north 
Parker Francis E. , bricklayer, h Md av n 7th west 
Parker George (col'd), laborer, h 34S Mass av 
Parker George, plasterer, bds 36 5th west 

Bryan), grocers, 341 and 343 Penn av, h 375 

C north 
Parker George "W., laborer, h M north n 17th 

Parker George "W., bricklayer, h 14th west n Q 

Parker Henry (col'd), cartman, h 117 K north 
Parker Henry T., doorkeeper Patent Office, h 336 

8th west 
Parker Jacob, boots and shoes, 63 7th west, h do 
Parker Jane, wid Southev, h 214 G north 
Parker J. E., clerk Land' Office 
Parker James H. (col'd), laborer, h 196 M north 
Parker John F., machinist, h 570 L north 
Parker J ;i hn T., painter, bds 576 L north 
Parker Lewis B., carpenter, h 219 22d west 
Parker Lucinda, cook, h r 176 E south 
Parker Mary A., wid Thomas, h 16th west n L 

PARKER MOSES T., sign and decorative painter. 

53 La av, h 247 B south 
Parker Peter Dr., h 3S8 C north 
Parker Philip (col'd), whitewashes h 313 I nth 
Parker Randolph (col'd), cook, h 13 Jackson Hall 

Parker R. A. Rev., clerk Land Office, bds 357 E 


Parker Robert D., boiler-maker, h 527 7th east 
Parker Selby, land agent, 490^ Mass av, h do 
Parker Sidney, waiter, h 16th west n L north 
Parker Southev S. (Parker & Spalding), painter, 

190 Penn av, h 185 G north n 19th west 
Parker Thomas (Geo. & Thos. Parker & Co.), 

grocer, 341 Penn av. h 467 6th west 
Parker "William (col'd). laborer, h 312 20th west 
Parker "William H., 244 G north, h 152 Penn av 
Parker William H., painter, bds 576 L north 
PARKER & SPALDING (Southey S. Parker & 

William E. Spalding), painters, 190 Penn av 
Parkhill Robert, blacksmith, 366 Ya av, h 364 

Ya av 
Parkhurst William G.. reporter, h 481 12th west 
Parks James M., clerk Treas Dept,h 406 9th west 
Parks Lucinda (col'd), cook, h 215 K north 
Parks Margaret, wid Benjamin, h 602 7th east 
Parks William, bricklayer, h 602 7th east 
Parmelee Charles N., draughtsman Patent Of- 
fice, h 361 F north 
Parris Samuel B., clerk Treas Dept, h 198 I nth 
Parris Sarah E., boarding-house, 331 Penn av 
Parrot E. Greenleaf, U SN, bds 446 15th west 
Parry Alfred (col'd), waiter, h al B south bet 1st 

east and N J av 
Parry Sarah (col'd), eating-house, 78 La av, h B 

south Capitol Hill 
Parsons Elizabeth, wid James, h SOS Mass av 
Parsons James, carpenter, bds 508 Mass av 
Parsons John, bricklayer, bds 279 F north 
Parsons Lizzie, teacher, h 508 Mass av 
Parsons Luther, laborer, h 14th east n K south 
PARSONS THOMAS H., agent Bait and Ohio 

R R, C north c N J av, h 307 Del av 
Partello Charlotte Y., miilinerv, 560 M north 
Partello William P., clerk Treas Dept, 560 M nth 
Patch Ann, widow, h 384 Sth west 
Patch John, clerk, h 618 H north 
Patrick William (col'd), cooper, h 273 21?t west 

7th west 
PATTEN GEORGE (Elliot & Patten), patent agt, 

Sth west cor F north, bds Lafayette house 
Patten John D., clerk Land Office, h 42S 15th west 
Patten Lewis (col'd), hairdresser, 272 Penn av, 

h 321 C south 
Patterson Barsdell (col'd), laborer, h 347 15th 

Patterson Charles H. (col'd), waiter, h r 347 loth 

Patterson Charles W. (McKelden & Co.), baker, 

496 7th west, h do 
Patterson Edgar, clerk Treas Dept 
Patterson Fielding A., clerk, h 367 Penn av 
Patterson Geo. C, clerk Land Office, bds Frank- 
lin house 
Patterson James, printer, h 177 22d west 
Patterson Mary Ann, grocery, 86 4^ west, h do 
Patterson Mary J., wid Henry, h 177 22d west 
Patterson William A. (col'd), plasterer, h 315 

18th west 
Patterson William P., watchman, h N C av n 3d 

Pattison Edward C, agent safes. 55 La av 
Pattison R. H., agent safes, 55 La av 
Patton J. Houston, U S coast survey, h 401 6th 

Paul Charles (col'd), cook, h north n 17th west 
Paul John, laborer, h 92 G south 
PALLY ANTONE, baker, 78 C south, h do 
Payne Charles H., feed, 498 Centre market, h 

Payne Fanny (col'd), wid Willoughby, h 178 H 

Payne Gracey (col.), wid Savannah, h 127 K nth 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot saves one-third. 



Payne James F., shoemaker, h 262 20th west 
Payne John, coachmaker, L north and Penn av, 

h at Georgetown 
Payne John (col'd), oysterman, h 302 C south 
Payne Lloyd, blacksmith, h 622 7th east 
Payne Mary A., wid Alexander, h 189 5th west 
Payne Robert, clerk, h 607 12th west 
Payne Robert, paver, h 19th west n M north 
Payne Samuel (col'd), h 188 N Y av 
Payne Thomas H., grain and feed, 581 7th west, 

h at Georgetown 
Payne William T., coachtrimmer, h 74 M north 
Paynter Abraham, wood, ft 7th west, h 529 Md av 
Peabody James H., clerk Pension Office, bds 398 

9th west 
Peak Craven (col'd), h 260 4| west 
Peak Jobn A., clerk, ft 6th west, h 173 F south 
Peak William, messenger P 0, h 283 8th west 
Peake Charlotte, wid Thomas, h 393 L south 
Peake James B., clerk, 523 7th west, bds 621 8th 

Peake James T., blacksmith, h 537 7th east 
Peake John H., painter, 11th east n Penn av, h 

621 8th east 
Peake Robert, painter, h 393 L south 
Peal John W. (col'd), laborer, h 6 Organ alley 
Peal Polly (col'd), widow, h 153 5th west 
Peale Titian R., examiner Patent Office, h 256 G 

Pearce E., clerk Treas Dept 
Pearce Gideon, clerk Treas Dept 
Pearce John, laborer, h 384 41 west 
Pearce J. A. Hon., senator, bds 28 4£ west 
Pearce Thomas, exchange office, 45 0^ Penn av, 

h 452 do 
Pearl Elizabeth (col'd), wid Thomas, h 371 I nth 
Pearson Amelia (col'd), washerwoman, h 556^ 

8th west 
Pearson Charles, printer, h 225 4th west 
Pearson C. B. (C.B. Pearson & Bro.), grocer, 634 

11th west, h 502 Md av 
Pearson George, grocer, 367 Penn av, h at Balti- 
Pearson George W. (C. B. Pearson & Bro.), gro- 
cer, 634 11th west, h 502 Md av 
Pearson George W., printer, h 504 Md av 
Pearson John, grocer, Penn av n 6th west, h 113 

B south 
Pearson Joseph L., printer, h 504 Md av 
Pearson Peter M., clerk, 500 9th west, h 504 Md 

Pearson Walter H., carpenter, h 504 Md av 
Pearson C. B. k Bro. (C. B. and George W. Pear- 
son), grocers, 634 11th west 
Peaster P., painter, G north, h 161 5th west 
Peavey Alvin, steward at Willard's 

Peck , lawyer, 7th west, bds 8th west cor 

Penn av 
Peck Annie E. Miss, teacher, h 277 I north 
Peck David (col'd), .carman, h 304 C south 
Peck Henry, bds 379 E north 
Peck Homer H. P., examiner Patent-Office, h 448 

L north 
Peck Joseph, butcher, 38l£ D north and 32 Cen- 
tre market, h 379 E north 
Peckbam Sophia, wid William, h 377 P north 
Peddecord Jeremiah, butcher, 233 Centre and 12 

Northern markets, h 137 B south 
Peebles James E., clerk P Dept 
Peel Samuel (col'd), messenger, h 400 11th west 
Peerce Elizabeth C., wid Joseph M., h 357 8th 

Peers John F., silversmith, 338 Penn av, h 535 

12th west 
Pegg John W., clerk, h 573 Md av 
Pegg William, blacksmith, h 672 11th east 

Peirce Garden, fisherman, h S south n li west 
Peirce John (col'd), musician, h 90 23d west 
Peirce Joseph B., wood, K north n 19th west, h 

110 24th west 
Pella John, grocer, 303 C north, h do 
Pendel Thomas F., bricklayer, h 443 K north 
Pendergast Jeremiah, bds 405 6th west 
Pendergast John, laborer, h 354 B north 
Pendleton W. A., lawyer, 432 D north, h at 

Penfield George H., agent, bds National hotel 
Pennman Robert, printer, bds 351 6th west 
Penn Edward, h 389 10th west 
Penn Thomas, carman, h 604 11th west 
Penn William T., machinist, h 208 H north 
Pennington Caleb, laborer, h 513 8th east 
Pennington Elizabeth, wid Win., h 517 8th east 
Pennington James D., copper-refiner, h Penn av 

n 13th east 
Pennybacker J., clerk P Dept, bds 32 4| west 
Pennybacker, J. S„ clerk Land Office, 334 G bet 

12th & 13th 
Peobles Edgar, clerk, h 141 D south 
Pepper John, tinsmith, h 180 4h west 
Pepper Matthew, gasfitter, h 180 4| west 
Pepper Patrick, gasfitter, h 180 4 J west 
Peregoy Nelson R., bricklayer, h 199 5th west 
Perez Marccellino, musician, h 523 8th east 
Perkins David P., clerk Pension Office, h 356 11th 

Perkins Henry (col'd), porter, h 258 F south 
Perkins William H., dry goods, 115 Penn av, h do 
Permillion Rosanna, wid William, h 68 26th west 
Perrie Geo. A., clerk, 526 7th west, h 499 I north 
Perry Augustus E. (Perry & Bro.), dry goods, 

Penn av c 9th, h 413 F north 
Perry Charles F., clerk, h 393 9th west 
Perry Charles M., clerk Treas Dept, h 583 M nth 
Perry George A., clerk, h 499 I north 
Perry J. J. Hon., mem Maine, bds 8th west c 

Penn av 
PERRY LOUIS F. & CO. (T. L. Darnall), carpets 

and oil-cloths, Penn av c 9th, h 45 La av 
Perry Rebecca (col'd), wid Daniel, h al r 531 8th 

Perry Richard (col'd) , laborer, h 2d east n K south 
Perry Thomas, boatman, h 53 F south 
Perry Thomas J. S. (Pen*y & Bro), dry goods, 

Penn av c 9th, h 45 La av 
PERRY & BRO. (Augustus E. & Thos. J. S.), dry 

goods, Penn av c 9th 
Pestridge Beverley (col'd), welldigger, h 225 22d 

Peters Charles H., plasterer, h 106 F north 
Peters Edward (col'd), laborer, h r 452 10th west 
Peters George (col'd), oysters, h 347 Sth west 
Peters John, painter, h 166 6th west 
Peters John H., lawyer, 1st east n C south, h do 
Peters John T., cartman, h 254 L north 
Peters Louisa (col'd), wid John, h 233 L north 
Peters Mathew B. (Remer, Smith & Co.), U S 

hotel, 470 Penn av 
Peters Thomas, clerk at Capitol, h 4 E Capitol 
Peters Wm., segars, 342 D north, h do 
Petersen Albert, carpenter, h 326 B north 
PETERSEN WM., tailor, 4S0£ Penn av, h 453 

10th west 
Peterson August, engraver, h 650 L north 
Peterson Henry (col'd), job wagon, h 393 3d west 
Petevssen Ludwig. carpenter, h 320 B north 
| Petrie George, clerk P Dept, h 24 Northern 
J Market space 
Pettibone John, bookbinder, La av n 10th west, 

h 558 14th west 
Pettibone William, bookbinder, 309 E north, h. 

4S5 14th west 

"Old Dominion" Tea Pot. See Advertisement. 



Petticord Allen B., h 483 D north 
Pettit Charles W., clerk Treas Dept, h 398 Mass av 
Pettit John R., clerk, 352 Penn av, h at George- 
Pettit Richard (Sweeney, Rittenhouse, Fant & 

Co.), banker, 352 Penn av, h at Georgetown 
Petit Smith, grocer, 230 Ohio av, h do 
Petty James S., tailor, h 637 7th west 
Petty James T., clerk, 532 7th west, bds 637 do 
Peugh Samuel A., general agent, 7th west c E 

north, h M north n 7th east 
Peyton C. C, huckster, h r 559 11th west 
Peyton Eliza, wid C. T., h 5 Ind av 
Peyton James K., clerk, h 400 L north 
Peyton Lucien B., clerk Pension Office, h 400 L 

Pfeifer John, boots and shoes, II north c 18th west 
Pfeil Daniel, grocer, 247 20th west, h do 
Pfluger George, baker, h N Capitol n P north 
Pfluger George, butcher, 486 Centre mkt, h K 

north n 20th west 
Pfluger John J., provisions, K north n 20th west 
Pheifer John, restaurant, 77 Penn av, h do 
Phelan Martha A., dry goods, 76 E Capitol, h do 
Phelan Nicholas, machinist, h 76 E Capitol 
Phelps Ezra, carpenter, h 227 20th west 
Phelps George, messenger War Dept 
Phelps Henry, laborer, h H north n 3d east 
Phelps John S., bds 381 3d west 
Phelps John T., machinist, h 495 E south 
Phelus Frederick, h Boundary n 7th west 
Phenix B. C. Howard, clerk, bds 539 17th west 
PHILIP WILLIAM H., lawyer, 40 La av, h 267 

G north 
Phillips Charles, clerk, bds 8th west c Penn av 
Phillips Charles E., clerk, 10 Market space, bds 

Avenue house 
Phillips Charles L., plasterer, h 4^ west n K 

Phillips Cornelius W., carpenter, bds 5th west n 

M north 
Phillips George W., carpenter, h M north n 18th 

Phillips George W., dept'y marshal, h 3d west n 

E north 
Phillips John, h 362 7th west 
Phillips John, sr., late mer, h 362 7th west 
Phillips John (col'd), laborer, h 94 13i west 
Phillips John W., carpenter, h 382 8th west 
Phillips Lewis H., clerk, 523 7th west, bds 34 

Mo av 
Phillips Michael, coachman, h 656 N north 
Phillips Philip, lawyer 462 15th west, h 232 G 

Phillips Reuben A., carpenter, h 699 3d east 
Phillips Robert H., carpenter, bds 5th west n M 

Phillips Samuel D., bds 5th west n M north 
Phillips Samuel L., law student, h 369 3d west 
Phillips Thos. J., grocer, 451 6th west, h do 
Phillips Thomas W., grocer, 340 10th west, h do 
Phillips William, engraver, h 651 Penn av 
Phillips Wm. D,, agent, rooms at 373 Penn av 
Phillips Wm. F., h 396 4th west 
Phillips Wm. G., carpenter, bds 431 6th west 
Phillipson George, farrier, h 10th east n G south 
Philp Franklin (Philp & Solomons), books, 332 

Penn av, h 387 E north 
PHILP & SOLOMONS (Franklin Philp and 

Adolphus S. Solomons), booksellers, 332 Penn 

Phipps John, gunsmith, h 396 4£ west 
Phipps M. E. Mrs., daguerreotypes, 516 7th west, 

h 414 12th west 
Phipps Wm. C, engraver, 494 11th west, bds 11th 

west c E north 

Pick John, laborer, h 484 I south 
Pickett John, pyrotechnist, h 452 G south 
Pickett John T., lawyer, rooms 267 G north 
Pickkardt Henry, carver, h S Capitol n B south 
Pic kr ell Ignatius D., oysters, 256 E north, h do 
Pierce Albert H., clerk at Washington house 
PIERCE DANIEL, umbrella-maker, 257 Penn 

av, bds 2d west n B north 
Pierce John R., plasterer, h 290 F south 
Pierce Joseph B., wood and coal, 199 K north, h 

24th west n L north 
Pierce Thomas, bds Washington house 
Pierce William (col'd), cook, h r 305 3d west 
Pierre Emil, shoemaker, h 468 11th west 
Pierre Francoise, fluter, 468 11th west, h do 
Pierre William (col'd), porter, h 113 H north 
Piggott Ebenezer P., plasterer, h 440 20th west 
Piggott Mary E., dressmaker, 440 20th west, h do 
Pigott Jennings, lawyer, 311 6th west, h do 
Piles Thomas, provisions, 556 4th east, h do 

Pillian , clerk Land Office, bds 449 Mass av 

Pilling Frederick, hosiery, 228 Penn av, bds 12th 

west c F north 
Pilling James, carpenter, h 430 15th west 
Pillow Marc L., clerk, bds Lafayette house 
Pincus Morris, fancy goods, 285 D north, h do 
Pindle Jacob B. (col'd), whitewasher, h 432 L 

Pinkard Sarah A., wid Wm., h 385 6th west 
Pinkerton Hugh, messenger, h 239 4th west 
Pinkwood Lavinia (col'd), h r E north n 2d west 
Piper Henry (col'd), waiter, h 439 14th west 
Piper James, bricklayer, h 506 E south 
Pipher Joseph, shoemaker, 238 4th west, h do 
Pipseco Lucien (col'd), waiter, h 408 4th west 
Pistorio Nicholas, musician, h Penn avc 13th east 
Pitchling Kendall, reporter, h 267 C north 
Pitton Henry, huckster, Northern mkt, h 4£ west 

n Md av 
Place Lewis, coppersmith, bds 455 K south 
Plant Andrew C, clerk, bds 415 13th west 
Plant Elizabeth, wid Nathaniel, h 494 13th west 
Plant Geoge H., brick-manufacturer, S Capitol 

n M south, h 415 13th west 
Plant James (col'd), oysters, h 347 8th west 
Plant James K. (J. T. K. Plant & Co.), uphols- 
terer, 350 D north, h do 
Plant John, bricklayer, h 334 K north 
Plant John H., printer, h 226 Ohio av 
Plant J. William, undertaker, 418 7th west, h do 
PLANT JOSEPH T. K. & CO. (James K. Plant), 

upholsterers, 350 D north, h do 
Planter Robert (col'd), laborer, h 15th west n N 

Piatt Samuel H., h 380 9th west 
Pleasants Benjamin F., chief clerk Solicitor's 

Office Treas Dept, h 272 F north 
Pleasants Charles T., clerk Treas Dept 
Pleasants Henry (col'd), laborer, h north n 10th 

Pleasants Jacob T. (col'd), waiter, h 389 3d west 
Pleasonton Alfred, Capt U S A, h 385 21st west 
Plowman Jesse, carpenter, h 435 Mass av 
Plowman Joseph, carpenter, bds 588 M north 
Plugge Frederick, segars, 337 Penn av, h 513 10th 

Plummer Elizabeth Mrs. (col'd), h r 280 D south 
Plummer Richard (col'd), h 313 3d west 
Plummer Wm (col'd), huckster, h K north n N 

J av 
Plumsill Stephen B., painter, h r 1st west n F 

Plumsill Thomas, collector, h 484 G south 
Plympton Linas, clerk, bds 1 Maine av 
Pohler Augustus, civil engineer, 7th west c F 

north, h 6th west n G north 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, Manufactured by 



Poletti John, painter, h 69 7th west 

Poletti Joseph, h 69 7th west 

Polglase Benjamin, carpenter, h 10th west n P 

Polk C. W. Miss, boarding-house, 447 Penn av 
POLK JOSIAH F., att'y at law, 447 Penn av 
Polkinhorn Charles, carpenter, h 404 6th west 
POLKINHORN HENRY, printer, 375 and 377 D 

north, h 147 B south 
Polkinhorn Joseph, salesman, 360 Penn av, bds 

6th west c Mass av 
Polkinhorn R. Oliver, printer, bds 462 10th west 
Polkinhorn Richard W., late saddler, h 331 6th 

POLLAK ANTHONY, patent attorney, 474 7th 

west, bds Lafayette house 
Pollard Alfred, carpenter, h 400 20th west 
Pollard Richard J., printer, h 245 B south 
Pollard Robert (col'd), waiter, h 358 15th west 
Polley James, seaman, h 707 N J av 
Pollish John P., h 345 6th west 
Pomeroy George B., chairmaker, h 468 17th 

Pomeroy William, messenger, h 571 13th west 
Pomery John T., boots and shoes, h 327 3d west 
Pomery Margaret J., confectioner, 327 3d west 
Pool David, clerk, P O, h 499 Mass av 
Poole Catharine, wid Lewis, h 3d east n S C av 
Poole Eugene A., clerk, 322 D north, bds 9th 

west n F north 
Poole Wilson E., huckster, 20 Northern mkt, h 

171 Sth west 
Poor M. Mrs., h 430 F north 
Poore Ben Perley, office U S Agricultural Society, 

356 Penn av 
Poore Sarah, wid John, h 174 22d west 
Pope C. T., clerk, Treas Dept 
Pope Frederick C, carpenter, h 487 L south 
Pope Gustavus W., physician, 14th west c I north 
Pope James H., engineer, h N south n S Capitol 
Pope Matthew J., blacksmith, 426 K south, h 402 

L south 
Pope Peter, carpenter, h F south cH west 
Pope William, clerk Era office, h 228 6th west 
Pope W. H. , messenger Treas Dept 
POPE WILLIAM H., reporter for the Republic, 

h 228 6th west 
Porter David, blacksmith, h 531 I south 
Porter Mary, wid Amnon, h F north n 12th east 
Porter Richard, pressman, h F north n 12th east 
Porter Robert, huckster, 103 Northern mkt, h at 

Porter William, huckster, 323 Centre mkt, h at 

Porter Wm. Mrs., bds 423 Penn av 
Porterfield G. A., clerk, h 32 4| west 
Ports Adam, stevedore, h 496 3d east 
Posey Catharine (col'd), h Plater's al n K north 
Posey Catharine (col'd), wid William, h O north 

n 10th west 
Posey Francis (col'd), oysterman, h 382 N north 
Posey Nancy, wid John, h 250 C north 
Posey Richmond (col'd), laborer, h 397 I north 
Posey Wm. (col'd), waiter, h 151 5th west 
Pote Philip, fisherman, h 669 Md av 
Potes William, laborer, h r 554 14th west 
POTENTINI THOMAS, confectioner, 206 and 

279 Penn av, h 279 do 
Potomac Steamboat Company, ft 6th west 
Potter M. Miss, h 403 13th west 
Potter Thomas L. (McGregor & Co.), gen'l house 

furnishing, 530 7th west, h 363 E north 
Potts Andrew R., librarian, h 56 Mo av 
Potts John, clerk War Dept, h 497 17th west 
Potts Joseph E., clerk Treas Dept, h 308 9th west 
Poulton Wm., cooper, 479 Sth west 

Poulton Wm. E., clerk, 342 Penn av, bds 479 8th 

Pourtales Louis F., ass't U S Coast Survey, h D 

south bet 6th and 7th east 
Powell Grafton, clerk, h 516 14th west 
Powell James H., h 96 D south 
Powell John A., gasfitter, h 173 23d west 
Powell Levin M., capt U S N, h 407 3d west 
Powell Paulus, member, rooms 263 G north 
Powell Polly (103 years old) (col'd), wid Richard, 

h 216 21st west 
Powell Richard, draughtsman Navy Dept, h 330 

K north 
Powell Robert J., clerk Land Office, h 433 Sth 

Powell William, grocer, N J av c L north, h 166 

N Yav 
Powell William C, clerk, h 76 F south 
Powell William H., printer, bds 166 N Y av 
Power John, laborer, h 231 3d west 
Power Thomas, saddler, h 5th west n N north 
Powers Cornelius, junk, h 256 F south 
Powers James E., salesman, 356 Penn av, h 396 

C north 
Powers Mary, wid, h 479 6th east 
Powers Michael, laborer, h 272 5th west 
Powers Timothy, laborer, h 370 D south 
Praenkert Frederick J., wheelwright, B north n 

10th west, h 335 15th west 
Praeter Wm. (col'd), laborer, h 535 I north 
Prater Hugh D., laborer, N south n 4^ west 
Prather Benjamin A,, butcher, 43 Northern and 

63 Centre mkts, h A\ n K south 
Prather John, butcher, 70 Centre mkt, h 3d west 

cor N north 
Prather Joseph, butcher, 10 and 12 Northern mkt, 

h 3d west n N north 
Prather Leonard B., contractor h 566 I north 
Prather Mary, wid Oventon, h 564 I north 
Pratt Henry D. J., clerk, h 187 K north 
Pratt Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 73 E south 
Preinkert Frederick, wheelwright, h 335 15th 

Preinkert John, butcher, 5 Centre mkt, h 335 

15th west 
Prentiss Stephen, furniture, 59 La av 
Prentiss Stephen, steward Columbia College, h do 
Prentiss William H., watchman, h 366 L north 
Pressey William, carpenter, 322 5th west, h do 
Prester Andrew, huckster, h 428 Va av 
Preston Anthony Mrs., h 501 12th west 
Preston Robert E., clerk Treas Dept 
Preston Wainwright, provision, 11th west n Md 

av, h 1st west n north 
Preuss Gertrude Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, 

289 Penn av, h 486 10th west 
Preuss H. C, clerk War Dept 
Pribram Lewis, grocer and restaurant, 4th west c 

I north, h do 
Pribram Solomon, real estate agent, 4th west cor 

I north, h do 
Price Ferdinand, clerk at Capitol, h 8 A north 
Price Ida, wid Thomas, h 550 K north 
Price James, machinist, h 5S4 Ya av 
Price Jehu, sea captain, h Ga av n 3d east 
Price John, plasterer, h 12th west n T north 
Prime Eli, clerk, bds 265 Sth west 
Prince George Mrs., h Me av n ±i west 
Prince Jacob, plasterer, h 330 F north 
Princehorn Henrv, feed, N north n 5th west, h do 
Prindell P. A., h 406 Penn av 
Prinkert Conrad, baker. 250 7th west, h do 
Prior Isaac N., clerk Pension Office, h 33? 8th 

Pritchard Ann, wid, h 425 11th west 
Pritchard Hugh F., watchman, h 746 X J av 

Arthur, Burnhain, & Gilroy, 117 and 119 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia. 



Pritchard Lettice E., wid Edward, h 402 10th west 
Pritchard Sarah A., wid Stephen, h 739 3d east 
Prockelton George, plasterer, h 241 G south 
Proctor Alexander M. (Bowen and Proctor), gro- 
cer, 456 Mass av. h 472 11th west 
Proctor Ann M. (col'd), wid Richard, h 2d north 

cor 9th west 
Proctor Catharine, wid Abner R., h 472 11th west 
Proctor Henry B., carpenter, bds 472 11th west 
Proctor John (col'd), oysterman, h 337 L north 
Proctor Samuel (col'd), sexton, h 326 13th west 
Prosise Benjamin, baker, 348 D north, h do 
Prosise Logan, baker, 81 Northern nikt, h 441 

7th west 
Prosperi Charles, musician, h 511 8th east 
Prosperi Francis, musician, h 434 G- south 
Prosperi Frederick, musician, h 544 7th east 
PROTT FRANCIS, boots and shoes, 489 and 505 

7th west, h 489 do 
Prout Jonathan, h 507 E north 
Provest Alexander (Provest, Winters, & Syming- 
ton), contractor, N J av c A south, bds Wil- 
lard's hotel 
Provest, Winters, & Symington (Alexander Pro- 
vest, Henry Winters, Symington), con- 
tractors, N J av c A south 
Pruett William F., boots and shoes, 257 7th west 
Pryor Thomas 0., carpenter, h 55 A north 
Puerner John A., teacher, h Vt av cor R I av 
PUGH HUGH, tailor, 474 14th west, h do 
Pugh Samuel A., clerk Land Office, h Boundary 

cor 7th east 
Pugh Wm. G. (Kennedy & Pugh), grocer, 508 7th 

west, h 416 6th west 
Pulizzi Yenerando, bds 336 G north 
Pullin James, feed, 617 10th west, h do 
Pullin Joseph, laborer, h 10th west n F south 
Pullin Joseph, laborer, h 601 7th west 
Pullin William, machinist, h 10th west n F south 
Pumphrey Arthur, carpenter, h 499 E south 
Pumphrey Benjamin F., carpenter, G south n 4£ 

west, h 244 4£ west 
Pumphrey Ellen, wid Levi sen'r, h 356 C north 
Pumphrey Jackson H., carpenter, G south n 4£ 

west, h 207 4£ west 
Pumphrey James, h 625 7th west 
Pumphrey James W., livery stable, 344 C north, 

h 352 do 
Pumphrey John H., carpenter, B north, h 327 

Md av 
Pumphrey John W., carts, h N J av n north 
Pumphrey John W., plasterer, h 488 E south 
Pumphrey John W. jr., carpenter, bds N J av n 

Pumphrey Levi, h 352 C north 
Pumphrey Lloyd W., carpenter, h 488 E south 
Pumphrey Rezin, farmer, h 486 E south 
Pumphrey Rezin N., plasterer, h 488 E south 
Pumphrey Robert B., carpenter, h 488 E south 
Pumphrey Samuel, grocer, 4£ west cor N south 
Pumphrey Walter, h Va av n S Capitol 
Purcell Thomas, mason, h R I av n 15th north 
Purcell William, mason, h M north n 16th west 
Purcell William F., judge Orphans' Court, City 

Hall, h 316 Del av 
PURDY HENRY C, grocer, 403 Penn av, h 550 

Purdy John, president Patriotic Bank of Wash- 
ington, h 550 Penn av 
Purdy Martha, h 579 11th west 
Purdy William, carpenter, h 661 7th west 
Purnell Charles J., clerk, 368 Penn av 
Purner John, teacher school, h Vt av cor R I av 
Purrington Tobias, physician, 300 F north, bds do 
Purrington William J., clerk Treas Dept, h 497 
L north 

Pursell John, h B north n 22d west 

Pursell John F. B. (Thomas Pursell & Son), chi- 

na-ware, 341 Penn av, h Md av cor 10th west 
Pursell Thomas & Son (J. F. B. Pursell), china, 

glass, and earthenware, 341 Penn av, h do 
Pusley Vincent, laborer, h 767 3d east 
Putman , lieutenant U S N, rooms 255 G 

Putney David, stonecutter, bds 363 18th west 
Pyle Edward, shoemaker, h N south n 4^ west 
Pyles Eliza, wid Lewis, h 472 G south 
Pyles Philip S., carpenter, h 472 G south 
Pyne Smith Rev., h 204 I north 
Pywell Robert R. (Keleher & Pywell), stable, 8th 

west n E north, h 412 D north 
Pywell William W., slater, bds 379 10th west 

Quaanan John, laborer, h 1| west cor I south 
Quackenbush Nicholas, clerk, h 211 G north 
Quail William, physician, h 377, 13th west 
Quantrill Archibald R. , claim agent, h 270 Vt av 
Quarles Benjamin (col'd), cook, h 317 18th west 
Queen A. Forrest (A. F. Bulley & Co.), grocer, 

Va av cor 8th east, h 615 8th east 
Queen Charles I., h 289 7th west 
Queen Charlotte and Eliza Misses, h 444 6th west 
Queen Edward F., grocer, 363 7th west, h 289 7th 

Queen Felix D., h 289 7th west 
Queen Francis, carpenter, h 108 A south 
Queen Harriet (col'd), wid Henry, h 519 Va av 
Queen Henry P., h 289 7th west 
Queen John R., intendent Washington Asylum 
Queen Maria A., wid Charles I., h 289 7th west 
Queen Priscilla (col'd), widow, h 395 3d west 
Queen Richard T., clerk Treas Dept, h 408 12th 

Queen Robert P., bds 408 12th west 
Queen Theodore, cabinetmaker, h 368 19th west 
Queen William H. (col'd), porter, h 234 C north 
Quicksall Joseph H., clerk P Dept, bds 402 13th 

Quigley Mary, wid Daniel, h 474 G south 
Quigley Mary, groceries, 546 13th west, h do 
Quigley William, engineer, h 588 10th east 
Quigley William, grocer, 181 7th west, h do 
Quill Dennis, laborer, h 285 N Capitol 
Quill Dennis 2d, laborer, h 285 N Capitol 
Quillin Lawrence, laborer, h 304 3d west 
Quincy Thomas H., clerk Land Office, h 618 M nth 
Quinlan Larry, laborer, h 245 3d west 
Quinlin Michael, laborer, h 243 3d west 
Quinn Charles, laborer, h 256 20th west 
Quinn Daniel, grocer, 433 13th west, h do 
Quinn James, coppersmith, h 620 7th east 
Quinn James, machinist, bds 604 8th east 
Quinn James, waiter, h 142 K north 
Quinn John, laborer, h 787 3d west 
Quinn J. P., clerk Treas Dept 
Quinn John P., physician, bds Lafayette house 
Quinn Thomas H., bds Lafayette house 
Quirk James, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Quirk Patrick, laborer, h Jackson n 1st east 

Raab Adam, tailor, 501 7th west, h D north 
Rabbitt John, plasterer, h 77 13.V west 
Rabbitt John F., clerk, h 248 9th west 
Rabbitt Thomas C, shoemaker, h 385 10th west 
Rabbitt Wm., tailor, h 556 8th west 
Raboteau Charles C, printer, h 594 H north 
Radcliffe Martin V. B., patent agent, 499 7th 
west, h 396 9th west 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroj, Philadelphia, 



Radebaugh Daniel, clerk Treas Dept, h 381 L 

Radebaugh Daniel jr., clerk Treas Dept 
Radey John, cartman, h 220 L north 
Radstrake William J., at Capitol, h 303 6th west 
Rafferty James, laborer, h r 26 1 20th west 
Ragan Andrew H., at Capitol, h 357 6th west 
Ragan Cornelius, h 304 3d west 
Ragan Dennis, laborer, h Goat alley 
Ragan Eliza, widow, h 357 6th west 
Ragan George, laborer, h Md av n 13£ west 
Ragan Hugh, laborer, h 67 7th west 
Ragan James, plumber, h 476 F north 
Ragan John, boatman, h 87 D south 
Ragan Michael, laborer, h 304 3d west 
Ragan Patrick, laborer, h N north n N J av 
Ragan Patrick, laborer, h P north n 14th west 
Ragan Thomas, laborer, h 64 D south 
Ragen Catharine, wid James, h 54 Washington 
Ragen Daniel, cartman, h 56 D south 
Ragen James, gasfitter, h 474 F north 
Ragen John, laborer, h 552 Mass av 
Ragen Patrick, laborer, h 296 3d west 
Ragen Thompson, huckster, h 58 D south 
Ragin Wm., cartman, h 117 13| west 
Raidy David, shoemaker, h 603 Mass av 
Raidy Maurice, shoemaker, 603 Mass av, h do 
Rainey Ann, wid Robert, h 372 D north 
Rainey John, clerk, bds 372 D north 
Rainey Robert J., stable, 469 8th west, hB south 

c 6th west 
Raidey Samuel, clerk War Dept 
Ramsay Dasie, h 326 21st west 
Ramsay George D., commanding officer U S Ar- 
senal, h do 
Ramsay Samuel, clerk War Dept, h 173 K north 
Ramsay Wadsworth, clerk War Dept, h 326 21st 

Ramsay William, captain U S N, h 326 21st 

Ramsey Wm., painter, h 541 E south 
Randall George H., printer, h 335 5th west 
Randall George A. W., grocer, 311 D north, h do 
Randall Henry K., clerk, h 173 F north 
Randall Nancy, wid Richard, h 352 D north 
Randall Richard, bds 311 D north 
Randle Walter, h 606 6th west 
Randle William, bricklayer, h 162 G south 
Randolph James I. (Randolph & Randolph), 

lawyer, 520 7th west, h 447 Mass av 
Randolph J. Innes (Randolph & Randolph), law- 
yer, 520 7th west, h 6th west n H north 
Randolph John B., dentist, bds 447 Mass av 
Randolph J. F., clerk Treas Dept 
Randolph Robert B., h 7 Maine av 
Randolph William B., chief clerk Treas Dept, h 

288 G north 
nes Randolph), lawyers, 520 7th west 
Random Benedict, blacksmith, h 176 I north 
Random Benjamin, blacksmith, 169 I north, h I 

north n 21st west 
Rantin Bahama, dressmaker, h 488 14th west 
Rapley William W., blacksmith, 18th west n Pa 

av, h 358 18th west 
Rappetti Guitano, musician, h 535 6th east 
Rappetti Joseph, musician, h 482 I south 
Ratcliff John L., bookbinder, bds 603 II north 
Ratcliffe Daniel, lawyer at the Capitol, h 354 K 

Ratrie Robert, cabinetmaker, 472 3d east, h 11th 

east n C south 
Ran Lewis, waterman, h 663 Md av 
Raub George T., soap & candles, 15th west o C 

north, h do 
Rauh Gottlieb, shoemaker, Ga av n 11th east 

Raum George, gardener, h 1| west n T south 
Rauterberg Charles, teacher, 6th west c D south, 

h 33 F south 
Rawlings David, butcher, 33 Centre and 10 

Eastern mkts, h Pa av n 13th east 
Rawlings Joseph E., com'r of improvements, h 

236 20th west 
Rawlings Lewis F., clerk 50 Market sp, bds 446 

E north 
Rawlings Mary G., wid Richard H., h 6th west n 

Q north 
Rawlings Thomas, bricklayer, bds 376 8th west 
Ray Airy (col'd), wid Benjamin, h r 10th west n 

Ray Albert, flourmill, Georgetown, h 292 H nth 
Ray Alexander, h 164 G north 
Ray Alfred, huckster, 10 Northern mkt, h 7th 

Ray Alfred Mrs., h 458 Mass av 
Ray John C, carpenter, bds 458 Mass av 
Ray Josiah, bricklayer, h 159 F south 
Ray Ross, miller, Georgetown, h 19th west cor F 

Raymond C, wid John T., h 482 L north 
Raymond J. T., clerk Treas Dept 
Rayne Robert, livery stable, 8th west n D north, 

h 257 B south 
Read S. B., clerk Land Office 
Reading Frank, proof-reader, rooms 323 8th west 
Reading Joseph, laborer, h r 432 1st west 
Ready Henry, grocer, 528 K north, h do 
Ready Henry, laborer, h 5th east n B south 
Ready James, bricklayer, h 340 6th west 
Ready James, hackman, h 26 2d west 
Ready Michael, laborer, h r 712 G north 
Ready Thomas, laborer, bds 245 3d west 
Ready William, finisher, h C north n 6th east 
Rearden Francis E., h 567 L north 
Reardon Bartholomew, laborer, h 594 N north 
Reardon Dennis, laborer, h 398 L south 
Reardon Elizabeth, seamstress, h 73 13£ west 
Reardon James, laborer, h N north cor N J av 
Reardon Johanna, wid Cornelius, h 2d west n C 

Reardon Michael, h 482 I north 
Reardon Patrick, laborer, h 5th east n B south 
Reardon William H., carpenter, bds 482 I north 
Rearick Peter A., machinist, h 397 L south 
Rebine Marcus, pianoforte-tuner, h 473 14th west 
Rebrecht Joseph, tailor, h 390 N Capitol 
Rechold Leopold, clerk, h 125 4^ west 
Rechold Moses, boots and shoes, 125 4£ west, h do 
Rector John, butcher, h R south n 1st west 
Reddall William C, clerk State Dept, h 266 G 

Reddan Ann (col'd), wid Shadrach, h 15 Jackson 

hall al 
Redden Hager (col'd), h 300 C south 
Redden Ruth A., wid James, 141 N Y av 
Reddick, clerk Land Office, room at 373 Penn av 
Redding David (col'd), laborer, h 489 D south 
Redding Sylva (col'd), brickmaker, h 519 Va av 
Redely John, tailor, hr 543 14th west 
Redfern Samuel, grocer, H north c 19th west, h 

250 II north 
REDMOND A. C. Mrs., ambrotypes, 12 Market 

sp, h do 
Redmond James, grocer, 532 Mass av, h do 
Redmond Sarah A., wid Joseph, h 460 I north 
Redstrake Wm. J., grocer, 268 N Y av, h do 
Reeb Adam, tailor, 7th west, h 3S3 D north 
Reed Albert D., music-teacher, 461 D north, h do 
Reed Alexander (col'd), laborer, h 47 7th west 
Reed Amos, lawyer, 514 7th west, bds 9th west 

cor E north 
Reed Andrew, carpenter, h SS C south 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jars, 



Reed Armstead (col'd), huckster, 66 Northern 

mkt, h 2d west n Boundary- 
Reed Bushrod M., collector, h 332 Mass av 
REED BUSHRODW., grocer, 231 F north, h do 
Reed David C, tailor, h 617 H north 
Reed Delphi, wid George, h 185 23d west 
Reed Emma, teacher, h 433 I north 
Reed Ferdinand F., upholsterer, bds 471 11th west 
Reed Isaac, painter, h 497 1st west 
Reed James, carpenter, bds 476 12th west 
Reed James, laborer, h 296 20th west 
Reed J;imes (col'd), laborer, h 667 Penn ay 
Reed James H., blacksmith, h 394 D south 
Reed James H., wood and coal, 14th west n C 

north, h 12th west cor F north 
Reed John (col'd), waiter, h 233 D south 
Reed John W., carpenter, r 398 11th west, h 398 

11th west 
Reed Joseph (col'd), oysters, 522 13th west, h M 

north n 15th west 
Reed Joseph W., carpenter, h 398 11th west 
Reed Laura, teacher, h 433 I north 
Reed Lydia M., wid Wm., h 447 10th west 
Reed Martha C, wid Geo., bds 495 Mass av 
Reed Mary A., wid John, h 394 D south 
Reed Olmsted (col'd), hominy, h 373 K north 
Reed Richard (col'd), brickmaker, h 724 N J av 
Reed Robert (col'd), porter, h 309 18th west 
Reed Samuel, laborer, h P north n 19th west 
Reed Stacey B., clerk Land Office, bds 370 6th 

Reed William, bootfitter, h 113 4£ west 
Reed William, huckster, 168 Centre mkt, h 20th 

west n L north 
Reeder Elizabeth, wid John, h 449 12th west 
Reeder John, shoemaker, h 368 11th west 
Reeder Richard, shoemaker, h 4th west n N north 
Reele James, brickmaker, h N J av c L south 
Reeler Jesse (col'd), shoemaker, h 190 3d west 
Reese A. U., clerk, bds 411 3d west 
Reese Hugh, lamplighter, h 324 4th west 
Reese John, water-purveyor, h 14 Mo av 
Reese Joseph, upholsterer, h 491 13th west 
Reese Philip, hackman, h 61 F south 
Reese William L., wheelwright, h 92 G south 
Reeside Frank, bricklayer, bds 279 F north 
Reeve Samuel, clerk Treas Dept 
Reeves A., laborer, h 8th west n G south 
Reeves David C, printer, h 214 N J av 
Reeves James, carpenter, 214 N J av, h do 
Reeves John C., carpenter, h 223 22d west 
Reeves Randolph B., second-hand furniture, 454 

7th west, h 446 do 
Reeves Robert, messenger Treas Dept, h 250 D 

Regan James, tinner, bds 471 11th west 
Reglain Charles (F. Dubois & Chas. Reglain), 

charcutier francois, E north c 11th west 

11th west, h do 
Reichert Lewis F., shoes, 400 1st east, h do 
Reid James, clerk P Dept, h 598 H north 
Reid James, stonecutter, bds 289 B north 
Reid Lucy (col'd), washerwoman, h 375 5th west 
Reid Wm., stonecutter, h 448 Mass av 
Reidy Daniel, laborer, h F north c 10th west 
Reidy John, grocer, 464 F north, h do 
Reidy Maurice, watchman Interior Dept, h 318 

G north 
Reigel Peter, cabinetmaker, h 186 6th west 
Reiley Christiana, wid Bennet, h 101 A south 
Reiley John, stonecutter, h 567 4th east 
Reiley Thomas, boiler-maker, h 10th east n Gnth 
Reilley Joseph S., clerk, bds 471 6th west 
Reilly Benjamin T., clerk Land Office, h 501 17th 


Reilly Edmund, shoes, 13 E Capitol, h do 
Reilly Francis, watchman at the Capitol, h 281 

B south 
Reilly James, machinist, h 433 I south 
Reilly John S., engineer, h 79 F south 
Reilly Peter, laborer, h 184 26th west 
Reilly Philip, laborer, h 217 23d west 
Reilly Thomas, grocer, 113 Va av, h do 
Reilly Thomas, laborer, h 212 7th west 
Reily James L., doorkeeper H R, h 461 3d east 
Reily James R., physician, 370 7th west, h do 
Reily John H., h 405 N Y av 
Reily Patrick, coachpainter, h 558 Md av 
Reily Peter, grocer, 399 L south, h do 
Reily Rebecca, wid Thomas, h 555 N J av 
Reily Reuben, waterman, h r 618 Md av 
Reily William, drygoods, Penn av, h 31 H south 
Reinburg Louis, seaman, h 614 Va av 
Reinhardt Charles, boots and shoes, 38 4£ west 
Reinhart Carl, potter, 25th west n F north 
Reinicker Henry, gardener, h 269 21st west 
Reiss Benjamin, prof music, 267 G north, h do 
Reiss John H., chief messenger Treas Dept, h 

449 I north 
Reiss Mary W., wid John, h 658 N north 
Reiter Francis, shoemaker, h 606 N north 
Reitmiller E., shoemaker, h N Capitol c P north 
Reitmiller Henry, gardener, h P north n N Cap 
Rell Joseph, laborer, h Q north c 6th west 
Reller Samuel (col'd), shoemaker, h 518 N north 
Remer Wm. A. (Remer, Smith & Co.), United 

States hotel, 470 Penn av 
Remer, Smith & Co. (Wm. A. Remer, Logan 0. 

Smith &, Mathew B. Peters), United States 

hotel, 470 Penn av 
Rempp William, brewer, h 12th east n Penn av 
Renehan Frank, clerk, h 408 20th west 
Renehan Martin, gardener, h 408 20th west 
Rennells Jane (col'd), h N J av n north 
Renner Mary D., wid Daniel, h 343 G north 
Renney Mary A., wid Patrick, h 349 6th west 
Renshaw John, hatter, h 571 12th west 
Repp John, laborer, h 292 N H av 
Reppetty Jerome, barber, h 582 7th east 
REPUBLIC (The), Ind av c 2d west 
Reside John E., mail contractor, h 75 M north 
Revenue Alphons, confectioner, h M north n 18th 

Rex Henry, laborer, h I north n 7th east 
Reynolds Captain, h P south n 4^ west 
Reynolds Catharine A. (col'd), wid Stephen, h 

102 23d west 
Reynolds Charles H., laborer, h 6th west n Q nth 
Reynolds Emor, penitentiary guard, h 122 H south 
Reynolds Eneas, bricklayer, h 318 8th west 
Reynolds Edward D., shipjoiner, h 667 7th east 
Reynolds E. K., guard Penitentiary, h 122 H sth 

n 6th west 
Reynolds Jane P., h 107 F south 
Reynolds John, carpenter, h 667 7th east 
Reynolds John R., laborer, h 78 D south 
Reynolds John W., police, h 325 9th west 
Reynolds Joseph, clerk at Capitol, h 456 H north 
Reynolds Joseph, finisher, h 667 7th east 
Reynolds Louisa (col'd) , washerwoman, h Plater's 

al n K north 
Rheem John A., carpenter, r 172 Penn av, h 172 

Penn av 
Rhees Margaret, wid B. R., h 506 H north 
RHEES WILLIAM J., chief clerk Smithsonian 

Institute, h 506 H north 
Rhett Charles H., clerk, h 345 21st west 
Rhey Andrew J., bds Juniata house 
Rhinehardt Caspar, junk, h 230 E south 
Rhinehart George (Morgan & Rhinehart), ferti- 
lizer, 27th west c G north, h 162 I north 

Buy aii "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, and 



Rhoad Frederick, painter, h S Capitol n B south 
Rhoades Harriet (col*d), wid Charles, h K north 

n 10th west 
Rhodes Elizabeth, washerwoman, h 208 K north 
Rhodes Elizabeth, widow, bds 439 Penn av 
Rhodes James, late butcher, h 448 8th east 
Rhodes Rufus R., examiner Patent Office, h 461 

E north 
RIBNITZKY HENRY, tailor, 478 9th west, h do 
Rice Abraham, h 498 10th west 
Rice Caroline, varieties, 404 Centre mkt, h 10th 

west n E north 
Rice Henry M., member, h 648 I north 
Rice Nathan, clerk War Dept 
Rice Thomas, waiter, h 18 13| west 
Rich Thos., printer, h 307 Penn av 
Rich William, h 296 II north 
Richards Alfred (Alfred & Thomas A. Richards), 

brick manufac. and grocer, South Capitol c N 

south, h N J av c M south 
Richards Alfred & Thomas A., brick manuf's and 

grocers, South Capitol c N south 
Richards Almarin C, school, 370 8th west, h do 
Richards James H., brickmaker, S Capitol, h 522 

Va av 
Richards John (col'd), laborer, h 3d west n G sth 
Richards John D., boots and shoes, 366 Penn av, 

h C south n 10th west 
RICHARDS JOHN H., boots and shoes, Md av, 

h 162 C south 
Richards Joseph (col'd), carman, h 235 E south 
Richards Theresa (col'd), wid John, h 452 6th 

Richards Thomas A. (Alfred & Thomas A. Rich- 
ards), brick manufacturer and grocer, South 

Capitol c N south, h 734 N J av 
Richards William, 1% west c south 
RICHARDS WILLIAM, brickmaker, S Capitol, 

h 378 G south 
RICHARDS ZALMON, princ'l Union Academy, 

N Y av c 14th west, h K north c 14th west 
Richardson A., wid William, h 280 F north 
Richardson Anna M. Mrs., boarding-house, 383 

Penn av 
Richardson Charles F. E., butcher, 18 Northern 

and 17 Centre mkts, h 473 L north 
Richardson Edgar A., painter, h 614 N north 
Richardson George W.. plasterer, h 106 A south 
Richardson John, carman, h 725 7th west 
Richardson John W., Navy Yard, bds 383 Penn 

Richardson Marcus, carpenter, h 374 L south 
Richardson William A., card writer, h 435 M nth 
Richey Hiram, stoves, &c, 411 7th west, h H nth 

c 7th west 
RICHEY JOHN, fancy dry goods, 492 7th west 
Richilie Charles (col'd), laborer, h M north n N 

Richter Charles, huckster, 15 Northern and 77 

Centre mkts, h 566 L north 
Richter Herman (Richter & Schonborn) , brewer, 

r 630 E south, h 5th east bet E Capitol and A 

Richter John, butcher, 22 Centre mkt, h R south 

n Canal 
Richter Peter, grocer, 566 L north 
Richter & Schoenborne (Herman Richter <fe Henry 

F. Schoenborne) , lager beer brewers, r 630 E sth 
Rick John, butcher, h N II av n 21st west 
Rick John, tailor, 185 I north, h do 
Rickard Daniel II., wheelwright, h 426 G north 
Ricker Lawrence, huckster, h 505 10th west 
Ricketts Asa, tailor, h 449 11th west 
Ricketts Richard, clerk Land Office, h 461 I nth 
Ricketts Robert, clerk Interior Dept, h 318 I nth 
Ricketts William S., laborer, h 6| westn E south 

Rickey Mahlon M., carts, h 305 Va av 

Riddell James, laborer, h 139 Del av 

Riddell Mary Miss, school, 451 12th west, h do 

Riddle John, grocer, 585 Md av, h do 

Riddle Wm. 0., huckster, 65 Northern and 156 

Centre mkts, h 577 fl north 
RIDENOUR HUGH H., confectioner, 304 Penn 

av, h do 
Rider Charles C, carpenter, h B south n 3d west 
Rider George F., blindmaker, h 575 6th west 
Rider Joseph, carpenter, h B south n 3d west 
Rider Julius L., forage master, h 385 20th west 
Ridgate Benjamin C, clerk Treas Dept 
Ridgely Augustus, carpenter, h 6^ west n E south 
Ridgely David G., druggist, 20th west n I north 

and 124 Penn av, h 124 do 
Ridgely George (col'd), cartman, h 120 23d west 
Ridgely Isaiah W., stagedriver, h 6§ west n E 

Ridgely Lloyd, laborer, h 6| west n E south 
Ridgely Margaret E., wid Queenbury, h 383 6th 

Ridgley Samuel (col'd), laborer, h 179 3d west 
Ridgeway William, clerk Navy yard, h Ga av n 

14th east 
Ridgway Enoch, slate roofer, h 573 12th west 
Ridgway Susan, wid Henderson, h 392 N Y av 
Rielly B. T., clerk Land Office 
Rigdon Elizabeth, grocer, 23 E Capitol, h do 
Riggles James, tailor, bds 332 18th west 
Riggles John, insurance agent, 538 7th west h 

501 13th west i 
Riggles Richard, bookbinder, bds 501 13th west 
Riggles Richard, gardener, h Q north n 16th west 
Riggles Thomas, farmer, h 406 16th west 
Riggles William, wood-measurer, h 272 I north 
Riggs George W. (Riggs & Co.), banker, Penn av 

c 15th west, h 280 I north 
Riggs John M., painter, h 179 N Y av 
Riggs Myron, clerk Patent Office, bds 9 Northern 

market space 
Riggs M. C, clerk Treas Dept 
RIGGS & CO. (George W. Riggs and Adolphus T. 

Keickhoefer), bankers, Penn av c 15th west 
RIGHTSTINE JOHN W., confectioner, 400 Mass 

av, h do 
Rigsby Thomas, blacksmith, h 503 Va av 
Riley Francis, laborer, h 237 3d west 
Riley John C, pi^sician, 453 14th west, h do 
Riley Jos. S., clerk, 524 7th west, bds 471 6th 

Riley Peter, blacksmith, h 591 10th east 
Riley Philander C. (Wm. R. Riley & Bro.) dry 

goods, 36 Market space, h 337 E north 
RILEY TERRENCE, coffee-roaster, N south n 4 V 

west, h do 
Riley Thomas W., wood and coal, ft 11th west, h 

51 H south 
RILEY WM. R. & BRO. (P. C. Riley), dry goods, 

36 Market space, h 31 H south 
Rimph Martha, fancy goods, 30 Market sp, h D 

Rind Samuel S., chief clerk 3d Auditor's Office, 

h 33 Gay, Georgetown 
Rind William A., reporter, h 337 12th west 
Rind William A., jr., clerk Treas Dept 
Ring Moses, clothing, 414 Penn av, 385 7th west. 

and 603 Sth east, h at Bait 
Ringgold Benjamin (col'd), cartman, h 218 B sth 
Ringgold Cadwallader, Capt U S N, bds 290 G nth 
Ringgold F., clerk Treas Dept 
Ringgold Martha, bds 452 11th west 
Ringgold Walter S., clerk C & Ohio canal, 34 4} 

Ringgold William J., bricklayer, li 217 5th >vest 
1 Riordan James, translator, h 422 15th west 

You will have delicious Coffee always. 



Riordan Jeremiah, laborer, h 348 6th west 
Risque Ferdinand W.. attorney, 544 7th west, h 

at Georgetown 
Risen Charles, cartman, P north n 15th west 
Ritchie Anna E.. wid John, h 9 Snow's al 
Ritchie Margaret, wid James, bds 434 11th west 
Rittenhouse B. F., clerk Treas Dept 
Rittenhouse Charles E. (Sweeny, Rittenhouse, 

Fant & Co.), banker, 352 Penn av, h at George- 
Ritter Adam, engineer h 269 D north 
Ritter Frederick W., clerk Patent Office, bds 423 

5th west 
Ritter John E., cartman, h B north n 22d west 
Ritter William M., h B north n 22d west 
Ritts John, laborer, h 2 Q north n N Capitol 
Ritz Frederick, baker, h 208 5th west 
Rivers Daniel, (coFd), waiter, h 517 5th east 
Rivers Eliza (col'd), wid Daniel, h 517 5th east 
Rives John C, editor and proprietor of Congres- 
sional Globe, 464 Penn av, hat Kildee Hill, Md j 
Rix Mary A. (col'd), washerwoman, h 280 21st 

Rixter Maria, dressmaker, 383 20th west, h do 
Roach Edward, laborer, h Ridge n 5th west 
Roach Edward M., Register of Wills, h 305 F nth 
Roach James, laborer, h Ridge n 5th west 
Roach James, laborer, h 565 3d west 
Roach James, laborer, h 587 7th east 
Roach John, laborer, h 224 N J av 
Roach John, laborer, h Ridge n 5th west 
Roach Morris, huckster, 115 Centre market, h L ! 

north n N J av 
Roachford Johanna, groceries, L south n 6th west 
Roane A., clerk Atty Genl, h 369 D north 
Roane John J., h 573 C north 
Robb James, blacksmith, h 588 Va av 
Robb John, chief clerk Pension Office, h 460 12th j 

ROBBINS JAMES, carpenter, I north, h 344 10th ! 

Robbins Thomas, laborer, h 373 12th west 
Robbins William, cartman, h R north n 4th west ( 
ROBBINS ZENAS C, attorney in patent cases, 

7th west c F north h 389 C north 
Roberts George W., moulder, h 632 7th east 
Roberts Henry, sup't for Beall & Dickson, h 463 

12th west 
Roberts John, bricklayer, h 209 5th west 
Roberts John, shoemaker, bds 571 H north 
Roberts John M., physician, 433 G south, h do 
Roberts J. Harvey, bookkeeper, bds 370 6th west j 
Roberts Martha, dressmaker, 287 D north 
Roberts M. F., restaurant, Penn av c 11th west, 

h 13th west n D north 
Roberts Richard, stationer, 327 7th west, h do 
Roberts Robert, restaurant, 11th west c Penn av, ' 

h 489 13th west 
Roberts Sarah, grocer, 88 23d west, h do 
Roberts William S., supt at the Capitol, bds 504 

10th west 
Robertson Daniel, laborer Treas Dept 
Robertson Daniel, tailor, h 445 M north 
Robertson David (col'd), laborer, h r 14th west 

ab L north 
Robertson Elizabeth, varieties, 445 M north, h do 
Robertson Harriet (col'd), wid James, h 12 Organ 

Robertson James W., clerk Treas Dept, h Penn 

av, n 9th east 
Robertson Julia (cord), wid, h 126 23d west 
Robertson Mahala, boarding, h 490 Mass av 
Robertson Robert W., clerk, h 534 I north 
Robertson Samuel P., printer, h 371 12th west 
Robertson Thomas A , clock-repairer, h 228 L 


Robertson Thomas H., h 485 6th west 
Robertson William, sweepmaster, h 348 5th west 
Robertson William B., grocer, 345 7th west, h do 
Robertson William M., clerk, bds 534 I north 
Robey Andrew V., tobacconist, 3d east n L south, 

h Va av c 4th east 
Robey Basil, late clerk, h 258 7th west 
Robey Benjamin F., carpenter, bds 603 H north 
Robey Dorsett, laborer, h 496 K south 
Robey Horatio, blacksmith, h 669 7th east 
Robey John, blacksmith, h 540 8th east 
Robey John A., carpenter, h 333 G north 
Robey John E., slavetrader, h 311 Va av 
Robey Mary, wid Edward, h 592 7th east 
Robey Thomas, laborer, h N south n 1± east 
Robey Townley B., tobacconist, 3d east, h 524 Va 

Robey Richard T., bricklayer, h 471 E south 
Robey William B., h 99 K south 
Robey William R., joiner, h 675 4th east 
Robinson Alfred (col'd), laborer, h 1st east n D 

Robinson Andrew J., printer, bds 358 D north 
Robinson Betsy (col'd), wid Alexander, h 237 L 

Robinson Bushrod (Wall, Stephens & Co.), cloth- 

ing, 322 Penn av, h 350 10th west 
Robinson Charles, machinist, h 577 10th east 
Robinson Charles W., trimmings, Mass av n 4th 

west, h do 
Robinson Edward B., custom-house, h 358 D 

Robinson Frances (col'd), h N J av, n N north 
Robinson G. (col'd), carman, h 710 6th west 
Robinson George W., tailor, h 438 Mass av 
Robinson Harriet, wid Thomas F., h 350 10th 

Robinson Henry (col'd), laborer, rooms 341 8th 

Robinson Henry, clerk War Dept 
Robinson J., weigher, h 71 4 J west 
Robinson James, carpenter, bds 416 H north 
Robinson James, clerk Treas Dept, bds 357 E 

Robinson James H., tailor, 583 Md av, h do 
Robinson James S. , bookbinder, bds 350 10th west 
Robinson John, printer, h 223 5th west 
Robinson John, sergt major, h 527 8th east 
Robinson John, shoemaker, h 570 9th east 
ROBINSON JOHN, watches and jewelry, 349 Pa 

av, h 98 F south 
Robinson John, watchman, h 391 20th west 
Robinson John G., lumber-inspector, h 527 10th 

Robinson John G., jr., carpenter, h 527 10th west 
Robinson John W., printer, h 550 H north 
Robinson Mary, wid Holsworth, h 190 23d west 
Robinson Matilda (col'd), washerwoman, h 159 B 

Robinson Nicholas, laborer, h 211 23d west 
Robinson Peter B., seaman, h 453 M north 
Robinson R. H. P., clerk Adams' express office, 

514 Penn av 
Robinson Snowden, police Capitol, bds 350 10th 

Robinson Solomon (col'd), seaman, h r 209 D 

Robinson Thomas H. , officer at the jail, h 430 3d 

Robinson Thomas J., clerk Patent Office, bds 323 

9th west 
Robinson Thomas S., physician, 350 10th west 
Robinson William (col'd), shoemaker, N Javn 

D south, h do 
Roby Elizabeth, wid Thomas, h 10th east n N 


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Roby Henry, shoemaker, h 434 K south 
Roby Thomas F., shipcurpenter, h 655 Md av 
Roby William, laborer, h 203 4th west 
Rocca Pasqual, street organ-player, h 296 B north 
Rochat Henry (Rochat & Caldwell), wood and 

coal, 14th west n G north, h 68 Penn av 
ROCHAT & CALDWELL (Henry Rochat and 
John H. Caldwell) , wood and coal, 14th west n 
G north 
Roche David, laborer, h L north n N J av 
Roche James R., clerk Indian Office, h 419 I nth 
Roche Mary A., wid Robert J., h 417 12th west 
Roche Maurice, huckster, h L north n N J av 
Roche Philip, cabinetmaker, h 540 1st west 
Roche Wm., G south n 8th west 
Roche Wm., laborer, h 259 N Y av 
Roche Wm., laborer, h L north n N J av 
Roche W. A,, wid, h 416 G north 
Rock Geo. W., printer, bds 383 6th west 
Rock Henry, stonecutter, bds 338 6th west 
Rock Henry, stonecutter, h 3d east n H north 
Rock Thomas, stonecutter, bds 257 D north 
Rockett Thomas E., laborer, h r 10th east n M 

ROCKWELL JOHN A., counsellor at law, 211 

F north, bds 446 15th west 
Rodbird Ephraim D., harness-maker, h 1st west n 

M north 
Rodgers Ann M., seamstress, h 189 D north 
Rodgers Benjamin F., clerk Treas Dept 
Rodgers John,' varnisher, h 585 I north 
Rodgers John, commander XJ S N, h 162 G north 
Rodgers Samuel Rev., h 552 10th west 
Rodgers Wm., combmaker, h 284 C south 
Rodgers William M., blacksmith, 11th west c C 

Rodh Ambrose, stonecutter, h 9th west bet M and 

N north 
Rodman Gilbert, chief clerk Treas Dept, bds 387 

Roemmele John C, grocer, 326 18th west and 
carpenter al K north, bet 18th and 19th west, 
h 326^- west 
Rogers Ann, wid Patrick, h 550 M north 
Rogers Augustus, printer, bds 588 I north 
Rogers Benjamin F., clerk, bds 385 C north 
Rogers George J., stonecutter, h 243 4th west 
Rogers Henry, prin clerk Treas Dept 
Rogers John W., bricklayer, bds 504 L north 
Rogers Johnson K., clerk, h 339 G north 
Rogers Joseph P., printer, h 550 M north 
Rogers Wm. H., lawyer, h 531 17th west 
Rohleder Frances, grocer, 252 F south, h do 
Rohr Frederick G., barkeeper at Brown's hotel 
Rolds Jacob, laborer, h 584 7th west 
Roles George, boatman, h 42 F south 
Rolland Adolph. (Lewis Seldner & Co.), clothing, 

296, 346, and 400 Penn av, h at Bait. 
Rolle Albert, engraver Coast Survey, h 18 A nth 
Rollings Louisa J., ladies' repository, 500 7th west 
Rollins E., bds Franklin house 
Rollins Edward P., painter, h 556 4th east 
Rollins Emily E., wid Alexander L., h 580 G 

Rollins Isaac, brassfinisher, h 437 I south 
Rollins Isaac N., bricklayer, bds 314 8th west 
Rollins James, blacksmith, h 568 I south 
Rollins James, laborer, h 556 4th east 
Rollins John A., h 22d west n Penn av 
Rollins John H., carpenter, h 556 4th east 
Rollins John AV., butcher, h 12th east n Penn av 
Rollins Joseph E., street corns, h 219 20th west 
Rollins Joshua, porter houses, 560 7th west, h do 
Rollins Robert, boiler-maker, h 479 6th east 
Rollins Washington, waterman, h 576 G north 
Rollins Washington, jr., plasterer, h 576 G north 

Rollins William, boatman, 469| K north 
Rollins William, tinner, h 437 I south 
Rollins Wm. C, potter, h 314 8th west 
Roney John, stonecutter, h B north n 4th east 
Rooker West B., lawyer, City Hall 
Rooney James, watchman, h 296 3d west 
Root David S., painter, 544 M north, h do 
Roper William B., stonecutter, h 552 3d east 
Rording Dennis, laborer, h 563 3d west 
Rose Adam L., shipcarpenter, h L south n 10th 

Rose George W., carpenter, h 433 8th west 
Rose Mary, dressmaker, 476 | Penn av, h do 
Rose Wm. H., machinist, h 593 10th east 
Rose William J., roll office State Dept, h 367 

Mass av 
Rosenbaum Herman, laborer, h 1st east n I north 
Rosenberry Joseph, plasterer, h 563 I north 
Rosenbush Wm., shoemaker, 313 D north, h do 
Rosenfeld Henry, clerk, 446 Penn av, h do 
Rosenthal Emil, shoes, Penn av, h 496 10th west 
Rosenthal Joseph, boots and shoes, 22 Mkt sp, h 

496 10th west 
Rosewag Godfrey, bookbinder, h 154 H south 
Roshier Margaret (col'd), h Plater's alley n K nth 
Rosier Catharine (col'd), widow Ignatius, h 539 

12th west 
Ross Charles (col'd), sawyer, h 15 Organ alley 
Ross Daniel (col'd), laborer, h 87 E south 
Ross Henry (col'd), laborer, h r 172 E south 
Ross Isaac W., shoemaker, h 458 9th west 
Ross Jane, school, 441 6th west, h 502 E north 
Ross John S., carpenter, bds 563 L north 
Ross Martha (col'd), school, 184 N Y av, h 87 

E north 
Ross Rezin (col'd), whitewasher, h 400 N Y av 
Ross Richard (col'd), porter, h 350 15th west 
Ross Susan (col'd), washerwoman, h 341 8th west 
Ross T. (col'd), whitewasher, h 96 13^ west 
Ross Theodore (col'd), porter, h 225 N J av 
Ross William (col'd), sawyer, h 344 Mass av 
Ross William L., policeman, h 563 L north 
Rossie & Foster, cloaks and mantillas, 506 9th 

Rotenbury Richard, tailor, h 398 10th west 
Roth Ambrose, huckster, 17 Northern market, h 

9th west n M north 
Roth Ambrose, stonecutter, h 285 9th west 
Roth Andrew, carpenter, h 361 10th west 
Roth Jacob, brewer, h 4th east n E north 
Rothrock Larkin P. (Franklin & Rothrock) , paper 

hangings, 505 9th west, h 664 6th west 
Rothrock Charles, clerk, bds 445 9th west 
Rothwell Andrew, fancy goods, 368 7th west, h do 
Rothwell Richard, stonecutter, h 9th eastn A nth 
Roura Lavinia, wid Joseph P., h 589 Pa av 
Rourke Bridget Mrs., dressmaker, H north near 

2d west 
Rourke Thomas, boiler-maker, h G sth n 4th east 
Rous John G., carpenter, h 401 K north 
Rouse Catharine, wid James, h 432 G south 
Roux Mary A., wid Charles, housekeeper, h K 

north n 15th west 
Rover John, huckster, 67 Northern mkt, h 1st 

west n I north 
Rowan Agnes Mrs., bds 476 12th west 
Rowe John, fluid dealer, 6th east n C south, h do 
Rowe Margaret, dressmaker, L north o 1st west 
Rowe Spencer, agent, 7th west n Pa av, h 10th 

west n Pa av 
Rowland Daniel, h 602* Md av 
Rowland J. A., clerk Attorney General, h F nth 

c 6th west 
Rowles James T., grocer, 43 7th west, h do 
Rudd James T., hairdresser, 521 9th west, h 699 

4th east 

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Ruff George R., clerk, h 600 7th east 

Ruff John A., boots and shoes, 436 Pa av, h 465 

E north 
Ruff Richard H., h 495 7th west 
Rugby House, 300 K north 

R U ger , clerk Patent Office, brls 434 G nth 

Ruger Oliver J., clerk P Dept, bds 9th west c 

F north 
Ruggles William, prof Columbian College, h do 
Rumpf Gottlieb, accountant, 89 E Capitol, bds 

452 Pa av 
Runge Carl A., laborer, h 51 7th west 
Runner Edward L., shoemaker, bds 10th west n 

I north 
Runner John H., carpenter, h 404 10th west 
RUPLE JACOB, restaurant, 369 19th west, h do 
Ruple John, plasterer, h 343 10th west 
Rupp Frederick, lager beer, 376 7th west, h do 
Rupp Frederick, medicines, 580 11th east, h do 
Rupp William, confectioner, 306 G north, h do 
Ruppert Anthony, butcher, 42 Northern market, 

h 11th north 
RUPPERT ANTHONY, restaurant, 319 8th west 
Ruppert Antone, butcher, 238 Centre market, h 

11th west 
Ruppert Casper, tailor, 361 7th west, h do 
Ruppert Christian, fancy goods, 522£ 7th west 
Ruppert Eva, wid Andrew, boarding-house, 319 

8th west 
Ruppert Henry, butcher, 33 Northern mkt and 

72 Centre mkt, h 11th west n D north 
Ruppert Ignatius, messenger Treas Dept, h 212 

N Yav 
Ruppert John, butcher, h 365 7th west 
Ruppert John, butcher, 3 Northern mkt and 51 

Centre mkt, h N Capitol n L north 
Ruppert Michael, boots and shoes, 365 7th west 
Russ Eben, student, bds 371 Pa av 
Russell A., clerk 2d Auditor's Office, bds 396 D 

Russell Alexander W., clerk Coast Survey, h 446 

D north 
Russell Charles H., blacksmith, h 527 E south 
Russell Charles P., school teacher, h 41 E Capitol 
Russell C.R., clerk Treas Dept 
Russell David (col'd), sawyer, h 342 Mass av 
Russell Jacob P., clerk, 442 Pa av 
Russell Jennett, wid William, h 523 8th east 
Russell John, carpenter, h 523 8th east 
Russell John, confectioner, Centre market, h E 

Capitol n 6th east 
Russell John T., plasterer, h 380 8th west 
Russell Joseph, waiter, h 19 13£ west 
Russell Sally, wid George, bds 303 8th west 
Russell Thomas, copperplate printer, h 335 B 

Russell Thomas (col'd), h 37 Organ al 
Russell Wm. W., paymaster U S A, h 252 I north 
Russell William, watchman, h 525 I south 
Rust A. Hon., member, h 385 E north 
Ruth E. F., clerk Indian Office, h 406 8th west 
Rutherdale John S., copperplate printer, 588 N 

J av, h 560 N J av 
Rutherford Alexander, marble yard, 471 13th 

west, h 307 E south 
Rutherford John, stonecutter, h 430 14th west 
Rutherford William, marble-worker, 352 E north, 

h 410 G north 
Rutherford William, stonecutter, h 410 13th west 
Ryan David, laborer, h 340 6th west 
Ryan Edward, laborer, h 340 6th west 
Ryan James, clerk, h 3d west n E south 
Ryan James, laborer, h 332 6th west 
Ryan John, grocer, 3d west n E south, h do 
Ryan John, laborer Patent Office, h 570 L north 
Ryan John T., bds Brown's hotel 

Ryan Malachi, laborer, h 290 2d west 

Ryan Mary, h 1£ west n south 

Ryan Mary, grocer, 3d west n D south 

Ryan Michael, grocer and liquors, 202 4i west 

Ryan Michael, stonemason, h N south n 4th west 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, h 3d west n D south 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, h 351 15th west 

Ryan William, clerk P Dept, h 455 11th west 

Ryan William, laborer, h 341 6th west 

Ryan William M. D. Rev., h 570 7th east 

Ryder Elizabeth, wid Clark, h 494 13th west 

Rye John T., wheelwright, h M north n 26th 

Rynard J. D., clerk, h N J av n N north 
Rynex Franklin S., salesman, 48 Market space, 

bds N Y av n 5th 
Rynex Samuel F., clerk, bds N Y av n 5th west 
Ryon Benjamin, clerk, bds 399 E north 
Ryon Richard J., grocer, 9th west c D north, h 

399 E north 
Ryther Edwin, R R agent, h Ga av n 11th east 

Sadler Thornton, shoemaker, h 552 14th west 
Saefline Sophia, wid John, h 5th west n N north 
Saenger John I. P., tailor, h I north n 4th west 
Saffell Charles H., carpenter, bds 290 9th west 
Saffell Elizabeth, dressmaker, 344 G north, h do 
Saffell Theresa A., wid Thomas W., h 290 9th 

Saffell Thomas J., bricklayer, bds 290 9th west 
Sage Franklin H., printer, 7th c La av, h 549 

Md av 
Sage Gustavus A., printer, h 549 Md av 
Sage Henry, pressman, h 82 E Capitol 
Sailer Bowman, clerk P Dept 
Sailer Francis, laborer, h l-£ west n P south 
St. Clair James W. (Burroughs & St. Clair), car- 
penter, 347 E north, h 478 14th west 
St. Clair Rosanna, furniture, 552 12th west, h do 
St. John George, plumber, h 185 7th west 
St. John Mary, wid John, h 670 4th east 
St. Joseph Male Orphan Asylum, 332 G north 
St. Vincent R. C, Female Orphan Asylum, 439 

10th west 
Salisbury, senator, bds 28 4^ west 
Salomon Samuel N., clerk Treas Dept 
Salzman John, cartman, h R north n 4th west 
Sampson Eliza Jane, h Canal n H south 
Sampson Henry, cartman, h 37 F north 
Sampson James W., laborer, Canal n H south 
Sampson Jesse (col'd), laborer, h 333 Mass av 
Sampson Lucy, wid Thomas, h 37 F north 
Sampson Thomas S. (col'd), laborer, h 2d east n 

K south 
SAMSON GEORGE W. REV., pres Columbia 

College, h do 
Samstag Samuel, auct and com, 512 7th west, and 

trimmings, 1144.^ west, h do 
Sanders Emeline (col'd), wid Robert, h 131 G- 

Sanders Lewis (col'd), laborer, h 214 B south 
Sanders Richard L. (col'd), plasterer, h 346 15th 

Sanderson A. J., clerk Land Office 
Sanderson Caroline, wid John, h 374 G north 
Sanderson Edward 0., porter-house, 407 L south 
Sanderson Georgianna, wid Charles, h 536 I south 
Sanderson John W., gasfitter, bds 374 G north 
Sanderson Nicholas G., guard at jail, h I south o 

11th east 
Sanderson Thomas, grocer, 4S4 G south, h 12th 

Sanderson Thomas, jr., grocer, G south c 10th 

east, h 13th east n G south 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, Philadelphia, 



Sanderson Thomas H., grocer, 583 11th east, h 

640 10th east 
Sandilands Thomas, stonecutter, h 231 Va av 
Sands Robert, daguerrean rooms, 16 Market sp 
Sands Thaddeus E., clerk, h 577 Md av 
Sanford Bushrod, laborer, h 14th west n C south 
Sanford Julia, tailoress, h 552 8th west 
Sanford Linas, laborer, h 705 3d west 
Sanford Washington, huckster, h 790 6th west 
Sanner James B., machinist, 590 10th east 
Sanner John F., carpenter, h 185 22d west 
Santry Candee, laborer, h 20 Organ al 
Sargent J. W., clerk Treas Dept 
Sargent Nathan, h 30 A south 
Saul John, nurseryman, 396 7th west, h do 
Saunders Alexander, laborer, h r 554 14th west 
Saunders A. E., clerk Treas Dept 
Saunders David, clerk P O Dept, h 409. E north 
Saunders George, machinist, h 588 "Va av 
Saunders Jefferson (col'd), blacksmith, h r 558 

10th west 
Saunders John S., 2d Lieut U S Arsenal, h do 
Saunders J. Henry D., sculptor, 660 M north 
Sauntry Wm., laborer, h Goat al 
SAUR GEORGE C. G., hairdresser, 497 7th west, 

h 346 4th west 
SAUTER HENRY A., wheelwright and black- 
smith, K north n 10th west, h 401 11th west 
Sauter John Q., blacksmith and wheelwright, K 

north n 10th west, h 143 21st west 
Sauter Michael J., confectioner, 336 Centre mkt, 

h 7th west n L north 
Sauter William, carpenter and confectioner, 292 

7th west, h do 
Savage George, hardware, 324 D north, h 372 

9th west 
Savage George, nursery, h 294 5th west 
Savage John, journalist, h 444 N north 
Savage Joseph L., hardware and house furnishing 

goods, 324 D north, h 485 11th west 
Savage Samuel F., II S N, bds 372 9th west 
Savoy Samuel (col'd), waiter, h 402 14th west 
Savoye Edward L. (col'd), laborer, h 188 K nth 
Sawyer Christianna, wid Levi, h r 14th west n L 

Sawyer H. B. Capt., U S N, bds Lafayette house 
Saxton Joseph, supfc weights and measures, h 304 

B south 
Saxton Robert, laborer, h 600 I south 
Saxty Frederick, clerk at Capitol, h 85 E Capitol 
Sayers James, stonecutter, h 137 E south 
Sayler Bowman, clerk P Dept, h 250 8th west 
Sayre James L.,' confectioner, 228 7th west, h do 
Scaggs James S., grocer, 432 7th west, h do 
Scalla Francis, musician, h 547 E south 
Scammell William C, printer, h Ind av n 2d 

Scanlan Edward, laborer, h 1st west c K north 
Scanlon Patrick, laborer, h 261 E south 
Scanlon Thomas, laborer, h G south c 3d east 
Scarburgh George P., judge Court of Claims, h 

342 N Y av 
Scarff Angelina, variety store, 517 11th east 
Scarff Thomas, blacksmith, h 517 11th east 
Schaefer Charles, restaurant, 216 7th west, h do 
Schaefer Henry, barber, 427 E north, h do 
Schaeffer George C, prof Ag'l Col of Md, h 499 

17th west 
Schaeffer G. F., h 11th west n E north 
Schaeffer H. Capt., bds Lafayette house 
Schaeffer Philip, tailor, h 299 C north 
SCHAFER GEO. F., tailor, 278Penn av, h 11th 

west n Penn av 
Schafer Martin, paper-hanger, bds 7th west n I 

Schaffer August, stonecutter, h 3d west n G nth 

Schaffer Charles, laborer, h 570 G north 
J Schaffer Charles, moulder, bds 440 I south 
Schaffer Conrad, carman, h 194 4£ west 
Schaffer Jacob, bricklayer, h 519 H north 
I Schaffer Peter, grocer, 337 6th west, h do 
I Schaffield Joseph, confectioner, 386 6th west 
! Schaieffer Elizabeth L., boarding, h 334 B north 
I Schall William, clerk Navy Dept, h 417 10th 

| Scheel John E., music-teacher, h 233 D north 
Scheidlin Jacob, machinist, h 29 A south 
SCHEIFLEY JACOB, plumber and gasfitter, 

273 Penn av, h 84 4§ west 
Schelemberg William, polisher, h I north n 7th 

Schellhaus R., instrument-maker, h 480 Penn av 
Schench George, huckster, 520 Centre and 128 

Northern mkts, h 8th west n P north 
Schenig Francis, musician, h 212 20th west 
Schenthal Joseph, clerk, 296 Penn av, h do 
Scherer Jacob, carpenter, h 4th west n Mass av 
Scherger William, restaurant. 512 Penn av, h do 
Schiebler Andrew, laceweaver, h 273 D north 
Schiefner Edward, hatter and scourer, 479 11th 

west, h do 
Schlegel Ferdinand, butter, 37 Northern mkt, h 

6th west c north 
Schlegel Gottleib, butter mkt, h 170 6th west 
Schleich Fritz, clerk, 482 7th west 
Schleif John, tailor, 583 8th east, h do 
Schloegel Charles A. Rev., h 181 F south 
Schlorb William, butcher, 1 Centre mkt, h O sth 

n 1st west 
Schlosser Henry, stonecutter, h Del av n I north 
Schlosser John H., stonecutter, h 620 Mass av 
Schlosser Martin, stonecutter, h 620 Mass av 
Schmal William, tailor, 219 Penn av, h do 
Schmidt Christian F., confectioner, 60 Penn av 
SCHMIDT FERDINAND, restaurant, E north c 

11th west, h do 
Schmidt Frederick, clerk Indian Office, h 257 9th 

Schmidt Jacob, restaurant, 489 6th west, h do 
"Schmidt Sonnens, clerk at the Capitol, h 19 E 

Schmitt Andrew, clothing, 4.^ west n G south 
Schmitt Francis J., h 4£ west n G south 
Schmitt Jacob, engineer, h 171 K north 
Schneider Charles A. (F. & A. Schneider), iron- 
founder, Penn av c 18th west, h 174 Penn av 
Schneider Christian G., bellhanger, 271 Penn av, 

h 427 11th west 
Schneider Frederick (F. & A. Schneider), iron- 
founder, Penn av c 18th west, h 356 18th west 
Schneider Gottlieb C. (L. H & G. C. Schneider), 

brassfounder, 271 Penn av, h 431 12th west 
Schneider John, baker, 330 Mass av, h do 
Schneider Lewis H. (L. H. <fc G. C. Schneider), 

brassfounder, 271 Penn av, h 429 12th west 
Schneider F. & A. (Frederick & Charles A.), iron- 
founders, Penn av c 18th west 
SCHNEIDER L. H. & G. C, brassfounders and 

finishers, 271 Penn av 
Schnell Frederick, coaehmaker, h 543 12th west 
SCHNELL GEO., restaurant and hotel, 304 and 

306 E north, h do 
Schnopp John A., shoemaker, 4J west n G south 
Schoenborne Henry P., architect and (Ruhter £ 

Schoenborne) brewer, r 630 E south, h 5th east 

n A north 
Schoepf Albin, examiner Patent Office, bds "203 

6th west 
Schofield John, huckster, Northern mkt, h Sth 

west n north 
Soholfield John P., huckster, h Sth west n nth 
Soholfield Joseph, patent-agent, 467 Sth west 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jars. 




h at 

Schonborn August, draughtsman, h 87 E Capitol 
Schoolcraft Henry R., author, h 256 F north 
Schopp John, stonecutter, h 4£ east bet C and D 

Schott Charles A. , asst Coast Survey, h 564 N J av 
Schott John G., messenger at Cap, h 362 B nth 
Schreiner Charles W., clerk Treas Dept, h 397 

N Y av 
Schreiner Herman, clerk, 521 7th west, bds 479 

10th west 
Schripler Casper, carpenter, h 66 D south 
Schrodel Frederick, shoemaker, 514 H nth, h do 
Schroeder August, musician, h 9th east n G south 
Sehroth Charles, butcher, h 405 Va av 
SCHUCKING ALFRED, attorney and claim- 
agent, 18 Market sp Penn av, h 587 M north 
Schucknecht Amelia, wid August, h 524 K north 
Schuermann Charles W., prof of music, 402 16th 

west, h do 
Schulthies Henry, tailor, 332 C nth, h 50 La av 
Schultz August, laborer, h 6th east n B north 
Schultz Christian, cabinetmaker, h 153 Del av 
Schultz Elizabeth, wid Joseph, h 548 9th east 
Schultz George, wheelwright, 298 N Y av, h K 

Schultz John, laborer, h 11th east n G north 
Schulz William P., draughtsman, h 426 Carroll pi 
Schulze William, grocer, 286 7th west, h do 
Schusler Martin, bricklayer, h L north n N Cap 
Schuster John, barkeeper, h 489 8th west 
Schutter Hubert(Schutter & Michaelson) , painter, 

342 G north, h do 
Schutter & Michaelson (Hubert Schutter & Mi- ! 

chaelson), painters, 342 G north 
Schwartz Joseph, clerk, h 222 22d west 
SCHWARTZE JOHN, druggist, 468 Penn av, 

bds 447 do 
Schwarze Joseph R. B., oysters, 4-98 12th west, 

h 508 11th west 
Schwarzman Gustavus A., clerk P 0, h 3d west 

n F north 
Schweitzer Adam, laborer, h S north n 4th west j 
Schwiering Frederick, cabinetmaker, h 8th west j 

n E north 
Schwinghamer Eugene, grocer, 13£ west c D nth 
Scott Alexander, clerk Treas Dept, h 502 E north j 
Scott Ann, wid John, h 661 K south 
Scott Ann, wid William B., h 185 H north 
Scott Ann H., boarding-house, 425 Penn av 
Scott Christina (col'd), wid Enos, h 9th east n B 

Scott Edmund (col'd), laborer, h r 355 13th 

Scott Elizabeth, seamstress, h 482 Mass av 
Scott Ellen (col'd), domestic, h C south n 3d east 
Scott George A., finisher, h 557 K south 
Scott George F., salesman, 302 Penn av 
Scott Horatio C, late planter, h 466 6th west 
Scott Jane, wid Charles, h 337 G north 
Scott James, laborer, h 180 D south 
Scott James, machinist, h 671 K south 
Scott James F., clerk Bureau Construction, 

north n 19th west 
Scott Jane, wid John D., h 578 L north 
Scott Jane (col'd), domestic, h 202 K north 
Scott Jasper, moulder, bds 650 8th east 
Scott John, clerk, bds 452 Penn av 
Scott John, huckster, 512 Centre mkt_ 

Scott John, laborer, h 604 I south 
Scott John B., clerk, 341 Pa av, bds 452 Pa av 
SCOTT JOHN B., painter, 12th west c E north, 

h 257 Va av 
Scott John B., plasterer, h 9th west n P north 
Scott John T., laborer, h 332 Va av 
Scott Lawrence (col'd), driver, h r 355 13th west 

Scott Leonidas (col'd), carpenter, 398 2d east, h 

462 5th east 
Scott Robert K., lawyer, h 497 12th west 
Scott Samuel, provision-dealer, 580 C north, h do 
Scott Sandy (col'd), carpenter, h 406 4th west 
Scott Thomas A., clerk P Dept, h 358 B south 
Scott William, bookbinder, h 310 8th west 
Scott William, painter, h 661 K south 
Scott William, pressman, bds 259 4th west 
Scott William (col'd), carpenter, h 179 3d west 
Scott William A., carpenter, h 667 K south 
Scott William A., engineer, h 289 E north 
Scott Wm. T., blacksmith, h 11th east n N south 
Scriber Columbus, h 259 G north 
Scrivener Benjamin, clerk, bds 472 I north 
Scrivener John, collector at Clagett & Mays, h 472 

I north 
Scrivener John D., carpenter, bds 472 I north 
Scrivener Lewis H., shoemaker, h 173 24th west 
Scrivener Mary A., wid Charles, h 595 M north 
Scrivener Peyton, bricklayer, bds 472 I north 
Scrivener Thomas, grocer, 330 Del av, h 16 A 

Scrivener Thomas, jr., lawyer, 486 12th west, h 

16 A north 
Scrivener Thomas S., bricklayer, h 378 9th west 
Scully Patrick, laborer, h 500 3d west 
Seabower John, butcher, 2 Centre mkt, h Mass av 
Seafer John, tailor, h 511 11th west 
Searles I. Mrs., boarding-house, 383 Penn av 
Searman Adam, tailor, h 195 23d west 
Sears Bernard, bds 307 Penn av 
Sears Charles A. (J. W. Sears & Bro.), dry goods, 

48 Market space, h 452 11th west 
Sears Clinton, clerk, bds 445 I north 
SEARS JAMES W. & BRO. (Chas A Sears), dry 

goods, 48 Market space, bds 337 Penn av 
Sears Rebecca, wid James W., h 445 I north 
Sears William, watchman, h 134 H north 
Seaton Wm. W. (Gales & Seaton), National In- 
telligencer, 513 7th west, h 423 E north 
Sebastian Richard, huckster, h 10th west n E 

Sebastian William B., locktender, h Canal opp 

17th west 
Seeger William, watchmaker, 630 8th east, h do 
Seemer Gotfried, painter, 345 1st east 
Seibert John (col'd), messenger, h 185 F north 
Seidenspinner George, shoes, 44 La av, h 48 

SeirTert Henry, h 227 5th west 
Seip Elizabeth, wid John, h F north n 24th west 
Seip Henry, laborer, h F north n 24th west 
Seitz Frederick, segar-maker, h 313 D north 
Seitz Frederick, segars, 398 7th west, h 409 do 
SEITZ GEORGE, baker and confectioner, 361 

N Y av, h do 
Seitz Heinrich, segars, 275 Penn av, h do 
Seitz Henry, segars, 620 8th east, h do 
Seitz Henry, jr., segars, 411 Penn av, h do 
Selbey James, gunsmith, h 60 D south 
Selby Henry E., laborer, h 569 I south 
Selby Susan, school, 569 I south, h do 
Selby William T., carman, h 579 11th west 
Selden clerk, bds 215 F north 

Selden James, clerk Bureau of Construction, h 

Washington Co 
Selden James M., Lieut Revenue Service, bds, 

348 N Y av 
Selden Mary E., wid Col. James M., h 348 N Y av 
Selden Thos. A., clerk, 476 7th west, h 348 N Y av 
Selden William Col., District Marshall, h 418 

N Yav 
Selden William C, engineer U S N, bds 348 

N Yav 
Selden William H., clerk Treas Dept 

See Advertisement of "Old Dominion" Coffee and Tea Pot. 



Seldin Sophia (cold), h 169 4* west 

Seldner Lewis & Co. (Eva Seldner and Adolph 

Rolland), clothing, 296, 346, and 400 Penn av, 

h at Bait 
Seldner Eva (Lewis Seldner & Co.), 296, 346, and 

400 Penn av, h at Bait 
Self Bradley, laborer, h G- south c 7th east 
Self Stephen, laborer, h r 1st west n F south 
Sellers John, clerk, bds 571 H north 
Sellhausen Frederick W., segars, 417 7th west 
Seltinan Charles, carver, 261 F north, h 12th west 

n T north 
Seniken Henry, watches and jewelry, 330 Pa av, 

h 520 H north 
SEMMES ALEXANDER J., physician, 345 19th 

west, h do 
Semmes John B. (Barbour & Semmes), grocer, 

65 La av, h Va av n 8th west 
Semmes John H. (Murray & Semmes), grocer, 

407 Pa av, h Md av c 7th west 
Semmes John H. (John H. Semmes & Co.), gro- 
cer, 523 9th west, h Public sp bet 7th and 8th 

Semmes John H. & Co. (John R. Murray & Wil- 
liam H. Brawner), grocers, 523 9th west 
Semmes Thomas F., h Pa av n U S hotel 
Semple David, cabinetmaker, h 509 10th west 
Sendorfl' Elizabeth, school, I north n 10th west, h 

443 I north 
Sengstack Charles A. (Magee& Co.), segars, 493 

8th west, h 359 12th west 
Sengstack C. P., warden of Penitentiary, h do 
Sengstack C. P. jr., deputy warden of Peniten- 
tiary, h do 
Sengstack L. K., guard Penitentiary 
Sengteller Alex., engraver, h 353 6th west 
Senkencl Conrad, blacksmith, h 3d east n Mass 

Sensner George W., machinist, bds N south c 3d 

Sentus Mathew, tailor, h 200 7th west 
Sergeant Adeline Mrs., bookbindery, 391 E nth, 

bds Avenue house 
Serpell George W., clerk, bds Franklin house 
Serrah John, engineer, h 428 G south 
Serrin Christiana, wid fm., h 193 I north 
Serrin Daniel C, carpenter, h M north n 26th 

Serrin Thomas, carpenter, h 205 22d west 
Sessford Andrew, bookbinder Treas Dept, h 499 

L north 
Sessford George A., harness-maker, 309 E north, 

h 11th west n-0 north 
Sessford John, h 317 D north 
Sessford John, bricklayer, bds 506 14th west 
Sessford John, printer, h 387 L south 
Sessford John H.. printer, h 253 D north 
Sessford Joseph, clerk, h 506 14th west 
Sessford Joseph, pattern-maker, h 272 C north 
Sessford Joseph S., clerk, 237 Penn av, bds 506 

14th west 
Sessford Margaret, wid James, h 506 14th west 
Sestini Benedict Rev., prof Gonzaga College 
Settle Alexander, printer, h 365 15th west 
Setz Felix, gardener, h H north c 9th east 
Seufferlee George J. (Jackson, Brother & Co.), 

grocer, 333 Pa av, h 484 E north 
Seufferle John J., confectioner, 592 7th west 
Sewall Maria Mrs., h 328 3d west 
Seward William H. Hon., senator, h 252 F nth 
Sewell Joseph II., blacksmith, bds 355 8th west 
Sewell Lewis II., lightning-rods, h 286 8th west 
Sewell Richard (coi'd), laborer, h 277 21st west 
Sewell Walter T., carpenter, h 355 Sth west 
Sexton John, laborer, h 67 2d west 
Sexton Mathias, laborer, h 294 3d west 

Seybolt F. J., clerk Treas Dept 

Seymour Babel (col'd), laborer, h 469 11th west 

Seymour Eliza Miss, h 317 G north 

Seymour Lorenzo (col'd), oysters, 12th west n H 

north, bds 410 11th west 
Seymour Richard (col'd), oysters, h 410 11th 

Seymour Robert (col'd), oysters, 11th west c I 

north, h 410 11th west 
Shackelford James, watchman, h 217 Pa av 
Shackleford Richard, laborer, h 3d west n H 

Shackleford Thomas, fisherman, h 724 6th west 
Shafer Casper, butcher, 62 Centre mkt, h 7th 

west n Boundary 
Shafer John, boarding, h 482 10th west 
Shafer John, shoemaker, h 178 6th west 
SHAFER JOHN C, agent leather and findings, 

289 Pa av, h 510 14th west 
Shaffer Augustus, stonecutter, h 312 3d west 
Shaffer Frederick, watchman, h 590 I north 
Shaffer John, laborer, h 344 4th west 
Shain Michael, blacksmith, h r 554 10th west 
Shakell Benjamin R., bds 366 D north 
Shakell Francis M.. clerk, bds 366 D north 
Shakell James H., bds 366 D north 
Shakspeare Thomas, stonecutter, h 36 Ohio av 
Shaley Catharine, groceries, 294 2d west, h do 
Shallcross James P., bricklayer, h 4th west n 

Shaloo Patrick, laborer, h A north n 4th east 
Shamwell Hanson (col'd), porter, h 123 4£ west 
Shanahan Daniel, h 699 H north 
Shanahan Darby, laborer, h 181 5th west 
Shanahan Johanna, variety, 490 11th west, h do 
Shanahan Mary, widow Timothy, h 2d east n D 

Shane James, h 76 C south 
Shane John, laborer, h 76 C south 
Shane Philip, boatman, h 76 C south 
Shanessey Michael, laborer, h 302 3d west 
Shangler Frederick, barber, bcls 608 8th east 
Shanhause Harmon, paper-hanger, h 5th west n 

Q north 
Shanihan John, laborer, h 511 Va av 
Shanks Michael, h 246 E north 
Shannon William A., clerk Treas Dept, h 339 12th 

Sharp Matilda, wid Benjamin, h 143 Md av 
Sharretts George E. W., clerk Treas Dept, h 458 

N north 
Shaughnessey John, laborer, h 45 Washington 
Shaughnessey Michael, laborer, h r 295 1st west 
Shaughnessy Michael, laborer, h 12 Ohio av 
Shaughnessy William, grocer, 155 Del av, h do 
Shaw Alexander (col'd), shoemaker, 349 E north, 

h 320 10th west 
Shaw Alfred C, printer, h 38S 10th west 
Shaw George K., clerk Patent Office, h 264 Sth 

Shaw Granville C, paper-hanger, h 171 17th west 
Shaw James, bricklayer, bds 442 M south 
Shaw John, grocer, 179 7th west, h do 
Shaw John, watchman Land Office, h 404 K nth 
Shaw Louisa, wid Richard, grocer, 19S 3d west 
Shaw Marshall G., carpenter, h 571 17th west 
Shaw Nicholas F., clerk, 5 Market sp, bds 337 

Penn av 
Shaw Peggie (col'd), h Temperance Hall al 
Shaw Sandy (col'd), cook, h 355 10th west 
Shaw William, collector, h 571 17th west 
Shawder Charles (col'd), former, h 256 D north 
Shea B., laborer, h 209 F south 
Shea Cornelius, laborer, h 297 4th west 
Shea David, laborer, h 61 A north 
Shea Dennis, laborer, h 56 Penn av 

The Old " Dominion" Coffee Pot saves one-third. 



Shea John, carpenter, h 512 H north 
Shea John, laborer, h 430 20th "west 
Shea Michael, laborer, h 200 M north 
Shea Michael, laborer, h 539 14th west 
Shea Patrick, laborer, h B north n 4th east 
Shea Thomas, shoemaker, 394 B north, h do 
Sheady Martin, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Sheaffer Geo. W., bds 365 E north 
Sheaffer John, h 400 Perm av 
Sheaffer John L., clerk, h 365 E north 
Sheaffer Leonard M., boatman, bds 365 E north 
Sheahan Donnel, laborer, h N north n 5th west 
Sheahan Jeremiah, laborer, h r 462 B south 
Sheahan John, laborer, h 477 Mass av 
Sheahan Thomas, laborer, h r 462 B south 
Shearer Charles E., printer, h 570 L north 
Shearman George W., blacksmith, h 488 K south 
Shearman William P., clerk Treas Dept 
Sheay Edward, laborer, bds 464 F north 
Sheckells Catharine, wid Thomas, h 604 C north 
Sheckels Levi, wagoner, h 44 Washington 
Sheckels Mary, widow Thomas, h 474 10th west 
Sheckels Merritt, sailmaker, h 517 E south 
Sheckels Theodore, grocer, 371 7th west, h do 
Sheckels Thomas, laborer, h 570 9th east 
Shedd James J., h 203 14th west 
Shedd William, machinist, h north n 10th west 
Shedd Wm. P., fancy goods, 502 11th west, h do 
Sheehan James, laborer, h al r 246 C north 
Sheehan James A., silver-plater, h 8th west n E 

Sheehan Michael, polisher, h r 2d east n C north 
Sheehy Ann, wid Edward, h 514 G north 
Sheehy John, laborer, h 209 23d west 
Sheehy Boger, h 10th west n P north 
Sheele Andrew T.,' butcher, 25 Northern and 56 

Centre mkt, h at Georgetown 
Sheele Augustus D., butcher, 31 Northern mkt, 

h at Georgetown 
Sheele Frederick, butcher, 56 Centre mkt, h 

Sheen Daniel, laborer, h 610 Mass av 
Sheen Thomas, laborer, h r H north n 2d east 
Sheets John S., hackman, h 633 7th west 
Sheeves Bachel (col'd), wid Clements, h 249 Vt 

Shehan Daniel, grocer, 72 A south, h do 
Shehan John, laborer, h 54 Washington 
Shehan John, laborer, h 305 3d west 
Shehan Mary, grocer, 408 B north, h do 
Sheid John T., huckster, 39 Centre mkt, h 7th 

west n S north 
Sheid Thompson, turner, h 565 I north 
Shekell Francis M., clerk, 464 7th west, h 366 D 

Shekell George, barkeeper, h 92 C south 
Shelby John, constable, h 51 A north 
Sheldon John P., clerk, bds 209 Penn av 
Shelton Francis, wid Barton, h 703 4th east 
Shelton, John, blacksmith, h 478 M south 
Shelton Joseph, sexton, h 12th east n D north 
Shelton Samuel, laborer, h Ga av n 13th east 
Shenahan Timothy, laborer, h 82 2d west 
Shephard Alexander B., clerk, 269 Penn av, h 

440 9th west 
Shepherd Mary S., milliner, 407 5th west 
Shepherd Susan, wid Alexander, h 440 9th west 
Shepherd William, carpenter, h Ga av n 12th east 
Shepherd William D., bookseller, 524 7th west, h 

471 6th west 
Sheppard Peter (col'd), laborer, h 13 £ w r est n D 

Shepperd J. N., clerk Treas Dept 
Shepperd James H., blacksmith, bds N south cor 

11th east 
Shepperd Joseph, laborer, h N south cor 11th east 

Sher Michael, laborer, h 233 3d west 

Sheriff George L., wood and coal, 47 4£ west, h 

3d west n F north 
Sherman Charles E., lawyer, h 413 3d west 
Sherman Charles B., clerk Treas Dept 
Sherman Elder H., clerk, bds 413 3d west 
Sherman James W., cutter, h I north bet 9th and 

10th west 
Sherman Michael, laborer, h 356 B north 
Sherman Stephen H. , coal and wood, Georgetown, 

h 412 20th west 
Sherrid William F., physician, h 459 D north 
Sherrold James, laborer, h Jackson n 1st east 
Sherry Dominick, engineer, h 568 11th east 
Sherry Francis, clerk, bds 630 11th east 
Sherwood Charles W., carpenter, 8th west cor I 

north, h 361 8th west 
Sherwood James H., late druggist, bds 219 22d 

Sherwood Perry, huckster, 142 Centre market, h 

at Tenleytown 
Sherwood Samuel, messenger Treas Dept . 
Shick John, carpenter, h 525 10th west 
Shields Bernard, junk, h 294 F south 
Shields Catherine, wid John, h 433 13th west 
Shields Charles, junk, h 294 F south 
Shields James (cold), brickmaker, h r O north n 

10th west 

A., h 412 14th west 

i messenger Patent Office, h 408 

Shields James V. 
Shields James W 

14th west 
Shields John E. 

339 Penn av, h 

(Griffith & Shields), hardware, 
358 11th west 
Shields John V., Patent Office, h 234 4th west 
Shields John W., carpenter, h 539 10th west 
Shields Lawrence, stonecutter, bds 433 13th west 
Shields Sarah, wid James, h 437 5th west 
Shields Timothy V., stonecutter, h 266 5th west 
Shields William, h K north cor 12th west 
Shilling Alexander, locksmith, 367 E north, h do 
Shilling John, shoemaker, 531 Va av, h do 
SHILLINGTON JOSEPH, books and periodicals, 

444 Penn av, h 510 G north 
Shine Michael, clerk Land Office, h 341 F north 
Shiner Michael (col'd), painter, h 474 9th east 
Shinners John G., fruiterer, h L north c 1st west 
Ship John, stonecutter, h 121 4| west 
Shipley Francis, clerk, bds 384 9th west 
Shipley Gustavus W., h 398 E north 
Shipley Henry, h 478 Penn av 
Shipley John W., tailor, h 411 11th west 
Shiras Alexander, captain U S A, h 217 F north 
Shirman James W., cutter, 358 Penn av, bds 458 

10th west 
Shivers Adam, brickmaker, h N J av n L south 
Shober William A., printer, bds 490 G north 
Shoemaker George Augustus Hon., member, h 

485 6th west 
Shoemaker Joseph L., butcher, 67 Centre market, 

h at Georgetown 
Shoemaker Lewis, coppersmith, h 602 7th east 
Shoemaker Samuel, huckster, 320 Centre mkt, 

h Montgomery county 
Shoemaker Thomas, butcher, 52 Centre and 44 

X Liberty markets, h 9th west n P north 
Shoemaker Thomas E., butcher, h 170 9th west 
Shoemaker Thomas S., butcher, 44 Northern mkt 

and 52 Centre mkt, h 9th west n P north 
Short Edward, laborer, h 455 I south 
Short George, shoemaker, bds 442 M south 
Shortell Edward, laborer, h 567 L north 
Shorter Basil (col'd), waterman, h 377 I north 
Shorter Catharine, wid Bichard, h 266 21st west 
Shorter Charles (col'd), whitewasher, h r 10th 

west n O north 
Shorter Henry (col'd), coachman, h 512 N north 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, manufactured by 



Shorter Isaac (col'd), laborer, h r 410 N north 
Shorter John (col'd), waiter, h 345 20th west 
Shorter John W. (col'd), waiter, h 388 13th west 
Shorter Joseph (col'd) (Shorter & Clarke), bar- 
ber, 513 9th west, h 473 Mass av 
Shorter William H. (col'd), laborer, h 387 I nth 
Shorter & Clarke (col'd) (Joseph Shorter and 

Philip Clarke), barbers, 513 9th west 
Shoue John, laborer, h 484 Q north 
Shreeves Thomas, boat captain, h 81 F south 
Shreve James H., livery stable, 380 7th west, h 

493 I north 
Shreve James H. jr., livery stable, 7th west, h 

368 8th west 
Shreve John H., huckster, 522 Centre market, h 

260 7th west 
Shreve Samuel, huckster, 47 Centre market, h 

275 7th west 
Shreve William, huckster, Northern market, h 

7th west n L north 
Shreve William 0., restaurant, 262 7th west, h do 
Shriver Abraham F., bookkeeper at Riggs & Co., 

h 466 10th west 
Shroth Charles, butcher, 46 Northern market, h 

Va av n 2d east 
Shubrick William, Com U S N, h 308 H north 
Shugert John W., clerk Patent Office, h 502 H 

Shugert Samuel T., chief clerk Patent Office, h 

361 F north 
Shultz George J., wheelwright, N Y av, h 432 K 

Shulze F. S., clerk Treas Dept 
Shuman Septimus T., druggist, 4| west c F south 
Shuster Henry, clerk, bds 532 H north 
Shuster Wm. M. (W. M. Shuster & W. H. Cla- l 

gett) , dry goods, 38 Market sp, h H north n 7th 

SHUSTER W. M. & W. H. CLAGETT, dry! 

goods, 38 Market sp 
Shute Samuel M. Rev., professor Columbian Col- 
lege, h do 
Shyne M. R., clerk Land Office 
Sibley E. S., Major U S A, h 10 Madison pi 
Sibley James, bone mill, h 210 L north 
Sibley John, laborer, h 264 20th west 
Sibley William J. (Sibley & Guy), stoves, &c, 

322 D north, h 411 13th west 
SIBLEY & GUY (W. J. Sibley & B. F. Guy), 

stoves, grates, and house furnishing goods, 322 

D north 
SIBREY WILLIAM, plasterer, h 321 9th west 
Sickle Marks, millinery and fancy goods, Penn 

av n 8th west, h 11th west n Penn av 
Sickles Daniel E., M C 

Sieben Frank P., shoemaker, 54 A south, h do 
Sieben John, tailor, h 521 6th east 
Siebert Selmer, engraver, 376 Md av, h do 
Sieck William, tailor, 263 F north, h do 
Siegel Benjamin, wine, segars, &c, 391 Penn av, 

bds Penn av n 6th 
Siegel Moses, millinery and fancy goods, 379 

Penn av, h Penn av 
Sievers Henry, grocer, 435 7th west, h do 
Sikle Michael, fancy goods, 34.} Market sp, h 

10th west n C north 
Silence John T., painter, h 8 24th west 
Simmerzer Leonard, huckster, 107 Centre mkt, h 

I north n 12th east 
Simmon Frank, watchman, h alley bet 1st and 2d 

east and B and C north 
Simmons Augustus, carman, h 115 D south 
Simmons John, blacksmith, h 11th east n O south 
Simmons John B., plasterer, h P north n 15th west 
Simmons Louisa (col'd), wid Washington, h L 

north n 17th west 

Simmons Thomas, tinner, h 8 E Capitol 

Simmons William, bricklayer, h 428 M north 

Simms Anthony (col'd), laborer, h 331 C south 

Simms Caleb (col'd), waiter, bds 393 B south 

Simms C. C, Lieut U S N 

Simms D., laundress, h 229 E south 

Simms Daniel (col'd), laborer, h r 554 10th west 

Simms Edward, h 390 C north 

Simms Eliza (col'd), washerwoman, h N J av n C 

Simms Euridice, wid Alexis, h 427 10th west 
Simms George (col'd), laborer, h north n 10th 

Simms Giles G. C. (Matthews & Simms), drug- 
gist, 498 Penn av, h 2d east n Ga av 
Simms Henry (col'd), laborer, h Goat al 
Simms John (col'd), barber, h 10 Organ al 
Simms John (col'd), carman, h r 286 G north 
Simms John (col'd), laborer, h 345 20th west 
Simms John T., barber, h 10 Madison 
Simms John W., carpenter, M north n 9th west 
Simms Joseph, fisherman, h 2d east n N south 
Simms Joseph (col'd), driver, h M north n 15th 

Simms Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h r 554 10th 

Simms Quillas (col'd), laborer, h 428 E south 
Simms Richard (col'd), cartman, h N Y av n 20th 

Simms Sampson, h 486 L north 
Simms Samuel (Smoot & Simms), druggist, 488 

L north, h 486 L north 
Simms Sandy (col'd), laborer, h 621 4th east 
Simms Sarah (col'd), washerwoman, h Plater's 

al n K north 
Simms Thomas (col'd), hackman, h 13 Jackson 

Hall al 
Simms William (col'd), laborer, h 621 4th east 
Simon Charles, cook, h 468 11th west 
Simon Elizabeth, h 268 5th west 
Simonds George H., carpenter, h 4th east n E 

Simonds Maggie E., teacher, h 6th east n G south 
Simonds Stephen, laborer, h 9th east n D south 
Simons Ann, wid Simon, h 126 4th west . 
Simons E. L., edge tool maker, 438 7th west, h do 
Simons John, paver, h 268 5th west 
Simons Johnson, shoemaker, h 574 N J av 
Simons Sarah A. Mrs., h 471 1st west 
Simons William (col'd), tinner, h 416 11th west 
Simonton Florida, h 424 G north 
Simpson Edward F., agricultural implements, 519 

7th west, h 398 E north 
Simpson Eliza (col'd), washerwoman, h I south n 

1st east 
Simpson George B, clerk Land Office, bds 9th 

west c F north 
Simpson James, blacksmith, h 376 B south 
Simpson John (col'd), waiter, h 3d east n S C av 
Simpson Josiah, h 563 6th west 
Simpson J. H., Capt U S A., bds 447 Penn av 
Simpson P., clerk Treas Dept, 486 N north 
Simpson Presley, clerk P Dept, h456 12th west 
Simpson Sarah A., wid Charles R., h 435 I north 
Simpson Thomas P. (Young, Simpson & Co.), 

liquors, 525 7th west, h 376 E north 
Simpson Tobias (col'd), carpenter, h 368 B south 
SIMPSON WM. S., Simpson house, 283 Penn av 
Sims Amelia (col'd), washerwoman, h 8th west n 

G north 
Sims Henry (col'd), porter, h 497 3d west 
Sims John'M., clerk Treas Dept, 486 H north 
Sincell Henry, carpenter, bds 472 11th west 
Sinclair Cyrus, bds 4th west n N north 
Sinclair John, lightning rods, h 242 20th nest 
Sinclair John W., machinist, h 684 4th east 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, 117 and 119 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia. 



Sinclair Richard E., plasterer, bds 242 20th west 
Sinclair Thomas L., clerk, 36 Mkt sp, bds 359 5th 

Sinclair William W., carpenter, bds 242 20th 

Sindkin Conrad, blacksmith, Md av c 3d east, h 

3d east n D north 
Singer I. M. & Co. (N Y), sewing machines, 388 

Penn av 
Singleton Caldwell, clerk P 0, bds 434 G north 
Singleton John N., h 354 6th west 
Simon John, h 474 Md av 
Sionon Thomas, engineer, bds 225 4th west 
Sioussa Augustus T., manager at Riggs & Co., h 

361 13th west 
Sioussa Charles, plasterer, h 361 18th west 
Sioussa Charles M., clerk 341 Penn av, bds 361 

18th west 
Sioussa Frederick, porter Bank of the Metropolis, 

h 450 L north 
Sioussa John, carpenter, h 456 N Y av 
Sioussa John, h 385 N Y av 
Sipe Edward H., engraver, h 4th west n N Y 

Sipe Hezekiah, shoemaker, h 188 4th west 
Sipes Henry N. Rev., bds 232 6th west 
Sipos Paul, wines and liquors, 431 E north, bds 

247 F north 
Sippel William, shoemaker, bds 239 F north 
Sissell Christina, wid William, seamstress, h 507 

L north 
Sisson Jesse, tobacconist, 629 7th west, h do 
Sisters of Charity, h 439 10th west 
Sitz John, baker, 329 5th west, h do 
Skahin John laborer, h N north n 5th west 
Skahin John, jr., laborer, h N north n 5th west 
Skay George S., laborer, h A north n 5th east 
Skidmore Henry, laborer, h 175 24th west 
Skidmore James, huckster, h G south n 11th west 
Skidmore Louis, cartman, h Md av n 13| west 
Skidmore Mary E., dressmaker, h 424 12th west 
Skidmore Samuel, wheelwright, h 602 I south 
Skidmore William, huckster, h 594 11th west 
Skillman James (col'd), laborer, h 65 A north 
Skinner Alexander, waterman, h 709 7th west 
Skinner A. Price, clerk, bds 357 E north 
Skinner Horace L., clerk Land Office, h 352 6th 

Skinner St. John B. L., chief clerk Appointment 

Bureau, bds 334 N Y av 
Skinner William, waterman, h 709 7th west 
Skippon Charles M., tailor, h 276 9th west 
SKIRVING JAMES, stoves and tinware, 267 

Penn av, h 377 E north 
Skirving John, tin and stoves, 466 11th west, h 

375 Mass av 
Skirving John, jr., tin and sheetiron worker, 466 

11th west, h 375 Mass av 
Slack James, coachdriver, h 105 F south 
Slagle Alexander, daguerrean, h H north n 3d 

Slagle George W., painter, h H north n 3d east 
Slagle John W., ambrotypes, 441 7th east, h H 

north n 3d east 
Slater Anna, wid David, h 347 F north 
Slater Francis (col : d), barber, h E south n 9th 

Slater Thomas, stonepolisher, h 3d west n Me av 
Slatford George W., bricklayer, h 670 N north 
Slatford James T., plasterer, h 128 4th west 
Sleeper Jonas H., clerk Avenue house 
Slemmer Charles, clerk War Dept 
Slemmer William, clerk P O Dept 
Slicer C. H., clerk at Patent Office, bds 452 Penn 

Slidell John Hon., senator, h 312 H north 

Slight James P., carpenter, h 630 11th west 
Slight Pringle, carpenter, h l£ west n F south 
Slight Robert, carpenter, h 1§- west n F south 
Slim George (col'd), cartman, h 114 F north 
Slim Mahala (col'd), washerwoman, h 114 F nth 
Slingland Jacob, carpenter, h 619 Va av 
Sloan Alford A., stoves, 231 Penn av h 1st west 

cor N J av 
Slocumb Benjamin F., clerk Land Office, bds 418 

8th west 
Sluby Michael Rev. (col'd), h 356 B south 
Smale John C, tinsmith, bds 375 Mass av 
Small Andrew, house-agent, h 650 L north 
Small Geo., looking-glasses and frames, 263 Penn 

av, h D south cor 1st west 
Smallwood Dennis (col'd), hackman, h 23 Jack- 
son Hall al 
Smallwood Eliza (col'd), wid John, h 548 G north 
Smallwood George, watchman, h.673 Penn av 
Smallwood Ignatius (col'd), laborer, h 1st east n 

D south 
Smallwood Jas. B., asst P M Senate, bds 416 6th 

Smallwood Jesse, clerk, 327 Penn av, bds do 
Smallwood John, carpenter, h 630 7th east 
Smallwood Maria, wid John W. , h 498 I south 
Smallwood Mortimer, late printer, h 150 E south 
Smallwood Moses (col'd), laborer, h 322 C south 
Smallwood Sarah, seamstress, h 621 9th west 
Smart George H., h 404 16th west 
Smead Frances C, dressmaker, 45 4| west, h do 
Smead John R!, lieut U S Coast Survey, h 580 

N Jav 
Smead William B., printer, h 45 i± west 
Smedberg W. Renwick, clerk. 404 F north 
Smedley Antoine, carpenter, 811 6th west, h do 
Smiler Lloyd (col'd), brickmaker, h 114 A\ west 
Smith, clerk, 7th west, bds 425 F north 
Smith Adelaide (col'd), wid William, h Plater's 

al n K north 
Smith Alfred (col'd), sawyer, bds Pierce n X J 

Smith Amanda C. (col'd). washerwoman, h 142 

22d west 
Smith Amelia, boarding-house, 391 C north 
Smith Andrew, h E south n 6th west 
Smith Andrew, bricklayer, bds 259 4th west 
Smith Andrew K., clerk Land Office 
Smith Ann, h 770 3d east 
Smith Ann, wid John, h 640 N Y av 
Smith Ann M. (col'd), wid Harry, h 642£ N nth 
Smith Ann W., h 335 Penn av 
Smith Anna (col'd), washerwoman, h 495 H nth 
Smith A. Austin (Clarke & Smith), lawyer, 6th 

west cor La av, h 333 G north 
Smith A. Thomas, lawyer, h 382 12th west 
Smith Benjamin P., lawyer, City Hall, h 470 I 

Smith Caroline (col'd), dairy, h 117 K north 
Smith Catharine, h 381 3d west 
Smith Catharine, wid Steuben, h 351 I north 
Smith Catharine F. M., wid William, h 443 M 

Smith Chancey, clerk P O Dept 
Smith Charles T., carpenter, I north, h 396 Mass 

Smith Christopher G., patent-agent, 499 7th west, 

h 480 M north 
Smith Daniel, printer, h 220 4th west 
SMITH DANIEL, scroll and fancy sawing, turn- 
ing, re-sawing doors, sash, blinds, mouldings, 

&c, 12th west cor Ohio av, h 284 Va av 
Smith Darius E., blindmaker, h 284 Va av 
SMITH DAVID A., wheel-manufacturer, 579 7th 

west, h do 
Smith David (col'd), laborer, h 347 20th west 

Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, and 


Smith Edward, carpenter, h 490 10th west 
Smith Edward, laborer, h 101 K south 
Smith Edward, oysters, 222 21st west, h do 
Smith Edward N., model-maker, 452 7th west 
SMITH ELIZA W., prin Washington Female 

Institute, h 223 G north 
Smith Elizabeth A. (col'd), school, B south n S 

Capitol, h 340 15th west 
Smith Fannie (col'd), washerwoman, h 204 K nth 
Smith Flora, h 170 5th west 
SMITH F. SOUTHGATE, patent-agent, 435 F 

north, h do 
Smith Francis H., reporter, h 446 12th west 
Smith Francis L., lawyer, 8 w s 4|, h at Alexan- 
Smith Frank, marble-polisher, h E Capitol n 5th 

Smith Freeman Mrs., bds 391 C north 
Smith George, boiler-maker, h 10th east nl north 
Smith George, miller, h 12th west n E south 
Smith George, shoemaker, h 328 B north 
Smith George, veterinary surgeon, h 454 13th 

Smith George B., brickdealer, S Capitol, h 766 3d 

Smith Geo. P., clerk Pension Office, room at 370 

E north 
Smith George K. (col'd), laborer, h 80 Penn av 
Smith George S., driver Adams' Ex, h A nth 
Smith Geo. W., baker, 425 6th west, h do 
Smith George W., blacksmith, h 490 E south 
Smith Goodrich, h 382 C north 
Smith Henry, clerk 6th Auditor's Office, bds 4i 

west cor Penn av 
Smith Henry, printer, h Q north n 5th west 
Smith Henry (col'd), engineer, h 208 19th west 
Smith Henry T., cabinetmaker, h 464 H north 
Smith Isaac, grocer, 606 7th west, h 71 13| west 
Smith Isaac, hackman, h N south n l£ east 
Smith J. B. H., lawyer, 334 H north, h do 
Smith J. Henly, clerk Treas Dept 
Smith J. Moody, clerk Treas Dept, b 331 Penn 

Smith James, brassfinisher, h 537 10th west 
Smith James, laborer, h r 398 I south 
Smith James, stonecutter, h 343 F north 
Smith James (col'd), barber, h 344 15th west 
Smith James (col'd), laborer, h Plater's al n K 

Smith James (col'd), whitewasher, h 39 Organ al 
Smith James B., blindmaker, h 284 Va av 
Smith James D. (col'd), hairdresser, 316| F north, 

h 344 15th west 
Smith James F., seacaptain, h 400 I south 
Smith James G. (M. H. Stevens & Co.), hats, &c, 

360 Penn av, h 351 5th west 
Smith James L., clerk P 0, h 13 Northern mar- 
ket space 
Smith James S., police, h 596 7th east 
Smith James W., h 391 C north 
Smith Jeremiah M., cooper, bds 338 8th west 
Smith John, laborer, h 10th east n M south 
Smith John, laborer, h 639 G north 
Smith John, laborer, h P north n 15th west 
Smith John, math inst maker, h 537 10th west 
Smith John, roofer, h 537 10th west 
Smith John, shipcarpenter, h 490 M south 
Smith John, stonecutter, h 3d east n C north 
Smith John A., clerk Circuit Court, City Hall, h 

399 C north 
Smith John C. Rev., h 324 NY av 
Smith John C, undertaker, 627 II north, h do 
Smith John G. (Smith & Cook), lumber, 6th west 

opp Mo av, h 7th west n D south 
Smith John II., clerk Treas Dept, h 333 G north 
Smith John II. P., laborer, h 10th east n N south 

SMITH JOHN L., lawyer, 8th west n Penn av, h 

565 12th west 
Smith John T., boatman, h 396 I south 
Smith John T., stonecutter, h 11th east c Va av 
Smith John T. (col'd), laborer, h 189 L north 
Smith John V., boots and shoes, 462 D south, h 

460 D south 
Smith John W., bricklayer, h 11th west n north 
Smith John W., instrument-maker, h 202 Penn av 
Smith Joseph, machinist, h 389 9th west 
Smith Joseph, chief of Bureau Navy Dept, h 348 

9th west 
Smith Joseph C. (col'd), shoemaker, h 420 L nth 
Smith Joseph P., gardener, h 14th west n T north 
Smith Joseph R. (Lusk & Smith), Juniata house, 

25 4^ west 
Smith Joseph S., physician, 4th west c Mass av, 

h 507 E north 
Smith Judson H., clerk, bds 415 10th west 
Smith Laura, h 13| west n B north 
Smith Lewis, paper box manufacturer, 498 3d east 
Smith Lewis M., druggist, 371 Penn av, h 461 D 

SMITH LOGAN 0. (Remer, Smith & Co.), United 

States hotel, 470 Penn av 
SMITH LUCIUS, physician, 188 A\ west, h do 
Smith Lydia, h 338 8th west 

Smith Margaret, fancy-goods, 328 B north, h do 
Smith Mary, h 770 3d east 

Smith Mary (col'd), wid Sherman, b 485 Mass av 
Smith Michael (col'd), blacksmith, h 234 N Y av 
Smith Mitchell, tailor, 507 8th east, h do 
Smith Moses W. (col'd), waiter, h 485 Mass av 
Smith Nathan (col'd), laborer, h 93 E south 
Smith Normand B., clerk Land Office, h 428 N 

Smith Philip, clerk 6th Auditor's Office, h 596 N 

Smith Philip, laborer, h 41 F north 
Smith Rachel, h 338 8th west 
Smith Randolph (col'd), porter, h 207 3d west 
Smith Richard, cashier Bank Metropolis, h 355 H 

Smith Richard (col'd), cabman, h 108 F north 
Smith Richard (col'd), sawyer, h 288 K north 
Smith Robert (col'd), sawyer, h 4th east n Md av 
Smith Samuel M., painter, h 575 Mass av 
Smith S. A., commissioner Land Office, bds Kirk- 
wood house 
Smith Samuel A., watchman, h 649 5th east 
Smith Sarah, wid William, h 591 7th east 
Smith Sarah (col'd), h r 329 1st west 
Smith Sarah H., wid David, h 132 Penn av 
Smith Sarah J., bds 482 Penn av 
Smith Stewart, h 594 Penn av 
Smith Theresa, variety store, 343 F north, h do 
Smith Thomas, carman, h N south n 4J west 
Smith Thomas, grocer, 418 Va av, h do 
Smith Thomas, hackdriver, h 272 Vt av 
Smith Thomas, livery-stable, 19th west n Penn 

av, h 346 19th west 
Smith Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 379 15th west 
Smith Thomas L., 1st Auditor, h 459 6th west 
Smith Thomas M., chief clerk 5th Auditor's Of- 
fice, h 417 Penn av 
Smith Thomas P., h 223 G north 
Smith Timothy, laborer, h 224 4] west 
Smith Wesley, h 4£ west n N south 
Smith William, bookkeeper, h 100 23d west 
Smith William, clerk Treas Dept, h 163 8th west 
Smith William, driver, h 675 II north 
Smith William, engraver, 511.1 9th west, h 156 C 

Smith William, gardener, bds 289 V, north 
Smith William, laborer, h 315 north 
Smith William, marine, h 469 Q south 

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Smith William Hon., M C Ya, bds 437 5th -west 
Smith William, plumber, h 22d west n Penn av 
Smith William (col'd), h Canal n C south 
Smith William (col'd), (Smith & Evans), barber, 

251 Penn av. h .379 I north 
SMITH W. MORRIS, solicitorfor patents, 482 H 

north, h do 

(col'd), shoemaker, h 340 15th 

salesman, 312 Penn av, bds 
, shoemaker, h S C av n 3d 

II . 

Smith William A. 

Smith William C. 

371 Penn av 
Smith William E 

Smith William L. H,, shoemaker, h 177 22d west 
Smith & Cook (John G. Smith & Leonard 0. Cook), 

lumber, 6th opp Mo av 
Smith & Evans (col'd), (Wm. Smith &. 3 

Evans), hairdressers, 251 Penn av 
Smithey William H., butcher, h 218 I north 
Smithson George, machinist, h 322 Ya av 
Smithson Mary Ann, h N south n 3d west 
Smithson Thomas, carpenter, h 817 6th west 
SMITHSON WILLIAM T., banker, 544 7th west, 

h 428 F north 
Smoot A. E., watchman Land Office 
Smoot Ann E., wid Capt Joseph, h 352 K north 
Smoot B. M. Mrs., h 331 Penn av 
Smoot Edward A., clerk Land Office, h 362 K 

Smoot Elizabeth, wid John H., h 589 7th east 
Smoot John H., bds 32 4^ west 
Smoot Joseph (Smoot & Simms), druggist, 488 L 

north, h 486 L north 
Smoot Luther R. (Suter, Lea & Co.), banker, 517 

7th west, h at Leavenworth 
SMOOT SAMUEL C, physician, 158 Penn av 
Smoot William G., variety store, 375 south, h do 
Smoot & Simms (Joseph Smoot & Sam'l Simms), 

druggists, 488 L north 
Smvler Henry, carman, h 487 3d west 
SMYTH JOHN, grocer, 481 L south, h do 
Snee Thomas, watchman, h 23 13^ west 
Sneer Margaret, wid John D., h 5th west 

Sniffin Theodore, grocer, 505 G south, h do 
Snow Charles B., coast surveyor, h 589 Md av 
Snow John, confectioner, 59 4| west, h do 
Snowden De Wilton, clerk P Dept, h 512 K 

Snowden Gurden (col'd), waiter, h 272 K north 
Snowden Henry (col'd), laborer, hL north n 22d 

Snowdon Susannah (col'd), h 8th west nS north 
Snyder Adam, hostler, h 214 2d west 
Snyder Celadon, plumber, gasfitter and stove 

dealer, 321 D north, h 474 Penn av 
Snyder Charlotte, wid Henry, h F north n 2d west 
Snyder Jacob, blacksmith, h 78 C south 
Snyder John, bds 465 10th west 
Snyder John, butcher, Centre mkt, h 15th west 

c Mass av 
Snyder Luther W., grocer, 8th west c N north 
Snyder Mathias, bds 474 Penn av 
Snyder Nicholas, blacksmith, B north c 11th west, 

h 269 C north 
Snyder William, laborer, h 276 21st west 
Snyder William F., tel operator National hotel, 

h 379 Penn av 
Snyder William H., printer, bds 382 8th west 
Sohl Conrad, butcher, 6 Northern market, h B 

north n 22d west 
Sollers John A., upholsterer and paper-hanger, 

520 7th west, bds H north n 4th west 
Solomon Benjamin, segar-manufr, rooms 368 F 

Solomon Daniel (col'd), laborer, h 370 L north 

n M 

Solomon Greenberry (coPd), whitewasher, h 370 

15th west 
Solomon H., bds 487 6th west 
Solomon Kenna (col'd), waiter, h 370 L north 
Solomons Adolphus S. (Philp & Solomons), books, 

332 Penn av, h 465 6th west 
Somby Dennis (col'd), laborer, h r 73 E south 
Somby Sansom (col'd), porter, h r 73 E south 
Somerville Charles (col'd), butcher, h 392 B south 
Sommer Catharine, wid John, h 328 3d west 
Sommer Edward, stonecutter, h 8th east n B 

Sommer John H., grocer, 156 Md av, h do 
Sommers Aquila T., shoemaker, 392 L south, h do 
Sommers John A., undertaker, h 500 I north 
Sonerinann George, carpenter, h 166 6th west 
Sons William, laborer, h 563 Ya av 
Soper Benoni W., photographer, h 189 26th west 
Soper George F. D., blacksmith, Yaav c 10th east, 

h 557 6th east 
Soran Emeline F., wid Charles, 235 Penn av 
Soran Thomas, salesman, 330 Penn av, bds 13 

Penn av 
Sorrell Henrietta, h r 554 10th west 
Sorrel William, carman, h K south n 4| west 
Soter John, provisions, 251 7th west, h do 
Soth Conrad, butcher, 37 Centre mkt, h 22d west 

c P north 
Sothoron John R., messenger, h 164 I north 
Sothron George, apothecary at Georgetown, h 171 

23d west 
Souder Benford, blacksmith, h r 375 10th west 
Souer Charles H., restaurant, 494 Penn av, h 1st 

west n B north 
Souer Henry, laborer, h 239 E south 
Souer John A., shoemaker, r 559 11th west, h do 
Southall Tyler, supt pipe yard, h 101 H north 
Southard James D., clerk Treas Dept 
Southern John, carpenter, h 689 4th east 
Spade James, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Spade John, milkman, h N north n 18th west 
Spalding James, bricklayer, h 350 Mass av 
Spalding James, grocer, C north n 1st west, h do 
Spalding John R., paper-hanger, bds 402 20th 

Spalding Martha E., wid Richard L., boarding, h 

435 9th west 
Spalding William E. (Parker & Spalding, painter, 

190 Penn av, h 15th west n E north 
Sparks William, seamen, h 10th east n G south 
Sparrenger Lewis, 301 7th west, h do 
Sparrow Joseph, laborer, h 82 G north 
Sparrow Joseph (col'd), seaman, h C south n 3d 

Sparrow Kinsey, laborer, h 77 2d west 
Spates Thomas, shoemaker, 589 7th west, h do 
Spaulding George, grocer, 674 4th east, h do 
Spaulding J., brickmaker, h 131 K south 
Speake Rufus H., physician, 324 G north, h do 
Speakes James H., tinner, h 384 10th west 
Speaks Letitia (col'd), wid Jos., h 307 3d west 
Speaks Nicholas, watchman depot, h 295 1st west 
Spearing Wm. gilder, h 305 6th west 
Spedden Edward M., printer, h 538 Mass av 
Speer Alexander Mrs., h 442 D north 
Speiden William, purser U S N, h 184 F north 
Speiden William R., blacksmith, h 527 E south 
SPEIR ANN MRS., milliner, 275 Penn av, h do 
Speiser Frederick, shoemaker, 514 K south, h do 
Spencer Christopher, shoemaker, h 428 K north 
Spencer Amelia, h 44 E Capitol 
Spencer Catharine, wid John, h 2d east n D nth 
Spencer Charles W., bookbinder, bds 292 8th west 
Spencer Davis A., clerk at Brown's hotel 
Spencer Eliza (col'd), washerwoman, h 4th east 

n E north 

Arthur, Buriiham, & Gilroy, Philadelphia, 



Spencer G. H., clerk Treas Dept 

Spencer Jane E., wid Richard D., h 292 8th west 

Spencer John, clerk P Dept 

Spencer Josephine (col'd), seamstress, h 4th east 

n C north 
Spencer Reuben, clerk P Dept, h 666 M north 
Spencer Samuel B., bds 387 6th west 
Spencer W. Arden, clerk, 523 7th west, bds 387 

6th west 
Sperling James, laborer, h 516 4th east 
Sperry Warden W., clerk Patent Office, h 435 D 

Spicer John H., machinist, h 529 11th east 
Spicer Maria, wid Frederick, h 529 11th east 
Spiess Charles, tailor, bds 284 N Y av 
Spiess Frederick, tailor, h 619 north 
Spignul William B., butcher, 11 Northern mkt, 

h 7th west c K north 
Spilling Michael, laborer, h Carroll n 2d east 
Spillman John, laborer, h 176 26th west 
Spillman William C, shoemaker, h 507 10th west 
Spilman Thomas, shoemaker, h 374 20th west 
Spohn George, tailor, h 342 D north 
Spooner Jane S., school, 579 7th east, h do 
Spooner Mary, wid Holder N., h 579 7th east 
Spottswood Richard D., clerk P Dept, h 457 

12th west 
Sprague Ann G-., wid Benjamin, h 403 10th west 
Sprague John C, clerk P 0, h 403 10th west 
Spransy Joseph R., carpenter, h Union al n M 

Spreszer John, shoemaker, h 93 4| west 
Sprigg John C, clerk city P O, h 10th west c H 

Spriggs Horace, h Pierce n N J av 
Spriggs Mary A., wid Thomas B., h 425 14th west 
Sprightley Bernard, blacksmith, h 74 13 J- west 
Springman George A., restaurant, 484 Penn av 
Springmann John M., h 521 Md av 
Sproule R. S., bds Lafayette house 
Stabler Albert, tailor, h Little Marble al n 41 

Stabler Franklin, clerk P 0, h 561 I north 
STABLER GEORGE, general agent and collector, 

7th west c F north 
Stack James, laborer, bds 207 4th west 
Stack John F., shoemaker, h 387 D south 
STAEHLE JOHN, lager beer, 492 Pa av, h do 
Staffan George, clothing, h 4§- west c H south 
Staffan George, salesman, 344 Pa av, h 4£ west c 

H north 
Stafford John G., county constable, h 545 14th 

Stafford 0. A., 'clerk Land Office, bds St Charles h 
Stahl Harriet, wid Jacob, h 109 5th west 
Stall Frederick, laborer, h al r 644 N north 
Stallings Charles S., clerk, 521 7th west, bds 425 

F north 
Stallings George, bricklayer, bcls 535 12th west 
Stallings John F., clerk, bds 440 F north 
Stalty Stephen, clerk, h 67 2d west 
Stanfield II. A. R., clerk, 36 market sp, bds Pa 

av c 4-| west 
Stanford Charles, clerk, h 593 I north 
Stanford Thomas, agent, 448 Pa av, h 378 1st 

STANFORD WILLIAM H., tailor, 488 Pa av, 

h 380 N Capitol 
Stanley John M., artist, 278} Pa av, h 355 N Y av 
Stanley John T., painter, h R north n 8th west 
Stanley Joseph B., painter, h 43 4.V west 
Stanley Thomas, painter, 455 9th west, h do 
Stansbuiy Arthur J., clerk Land Office, h 373 3d 

STANSBURY CHARLES F., patent attorney, 

7th west c F north, h 373 3d west 

Stansbury Jane, wid Emanuel, h 567 I north 
Stant William II., oysters, 1 K north, h do 
STANTON EDWIN M., lawyer, 472 15th west, 

h 365 C north 
Starbuck Nathan H., clerk Land Office, h 6th 

west c M north 
Stark Benjamin T., shoemaker, 581 Md av, h do 
Starks Charles (col'd), porter, h 538 1st west 
Starks Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h 276 F sth 
Starr Ellen, h 10th west n E south 
Starr William H., tailor, h 440 12th west 
Starritt Preston, messenger, h 520 Pa av 
Starkweather N G., architect, 512 7th west, h at 

Stassen Hubert L., millinery, 495 8th west, bds 

10th west n C south 
STATES AND UNION (The), 7th west c D nth 
Stead Samuel, h 325 12th west 
Steadman George C, blacksmith, h 642 7th east 
STEARNS ISAAC H., artesian engineer, h 

Kendall Green 
Stebafield Samuel (col'd), h r 491 3d west 
Steel James, barkeeper, h 366 5th west 
Steel James, clerk Navy Dept, bds 284 S north 
Steele A., clerk Land Office 
Steele Ann, wid Charles, h 198 7th west 
Steele Asbel Rev., bds 395 13th west 
Steele Charles, carpenter, h 198 7th west 
Steele Fannie Mrs., h 531 17th west 
Steele Horatio N., watchmaker, h 200 N Y av 
Steeles James, carpenter, h 9th west c Q north 
Steele Michael, laborer, h 629 O north 
Steele Reginald H., Rugby Academy, 395 13th 

west, h do 
Steele William F., grocer, 527 I south, h do 
Steer Edward, clerk, 488 7th west, h 459 I north 
Steer Francis, butcher, 420 Paav, h 449 K north 
STEER PHINEAS J., tailor, 488 7th west, h 

459 I north (See adv) 
Steers Henry C, segars, 506 Pa av, h do 
Steever Edgar Z., plumber and gasfitter, Pa av, 

h 463 2d east 
STEGMAIER MICHAEL, marble-worker, N 

Capitol n north 
Stein Julius, stove-worker, h 321 F north 
Steinle Frederick, confectioner, 9 A south, h do 
Steinogel Conrad, polisher, h 1st east n K north 
Stelle Charles, clerk at Capitol, bds 434 G north 
Stelle P. D., h Pa av c 9th east 
STELLE THOMAS J., h Pa av c 9th east 
Stello Henry, huckster, 16 Northern market, h 

11th west c S north 
Stennett Richard, carpenter, bds 563 G north 
Stephany Stephen (col'd), laborer, h 1st west n 

M north 

Stephens , rooms, 263 G north 

Stephens Elizabeth, wid Edward, boarding-h, 387 

N Yav 
Stephens John W., clerk Treas Dept 
Stephens Lewis G., printer, h 445 K north 
Stephens Thomas A. (Wall, Stephens & Co.), 

clothing, 322 Pa av, h 472 10th west 
Stephenson Jacob (col'd), waiter, h 375 5th west 
Stephenson Jones, freight agent, h 26 F south 
Stephenson Joseph, h 32 F south 
Stephenson Mary, washerwoman, h north near 

17th west 
Stephenson Robert A., bricklayer, h 105 D south 
Stepney Celena (col'd). h 21 Jaekson Hall alley 
Sterling Edward, bds 256 Sth west 
Sterling William, telegraph messenger, h 256 S:'.i 

Stern Emanuel, clerk, 414 Pa av 
Stetinus Samuel, h S La av 
Steuart Alexander S., bookkeeper Bank of Me- 
tropolis, h 418 Sth west 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jaus. 



Steuart Brewer, bds 453 9th west 

Steuart Charles, contractor, h 304 8th west 

Steuart Charles, messenger, h 453 9th west 

Steuart Charles A., plasterer, h 384 15th west 

Steuart Charles J., farmer, h 465 10th west 

STEUART JAMES E., genl agt, h 345 12th west 

Steuart John N., bds 453 9th west 

Steuart Sarah T., wid James E., h 418 8th west 

Steuart William M., teller Bank of Washington, 

h 418 8th west 
Stevens Augustus, laborer, h 348 1st east 
Stevens Carroll, huckster, 99 Centre mkt, h at 

Stevens Ezra L., clerk Int Dept h 353 Md av 
Stevens Henry, clerk, h 6i west n E south 
Stevens Henry C, carpenter, h 342 10th west 
Stevens Hestor L., attorney, 474 7th west, bds 

Lafayette house 
Stevens Isaac I. Hon., mem Washington T, h 503 

12th west 
Stevens Jane (col'd), wid John, h 201 N J av 
Stevens John W., clerk Treas Dept, bds 331 Pa 

STEVENS JOSEPH T., attorney, 517 7th west, 

h 364 10th west 
Stevens Leonard, blacksmith, h 583 7th east 
STEVENS MATTHEW H. &CO. (Jas. G. Smith), 
hats and gents' furnishing store, 360 Penn av, h 
48 Mo av 
Stevens Robert C, fancy goods, 336 Pa av, h do 
Stevens Samuel S., shoemaker, h 380 20th west 
Stevens William (col'd), waiter, h 180 4th west 
Stevens William H., laborer, h Van n 4| west 
Steward Daniel, paver, h R north n 8th west 
Steward Maria (col'd), wid George, h 441 14th 

Steward William T., h 433 8th west 
Stewart Benjamin F., bds 461 12th west 
Stewart Caleb, moulder, h 474 E south 
Stewart Carter A. (col'd), (Booker & Stewarts, 

barber, 314 E north, h 378 16th west 
Stewart Charles (col'd), laborer, h 158 H north 
Stewart Charles (col'd), plasterer, h 345 15th west 
Stewart Charles A., h 515 12th west 
Stewart Elizabeth, wid John, h 568 M north 
Stewart Elizabeth, wid William, h 477 12th west 
Stewart Frances, wid Walter, h 461 12th west 
Stewart George (col'd), laborer, h S C av c 5th 

Stewart George T., provisions, 12th west c H 

north, h 371 K north 
Stewart George W., grocery and provisions, 437 

12th west, h 413 do 
Stewart Henry, brassfinisher, h 13th east n I 

Stewart Henry (Warder & Co.), wood and coal, 

7th west c N Y av, h 413 12th west 
Stewart Henry C. (Warder & Stewart), wood and 

coal, H north c 12th west, h 355 I north 
Stewart James W., bricklayer, h 568 M north 
Stewart Jane, wid William, h 326 5th west 
Stewart John, stonecutter, h 191 7th west 
Stewart John (col'd), carpenter, h S C av c 5th 

Stewart John (col'd), waiter, h 337 N Y av 
Stewart John A., huckster, 37 Centre and North- 
ern mkts, h 378 6th west 
Stewart John A., plasterer, h 189 6th west 
Stewart John C, huckster, 322 Centre mkt, h 131 

13} west 
Stewart John H., grocer, O north n 10th west 
Stewart Joseph, agent, rooms at 493 7th west 
Stewart Leonard W., bricklayer, bds O north n 

10th west 
Stewart Lethe (col'd), wid John, h r 345 10th 

Stewart Lucinda, h 430 L north 
Stewart Maria, grocer, 336 L south, h do 
Stewart Mary R., wid Charles W., h 34 Mo av 
Stewart Miami (col'd), washerwoman, h 121 H 

Stewart Richard H., carpenter, 3d west, h 514 

Md av 
Stewart Sarah G., wid Wm. H., h 5] 5 12th west 
Stewart Thomas (col'd), plasterer, h 345 loth west 
Stewart Thomas F., bookbinder, h 335 5th west 
Stewart Walter, cutter, 434 Penn av, h 437 11th 

Stewart William, carpenter, h 179 K north 
Stewart Wm. (col'd), laborer, h N north n 2d 

Stewart William (col'd), carman, h r 554 10th 

Stewart William D., carpenter, h 522 Md av 
Stewart William E., fisherman, h 133 13| west 
Stewart Wm. H., h 515 12th west 
Stick David H., harness-maker, rooms 391 13th 

Stickels Caroline, h 371| 11th west 
Stickels Mary, h 371* 11th west 
Stickels Susan, seamstress, h 371* 11th west 
Stickney F. H., clerk Treas Dept 
Stickney William, sec, h Kendall Green 
STIEF FREDERICK A., bookbinder, 293 D 

north, h do 
Stier Frederick A., clerk, Mkt sp c 8th, bds 567 

I north 
Stier Henry Clay, clerk, Mkt sp c 8th, bds 567 I 

Stillings Elizabeth, wid John, h 464 L south 
Stillo Henry, gardener, h 11th west n S north 
Stillwagen Charles, draughtsman Navy Dept, bds 

284 G north 
Stimpson W. H., prof at Smithsonian Inst, h 

Rugby house 
Stinchcomb Sarah, wid Noah, h 208 N Y av 
STINEMETZ BENJAMIN H., hats, caps and 

furs, 236 Penn av, h 24th west c K north 
STINEMETZ SAMUEL, boots and shoes, hats 

and caps. 542 7th west, bds Avenue house 
Stinger Christina, wid Frederick, h 448 10th west 
Stinzing Frederick, butcher, 44 Northern mkt, h 

243 7th west 
STOCK JOHN G., real estate agent, 8th west n 

D north, h 6 J west n D south 
Stocker Charles, scavenger, h 639 north 
j Stockett Wesley, carpenter, h 648 K south 
! Stockton Anna P. Mrs., h 7 Madison place 
| Stoddard Elizabeth, groceries, 186 4^ west, h do 
! Stoddard Francis, blacksmith, h 492 Md av 
j Stoddard John, laborer, h 87 26th west 
j Stoddard John H., blacksmith, 264 F south, h 
492 Md av 
Stoddart Catharine, wid James, dressmaker, h 
17 13^ west 
j Stolp Frederick, baker, 579 6th west, h do 
j Stoman H. C, clerk Treas Dept 
! Stone Aaron A., baggage agent, h 4| west n I sth 
I Stone Horatio, sculptor, N Y av c H north, bds 

Willard's hotel 
I Stone James, foreman, h 333 5th west 
I Stone James H., druggist, 313 7th west, h do 
i Stone James O., grocer, 8 E Capitol, h A north c 
5th east 
Stone John P., h 285 Sth west 
j Stone Robert K., physician, F north c 14th west 
Stone Thomas, huckster, Northern mkt, h 8th 

west n M north 
Stone Thomas, policeman, bds 560 I north 
Stone Walter, grocer, F south n 9th west 
Stone William, plasterer, h 621 north 
l Stone Wm. J., h 464 14th west 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, manufactured by 



STONE WM. J., jr., attorney, 443 5th west, h do 
Stone Woodford (Magruder & Stone), wood and 

coal, 6th west opp Mo av and ft 11th west, h 

606 6th west 
Stonell Benjamin, at Capitol, bds 335 B south 
Stoops Kichard, messenger, h 488 10th west 
Storey James, laborer, h Ik west n P south 
Storey Robert, laborer, h South Capitol n sth 
Storey William, laborer, h South Capitol n P sth 
Story Geo., artist, bds 6 La av 
Story Thomas, clerk Treas Dept, bds 418 Sth west 
Storke Wm. D., accountant, h 452 Penn av 
Storm Leonard, h 601 I north 
STORROW S. APPLETON, physician, 328 F nth 
Stott Charles, druggist, 375 Penn av, h 60 Mo av 
Stott Elizabeth, h 381 19th west 
Stott Samuel, h 377 19th west 
STOUGHTON AUGUSTUS B., solicitor of pa- 
tents, 452 7th west, h 424 13th west 
STOVER SOLOMON, wood and coal, 335 21st 

west, h 332 21st west 
Stowers William J., clerk Land Office, bds 412 

12th west 
Straining John, baker, 90 Northern mkt, h 11th 

west n Md av 
Stramer Gottlieb, cooper, h Goat al 
Stratton William R., school teacher, h 614 12th 

Straub Joseph, crockery, 128 Centre mkt and 559 

L north, h do 
Straus Abraham, clothing, 320 D north, h D nth 

n 9th west 
Straus Herman, clerk, 296 Penn av, h do 
Straus Thomas, bds Franklin house 
Strausz Alexander, draughtsman, h Alexandria, 

Streb Henry, shoemaker, 460 7th west, h do 
Streb Lewis, boots and shoes, 395 7th west, h do 
Streeks Elizabeth R., dressmaker, 107 I north 
Streeks Richard, shoemaker, h 425 20th west 
Strickhardt Charles, laborer, h D north n 12th 

Strider John H., clerk Treas Dept, h 280 8th west 
Strider Thomas, flour, 9th west n B north, h at 

Stringham Augustus, clerk Kimmell house, 355 C 

Strobel Elois, machinist, h 540 7th east 
Strobel John G., locksmith, 322 Va av, h do 
Stroman Henry C, clerk Treas Dept 
Stromberger Frederick, tinsmith, h 278 9th west 
Strong George J., prof Gonzaga College, h do 
Strong John L., plasterer, h 43 Washington 
Strother Francis M., messenger, h 318 M north 
Strothmann Frederick W., segars, 485 7th west, 

h 8th west n D north 
Stryker Peter A., huckster, 75 Northern mkt, h 

93 D south 
Stuard William H., gasfitter, h 331 20th west 
Stuart Charles, messenger Treas Dept 
Stuart James, clerk, h 158 C south 
Stuart James, sexton, h 15th west n N north 
Stuart John T., clerk at Brown's hotel 
Stuart Joseph (col'd), waiter, h 438 11th west 
Stuart Mary M., wid Donald, fancy goods, 11th 

west c H north, h do 
Stubbs Edward, clerk State Dept, h 322 K north 
Stubbs William E., clerk State Dept, h 322 K nth 
Stuckston J., laborer, h 543 8th west 
Stuntz Joseph, dry goods, &c, 375 N Y av, h do 
Sturgis McDougal, tinsmith, bds 421 10th west 
Sturgis Thacldeus, clerk 1st Auditor's Office, h421 

10th west 
Stutley Turner (col'd), steward, h 545 8th west 
Stutz Frederick, grocer, 491 11th west, h do 
Stutz John M., shoemaker, 429 Sth west, h do 

Suddath William B., millwright, h 555 Gth oast 
Sughrue Timothy, contractor, h 534 K north 
Sugrue Daniel, laborer, h r 328 3d west 
Sugrue James, laborer, h 218 N J av 
Sugrue Michael, laborer, h N J av c L north 
Suit Benjamin, carpenter, h 490 K south 
Suit James H., police, h 403 K north 
Suit John, shoemaker, h 440 I south 
Sullivan Barry, shoemaker, h 200 M north 
Sullivan Catherine, wid James, h 34 Organ al 
Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h 69 2d west 
Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h 469 Va av 
Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h Plater's al n K nth 
Sullivan Daniel, carpenter, h r D south n 3d west 
Sullivan Daniel, clerk, 352 Penn av, h 262 F 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, bds N north n N J av 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h I south n 1st east 
Sullivan Daniel, printer, h F north n 3d west 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h 167 F north 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h 502 3d east 
Sullivan Ellen, dressmaker, h 262 F north 
Sullivan George W., turner, bds 389 10th west 
Sullivan Henry L., laborer, h 12th east n E north 
Sullivan Hugent, laborer, h 513 Va av 
Sullivan James, bartender, bds 616 8th east 
Sullivan James, bartender, h 13 132 west 
Sullivan James, laborer, h 295 4th west 
Sullivan James, laborer, h 340 4th west 
Sullivan James, laborer, h r 562 G north 
Sullivan James, laborer, h r H north n 2d east 
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h Goat al n 6th west 
Sullivan Jeremiah, tanner, h 545 north 
Sullivan John, laborer, h al r 246 C north 
Sullivan John, laborer, h 493 3d west 
Sullivan John, laborer, h 540 K north 
Sullivan John B., clerk War Dept, bds 311 G 

Sullivan John J., plasterer, h 183 6th west 
Sullivan John T., h 472 7th west 
Sullivan Joseph, laborer, h A north n 1st east 
SULLIVAN JOSEPH P., druggist, 4th west c 

Mass av, h Mass av c 2d west 
Sullivan Luther 0., clerk P 0, h 375 11th west 
Sullivan Mary, grocer, r 215 F south, h do 
Sullivan Mary, wid Humphrey, h 432 1st west 
Sullivan Mary, wid James, h 543 O north 
Sullivan Mary, wid James, h 3d west n L north 
Sullivan Mary, wid Jeremiah, h 262 F north 
Sullivan Mary A., grocer, 560 Md av, h do 
Sullivan Maurice, laborer, h 239 3d west 
Sullivan Michael, laborer, h 218 N J av 
Sullivan Patrick, grocer, C north c 1st west 
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h r 543 14th west 
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h L north n 2d west 
Sullivan Patrick, messenger Patent Office, h D 

north n 3d east 
Sullivan Robert, confectioner, 49 7th west, h do 
Sullivan Roger, laborer, h 237 3d west 
Sullivan Sarah, wid Wm., h 389 10th west 
Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h r H north n 2d east 
Sullivan Thomas, watchman, h 15th west n N 

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h 34 Organ al 
Sullivan Timothy D., grocer, 56 A south, h do 
Sullivan Wm., carpenter, h 413 K north 
Sullivan William H., clerk 6th Auditor's Office, h 

311 G north 
Sullivan William S., confectioner, bds 296 F north 
Summers James II., clerk City Hall, h 530 Sth 

Summers John, laborer, h D south n 1st west 
Summers John H., huckster, S3 Centre, h Ml 

av n 11th east 
Summers Thos. (Humphrey vt Summers), carpen- 
ter, 51 La av, h 590 N north 

Arthur, Burnhani, & Gilroy, 117 and 119 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia. 



Summerville Arnold (col*d), soapmaker, h 324 

6th west 
Suminerville Mary A. (col'd), wid Thomas H., h 

6th west c L north 
Summerville Robert (col'd), seaman, l£ east n 

X south 
Summerville Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 712 6th 

Summv Benjamin, huckster, Centre mkt, h 7th 

west n 1st tollgate 
Sunby D. (col'd), washerwoman, h 101 E south 
Sunby James (col'd), oysters, 249 21st west, h do 
Sunderland Byron Rev , h 399 D north 
Suskey Charles, laborer, h C north n 6th east 
Suter Elizabeth, wid Gabriel, h 476 G north 
Suter George J., carpenter, h 441 K north 
Suter John T., carpenter, h 1st west c Pierce 
Suter Thomas R. (Suter, Lea & Co.), banker, 

517 7th west, h 352 10th west 
SUTER, LEA & CO. (Thos. R. Suter, Luke Lea 

and Luther R. Smoot), bankers, 517 7th west 
Suthei-land Danl J., Quartermaster U S marines, 

h 448 13th west 
Sutherland Isabella, grocer, 17 E Capitol, h do 
Sutherland Leigh ML, draughtsman, 8th west c 

F north 
Sutherland Maria, matron Mission School, h 447 

K north 
Sutherland Thomas A., med student, bds 415 

10th west 
Sutter Thomas J., public gardener, bds 291 G 

north • 
Sutton Robert M. (Johnson <t Sutton), dry goods, 

Market sp c 8th west, and boots and shoes, 121 

Penn av, h 214 I north 
Sutton Thomas, bricklayer, h 542 Mass av 
Sutton & Johnson (Robert M. Sutton and George 

J. Johnson), boots and shoes, 121 Penn av, 

and dry goods, Market sp c 8th west 
Swain Benedict, wheelwright, h 487 M south 
Swain George W., collector, h 278 G north 
Swaim Moses P., blacksmith, h 578 C north 
Swain Sarah, wid Walter, h 383 13th west 
Swan George T., clerk, bds 522 L north 
Swan John (col'd), laborer, h 251 E south 
Swan Zachariah, laborer, h 568 6th east 
Swann Edward, lawyer, 26 La av, h do 
Swartz John, drugs, Penn av, bds 427 Penn av 
Swearer John, bricklayer, bds 407 9th west 
Sweeney Anastasia, wid James, h 5 A south 
"Sweeney Daniel, laborer, h 320 4th west 
Sweeney John, h C south n 3d west 
Sweeney John, carpenter, h r H north n 2d east 
Sweeney John R., laborer, h 4th west n N north 
Sweeney Mary, wid Edward, h 6th east c B south 
Sweeney Michael, huckster, h 4S9 8th west 
Sweeney Patrick, clerk Post Office, h 359 8th 

Sweeney Thomas, laborer, h 579 9th east 
Sweeney William H., printer, bds 359 8th west 
Sweeny Arthur W., carpenter, h 106 C south 
Sweeny Hugh B. (Sweenv, Rittenhouse, Fant & 

Co.), banker, 352 Penn av, h 539 H north 

(Hush B. Sweeny, Chas. E. Rittenhouse, H. 

G. Fant, Samuel Fowler, J. L. Dufief, Wm. T. 

Herron, Richard Pettit, R. M. Boyer and Mrs. 

Susan Ireland), bankers, 352 Penn av 
Sweet P. H., clerk Land Office 
Swingle Josiah M., carpenter, h 474 11th west 
Sword Alexander, boat-builder, h Va av n 11th 

Sword Charles, stonecutter, h R north n 9th west 
Sword James, stonecutter, h 225 8th west 
Sydnor John M., carpenter, 509 12th west, h 543 

14th west 

Sylvester David M., carpenter, bds 602 H north 
Sylvester George T., messenger, bds 602 H north 
Sylvester Samuel R., pharmaceutist, h 383 5th 

Sylvester Thomas H., h 602 H north 
Syme Richard J., med student, bds 276 G north 
Symington Thomas (Provest, Winters & S3 - ming- 
ton), contractor, N J av c A south, h at Balti- 
Symington William H., laborer, h 157 4th west 
Synge William W. F., h 110 Penn av 
Syphax Charles (col'd), laborer, h 320 M north 

i Tabler Jacob, tailor, h 486 11th west 
Tabler William J., tailor, 452 7th west, h 291 3d 

! Tadaldi John, plaster Paris worker, h 36 Wash- 
Taft Chas. S., clerk, 268 Penn av, bds 439 11th 

Taft Horatio N., examiner Patent Office, 517 I 

Taggart Jane L., wid James, h 239 22d west 
Tainhert John, baker, bds 553 11th east 
Tait Alexander, blacksmith, h 432 11th west 
Tait George, bds 328 G north 
Tait Henry (col'd), cook, h r 214 B south 
Tait James A., inspector, h 448 3d east 
Tait William R., blacksmith at Capitol, h 328 G 

Talbert James, shipcarpenter, h 471 M south 
Talbert John, carpenter, h 488 14th west 
Talbert Rachael (col'd), wid Alexander, cook, h 

316 10 th west 
Talbert Richard T.. boots and shoes, 490 M south, 

h 557 11th east 
Talbert William H., grocer, 624 11th east, bds 

557 11th east 
Talbot Adelaide, wid Isham, h 407 N Y av 
Talbot Joseph E., clerk Pension Office, h 203 6th 

Talbot Robert, finisher, bds 442 M south 
Talbot Theodore, Lieut U S A, bds 4C7 N Y av 
Talbot William, blacksmith, h 458 D south 
Talbot Ellen, wid Joseph, h 462 K south 
j Talbot Harriet (col'd), cook, h L north n 22d 

' Talbot. Jane (col'd), wid William, h 95 K north 
j Taliaferro Gastons, clerk Navy Dept 
i Taliaferro James M., barber, h 573 6th west 
J Talks Isaac, gardener, h P north n 4th west 

Talley Wm. R., painter, bds 552 Penn av 
\ Tallmadge Edward C, clerk Treas Dept, bds 396 

D north 
Tally James (col'd), hairdresser, 476 15th west, 

bds 10th west n N north 
; Taltavull Peter, varieties, 561 8th east 
Talty Isaac, porter house, 330 E north, h F north 

n 12th west 
Talty John, clerk, h 461 1st west 
Talty Michael, h 295 F north 
TANEY ROGER B., chief justice U S S Court, 

h 23 Ind av 
Tanner Lethe (col'd), wid Jeremiah, h 354 H nth 
Tanner Samuel, carpenter, h 55 26th west 
Tanner Sarah, wid Thomas, h 55 26th west 
Tansill Granson S., clerk Coast Survey, h 531 E 

Tarmon Joseph, laborer, h N south n 11th east 
1 Tascoe Thomas (col'd), shoemaker, 248 20th west 
Tasker David (col'd), porter, h N Y av n 4th west 
[ Tassara Gabriel G., Spanish minister, h 299 I nth 
Tastet Nicholas, clerk, h 519 10th west cor B south 
, Tate Robert, hackman, h 4S6 14th west 

Old Dominion" Tea Pot. See Advertisement. 



Tate Sarah, wid Andrew, bds 346 N Y av 
Tate Thomas M., sixth auditor Treas Dept 
Tatsabaugh George P., carpenter, h 380 4£ west 
Tatsapaugh Julia, boarding, h 588 Va av 
Tauberschmidt Leonard, brewer, h 3d east n Mass 

Taverns Alexander (col'd), bds 354 H north 
Tayloe Benjamin 0., h 2 Madison place 
Taylor Alexander (col'd), laborer, h 3d east n S 

C av 
Taylor Celia (col'd), washerwoman, h 424 K nth 
Taylor Christiana, wid John, h 535 4th east " 
Taylor Dennis (col'd), laborer, h 11 Jackson Hall 

Taylor Dennis H. (col'd), brickmaker, h 493 D 

Taylor Elizabeth, washerwoman, h 583 11th west 
Taylor Eveline, wid William, h 255 G north 
Taylor Franck, bookseller, 402 Penn av, h do 
Taylor Frederick, gardener, h 210 20th west 
Taylor George, h 569 13th west 
Taylor George, huckster, h 494 10th west 
Taylor George, oysters, 13th west n N Y av, h 

489 13th west 
Taylor George (col'd), labor, h 420 Va av 
Taylor George W., feed, 255 7th west, bds 576 M 

Taylor Henry B., printer, bds 478 9th west 
Taylor Hudson (Taylor & Maury), books, 334 

Penn av, h 488 9th west 
Taylor James, carpenter, bds N south cor 3d east 
Taylor James H., blacksmith, h N south n 4£ 

Taylor Jane R. Mrs., boarding, h 411 3d west 
Taylor Jerome, carpenter, bds 533 L north 
Taylor John, marble-worker, h 535 4th east 
Taylor John, messenger Dept, h 416 14th west 
Taylor John, stonecutter, h P north n 14th west 
Taylor John B. (col'd), whitewasher, h 135 A 

Taylor John H., grocer. Md av cor " 13£ west, h do 
Taylor Joseph, carpenter, h 10th east n G south 
Taylor Joshua, Land Office, bds 337 Penn av 
Taylor Leonard (col'd), h 337 N Y av 
Taylor L. M., clerk Land Office 
Ta}dor Lydia A. (col'd), domestic, h 642£ N 

Taylor Marion, carpenter, h L south n 13th east 
Taylor Maris (Taylor & Hutchison), dry goods, 

42 Market sp, bds 337 Penn av 
Taylor Mary Jane, h r 497 3d west 
Taylor Nancy (col'd), wid, h 424 K north 
Taylor Patrick (col'd), waiter, h N north n 15th 

Taylor Raphael (col'd), waiter, h 212 K north 
Taylor Richard T., bricklayer, bds 533 L north 
Taylor Robert A., printer, h 22d west n C north 
Taylor Robert E., carpenter, bds 483 L south 
Taylor S. B., messenger, h 134 II south 
Taylor S. H., watchman P Dept 
Taylor Samuel H., bricklayer, h 533 L north 
Ta}dor Samuel S., commissioner, h 8th west n F 

Taylor Samuel W., clerk, bds 533 L north 
Taylor Staney C, laborer, h 11th east cor Va av 
Taylor Thomas, h 8th west n F south 
Taylor Thomas, stonecutter, h 143 D south 
Taylor Walter S. II., sr., clerk Treas Dept 
Taylor Washington (col'd), laborer, h 280 F south 
Taylor William, bricklayer, h 3d west n Me av 
Taylor William, laborer, h 283 D south 
Taylor Wm. B., examiner Patent Office, bds 391 

C north 
Taylor William II., butcher, h M south n N J av 
Taylor W. II., jr., Capitol extension, bds Lafa- 
yette house 

Taylor William M. (col'd), salesman, h 642 N 

TAYLOR & HUTCHISON (Maris Taylor & Edgar 

S. Hutchison), dry goods, 42 Market sp 
TAYLOR & MAURY (Hudson Taylor & Chas. V. 

Maury), booksellers, 334 Penn av 
Tayman George H., model -maker, h 598 6th west 
Tayman Laura V., boarding-house 482 Penn av 
Tayman Susan A., wid Benjamin, h 390 8th west 
Teacham Wm. II., carpenter, h 376 L south 
Teachum Robert, carpenter, h 709 4th east 
Teagle Parker (col'd), carpenter, h 416 L north 
Tebbs Daniel H., clerk, 523 7th west, bds 454 

Penn av 
Teel Robert L., 394 Penn av, h 349 C north 
Teel Wm. S. (Hinton & Teel), tailors, 406 Penn 

av, bds 349 C north 
Teff George D., tailor, h 314 9th west 
TeiufFer Adam, segar-maker, 462 7th west, h do 
Telford Susan M., wid Charles, h 203 G north 
Telp Frederick, cook, h N Y av n 21st west 
Temple William G., lieut U S N, h 203 G north 
Tennent William R., watchman, h 13th east n 

Penn av 
Tenney Franklin & Co. (S. W. Jones), proprie- 
tors National hotel, Penn av c 6th 
Terrell Edward (col'd), engineer, h L north n N 

Terrell James M. (col'd), porter, h 381 T north 
Terrett Julia, wid John, h 362 K north 
Terrill Mrs. and daughter, h 284 H north 
Terry F. G., clerk Treas Dept, rooms 380 C nth 
Terry William, driver, h 544 7th east 
Thacker George C, clerk Land Office 
Thaw Columbus, bds 343 9th west 
Thaw Eliza B., wid, h 343 9th west 
Thaw John, P Dept, bds 482 Penn av 
Thaw Mary, wid Joseph, h 343 9th west 
Thayer James, gunner, h 533 7th east 
Theis Henry, laborer, h 14th west n T north 
Thielecke Charles W., mason, h 202 5th west 
Thistleton George (Thistleton & Smith), grocer, 

606 7th west, h do 
THISTLETON & SMITH (George Thistleton & 

Smith), grocers, 606 7th west 
Thorn Christopher M., bds 403 13th west 
Thomas Ann (col'd), washerwoman, h r 209 D sth 
Thomas Anthony W., coachsmith, h 334 10th west 
Thomas Augustus, laborer, h 483 3d west 
Thomas Charles (col'd), porter, h 518 5th east 
Thomas Charles (col'd), waiter, h 324 6th west 
Thomas Charles F., engineer, h 653 Penn av 
Thomas Edward, carpenter, h 4£ west n M south 
Thomas Edward, stonecutter, h nth n 8th west 
Thomas Edward A. (Thomas & Baker), carpenter, 

4i west n M south, h 325 4£ west 
Thomas Emily, h 277 Penn av 
Thomas Francis, boots and shoes, 152 Pa av, h do 
Thomas Francis E., sculptor, h 77 A north 
Thomas George, h 396 20th west 
Thomas George, carpenter, h 34 F south 
Thomas George (col'd), laborer, h 644 N north 
Thomas G. C, clerk War Dept 
Thomas Henry, carpenter, h 408 4th east 
Thomas Henry (col'd), hackman, h 52 G south 
Thomas Hope, wid David, h 541 C north 
Thomas James, laborer, h 29 Organ al 
Thomas James (col'd), laborer, N Y av c 6th 

Thomas James (col'd), porter, h 213 X Y av 
Thomas James II., senator, h 307 I north 
Thomas James II. (col'd), coachman, h 338 13th 

Thomas James L. (col'd), laborer, h 165 K north 
Thomas Jane (col'd), wid John, h 460 5th east 
Thomas John, baker, N south c 4\ west, h do 

See Advertisement of "Old Dominion" Coffee and Tea Tot. 



Thomas John (col'd), cartman, h 109 P north 
Thomas John (col'd), laborer, h 216 2d west 
Thomas John B., clerk P 0, h 410 9th west 
Thomas John Mason, clerk War Dept, bds 33S 

NY ar 
Thomas Joseph, laborer, h 56 M south 
Thomas Joseph (col'd), laborer, h al r 531 Sth 

Thomas Lewis, wood and coal, Md av c Sth west, 

h 24 G south 
Thomas Lewis B., h 330 8th west 
Thomas Lewis G., bookbinder, bds 331 5th west 
Thomas Manson (col'd), carman, h 2d west n I 

Thomas Margaret (col'd), washerwoman, h 349 

Sth west 
Thomas Martha E.. wid Francis, h 3S5 10th west 
Thomas Mary (col'd), wid William, h 468 5th 

Thomas Moses, h O south n 1^ east 
Thomas M., clerk, h 5S6 X J av 
Thomas Nancy (col'd), wid William, h 128 23d 

Thomas Noble J., bds Washington house 
Thomas Samuel (col'd), cartman, h 217 9th west 
Thomas Samuel (eol'd), waiter, h 322 10th west 
Thomas Samuel S., clerk Patent Office, bds 432 

loth west 
Thomas Sarah (col'd), h 302 C south 
Thomas Sarah B. L., wid John M., h 432 15th 

Thomas Susan (col'd), washerwoman, h 159 B sth 
Thomas Thomas, watchman, h 70 G south 
Thomas Thomas J., Powhattan house, h ft 7th j 

Thomas William, h 468 L north 
Thomas William, barber, 11th west n E south, h 

587 11th west 
Thomas William, butcher, h 64 F north 
Thomas William, draughtsman, h 511 G south 
Thomas William, laborer, h 11th west c E south ] 
Thomas William (col'd), laborer, h 128 23d west 
Thomas William (col'd), waiter, h 205 N J av 
Thomas William (col'd), waiter, h 349 L north \ 
Thomas William (col'd), waiter, h 408 I north 
Thomas William H., assistant postmaster at Capi- 
tol, h 505 E north 
Thomas William H. (col'd), laborer, h 437 L nth 
Thomas William H. (col'd), waiter, h al r 503 N 

Thomas & Baker (Edward A. Thomas and John ' 

H. Baker), carpenters, 4j west n M south 
Thompson , medical student, bds 439 9th , 

Thompson Allen, bookbinder, h 344 D north 
Thompson Andrew J., bricklayer, h north cor 

10th west 
Thompson Ann E., h 344 D north 
Thompson Ann E., millinery, 506 Penn av. h do 
Thompson Antonio, shipcarpenter, h 595 I south 
Thompson Benjamin, boots and shoes, 183 H nth 
Thompson Betsey (col'd), h 319 Ya av 
Thompson Charles W., feed, 599 7th west, and 

grocer, 600 H north, h do 
Thompson Christianna, wid Antonio, h 595 I sth '■ 
Thompson Corman, carpenter, h 268 D north 
Thompson David, brass-finisher, h 11th west n 

Thompson Egbert, lieutenant U S N, h 616 Md av 
Thompson Elizabeth (col'd), wid Joseph, h 5th 

east n D south 
Thompson Ellen, h 496 H north 
Thompson Emma, h 225 B south 
Thompson George, bricklayer, h 469 I south 
Thompson George, laborer, h 534 Ya av 
Thompson George C, clerk, bds 544 Mass av 

Thompson George C, clerk, 309 Penn av, h I 

north n 4th west 
Thompson George R. (G. R. Thompson & Bro.), 

coach and cabinet goods, 9th west opp Centre 

market, h Ya av n 6th west 
Thompson George W., wheelwright, h 540 14th 

Thompson Hannah A., wid Hamilton J., h 210 I 

Thompson Harriet J., wid John H., h 522 L nth 
Thompson Helen, wid Richard E, hi north cor 

26th west 
THOMPSON JACOB Secretary of the Interior, h 

215 G north 
Thompson James, h 231 Penn av 
Thompson James, laborer Treas Dept 
Thompson James, machinist, h 377 3d east 
Thompson James (col'd), farmer, h 1S5 3d west 
Thompson James D., carpenter, h 296 10th west 
Thompson Jas E., clerk. 403 Penn av, bds 550 do 
Thompson Joanna M., wid George W., h 721 3d 

Thompson John, senator, h 459 13th west 
Thompson John, laborer, h N south n 11 east 
Thompson John (col'd), waiter, h 368 15th west 
Thompson John D., upholsterer, h 369 E north 
Thompson John E., teacher, h E north n 2d west 
Thompson John T., engineer, h 79 K south 
Thompson John W., gasfitter, Penn av, h 326 G 

Thompson John W., pvroteehnist, h 483 M south 
THOMPSON JOHN W. £ BRO. (Win. Thomp- 
son), plumbers and gasfitters, 269 Penn av, h 

G north n 12th west" 
Thompson Joseph, clerk Patent Office, bds 452 

Penn av 
Thompson Josiah, laborer, h 699 6th west 
Thompson J. Ford, physician, 319 7th west, h 7th 

west n L north 
Thompson J. R., clerk Treas Dept 
Thompson Letitia (col'd), cook, h 213 F north 
Thompson Martha A., h H south n 6th west 
Thompson Martha A., teacher, h 415 E north 
Thompson Michael, attorney, 21 4j west, h do 
Thompson Nancy (col'd). wid James, h 194 M nth 
Thompson Richard L., huckster, 525 Centre mkt. 

h 210 I north 
Thompson Robert, painter, h 214 4j- west 
Thompson Robert E., grocer, 3d east c D south, 

h 451 D south 
Thompson Thomas (Thompson & Hannan), gas- 
fitter, 487 6th west, h 4th n Mass av 
Thompson Thomas, laborer, h 10th east n N south 
Thompson Thomas, watchmaker, 4S2 15th west, 

h 480 do 
Thompson William, bricklayer, h 429 21st west 
Thompson William, carpenter, h 496 Md av 
Thompson William, foreman, h 3d east n S C av 
Thompson William, justice, 465 Sth west, h 439 

9th west 
Thompson William, machinist, h 535 7tl: 
Thompson William (J. W. Thompson & Bro.), 

plumber, 269 Penn av, h 3SS I north 
Thompson William A. (G. R. Thompson & Bro.), 

coach and cabinet goods, 9th west opp Centre 

market, h Md av n 6th west 
Thompson William A., engraver, h 496 Md av 
Thompson William A., plasterer, h 296 10th west 
Thompson William H., huckster, h 177 N north 
Thompson William H., watchman, bds 330 E nth 
THOMPSON WILLIAM S., druggist, 440 15th 

west, h do 
Thompson William Y., blacksmith, h r 204 L nth 
THOMPSON «£ HANNAN (Thomas Thompson 

and Daniel Hannan), plumbers and gasfitters, 

487 6th west 

The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, Manufactured by 



Thompson G. R. & Bro. (George R. and William 

A.), coach and cabinet goods, 9th west opp 

Centre market 
Thomson Allan, clerk Pension Office, h 450 H nth 
Thomson Charles E., restaurant, 466 Penn av 
Thomson Elizabeth, boarding, h 418 9th west 
Thomson George, messenger Topograh Bureau 
Thomson James, messenger Treas Dept, h 14th 

west n P north 
Thomson James R., carpenter, 515 H north, h 

404 7th west 
Thomson Julia M., wid James, h 394 N Y av 
Thomson S. John, teacher, h 406 12th west 
THORN BENJAMIN T., boots and shoes, 486 

Penn av, h 44 E Capitol 
Thorn Henry, h'446 E north 
Thorn Henry, laborer, h 652 11th east 
Thorn John H., printer, h 380 5th west 
Thorn Judson H., gardener, h 225 20th west 
Thorn Owen, clerk, bds 392 6th west 
Thorn Owen, clerk Patent Office, bds 446 E north 
Thorn Thomas, h 195 4^ west 
Thorn Thomas, blacksmith, h 484 I south 
Thornley Thomas, late warden, h C north n 1st 

Thornton Harriet (col'd), washerwoman, h 360 

21st west 
Thornton John, clerk, h 646 7th east 
Thornton Mary, wid William, h 6th west n L 

Thornton Richard (col'd), waiter, h 199 F south 
Thornton Robert, watchman, h 623 7th east 
Thornton Robert, watchman, h Ga av n 12th east 
Thorp George, stonecutter, h 9th east n A north 
Thorp James, segar-maker, bds Franklin house 
Thorps William, bricklayer, h 616 Mass av 
Thour Adam, baker, 88" Northern mkt and 498 

14th west, h do 
THRIFT ROBERT G., lawyer, 28 La av 
Throckmorton John A., clerk Treas Dept 
Throop Henry, bds 448 12th west 
Throop J. V. N., engraver, 450 Penn av, h do 
Thruston Fannie C, wid Alfred, h 291 B south 
Thruston Thomas B., clerk Treas Dept, bds 391 

C north 
Thumlert William, clerk Treas Dept, h 409 10th 

Thumlert William H., bookkeeper, h 246 8th west 
Thyson Paulus, grocer, 393 7th west, h do 
Tiafanbach Catharine, wid Philip, h 11th east n 

D south 
Tiberg C. J. R., harness-maker, h 591 7th west 
Tidball Edward, clerk Treas Dept, rooms 255 G 

Tilghman Henry H. (col'd), steward, h 549 M 

Tilley Charles, watchman, h 74 Mo av 
Tillman Richard (col'd;, coachman, hK north n 

19th west 
Tillman Rosa (col'd), huckster, h 83 E south 
Tillman Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 21st west n 

E north 
Tilton Edward G., com U S N, h 134 F north 
Timms James F., blacksmith, 463 N Y av, h 411 

K north 
Tingle Ernst, ragman, h 587 E south 
Tinker George W., painter, h 111 F south 
Tinkler Samuel R., carpenter, h 432 20th west 
Tinkler William T., plasterer, h 332 18th west 
Tinley William H., laborer, h W north n 14th 

Tinney Andrew (col'd), brickmaker, h 514 3d 

Tinney Charles (col'd), cartman, h 349 M north 
Tinney Pompey (col'd), laborer, h 124 K north 
Tippel Mrs., h Md avr n 9th east 

Tippett Ann, wid Thomas, h 396 Mass av 
Tippett Edward T., carpenter, h 733 3d east 
Tippett John, blacksmith, h 544 13th west 
Tippett John N., carpenter, h 234 8th west 
Tippett John T., rigger, h G south n 4^ west 
Tippett William, tinsmith, h 259 E south 
Titcombe James, sawmaker, A north n 5th east 
Toban John, laborer, h 31 Organ al 
Tobias John, optician and daguerreotypist, 426 

Penn av, h 424 6th west 
Tobias N. (col'd); laborer, h 600 9th west 
Tobin James, laborer, h r 462 B south 
Tobin Patrick, laborer, h 475 M north 
Tobin William, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Todd J., clerk Treas Dept 
Todd John, clerk P O Dept, h 224 6th west 
Todd Joseph G., clerk Land Office, h 262 8th 

Todd Lydia, wid David, h 387 D north 
Todd William B., painter, h 271 D north 
Todhunter J. E., clerk P O Dept, h 382 H north 
Todtschinder Wilhelmina, groceries, 372 Mass av 
Toland Thomas, tailor, 50 4 2 l west, h do 
Tolbert Aaron (col'd), laborer, h 294 I north 
Tolbert Andrew (col'd), carpenter, h r 95 E south 
Tolbert Isaac (col'd), waiter, h 342 I north 
Tolbert Mary (col'd), widow, h 342 I north 
Toll Isaac D., examiner Patent Office, h 401 12th 

Tolson Addison, grocer, 536 7th east, h do 
Tolson Douglas, letter-carrier, h 391 Va av 
Tolson Edward, h 597 Va av 
Tolson Isabella (col'd), chambermaid, bds 349 

8th west 
Tolson John, h 536 7th east 
Tolson John F., baker, 228 E south, h do 
Tolson Malvina, school, 536 7th east, h do 
Tolson Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h 349 8th 

Tomar Lawrence, h 3d east n I north 
Tompkins Richard (col'd), huckster, h 105 E 

Toner Joseph M., physician, 37 La av, h do 
Toner Patrick, laborer, h 32 K north 
Toner Thomas, laborer, bds 470 K south 
Tonge John T., tinsmith, E north ab 13th west, 

h 316 7th west 
Tonic Alexander, cook, h 243 D north 
Toombs John C, laborer, h N south n South 

Toombs Robert Hon., senator Georgia, h 248 F 

Toomey Jeremiah, laborer, h 548 13th west 
Toomey Michael, carpenter, h D south n 3d 

Toonyer Robert (col'd), plasterer, h air 503 N 

TOPHAM JAMES S., harness and trunks, 499 

7th west, h 429 Mass av 
Toppan Alfred (col'd), scavenger, h 218 B south 
Toppan Betsey (col'd), washerwoman, h 5th east 

n D south 
Toppan Emily (col'd), wid Eiisha, h 434 L north 
Toppig Mary E., wid Nathan H., teacher, h 301 

8th west 
Torbert James M., clerk Treas Dept, h 19 Iud 

Torbin Patrick, laborer, h Jackson n N Capitol 
Totten Joseph G., general U S A, h 203 G north 
TOUCEY ISAAC Hon., Sec of Navy, h 372 C 

Toughal Cornelius, waiter, h 327 6th west 
Touhey Hugh, teacher, h 486 11th oast 
Touhey Mary, wid John, h 648 5th o:\?t 
Touhy Martin, laborer, h 5th east n D south 
Touhy Michael, laborer, h Pa av n 5th east 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, lit and 119 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia. 



Toumev Mary, h 130 C south 

TOWERS EDWARD, paper-dealer, 377 and 408 

D north, h 76 Ind av 
Towers James E., bds 16 Northern mkt sp 
Towers James M., bds 576 M north 
TOWERS LEMUEL, printer, 6th west c La av, 

h K north n 8th west 
Towers Samuel, printer, bds 12 Northern mkt 

Towers William, clerk Supts Office of Pub Print- 
ing, h 16 Northern mkt sp 
Towers Win., hackman, h 382 20th west 
Towers Wm. EL, printer, h 558 M north 
Towle Nathaniel C, h 400 4th west 
Towles Gilbert B., draughtsman, bds 490 H nth 
TOWLES JAMES, measurer of carpenters' and 

builders' work in general, and real estate agt 

490 H north, h do 
Town Vashti, teacher, bds 30 4-| west 
Towner Sally R., wid Jacob, h 375 Mass av 
Townley James, h 494 14th west 
Townley Jonathan D., plumber, Pa av n 14th 

west, h 174 E north 
Townsend Caroline (col'd), wid James, h N north 

n 15th west 
Townsend Edward D., asst adjt genl U S A, h 

339 21st west 
Toy Maria (col'd), h 274 D south 
Tozer William, carpenter, bds 476 12th west 
Tracey Philip A., bookkeper, 5 Market sp, bds 

337 Pa av 
Tracy Wm., finisher, h 500 E south 
Trader John, clerk Treas Dept, h 343 12th west 
Tranor Owen, stonemason, h K north n 3d west 
Traphagen Mrs., bds Washington house 
Travers Elias, h 24th west n M north 
Travers Elizabeth (col'd), wid Miley, h C south 

n 3d east 
Travers Elizabeth H., dressmaker, 367 18th 

west, h do 
Travers John, laborer, h 110 F north 
Travers John C, waterman, h 1st east n M sth 
Treadway John, bricklayer, h 353 E north 
Tree Lambert, asst P M., h 497 9th west 
Treilhard Julius, sec French Legation, h 52 Pa 

Trenholm Ann R., wid John H., h 356 D north 
Tretler Charles, bookbinder, h 420 9th west 
Tretler Charles E., bookbinder, h 426 9th west 
Tretler John, bookbinder, 408 D north, h 426 9th 

Tretler John H., bookbinder, h 444 Mass av 
Triay Francis, hairdresser, 585 8th east, h do 
Trieas John, laborer, h 659 H north 
Trimble C. A., mem from Ohio, bds 8th west c Pa 

Trine Henry, carpenter, h 441 Mass av 
Trip John, bds 68 E Capitol 
Triplett Ross (col'd), laborer, h 237 Conn al 
Triplett Thomas J., butter-dealer, Centre mkt, h 

252 K north 
Triplett Thomas M., bookbinder, 316 E north, h 

438 M north 
Trommell George W., seaman, h M north n 15th 

Trook John N., clerk, h 287 Va av 
Trook Lysander H., clerk, h 287 Va av 
TROTH JACOB M., general agent, commission 

merchant, and dealer in all kinds of country 

produce; consignments solicited; all orders 

promptly attended to, 93 Louisiana av 
Trott Thomas P., clerk Post Office, h 586 N J av 
Troutman M., machinist, h 587 N J av 
Trowbridge Wm. P., coast survey, h 10 Madi- 
son pi 
Troxenn William H., bricklayer, h 570 M north 

True Loring B., claim agent, 350 18th west, h do 
Truman Joseph J., saw-mill, 12th west, h 195 4th 

Truman Josiah C. (Truman and Draper), planing- 

niill, 12th west c Ohio av, h 191 13th west 
Truman Richard, carpenter, h 241 4th 
Truman William, carpenter, h 546 I north 
j TRUMAN & DRAPER (J. C. Truman & N. C. 

Draper), planing-mill, 12th west c Ohio av 
! Trumble Jansen, laborer, h 3d east n S C av 
Trumbo Lewis W., bricklayer, bds 1 Northern 

mkt space 
Trumbull Lyman, U S senator, h 451 8th west 
Trundle Jacob (col'd), laborer, h 128 22d west 
Trundle William H., bricklayer, h 10th west n 

P north 
Trunnell Catharine,' wid H., h 357 6th west 
Trunnell Elizabeth, wid Walter, h 505 Md av 
Trunnell George H., clerk, bds 392 8th west 
Trunnell Isaac, late tailor, h 568 N north 
Trunnell John A., agent, h 505 Md av 
Trunnell Sylvanus, cabinetmaker, h 373 12th west 
Trusheim Eberhart, baker, h 407 Va av, h do 
Truxel William, laborer, 299 13th west 
Tschiffely Frederick A., clerk Land Office, bds 

437 I north 
Tucker Charles, shoemaker, h 7th west n Md av 
Tucker Charles C. (Tucker & Lloyd), agent, 474 

7th west, h 349 Penn av opp Brown's hotel 
Tucker Enoch, h 368 C north 
TUCKER E. BRISON, hardware, 482 7th west, 

h 197 6th west 
Tucker Francis A., clerk 482 7th west 
Tucker George W., mailcarrier, bds 175 8th west 
Tucker Henrietta, shirtmaker, 264 H north, h do 
Tucker James, h 264 H north 
Tucker James, blacksmith, h 590 Va av 
Tucker James F., h 435 10th west 
Tucker James H., tailor, h Sth west n north 
Tucker John, pumpmaker, 14th west n N north 
Tucker John A., carpenter, h 141 B south 
Tucker John F., blacksmith, h 517 6th east 
Tucker John H., clerk, h 326 9th west 
Tucker John H., grocer, 101 D south, h 141 B 

Tucker Joseph, laborer, h 513 8th east 
Tucker Margaret, wid George H., h 326 9th west 
Tucker Morris, coachmaker, h 3 Qh west 
Tucker Otis, h 175 8th west 
Tucker Samuel, tailor, h 267 D north 
Tucker Samuel W., tailor, h 267 D north 
Tucker Silas, shoemaker, 7th west n Md av, h do 
Tucker Stepney (col'd), hostler, h r 425 14th west 
Tucker William, pumpmaker, 94 F south, h do 
Tucker William, jr., pumpmaker, h 622 11th west 
Tucker Wm., tailor, 426 Penn av, h 351 C north 
Tucker William E., engineer, h 517 6th east 
Tucker W. McK., physician, 368 C north, h do 
Tucker William S., clerk, h 141 B south 
Tucker William W., reporter, h 267 D north 
TUCKER & Lloyd (Chas. C. Tucker & Thos. B. 

Lloyd), general agents, 474 7th west 
Tuckson William (col'd), brickmaker, h E south 

n 9th west 
Tudge William, messenger at the Capitol, h 4th 

east n A north 
Tue John, laborer, h F south n 1} west 
Tuell Lawrence A., carpenter, bds 581 7th east 
Tuill Joseph P., laborer, h 570 N north 
TULEY WM. D. Mrs., boarding, h 371 Penn av 
Tull Eliza Ann, h 123 D south 
Tumulty Hugh, laborer, h 200 H north 
Tune Steptoe T., messenger City P 0, h 9th west 

n P north 
Tunin Comfort (col'd), washerwoman, h 556 K 


The "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, Manufactured by 



Turley John M. (col'd), baker, h 390 13th west 
Turley Simon (col'd), sawyer, bds 390 13th west 
Turnbull William Mrs., h 140 F north 
Turnburke Francis, hackman, h 727 7th west 
Turnburke George, painter, 14th west n G north 

h 383 13th west 
Turnburke James, saddler, h 179 C south 
Turner Ann, wid Elbert, h C south n 2d east 
Turner Christina, wid William, h 211 7th west 
Turner Christiana, wid William, h 536 north 
Turner Fanny (col'd) , wid James, h 445 13th west 
Turner Henry, grocer and hacks for hire, 450 

11th west, h 423 10th west 
Turner Henry L., late agent, h 228 D north 
Turner Henry W- (Turner & Co.), ambrotypist, 

480 Penn av, h 37 La av c 6th west; 
Turner Jacob Y., clerk, bds 423 10th west 
Turner James 0., bds 536 north 
Turner Lucinda (col'd), wid Robert, h 179 25th 

Turner Martha [(col'd), wid Robert, h 181 25th 

Turner Mary (col'd), wid William, h 115 Va av 
Turner Matthew A., clerk Treas Dept, h 353 K 

Turner Peter (col'd), coachman, h 385 11th west 
Turner Samuel, bricklayer, h H south, n 6th west 
Turner Sarah, wid, h 57 7th west 
Turner Sarah (col'd), eating stand, Northern 

Liberty market, h 368 9th west 
Turner Sarah (col'd), washerwoman, h 714 6th 

Turner Sarah A., wid John B., h 6th east n A 

Turner Sophia (col'd), wid, h 368 9th west 
Turner Thomas, hackman, h 94 4| west 
Turner Thomas B., painter, h Ga av n 13th east 
Turner Weston, hack stable, h 505 I north 
Turner William, carpenter, h 547 north 
Turner William F., slavetrader, h 580 C north 
Turner William W., librarian of Patent Office, h 

171 B south 
Turner & Co. (Henry W. Turner & Nephi Bell), 

ambrotypists. 480 Penn av 
Turney George (col'd), carpenter, h 418 L north 
Turpin Elizabeth, wid Benjamin, h 544 Mass av 
Turpin Henry segar-maker, h 350 4th west 
Turpin Henry W., clerk, 290 Penn av, bds 485 

12th west 
Turpin Levin I., harness-maker, bds 544 Mass av 
Turpin Maria H. Mrs., boarding-house, 485 12th 

Turpin Walter G., clerk Land Office, bds 486 E 

Turpin William T., tailor, h 546 1 Mass av 
Turton George H., bricklayer, h 393 11th west 
Turton James E., carpenter, bds 393 11th west 
Turton John B., carpenter, 18th west n Penn av, 

h 123 H north 
Turton Rachel M. A., wid Wm. H., 397 G south 
Turton Susannah, wid James, h 393 11th west 
Tustin Allen, plasterer,, bds 330 F north 
Tustin James P., clerk Pension Office, h 316 I 

TUSTIN SEPTIMUS REV. D.D., h 316 I north 
Tuttle Chester, clerk Navy Dept, h 489 17th west 
Tweedy Arian, wid Robert, h 336 G north 
Tweedy Overton, bds 336 G north 
Twine Andrew (col'd), laborer, h L north n 17th 

Twist Francis, laborer, h 2d east n A north 
Twist George H., teacher, bds 465 D north 
Twomey Cornelius, laborer, h 605 Mass av 
Twomey Jeremiah, carpenter, bds 508 12th west 
Twyman, clerk at Capitol, rooms 380 C north 
Tyler Amelia (col'd), wid William, h r 506 L nth 

Tyler Ann Mrs. (col'd), Pierce n N J av 
Tyler Charles N., patentee, bds 366 8th west 
Tyler Frances (col'd), washerwoman, h C north 

n 5th east 
Tyler Juvenile (col'd), porter, h 209 E south 
Tyler Robert (col'd), driver, h 390 L north 
Tyler Robert (col'd), laborer, h 190 E south 
Tyler Samuel (of Md.), lawyer, over Bank of 

Tyler William, laborer, h 265 C south 
Tyler William, plasterer, h 516 11th east 
Tyler William W., clerk Post Office, h N Capitol 

n B north 
Tynan John, grocer, 333 L north, h do 
Tynge Henry K., clerk Patent Office, h 16 E 

Tyrel Mark, assistant gardener at Washington 

Tyser Henry, hackman, h 577 C north 
Ty singer William E., clerk, P Dept, h La- 
fayette house 
Tyson John S., lawyer, La av c 7th west, h do 
Tyson John S. jr., lawyer, La av, c 7th west, h 8 

La av 
Tyssowski Antoinette, wid John, h 420 K north 

Uffelmann Lewis, blacksmith, 250 19th west, h 

319 8th west 
Uhlmann Charles J., clerk Patent Office, h N Cap 

cor Q north 
Ulke Henry, artist, 434 Penn av, h 453 10th west 
Ulke Julius, artist, 434 Pa av, bds 453 10th west 
Ulrich Charles, confectioner, 403-£ 9th west, h do 
Ulrich Hannah, wid George, boarding-house, 446 

15th west 
Umhaw Christena, wid Christian, h S north n 7th 

Uncapher Israel, clerk P Dept, h 614 H north 
Unkey Joseph, gasfitter, h 590 G north 
UNSWORTH JOHN B., restaurant, 233 Pa av 
Unsworth Martha, h 3d west n E south 
Upperman Charles E., clerk Patent Office, h 363 

Mass av 
Upperman Henry C, bds 482 Penn av 
Upperman Thomas H., patent-agent, h 363 Mass 

UPPERMAN WM. HENRY, grocer, 419 Pa av 
Upshur Abel, clerk Navy Dept, h 399 15th west 
Upshur Alfred (col'd), cook, h r 420 L north 
Upshur Elizabeth, wid Abel, h 399 15th west 
Upshur John (col'd), cook, h 394 8th west 
Uriani Dominick, lampmaker, h 298 B north 
Usher Geo., 414 Penn av, h 373 11th west 

north, h do (See adv) 
Utermehle Charles H., lawyer, 8 La av, h 425 

Mass av 
Utermehle Geo. W., h 425 Mass av 

Valentine Henrietta (col'd), h Pierce n N J av 
Valentine John, carpenter, h r north be1 5th 

and 7th west 
Valentine Matthias, clerk P 0, h 2S2 9tb west 
Valentine William (col'd), hackman, h 198 K nth 
Vallandigham Hon., member from Ohio, bds 321 

F north 
Vanarsdale P. H., feed, 536 7th west, h 439 Mass 

Vnnbreaker Mary, washerwoman, h N J av n C 

Vanburgen Joseph, gardener, h 1J west n R south 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, 1U and 119 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia. 



Van Buskirk Abraham, pension-agent, 297 1st 

west, h do 
Van Bussum Andrew, clerk, h 547 13th west 
VAN CAMP A., dentist, 407 F north, h do 
Van Camp Eugene B., bds 407 F north 
Vandergrift Redwood, rectifier, h 511 10th west 
Van Doran Bernard, cutter, h 405 8th west 
Vanfleet Barnet, clerk, h 452 9th east 
Vanhook John W. (Fox & Vanhook), real estate 

broker, 490^ 7th west, h 457 7th west 
Vanhorn Benjamin (Andrews & Vanhorn), pro- 
visions, 384 L south, h L south n 4th east 
Vanhorn John, machinist, h 391 L south 
Vanhorn Rebecca, grocer, 391 L south, h do 
Vannerson Julian, photographer, 308 Penn av, 

bds 4| west n Penn av 
Van Riswick John, brick manuf and lumber, foot 

6th west, h E south bet 11th and 12th west 
Vanriswick John T., inspector, h 355 L south 
Van Riswick William, brick manuf, S Capitol c 

N south, h 1st east cor N south 
Van Riswick & Bro. (John & William Van Ris- 
wick), brick manufacturers, S Cap c N south 
Van Rossum Ann E., wid John, h 189 N Y av 
Vansanvoord John, clerk Patent Office, h 209 G 

Vansciver James, huckster, h 11th west n E sth 
Vanskiver John E., porterhouse, 554 7th west 
Van Slyke Martin, market H north c 13th west, 

h N Y av 
Vantyne Jacob S., painter, 5th west n M north 
Van Wyck P. V. R., clerk Treas Dept 
Van Zandt Nicholas B., h 359 Mass av 
Vanzandt Nicholas H., lieut U S N, h 375 13th 

Varden John, curator Smithsonian Institute, h 

397 10th west 
VARNELL GEORGE H., painter, 51 La av, h 

451 Mass av 
Vara ell John T., butcher, 39 Centre mkt, h 

north cor 22d west 
Vassell Vester, h 534 12th west 
Vaughan Gideon, carpenter, h 250 N Capitol 
Vaughn Francis W., clerk Coast Survey, h Rugby 

Vaun Walter, barkeeper, h ft 9th west 
Vedder Nicholas, clerk Gen'l Land Office, h 362 

Mass av 
Veihrneyer Jacob, marble-yard, 14th west cor C 

north, h 13th west n B south 
Velte George L. (Velte & Ockstadt), printer, 470 

9th west, h do 
Velte & Ockstadt (George L. Velte & Wilhelm 

Ockstadt), printers, 470 9th west 
Venable Catharine, wid George W., h 400 E nth 
Venable Charles H., daguerreotypist, h 586 Va av 
VENABLE JOSEPH G., grocer. 7th east cor G 

south, h 482 G south 
Venable Peter, carpenter, h 291£ 13th west 
VENABLE WILLIAM S., tinsmith and hard- 
ware, Va av cor 7th east 
Venino Francis, artist, h 372 10th west 
Venson, at Capitol, bds 210 F north 
Verdi T. S., physician, 224 F north, h do 
Vermillion Asbury, tinman, h 511 11th east 
Vermillion Charles, clerk, h alley r 434 L south 
Vermillion Clinton, boiler-maker, h511 11th east 
Vermillion J., laborer, h 5 A south 
Vermillion Otho T., constable, h 511 11th east 
Vermillion Richard, provisions, 4} west n N south 
Vermillion William, stairbuilder, 243^ H north 
Vernon Charles R., icedealer, ft of 13th west, h r 

62 M South 
Vernon Fairfax F., carpenter, h 196 6th west 
Vernon Henry T., tailor, h 197 4| west 
Vernon John K., coachmaker, h 180 H north 

Vernon Philip, carpenter, h 699 7th west 
Verr George, shoemaker, 443 K south, h do 
Vessey John, carpenter, h Q north n 16th west 
Vessey Leonard, carpenter, h 371 L north 
Vessey Thomas, bricklayer, h Q north n 16th west 
Viedt H. J. Julius, cabinetmaker, h E north c 

10th west 
Viehman George, stonesetter, h 553 Mass av 
Vierbuchen John P., inst. -maker, h 345 1st east 
Vierbuchen P., instrument-maker, h 400 1st east 
Vigel Richard (col'd), whitewashes 511 K north 
Vigel Richard (col'd), carman, h 340 L north 
Villa Charles, liquors, 293 B north 
Villalba Carlos Moreno, secretary Spanish Lega- 
tion, h 299 I north 
Villard Thomas J., h 321 E north 
Villena Edward, attache Peru Legation, h 448 

6th west 
Vincent Charles, clerk Treas Dept, h 86 Penn av 
Vincent Mrs., bds 411 3d west 
Vincent William, h 185 L north 
Vinson Charles, clerk Treas Dept 
Vinton Samuel F., h 402 D north 
Virnstein Anna, peddler, h 234 E south 
Virtue, Emmins & Co., book-publishers, 488£ 7th 

Visser J., bds 301 Penn av 
Vivans Louis, bds 399 16th west 
Vodery Robert (col'd), blacksmith, h 3d east n 

Vodery Robert N. (col'd), laborer, h 1st east n D 

Voigt Edward, cigars, 397 7th west, h do 
Voigt Frederick, stonecutter, 1st west n R R 
Volk Frederick, blacksmith, 238 La av, h 533 

Sth west 
Volk John, machinist, h 687 4th east 
Vollbright August, tailor, h A north n 6th east 
Vonderlehr Jacob, watchman, h 371 11th west 
Voss Augustus H., jeweller, 157 Penn av, h 260 

Penn av 
VOSS HERMANN H., grocer, 285 Penn av, h 

453 12th west 
Voss L. J. Mrs., watches and jewelry, 260 Penn 

av, h do 
Vowles Enoch F., huckster, 178 Centre mkt, h 

12th west n Md av 
Vowles Thomas, huckster, h 12th west n E south 

Wade Benjamin, laborer, h 52 M south 
Wade Henry (col'd), carman, h 388 12th west 
Wade Jane, wid John H., h 390 6th west 
Wade John K., carpenter, H north, h 672 M nth 
Wade John W., tailor, h 319 7th west 
Wade Patrick, carpenter, h 550 H north 
Wadsworth H. Nichols,' dentist, 366 C north 
Wael John, hotel, h 792 6th west 
Wafer Obert, laborer, h 804 6th west 
Wagner Adam, laborer, h Tenn av n F north 
Wagner Anthony, carpenter, h 42 Washington 
Wagner Casper, baker, 86 E Capitol, h do 
Wagner Frederick, musician, h 376 G south 
WAGNER JACOB, gun and locksmith, 478 15th 

west, h do 
Wagner John, baker, 241 F south, h do 
Wagner John, gardener, h 10th east n H north 
Wagner John, looking-glasses and frames, 255 

Penn av, h do 
Wagner John, musician, h 9th east n G south 
Wagner John C, baker, 99 E Capitol, h do 
Wagner Margaret (col'd), h 469 11th west 
Wagner Michael, baker, h N H av n 21st west 
Wagner Philip, grocer, 624 C north, h do 
Wagner William, surveyor, h 361 7th west 

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Wailes I. Newton, clerk, 36 Market space, bds 

378 1st east 
Wailes Stephen C, carpenter, h 378 1st east 
Wainwright Maria M., wid Robert D., h 177 G 

Wainwright Samuel A., coast surveyor, h 177 G 

Waite Edward, periodicals, 177-| Penn av, h do 
Waite Matthew, slater, h 417 Gr north 
Waite Samuel B., druggist, 528 7th west, h G 

north n 7th west 
Wakefield Jane W., wid James, h Mass av n 15th 

Wakeling Mary, h 553 1st west 
Walbridge C, clerk Land Office 
Wald John E., baker, 558 8th west, h do 
Waldecker Lewis, h 272 4th west 
Walden John, laborer, h N J av n K south 
Waldo P., Penn av bet 13th and 14th west 
Walker Betsy (col'd), washerwoman, h 64 Gr south 
Walker Caroline H., h 391 D north 
Walker Charles E., carpenter, h 534 H north 
Walker David (Lewis Johnson & Co.), banker, 

292 Penn av, h 46 Mo av 
Walker Fielder, laborer, h 1st east n K south 
Walker George, basket-maker, h N south n 3d west 
Walker George, blacksmith, h 108 4| west 
Walker George, huckster, h H south n Canal 
Walker George (col'd), porter, h 180 N Y av 
Walker George H., carpenter, h 502 10th west 
Walker Hannah M., wid John, h 642 L north 
Walker Henry, painter, h 189 C south 
Walker Isabella, wid David, h 46 Mo av 
Walker James C, clerk House of Rep, hE north 

n 2d west 
Walker James T., clerk, h 383 E north 
Walker John, laborer, h F north n Md av 
Walker John 0., messenger P Dept, bds 468 

12th west 
Walker Jonathan D., lumber, La av c 10th west, 

h 383 E north 
Walker J., artist, bds 383 Penn av 
Walker J. F., gravel-roofer, h 196 7th west 
Walker Maria E., h 563 13th west 
Walker Nathan W., carpenter, h 252 8th west 
WALKER NOAH & CO., clothing, 368 Penn av 

(See adv) 
Walker Oceana, wid Samuel, h 468 12th west 
Walker Peter (col'd), laborer, h r 105 E south 
Walker Robert C, clerk Patent Office, bds 486 E 

Walker Samuel, painter, h 743 N J,av 
Walker Samuel, tide computer Coast Survey, h 

53 A north 
Walker S. V. Mrs., groceries, 431 14th west, h do 
Walker Thomas H. (W. T. Walker & Bro.), 

painter, 579 12th west 
Walker William, clerk, h 189 M north 
Walker William (colfcl), hostler, h r 537 K north 
Walker William A. , messenger Light House Board 

h 338 19th west 
Walker William T. (W. T. Walker & Bro.), 

painter, 579 12th west, h 114 C south 
Walker W. T. & Bro. (Thomas H. Walker), 

painters, 579 12th west 
Wall Columbus 0. (Lease & Co.), furniture, 502 

7th west, h 420 D north 
Wall C. J., clerk Treas Dept, h 331 Penn av 
Wall Daniel, painter, h 319 5th west 
Wall James F., stagedriver, h Va av n 6th west 
Wall John clockmaker, h 572 G north 
Wall Michael, laborer, h 231 3d west 
Wall Michael, stonemason, h 376 20th west 
Wall Rachel (col'd), 467 N Y av 
Wall Samuel T., salesman, 48 Mkt sp, h 255 N 


Wall Thomas, gardener, h 357 12th west 

Wall William (Wall, Stephens & Co.), clothing, 

322 Penn av, bds Kirkwood house 
Wall Wm. L. (Wall & Barnard), auctioneer, 317 

Penn av, bds 383 Penn av 
WALL & BARNARD (Wm. L. Wall & R. W. 

Barnard), auctioneers, 317 Penn av (See adv) 
WALL, STEPHENS & CO. (Wm. Wall, Thos. A. 

Stephens and Bushrod Robinson), clothing, 322 

Penn av 
Wallace Ellen (col'd), wid Colbert, domestic, h 

314 10th west 
Wallace Henry (col'd), waiter, h 296 C south 
Wallace Israel (col'd), shoemaker, al B south bet 

1st east and N J av, h do 
Wallace John, coachmaker, h 521 H north 
Wallace John (col'd), waiter, h 296 C south 
Wallace Joseph (col'd), waiter, h 296 C south 
Wallace Margaret (col'd), h 296 C south 
Wallace Mary K., wid Robert, h 471 I north 
Wallace Richard W., clerk P 0, h 471 I north 
Wallace Thomas K., clerk Treas Dept 
Wallace William A., clerk, h 386 8th west 
WALLACH CHARLES S., attorney at law, 7 Ind 

av opp east wing City Hall, h do 
Wallach Ellen, bds 453 9th west 
Wallach Phillip, agent Wiesenfeld & Co., 446 ?a 

av, h do 
Wallach Richard, h 2 Ind av 
WALLACH WM. D., editor and proprietor Even- 
ing Star, 325 D north, h in Va 
Wallack Cuthbert P., h 448 D north 
WALLER A. BRADLEY, wood and coal, 1st 

west, h 338 N Y av 
Waller William, machinist, h 80 G north 
Waller William L., clerk Treas Dept, h 318 N Y 

Walling John, furniture, E north c 10th west, bds 

471 11th west 
Walling Joseph B., painter, bds 497 I north 
Wallingsford Eleanor, wid Alfred, h 484 G north 
Wallingsford Washington, butter, 2 Northern 

mkt and 147 Centre mkt, h 9th west c N north 
Wallingsford Washington G., butter, 250 9th west 
Wallis John H. (Wallis & Dunham), carriages, 

502 and 506 6th west, h H north n 7th west 
Wallis & Dunham (John H. Wallis and Alva Dun- 
ham), carriages, 502 and 506 6th west 
Walls James, coachman, h 130 E south 
Walmsley Robert H., cabinetmaker, 71 La av, h 

8th west n Penn av 
Walmsley Theodore, bookbinder, h 598 I north 
Walsh Bridget, wid Wm. J., h 156 2d east 
Walsh Edward, grocer, 373 12th west 
WALSH FRANCIS S., druggist, 608 8th east 
Walsh James, grocer, 120 A south, h do 
Walsh John, h 275 12th west 
Walsh John, machinist, bds 474 G south 
Walsh Joseph, M. D. and clerk Navy Yard, h493 

E south 
Walstrum John F., bricklayer, h 293 1st west 
Walstrum Samuel S., express driver, h 313 Del 

WALTER CHARLES, justice of peace and notary 

public, 397 D north, h 324 3d west 
Walter John, boots and shoes, 295 7th west, h do 
Walter John, cabinetmaker, 372 E north, h do 
Walter Mary A., wid Rev. L. D., h 476 G north 
Walter Thomas, locksmith, h 384 G south 
Walter Thomas U., architect, h 429 F north 
Walter Wm. (Walter, Karmami £ Bopp), coach 

builders, 346 D north, h 604 6th west 

Harmon Karmann, it Goo. Bopp), coach build- 
ers, 346 D north. (See adv) 
Walters Dwight R., carpenter, h 554 I north 

You will have delicious Cofl'ee always. 



Walters James, h 19th west n M north 
Walters Robert, seaman, h 754 6th west 
Walters William, teacher, h 55 D south 
Walton James W., clerk Land Office, bds 357 E 

Waltz John, baker, 242 4th west, h do 
Walworth W. B., clerk Land Office 
Walz Frederick, foreman, h N north n N J av 
Wamaling Peter J., woodturner, bds 416 H nth 
Wannall Charles P., clerk Register's Office, h 367 

9th west 
Wannall Mary, matron Washington City Orphan 

Asylum, h do 
Wannall William H., carpenter, bds 474 G south 
Wanzer Louisa, wid Lewis, h 257 L north 
Ward Albert W., tinman, 532 7th west, h 432 9th 

Ward Colbert (cord), laborer, h r 209 D south 
Ward Ellen, h Va av n South Capitol 
WARD ENOCH, clothing, 76 La av, h E south c 

10th west 
Ward Francis, blacksmith, h 2d east n H north 
Ward George, carman, h 68 G south 
Ward George W., bricklayer, h 4th west n nth 
Ward Henry, police, rooms 224 E north 
Ward Henry (col'd), laborer, h 68 G south 
Ward James, carpenter, h 427 8th west 
Ward John, carpenter, h 264 7th west 
Ward John, gasfitter, 3 Temperance Hall al 
Ward John (col'd), laborer, h 68 G south 
Ward John (col'd), laborer, h N J av n D south 
WARD JOHN B. & BRO. (Ulysses B. Ward), 

lumber, 12th west on the Canal, h C north n 

2d west 
Ward Joseph D., watchman, h 581 6th west 
Ward Kater (col'd), laborer, h 592 10th west 
Ward Milton M., carpenter, h 211 6th west 
Ward Patrick, blacksmith, h 346 18th west 
Ward Patrick, laborer, h 646 5th east 
Ward Robert, laborer, h 666 G north 
Ward Robert (col'd), laborer, h 68 G south 
Ward Susan, boarding-house, 378 D north 
Ward Thomas, blacksmith, h 66 4| west 
Ward Thomas, laborer, h 301 N Capitol 
Ward Ulysses B. (J. B. Ward & Co.), lumber, 

12th west on the Canal, h 254 C north 
Ward William, laborer, h 2d east n H north 
Ward W. Walter, clerk, bds 608 8th east 
Ward Wm. H., lawyer, 356 Penn av, h 432 6th 

Warden William, cartman, h F north n 2d west 
Warden William, laborer, h 184 26th west 
Warder Ann, wid John, h 379 N Y av 
Warder Ann, wid Walter, h 354 5th west 
Warder James (Warder & Co., also Warder & 

Stewart), wood and coal, 7th west c N Y av, 

and H north c 12th west, h 523 L north 
Warder John B. (Warder & Co.), wood and coal, 

7th west c N Y av, h 410 Mass av 
Warder Mary, dressmaker; h 410 Mass av 
Warder Walter W., h 271 C north 
WARDER WILLIAM, wood and coal, K north 

c Mass av, bds 3d west bet E and F north 
Warder William H., wood and coal, 9th west, bds 

3d west n F north 
Warder & Co. (John B. & James Warder, & Henry 

Stewart), wood and coal, 7th west c N Y av 
Warder & Stewart (James Warder & Henry C. 

Stewart), wood and coal, H north c 12th west 
Warfield George (col'd), laborer, bds 410 8th west 
Waring James J., physician, 442 E north, h do 
Warner Charles I., blacksmith, h 500 K south 
Warner Francis (col'd), brickmaker, h 198 23d 

Warner Henry, h Va av n 10th east 
Warner Nicholas (col'd), porter, h 495 3d west 

Warner Samuel, blacksmith, h Va av n 10th east 

Warnsford Ann, wid, h 420 E south 

Warre Francis, 1st attache Brit Lega, h 487 17th 

Warren Caroline, h 93 D south 
Warren Charles (col'd), barber, 265 F north, h 

K north c 15th west 
Warren Elizabeth (col'd), wid, h 317 8th west 
Warren Henry (col'd), tinner, h 236 C north 
Warren Joseph, cartman, h 395 21st west 
Warren Louisa W. (col'd), wid Joseph, h 280 K 

Warren Mrs., h 2 Madison place 
Warren Robert E., huckster, h 185 8th west 
Warren Thos. G., cutter, 488 7th west, h 318 7th 

Warren William, plasterer, h 318 7th west 
Warren William (col'd), whitewashes h 226 N Y 

Warren William M., plasterer, bds 185 8th west 
Warriner Chauncey, watchmaker, 34 4^ west h do 
Warthen Charles, bricklayer, bds 294 10th west 
Warwick Elizabeth, wid John, h 484 G north 
Warwick James, shoemaker, bds 571 H north 
Washburn Emma J., seamstress, N north n 12th 

Washburn Oceania, seamstress, h N north n 12th 

Washing Agnes Mrs., bds 434 13th west 
Washington City Orphan Asylum, H north n 9th 

Washington Elizabeth (col'd), wid James, h 184 

K north 
Washington Henrietta (col'd), wid Cumberland, 

h 349 15 th west 
Washington Henry (col'd), barber, h 497 D south 
Washington Horace (col'd), carpenter, h 288 12th 

Washington Jane, wid Glasgow, h Marble al n 

Missouri av 
Washington John (col'd), porter, hF south n 10th 

Washington John H., clerk Treas Dept 
Washington Joshua (col'd), laborer, h F south n 

10th west 
Washington Llewellen, clerk P Com Senate, 

bds 306 F north 
Washington Mary (col'd), wid William, h 196 K 

Washington Richard, dis clerk Bank of Washing- 
ton* h 306 F north 
Washington Richard B., clerk Treas Dept, h 463 

6 th west 
Washington Richard C, clerk P Dept, h 306 F 

Washington Wm. D., artist, 486 12th west, h 482 do 
Washington William H. (col'd), hairdresser, 43 

A south, h 497 D south 
Wasman Reinholt, shoemaker, h 288 C north 
Wasner John C, baker, 103 Centre mkt, h 99 E 

WASSMANN GEORGE F., gunsmith, 201 Penn 

av, h do 
Water James, wood, 12th west n H north, h 523 

L north 
Waterholter F. Wm., segars, 280 Penn av, h do 
Waterhouse John L. Mrs., bds 331 Penn av 
Waterman Herman, upholsterer, h 320 G north 
Waters Benjamin (col'd), cartman, h 249 C north 
Waters Benjamin (col'd), laborer, h Pierce n N 

J av 
Waters Charles R., carpenter, bds 435 I north 
WATERS GUSTAVUS, wood and coal, 10th west 

c H north, h 522 L north 
Waters Henrietta, wid Edward, h 79 E Capitol 

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Waters John, bds 336 G north 

Waters John, bds 443 30th west 

Waters John, market-master., h 374 E north 

Waters John (col'd) laborer, h r 14th west n L 

Waters Marcellus (col'd), waiter, h 217 K north 
Waters Maria, wid Wm., h 553 8th east 
Waters Mary E., wid Elkanah, h 254 C north 
Waters Kichard (col'd), porter, h 579 3d west 
Waters Robert, guard at jail, h 422 D north 
WATERS ROBERT A., printer, 323 D north, h 

136 22d west 
Waters Samuel (col'd), hackman, h 329 1st west 
Waters Warren, h 571 11th east 
Waters William (col'd), laborer, h r 14th west n 

L north 
Waters William E., physician, 254 C north, h 78 

K north 
Waters William N., bds 453 9th west 
Watkins Lewis, h 399 18th west 
Watkins Louis, clerk P Dept, h 420 9th west 
Watkins Susan (col'd) h r E north n 2d west 
Watkins William, barber, 561 7th east, h do 
Watson Ann, wid James, h M north c 16th west 
Watson Benjamin T., police, h 434 K north 
Watson Charles, barher, h 325 3d west 
Watson Edward A., shoemaker, 188 K north 
Watson Eliza (col'd), washerwoman, h 436 E sth 
Watson James, provisions, 321 12th west, h do 
Watson James, shipcarpenter, h 6th west n G sth 
Watson James W., shoemaker, h 604 H north 
Watson Jesse (col'd) waiter, h 19 Jackson Hall 

Watson John,~laborer, h 618 9th west 
Watson Lewis, shoemaker, h K south n 6th west 
WATSON PETER H., attorney, F north, h 311 

F north 
Watson Robert (col'd), laborer, h 268 D south 
Watson Wm., bds 471 11th west 
Watson William, laborer, h 517 8th east 
Watson William, laborer, h 725 7th west 
Watson William H., clerk, h 19th west c G north 
Watterson Henry, Union and States office, rooms 

255 G north 
Watterston David A., civil engineer, 520 7th 

west, h 464 2d west 
Watterston Maria, wid George, h 464 2d east 
Watt Charles, stonecutter, h F north n Tenn av 
Watt James K., gardener, h 164 25th west 
Watt John, gardener, h 22d west c G north 
Watts Augustus (col'd), coachman, h 204 23d west 
Watts Eliza, wid James, boarding-house, h 301 

D north 
Watts John S., claim-agent, bds 4 A north 
Watts Lewis (col'd), hackdriver, h K riorth N 

15th west 
Watts Mary (col'd), nurse, h 182 K north 
WAUGH JAMES E., grocer, 9th west c N Y av, 

bds 323 9th west 
Waugh William A., clerk Treas Dept 
Wayman Alexander W. Rev. (col'd), h 270 K nth 
Wayne Henry C, major U S A, h 381 20th west 
Wayne James, judge Supreme Court, h 343 I nth 
Wayne Lewis (col'd), confectioner, 83 E Capitol 
Wayne Lewis H., h East Capitol n 3d east 
Wayson Edward, blacksmith, h 519 Sth east 
Wayson Edward, carpenter, h 521 E south 
Wayson Mary A., grocer, 572 Va av, h do 
Wayson Nicholas, printer, h 4th east c Mass av 
Wearnond George, carpenter, h r 559 11th west 
Weaver Catharine M. Mrs., h 434 K north 
Weaver Henry, butcher, 47 Centre mkt, h at 

Weaver James G., painter, h 377 9th west 
Weaver John H., huckster, 121 Centre mkt and 

13 Northern mkt, h 8th west n N north 

Weaver Susannah (col'd), h Goat alley 

Weaver Thomas, butcher, 57 Centre mkt 

Weaver William V. W., clerk P 0, h 482 L north 

Webb A. J. Mrs., bds 383 N Y av 

Webb Edward, machinist, h 10th west n D south 

Webb Fanny, h 354 G north 

Webb John F. (Charles S. Fowler & Co.), china 

and glass, 504 7th west, h 4 La av 
Webb Joseph W., banker, 432 Penn av, h 363 H 

WEBB POLLARD, insurance-agent, 520 7th 

west, h 411 3d west 
WEBB WM. B., lawyer, 4 La av, h do 
Webb William P., turner, 407 G north, h do 
Webb William W., clerk, 432 Penn av, bds 363 

H north 
Webber Charles (John Webber & Bro.), livery- 
stable, K south n Sth east, h 8th east 
Webber John & Bro. (Charles Webber), livery- 
stable, K south n 8th east, h 8th east 
Webber Louis F. W., musician, h 569 7th east 
Weber Christopher, harness-maker, 184 Penn av 
Weber Henry, baker, 306 18th west, h do 
Weber Joseph, laborer, h 385 D south 
Weber J. V., machinist, h 385 D north 
Webster Addison (col'd), waiter, h 423 20th west 
Webster Ann, h F south c 1st west 
Webster Charles P., clerk Pension Office, h 488 

G north 
Webster David, coachman, h 499 1st west 
Webster Elijah (col'd), brickmaker, bds 509 N 

Webster Henry, laborer, h 623 9th west 
Webster Henry (col'd), brickmaker, h 320 12th 

Webster James (col'd), waiter, h 184 3d west 
Webster John, stonemason, h Va av n 1^ west 
Webster Rezon (col'd), cartman, h 509 N north 
Webster William, laborer, h 6th east n A north 
Webster William A., carpenter, h 301 N J av 
Wedge Adeline (col'd), washerwoman, h F south 

n 4^ west 
Wedge William (col'd), laborer, h F south n 44 

Wedlock Alice (col'd), wid Samuel, h 94 23d west 
Weeden Clement, coachtrimmer, h 503 Md av 
Weeden Henry A., coachmaker, 1st west n Penn 

av, h 221 Penn av 
Weeden John C, segars, 69 4£ west, bds 503 

Md av 
Weeks Joseph, grocer, 421 12th west, h do 
Weeks Joseph A., stagedriver, h 100 G south 
Weems Mary A., wid Elijah, h 6th west n Q nth 
Weggemann Barnard, boots and shoes, 236 7th 

west, h do 
Weigart Henry, saddler, h 380 8th west 
Weightman Roger C, clerk Patent Office, h 43 

La av 
Weirman Charles, h 424 15th west 
Weisbecker Albert, shoemaker, h 412 7th west 
Weisenborn Henry, huckster, h 4S7 13th west 
Weisenborn Johanna, hairbraider, h 4S7 loth 

Weisinger Thomas C, messenger, h 115 B south 
Weitzer Cohen, junk, h 230 E^south 
Welch James, blacksmith, h 665 7th east 
Welch Patrick, laborer, h 373 5th west 
Welch Thomas, hackman, h 469 Mass av 
Welch William, peddler, h 143 K south 
WELDON HENRY, liquors, 298 E north, h 366* 

L north 
Weller George P., varnisher, h 659 Penn av 
Welling James C, assistant editor, h 443 F north 
Wells Edwardenia 0. (col'd), washerwoman, h 

438 11th west 
Wells Henry, baker, h 549 north 

See Advertisement of "Old Dominion" Coffee and Tea Tot. 



Wells Isabella, boarding, b 349 Perm av 
Wells John, baker, bds 361 N Y av 
Wells John, grocer, 720 6th west, h do 
Wells John W., Indian agent, h 384 5th west 
Wells Nathaniel, shoemaker, 263 9th west, h do 
Wells Peyton J., huckster, Centre market, h 349 

Penn av 
Wells Sarah, wid William, h 274 C north 
Wells Thomas C, police, h 78 E Capitol 
Welsh A., bds Willard's hotel 
Welsh Bartley, laborer, h 97 K north 
Welsh C. W., chief clerk Navy Dept, rooms 267 

G north 
Welsh David, contractor, h 16th west n L north 
Welsh Dennis, laborer, h 115 Va av 
Welsh James, laborer, h 329 G north 
Welsh James, laborer, h 557 Mass av 
Welsh John, grocer, 220 B south, h do 
Welsh Johnston, blacksmith, h 438 20th west 
Welsh L., clerk Treas Dept 
Welsh Michael, laborer, h B north n 22d west 
Welsh Patrick, laborer, h B north n 21st west 
Wencel Adam, baker, 196 4| west, h do 
Wendell Cornelius, printer, H north c N Capitol, 

h 423 F north 
Wenderbull Peter, wheelwright, 14th west c EI 

av, h 13th west n north 
Wenger John, cutter, h 397 C north 
Wenzel John P., baker, bds 361 N Y av 
Wentzel Philip, laborer, h 363 Va av 
Werden Marnix, h 509 I north 
Werner Charles, locksmith, 381 D north, h. 2d 

west n Mass av 
WERNER CHARLES, restaurant and lager beer, 

355 Penn av, 270 B north, and 521 Centre mkt, 

h 355 Penn av (See adv) 
Werner John H. T., carpenter, h 75 2d west 
Wescott Susan, grocer, 625 8th east, h do 
Weser Emanuel, plasterer, h r 559 11th west 
Wesley James, laborer, h H north n 3d east 
Wesley Joseph, laborer, h H north n 2d east 
West A., clerk Treas Dept 

West Augustus (col'd), wagoner, h 177 25th west 
West B., clerk Patent Office, bds St. Charles hotel 
West Burnet, plasterer, bds 327 6th west 
West Helen, boarding-house, 339 F north 
West Henry, stonecutter, h H north n 2d east 
West Henry M., clerk, h D north n 7th west 
West Jacob, baker, h Va av n 2d west 
West James, carman, h 589 11th west 
West James R., coachman, h 130 E south 
West John, plasterer, h 323 6th west 
West J. P. (West & Lesby), bricks, S Capitol cor 

K south, h Md av n 6th west 
West John D., restaurant, 328 E north, h 220 

Ohio av 
West Stillman, huckster, Northern Liberties and 

186 Centre market, h 7th west n B south 
West Thomas (Cassell & West), grocer, 7th west 

cor Md av, h 534 Md av 
West Walter, architect and builder, 13 west n I 

north, h N Y av cor 10th west 
West William, stagedriver, h 28 Washington 
West William H., brick manufacturer, h 534 Md 

West William H., clerk Treas Dept, h 369 10th 

West William S., architect and builder, 13th west, 

h 359 N Y av 
West & Lesby (J. P. West and James Lesby), 

brick manufacturers, S Capitol cor K south 
Westerfield David (Jordan & Westerfield), car- 
penter, 345 E north, h 574 3d west 
Westerfield James, carpenter, h 503 N north 
Westermayer Frederick, butcher, Centre and 

Western markets, h 56 F north 

Westmier Frederick, butcher, 71 Centre market, 

h 22d west n F north 
Weston Geo. M. (Weston & Coombs), publisher, 

Ind av cor 2d west, h 29 Ind av 
Weston Sallie (col'd), wid Lewis, h 17th west n 

D north 
Weston & Coombs (George M. Weston and Joseph 

J. Coombs), proprietors Republic, Ind av cor 

2d west 
Wetherall John W., clerk, 398 Penn av, h 104 

24th west 
Wetherall Rebecca, wid James, h 104 24th west 
Wetherell James, shipsmith, h 474 L south 
Wetherill Alfred, clerk War Dept, h 239 22d west 
Wetmore Calvin, bds 439 Penn av 
Wetzell Frederick, butcher, 17 Centre mkt and 9 

Northern mkt, h ab Georgetown 
Weyrich Joseph, blacksmith, 207 7th west 
Wezer Edward, cartman, h 63 D south 
Whalan John, grocer, 210 G north, h do 
Whalen Daniel, bricklayer, h Union row 
Whalen Daniel, watchman, h 590 I south 
Whalen Frances, grocer, 216 B south, h do 
Whalen Johanna, wid Patrick, h 357 12th west 
Whalen Thomas, laborer, h 474 F north 
Whalen William, laborer, h 330 C south 
Whalen William, laborer, h 2d west n C south 
Whaley John C. C, printer, bds B north n 1st 

Whaley John L., watchman, h B nth n 1st west 
Wharton Edward, clerk, h 28 4^ west 
Wharton Robert S., h 483 12th west 
Wharton William H., rooms, 42 La av 
Wheat Joseph H., clerk P Dept, h 289 12th west 
Wheatley Andrew J., butter 139 Centre mkt and 

1 Northern mkt, h 46 K north 
Wheatley Bridget, wid Ignatius, h 358 B north 
Wheatley Frank M., boots and shoes, 454 Pa av, 

h 19 A south 
Wheatley Wm. H., dyer, 383 Pa av, h at Gtn 
Wheatley Wm. J., boots and shoes, 19 A south 
Wheedon Susan, widow, h 474 13th west 
Wheedon William, livery stable, E north n 13th 

west, h ft Capitol hill 
Wheeler Charlotte E., teacher, h 441 6th west 
Wheeler Creighton M., clerk, 69 La av, bds 394 

E north 
WHEELER EPHRAIM, hardware, 67 La av, h 

394 E north 
Wheeler George W., cabinetmaker, h 207 22d west 
Wheeler Jabez, bookkeeper, 38 market space, h. 

397 6th west 
Wheeler John A., liquors, N sth n 6th west, h 

Wheeler John B., clerk Treas Dept, h 399 E nth 
Wheeler John H., clerk Patent Office, h 444 H nth 
Wheeler Mary Mrs., h B north n 1st west 
Wheeler Robert H., clerk, 498 7th west, bds 6th 

west n G north 
Wheeler Thomas C, salesman, 325 Pa av, h 489 

E north 
Wheeler Thomas G., bricklayer, h A north n 4th 

Wheeler T., bds 479 10th west 
Wheeler William (col'd), waiter, h 251 K north 
Whelan William, physician, 254 G north, h do 
Whilldin Joseph K., civil-engineer 17th and F, 

h 14th west n Q north 
Whipple Edward, clerk, h 563 12th west 
Whipple E. A., clerk Treas Dept 
Whitaker D. K., clerk Land Office 
Whitaker John T., fancy goods, 560 N J av, h do 
White Ashton, clerk, bds 4| west cor Pa av 
White Carey W., millinery goods, 602 8th east 
White Charles, iron-founder, Me av n 4£ west, h 

Prince George's Co 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, Philadelphia, 



White Charles 0., railroad-agent, 376 Pa av, h 29 

4i west 
White Eliza, wid Capt. William, h 608 I south 
White Elizabeth Mrs., dressmaker, 474 9th west 
White Ellen, wid Robert, h 107 Pa av 
White Ellen (col'd), washerwoman,, h 212 K nth 
White Enoch, printer, h 488 I north 
White Frederick, draughtsman, h 255 B south 
White George (Hall & White), machinist, 4£ west 

cor Me av, h 26 F south 
White George (col'd), porter, h 253 B south 
White George H. B., dist clerk Bank of Metro- 
polis, h 488 I north 
White James, h 129 D south* 
White James, grocer, F north c 10th west, h do 
White James W., bookbinder, bds 259 4th west 
White John, laborer, h 302 3d west 
White John, laborer, h 545 14th west 
White John T., laborer, h r 497 13th west 
White John T., carpenter, bds 669 M north 
White Mary A., wid Samuel, h 665 3d east 
White Mary Ann Mrs., boarding-h, 29 4| west 
White Matthias M., undertaker, 457 Pa av, h do 
White Patrick (P. White & Co.), grocer, F north 

cor 13th west, h 323 G north 
White P. & Co., grocers, F north c 13th west 
White Richard, clerk P Dept, h 232 4th west 
White Robert, iron-moulder, h H sth n 6th west 
White Robert H., clerk, 504 7th west, h at George- 
White Samuel H., segar-maker, h r north bet 

6th and 7th west 
White Susan, wid John, bds 669 M north 
White Thomas, laborer, h 14 Organ alley 
White Thomas D. H., pilot, h 610 Md av 
White Thomas P., laborer, h r north bet 6th 

and 7th west 
White Thomas P., machinist, h 475 G south 
White William H., coppersmith, h 608 I south 
White William H., painter, h 549 north 
Whitehand Robert, silver-plater, bds 8th west n 

E north 
Whitehurst's Gallery, 434 Pa av 
Whiten Omer, blindmaker, h 284 Va av 
WHITING GEORGE C, com Pensions, Pension 

Office, h 446 9th west 
Whiting William, shoemaker, h F south c 1st 

Whitler Frances (col'd), h 15 Jackson Hall alley 
Whitlow John H. (col'd), waiter, h 224 B south 
Whitmore Humphrey 0., shoemaker, 91 F south, 

h D south n 13th west 
Whitmore James, shoemaker, h 80 G south 
Whitmore James S., blacksmith, h K south n 4£ 

Whitmore John R., carpenter, h 211 4| west 
Whitmore Zachariah, painter, h 169 E south 
Whitney Ann, restaurant, 1 A south, h do 
Whitney Charles S., wheelwright, Va av c 10th 

east, h 593 9th east 
Whitney George H., billiards, h 1 A south 
Whitney Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 490 14th 

west, h do 
Whitney Sarah M., candies, N J av c L south 
Whitney William R., plumber, h 234 6th west 
Whittaker Gilbert (col'd), sawyer, h Q north n 

9th west 
Whittaker John T., carpenter, h 424 I north 
Whittlesey Comfort S., lamps and fluid, 534 7th 

west, h 33 Ind av 
Whittlesey W. G., clerk Land Office 
Whyte Frederick, clerk, h B south opp Armory 
Wiber Agnes, wid David, h 325 5th west 
Wiber David, printer, bds 325 5th west 
Wiber William, carpenter, h 263 12th west 
Wickes William, clerk P Dept, h 284 G north 

Widdicombe Albert C, clerk, bds 329 F north 
Widdicombe Robert, clerk Treas Dept, h 329 F 

Widmayer John, butcher, Centre and Northern 

mkts, h 56 F north 
Wiegmann Philip (Behrens &Wiegmann), cigars, 

544 Penn av, h do 
WIESENFELD & Co., clothing, 446 Penn av 
Wiesenthal Frederick, carpenter, h 477 11th 

Wigg William H., h 535 17th west 
WIGHT GILBERT M., furniture, 57 La av, bds 

Avenue house 
Wight Otis C, teacher, h 465 D north 
Wilant Keller, moulder, h 183 24th west 
Wilbourn Lewis T., moulder, h 525 11th east 
Wilburn Nathan, collector, h 51 F south 
Wilburn Rezin, laborer, h 362 L south 
Wilcox Anna M., wid Charles G., h 220 22d west 
Wilcox John A., clerk, h 220 22d west 
WildmanC. G., h 167 F south 
Wilkerson James W. F., huckster, h 471 11th west 
Wilkerson John, boiler-maker, h 592 7th east 
Wilkins Benjamin F., artist, bds 420 D north 
Wilkins George (col'd), laborer, h 469 11th west 
Wilkins John L., stonecutter, h 371 12th west 
Wilkinson Alfred, carpenter, h M south n lat 

Wilkinson George, laborer, h G south n 4| west 
Wilkinson John, carpenter, h 586 M north 
Wilkinson John, stonecutter, h 256 E south 
Wilkinson John (col'd), waiter, h 248 20th west 
Wilkinson John F. (col'd), waiter, h 362 Va av 
Wilkinson Richard, carpenter, h 7th east cor 

Penn av 
Wilkinson William, h 278 K north 
Wilkinson William, coremaker, h 634 7th east 
Wilkinson William (col'd), waiter, h 340 Mass av 
Wilkinson Lewis L., huckster, 2 Centre mkt, h 

at Georgetown 
Willard Caleb C, clerk Willard's hotel 
Willard Edward D., hotel, h 460 14th west 
Willard Edwin D., clerk Willard's hotel 
Willard Henry A. (J. C. & H. A. Willard), Wil- 
lard's hotel, 224 Penn av 
Willard Joseph C. (J. C. and H. A. Willard), 

Willard's hotel, 224 Penn av 
WILLARD J. C. & H. A., hotel, 224 Penn av 
Willard's Hotel, 224 Penn av 
Willett Elizabeth, wid Solomon, h 489 L south 
Willett John A., porter-house, 657 7th east, h do 
WILLETT JOHN E., physician, 93i M west, h 

536 13th west 
Willett R. W., lawyer, 391 Penn av 
Willett Richard H. (Willett & Mockbee), carpen- 
ter, 453 11th west, h 473 13th west 
Willett Robert W., claim agent, Penn av, h 536 

13th west 
Willett Voltaire, stock dealer, h 74 Ind av 
Willett & Mockbee (Richard H. Willett & Joseph 

A. Mockbee), carpenters, 453 11th west 
Willey John, messenger Bank of Washington, h 

429 11th west 
Williams Andrew J., bricklayer, h N north n Sth 

Williams Ann, wid George, h 12 east n Penn av 
Williams Ann (col'd), wid Tobias, h 310 12th 

Williams C. Mrs., boarding-h, 379 Penn av 
Williams Charles, ostler, h 17 13; west 
Williams Charles, salesman, 330 Penn av 
Williams Christiana (col'd), washerwoman, h r 

209 D south 
Williams Conrad, clerk, bds ISO 5th west 
Williams Daniel (col'd), whitew&sher, h lv north 

c 1st west 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jars. 



Williams Delpha (col'd), wid Archie, li 300 20th 

Williams Dolly A., wid William, h 23 7th west 
Williams E. Mrs., dressmaker, h 381 13th west 
Williams Eliza (col'd), domestic, h Plater's al n 

K north 
Williams Elizabeth, wid John, h r north bet 

6th and 7th west 
Williams Emily (col'd), dressmaker, h 222 B sth 
Williams Ezra, clerk, h 143 B south 
Williams Frederick, plasterer, h 491 N north 
Williams Frederick (col'd), laborer, h 81 E Capi- 
Williams G. C, clerk Pension Office, h 231 F nth 
Williams George (col'd), boatman, h 300 20th 

Williams Harrison, butter mer, h 189 I north 
Williams Henry, grocer, 180 5th west, h do 
Williams Isaac, clerk Treas Dept, bds 387 N Y av 
Williams James, cabinetmaker, 512 7th west, h 

22 4 V west 
Williams James A., general agent, h 359 5th west 
Williams James E., clerk, bds 216 6th west 
Williams James H., butter, 109 Northern mkt, h 

358 Sth west 
Williams John, clerk, h 35 K north 
Williams John, seaman, h 587 7th east 
Williams John, shoemaker, h 376 8th west 
Williams John, shipper, h 46 M south 
Williams John (col'd), brickmaker, h l£ east n 

Williams John (col'd), painter, h 187 G south 
Williams John A., calker, h 27th west n E nth 
Williams John 0. (Brown & Williams), grocer, I 

north c 11th west, bds 504 L north 
Williams John S., clerk at Capitol, h 484 H nth 
Williams John S., clerk Patent Office, h 28 North- 
ern Market space 
Williams John W., carpenter, h 180 K north 
Williams Joseph, laborer, h 262 F north 
Williams Joseph L., lawyer, h 344 K north 
Williams Joseph 0., moulder, h 73 4} west 
Williams Joseph Z., wood and coal measurer, h 

755 3d east 
Williams Lawrence, laborer, h 300 3d west 
WILLIAMS LEMUEL, undertaker, 194 Penn 

av, h 192 do 
Williams Lemuel D., draughtsman Coast Survey, 

h 230 1st east 
Williams Maria (col'd), wid Daniel, h 268 20th 

Williams Mary (col'd), wid Peter, h 314 20th west 
Williams Mary (col'd) wid, h 3S3 I north 
Williams M. A., boarding-house, 423 Penn av 
Williams M. W., wid Hiram 0., h 17 4= west 
Williams Marial H., wid Colmore, boarding, h 

504 L north 
Williams Mary S., wid John W., h 772 3d east 
Williams Phillip, claim agent, 292 Penn av, h H 

north c Sth west 
WILLIAMS RICHABD H., school 4th west 

junction, N J av, h 216 6th west 
Williams Robert (col'd), laborer, h 319 13th west 
Williams Sally, wid George, h 11th east c K sth 
Williams Samuel (col'd), barber, bds 383 I north 
Williams Samuel H., laborer, h N Y av n 21st 

WILLIAMS SAMUEL S., lawyer, 17 4£ west 
Williams Samuel T., lawyer, 464 Penn av, h n 

Williams Sarah, wid Philip, h 536 L north 
Williams Sarah (col'd), washerwoman, h 300 20th 

Williams Solomon, laborer, h r 105 M south 
Williams Solomon (col'd), sawyer, h 243 20th 


Williams Sophia, h 489 3d west 

Williams Sophia (col'd), h 331 C south 

Williams S. Capt., asst Adj Genl 

Williams Thomas, carpenter, h 488 11th west 

Williams Thos. E., clerk, h 496 12th west 

Williams Thomas I., laborer, h 190 23d west 

Williams Thomas J., justice of the peace, 426 K 

north, h 381 Penn av 
Williams Thomas J., laborer, h 90 G' north 
Williams Thomas W., clerk, h 396 6th west 
Williams Washington B., clerk, 526 7th west, h 

265 8th west 
Williams William, shoes (Georgetown) , h 381 13th 

Williams William (col'd), waiter, h 235 L north 
Williams William A., physician, h 17 4 L west 
Williams William H., collector's clerk, City Hall, 

h 6th west c Maine av 
Williams William J., carpenter, 521 17th west, h 

K north n 18th west 
WILLIAMS WILLIAM P., notary public, 310 E 

north, h do 
Williams Zadoc (Williams & Jolly), grocer, 3d 

east c Ga av, h 774 3d east 
WILLIAMS & JOLLY (Zadoc Williams & John 

Jolly), grocers, 3d east c Ga av, and wood and 

coal, Va av c 7th east 
Williamson Adelaide (col'd), dressmaker, 18th 

west c D north, h do 
Williamson Benjamin, carpenter, 400 K north, h 

400 11th west 
Williamson Charles, carpenter, h 521 11th east 
Williamson Edward, confectioner, 519 11th west 
Williamson James, laborer, h 455 2d east 
Williamson James B., printer, h 535 12th west 
Williamson James J., printer, h 14th west n S 

Williamson John B., carpenter, 504 12th west, h 

477 L north 
Williamson Joseph, messenger, h 99 I north 
Williamson Joseph, police, h 277 E north 
Williamson Joseph B., carpenter, h 400 11th 

Williamson Mary T., wid James J., h 14th west 

n S north 
Williamson Samuel, marine corps, h 426 G south 
Williamson Thomas, bricklayer, h 560 10th east 
Williamson Thomas, laborer, h 168 Sth west 
Williamson William, brickmaker, h N J av n C 

WILLIAN MICHAEL, millinery and fancy 

goods, 32 Market sp, h do 
Willis Elizabeth, wid Benjamin L., h 452 G south 
Willis Francis A., clerk Treas Dept, bds 387 N 

Y av 
Willis Jane, wid Wm, h 737 3d east 
Willis John, paper-hanger, bds 552 M north 
Willis William, h 1st east, n N south 
Williss William B. R., bookbinder, h 517 L nth 
Willner Ernest,* paper-hanger, bds 365 N Y av 
Willner Francis, upholsterer and paper-hanger, 

365 N Y av, h do 
Willner George, upholsterer, 469 9th west, h do 
Willner William, segar-maker, bds 411 Pa av 
Wills Robert (col'd), laborer, h 1^ west n I south 
Wills William H. (col'd), waiter, h 1| west n I 

Willson Archibald, 
Willson Edward J. 
Willson John Q., 


Willson R. H. Mrs., h 5241 north 
Willson Stephen, driver Adams' Ex, h H north n 

2d west 
Wilsey Jeremiah W,, clerk City Hall, bds Wren 


stonecutter, h 461 3d east 
, painter, 65 7th west, h do 
salesman, 318 Pa av, h 441 

Arthur, Burnham, & Gilroy, Philadelphia, 



"Wilson , student, bds 378 E north 

Wilson Alexander, attorney genl from Eutaw, b 

485 12th west 
Wilson Andrew, stonecutter, h F north n Md av 
Wilson Ann E., wid James, h 614 10th east 
Wilson Archibald, marble-yard, Pa avn 1st east, 

h 3d east c A south 
Wilson Archibald, stonecutter, h 214 G south 
Wilson Betsy (col'd), washerwoman, h 310 18th 

WILSON CHARLES, secretary Mutual Fire Ins 

Co., 544 7th west, and (H. C. Wilson & Co.), 

lampblack, 22d west c Upper Water andLaav 

c 7th west, h 57 E south 
Wilson Charles, machinist, h 565 K south 
Wilson Charles (col'd), porter, h 339 L north 
Wilson Charles C, clerk Patent Office, bds 417 

Pa av 
Wilson DeWitt C, clerk Pension Office, bds 543 

L north 
Wilson Elizabeth (col'd), h 215 N Y av 
Wilson Emanuel (col'd), waiter, h N Y av n 20th 

Wilson Ephraim K., clerk at Perry Bros., b 357 

E north 
Wilson Frances (col'd), washerwoman, h 325 10th 

Wilson Frederick T., wood and coal, NYavcH 

north, h 371 15th west 
Wilson George, blockmaker, h 597 I south 
Wilson George B., salesman, 340 Pa av, bds 9th 

west c E north 
Wilson George C, engineer, h 94 4| west 
Wilson George G., contractor, h 276 N Y av 
Wilson George B., machinist, h 8th east c E 

Wilson Harriet, h 490 I north 
Wilson Harriet, boarding-house, 300 F north 
Wilson Henry, oysters, 550 N J av, h do 
Wilson Henry C. (H. C. Wilson & Co.), lamp- 
black, 22d west c Upper Water, and La av c 7th 

west, h 57 E south 
Wilson Henry P. C, clerk, h 395 18th west 
Wilson Henry T. L., h 193 4th west 
Wilson Isabella, teacher, 464 E north 
Wilson Jacob, coachmaker, 6th west n Pa av, h 

55 F south 
Wilson James, blacksmith, h 614 10th east 
Wilson James, soapmaker, h 94 26th west 
Wilson James C, clerk War Dept 
Wilson James O., clerk 6th Auditor's Office, h 366 

WILSON JAMES B., attorney at law, over Bank 

of Washington (No 15), h 7th st road 
WILSON JESSE B., grocer, 327 Pa av, h do 
Wilson John, laborer, h 3d west c Va av 
Wilson John, wood and coal, 149 Pa av, h 503 

17th west 
Wilson John C, clerk in Treas Dept, h 417 Pa 

Wilson John D., clerk Pension Office, b St. Charles 

Wilson John II., carpenter, h 183 D south 
Wilson John L., huckster, 54 Centre mkt and 130 

Northern mkt, h 646 7th west 
Wilson John L. J., tinner, bds F north n Md av 
Wilson Joseph (col'd), laborer, h 4 Organ al 
Wilson Joseph S., chief clerk Land Office, P C, 

PLC, h455 1 3th west 
Wilson Marcellus C, shoemaker, h F north n Md 

Wilson Margaret, grocer, 201 4th west, h do 
Wilson Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h 211 E sth 
Wilson Mary A., wid Joseph, h 422 D north 
Wilson Mary E., dressmaker, 295 Penn av, h do 
Wilson Mary B., h 371 E north 

Wilson Michael (Cassell & Wilson), bricklayer, 

7th west cor Md av 
Wilson Nathaniel, clerk Land Office, bds 332 Pa 

Wilson Patrick, jail guard, h 201 4th west 
Wilson Paul (col'd), porter, h 257 Vt av 
Wilson Philander, clerk Patent Office, bds 337 

Penn av 
Wilson Sarah (col'd), washerwoman, h 488 Q nth 
Wilson Stephen, maildriver, h G north n 2d east 
Wilson Thomas, blacksmith, 498 6th west, h F 

south n 9th west 
Wilson Thos., lieut USA, bds 425 Penn av 
Wilson Thomas C. (McLaughlin & Wilson), car- 
penter, 282 E north, h 283 do 
Wilson Thos. D. (Wilson & Barr), com mer, 496 

9th west, h Va 
Wilson Thomas K., stonecutter, h 83 M north 
Wilson Thomas M.. teacher, h M nth n 5th west 
Wilson William, h 379 20th west 
Wilson William, butcher, 34 Centre mkt, h 12th 

east n Md av 
Wilson William, clerk Land Office, bds 316 F nth 
Wilson Wm., ink-manuf, 528 7th west 
Wilson William (col'd), porter, h 362 11th west 
Wilson William A., cartman, h 254 D north 
Wilson William B., contractor, h 588 M north 
Wilson William T., wheelwright, 22d west n Penn 

av, h 217 22d west 
Wilson & Barr (T. D. Wilson & J. Bussell Barr), 

commission merchants, 496 9th west 
Wilson II. C. & Co. (Charles Wilson), lampblack, 

22d west c Upper Water and La av c 7th west 
Wimsatt Ignatius B:, carpenter, h 321 G north 
Wimsatt Bichard, woodmeasurer and grocer, ft 

11th west, h H south n 9th west 
Winchester Mary (col'd), wid Bobert, h 117 H 

Wincher John, cutter, h 297 C north 
Winckelman Frederick J., baker, h 367 5th west 
WINDER CHABLES H., lawyer, 527 17th west, 

h 168 F north 
Windle Catherine, h 486 12th west 
Windle Mary J., authoress, h 486 12th west 
Winds L. E., laborer, h 673 M north 
Windsor Catharine, h 6th west n C south 
Windsor David A. (Ford & Windsor), briek- 

manuf, N south cor S Capitol, h 279 B south 
Windsor Henry C. (Windsor & Bro.), boots and 

shoes, 359 7th west, h do 
Windsor William, carpenter, h G south n 4V west 
Windsor William B. (Windsor & Bro.), boots and 

shoes, 359 7th west, h do 
Windsor & Brother (William B. & Henry C), 

boots and shoes, 359 7th west 
Windus Caspar, musician, h r 519 9th east 
Wineberger James A., author, h477 I north 
Winfield Richard A., cartman, h r 618 Ml av 
Winfield William R., watchman, h 529 8th east 
Winkfield Susan V. (col'd), domestic, h 443 13th 

Winkler Moritz, bird-stuffer, 210 G north, h do 
Winn Rebecca, wid Timothy, h 469 D north 
Winne Lewis B., clerk Treas Dept, h 381 14th 

Winslow John T., clerk Navy Dept, bds Lafa- 
yette house 
Winslow Warren, M C, bds 266 G north 
WINTER FRANK B., druggist, K north cor Vt 

av, h do. 
Winter Lewis, cardener, h 625 O north 
Winter Martha N,, h N J av c K south 
Winterhout William, baker, h 405 8th west 
Winters Mary E. Mrs. (col'd), domestio, h 12 

Organ al 
Winters Sarah Mrs., h Plater's al n K north 

Manufacture Arthur's Self-sealing Cans and Jars. 



"Winwood Francis, baker, bds 361 NTav 

Wirt William W., h 591 H north 

Wise George, bds 329 NTav 

Wise Henry A., lieut U S N, h 225 H north 

Wise James A., feed, 428 7th west, h 429 7th west 

Wise James A., law student, h 83 4^ west 

Wise John, builder, h 103 4| west 

Wise John H., county constable, h 699 N J av 

Wise Joseph, provisions, 586 C north 

Wise Margaret, wid Tully, h 329 N Y av 

Wise Mary, wid Ross, h N Y av n 21st west 

Wise Peyton, clerk Treas Dept, h 329 N Y av 

Wise Robert, pumpmaker, h L north n 26th west 

Wise Samuel, carpenter, 346 E north, h 504 I 

Wise Samuel, coachmaker, h 582 11th west 
Wise Thomas (col'd), calker, h 119 E south 
Wise William D., canal commissioner, h 83 4£ 

Wiseman John, butcher, h Pierce nNJav 
Wissenger George, guard Penitentiary, h at 

Witherow James M., printer, 271 Penn av, h 194 

22d west 
Witherow Lawrence M., hatter, h 298 8th west 
Withers James 0., saddler, h 490 G north 
Withers William, musician, h 7th east c S C av 
Withers William, jr., musician, h 7th east c S C av 
Wittenuer Cornelia, wid Alexander, h 442 7th west 
Wittheft William, wheelwright, 603 Penn av, h 

469 3d east 
Witting Henry, boots and shoes, 265 D north 
Wivill Francis, carpenter, bds 518 H north 
Wohlfarth George L., coachman, h 193 K north 

Wolf , bartender, h B north n 1st west 

Wolf John, dentist, 336 Penn av, bds 316 F north 
Wolf Michael, laborer, h 252 D south 
Wolfe Morris, laborer, h 280 2d west 
Wolfsheimer Nathan, clothing, 478 Penn av, h do 
WOLFSHEIMER SAMUEL, clothing, 614 8th 

east, and millinery 605, h 605 8th east 
Wolfsheimer William, variety store, 109 4£ west 
Wolfson Davis, optician, h 500 10th west 
Wolfsteiuer Jacob, shoemaker, 489 8th west, h do 
Wollard James F., collector, h 371 D north 
Woltz Tobias N., carpenter, h 391 11th west 

Wood , carpenter, bds 407 6th west 

Wood Benjamin, plasterer, h 490 Q north 
Wood Bridget, wid John, h 445 N north 
Wood Charles, marine, h 9th east n G south 
Wood Charles F., builder, Temperance Hall al, h 

448 9th west 
Wood Charlotte (col'd), wid Nicholas, h 288 12th 

Wood David H., clerk Navy Dept, h 369 18th 

Wood Elizabeth, wid Henry, h r 394 B south 
Wood George, author, rooms 334 Penn av 
Wood George W., machinist, h 486 E south 
Wood George W., painter, h 5 E south 
Wood Henry (col'd), laborer, h 338 I north 
Wood Henry R., tailor, h 173 D south 
Wood James, chimneysweep, h 11th east n sth 
Wood James R., laborer, h 10th east n B south 
Wood Jane, grocer, 10th east n B south, h do 
Wood John, photographist, at Capitol, h 532 I nth 
Wood John, tailor, 626 Sth east, h do 
Wood Lexcious A., grocer, E south c 9th east 
Wood M. A., wid Lewis B., h 372 H north 
Wood Richard I., painter, h 599 I south 
Wood Robert C, assistant Surgeon General U S 

A, h 255 I north 
Wood Sarah Miss, seminary, 394i I north, h do 
Wood Washington (col'd), waiter, h 518 5th east 
Wood Washington T., cabinetmaker, h 604 Nnth 
Wood William, h 605 E south 

Wood William (col'd), carpenter, h L north n N 

J av 
Wood William P., model-maker, 4£ west c Main 

av, h 6V west bet D and E south 
Wood Wm. W., tailor, h 442 Mass av 
Woodbury Henry E., clerk P O Dept, bds 399 

12th west 
Woodbury Mary A., wid Elisha, h 399 12th west 
Woodfall James H., mason, h 284 8th west 
Woodfall Thomas, master-mason, bds 284 8th west 
Woodfield Benjamin, sergeant, h 529 7th east 
Woodhouse Alfred M., tel operator, National 

house, bds 461 D north 
Woodhull Maxwell, Lieut Com U S N, h 148 G 

Woodland Edward (col'd), hackman, h 18 nth 
Woodland George (col'd), porter, h 231 N J av 
Woodland Nancy (col'd), wid John, h al B south 

bet 1st east and N J av 
Woodland Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 779 3d west 
Woodley Knight C, ambrotypist, 288 J Penn av, 

h 312 E north 
Woodley Willis, clerk, h 631 Md av 
Woodrow S. D., clerk at Capitol, bds Franklin 

Woodruff Carle A., bds 452 H north 
Woodruff Edmund W. (J. B. Woodruff & Son), 

patent emporium, 450 7th west, h 494 H north 
Woodruff I. Carle, capt topographical engineer XJ 

S A, h 452 H north 
Woodruff J. C, asst Topographical Bureau 
Woodruff Jerome B. & Son (Edmund W. Wood- 
ruff), patent emporium, 450 7th west, h 494 H 

Woodruff John G., bds 404 E north 
Woods Bernard, bricklayer, bds 279 D north 
Woods John, blacksmith, h 552 11th east 
Woods Mahala, wid Thomas, h 11th east n O sth 
Woods Mary E., boarding-house, 279 D north 
Woods Thomas, coachtrimmer, bds 279 D north 
Woodson Obadiah, clerk Treas Dept 
Woodward Amon, blockmaker, h 725 3d east 
Woodward Amon, jr., wood and coal, 1st east c 

B south, h 361 L south 
WOODWARD CLEMENT, stoves, grates, and 

house furnishing goods, 318 D north, h 443 11th 

Woodward George, h 223 8th west 
Woodward Gilbert M., printer, bds 464 Mass av 
Woodward Henry J., tinner, h 596 5th east 
Woodward John W., blockmaker, h 3d east c N 

Woodward Mark R., printer, h 464 Mass av 
Woodward Mary, wid James, bds 372 9th west 
Woodward Wm., printer, h 462 Mass av 
Woodward Wm. R., lawyer, h 454 6th west 
Woody Edward, butcher, Georgetown, h 17 F 

Woolford James H., clerk, rooms 453 10th west 
Woolfson D. T., optician and oculist, 244 Pa av, 

h 500 10th west 
Woolslager Frederick, painter, h Va av n 2d west 
Woork, clerk, bds 209 Penn av 
Word R. C, surgeon War Dept 
Wormley Andrew (col'd), musician, h 3S5 I north 
Worniley James (col'd), caterer, h 314 I north 
Wormley Louisa (col'd), wid William, h 312 I 

Wormley Winnie (col'd), wid, h 389 3d west 
Worrell William, carpenter, h 117 D south 
Worster Giles, coalhoister, h 93 F south 
Worster J. Rutherford, physician, 447 10th west 
Worth William, carpenter, h 79 K north 
Worthin Francis, laborer, h l£ west n S south 
Worthington Cora, wid James, h 679 L north 
Worthington George F., clerk Treas Dept 

Buy an "Old Dominion" Coffee Pot, and 



"Wortkington H. C, clerk at House, bds St Charles 

Worthington Landon W., clerk City P 
Worthington Reuben, clerk City Hall, h "Washing- 
ton Co 
Wosny Joseph, huckster, h 422 K north 
Wosny Joseph, huckster, h 293 7th west 
Wotherspoon Louisa, wid Alexander S., h 343 21st 

Wren George W., hotel, 550 7th west 
Wren Isaac, musician, h 525 E south 
Wright Adam, blockmaker, h 481 M south 
Wright Benjamin C, printer, h 521 K north 
Wright Charles, bartender, h 10th east n L south 
Wright Charles (col'd), waiter, h 309 8th west 
Wright Columbus (col'd), hairdresser, 126 Penn 

av, h 20th west c K north 
Wright Edward, clerk Treas Dept, h 423 12th 

Wright Edward S., auctioneer, h 148 I north 
Wright Frank, messenger at the Capitol, h 85 E 

Wright George, machinist, h 574 6th west 
Wright Henry A., h 143 G north 
Wright Horatio G., asst engineer War Dept, h 

270 H north 
Wright James (col'd), hackman, h 604 3d west 
Wright James (col'd), hackman, h 341 20th west 
Wright James M., clerk War Dept 
Wright John J., clerk Treas Dept, b 425 F north 
Wright John R., cabinetmaker, 526 7th west, h 

342 10th west 
Wright Joseph L., doorkeeper at House, bds St 

Charles hotel 
Wright Julia (col'd), wid James, h 257 F north 
Wright Lewis, tailor, h 614 Md av 
Wright Mary A. Miss, h 390 N Y av 
Wright Richard, bookkeeper, h 372 12th west 
Wright Robert, h 246 Penn av 
WRIGHT ROBERT MRS., corsets and fancy 

goods, 246 Penn av, h do 
Wright Sarah Mrs., h 470 12th west 
Wright Thomas, laborer, h 190 G south 
Wright Washington S., tinner, 56 La av, h A 

north n 8th east 
Wroe Charles P. P., bookbinder, bds 586 H north 
Wroe Everett, bricklayer, h 498 N J av 
Wroe Jerome R., bricklayer, h 426 12th west 
Wroe Samuel, h 586 H north 
Wroe Samuel C, builder, h 36 K north 
Wroe Wm. A., bricklayer, h 395 13th west 
Wunder George Ott, clerk Treas Dept 
Wunderlich John ; baker and restaurant, 619 7th 

east, h do 
WURDEMANN WILLIAM, mathematical in- 
struments, 304 B north, h 323 Del av 
Wurdinger Conrad, cartman, h 5th west n M 

WURTH ADOLPHITS, confectioner, 347 Penn av 
WYLIE ANDREW, lawyer, 428* D north, h at 

Wynn James H., grocer, 14th west c S north 
Wynne Lewis B., clerk Treas Dept 
Wyvill Samuel W., clerk, 453 Penn av, bds 32 4£ 

WYVILL WALTER D., stoves, 453 Penn av, b 

32 U west 

Yarnall M., prof mathematics Naval Observatory 
Yateman R. H. (F. A. Boswell & Co.), liquors 

and provisions, 20 F south, h B south c 10th 

Yates Jackson, clerk, Mkt sp c 8th west 
Yates John L., h 547 Md av 

Yates Wm., huckster, h 78 G south 
Yates Wm. A., clerk, 50 Mkt sp, bds 334 8th west 
Yeabauer John, h M north n N Capitol 
Yeabower Christopher, butcher, 21 Northern, 4 

and 41 Centre, and 15 Western mkts, h at 

Yeabower John, butcher, 35 Northern mkt, h 

4th east n H north 
Yeardon Conrad, carpenter, h 307 7th west 
Yeates Benjamin, laborer, h 201 7th west 
Yeatman Arthur H., carpenter, h 145 B south 
Yeatman Henry, police, h 389 5th west 
Yeatman John H., butter, 332 Centre mkt, h 439 

12th west 
Yeatman R. H., carpenter, h 145 B south 
Yeatman William S., clerk, h 145 B south 
Yerby Adonis L., clerk, 10 Mkt sp, h at George- 
Yerby Ellison, h 339 12th west 
Yerby W. W., clerk Land Office, bds 300 F north 
Yerkes Harman, carpenter, h 400 10th west 
Yoackin John, watchman, h L north n N Capitol 
Yoe Alexander S., painter, 15th west c N Y av 
Yonscher Emil, carriage-trimmer, h 248 L north 
Yonson William, laborer, h 665 7th west 
York John (col'd), laborer, h O north n 17th 

Yorkin Henry, bricklayer, h Del av c I north 
YOST D., wines and liquors, 181 Penn av 
Yost George, cabinetmaker, h 168 6th west 
Yost Jacob, h L north n N Capitol 
Yost Lewis H. (Yost & McClosky), tobacconists, 

8th west c L north, bds 540 L north 
Yost Wm. G., segars, 320 D north, h 540 L north 
Yost & McClosky (Lewis H. Yost and William T. 

McClosky), tobacconists, 8th west c L north 
YOUNG ABNER H., tailor, 358 Penn av, h 439 

I north 
Young Aldridge (Young, Simpson &Co.), liquors, 

525 7th west, h 444 D north 
Young Alexander H., clerk City P 0, h 339 8th 

Young Ann, school-teacher, 346 18th west, h do 
Young A. B., architect Treas Dept, h 15th west 

n E north 
Young Charles B., Emerson Institute, H north n 

12th west, h 406 10th west 
Young Coble, clerk Land Office, bds 32 4£ west 
Young Eleanor, wid James, h 5th east n G south 
Young Emma, dressmaker, h 13^ west n B north 
Young Ezekiel, h 467 6th west 
Young Geo., clerk, 324 D north, bds E north n 

8th west 
Young George W., h 435 6th west 
Young Henry (col'd), waiter, h 399 1st west 
Young Henry S., copper-shearer h 5th east n G 

Young James, h 179 F south 
Young John, gasfitter, h 45 Me av 
Young John (col'd), gardener, h 22d west c F 

Young John B. (Young, Simpson & Co.), liquors, 

525 7th, h 444 D north 
Young John J., draughtsman War Dept, h 327 

13th west 
Young John M., carriage-man uf, 405 Penn av, h 

65 Me av 
Young John M., jr., coachmaker, h 65 Me av 
Young John AV., painter, h 303 D north 
Young Jonathan, lieut U S N, h 399 ISth west 
Young I. F., clerk Land Office 
Young J. R., clerk Treas Dept 
Young McClintock, attorney, 299 F north, h do 
Young Margaret (cold), washerwoman, h 52 A 

Young Martha (col'd), wid Henry, h 212 2d west 

You will have delicious Coffee always. 



Young Martha W\, wid William W., h 239 22d 

Young Mary C, wid James, h 404 | 12th west 

Penn av opp Brown's hotel 
Young Noble, physician, 421 Penn av, h do 
Young Richard, laborer, h 509 K north 
Young Richard M. (Young & Niles), agent, 480 

Penn av, h 411 3d west 
Young Robert W., clerk Dept of State, rooms 

456 15th west 
YOUNG SAMUEL H., wood and coal, 466 9th 

west, and Young & Carter, ft 131 west, h 416 

F north 
Young Thomas, auxiliary guard, h 115 13| west 
Young Thomas, carriages, 409 Penn av, h 52 4£ 

Young Thomas (col'd), waiter, h r 176 E south 
Young Thomas E., coachmaker, h 65 Me av 
Young Thomas H., tinner, bds 471 11th west 
Young William, blacksmith, h 616 I south 
Young William, bookkeeper, h 443 9th west 
Young William, clerk, 269 Penn av 
Young William, collector, h 289 4th west 
Young William, editor Washington Herald, bds 

National hotel 
Young William, surveyor, h 179 F south 
Young William H., tel operator National hotel, 

h 272 9th west 
Young William P., clerk Post Office, h 414 9th 

Young William P., jr., physician, 414 9th west 
Young William S., laborer, h 592 5th east 
Young & Carter (Samuel H. Young & Harrison 

P. Carter), wood and coal, foot 13§ west 
YOUNG & NILES (Richard M. Young & Samuel 

V. Niles), law and land agency, 480 Penn av 

YOUNG, SIMPSON & CO. (J. B. Young, T. P. 

Simpson & Aldridge Young), wines and liquors, 

525 7th west 
Younger Edward C. (col'd) , waiter, h 405 1 1th west 
Yulee David L., U S Senator, h 262 K north 
Yulee E., h E north n 3d west 

Zachary Robert, painter, bds 416 H north 
Zahn William (Zahn & Lindemann), tailor, 444 

7th west, h do 
Zahn & Lindemann (William Zahn & L. Gustav 

Lindemann), tailors, 444 7th west 
Zang Christian, musician, h 380 8th west 
Zange Nicholas, blacksmith, h 53 7th west 
Zantzinger Mrs., bds 411 3d west 
Zantzinger William C, h 377 C north 
Zappone Almericus, prof of languages, h 53 Pa av 
Zegarra Cipriano C., Peruvian Minister, h 448 

6 th west 
Zell Enoch F., carpenter, La av, h 7th west n Gt 

Zevely Alexander N., 3d Asst P M, P Dept, h 

379 11th west 
Zier Kaid A., shoemaker, bds 76 Penn av 
Zimmerman Archibald M., clerk, 440 Penn av 
Zimmerman F., h 391 Penn av 
Zimmerman Henry, furniture, 7th west n D north, 

h 37 4i west 
Zimmerman Henry F. (McGregor & Co.), general 

house furnishing, 530 7th west, h 37 4i west 
Zimmerman John, cooper, h D north n 2d east 
Zimmerman John R., cabinetmaker, h 102 E 

Zuloffe Henry, tailor, bds 220 N Y av 


[tot Mlml ^uimitg, §Mn% ai& fcfrmg 

And dealers in Cabinet-makers' Materials generally, 

ZESjst^loli^Xioci JLra. 1B23. 

Cor. Prince and Fairfax Streets, Alexandria. 

Having provided ourselves with all the modern machinery for facilitating the 
manufacturing of Cabinet Furniture, we are prepared to furnish to either the 
wholesale or retail trade, at prices that will please. 

In our turning department, we have on hand and manufacture, Awning Posts, 
Columns, Stair Newells and Banisters, Ten-pins and Balls, Carriage Hubs, Hat and 
Bonnet Blocks, Bed-posts, &c. 

In sawing, we are prepared to saw logs as long as 60 feet, besides all kinds of 
fancy sawing, such as Scrolls, Brackets, Baluster Ornaments, &c, at low rates. 

Cabinet and Carpenter Carving executed in all their varieties. Mahogany, 
Walnut, Cherry, and Poplar Lumber, Hand-railing, Table, Chair, and Coffin Stuff 
and Veneers, &c. 

All orders will meet with prompt attention, and goods purchased will be de- 
livered in Washington and Georgetown free of all expense. 

Agents for Fisk's Metallic Burial Cases. 


Abbott Charles, clerk Treas Dept, h 42 Gay 
Abbott Jane, wid John, h 51 Bridge 
ABBOTT E. R., Union hotel, Bridge c Wash- 
Abbott George D., clerk Treas Dept, h 53 Bridge 
Acton William, laborer, h 148 High 
Adams Margaret C, wid John, h 118 High 
Adams Sarah, h 113 2d 
Adams Thomas J., blacksmith, 56 Water, h 15 

Adams William, laborer, h 135 Market 
Addison Hanibal C, feed, 93 Water, bds 72 Bridge 
ADDISON HENRY, mayor, 131 Bridge, h 72 do 
Addison Henry C, clerk, bds 72 Bridge 
Addison John W., clerk, bds 72 Bridge 
Addison Judson C, clerk, bds 72 Bridge 
Addison Thomas B., clerk Treas Dept, h 59 2d 
Addison Watkins, h 80 Dunbarton 
Adler Morris, clerk Ordnance Dept, h 298 High 
Adler M. J. & Co., hardware, 123 Bridge, h 298 

Ager John H., laborer, h 132 Frederick 
Aiken John Rev., bds 97 1st 
Allen Charles, cooper, h 11 Jefferson 
Allen William, laborer, h 6 Jefferson 
Allen William, sawyer, h 200 Fayette 
Ambush Charles (col'd), waiter, h North n West 
Amiss Maria, wid James M., h 78 Frederick 
Anderson William (col'd), h 17 2d 
Ang<el John P., plasterer, h 160 Frederick 
Angel Mary, wid John, h Frederick n 7th 
APPLEBY WILLIAM, foreman cotton factory, 

h 17 Market space 
Armour David, clerk, h 93 Washington 
ARNOLD GEORGE, school, 107 West, h Congress 

n Road 
Amy Louis C. (Amy & Shinn), bottlers, 57 

Greene, h 117 Washington 
ARNY & SHINN (Louis C. Amy & R. A. Shinn), 

bottlers of porter, ale, and mineral water, 57 

Artes Daniel, baker, 15 Potomac, h do 
Aschwanden J. Rev., h 97 1st 
Ash Michael, porter, h 6th n Market 
Ashford Mary E., wid Michael, h 82 Bridge 
Ashton Thomas, shoemaker, h 23 6th 
Ashton William, laborer, h west end Water 
Athay Thomas B., bricklayer, h 39 Greene 
Atzs Charles C, confectioner, 84 Bridge, h do 
Auld David, pattern-maker, bds 83 Bridge 

Baggett William, cooper, bds 11 Jefferson 
Bailey L., bds Maryland house 
BAKER ARTHUR D., blacksmith, Water c Mar- 
ket, h 85 Greene 
Baker Charles, cooper, h 106 Water 

Baker Elizabeth, wid Trolius, h 25 Green© 
Baker Francis, cooper, h 52 Water 
Baker George, laborer, h 354 High 
Baker John^T., h 11 Bank 
Baker Joseph, laborer, h 121 West 
Baker Martha A., h 126 Water 
Baker Mary, wid James, h 126 Water 
Balinger George W. (Balinger & Son), black- 
smiths and wheelwrights, 9 Congress, h 11 do 
Balinger Richard (Balinger & Son), blacksmiths 

and wheelwrights, 9 Congress, h 11 do 
Balinger & Son (Richard and George W. Balin- 
ger), blacksmiths and wheelwrights, 9 Congress 
Ball Tabitha, h Cherry n High 
Ball Thomas, laborer, h Cherry n High 
Bangs Chloe, wid Thos., h 111 Gay 
Bangs John T., clerk Farm and Mech Bank, h 

28 Gay 
Barbarin Francis N., chief clerk Engineer Dept, 

h 38 1st 
Barbarin Francis S., dentist, Bridge, h 38 1st 
Barbour Andrew, bricklayer, h 92 Dunbarton 
Barker Andrew, plasterer, h 217 Fayette 
Barker James, shipcarpenter, h 36 Bridge 
Barker Matilda (col'd), wid Murray, h Market n 

Barker Robert, carpenter, bds 108 Bridge 
Barker Sophia (col'd), wid Murray, h 356 High 
Barkley William H., laborer, h 21 Greene 
Barnaclo William H., h 77 Frederick 
Barnard Amelia P., wid Samuel, h 216 Bridge 
Barnard George B., druggist, 127 Bridge, h 216 

Barnard George B. & Co. (Sam'l Cropley), drug- 
gists, 127 Bridge 
Barnard John J. (Busey & Barnard), agricultural 

implements, 146 Bridge, h 2d 
Barnard Robert W., auctioneer, Bridge, h 

Barnard Sam'l M., clerk, h 216 Bridge 
Barr David J. , saddler, h 28 Frederick 
BARRETT ERASTUS B., coal and wood, 

Congress, bds 17 do 
Barrett James I. (Barrett & Meem), carpenter, 

14 Prospect, h 109 Greene 
Barrett Washington, h 49 Montgomery 
Barrett & Meem (Isaac J. Barrett & John T. 

Meem), carpenters, 14 Prospect 
Barron Henry (H. Barron & Son), wood and coal, 

Congress on Canal, h Prospect 
Barron James 0., clerk, bds 126 Bridge 
Barron William H. (II. Barron & Son), wood and 

coal, Congress on Canal, h Prospeot 
Barron H. & Son (Henry & William H. Barron), 

wood and coal, Congress on Canal 
Barry Eliza, wid Robert, h 89 3d 
Barton George S., plasterer, b \'2o Market 
Bateman Joshua, grocer, 31 Fayette, h do 
Batson llelon, plasterer, h 35 West 





Battersby Ann C, wid George, confectioner, 38 

Fayette, h do 
Baumbach Arnandus, tailor, 104 High, h do 
Bayless Jacob, miller, b Market n Canal 
Beall Alexander E. & Co., soap and candle manu- 
facturers, 3G Greene, h 35 2d 
Beall Ann Mrs., b 45 Jefferson 
Beall George W., tailor, 120 Bridge, b 41 2d 
Beall Jobn J. (Beall & Shoemaker), flour and 

com merchants, 101 Water, h 106 West 
Beall William D., clerk War Dept, h 108 West 
Beall William E.. steam-boat captain, b 13 2d 
BEALL & SHOEMAKER (Jobn J. Beall & 
George Shoemaker, jr.), flour and commission 
merchants, 101 Water 
Beauford John, coachsmith, Bridge, bds 168 

Beckett Clement (col'd), gardener, h 32 Beall 
Becraft Sarah, wid William, h 118 Beall 
Beek William, wheelwright, h 135 Bridge 
Bell Jackson, tailor, h 103 Bridge 
Bell Jacob J. (col'd), calker, b 31 Jefferson 
Bell James, teacher, bds 130 High 
Bell J. W., ambrotypes, 110 Bridge, h at Wash- 
Bell Laura (col'd), washerwoman, h 25 west 
Bell Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h 48 4th 
Bell Robert (col'd), laborer, h 27 2d 
Bellows Alfred (col'd), h 344 High 
Belt Ignatius (col'd), cartman, h 206 High 
Belt John M., grocer, 112 Bridge, h 143 Wash- 
Benjamin John, fisherman, h 10 Congress 
Bennet John E., milk-dealer, 45 Prospect, h do 
Bennett Michael, laborer, h 4 Market 
Bennett William T., harness-maker, h 177 High 
Benton Edward T., shoes and clothing, 161 

Bridge, h Congress 
Benton Theophilus, laborer, b 111 Washington 
Berrian Hobart, clerk 4th Auditor's Office, h 8th 

n Erederick 
Berry Horatio E., dry goods, 98 Bridge, h 93 

Berrv J. Owens, wines and liquors, 5 High, h 

Berry John S., bds 121 Dunbarton 
Berry Peter, flour and commission merchant, 85 

Water, h 130 Bridge 
Berry Philip T., h 121 Dunbarton 
Berry Samuel (col'd), tanner, h 364 High 
Berry William S., h 71 Dunbarton 
Besant James H. (J. G. Waters & Co.), flour and 

com mer, 109 Water, h Point of Rocks, Md 
Betman Mary, wid Patrick, h 205 Fayette 
Betman Thomas, laborer, h 205 Fayette 
Betty Charles F., carpenter, h 86^ 2d 
Bias Charles (col'd), h 104 High 
Bibb Mary R., wid George M., h 55 Fayette 
Bicksler John, huckster, h 85 1st 
BICKSLER THOMAS J., ambrotypist and pho- 
tographist, High cor Bridge, h do 
Bills H. A., clerk, bds Union hotel 
Birch Isaac, carpenter, h 12 2d 
Birch Joseph F., undertaker, 65 Bridge, h SS do 
Birch Mary, wid John, h 25 3d 
Birch Rebecca, h 105 1st 
Birch William H., clerk, h 58 Jefferson 
Biscoe Anna M., wid Geo. W., h 25 Dunbarton 
Bitsinger John, cooper, h 5 4th 
Blackford J. S., jr. (J. S. Blackford & Son), 

jeweller, 99 Bridge, h do 
Blackford J. S. & Son (J. S. Blackford, jr.), 

jewellers, 99 Bridge, h do 
Blackman Thomas, shoemaker, h 360 High 
Blackman William, shoemaker, b 10 1st 
Blake John W., stagedriver, h 15 Jefferson 

BIots John, carpenter, h S3 Bridge 

BOCOCK JOHN H. Rev., h 163 West 

Bode Louis, carpenter, h 73 Market 

BOGUE JOHN J., groceries, liquors, and Adams' 

Ex agt, 36 and 38 Market sp, h 51 1st 
Bobrer Benjamin, grocer, Montgomery cor Beall, 

b 71 Montgomery 
BOHRER BENJ. R., wood and coal, Congress 

cor Canal, bds 104 Gay 
Bohrer Benjamin S., physician, h 104 Gay 
Bonitz Henry, barber, 134 Bridge, bds 161 do 
Boon David (col'd), cartman, h Poplar n Mont- 
Bootes Samuel, surveyor, bds 43 1st 
Bootes Samuel M., clerk Treas Dept, h 43 1st 
Booth John (col'd), blacksmith, h 6 Jefferson 
Boston Elizabeth, h Market n Canal 
Botch G. L., butcher, 21 Georgetown mkt, h at 

Boucher A. H., feed store, 23 Market sp, h 5 

Boucher Joseph H., h 13 Potomac 
Boucher Joseph W., wood and coal, Market on 

the canal, h 44 Prospect 
Boucher T. F., grocer, 188 Bridge, h 3 Potomac 
Bowen Rinaldo J., grocer, 86 Dunbarton, h 94 

Bowman Charles, h 131 Bridge 
Bowman Francis (col'd), laborer, h 51 4th 
Boyce Edward (Boyce, Thomas & Dodge), millers, 

170 Water, b Road n Congress 
BOYCE, THOMAS & DODGE (Edward Boyce, 
Lorenzo Thomas, & Robert P. Dodge), millers, 
170 Water 
Boyd Robert, stoves, 88 High, h do 
Bradley Arthur (col'd), laborer, h 46 4th 
Bradley James, grocer, 135 High, h do 
Bradley William A., h 53 2d 
Bradley William A., jr. (Elms & Bradley), mil- 

lers, Water cor Fayette, h 53 2d 
Brand Louis, clerk Treas Dept, h Fayette n 3d 
Brenner James, h 13 Bridge 

Brewer Henry, clerk Treas Dept, h West n Mont- 
Brewer Zacbariah, laborer, 225 Bridge 
Briscoe George (col'd), cartman, b Poplar n 

Briscoe Ignatius (col'd), laborer, h 45 West 
Bronaugh John W., clerk Navy Dept, h 55 2d 
Brooks Ignatius, sexton, h 155 Dunbarton 
Brooks Lewis, groceries and seeds, 99 High, h do 
Brooks Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 18 Bridge 
Brown Adison F., boots and shoes, S9 High, h do 
Brown Albert, miller, bds 101 Bridge 
Brown Alexander, boots and shoes, 121 High, h 

65 Prospect 
Brown Alfred, grocer, 33 Market sp, h do 
Brown Augustus, carpenter, b Cherry 
Brown Caroline, wid Thomas, h IS Jefferson 
Brown Cynthia, wid Thomas (col'd), h 71 Market 
Brown Daniel, grocer, 54 Fayette, h do 
Brown Eben G., dep collector Custom House, h 

63 Market 
Brown Edward H., dry goods, Bridge, h 83 Mont- 
Brown Elizabeth, wid Jos., teacher, bds 91 Beall 
Brown Greenbury, painter, h 65 Prospect 
Brown Isaac (col'd), laborer, h 76 West 
Brown John, carpenter, b 65 Prospect '' 
Brown Jobn, grocer, 40 Water, h do 
Brown John (col'd), laborer, h 36 2d 
Brown John (col'd), laborer, h 7 3d 
Brown Lemuel, butcher, Georgetown mkt, h 86 

Brown Mary, wid James, h Market and Canal 
Brown Mary (col'd), h 136 Frederick 



BROWN STEPHEN T., lawyer at Washington, 

bds 145 West 
Brown Stephen T. (Mayfield & Brown) , dry goods, 

121 Bridge, h 168 West 
Brown Thomas Capt., h 145 West 
Brown Washington, carpenter, h 42 Water 
Brown William, stagedriver, bds 37 Greene 
Browning George W., butcher, 16 Georgetown 

mkt, h 55 Jefferson 
Brumley Archibald, late shipcarpenter, h 5 Jef- 
Brumley William M., limeburner, h 5 Jefferson 
Buckey Charles A. (E. M. Linthicum & Co.), 

hardware, High cor Bridge, h 114 Bridge 
Buckey Matthias V., auctioneer, 114 Bridge, h 

116 do 
Bufort Robert P. (Dougherty & Bufort), coach- 
makers, 7 Bridge, h Beall 
Buhler Francis, shoemaker, 7 Potomac, h do 
Burdett Francis, tanner, h Market cor 6th 
Burdett Hillery, carman, h 21 3d 
Burdett William, coachdriver, h 75 Market 
Burditt Hanson T., laborer, h High n 8th 
Burgoyne Richard (col'd), quarryman, h 26 

Burk John, laborer, h 138 Water 
Burke Bridget, wid Timothy, h Frederick n 2d 
Burke Henry (col'd), laborer, h 54 Monroe 
Burrill Abigail (col'd), washerwoman, h 52 Mont- 
Burrill Henry (col'd), cartman, h 86 Water 
Burriss Hezekiah, cartman, h 11 Potomac 
Burriss Proverb, miller, h 78 Bridge 
Burriss Sarah (col'd), huckster, h High n 8th 
Burroughs Dent., physician, 95 Washington, hdo 
Burroughs J. Richards (Smoot & Burroughs), dry 

goods, 119 Bridge 
Burroughs William, overseer, h 25 Frederick 
Burrows Brazil, huckster, Georgetown market, h 

53 7th 
Burrows Charles R., laborer, h 132 Congress 
Burrows Comfort W., wid John F., h 147 High 
Burrows Henry, clerk, h 15 Montgomery 
Burrows J., huckster, Georgetown market 
Burrows Obediah, laborer, h 18 West 
Burrows William, laborer, h east end West 
Busey Samuel C, physician, 149 West, h do 
Busey William S. (Busey & Barnard), agricultu- 
ral implements, 146 Bridge, h 149 West 
Busey & Barnard (William S. Busey & John J. 
Barnard), agricultural implements, 146 Bridge 
Butler Charles, messenger War Dept, h 44 Dun- 
Butler George (col'd), laborer, h 30 5th 
Butler William (col'd), laborer, h Poplar n Mont- 
Byers William H., bricklayer, h 3d n High 
Byng John, porter house, 50 Water, h do 
Byrne Philip W., huckster, 173 Bridge, h do 

Cady John laborer, h r 17 Congress 
Caldwell William N., huckster, h 145 High 
Calhoun James A., clerk, h 57 7th 
Calhoun William, paver, h 47 7th 
Calhoun William H., cabinetmaker, h 87 Wash- 
Callahan John, laborer, h 48 6th 
Callahan Matthew, grocer, 26 Water, h do 
Callan Michael, huckster, h 156 Fayette 
Callan Sarah, wid Patrick, h 33 Fayette 
Calvert Caleb, laborer, h 6 Potomac 
Camerell Archibald, laborer, h 108 Water 
Cameron Susanna, wid William, confectioner, 79 
Bridge, h do 

Cammack Edmund, tailor, 162 Bridge, h Bridge 

c Market 
Cammack John J., tailor, h 139 Bridge 
Campbell Bartholomew, laborer, h 38 4th 
Campbell John F., grocer, 65 Montgomery, h do 
Caperton Hugh jr., lawyer, 131 Bridge, h 58 High 
Capon George W., cabinetmaker, bds 87 Wash- 
Carberry James L., clerk, h 108 2d 
Carberry Lewis, surveyor, h 108 2d 
Carey William, laborer, h 10 Bridge 
Carlin G. Thomas, tobacconist, 86 High, b 127 do 
Carpenter John C, sand dealer, h 96 Washington 
Carr Benjamin, tailor, h 39 Frederick 
Carroll Andrew, stonemason, h 91 Washington 
Carroll Dennis (col'd), laborer, Frederick n 7th 
Carroll John, h 49 Bridge 
Carroll John, laborer, h 58 Lingan 
Carroll Patrick, teacher, h 97 1st 
Carroll Susan, wid Walter, h 34 Congress 
Carroll Timothy, clerk, h 58 Lingan 
Carter Charles (col'd), gardener, h 158 Frederick 
Carter Ellen, wid John, h 131 West 
Carter John E., h Congress ab Stoddard 
Carter Richard W., dry goods, 53 High, h at 

Cartwright Levin T., carpenter, h 109 Gay 
Cartwright Louis (col'd), laborer, h 31 West 
Cartwright William, laborer, h 30 Montgomery 
Cartwright William (col'd), laborer, h 15 West 
Cassell Peter, clerk, h 168 Bridge 
Cassidy Patrick, keeper Catholic Bury'g Ground, 

h High north 
Cathcart James L., grocer, 94 High, h 168 do 
Cathwell Jonathan D., superintendent gasworks, 

h37 2d 
Cating Michael, laborer, h n the north end of 
• High 
Cating Thomas, laborer, h n the north end of 

Caton Elizabeth, confectionery, 29 Fayette, h do . 
Chamberlain David, blacksmith, h 28 Dunbarton 
Chamberlain George W., shoemaker, 95 High 
Chamberlain James, huckster, Centre market, h 

27 7th 
Chamberlain William, blacksmith, 98 High, h 

131 do 
Chambers George, painter, bds 130 High 
Chandler Henry (col'd), huckster, h 291 High 
Chandler Margaret, wid Walter, h 94 Fayette 
Chandler W., Com U S N, bds Union hotel 
CHAPMAN EDWARD, h Dunbarton c Congress 
Chappelare William H., carpenter, 76 Congress, 

h 29 Gay 
Chase Adam (col'd), boatman, h 55 West 
Chevf Walter, supt canal, h 114 Prospect 
Chick Jesse, plasterer, bds east end West 
Chick Joseph C, plasterer, h 17 West 
Chick Richard T., plasterer, h east end West 
Chisley James (col'd), laborer, h Fayette n 2d 
Chisley Luke (col'd), laborer, h North n West 
Cilly John (col'd), laborer, h Warehouse alley n 

Cissel R. S. T., druggist, 110 Bridge, h at Norman 

Cissel Thomas, carpenter, r 61 Congress, h 127 

CLABAFGH WILLIAM, flour and commission 

merchant, 89 Water, h 112 Greene 
Clancy James, laborer, h 97 3d 
Clark Ignatius, weigher of hay, 35 High, h G9 

Clark Mary, h 104 Frederick 
Clark Mary Mrs., milliner. S3 Bridge, h 00 do 
Clark Samuel, dentist, 71 Bridge, h 136 Greene 
Clark Theodore, restaurant, SS Water, h do 



Clarke Mary Miss, h 421 High 
Claxton Richard W., printer, h 151 Bridge 
Claxton Susanna, varieties, 151 Bridge, h do 
Clayton Aaron, miller, h 101 Bridge 
Cleaveland Ann, boarding-house, 168 Bridge 
Clegett Harriet (col'd), h 32 Monroe 
Clements B., clerk Treas Dept. h 62 Market 
Clements H. W. G., h 62 Market 
Clements John, painter, 50 1st, h 36 Fayette 
Clements John F., shoemaker, h 98 Greene 
Clements Lemuel, grocer, 125 High, h do 
Clements Sarah A. Mrs., seamstress, 40 Gay, h 

Clements W . D., h 62 Market 
Clements, "William H., shoemaker, h 78 Market 
Coakly Francis (col'd), huckster, h 29 Potomac 
Coakly George (col'd), miller, h 45 Beall 
Coates Sinclair (col'd), h 94 High 
Cochran Patrick, laborer, h 96 "Water 
Codrick James F., stagedriver, h 34 Dunbarton 
Coffee Joseph (col'd), tanner, h 15 7th 
Cogswell Albert G., bootmaker, h 52 Jefferson 
Cogswell Nathaniel, shoemaker, 61 High, h do 
Colbar John, ostler, h 70 High 
Colburn James, laborer, h 25 Market sp 
Colburn Randall, grocer, 89 Greene, h do 
Cole Benjamin (col'd), carman, h 44 4th 
Cole Bertha (col'd), h 32 6th 
Cole Charles (col'd), laborer, h 6th n Market 
Cole Ralph (col'd), laborer, h 47 4th 
Cole Robert (col'd), carman, h 44 4th 
Coleman Timothy, laborer, h 21 Lingan 
Colineau C, brewer at Washington, bds Union 

Collins B., barkeeper, h 121 High 
Collins Daniel, brickmaker Virginia, h 63 Fay- 
Collins George, laborer, h 88 Water 
Collins James, grocer, 105 Market, h do 
Collins Jeremiah, laborer, h Frederick n 4th 
Collins Joseph F., bricklayer, h 122 Beall 
Collins Julia, wid William, boarding-house, 108 

Collins Martha B., varieties. 97 Bridge, h do 
Collins William, builder, h 22 Prospect 
Compton Julia R., schoolteacher, h 160 "West 
Cook Caroline, wid Henry, h 44 Congress 
Cook John, shoemaker, bds SO High 
Cooper A. Rev., h 58 2d 

Cooper James (D. T. Moore & Co.), omnibus- 
office, 77 High, h at Washington 
Core John T., tobacconist, 172 Bridge, h do 
Cornell James (col'd), (Green & Cornell), black- 
smiths, 25 Congress, h 116 do 
Cornell John (col'd), cartman, h 116 Congress 
Cover Henry (col'd), laborer, h 26 West 
Cox John E., tanner, Olive c Washington, and 

leather, 148 Bridge, h 106 "Washington 
Cox Thomas C, bds 101 Gay 
Cox Walter S., lawyer, 103 Gay, h 101 do 
Cozzens Margaret, boarding-house, 64 Water 
Craig Eliza, wid Washington, h 3 2d 
Craig George, coaehtrimmer, h 38 Gay 
Craig William, carpenter, h 38 Gay 
Craig William H., principal public school, h 152 

Craig William T., blacksmith, h Greene c Beall 
Craighill Joseph A., clerk Treas Depart, h 130 

Crandell Germon, bookseller, 128 Bridge, h at 

Crawford Richard R., h 115 2d 
Crimmins Mary, wid Michael, h 6th n Fayette 
Cropley George W., clerk, h 216 Bridge 
Cropley Horatio, dyer, ]0 Potomac, h do 
Cropley Richard L., clerk, h 216 Bridge 

! Croplev Samuel (Geo. B. Barnard & Co., and A. 
F. Offutt & Co.), h 216 Bridge 
Croumbaugh John, butcher, 4 and 6 Georgetown 
mkt, h Fayette c 1st 
: Crouse John, carpenter, h 106 "Water 
; Crowley Cornelius, laborer, h 81 3d 
; Crowley Julia, wid Thomas, h 106 Water 
1 Crowley Patrick, laborer, h 42 4th 
! Crowley William F., grocer, 52 Bridge, h do 
! Crown Margaret S., wid John L., grocer, 86 Mar- 
ket, h do 
Crown William, carpenter, h 65 4th 
Cruikshank John, h 152 Bridge 
■ Cruikshank Richard, com mer, 67 "Water, h 152 
Cruikshank William, h 152 Bridge 
Cruiser Collins (col'd), feed, 63 Greene, h 24 
! Cruiser James (col'd), h 34 Gay 
: Cruit James M., grocer, 45 Bridge, h do 
! Cruit Richard (R. Cruit & Son), livery stable, 4 
Bridge, h 34 do 
Cruit Richard, jr. (R. Cruit & Son), livery stable, 

4 Bridge, h 34 do 
Cruit R. & Son (Richard & Richard Cruit, jr.), 

livery stable, 4 Bridge 
Cumberland Thomas, carpenter, h 2d n High ' 
Cummins E. H., clerk Treas Dept, bds Union 

Cunningham Archibald, shoemaker, h 66 High 
Cunningham Robert, huckster, N L and Centre 

mkts, h 108 Market 
Curran Francis, stagedriver, h 2d n High 
Curtin Michael, laborer, h 88 2d 
Curtis Eleazar (col'd), cartman, h North n Beall 
Curtis James (col'd), laborer, h 50 Monroe 
Curtis Joseph, wheelwright, h 168 Bridge 
Cushing Garrett, stonemason, h 135 High 
Custard William H., carpenter, h Congress n 

Custead George W., carpenter, h 216 Fayette 

Dade Henry H. (col'd), stevedore, h North n 

Daly Carrol, laborer, h 3d n Frederick 
Daly James, bds Union hotel 
Daly Richard (col'd), confectioner, 76 Bridge 
Daly Timothv, huckster, N L and Centre market, 

h 97 Market 
DARBY BENJAMIN, flour and com mer, 87 

Water, h 39 Market 
Darne Mary, wid Robert B., h 104 Bridge 
Darne Richard H., livery stable, 192 Bridge, h 

18 Potomac 
Daughton Darius D., iron-moulder, bds 48 Jef- 
Davidson John, flour, Water, h 25 Gay 
Davidson John B. (Hyde & Davidson), com mer, 

59 Water, h 126 Washington 
Davis Ann, wid Augustus, h 25 Jefferson 
Davis Benjamin (col'd), waiter, h 58 6th 
Davis Francis, bricklayer, h 12 Bridge 
Davis I. Thomas, flour and salt, 83 Water, h 

Beall n Washington 
Davis Isabella "W.. wid I. T., h Beall n "Wash- 

Davis James, bricklayer, h 3 2d 
Davis John, Maryland house, 130 High 
Davis John A., huckster, h 37 Montgomery 
Davis John B., clerk, h 21 Prospect 
Davis Joseph E., blacksmith, h 21 Prospect 
Davis Levi, clerk "War Dept, h 145 Beall 
Davis Richard, machinist, h 3 3d 
Davis Samuel, huckster, h 54 Dunbarton 



Davis William, laborer, h 61 Greene 
Davis William M., clerk, h 145 Beall 
Daw Reuben, gun and locksmith, 102 Bridge, b 

83 Montgomery- 
Dawson Eliza (col'd), h 20 Monroe 
Day Charles (col'd), h 8 Beall 
Day William (col'd), carman, b 20 Bridge 
Deakins Mary, wid Jobn, h Lingan c 2d 
Dean Charles, ropemaker, West n North, h 51 

Dean Felix, barber, h 178 Bridge 
Dean Henry, ropemaker, h 51 West 
Dean James A., shoemaker, h 32 Congress 
Decatur Susan, wid Stephen, h 122 3d 
Deeble James W., clerk Farmers' and Mechanics' 

Bank, h 87 West 
Deeble William H., boatman, h 84 Frederick 
Deeth Edward W. (G. 0. & E. W. Deeth), book- 
seller, 95 Prospect, h do 
Deeth George 0. (G. 0. & E. W. Deeth), book- 
seller, 95 Prospect, h do 
Deeth G. 0. & E. W. (George 0. & Edward W. 

Deeth), booksellers, 95 Prospect 
Deitz Joseph, painter, h 70 High 
De la Roche George F., civil engineer, h 143 

Dellzell Alexander W. (Dellzell & Bro.), grain 

and feed, Cherry n Market space, h do 
Dellzell John (Dellzell & Bro.), grain and feed, 

Cherry n Market sp, h do 
Dellzell & Bro. (Alexander W. & John Dellzell). 

grain and feed, Cherry n Market sp 
Dennison John, locktender, bds 47 Bridge 
Dennison Sanford, h 138 Water 
Dennison William, butcher, High, h 126 Fred- 
Dick Robert, farmer, h 92 Gay 
Dickson John (Dickson, Gordon & Co.) , wood and 

coal, 4 Water, h 81 Stoddard 
Dickson William, wheelwright, 59 Greene, h do 
Dickson, Gordon & Co. (John Dickson, Daniel S. 
Gordon & Wrn. King), wood and coal, 4 Water 
Diggs James M. (col'd), boatman, h 43 7th 
Diggs Suthron (col'd), boatman, h 33 Monroe 
Diggs William (col'd), laborer, h 6 West 
Dill George, blacksmith, h 48 Bridge 
Dill Peter, butcher, 13 Georgetown market, h 

340 High 
Divine Hugh G., tailor, h 32 2d 
Dodge Alexander H., shipping merchant, Water, 

h 66 West 
Dodge Charles, h 100 Montgomery 
Dodge Emily, h' Congress c Stoddard 
Dodge Francis, shipping merchant, 63 Water, h 

170 Washington 
Dodge Francis, jr., bds 170 Washington 
Dodge Henry H. (McCobb & Dodge), commission 

merchant, 63 Water, h 170 Washington 
Dodge Robert P. (Boyce, Thomas & Dodge), mil- 
lers, 170 Water, h 89 Montgomery 
Dodson Joseph (col'd), laborer, 144 Frederick 
Donaldson Franklin, farmer, h 35 Bridge 
DONALDSON HENRY S., butcher, 11 George- 
town mkt, h Frederick 
Donaldson John E., laborer, h 4 Jefferson 
Donaldson John T., carpenter, h 18 Prospect 
Donaldson Sanford, laborer, h 4 Jefferson 
Donaldson Thomas, butcher, h 86 Frederick 
Donaldson Thomas, laborer, h 134 Water 
Donaldson William, bricklayer, h 175 High 
Donaldson William, provisions, 140 High, h do 
Donnelly James A., wood and coal, 105 Water 

and 38 Market, h 51 1st 
Donnelly William (col'd), laborer, h 20 2d 
Donohue Bridget, wid Morris, h Frederick n 2d 
Donovan Dennis, laborer, h 42 4th 

Donovan James, laborer, h 42 4th 

Dorry Henry W. (John G. Dorry & Son), wood 

and coal, 67 Water, h 129 West 
Dorry John G. & Son (Henry W. Dorry), wood 

and coal, 67 Water, h 129 West 
Dorsey & Ernest (Worthington Dorsey & Wm. H. 

Ernest), grocers, 118 High 
Dorsey Letty (col'd), h 185 High 
Dorsey Sarah (col'd), wid Moses, h 75 Beall 
Dorsey Worthington (Dorsey & Ernest), grocers, 

118 High, h 94 Dunbarton 
Dougal William H., engraver, Bridge, h Road c 

Dougherty John (Dougherty & Bufort). coach- 
makers, 7 Bridge, h Montgomery 
Dougherty & Bufort (John Dougherty & Robert 

P. Bufort, coachmakers, 7 Bridge 
Dove Andrew, laborer, h 67 Dunbarton 
Dove Henry (col'd), laborer, h 102 Greene 
Dover James (col'd), laborer, h 26 2d 
Dowling Jane Mrs., grocer, 44 Bridge, h do 
DOWLING THOMAS, auctioneer and com mer- 
chant, 174 Bridge, h 125 Washington 
Dowling William, furniture, 170 Bridge, h do 
Downing James, laborer, h Frederick n 4th 
Drew William O., broker, 32 Market space, h 5 

Drill John, policeman, h 78 High 
Drish Mary, wid Michael, h 44 2d 
Duffy Elizabeth, h 214 Fayette 
Duffy Patrick, huckster, h 162 Beall 
Dugan Charles, laborer, h Cherry al n Water 
Dunbar Elizabeth, h 62 Frederick 
Dunbar George (col'd), laborer, h Fayette n 2d 
Dunberth Augustus, shoemaker, h 143 Bridge 
Dunigan John, blacksmith, h 85 3d 
Dunlop Francis K., bds Gay c Washington 
Dunlop George, farmer, bds Gay c Washington 
Dunlop James, judge Circuit Court, h Gay cor 

Dunlop William L., lawyer, bds Gay cor Wash- 
Dunn John, shoemaker, h 83 3d 
Dunster Edward, blacksmith, h 79 Bridge 
Duvall Joseph, butcher, 8 and 10 Georgetown 

Duvall Thomas E., millwright, h Lingan c 1st 
Duvall William T., iron foundry, Washington on 

Canal, h 57 2d 
Dyer Catharine, wid John F., h Bridge n Aque- 
Dyer Ignatius, carpenter, 243 Bridge, h 249 do 
Dyer Joseph, shoemaker, h Bridge n Aqueduct 

Early Elizabeth Mrs., h Congress n West 
Easton John W., carpenter, h 115 Market 
Eberly George L., shoemaker, 70 High, h do 
Ebert Wm. (Ramsburg & Ebert), glove manu- 
facturer, 105 High, h 13S Dunbarton 
Eddes Ann M., wid John, h 32 Jefferson 
Edelin Bertha (col'd), h 49 Monroe 
Edes William II., miller, 70 Water, h 113 Gav 
Edes William R., fiourdealer, 76 Water, h 113 

Edmonston Decius W., h 170 West 
Edmonston Richard A., baker, 134 High, h do 
Edwards W. B. Rev., h 143 Beall 
Eglan Henrietta (col'd), wid Samuel, h 78 1st 
Eliason E. A., leather-dealer, 54 High, h 802 do 
Eliason John, currier, High, h 141 Market 
Elkins John, tanner, h 209 Fayette 
Ellis Francis 11., carpenter, h 48 2d 
Ellis G. T., grocer, Fayette D 2d, h do 
Ellis John, sea captain, h Cherry al n Canal 



Ellis Richard, fisherman, h 90 Water 

Ellis "William, restaurant, 50 Congress, h do 

Elms James (Elms & Bradley), millwright, Water 

c Fayette, h 17 Lingan 
Elms William, carpenter, h 71 Washington 
Elms & Bradley (James Elms and William A. 

Bradley, jr.,), millers, Water c Fayette 
English Alice Miss, h 118 Washington 
English Charles S. (English & Son), hardware, 138 

Bridge, h 11 1st 
English David (English & Son), hardware, 138 

High, h 29 1st 
English & Son (David and Chas. S. English), 

hardware, 138 Bridge 
Ernest William H. (Dorsey & Ernest), grocer, 118 

High, bds do 
Essex James F., cooper, 12 and 23 High, h 14 do 
Estlar George, cooper, h 20 Congress 
Evans Bernard, barber, 178 Bridge, h do 
Evans Mary, wid Walter, h 20 Prospect 
Evans Thomas, plumber and gasfitter, 100 High, 

h at Washington 
Evans Thomas (Robinson & Evans), provisions, 

111 High, h do 
Evans Thomas F., miller, h 53 4th 
Evans T. H., huckster, Georgetown mkt 
Everett Benjamin (Everett & Bro.), tinsmith, 90 

Bridge, h at Washington 
Everett Samuel (Everett & Bro.), tinsmith, 90 

Bridge, h at Washington 
Everett k Bro. (Sam'l and Benj. Everett), tin- 
smiths, 90 Bridge 


Farquhar Emily W. Mrs., teacher, h 41 Mont- 
Faulkner Sarah, wid Samuel, h 106 Water 
Fearson Joseph N., banker, 23 Congress, h 17 do 
Fearson Samuel, jr., carpenter, bds 2 Congress 
Fearson Samuel J., carpenter, h 53 Congress 
Fearson Samuel S., wood and coal, 5 Water, h 

2 Congress 
Fenwick Francis, nurseryman, h 23 Lingan 
Fenwick Mary, wid Francis, h 94 Fayette 
Ferguson Andrew (col'd), laborer, bds 36 Dun- 
Ferguson James (col'd), laborer, h 36 Dunbarton 
Ferguson John, laborer, h 19 West 
Ferrell Mary, h 60 Lingan 
Findlay George K., bricklayer, h 112 2d 
Findlay Henry, tailor, h 112 2d 
Findlay Henry E., fisherman, h 112 2d 
Findlay James F., paper-hanger, h 112 2d 
Findlay John T., h 112 2d 
Findlay Thomas W., tailor, h 112 2d 
Finey Thomas, tailor, h 109 2d 
Fink Casper, restaurant, 40 Bridge, h do 
Fisher John F., cooper, h 61 High 
FISHER JOSEPH, Farmers' Hotel, 106 High 
Fister John, butcher, 12 Georgetown mkt 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, h 42 4th 
Fitzgiven John, laborer, h 138 Water 
Fitzhugh P. A., clerk Auditors Office, bds Union 

Flading Anthony, shoemaker, bds 80 High 
Flather Edwin, painter, h Cherry n High 
Fleckenstien Peter, ostler, bds 106 High 
Fleet James, music-teacher, h 109 Washington 
Fletcher John H., paver, h 79 Market 
Fletcher William H., paver, h 79 Market 
Fletcher William L., paver, h 79 Market 
Foley John W., restaurant, 77 High, h do 
Ford James W., barber, 176 Bridge, h do 

| Ford Richard, laborer, h 43 West 
! FORREST BLADEN, h 78 1st 

Foulkner Thomas, carpenter, h 11 Frederick 
j Fowler John, painter, Frederick cor 7th, h do 
I Fowler William R., provisions, 37 Bridge, h do 
J Fox Margaret, wid John, h 5 2d 
I Frazell Charles, laborer, h 142 High 
! French George Mrs., h 15 Bridge 
; Friend Frederick, baker, bds 104 High 
! Fry Andrew, carpenter, bds 119 Washington 

Fry Hugh W., jr., h 46 Dunbarton 
! Fry James H., clerk, h Frederick n 6th 

Fry John J., carpenter, 113 Washington, h 119 do 

Fry John W., carpenter, bds 119 Washington 
( Fullalove James, bds 54 Bridge 
| Fullalove Richard, tailor, 122 Bridge, h Market 
n Prospect 

Fullalove William, carpenter, h Market n Prospect 

Gallagher Michael, laborer, h 24 Bridge 
Gallion James, cooper, h Cherry n High 
Gants Simon, clothing, 116 High, h do 
Gantt Jeremiah (col'd), h 226 Fayette 
GARRETT MORTIMER, blacksmith, 196 Bridge, 

h 23 Frederick 
Garrett Simeon, carpenter, Beall c Greene, h do 
Garrity James, cartman, h 154 Fayette 
Gaskins Darius, cooper, h 81 Bridge 
Gates Charles L., moulder, h Lingan cor 1st 
Gatholett John, laborer, h 119 Gay 
Geetler Michael, laborer, h r 2 Market 
Getty Thomas, clerk Pension Office, bds 31 Dun- 
Getty Vernon, h 31 Dunbarton 
Gibson William, stoneyard, 146 High, h 169 West 
Gieseking Frederick W., baker, 50 Bridge, h do 
Gieseking Henry W., cabinetmaker, 157 Bridge 
Gilbert Elizabeth (col'd), h 7 3d 
Giles Alexander, restaurant, 33 Bridge, h do 
Giles William B., clerk Navy Dept, h 165 West 
Goddard James (Godey & Goddard), painter, 51 

Congress, h 12 Dunbarton 
Godey George W. (Godey & Goddard), painter, 

51 Congress, h 26 3d 
GODEY WALTER, ice-dealer, Greene cor Dun- 
barton, h do 
Godey William H., limekiln, h 122 Congress 
Godey & Goddard (George W. Godey and James 

Goddard). painters, 51 Congress 
Godfrey Patrick, laborer, h 97 3d 
Goggins James, carman, h Warren n 2d 
Golding Daniel, stonemason, bds 135 High 
Goldsmith Elizabeth, wid William, seamstress, h. 

40 Gay 
Good Jane, wid Thomas G., h 7 1st 
Good Josephine Miss, teacher, bds 7 1st 
Goodrich Benjamin, laborer, h 34 Jefferson 
Goodrick James, blacksmith, h 4th n Frederick 
Goodrick Thomas H., carpenter, h 25 7th 
Goodwin William, carpenter, h 108 Frederick 
Gordon Daniel S. (Dickson, Gordon & Co.), wood 

and coal, 4 Water, h 95 Washington 
Gordon Joseph (col'd), drayman, h 22 5th 
Gormley Margaret, wid Philip, groceries, 43 Jef- 
ferson, h do 
Gosyler James, clerk War Dept, h 131 Beall 
Goszler Elizabeth, h 28 3d 

Grandison Benjamin (col'd), laborer, h 37 Olive 
Grandison Charles (col'd), stevedore, h 23 Olive 
Graves Elizabeth B., h 25 Lingan 
Graves John, skindresser, h 98 West 
Graves Joseph, carpenter, bds 40 Water 
Graves Maria, wid James, h Cherry n High 
Graves William L., carpenter, h 105 2d 



Gray Geo., boots and shoes, 108 Bridge, h 31 do 
Gray Hiram (col'd), blacksmith, 31 Montgomery, 

h 20 Olive 
Gray Michael (col'd), laborer, h 41 Fayette 
Green James, laborer, h 51 Montgomery 
Green John F., carpenter, h 173 High 
Green Joseph (col'd), laborer, h 28 Monroe 
Green William (col'd) (Green & Cornell), black- 
smith, 25 Congress 
Green & Cornell (Wm. Green and James Cornell) 

(col'd), blacksmiths, 25 Congress 
Grimes Amelia (col'd), h 34 6th 
Grimes George, shoemaker, h 127 High 
Grimes Mary, wid Michael, 13 Market space 
Grimes William Rev. (col'd), h 76 West 
Gross Basil (col'd), waiter, house-cleaner, and 

laborer, h Stoddard n Monroe 
Gross Francis, butcher, Gtn market, h 136 1st 
Gross Francis, jr., butcher, h 136 1st 
Gross Henry, lamplighter, h 32 Market sp 
Gross Henry, ostler, h 42 Greene 
Gross James (col'd), laborer, North n West 
Gross James F., grocer, 128 Water, and restaur- 
ant, 26 Market sp, h 128 Water 
Gross John, constable, h 42 High 
Grumell John H., shoemaker, bds80 High 
Grunnel Emily (col'd), h 29 Olive 
Grusinger Charles, barber, 124 High, h do 
Gusler Jane, wid Geo. A., h 187 Bridge 
Guthrie John J., Lieut U S N, h 54 1st 
Gutman Emanuel, dry goods, 117 Bridge and 50 

High, h do 
Guvernator Jacob, barber, 81 High, h do 

Haff Stephen, boots and shoes, 93 Bridge, h 33 

Hagerty Patrick, laborer, h Cherry al n Water 
Hall Aaron (col'd), laborer, h 52 4th 
Hall Adolphus (col'd), stevedore, h 293 High 
Hamilton Ellen (col'd), h 32 Beall 
Hammerschlag Nathan (Hammerschlag Bros.), 

dry goods, 66 High, hdo 
Hammerschlag Siegfrid (Hammerschlag Bros.), 

dry goods, 66 High, h do 
Hammerschlag Bros. (Siegfrid and Nathan Ham- 
merschlag), dry goods, 66 High 
Hane David, wheelwright, h 96 West 
Hane John F.. wheelwright, 194 Bridge, h 96 

Harbaugh Edward L., laborer, h 2d n Market 
Harigan John,, laborer, h 83 3d 
Harman John, laborer, h 199 Fayette 
Harmon Augustus, laborer, h 178 West 
Harmon George, ostler, h 28 Market sp 
Harmon Nicholas, laborer, h Cherry al n Water 
Harold Frederick, ostler, h 28 Market sp 
Harper Francis, teller Bank of Commerce, h 61 2d 
Harper Grafton, fisherman, h 110 Water 
Harper Samuel, cigar-maker, h 173 High 
Harper William, laborer, h 108 Water 
Harrington Dennis, laborer, h 85 3d 
Harrington John, laborer, h 42 4th 
Harris Elizabeth (col'd), h 31 Jefferson 
Harris George (col'd), barber, 49 Bridge, h at 

Harris George (col'd), laborer, h 70 Fayette 
Harris John (col'd), laborer, h 76 1st 
Harrison George, laborer, h 31 Congress 
Harrison George C, laborer, bds 31 Congress 
Harrison James II., laborer, bds 31 Congress 
Harrison John, laborer, h 76 Washington 
Harrison Peter C, laborer, h'168 Bridge 
HARROVER M. J. MISS, principal Georgetown 

Female Seminary, 118 Washington, h do 

Harry John, h Congress n Road 

Hartly Edwin D. (Ilartly &Bro.), com merchant, 

99 Water, h 74 1st 
Hartley & Bro., com merchants, 99 Water 
Haskins Ralph, h 87 Montgomery 
Hastings Joseph A., grocer, Congress, h 18 Poto- 
Hawkins Jane (col'd), wid Ignatius, h 51 Fred- 
Hawkins Wilson, laborer, h 28 Dunbarton 
Hazel William C, Metropolitan hotel, 168 Beall 
Heard Enoch, saddler, h 153 Dunbarton 
Heard John F., boots and shoes, 44 Market sp 
Heard William, saddler, h 119 2d 
Hebern John (col'd), laborer, h 49 4th 
Hechtel John, blacksmith, Greene n Water, h do 
Hedgman John G., clerk Treas Dept, h 70 Mkt 
Hein Samuel C, paymaster Coast Survey, h 32 1st 
Henderson Catharine, varieties, 132 High, h do 
Henderson Jane, wid Thos., h 132 High 
Herbert Casper, laborer, h 104 High 
Herlehy Michael, liquors, 31 High, h do 
Hermann Powell, cigar maker, h Potomac n 

Heron William T., h 3d c Fayette 
Hicks William (col'd), carman, h 77 Beall 
Hiess A., butcher, 25 and 27 Georgetown mkt 
Hieston Jacob C, clerk, h 136 High 
Hill George, jr., paper warehouse, h 160 Bridge 
Hillary Walter H., carpenter, h 65 4th 
Hilleary John, restaurant, 42 Market sp, h do 
Hilton Elizabeth, wid Thomas, h 23 Jefferson 
Hilton John T., laborer, h r 84 Water 
Hiss John, laborer, h 62 7th 
Hixon Mary, wid William, h Canal n Jefferson 
Hoats John, tanner, bds 106 High 
Hodgkin Samuel P., currier, h 41 Frederick 
Hodgkin William H., stairbuilder, h41 Frederick 
Hodisker Sarah (col'd), wid Joseph, h Frederick 

n 7th 
Hoffman William D., h 84 Dunbarton 
Hohstein Leonard, tanner, h 107 2d 
Holden John, express driver, h Warehouse al n 

Hollingsworth J. McHenry, inspector cargoes C 

& canal, h 49 1st 
Holt George W., laborer, h 360 High 
Holt Oscilla, wid R., h 43 Montgomery 
Holtzman Harrison, carpenter, h 18 Market 
Holtzman John T. S., clerk, h 18 Market 
Homiller Charles, butcher, h 415 High 
Homiller Jacob, butcher, 7 Georgetown market, h 

411 High 
Hood Frederick, laborer, h 32 Congress 
Hopkins Isaac, clerk, bds Congress n West 
Hopkins John S., brickmaker, h Congress n West 
Horigan Dennis, watchman, h east end West 
Hoshal Jesse, currier, bds Montgomery house 
Howard James, boatman, h 119 2d 
Howard Samuel, shoemaker, 52 High, h Cherry 

n High 
Howell Emily, h 30 Bridge 
Howell Samuel H., h 39 Gay 
Howell Thomas B., stagedriver, h 5 Bridge 
Howes Horace H. B., miller, h 63 4th 
Hoyle William L., clerk, 53 High, h at Washing- 
Hughes Elijah, labor, h 46 Bridge 
Hughes Ellis, physician, bds 125 West 
Hughes Ezekiel, editor Potomac Advocate and 

Herald, office r 10 Prospect, h 125 West 
Hunt Benjamin, miller, h 101 Bridge 
Hunt John, skiudresser, h 70 High 
Hunt Martha, dressmaker, 101 Bridge, h do 
Hunt Susan, wid Joseph, h 11 Jefferson 
Hunter Harriet, wid George, h -IS Jefferson 



Hunter Jane, wid John, h 43 Prospect 
Hunter Jane, wid William, h Cherry n High 
Hunter T., chief clerk Auditor's Office, bds Union 

Hunter Thomas, boots and shoes, 159 Bridge 
Hunter "Walter, law student, h 70 1st 
Hunter William, chief clerk State Dept, h 70 1st 
Hunter William (col'd), laborer, h 2 Market 
Hurdle Henry M., grocer, High, h 152 do 
Hurdle James, bricklayer, h 159 High 
Hurdle Noble, bricklayer, h 176 High 
Hurdle Washington R., dry goods, 92 High, h 

159 do 
Hurlebaus Frederick baker, h 121 High 
Hurlebaus Gottlieb, baker, Montgomery c Beall 
Hurley John, bricklayer, h 55 Montgomery 
Hurley Peter I. (O'Donnoghue & Hurley) , queens- 
ware, 30 Market space, h do 
Hutchins Elias, laborer, h 134 Water 
Hutchins James, laborer, h 134 Water 
Hutchins William A., bricklayer, h 13 Jefferson 
Hyde Anthony, attorney at Washington, h 122 

Hyde William S. (Hyde & Davidson), com mer- 
chant, 59 Water, h 122 Washington 
HYDE & DAVIDSON (Wm. S. Hyde and John 
B. Davidson), com merchants and agents Phil 
packets, 57 and 59 Water 

Jackson Alfred (col'd), laborer, h 54 4th 
Jackson Daniel B. (col'd), barber, 96 Bridge 
Jackson Rebecca, dressmaker, h 98 West 
Jackson Richard, boatman, h 72 Frederick 
JACKSON RICHARD P., lawyer, 155 Bridge 
Jackson Samuel, miller, h 11 High 
Jackson Thomas, h 76 High 
| Jackson William, blacksmith, h 98 West 
Jamieson Frank (col'd), laborer, h Canal n Jef- 
Jarvis Robert B., h 140 Bridge 
Jarvis Sarah E. Mrs., fancy goods. 140 Bridge 
Jenkins Peter (col'd), laborer, h 19 4th 
Jenkins Samuel (col'd), laborer, h 24 2d 
Jenkins Sansom, laborer, h 74 Frederick 
Jett William H., cooper, bds 64 Water 
Jewell Ann, schoolteacher, h 32 Prospect 
Jewell James G., physician, h 77 Bridge 
Jewell John M., clerk, h 77 Bridge 
Jewell Thomas, clerk, h 32 Prospect 
Johnson Benjamin (col*d), carman, h Warren n 

Johnson Henrietta (col'd), h 22 2d 
Johnson Henry, carpenter, h Bridge n Aqueduct 
Johnson Henry (col'd), quarryman, h 47 Beall I 
Johnson Jane (col'd), wid James, h 138 Wash-: 

Johnson John (col'd), h 358 High 
Johnson John C, clerk, h 24 Prospect 
Johnson John C, grocer, 97 Water, h 24 Prospect 
Johnson Lucinda (col'd), h 49 West 
Johnson Margaret (col'd), wid Robert, h 7 3d 
Johnson Richard N. (col'd), laborer, h North n 

Johnson Robert (col'd), hackman, h 20 Montgo- 
Johnson Robert G., shoemaker, 80 High, h do 
Johnson Samuel (col'd), laborer, h 80 Frederick 
Johnson Sarah (col'd), h 204 High 
Johnson Susan, wid John H., h 24 Prospect 
Johnson Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 6 2d 
Johnson William, marble-dealer, h 67 Jefferson 
Johnson William, rigger, h Stoddard n Washing- 
Johnson William, stonecutter, h 67 Bridge 

Jones A. Jackson, clerk, bds 138 High 
Jones Charles, cooper, h Cherry n High 
Jones Francis A., grocer, 49 Montgomery, h do 
JONES FREDERICK W., lawyer, 164 Bridge, h 

Union hotel 
Jones Henry, cooper, h 7 High 
Jones James W., laborer, h 148 High 
Jones Jane A., wid James G., h 46 2d 
Jones L. (col'd), laborer, h 185 High 
Jones Richard, carriage-maker, 30 High, h 40 do 
Jones S., capt USA, bds Union hotel 
Jones Sarah M., wid Levin, h 138 High 
Jones Thomas S., huckster, h 179 High 
Jones William, bds 67 Jefferson 
Jordan Henson (col'd), laborer, h Cherry alley n 

Jordan M. Col., clerk, 2d Auditor's Office, bds 

Union hotel 

Kane Julia A., seamstress, h 38 2d 

Kaiser John, plasterer, h 20 3d 

Kaufman Aaron (A. & J. Kaufman), boots and 

shoes), 109 Bridge, h at Washington 
Kaufman Joseph (A. & J. Kaufman), boots and 

shoes, 109 Bridge 
Kaufman A. & J. (Aaron and Joseph Kaufman), 

boots and shoes, 109 Bridge 
Kaufmann Emanuel, clothing, 134 Bridge ; and, 

fancy goods, 102 High, h do 
Kayser John C., gun and locksmith, 57 Congress 
Kearney James Col., Patent Office, h 108 Prospect 
Keenan James, laborer, h 206 Fayette 
Kellenberger Charlotte, h 120 Prospect 
Kellenberger Mary, h 120 Prospect 
Keller Frederick H., tinsmith, 32 market space, 

h 110 Gay 
Kemp John, laborer, h 118 Gay 
Kemp William, miller, h 82 Market 
Kengla H., butcher, 3 and 5 Georgetown mkt 
Kengla J., butcher, 26 and 28 Gtn mkt 
Kenry Henry, butcher, h 407 High 
Kent Moses (col'd), laborer, h 11 7th 
Kessler B., carman, h 72 Dunbarton 
Kessler John, butcher, 24 Gtn mkt, h 7 West 
Ketchen Jesse W., constable, h 69 Market 
Keuchel Anthony (Wagner <fc Keuchel), watch- 
maker, 164 Bridge, h 103 3d 
Kickham William, gardener h 68 2d 
KID WELL JOHN L., druggist, 65 High, h 

Prospect c Frederick 
Kilmartin Barney, blacksmith, h 168 Bridge 
King A. (col'd), laborer, h 106 Water 
King Albertus, painter, h 16 Dunbarton 
King Alonzo, painter, h 26 Dunbarton 
King Ellen J., wid John H., h 28 3d 
King Henry, secretary Potomac Ins Co, 51 High, 

h 48 3d 
King John, miller, h 247 Bridge 
King John H., nurseryman, h 78 Frederick 
King Richard A., plough manufacturer, 110 High, 

h 24 Dunbarton 
King Sarah E., children's school, h 103 1st 
King William (Dickson, Gordon & Co.), wood 
and coal, 4 Water ; and cabinetmaker, 14 
Congress, h 18 do 
King William, moulder, h Bridge n Aqueduct 
King W. Albert, agent, 35 High, h 60 Frederick 
Kirkland William, sup't Gtn foundry, h 31 Pros- 
Kleindienst Joseph, machinist, h 245 Bridge 
Kleinschmidt F., varieties, 115 Bridge, h do 
Knight Johu A., carpenter, h 100 High 
Knott George, miller, bds 17 Jefferson 
Knott William, miller, h Bridge n Aqueduct 



Knowles Hamilton, plasterer, h 129 Washington 
Knowles Thomas (A. F. Offutt & Co.), drygoods 

and groceries, 163 Bridge, h 14 3d 
Knowles William, jr., carpenter, 75 Washington, 

h 123 do 
Knowles William, shipcarpenter, h 35 Greene 
Koonts Joseph, butcher, h 18 Prospect 
Kraft George, tobacconist, 149 Bridge, h do 
Krey Charles, tailor, 70 High, h do 
Kropfhizer John C, shoemaker, 143 Bridge, h do 
Krouse Ann, wid John, grocer, 45 4th, h do 
Krouse Catharine, wid Edward, h 12 Market 
Krouse Edwin, bricklayer, h 92 Frederick 
Kughn Andrew, cooper, h 28 Congress 
Kuhns Sylvester, butcher west mkt. h 84 Market 
Kuntz Sarah, wid William, h 354 High 
Kurtz William H., lime, at Washington, h 109 


Laird William, clerk of corporation, 131 Bridge, 

h Bridge c Congress 
Laird William, jr., cashier Farm and Mech Bank, 

h Bridge c Congress 
Lambie John, h 154 High 
Lane John, huckster, h 10 2d 
Lang Ellen R., Georgetown hotel, 129 Bridge 
Lang John, h 129 Bridge 

Langford Washington (col'd), porter, h 30 Monroe 
Larman John, machinist and wood and coal, Po 

tomac n Water, h 7 Market space 
Lauck Isaac S., physician, 40 Potomac, h do 
Lazenby Francis M., clerk, bds 120 Bridge 
Lazenby Thomas A., queensware, 124 Bridge, h 

120 do 
Lazenby Thomas J., clerk, bds 120 Bridge 
Leary James, laborer, h r 17 Congress 
Leavy Lawrence, schoolteacher, h 124 2d 
Lee Alfred (col'd), grain and feed, 41 Bridge, h 

43 do 
Lee Ellen, wid Wm, h 42 2d 
Lee James (col'd), laborer, h 99 Greene 
Lee John (col'd), soapmaker, h 20 Beall 
Lee Nancy (col'd), wid Theodoric, h 50 6th 
Lee Plater (col'd), soapmaker, h 24 Beall 
Leishear Francis, h 40 Gay 
Leishear William M., clerk, h 17 3d 
Leishear William W., huckster, h 11 2d 
Lemon Cater (col'd), laborer, h 27 West 
Lemon Charles (col'd), waiter, h North n West 
Lewis Henry, packet agent, h 88 West 
Lewis Joseph, carpenter, h Frederick n 2d 
Lewis Josephine Mrs., grocer, 12 Bridge, h do 
Lewis Wm. Mrs. (col'd), flour andfeed, 24 Bridge 
Libbey John E., clerk, h 46 1st 
Libbey Joseph (J. Libbey & Son), lumber-dealer, 

27 Water, h 46 1st 
Libbey Joseph, jr. (J. Libbey & Son), lumber- 
dealer, 27 Water, h 46 1st 
LIBBEY J. & SON (Joseph and Joseph, jr.), lum- 
ber-dealers, 27 Water 
Liles James (col'd), laborer, h 104 Greene 
Linn Saml. D., Montgomery house, 126 High 
Linthicum Ann, wid Oth o, h 72 Market 
Linthicum Edward M. (E. M. Linthicum & Co.), 

hardware, High c Bridge, h Road n Congress 
Linthicum E. M. & Co. (Edward M. Linthicum, 
Charles A. Buckey & John Marbury, jr.), 
hardware, High c Bridge 
Linton J. A., lawyer, bds Union hotel 
Lipscomb Edwin A., grocer, 113 High, h do 
Lipscomb Geo. B. grocer, Montgomery c Dunbar - 

ton, h 58 Dunbarton 
Lipscomb Jesse, h 113 nigh 
Litchfield Iliram T., grocer, 64 Dunbarton 

Littlejohn Charles L., stage- starter, h 151 Dun- 
Littlemore Richard (col'd), h 39 Jefferson 
Long Jeremiah, laborer, h 102 Water 
Love Mary, wid William, h 40 Fayette 
Lownds Francis clerk Treas Dept, h 116 Prospect 
Lowry George, commission merchant, 28 Water, 

h at Washington 
Lucas Eliza, wid Wm., h Cherry alley n Canal 
Ludeke Joseph, lock and gunsmith, 168 Bridge, 

h 10 Market 
LueberF. A., clerk Coast Survey, bds Union hotel 
Lueber Helen, wid Francis, bds 1st c Potomac 
Lukei Andrew, blacksmith, Beall n High, h 196 

Lumsdon John W., clerk, bds 31 Gay 
Lumsdon William 0., physician, 31 Gay, h do 
Lydon James, huckster, h 71 Frederick 
Lyles D. B., clerk, bds Union hotel 
Lynch James, laborer, h 3d n Frederick 
Lynch Truman (col'd), sexton, h 120 Beall 
Lyons Evan, miller, 55 Water, h at Mill Seat 
Lyons John W., miller, bds at Mill Seat 
Lyons Thomas, laborer, h 88 2d 

McCann Daniel, miller, h 50 Jefferson 
McCann Edward, laborer, h Cherry al n Water 
McCarthy Dennis, laborer, h 118 2d 
McCobb John W. (McCobb & Dodge), commission 

merchant, 63 Water, h Bridge 
McCOBB & DODGE (John W. McCobb & Henry 
H. Dodge), commission merchants and agents 
for N Y packets, 63 Water 
McCoy Hazard (col'd), laborer, h 37 Jefferson 
McCraith Richard, grocer, Market c 3d, h do 
McDaniel George, horsetrainer, hill Washington 
McDaniel George, shoemaker, h 72 Warren 
McDaniel John, carpenter, h 187 Washington 
McDaniel John H., carpenter, 81 Greene, h 

Washington n West 
McDaniel Mary, wid Emanuel, h 66 Fayette 
McDaniel Mary E., dressmaker, h 187 Washing- 
McDonald Eveline E., milliner, 71 Bridge, h do 
McElderry John P., clerk Navy Dept, h 59 1st 
McGarvey Thomas, laborer, h Market c 6th 
McGinney Henry, laborer, h Frederick n Water 
McGlinn Michael, laborer, h 2 Market 
McGormick Edward, h 30 Jefferson 
McGowan Mary, wid Michael, h 27 Frederick 
McGraw Benjamin, moulder, h 105 2d 
McGuirk Bernard, laborer, h 44 Jefferson 
McHenry James, engineer, bds 33 High 
Mclntyre Andrew, laborer, h 120 Gay 
Mclntyre Patrick, laborer, h 50 2d 
McKelvia Eliza, grocery, 56 Bridge, h do 
McKenna Mary, wid John, h 18 2d 
McKenney John S., cashier Patriotic Bank, bds 

124 Dunbarton 
McKinley William, bricklayer, h 63 Fayette 
McLaughlin Daniel, laborer, h Prospect n High 
McLeod Matthew, clerk 4th Auditor's Office, h 

82 Fayette 
McMakin Henry, segar-maker, bds 7 High 
McNally Michael, boarding-house, Water n Fre- 
McNear William W., policeman, h 56 Dunbarton 
McNeir Louisa, wid Augustus, h 3d n Market 
MePherson Robert L., restaurant, 27 Marker sp 
McQuillan Edward, cabinetmaker, h 67 llip.h 
McQuillan John J., undertaker, 67 High, h do 
Mackall Louis, h 150 Greene 
Maekall Louis jr., physician, 110 Bridge, h 43 



Mackee Charles B. Rev., school, 161 West, h 48 

Mackie James S., clerk Depts, h West c Mont- 
Macomb Ann E., wid Samuel G., h 67 Washington 
Macomb Cecelia (col'd), h 33 4th 
Maddox Milton, shoemaker, h 75 Bridge 
Macldox Susan, wid, h 75 Bridge 
Magee William C, tailor, 103 Bridge, h Prospect 
Magruder H., physician, 44 3d, h do 
Magruder James A., commission-merchant, 61 

Water, h 100 West 
Magruder J. A. Mrs., h 111 West 
Magruder Nathaniel, tanner, h 35 Fayette 
Magruder P. W., h 44 3d 
Maher Patrick, laborer, h 102 2d 
Mahoney Emeline N., wid James, h 162 West 
Mahony Johanna, wid Thomas, h Cherry alley n 

Mahony Warren (col'd), laborer, h 30 4th 
Major Henry, clerk P Dept, h 181 Washing- 
Manguya James, tailor, h 88 Frederick 
Mankin Elizabeth, h 135 Bridge 
Mankin John, collector, h 142 Dunbarton 
Mankins Edward, fisherman, h 60 Fayette 
Mankins. George W., huckster, h 169 Bridge 
Mankins S. W.. huckster, Georgetown mkt 
Mankius William, fisherman, h 64 Fayette 
Mann Thomas T. Dr., h 115 Prospect 
Mannakee William, carpenter, h 41 Beall 
Manning Ignatius, carpenter, h 72 Warren 
Marbury Alexander S., clerk, h 215 Bridge 
Marbury John jr. (E. M. Linthicum & Co.), 

hardware, High c Bridge, h 53 1st 
Marbury John, lawyer and president Potomac 

Ins Co, 51 High, h 215 Bridge 
Marbury J. Carter, lawyer, 51 High, h 215 

Marcey Caleb L., shoemaker, h Market n 4th 
Marll Joseph W., tinware, 68 High 
Marshall Anna (col'd), wid Benjamin, h 20 West 
Mason Cynthia (col'd), wid Joseph, h 30 Dun- 
Mason David, tobacconist, 86 Bridge, h 75 do 
Mason Thomas (col'd), laborer, h North n Beall 
Maston William, shipcarpenter, h 32 Bridge 
Matine Thomas O., painter, h 138 Water 
Matingly Ann, wid Lewis, h 143 High 
Matney Lewis, laborer, h 38 Water 
Matney William, laborer, h 36 Water 
Matthews Albert E., bds 95 West 
Matthews Charles, barber, 60 Bridge, h at Wash- 
Matthews Charles M., lawyer, 55 Congress, bds 95 

Matthews Henry C, collector of customs, h 95 

Matthews Sarah (col'd), h Poplar n Monroe 
Matthews William S., bds 95 West 
Mattingly Reuben, laborer, h 16 Prospect 
May Ann E., wid Thomas, h 126 2d 
May John, cartman, h 147 Dunbarton 
May John, clerk, h 126 2d 
May John M., cabinetmaker, 69 High,jh do 
May Peter, confectioner, 134 Bridge, h do 
May Philip, baker and confectioner, 72 High 
Mayfield Benjamin R. (Mayfield & Brown), dry 

goods, 121 Bridge, bds 60 High 
Mayfield & Brown (Benjamin R. Mayfield and 

Stephen T. Brown), dry goods, 121 Bridge 
Medenstow Frederick, laborer, h 204 Fayette 
Meem Elizabeth C, wid James, h 19 3d 
Meem Henry C, carpenter, bds 111 Greene 
Meem John, carpenter, 183 Bridge, h 111 Greene 
Meem John S., carpenter, bds 111 Greene 

' Meem John T. (Barrett & Meem), carpenter, 14 
Prospect, h 111 Greene 
Mehagan John, tallow-chandler, h 41 Prospect 
Memmert Charles, tin and sheet-iron worker, 95 

Bridge, h do 
Meredith Richard L., carpenter, 108 High, h 160 

Merrell Charles H., contractor, h 16 Potomac 
Middleton Susanna (col'd), wid"Charles, h Stod- 
dard n Congress 
Milbourn Charles W. (F. T. Milbourn & Bro.), 

grocer, 91 High, h do 
Milbourn Fayette T. (F. T. Milbourn & Bro.), 

grocer, 91 High and 103 High, h do 
Milbourn F. T. & Bro. (Charles AV. Milbourn), 

grocers, 91 High 
Miles James, h 91 Fayette 

Miller George (col'd), laborer, h North n West 
Miller Hezekiah, clerk Patent Office, h 87 Gay 
Miller James, collector, h 99 Market 
Miller Washington, physician, bds 87 Gay 
Minger Henrietta, fancy goods, 56 High, h do 
Minger Valentine, cooper, h 56 High 
Mitchell James jr., tel'gh operator, h 14 Bridge 
Mitchell James, steamboat captain, h 14 Bridge 
Mitchell Judson, h 23 1st 

Mix Charles C, clerk Patent Office, h 164 High 
Moland Paul H., laborer, h Cherry al n Water 
Mooney John, grocer, Market c 4th, h do 
Moor James R., hatter, h 22 Congress 
Moore Daniel T. (D. T. Moore & Co.), omni- 
buses, office 77 High, h at Washington 
Moore James, shoemaker, bcls 80 High 
Moore John Capt., h 36 Jefferson 
Moore Joseph P., agent Quarter Master's Dept, h 

153 West 
Moore Thomas, clerk, h 94 Fayette 
Moore William F., lumber, h 72 Frederick 
Moore D. T. & Co. (Daniel T. Moore, James 
Cooper, and James Vansciver), omnibus line, 
office 77 High 
Moran Alice, grocer, 28 Bridge, h do 
Morgan James, fisherman, bds 15 Jefferson 
Morris Henry J., packer, h Bridge n Aqueduct 
Morris Sophia (col'd), h 99 Greene 
Morrell James S., ass't judge Circuit Court, h 137 

Morton Lawrence M., clerk War Dept, h 117 

Mountz Edmund B., h 47 Montgomery 
Mountz Joseph W., tinsmith, bds 157 West 
Mountz Lewis J., tinsmith, High, h 157 West 
Mountz William H., printer, bds 157 West 
Moxley Benjamin F., tobacconist, 66 Bridge, h 

57 do 
Moxley William, blacksmith, h 223 Bridge 
Muncaster Otho Z., h 160 Washington 
Munger Gilbert D., engraver, h Road c High 
Murdock William C, h 7th n Fayette 
Murphy John, laborer, h Cherry al n Water 
Murphy John (Rapley & Murphy), carriage build- 
er, 30 Prospect, h 19 Prospect 
Murray Albert (col'd), cooper, h 26 5th 
Murray James, painter, 141 Bridge, h 158 High 
Myers C, dry goods, 130 Bridge, h 33 2d 
Myers Charles (C. Myers & Son), wood and coal, 

41 Water, h 19 1st 
Myers Columbus C, carpenter, h 71 1st 
Myers Edward, dry goods, Bridge, h 33 2d 
Myers Elizabeth M., h 136 Dunbarton 
Myers John W. (C. Meyers & Son), wood and 

coal, 41 Water, h 140 Dunbarton 
Myers C. & Son (Charles and John W. Myers), 
wood and coal, 41 Water 



Neale Lewis (col'd), laborer, la 28 5th 

Neale Thomas (col'd), laborer, h 32 4th 

Neide Jacob, laborer, h 192 High 

Neill Julia (col'd), washerwoman, h 59 "West 

Neill Sarah A., wid George, 53 Jefferson 

Nelson Henry S., painter, h. 76 Washington 

Neuberger Aaron (Rohr & Neuberger), clothing, 

boots, and shoes, 144 Bridge, h 144 High 
Newman John, policeman, h 128 Frederick 
Newman Tbomas A., boots and shoes, 113 Bridge, 

h 7 Bank 
Newton Francis (col'd), laborer, h 41 Fayette 
Newton Susan, wid Henry T., h 108 Water 
Nichols Burr P. (Nichols & Wilkison), grocer, 

57 High, h do . . 
Nichols Thomas, tanner, h 205 Fayette 
Nichols Virginia, h Stoddard n Congress 
Nichols W. A., maj USA, bds Union hotel 
Nichols & Wilkison (Burr P. Nichols & Lewis L. 

Wilkison), grocers, 57 High 
Nicholson John, porter, h 59 Market 
Nicholson Jos., machinist & blacksmith, 257 

Bridge, h do 
Nicholson William H., laborer, h 11 Jefferson 
Nixon Richard, watchmaker, 47 Bridge, h do 
Nodamansky A., soapmaker, h r 57 Congress 
Nokes William, laborer, bds 37 Greene 
Noonan Daniel, stonemason, h 67 Dunbarton 
Norman James (col'd), carman, h Frederick n 7th 
Norman John (col'd), laborer, h 68 Beall 
North J. B., clerk Treas Dept, bds Union hotel 
Norwood William Rev., h 115 West 
Nowlan Louisa, wid Thos., h 56 Jefferson 
Noyes Henry, boots and shoes, bds 85 West 
Noyes Leon, machinist, bds 83 Bridge 
Noyes William, boots and shoes, h 85 West 

O'Brien John, laborer, bds 59 Bridge 
O'Brien William, h 169 High 
O'Connor Michael, laborer, h Lingan n 1st 
Odell Lewis W. (Smith & Odell), carpenter, Fre- 
derick c 2d, h 73 Washington 
O'Donnoghue James, soap and candles, 1st c Lin- 
gan, h 99 1st 
O'Donnoghue John, h 19 Lingan 
O'Donnoghue Joseph, laborer, h r 17 Congress 
O'Donnoghue Patrick, soapmaker, h 121 2d 
O'Donnoghue Peter, jr., tallow-chandler, h 107 

O'Donnoghue Peter (O'Donnoghue & Hurley), 

queensware, 30 Market sp, h do 
O'Donnoghue Peter, soapmaker, h 121 2d 
O'Donnoghue & Hurley (Peter O'Donnoghue & 

Peter I. Hurley), queensware, 30 Market sp 
O'Donoughue Ellen, wid John, grocer, 160 Fa- 
yette, h do 
Oakes Michael, stagedriver, bds 106 High 
Offley Catharine B., wid John H., h 57 1st 
Offley John R., h 57 1st 

Oflfutt A. F. & Co. (Thos. Knowles & Samuel 
Cropley), drygoods and groceries, 163 and 165 
Ofifutt A. Fisher (A. F. Offutt & Co.), drygoods 

and groceries, 163 Bridge, h 55 1st 
Offutt Cornelius A., painter, 23 Potomac, h 73 

Offutt Edward T., painter, 77 Market, h do 
Olfutt Ilildery L., grocer, 49 High, h 167 West 
Oflfutt James E. F., h 64 2d 
Oflfutt William M., painter, h 100 2d 
Oflfutt Zachariah M., painter, h 64 2d 
Ogle Benjamin R., painter, h 69 1st 
Ogle Columbus F., painter, h 2d n Market 
Ogle Mary, wid Horatio, h 89 Market 

Ogle Rezin, painter, h 87 Market 
O'Leary Daniel, laborer, h r West n High 
Oliver William, packet-agent, h 20 Potomac 
O'NEAL WILLIAM C, tel operator, 35 High, 

h 60 Frederick 
O'Neale Hillary, huckster, h 45 7th 
O'Neil Ann, wid Timothy, h 88 Fayette 
O'Reiley Elizabeth, wid Henry, h 89 3d 
ORME GEORGE W., grocer, 89 Bridge, h 44 

Orme H. (col'd), laborer, h 55 West 
Orme Thomas, h 63 High 
Osborn George W., machinist, h 50 Greene 
Osborn Margaret A., wid Wm. M., h 141 Beall 
0' Toole John & Co., butchers, 14 Georgetown mkt, 

h 71 Frederick 
Ott John W., h 137 High 
OULD ROBERT, attorney, h 72 1st 
Owens James L., clerk, h 29 Prospect 
Owens Paul H., miller, bds 126 High 
Oyster David W., grocer, 79 High, h do 

Palmer Margaret, wid Albert, h 27 3d 
Palmer Samuel C, clerk, h Market n Prospect 
Parker Ann (col'd), washerwoman, h 132 High 
Parker Philip (col'd), laborer, h 31 4th 
Parker Rosanna B. (col'd), h 99 Washington 
Parker Sophia (col'd), washerwoman, h 26 Mont- 
Parsons William, boots and shoes, 87 High, h do 
Pasco Frederick, baker, 16 Jefferson, h do 
Patterson Edgar, clerk Treas Dept, h 110 West 
Paul Alexander, marketman, h 86 2d 
Paul John G., cabinetmaker, h 16 2d 
Paul Susanna, wid Nicholas, h 39 Frederick 
Paul William H., clerk, h 86 2d 
Paxton John S., butter-dealer, h 59 Montgomery 
Payne Charles H., huckster, h 81 1st 
Payne Henry, laborer, h Fayette n 8th 
Payne James H., butter-dealer, Georgetown mkt, 

h 127 Washington 
Payne John, coachmaker, h 56 Bridge 
Payne John T., shoemaker, 133 High, h do 
Payne Lewis, boots and shoes, 77 Bridge, h Dun- 
Payne Thomas, shoemaker, 132 Washington, h do 
Pearce Edward, clerk Treas Dept, h 119 Prospect 
Pearce Gideon, clerk Treas Dept, h 119 Prospect 
Peacher John, confectioner, Market space n 

Bridge, h do 
Pearce John W., h 119 Prospect 
Peck Clement A., inspector cargoes C and 0, 

Canal west end Water, h 175 Bridge 
Pendleton William A., lawyer, City, h Congress 

n Stoddard 
Perkins Charles A., clerk, h 14 2d 
Peter Matthias, tanner, bds 106 High 
Peters Elizabeth (col'd), wid Jefferson, h 34 Mon- 
Peters Robert (col'd), miller, h North n Beall 
Peters William, sea captain, h 18 Gay 
Pettis William, huckster, Georgetown mkt, h 5 

Pettit Edmund, shoemaker, 40 Jefferson, h 34 do 
Pettit John R., clerk, h 43 2d 
Pettit Perry M., clerk, h 43 2d 
Pettit Richard, h 43 2d 
Pettit William, stone quarry, h 43 2d 
Phillips Charles F. M., h 23 Montgomery 
Philpott Leonard, shoemaker, Market, h 27 Lin- 
Pickrell Adolphus II. (E. Piokrell & Co.), lumber, 

53 Water, h 46 3d 
Pickrell Ann, wid John, h 22 1st 



Pickrell Esau (E. Pickrell & Co.), lumber, 53 

Water, h 58 2d 
PICKRELL E. & CO. (Esau & Adolphus H. Pick- 
rell), lumber, lime, and cement, 51 and 53 
Poe George, h Bridge n Market 
Polly Jobn, cabinetmaker, h 20 Jefferson 
Pomeroy Walter B., policeman, h 97 High 
Pooer Francis, -wheelwright, 98 High, h Frederick 

r Town road 
Pooer Frederick, coachpainter, h 22 West 
Pope Alfred (col'd), laborer, h 78 Montgomery 
Popkins Henry W., bricklayer, h 13 1st 
Popkins John, stonemason, h 3 1st 
Potter John, segar-maker, h 9 Potomac 
Potter Levi, blacksmith, h 168 Bridge 
Powell Mary, h Stoddard n Washington 
Prather Albert, miller, bds 83 Bridge 
Prather Mary Ann. wid Henry, h east end West 
Price James W., stagedriver, h 64 Greene 
Probey Arthur A., carpenter, 3d c Frederick, h 

9 Bank 
Probey John T., tailor, h 9 Bank 
Prunell Benjamin (col'd), butcher, h 20 west 
Pryor Martha (col'd), confectioner, 41 4th, h do 

Queen Elizabeth (col'd), wid John W., h 20 Po- 
Queen Wm. (col'd), laborer, h 10 Beall 

Rackaway Henry, tobacconist, 117 High, h do 
Pagan James, laborer, h r 17 Congress 
Rainey Samuel, clerk War Dept, h 17 1st 
Ramsburg Jacob (Ramsburg & Ebert), glove 

manufactory, 105 High 
Ramsburg Valerius E., skindresser, bds 105 High 
Ramsburg & Ebert ((Jacob Ramsburg & William 

Ebert), glovemakers, 105 High 
Randolph Charles, clerk, 170 Water, bds 89 

Rapley William (Rapley & Murphy), carriage- 
builder, 30 Prospect and 18 West, h 18 West 
Rapley & Murphy (William Rapley and John 

Murphy), carriage-builder^, 30 Prospect 
Kay Albert (A. Ross Ray & Bro.), miller, 118 

Water, h at Washington 
Ray Alexander, office Ray's coal dock, h G north, 

Ray A. Ross & Bro. (Albert Ray), millers, 118 

Water, h at Washington 
Raymond James T., clerk Treas Dept, h 172 

Ready Thomas, blacksmith, 1st c Frederick, h 

Reaver Henry, justice of the peace, High, h 

15 2d 
Reaver Henry O., clerk, h 15 2d 
Redden William, cooper, bds 7 High 
Redin William E., lawyer, h 76 Gay 
Reed E. D., coacbmaker, bds 36 Jefferson 
Reed John J., shoemaker, bds 89 High 
Reed Joshua, boatman, h Cherry al n Canal 
Reed Samuel (col'd), laborer, h 42 Dunbarton 
Reedy Thomas, blacksmith, 1st and Frederick, h 

152 Fayette 
Regan Jeremiah, laborer, h 81 3d 
Reily James A. (Reily & Bro.), harness-maker, 

84 High, h 42 Market 
Reily John J., tailor, h 159 West 
Reily John M. (Reily & Bro.), harness-maker, 

84 High 

Reily & Bro. (James A. & John M. Reily). har- 
ness-makers, 84 High 
Reintzel William H., painter, h Market n High 
Remick Timothy, hatter, 126 Bridge, h do 
Remington William, h 76 Market 
Reynolds John, cooper, Cherry n Market space, 

h Market space 
Reynolds Joseph, cooper, Water n Market, h 3 

Reynolds Margaret, wid Enos, h west end Water 
Rhinehart Adam, baker, h 34 Market space 
Rhodes George, stockdealer, h 179 Bridge 
Rice Mary J., wid James S., h 124 2d 
Ridgely William G., chief clerk Navy Dept, h 

76 1st 
Ridgeway Ellen & Mary Misses, h 145 Bridge 
Ridgeway James, cooper, h 39 1st 
Ridgeway James H., cooper, 8 High 
Riffell Jacob, carpenter, h 301 High 
Riley Joshua, physician, 91 Gay, h do 
Riley Mary, wid John, h Frederick n 7th 
Rind Samuel S., clerk Treas Dept, h 33 Gay 
; Rind William A., jr., clerk Treas Dept, bds 33 
| Gay 
I Ritchie Joshua A., physician, h 137 High 

Ritle Andre, tobacconist, Potomac n Water, h do 
j Rittenhouse Benjamin F., clerk Treas Dept, h 

118 Bridge 
! Rittenhouse CharlesE., h Stoddard n Montgomery 
| Ritter Horatio G. (W. H. & H. G. Ritter), grocer, 
Market n the Canal, h 4 Potomac 
Ritter William H. (W. H. & H. G. Ritter), grocer, 

Market n the Canal, h 4 Potomac 
Ritter W. H. & H. G., grocers, Market n the 

Rittue Andrew J., shoemaker, h r 23 6th 
Robert Benjamin S., Col U S A, h 8th n Frederick 
Roberts Julia (col'd), washerwoman, h 24 Mont- 
Robertson James, butcher, 22 Georgetown mkt, 

h 60 Prospect 
Robertson James, livery-stable, 1st n Market 
Robertson W. H., huckster, Georgetown mkt 
Robinson Charles, bds 47 Jefferson 
I Robinson David, grocer, 74 Bridge, bds 47 

i Robinson Edward W., h 8th n Frederick 
; Robinson Frances H. P., wid William, h 8th n 

Robinson Henry, clerk War Dept, h 8th n Frede- 
I Robinson James, laborer, h 9 Jefferson 
j Robinson Jefferson, laborer, h 194 High 
Robinson John, laborer, h 160 Frederick 
| Robinson John W., laborer, h 160 Frederick 
Robinson Joseph, laborer, h 28 4th 
j Robinson Margaret, wid James, h 208 Fayette 
Robinson Randolph, huckster, h 9 Potomac 
Robinson Samuel A., law student, h 8th n Fred- 
Robinson William, h 47 Jefferson 
Robinson William (Robinson & Evans), provi- 
sions, 111 High, h do 
Robinson William T., cooper, h 53 Montgomery 
Robinson & Evans (William Robinson & Thomas 

Evans), provisions, 111 High 
Rodes Henry (col'd), huckster, h 29 West 
RODIER C. ANTHONY, White House hotel and 

billiard saloon, 33 High 
RODIER CHAS. HENRY, paper-hanger, 106 

Bridge, h do 
Rodier James, tailor, h 16 Market 
Rohr Elias (Rohr & Neuberger), clothing, boots 

and shoes, 144 Bridge, h Dunbarton 
Rohr & Neuberger (Elias Rohr and Aaron Neu- 
berger), clothing, boots and shoes, 144 Bridge 



Rohrer Wm. H., clerk, h 45 Montgomery 

Roles Daniel, laborer, h 55 Frederick 

Rollings Robert, marketman, h 32 2d 

Rose Daniel, carpenter, b 25 Olive 

Ross Benjamin (col'd), laborer, b 50 4tb 

Ross Charles, b 77 1st 

Ross Jobn A., carpenter, h 71 2d 

Rotb Julius, baker, 62 Dunbarton 

Rounds Frank (col'd), laborer, b 12 Greene 

Rowlett Jobn J., b 121 Gay 

Rubsam Valentine, varieties, 42 Bridge, b do 

Ruppel Gotlieb, b 37 Market sp 

Ruppel Jobn, ostler, b Potomac n Water 

Ruppel Joseph, skindresser, h 70 High 

Ruppel Michael, restaurant, 37 Mkt sp, h do 

Rushton Stephen (col'd), laborer, h 185 High 

Ryan Michael, h Fayette n 8th 

Rye Ann, wid Wm. P. H., 21 Montgomery 

Saintjohn John, tailor, h r 11 Jefferson 
Sandner Lewis S., barber, 69 Bridge 
Schall Seth, bricklayer, h 100 Greene 
Schloser George, shoemaker, 150 High, h do 
Schloss Jacob A., clothing, 81 Bridge, bds do 
Schloss Nathan A., drygoods, 105 Bridge, h do 
Schloss S. A., drygoods, 166 Bridge, h do 
Schott Arthur, civil engineer, h 191 Fayette 
Schultz Christian, cooper, h 42 Gay 
Seior Anna, wid Otto, h 57 Montgomery 
Scott Alfred B., Col, h Road c High 
Scott Douglass, Capt British Army, bds Union 

Scott John, grocer, 30 "Water, h do 
Sebastian Caleb B., butter-dealer, 63 Congress 
Seldner Lewis (F. A. Seldner & Co.), clothing, 

146 Bridge 
Seldner F. A. & Co. (Lewis Seldner), clothing, 

146 Bridge, h Baltimore 
Seuel Louis (col'd), laborer, h 32 Dunbarton 
Sewall Bennett, laborer, h 113 2d 
Seyes William H., provisions, 68 Bridge, h do 
SEYMOUR WM. F., hats, caps, and ladies' fancy 

furs, 132 Bridge, h do 
Shaaff Mary, wid John, h 26 1st 
Shackelford John L., huckster, h 176 Bridge 
Shanks William E., broker, 104 Bridge, h 83 

Shaw John, tailor, bds 83 Bridge 
Shaw Mary E., wid William P., h Prospect n 

Shea Philip, laborer, h Frederick n 7th 
Shea Richard, miller, h 70 Frederick 
Sheele Andrew F., butcher, h 378 High 
Sheele Augustus D., butcher, h 394 High 
Shekell Columbus F., h 151 High 
Shekell Edward L., bricklayer, bds 151 High 
Shekell Eugene A., bricklayer, h 151 High 
Shekell Richard A., produce-dealer, 92 High, h 

189 do 
Shekell Richard R., bricklayer, h 151 High 
Shelton James H. (col'd), porter, h 7 3d 
Shelton Thomas (col'd), waiter, h Warren n 3d 
Sherman Charles K., clerk Treas Dept, h 24 Dun- 
barton r 
Sherman Stephen II., supt B Mining Co, h at 

Sherwood E., huckster, Georgetown market 
Sherwood Edward, shoemaker, High, h 23 3d 
Sherwood George L., shoemaker, h 110 Market 
Sherwood Henry, huckster, h 42 L High 
Sherwood James E., shoemaker, 150 High, bds 

3d n Market 
Sherwood John T., shoemaker, h 171 High 
Sherwood Samuel, laborer, h 197 High 

Sherwood Temple H., grocer, 342 High, h High 
Shinn R. A. (Amy & Shinn), bottlers, 57 Greene 

h 60 do 
Shirley Wm. H., clerk, h 139 Beall 
Shnake Charles C, cooper, h 85 1st 
Shoemaker Charles, clerk, h 52 Water 
Shoemaker David L., h 155 West 
Shoemaker Edward, bds 141 West 
Shoemaker Edward J., carpenter, 17 Potomac, h 

Shoemaker Francis D., miller, bds 141 West 
Shoemaker George, flour inspector, 7 High, h 141 

Shoemaker George, jr. (Beall & Shoemaker), flour 

and com merchants, 101 Water, h 141 West 
Shoemaker George, laborer, h Cherry n High 
Shoemaker Jacob, laborer, h 11 Potomac 
Shoemaker Mary, wid David, h High n 6th 
Shoemaker William, carpenter, h Cherry n High 
Shoemaker William L., physician, bds 141 West 
Shryner Lawrence, shoemaker, h Frederick n 7th 
Shyers Charles (col'd), h 6th n Market 
Siegel Henry, clothing and boots, 184 Bridge, h 

8 Potomac 
Siegel Sarah, wid Joseph, h 8 Potomac 
Sigerson Christopher, h 36 4th 
Silence John, master sweep, h 18 Dunbarton 
Silence Walter, painter, h 40 Dunbarton 
Silence William H., plasterer, h 81 Market 
Simmons Robert, fisherman, h 134 Water 
Simmons William, fisherman, h Frederick n 

Simms John W., carpenter, h 86 Market 
Simms Joseph L. (W. H. and J. L. Simms), 

planing mill, ft Washington, h 166 West 
Simms William H. (W. H. and J. L. Simms), 

planing mill, ft Washington, h 43 Frederick 
Simms W. H. & J. L. (William II. and Joseph 

L. Simms), planing mill, ft Washington 
Simpson Alexander, portrait-painter, h 59 Con- 
Sims Henry (col'd), laborer, h 22 Monroe 
Sims Nancy (col'd), washerwoman, h North n 

Sis Elizabeth, wid John, h 82 Frederick 
my, 89 Fayette 
Sisters of Visitation Convent, Fayette c 4th 
Skanks Peter (col'd), steward, h North n west 
Slemmer Charles, clerk, h 58 1st 
Slemmer William, clerk City P 0, h 67 1st 
Small John H., florist, 8th n Fayette, h do 
Smallwood Joseph (col'd), waiter, h 60 Dunbar- 
Smallwood William (col'd), laborer, h 32 4th 
Smart Samuel, boatman, h 73 Bridge 
Smith Andrew, fisherman, h 108 Water 
Smith Bayard (col'd), laborer, h 57 West 
Smith Benjamin, clerk City Dept, h 106 West 
Smith Clem. C. Mrs., h 36 1st 
Smith Elias, boarding, h 161 Bridge 
Smith George W., cooper, h 9 High 
Smith Hillary M. (Smith & Odell), carpenter, 

Frederick c 2d, h Frederick n 6th 
Smith John, tobacconist, 28 Market sp, h do 
Smith John (col'd), waiter, bds 57 West 
Smith J. Johnson, clerk Interior Dept, h 114 

Smith Lewis (col'd), laborer, h 124 Beall 
Smith Silas, laborer, h 98 Water 
Smith William (col'd), laborer, h 47 West 
Smith ct Odell (Hillary M. Smith and Lewis W. 

Odell), carpenters, Frederick o 2d 
Smoot John II. (Smoot & Burroughs), drygoods, 

119 Bridge, h 41 1st 
Smoot Walter, wood, h 72 Prospect 




Smoot & Burroughs (John H. Smoot and J. 

Richard Burroughs), dry goods, 119 Bridge 
Snow W. R., bds Union hotel 
SNYDER JOHN M., physician, Gay c Congress 
Sothoron George M. (G. M. and J. W. Sothoron), 

druggist, 1S6 Bridge 
Sothoron John W. (G. M. and J. W. Sothoron), 

druggist, 186 Bridge, h Market 
Sothoron G. M. & J. W. (George M. & John W. 

Sothoron), druggists, 186 Bridge 
Southworth D. E. N. Mrs., authoress, 5 Lingan 
Sparo Thomas T., boots and shoes, 63 Bridge 
Spaulding Enoch, carpenter, bds 83 High 
Spauldiug Mary, wid Electus, confectioner, 83 

High, h do 
Speiden Robert, purser IT S N, h 69 Washington 
Spillnian James H., bottler, h 67 Greene 
Spilman John, laborer, h 117 2d 
Stahl Jacob, cigar-maker, h 118 2d 
Stahl Thomas, laborer, h 133 High 
Stake John, quarrier, h 54 Bridge 
Stanton Rosanna, wid Thomas, china ware, 33 

Congress, h do 
Staton David, cooper, h 94 Water 
Staub Jacob, late miller, h 83 Market 
Staub Jacob P., miller, h 83 Market 
Steele John A., shoemaker, h 76 Frederick 
Sterling William H., coachtrimmer, h 90 Mont- 
Steuart Helen L., h 45 1st 
Stevens Samuel S., shoemaker, h Cherry alley n 

Stewart Ann M. (col'd), h 158 Beall 
Stewart Edney (col'd), wid John, h 202 High 
Stewart James E., clerk Pension Office, 115 Gay 
Stokes Daniel (col'd), laborer, h North n West 
Stone A. M. Mrs., h 47 1st 
Stone George, laborer, h 108 Water 
Stone John, druggist, 119 High, h do 
Stone Julia, h Frederick n 2d 
Story Robert, laborer, h 174 High 
Strasburger Henry, ragdealer, 40 Market sp 
Strasburger Isaac, h 8 Congress 
STRIBLING CORNELIUS, grocer, High c Wa- 
ter, h 44 Gay 
Strider Thos., mer at Washington, h 121 Wash- 
Strother Margaret, wid Frederick, h 104 Water 
Stroud George W., grocer, 61 Bridge, h do 
Stroud Mary, wid James, h 94 Bridge 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h r 17 Congress 
Sullivan Edward, cooper, bds 7 High 
Sullivan James, segar-maker, h 3 3 d 
Sullivan John, laborer, h 117 2d 
Sullivan Patrick, grocer, Market n 5th, h do 
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 20 5th 
Sullivan Ross, segar-maker, h 55 High 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h 152 Fayette 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h 117 2d 
Sweeny Henry M., flour, 77 Water, h 44 1st 
Sweet Parker H., clerk Land Office, h 30 Gay 
Swindell John A., miller, h 63 4th 

Taner Thomas, currier, bds 130 High 
Tayloe Emma Miss, h Gay c Congress 
Taylor Anna E., wid Vincent J., h 229 Bridge 
Taylor Charles (col'd), laborer, h 53 Frederick 
Taylor Margaret, wid Vincent, h 112 Prospect 
Taylor Riley (col'd), laborer, h Fayette n 2d 
Taylor Walter H. S., clerk Treas Dept, h 162 

Tenney Jane (col'd), h 38 Dunbarton 
Tenney William H., grocer, 125 Bridge, h 117 do 
Tenny Caroline, school, 91 Beall, h do 

Tenny Rebecca N., school, 91 Beall, h do 
Thecker Henry, h 32 Greene 
Thecker James, fisherman, h Cherry n Market sp 
Thecker James A., fisherman, h Cherry n Mar- 
ket sp 
Thecker Wm. H., restaurant, 8 Market, h do 
Thoma William, butcher, 19 Georgetown mkt, h 

at Washington 
Thomas Columbus, carpenter, h 15 6th 
Thomas Henry (col'd), laborer, h 75 1st 
Thomas Henry C. (Thomas & Bro.), brick manf., 

Cherry n Market sp, h 128 West 
Thomas James, cooper, bds 20 Jefferson 
Thomas Jenkin, harness-maker, 64 High, h Gay 

n Congress 
Thomas John, cooper, h 20 Jefferson 
Thomas Laura A. (col'd), wid George, washerwo- 
man, h 40 2d 
Thomas Lorenzo (Boyce, Thomas & Dodge), mil- 
ler, 170 Water, h 128 West 
Thomas Lorenzo jr. (Thomas & Bro.), brick 

manuf., Cherry n Market sp, h 128 West 
Thomas Mary A., bookstore, 85 High, h do 
Thomas Peter (col'd), shoemaker, h 164 West 
Thomas William, bookbinder, bds 85 High 
Thomas William B., policeman, h High n 7th 
Thomas William E., cooper, h 34 Congress 
THOMAS & BRO. (Henry C. & Lorenzo Thomas 
jr., brick manufs, and agents for Roulz paints, 
Cherry n Market sp 
Thompson James H. (col'd), blacksmith, h 96 

Thompson James W., h 202 Fayette 
Thompson John W. (Thompson & Bro.), plumb- 
er and gasfitter, 74 High, h at Washington 
Thompson Priscilla, h Cherry al n Water 
Thompson William, carpenter, h Olive n Mont- 
Thompson William (Thompson & Bro.), plumber 

and gasfitter, 74 High, h at Washington 
Thompson & Bro. (John W. & William Thomp- 
son), plumbers and gasfitters, 74 High 
Thomson George, clerk War Dept, h 42 1st 
Thorn Amanda, wid Joseph O., h 91 Market 
Thorn Anna W., milliner, 133 Bridge, h do 
Thorn Lloyd, bricklayer, h 67 Greene 
Thorn William G. B., laborer, h 180 High 
Thruston Thomas W., law student, h 53 2d 
Tilley Andrew J., clerk, bds Congress n Stod- 
Tilley Henry W., postmaster, h Congress n Stod- 
Tillinghast Nicholas P. Rev., h 82 High 
Tilman Ignatius (col'd), gardener, h 25 6th 
Tippett Edward D., machinist, bds 61 Bridge 
Titlow Benjamin F., huckster, h 10 2d 
Tobin Patrick, laborer, h 91 Washington 
Tracy John T., tanner, h 218 Fayette 
Tracy William, carpenter, h 83 Gay 
Trexler Peter, cooper, h Cherry n High 
Trunnel Charles H., agent, h 81 Frederick 
Trunnel John H., grocer, 58 3d, h do 
Trunnel Joseph F. L., carpenter, h 81 Frederick 
Trunnel Richard H., policeman, h 79 Frederick 
Trunnell David, carpenter, h 80 1st 
Turner Ann (col'd), washerwoman, h 52 6th 
Turvy Leonard, huckster, h 19 Market sp 
Tyler Grafton, physician, 72 Gay, h 135 Wash- 

Upperman Charles A., grocer, 112 High, h 192 do 
Upperman George, grocer, 67 Bridge, bds Bridge 



Vanderwerken Gilbert, omnibus line, h 70 Bridge 
Vanneman James, tobacconist, 65 Greene, h do 
Van Sciver Charles, mariner, bds 37 Greene 
Vansciver James (D. T. Moore & Co.), omnibus 

office, 77 High, h at Washington 
Van Sciver William, fisherman, h 124 Water 
Van Sciver William, mariner, h 37 Greene 
Varnell Geo. W., restaurant 31 Market sp, h do 
Veighan John, laborer, h 39 Bridge 
Veitch James H., cooper, h 124 Water 
Vigle William (col'd), laborer, h Beall n Greene 
Vincent John, bricklayer, h 65 4th 
Virth Henry, baker, h 157 Bridge 
Volk Peter, laborer, h 197 Fayette 
Volkening Frederick, shoemaker, 124 Water 
Von Essen John P., restaurant and billiards, 

Congress on Canal, h do 
VON ESSEN PETER, hotel and livery stable, 38 

Congress, h do 

Waddey Benjamin F., hatter, h 5 1st 
Wagner Henry C. (Wagner & Keuchel), watch- 
maker, 164 Bridge, h 103 3d 
Wagner John, cooper, bds 7 High 
Wagner John, skindresser, h 7 4th 
Wagner & Keuchel (Henry C. Wagner & Anthony 

Keuchel), watchmakers, 164 Bridge 
Walker Henry B., carpenter, h 17 Montgomery 
Walker James, laborer, h 201 Fayette 
Walker Joseph T., carpenter, bds 17 Montgomery 
Walker Nancy, wid Wm., h 14 Potomac 
Walker Richard, liquors, 190 Bridge, h do 
Wall William R., shoemaker, h 11 3d 
Wallace James, huckster, h 149 High 
WALLACE JAMES, tobacconist 59 High, h do 
Wallace Thomas K., clerk Treas Dept, h 79 

Walling Charles E., coachdriver, h Cherry n High 
Walling David, coachdriver, h Cherry n High 
Walling David, stagedriver, h 32 Congress 
Walton Ellen, h Frederick, n 2d 
Ward William, stagedriver, h 66 Greene 
Wardle James, h 52 Bridge 
Warfield Alexander S. D., livery stable, Bridge 

cor market, h 110 2d 
Warfield R. Dorsey,. livery stable, Beall, h 110 2d 
Warner Henry S., shoemaker, h 60 Lingan 
Warner Mary Ann, wid Judson 0., 83 Bridge 
Warren Ellen (col'd), h Poplar n Montgomery 
Warren Tobias (col'd), laborer, h 73 Beall 
Warring Elizabeth Mrs., h 70 Congress 
Washington Geo. C. Mrs., h 68 Dunbarton 
Waters Gasimer (col'd), carman, h 39 Olive 
WATERS GEORGE, flour and commission mer- 
chant, 28 High, h 37 Market 
Waters John, h 190 High 
Waters John, clerk, h 37 Market 
Waters John H., h 13 3d 
Waters Joseph G. (J. G. Waters & Co.), flour and 

com merchant 109 Water, h 9 1st 
Waters J. G. & Co. (James H. Besant), flour and 

commission merchants, 109 Water 
Waters Thomas, 115 High, h 182 do 
Watkins George S., clerk Navy Dept, h 67 2d 
Watkins Robert H., h 46 3d 
Watson James A., watchmaker, 59 Bridge, h do 
Waugh John S., broker, 88 Bridge, h 55 do 
Waugh Rachel, wid Albert P., h 55 Bridge 
Waugh William A., clerk Treas Dept, bds 55 

Weaver Henry, butcher, h 377 High 
Weaver Joseph, butcher, 18 and 20 Georgetown 

mkt, h 350 High 
Weaver Michael, h 352 High 

Weaver Thomas, butcher, h 352 High 
Webb John S., cooper, h 22 Jefferson 
Weberpals Peter, cooper, h 17 Jefferson 
Webster Charlotte (col'd), washerwoman, h 43 

Webster William, miller, h 14 Jefferson 
Webster William W., upholsterer, h 96 West 
Welch Andrew, laborer, h 19 4th 
Welch Charles D. (Welch & Wilson), tailor, 116 

Bridge, h 74 Dunbarton 
Welch & Wilson (Charles D. Welch and John H. 

Wilson), tailors, 116 Bridge 
Weldon Edward (col'd), porter, h 138 Frederick 
Wells Benjamin F., steamboat-captain, h 122 Gay 
Welsh Lewis, clerk City P O, h 154 Bridge 
Welsh Peter, laborer, h Warehouse al n Bridge 
Welsh Robert, porter, h Warehouse al n Bridge 
Welsh Timothy, laborer, h 102 Water 
Welsh Winifred, wid John, h 96 Water 
Wesley Elizabeth (col'd), h Canal n Jefferson 
Westerman Rachel, wid Andrew, h 17 Jefferson 
Wetzel John W., butter-dealer, Centre and Navy 

Yard markets, h 74 Market 
Whalen Henry, huckster, h 46 6th 
Whalen James H., tanner, bds 83 Gay 
Whalen Thomas, laborer, h 3d n High 
Whalen William, plumber, h 168 Bridge 
Wharton Augustus (col'd), laborer, h 34 4th 
Wheatley Chas. W., clerk, 37 Water, bds 98 Gay 
Wheatley Francis, jr., clerk, 37 Water, bds 98 

WHEATLEY FRANCIS, lumber-dealer, 37 Wa- 
ter, h 98 Gay 
WHEATLEY WILLIAM H., dyer and scourer, 

49 Jefferson, h do 
Wheeler Daniel (col.), cartman, h Poplar n Mont- 
Wheeler Joseph, laborer, h 168 Bridge 
Wheeler Robert (col'd), laborer, h 19 2d 
Wheeler William (col'd), laborer, h 21 West 
Whelan Martha, wid John, grocer, 7th c Frede- 
Whelan Martin, painter, h 12 Potomac 
Whelan William, tanner, h 203 Fayette 
White John (col'd) , h 293 High 
White Robert, grocer, 167 Bridge, h Bridge cor 

White Robert B., shoemaker, h 19 Montgomery 
Wiebirt Stephen B., clerk, h 66 Market 
Wilkison Lewis L. (Nichols & Wilkison), grocer, 

57 High, h 175 Bridge 
Willett Marinus, h 170 High 
Williams Boclisco, medical student, bds 49 Road 
Williams Colin (col'd), laborer, h 51 Beall 
Williams E., liquors, bds Union hotel 
Williams Harriet (col'd), h 34 2d 
Williams James, carpenter, h 101 Washington 
Williams Jeremiah Mrs., h 106 Dunbarton 
Williams John, fisherman, bds 26 Congress 
Williams John H. (col'd), carpenter, h 8 West 
Williams John M., h 60 High 
Williams Mortimer L., coal and wood, Market 

space and 1st n Frederick, h 25 1st 
Williams Nathaniel, col'd), laborer, h 10 West 
Williams Robert, paver, h 6th n Market 
Williams William, fisherman, h 26 Congress 
Williams William, shoemaker, 94 Bridge, h at 

Williams William H., butter-dealer, Georgetown 

market, h 90 Frederick 
Williams William II., shoemaker, 133 Beall, h do 
Wills George, shoemaker, bds 71 Gay 
Wilson*Charles, miller. Water, h 741st 
Wilson David Rev., h 61 Congress 
Wilson James C, clerk Engineer Dept, h 40 1st 
Wilson Jane (col'd), h North n West 



Wilson John, barber, 63 High, h 64 do 
WILSON JOHN, butcher, 23 Georgetown mkt, 

h 369 High 
Wilson John H. (Welch & Wilson), tailor, 116 

Bridge, h 42 Prospect 
Wilson Joseph H., carpenter, h 26 Dunbarton 
Wilson Mary (col'd), washerwoman, h 46 4th 
Wilson Robert (col'd), cartman, h 144 High 
Winder John H., shoemaker, h 87 Greene 
Wingate Henry, carpenter, 72 Congress, h 147 

Winken John F., tobacconist, 100 Bridge, h do 
Winship William W., engraver, h 63 Montgomery 
Winters William (col'd), laborer, h 68 Fayette 
Wise Charles J., boatman, h 40 4th 
Wise William H., carpenter, h 366 High 
Wisinger George, guard Penitentiary, h 144 Beall 
Wollard Ann Mrs., milliner, 91 Bridge, h do 
Wolz Conrad, laborer, h 121 West 
Wood John, huckster, h 19 Market space 
Woodard Charles J., cabinetmaker, h 55 Congress 
Woodard Thomas (col.), feed-dealer, 35 Jefferson 
Woodland Joseph (col'd), gardener, h 4 West 
Woody Edward, butcher, 17 Georgetown market, 

h at Washington 

Wright Elizabeth R. Mrs., h 109 West 

Wright Hiram, livery stable, 86 Washington, h do 

Yager Frederick, cooper, bds 59 Bridge 
Yager Mary A., h 86 Bridge 
Yarnall Mordecai, professor, h 113 West 
Yates Zachariah, grocer, 24 West, h do 
Yeabower Christopher, butcher, h 390 High 
Yerby Adonis L., merchant at Washington, h 106 

Young Amos, commission merchant, Water n 

Frederick, h. in country 
Young Betsie (col'd), washerwoman, h 29 4th 
Young Jacob, clerk, h 43 Montgomery 
Young James H. (col'd), laborer, h 43 7th 
Young Wilford, h 114 2d 
Young William, glovemaker, h 9 Jefferson 
Young William (col'd), blacksmith, h 45 West 

Zeiler Konrad, tailor, h 147 Dunbarton 
Zells Jacob, laborer, h 21 Jefferson 

3". "w. ^ja-si-p^rjaLOXjO, 


And Agent for the Collection of Claims. 

Ofiicej No, 388 9th St, between I and New York Avenue, 

WAltf mown CITY, ©♦ €* 

Deeds and other Instruments of Writing carefully prepared. Accounts and Claims 
promptly attended to. Merchants' Books adjusted and posted. 

Having had much experience in the keeping of books for Merchants, Railroad and Canal 
Companies, J. W. B. flatters himself that he is fully competent to adjust accounts and 
arrange books, no matter how intricate and complicated. 




The stock includes a choice selection of standard and other works, American and English 
Stationery (the latter of extra fine qualities, not usually kept), and every article connected 
with the trade. In addition, there is a 


at the rear of the Store, containing a varied collection of Oil Paintings, Sculpture, Water- 
color Drawings, Photographs, Chromo-Lithographs, and Engravings, the inspection of which 

is respectfully invited. 


Agents for Lawrence's celebrated Foreign Stationery, &c, 

333 Penn. Av,, bet. 9th and 10th Sts. 


S. E. cor. Seventh and F Sts., 
Opposite Patent Office. 


N. E. cor. Fourth and Vine Sts., 
Opposite Post Office. 

Constant personal attention given in TJ, S. Patent Office to all Pension business. 

Refer (by permission) to Hon. John McLean, U. S. Supreme Court; Prof. Joseph Henry, 
Smithsonian Institution; Hon. Samuel Ingham, Ex-Governor of Conn., Commissioner of Customs; 
Messrs. Gales and Seaton, Washington, D. C. ; Hon. J. H. B. Latkobe, Baltimore, Md. 


Washington, D. C, and Cincinnati, Ohio. 



Agents, Book. 

Carter James, books, 499 7th west 

Agents, Claim. 
Addison D. D., 187 K north 
Bowen & Her rick, 7th west c F north 
Burgess Richard, 211 F north 
Gallaher J. S., 2 Todd's building 
Hassler F. E., 280 B north 
Lloyd & Co., 7th west c E north 
Mechlin A. H, 268 H north 
Peugh S. A., 7th .west c E north 
Quantrill A. B., 270 Vt av 
TrueL. B., 350 18th west 
Williams P., 292 Penn av 

Agents, General. 
Bigelow J., 7th west c E north 
Clute H. D., 253 Virginia av 
Corbett V. P., over Bank of Washington 
De Selding C, 507 7th west 
Donoho William, 360 Mass av 
Fenwick Robert W., 464 7th west 
Lucas Josiah M., 228 H north 
Martin William, 151 B south 
Maxcy George, 193 D north 
McKenney & Lansdale, 520 7th west 
Palmer Aaron H., 227 Penn av 
Pattison E. C, 55 La av 
Pattison R. H., 55 La av 
Rowe Stephen, 7th west n Penn av 
Stabler George, 7th west c F north 
Steuart James E., 345 12th west 
Stock J. G., 463 8th west 
Troth Jacob M., 93 La av 

Tucker & Lloyd, 474 7th west 

Williams J. A., 359 5th west 

Bogue J. J., 38 Market space Georgetown 

King W. A., 35 High 

Thomas & Bro., Cherry n Market sp " 

Price, Birch & Co., 283 Duke ' Alexandria 

Agents, Insurance. 

(See also Insurance Companies.) 
Hanson T. M., 520 7th west 
Hunt A., 51 A north 
Lewis J. K., 492 7th west 
Lewis Joseph C, 492 7th west 
Myerle D., 2 Todd's building 
Ogden M. L., 456 15th west 
Riggles J., 538 7th west 
Webb P., 520 7th west 
Wilson C.j 544 7th west 

Jamieson Andrew, 35 N Water Alexandria 

Rogers James S., 4 South Wharves " 

Wattles C. W., 97 King 

Agents, Packet. 
Hyde & Davidson, 59 Water Georgetown 

McCobb & Dodge, 63 Water ' «« 

Agents, Patent. 
Arnold A., 441 6th west 
Baldwin Win. D., 7th west o E north 
Beardsley & Harvey, 492 7th west 
Breed D., F north c 7th west 
Brown John S., 450 7th west 
Clayton T. G., 405 F north 
Dennis J., jr., 371 F north 
Elliot & Patten, Sth west c F north 




Gale L. D., 471 E north 
Gallaher John S., jr., 375 F north 
Gregory A., 7th west c E north 
Gridley J. H., 7th west e F north 
Hanttay Peter, 476 7th west 
Knisht Brothers, 7th west c F north 
Leski W. T., 476 7th west 
Merrill J. H., 540 7th west 
Munn & Co., 464 7th west 
Page C. G., 474 7th west 
Radcliffe M. V. B., 499 7th west 
ScholfieldJ., 467 8th west 
Smith C. De Witt, 499 7th west 
Smith F. Southard, 435 F north 
Smith W. Morris, 485 H north 
Stansbury C. F., 7th west c F north 
Stoughton Augustus B., 452 7th west 

Agents, Pension. 

Baghy Robert B., 387 9th west 
Van Buskirk A., 297 1st west 

Agents, Railroad. 

Evans J. A., 376 Penn av 
White C. 0., 376 Penn av 

Agents, Real Estate. 

Fletcher A. W., 430 F north 
Fox & Yanhook, 490^ 7th west 
Gilbert H. N., 548 Penn av 
Myerle D., 2 Todd's building 
Parker S., 490^ Mass av 
Pribram S., 4th west c I north 
Towles James, 490 H north 
Young & Niles, 480 Penn av 

Agricultural Implements. 

Bartholow J. P., 558 7th west 

Johnson R. M. & Co., 9th west n B north 

Simpson E. F., 519 7th west 

Busey & Barnard, 146 Bridge Georgetown 

King R. A., 110 High 

Addison, Wallace & Co., King n Union 

May William H., Cameron n Royal " 

Meade & Marye, 25 King " 

Ambrotypes, Photographs, &c. 

Brady's Gallery, 352 Penn av 

Harding, J. A. T., 405 7th west 

McCarty A., 448 Penn av 

McClees & Beck, 308 Penn av 

Paige B. P., 356 Penn av 

Phipps M. E. Mrs., 516 7th west 

Redmond A. C, 12 Market space 

Sands R., 16 Market space 

Slagle John, 441 7th west 

Tobias J., 426 Penn av 

Turner & Co., 480 Penn av 

Whitehurst's, 434 Penn av 

Woodley K. C, 288 J Penn av 

Bell J. W., 110 Bridge Georgetown 

Bicksler, T. J., High c Bridge 

Bennett N. S., 69 King Alexandria 

Haas D., King n Royal " 

Wolff Henry, Royal n King " 

Amusement, places of. 

Alexandria Museum, Market bdg Alexandria 

Alexandria Theatre, J. T. Price, prop, King c 

R-oyal Alexandria 


Anderson Charles F., 456 11th west 
Clark Edward, 442 7th west 
Friedrich, E. S., 312 D north 
Harkness John C, 330 N Y av 
Haskins C Ebbitt house 
Hutton Wm. R., 322 Penn av 
Merrill J. H., 540 7th west 
O'Connor L., 236 I north 
Starkweather N. G., 512 7th west 
West Walter, 13th west n I north 


Guilder Joseph, 562 13th west 

Artist's Materials. 

Whittlesey C. S., 534 7th west 


Crown C. R. L. & Co., 357 Penn av 

Green A., 526 7th west 

Marshall William, 464 7th west 

McGuire J. C. & Co., D north c 10th west 

Samstag S., 512 7th west 

Wall & Barnard, 317 Penn av 

Buckey M. V., 114 Bridge Georgetown 

Dowling Thomas. 174 Bridge " 

BEACH &ATWILL, 12 North Royal Alexandria 

Creighton John T., 88 King " 

McCormick T. M., Cameron n Royal " 


Banf Ulrich, 292 2d west 

Bauer G., 334 Centre mkt 

Beck Ernst, 773 N J av 

Behrens F., 194 6th west 

Bredekamp Hermann, 130 4£ west 

Briel C, Centre mkt 

Buehler John. 116 D south 

Cepler John G., 199 4| west 

Crowg George, 3d east n I north 

Ewald Jno., 83 Northern mkt 

Frasier James, 277 F north and 87 Northern mkt 

Freedenberger M., 99 Northern mkt 

Freeman J., 580 N north 

Freeman J., jr., 82 Northern mkt 

Freudenberger Michael, 600 C north 

Gibson James, 228 7th west 

Gockeler G. J., 172 5th west 

Gockeler Charles G., 494 Mel av 

Gray C. (col ; d), E south n 4£ west 

Hager C, 348 18th west 

Hanline J., 335 Centre market 

Hartman George, 617 8th east 

Havenner T., 438 C north 

Heck J. J., 612 L north 

Heinzerling George, Va av c 7th east 

Horning G. D., F north n 2d west 

Hughes George W., 224 7th west 

Kahlert G., 613 7th west 

Kaiser H., 161 6th west 

Kaiser H. H., 451 10th west 

Keiser John, 288 9th west 

Keyser H., 97 Northern market 

Kottman Henry, 553 11th east 

Krafft George S., Penn av c 18th west 

Leach William, l£ west n south 

Leonberger John, 74 F south 

McKelden &Co.. 496 7th west 

Noerr & Sons, 355 E north 

Ostermayer Bernard, 289 F north and 149 Centre 

Pauly Antone, 78 C south 
Prinkert Conrad, 250 7th west 



Prosise B., 348 D north 

Pi osise Logan, -441 7th west and 81 Northern mkt 

Schneider John, 330 Mass av 

Seitz O-eorge, 361 N Y av, and 265 Centre and 
102 I\ trthern markets 

Sitz John, 329 5th west 

Smith G-eorge W., 425 6th west 

Stolp Frederick, 579 6th west 

Straining John, 11th west n Md avand 90 North- 
ern market 

Thomas John, N south c 4£ west 

Thour Adam D., 498 14th west and 88 Northern 

Tolson John F., 228 E south 

Trusheim Eberhart, .407 Va av 

Wagner C, 86 E Capitol 

Wagner John, 241 F south 

Wagner J. C, 99 E Capitol 

Wald John E., 558 8th west 

Waltz J., 242 4th west 

Wasner J. C, 103 Centre market 

Weber H., 306 18th west 

Wencel Adam, 196 4J west 

Wunderlich John, 619 7th east 

Artes Daniel, 15 Potomac 

Edmonston R. A., 134 High 

G-ieseking F. W., 50 Bridge 

Hurlebaus Gottleib, Montgomery c Beall " 

May P., 75 High 

Pasco F., 16 Jefferson " 

Roth J., 62 Dunbarton " 

Baggett A., 293 King Alexandria 

Folmar Mary, 211 King " 

Germann Michael, 142 King " 

JAMIE SON A. & CO., biscuit, 35 N Water " 

Simpson James H., 8 South Fairfax " 

Simpson William G., 251 King " 

Vogelgesang Philip, 46 Wolfe " 

Wolf William, 266 King 


Johnson Lewis & Co., 292 Penn av 

Biggs & Co., Penn av c 15th west 

Smithson William T., 544 7th west 

Suter, Lea & Co., 517 7th west 

Sweeny, Bittenhouse, Fant & Co., 352 Penn av 

Webb J. W., 432 Penn av 

Fearson J. N., 23 Congress Georgetown 


Bank of Metropolis, 450 15th west 

Bank of the District of Columbia, 7th west c La 

Bank of Washington, 7th west c C north 
Patriotic Bank of Washington, 515 7th west 
Bank of Commerce, Bridge Georgetown 

Farmers' & Mechanics', Bridge c Congress " 
Branch of the Exchange of Virginia, Water 

c Prince Alexandria 

Branch of the Farmers' of Virginia, Prince 

n Royal " 

OLD DOMINION, Prince c Water " 

Basket Makers. 
Fender II. & F., 573 north 
King J., Q north c 6th west 
Miller J., 54 Penn av 


Aiken Prudence & Matilda, 320 C north 

Billiard Saloons. 

Burch C. J., 476 14th west 
Ellicott J. P., 468 13th west 

La Truitte A., 497 6th west 

Levy & Miller, 430 Penn av 

Marr & Fisher, 11th west c Penn av 

Rodier C. A., 33 High Georgetown 

Birds (dealer in). 
Barber J., 391 Penn av 

Bird and Beast Stuffers. 

Drexler C, 662 N north 
Winkler M., 210 G north 


Anderson Charles C, Md av n 7th west 

Baeschlin F., 2d west n B north 

Bell M., 1st west c Md av 

Berger Henry, 14th west c R I av 

Boggess T. L., 10th west n C south 

Boswell & Bro., ft 7th west 

Boyland Michael, 4| west c Md av 

Brown A., D north n 8th west 

Clark C. C, Md av n 14th east 

Corcoran J., 62 Penn av 

Duvall J., 454 G north 

Elkins S., 2d west c B north 

Gantner J., 603 Penn av 

Giddings R. , Mass av n 7th west 

Goagelin Frederick, 7th west c Mass av 

Humphreys Hezekiah (col'd), N south c S Cap 

Hunter M., N Y av c L north 

Jackson Andrew, 326 C north 

Johnston Robert, 4£ west c M south 

Joyce & Lenman, 22 Ohio av 

Knapp & Hay, 344 Va av 

Kraft Philip, 245 7th west 

McGrath T., A south n S Capitol 

Martin J. W., 611 11th west 

Muntz J., K north n 21st west 

Murphey T. W , 460 G north 

Myers Daniel,- 22d west n Penn av 

Neil & Long, 340 C north 

Obernstein C, 375 B north 

Parkhill Robert, 366 Va av 

Pope Matthew, 426 K south 

Random Benjamin, 169 I north 

Rapley William, 18th west n G north 

Ptodgers William M., 11th west c C north 

Sauter John Q., K north n 10th west 

Sindkin C, Md av c 3d east 

Snyder Nicholas, B north c 11th west 

Stoddard John H. , 264 F south 

Timms J. F., 463 N Y av 

Uffelmann L., 250 19th west 

Volk Frederick, 238 La av 

Weyrich Joseph, 207 7th west 

Wilson Thomas, 498 6th west 

Adams Thomas J., 56 Water Georgetown 

Baker Arthur D., Water c Market " 

Balinger & Son, 9 Congress " 

Chamberlain W., 98 High " 

Garrett Mortimer, 196 Bridge " 

Gray H. (col'd), 31 Montgomery '• 

Green & Cornell (col'd), 25 Congress " 

Hechtel J., Greene n Water " 

Lukei A., Beall n High " 

Nicholson Joseph, 257 Bridge " 

Ready Thomas, 1st c Frederick 

Allen William W., 65 South Union AlexnmlriA 

Atkinson James W., Commerce c Payne 

Cowling John, 13th n Pitt 

Davis Peter, Royal c Queen " 

Douglass George P. (ool*d), Patrick n 

King M 

Dyer John W., 61 Union 



Germond & Harris, 59 South Union 
Kell Isaac, Water n King 


Adams Mary, 337 Penn av 
Anderson Eliza A., 459 D north 
Beguin Joseph, 425 13th west 
Bowie Mary R., 453 7th west 
Bridge M. R. Mrs., 603 H north 
Briscoe Ann, 150 Penn av 
Brown Mary E., 416 H north 
Brvant E., 303 G north 
Carpenter M. H., 68 E Capitol 
Carter M. A., 4 A north 
Casazza John, 215 7th west 
Clements Elizabeth, 187 F north 
Creishton John, 549 10th west 
Davis E., 357 E north 
Durand C, C. 474 15th west 
Dwver Ellen C, 428 1st east 
Etc'hisonE., 567 I north 
Evans S., 208 2d west 
Farquhar Louisa, 458 12th west 
Fentress Harriet, 505 7th west 
Fitzgerald Margaret, 474 Penn av 
Fitzpatrick Eliza, 604 8th east 
Forbes A. M., 554 Penn av 
FordE.. 160 F north 
Frere Richard A., 502 Penn av 
Goldsmith M., 383 2d west 
Gwynn E., 486 E north 
Handy Helen, 421 11th west 
Harrison E. 0. Mrs., 377 Penn av 
Higgins Lucretia, 437 8th west 
Hilton Jos. P., 273 F north 
Holmead E., 4§ west c Penn av 
Hunter Sibyl, 581 8th east 
Hyatt J., 339 Penn av 
Ingersoll Thomas R., 407 9th west 
Johnson C. Mrs., 6 La av 
Jones Eliza, 442 M south 
Kennedy Catharine, 579 9th west 
Killmon D., 476 Md av 
King Louisa, 316 F north 
Kirkwood E. Mrs., 476 12th west 
Knight M. A., 8 La av 
Lamb Eliza, 209 Penn av 
Little Ann, 560 Penn av 
Little Jane E., 415 10th west 
Lvneh M., 558 Mass av 
McNeill M. E. B., 439 Penn av 
Mc Williams M. A. Mrs., 289 B north 
Marselas M. Mrs., 571 H north 
Miller Mary D., 211 Penn av 
Mills Mary A., 504 Penn av 
Mills V., 663 N J av 
Moore S. W., 452 3d east 
Morley H. L., 252 G north 
Moulder Emily, 439 9th west 
Murray M. T., 372 N Capitol 
Murray Patrick G., 451 9th west 
O'Brien Nora, 455 K south 
Osgodby Sarah L., 504 10th west 
Parish Sarah, 54 Miss av 
Parris S. E., 331 Penn av 
Richardson A. M. Mrs., 383 Penn ar 
Robertson M., 490 Mass av 
Ruppert Eva, 319 8th west, 
Schaieffer E. L., 334 B north 
Scott A. H., 425 Penn av 
Searles I. Mrs., 383 Penn av 
Shafer John, 482 10th west 
Smith A. Mrs., 391 C north 
Spalding Martha E., 445 9th west 
Stephens Elizabeth, 387 N Y av 

Alexandria j Tatsapaugh Julia, 588 Va av 

Taylor J. R. Mrs., 411 3d west 

Tayman L. V., 482 Penn av 

Thomson Elizabeth, 418 9th west 

Tuley W. D. Mrs., 371 Penn av 

Turpin M. H. Mrs., 4S5 12th west 

Ulrich Hannah, 446 15th west 

Watts Eliza, 301 D north 

Wells Isabella, 349 Penn av 

White M. A. Mrs., 29 4| west 

Williams C. Mrs., 379 Penn av 

Williams M. A., 423 Penn av 

Williams Marial H., 504 L north 

Wilson Harriet, 300 F north 

Woods Mary E., 279 D north 

Cleaveland Ann, 168 Bridge Georgetown 

Collins J., 108 Bridge " 

Cozzens M., 64 Water " 

McNally Michael, Water n Frederick " 

Smith Elias, 161 Bridge 

O'Neill Harriet, Fairfax n King Alexandria 

Bonnet Bleacher. 
Morse M. & C. H., 292 Penn av 

Bonnet Manufacturer. 

Evans J. T., 80 King Alexandria 


De Camp Sidney, 493 10th west 

Gideon Geo. S., 511 9th west 

Goff G. P., 2d west c Ind av 

Jones E., 6th west c La av 

Lycett E., 271 Penn av 

Pettibone John, La av n 10th west 

Pettibone William, 309 E north 

Sergeant A. Mrs., 391 E north 

Stief Frederick A., 293 D north 

Tretler John, 408 D north 

Triplett T. M., 316 E north 

Siggers George, 75 Prince Alexandria 


{Marked thus * are Publishers.) 
Adams Wm. A., 478 7th west 
Anderson C. H., 458 7th west 
Ballantyne Wm., 498 7th west 
Bishop D. J. & Co., 216 & 438 Penn av 
Blanchard & Mohun, 310 D north 
Bohn C, 568 Penn av 
Duffy 0. E., 536 7th west 
Fisk Wm., second-hand, 482 15th west 
Fowler T. W., Mass av cor 5th west 
Hunter A., second-hand, 204 Penn av 
^Johnson, Fry & Co., 499 7th west 
Lassalle F. H., 492 Penn av 
Morrison W. H. & 0. H., 440 Penn av 
Philp & Solomons, 332 Penn av 
Roberts Richard, 327 7th west 
Shepherd Wm. D., 524 7th west 
Shillington J., 444 Penn av 
Taj-lor^Franck, 402 Penn av 
Taylor & Maury, 334 Penn av 
^Virtue, Emmins & Co., 488£ 7th west 
Waite Edward, 177^ Penn av 
Crandell G., 128 Bridge Georgetown 

Deeth G. 0. & E. W., 95 Prospect 
Thomas M. A., 85 High 

Bell Robert, 61 King Alexandria 

Entwisle James & Son, King n Royal 
French G. E., 104 King 
Siggers George, 75 Prince 


Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Adams Josias, 606 7th east 

Baunan John, 627 7th east 

Beach Christopher C, 580 11th west 

Becker John, 447 12th west 

Bowen Theodore, 467 L south 

Brandt M., 76 Penn av 

Bresnahan T., 284 C south 

Brooks James W. (col'd), 522 13th west 

Brown Francis, 11th east n Va av 

Brown L. H. (col'd), 298 I north 

Burke J. M., 359 D north 

Burke Lawrence, 601 Penn av 

Capper J., 411 Penn av 

Chafee William, 640 8th east 

Davis Edward, 10th west n G north 

Davis James, 419 12th west 

Dieste P. A., 461 Penn av 

Eoritz John H„ 69 4* west 

Evans T., 477 Mass av 

Fladung H., 105 E Capitol 

Gonsalus D. H., 451 Penn av 

Grimes J. F., 469 12th west 

Grimes Michael H., 598 8th east 

Guillot A. & J. (ladies), 258 Penn av 

Haase Henry, 418 K north 

Harbin Joseph, 543 8th east 

Harris Henry C. (col'd), 320 F north 

Haske G. A., 39 A south 

Headley & Allen, 268 B north 

Herfuth Robert, 571 8th east 

Hornbeck Valentine, 334 C north 

Isemann Henry, 374 G south 

Jay Jabez, 468£ 11th west 

Johnson Benjamin A., 564 6th west 

Johnson Henry M., 455 M north 

Kappler Gregor, 294 N Y av 

Kaspari Henry, 493 9th west 

Knipple Daniel, 438 11th west 

Kuhn Joseph, 403 15th west 

Lipphard Adolph F., N south n 4J west 

Lusby James H., 510 Md av 

McDonald James, 492 L north 

Madigan J., 293 4th west 

Madigan P., 324 4th west 

Magar John, r 215 F south 

Marks Jacob, 531 8th east 

Marten P., 481 6th west 

Martin Wm., 449 6th west 

Mason William H., 13th west cor G north 

Mueller Frederick, 239 F north 

Nolte Medis, 361 9th west 

O'Brien Patrick, 124 4i west 

O'Brien W. T., F north n 2d west 

Otto William, 575 11th west 

Pipher Jos., 238 4th west 

Raidy Maurice, 603 Mass av 

Rauh Gottlieb, Ga av n 11th east 

Robinson W. (col'd), N J av n D south 

Rosenbush Wm., 313 D north 

Schnopp John A., 4| west n G south 

Schrodel Frederick, 514 H north 

Seidenspinner G., 44 La av 

Shea T., 394 B north 

Shilling John, 531 Va av 

Sieben F. P., 54 A south 

Sommers Aquilla T., 392 L south 

Souer John A., r 599 11th west 

Spates Thomas, 589 7th west 

Speiser Frederick, 514 K south 

Stark Benjamin T., 581 Md av 

Streb Henry, 460 7th west 

Stutz John M., 429 8th west 

Tascoe T., 248 20th west 

Tucker Silas, 7th west n Md av 

Verr George, 443 K south 

Wallace I. (col'd), al B south bet 1st east 

and N J av 
Watson E. A., 188 K north 
Wells Nathaniel, 263 9th west 
Wolfsteiner J., 489 8th west 
Buhler Francis, 7 Potomac Georg 

Chamberlain G. W., 95 High 
Cogswell N., 61 High 
Eberly G. L., 70 High 
Johnson R. G., 80 High 
Howard S., 52 High 
Kropfhiser J. C, 143 Bridge 
Payne, J. T., 133 High 
Pettit E., 40 Jefferson 
Schloser G., 150 High 
Sherwood J. E., 150 High 
VolkeningF., 124 Water 
Williams W., 94 Bridge 
Williams W. A., 133 Beall 
Aubinoe S. W., 67 Prince Alexand 

Brill Louis, Royal n Duke 
Cheshire S. J.. 12 North Fairfax 
Daw Frederick, 1 78 King 
Deeton C, W., 9 North Roval 
De Vaughn J. T., 6 North Fairfax 
Driscoll C. M., 20 Commerce 
Grimes William, 87 South Fairfax 
Hammiek Benjamin, 15 South Union 
Herbert W/U., 160 King 
PittR. T., 63 Prince 
Price George, 46 North Union 
Simpson Henry L., 8 North Royal 
Waddey T. (agent), 73 South Royal 

Boot and Shoe Warehouses and Stores. 

Anderson J. W., 193 G north 
Arnold William H., 601 8th east 
Bart Leonard, 406 and 419 7th west 
Beck J., 7th west c F north 
Boteler John D., 635 7th east 
Bright Henry, 609 8th east 
Brown James, 4th east c L south 
Bruehl A., 262 Penn av 
Burns Geo., 340 Penn av 
Burns H., 408 Penn av 
Carroll Charles, 127 Penn av 
Clark Samuel, 99 D south 
Clark T. & Co., 16 Market space 
Cohen Levi, 117 Penn av 
Cohen Robert, 329 Penn av 
Creaser T., 373 F north 
Crews John F., 424 7th west 
Cross James, 632 8th east 
Dannenberg M. & W., 389 7th west 
Dewhurst W. H. H., 522 Penn av 
Dyer J. W., 129 Penn av 
Edmonston E., 491 7th west 
Einolf G., 370 E north 
Fisher Morris, 287 Penn av 
Fuss & Bart, 419 and 406 7th west 
Genau Daniel, 501 7th west 
Griffin W. T. & J. C, 314 Penn av 
Hakenyos John, 278 7th west 
Henning George C, 7th west n Md av 
Hinman Colmer C, 2S0 7th west 
Hoover A. P., 331 Penn av 
Hoover S. P., 320 Penn av 
Hosch August, 225 Penn av 
Janney H., 34S Penn av 
Joseph Joseph, 619 8th east 
Kauffman M. II., 416 Penn av 
Kaufman A. & J., 510 7th west 
Kiefer Philip, 501 10th west 
Kiesecker Adam, 446 7th west 



Magruder F. M., 379 7th west 

Magruder M. A., 379 7th west 

Magruder T. J., 39 S D north 

Mela K. & Son, 522 7th west 

Mills John, 504 Perm av 

Morgan J. R., 303 Penn av 

Newman P. J., 261 Penn av 

[Moves Wm. & Co. (wholesale), 59£ La av 

Oppenheimer M., 525 9th west 

Parker Jacob, 63 7th west 

Pfeifer J., H north e 18th west 

Prott Francis, 489 and 505 7th west 

Pruett William F., 257 7th west 

Rechold Moses, 125 4| west 

Reichert L. F.. 400 1st east 

Reilly E., 13 E Capitol 

Reinhardt C, 38 4V west 

Richards J. D., 366 Penn av 

Rosenthal J., 22 Mkt space 

Ruff J. A., 436 Penn av 

Ruppert Michael, 365 7th west 

Smith John V. , 462 D south 

Streb Lewis, 395 7th west 

Sutton & Johnson, 121 Penn av 

Thomas Francis, 152 Penn av 

Thompson Benjamin, 183 H north 

Thorn B. T., 486 Penn av 

Walter John, 295 7th west 

Weggemann Barnard, 236 7th west 

Wheatley F. M., 454 Penn av 

Wheat-ley W. J., 19 A south 

Whitney Joseph, 490 14th west 

Windsor & Brother, 359 7th west 

Witting Henry, 265 D north 

Benton Edward T., 161 Bridge Georgetown 

Brown A., 121 High 

Brown A. F., 89 High 

Gray G., 108 Bridge 

HaffS., 93 Bridge 

Heard John F., 44 Market sp " 

Hunter Thomas. 159 Bridge " 

Kaufman A. & J., 109 Bridge 

Newman T. A., 113 Bridge " 

Parsons W., 87 High " 

Payne L., 77 Bridge " 

Payne T., 132 Washington " 

Rohr & Neuberger, 144 Bridge " 

Siegel Henry, 182 Bridge " 

Sparo T. T., 63 Bridge 

Ash ton J. A., 11 South West Alexandria 

Aubinoe S. N., 11 South Union " 

Baldwin C. A. & Co., wholesale, 12 South 

Wharves " 

Ballenger Peyton, 126 King " 

Bavue & Co., Kinsc c Water • " 

Buchanan R. E., 156 King " 

Clifford Geo. W., 122 King 
Cross R. Y., 74 King « 

Fischer F. A., 124 King 
Jelliff G. D. & Co., 102 King 
Rosenthal I., 98 King 
Smith John L., 14 North Fairfax " 

Bowling Saloons. 
Emerson R. P., 403 Penn av 
Marr J. T., 325 E north 

Brass Founders. 
Schneider L. H. & G. C, 271 Penn av 

Baumaun Paul, 504 D south 
Colineau Clement, K north c 27th west 
Erbach C, 330 Md av 

Humphreys & Juenemann, 4th east c E north 

Kozel John, 572 L north 

Loeffler E.. N north n N J av 

Maack William N. H., 4| west c N south 

Martin H. S., Fayette c Commerce Alexandria 


Cassell & Wilson, 7th west c Md av 

Diggs S. J., 609 M north 

Reed Samuel J., north end Pitt Alexandria 

Brick Yards. 

Clark & Dunn, 337 4£ west 

Eliason James, 3d west c M south 

Eslin J., R north n 4th west 

Ford & Windsor, N south c South Capitol 

Grinder John, South Capitol c K south 

Grinder William & Adam, 1st east c M south 

Gunnell William, M south c 1st east 

Hopkins J. & G. W., 101 20th west 

Lambell K. H., N J av c N south 

Plant George H., South Capitol n M south 

Richards Alfred & Thomas A., S Capitol c N sth 

Richards William. 1| west c south 

Smith George B., South Capitol c P south 

Yan Riswick John, ft 6th west 

Yan Riswick & Bro., South Capitol c N south 

West & Lesby, South Capitol c K south 

Thomas & Bro., Cherry n Mkt space Georgetown 

Henderson Peter, north end Royal Alexandria 

PIPER JAMES E. & BRO. (col'd), Pitt 

cor Princess " 

REED SAMUEL J,, north end Pitt 
Rudd Richard A., Payne c Wolfe, " 

Tucker Samuel, North Henry c Queen " 


' Holliday William S., 324 Pa av 

Drew William 0., 32 Market space Georgetown 
: Shanks W. E., 104 Bridge ' " 

| Waugh J. S., 88 Bridge " 

Burke & Herbert, Fairfax c Prince Alexandria 
Corse Brothers, King n Royal " 

Brush Maker. 

Shakes John, 150 King Alexandria 


Cameron Gilbert, 559 9th west 
Wise John, 103 4£ west 


Augusterfer J. A., 13 Northern and 69 Centre mkts 

Barber &, Bean, 53 Centre mkt 

Barker J. H., 65 Centre mkt 

Barnes H. S., 42 Centre and 21 Northern mkt 

Berkley B., 61 Centre mkt 

Bohlayer J., 12 Centre mkt 

Brown C. H., 21 and 23 Centre mkt 

Brumagim J. W., 19 Northern and 9 Centre 

Carroll G., 3 Centre mkt and 2 Northern mkt 
Connell P., 41 North'n mkt and 237 Centre mkt 
Crumbough J., 48 Centre mkt 
Dayton & Lent, 316 E north 
Degen & Carroll, 54 Centre and 18 Eastern mkts 
Dill P., 54 Centre mkt 

Donaldson Edwin G., Sth west cor M north 
Donnelson William, 27 Northern mkt 
Dutton George W., 335 12th west and 7 Centre 

Eichhorn R., 335 3d west and 236 Centre market 
Emerson G. W., 43 Centre mkt 


Ernmert G., 225 Centre mkt 

Evert John, 129 4| west 

Fenton William H., 34 Northern mkt 

Fister J., 59 Centre mkt 

Friederich L., 58 Centre mkt 

Gattrell G. P., 137 Centre mkt 

Gattrell 0., 44 Centre mkt and 38 North'n mkt 

Gattrell William B., 32 Northern mkt 

Geier B., 14 Centre mkt 

Glick J. H., Centre mkt and 5 Northern mkt 

Gottrell J. M., 11 Centre mkt 

Green David N., 17 Northern mkt 

Hazel J. H., 52£ Centre mkt 

Heise J. L., 60 Centre mkt 

Homiller C, 46 Centre mkt 

Homiller M., 18 and 20 Northern mkt 

Homiller M. H., 27 Centre mkt 

Hoover John, 26 and 28 Northern mkt and 18 and 
20 Centre mkt 

Hoover Samuel, 24 Northern and 17 Centre mkts 

Hornig Peter F., 15 Centre mkt 

Horning P. T., 39 Northern and 15 Centre mkts 

Howard J., 7 Northern and 30 Centre mkts 

Hurley John H., 41 Northern mkt 

Joachim J. , 37 Northern mkt 

Johnson J. E., 15 Northern and 64 Centre mkts 

Jones Noah (eol'd), 68 Northern mkt 

Kahl John V., Northern Liberty and 484 Centre 

Keating George W., 14 and 16 Northern and 4 
and 6 Centre markets 

Keifer J. J., 1 Northern mkt 

Kengla L., 36 and 38 Centre mkt 

Ketzinger J., 482 Centre mkt 

Kilian G. Leonard, 4 North'n and 40 Centre mkts 

Kramer A., 8 Centre mkt 

Little J., 15 Centre mkt 

Miller G. W., 24 Centre mkt 

Miller J., 240 Centre mkt 

Miller J., 68 Centre and 8 Northern mkts 

Miller C. & T., 25 Centre and 29 Northern mkts 

Mullins Timothy, 10 Centre mkt 

Munder William, 47 Northern mkt 

Murphy J., 35 Centre mkt 

Murphy J. W., I north n 15th west, and 50 Cen- 
tre mkt 

Myers John, 30 Northern and 31 Centre mkts 

Otterback H. B. & Bro., 26 and 28 Centre mkt 

Peck J., 32 Centre mkt 

Peddeeord J., 12 Northern and 233 Centre mkts 

Pfluger G., 486 Centre mkt 

Prather B. A., 63 Centre and 43 Northern mkts 

Prather John, 70 Centre mkt 

Prather Jos., 10 and 12 Northern mkt 

Preinkert J., 5 Centre mkt 

Kawlings D., 33 Centre and 10 Eastern mkt 

Richardson C. F. E., 18 Northern mkt 

Richter John, 36 Northern and 22 Centre mkt 

Ruppert A., 42 Northern and 238 Centre mkt 

Ruppert H., 33 Northern mkt and 72 Centre mkt 

Ruppert J., 3 Northern mkt and 51 Centre mkt 

Schlorb W., 1 Centre mkt 

Seabower J., 2 Centre mkt 

Shafer C, 62 Centre mkt 

Sheele A. D., 31 Northern mkt 

Sheele A. T., 25 Northern and 56 Centre mkts 

Shoemaker J. L., 67 Centre mkt 

Shoemaker T. S., 44 North'n and 52 Centre mkts 

Shroth Charles, 46 Northern mkt 

Snyder J., Centre mkt 

Sohl Conrad, 6 Northern mkt 

SothC, 37 Centre mkt 

Spignul Wm. B., 11 Northern mkt 

Stinzing F., 44 Northern mkt 

Varnell J. T., 39 Centre mkt 

Weaver II., 47 Centre mkt 

Weaver T., 57 Centre mkt 

Westmeier F., 71 Centre mkt 

Wetzell Fred., 9 Northern and 17 Centre mkt 

Widmayer John, 42 Northern mkt 

Wilson W., 34 Centre mkt 

Yeabower C, 21 Northern & 41 Centre & 15 

Western mkt 
Yeabower J., 35 Northern mkt 
Botch G. L., 21 Georgetown 

Browning G., 16 Georgetown mkt " 

Croumbaugh J., 486 do 
Dill P., 13 do 

Donaldson H. S., 11 do 

Duvall J., 8 and 10 do " 

Fister J., 12 do 

Hiess A., 25 and 27 do 
Homiller J., 7 do 

Kengla, H., 3 and 5 do 
Kengla J., 26 and 28 do 
Kessler J., 24 do 

O'Toole J. & Co., 14 do 

Robertson J., 22 do " 

ThomaW., 19 do 

Weaver J., 18 and 20 do 

Wilson J., 23 do " 

Woods E., 17 do 

Baggett John H. Alexandria 

Baggett Townsend " 

Baumgartner Geo. L. 
Benter George H. 

Benter J. W. " 

Biers W. R. s 
Bontz George 
Bontz Henry 
Bossart George A. 
Bright William 
Chauncey J. E. 
Coxson James 
Emerson Harrison 
Emerson John P. 
Emerson Wm, R. 
Gray William 

Hallmuth W. V. " 

Smoot T. S. 


Watkins John H. " 

Weasmiller George, 16 Commerce 
Zimmerman William H. 

Butter Dealers. 

Daly T. D., 29 Centre and 6 N mkt 

Davis S. L., 3 Northern and 45 Centre mkt 

Fearson J. C, 334 19th west and 341 C mkt 

Frank J., 468 Centre mkt 

Gaffney M., 100 Northern market 

Green John P., 273 7th west 

Hanes W., 354 18th west 

Hawkins Edward, 315 10th west 

Johnson W. C, 80 Northern market 

Johnson Wm. K., 77 N market 

Kahlert G., 337 Centre market 

Killian J. G., 246 Centre market 

Lane G. A., 95 N market 

Lane Jno., 41 N market 

Menke M., 328 Centre market 

Oyster G. M., 56 E Cap and 340 Centre mkt 

Schlegel F., 37 N market 

Wallingsford W. G., 2 N market and 250 9th west 

Wheatley A., 1 N market and 139 Centre mkt 

Williams J. H., 358 8th west and 109 X market 

Yeatman J. H., 332 Centre market 

Payne J. II., Georgetown market Georg 

Sebastian C, 9 do 

Sebastian C. B., 63 Congress do 

Stroud G. W., 15 do 



Williams W. H., Georgetown mkt Georgetown 
Crump James T., Market Alexandria 

(See also Furniture Dealers.) 
Bean Benjamin, 685 3d east 
Burgdorf Carl, 436 K south 
Geier Frank, 290 7th west 
Griffin K. B., S Capitol n A south 
Homann Charles, 436 K north 
Johnston William N., 416 Mass av 
Kaiser Henry, 219 Penn av 
King E. II., 316 E north 
Lochboehler N., 338 C north 
Luber Leonhard, 44 Ohio av 
Minster Moses, 322 F north 
Ratrie R., 472 3d east 
Walmsley R. H., 71 La av 
Walter John, E north n 11th west 
Williams J., 512 7th west 

Gieseking Henry W., 157 Bridge Georgetown 
King W., 14 Congress " 

May J. M., 69 High 
Green & Bro., Fairfax cor Prince Alexandria 

Cane Maker. 
Cutchett James, I> north cor N Capitol 

Carpenters and Builders. 
Angus J. W... 562 7th west 
Appleby G. W., 358 7th west 
Bangs James C, 257 G north 
Barker J. W., 446 N Y av 
Barron H. ; 333 E north 
Barron T. H., 71 La av 
Bean W. W., 412 3d west 
Beers & Bro., 598 Penn av 
Bird E. & Bro., foot of 7th west, Island 
Blau J. A., 466 G north 
Boss A. J. & J. S., H north n 10th west 
Bradley Henry J., 5th east n G south 
Brown John L., Mass av n 14th west 
Brown Robert W., I north cor 10th west 
Burroughs & St. Clair, 347 E north 
Choppin Wm., NYav cor 15th west 
Clampitt W. A., r 290 G north 
Clampitt W. H., 388 H north 
Clarke Abraham, r 400 6th west 
Cooper L. N., 467 12th west 
Batcher F. jr. (eol'd), 260 G north 
Dellinger Henry M., 9th west cor G north 
Dorsett F. R., 222 G north 
Downer & Luttrell, 328 E north 
Downing J. M. & Bros., 10th west n H nth 
Drane J. W., 429 9th west 
Edmondston C, 468 G north 
Ellis J. G., 470 G north 
Entwisle & Barron, 11th west n C north 
Falconer William H., I north n 9th west 
Frv J., 404 D south 
Gallant Peter, 283 C north 
Garrett G. W., Jackson Hall al 
Geiger J. J., jr., 4th west cor Washington 
Greer Henry T., 360 8th west 
Harkness Daniel S., K north n 10th west 
Heimerdinger Frederick, 287 C north 
Henderson John, 14th west cor N Y av 
Humphrey & Summers, 51 La av 
Hurdle Thos., 338 C north 
Hutchinson J. L., 430 G north 
Johnson & Lord, 458 G north 
Jordan J. A., G north c 14th west 
Jordon & Westerfiekl, 345 E north 
Juet C, 513 K north 

Kane & Duffy, 345 F north 

Knowles John & Son, 10th west n G north 

Lazenby Elisha, 8th west n M north 

Lewis J. W.. 246 I north 

Lighter John T., 11th west n Penn av 

McElfresh J. P., 509 12th west 

McLaughlin & Wilson, 282 E north 

Miller G., 523 K north 

Minitree Andrew, Md av n 4| west 

Morrisett T., 327 E north 

Nailor James G., 82 La av 

Nottingham Wm., 2d east cor K south 

Nye J. W., north cor 10th west 

Ob old F. S., A south n 2d east 

Parker William H.. 244 G north 

Pressey W.,.322 5th west 

Pumphrey Benjamin F., G south n 4.V west 

Pumphrey Jackson, G south n 4} west 

Reed John W., r 398 11th west 

Reeves James, 214 N J av 

Rheem John A., r 172 Penn av 

Roemmele J. C, al K north n 18th west 

Scott L. (eol'd), 398 2d east 

Sherwood Charles W., 8th west cor I north 

Simms John W., M north n 9th west 

Smedley Antoine, 811 6th west 

Sydnor J. M., 509 12th west 

Thomas & Baker, 4i west n M south 

Thomson James R., 515 H north 

Turton John B., 18th west n Penn av 

Westfield David, D north n 11th west 

Willett & Mockbee, £53 11th west 

Williamson Benjamin, 400 K north 

Williamson J. B., 504 12th west 

Williams W. J., 521 17th west 

Wise S., 346 E north 

Wood Chas. F., Temperance Hall al 

Zell E. F., 54| La av 

Barrett & Meem, 14 Prospect Georgetown 

Chappelare W. II., 76 Congress 

Cissel T., r 61 Congress " 

Dyer Ignatius, 243 Bridge 

Fry J., 113 Washington " 

Garrett S., Beall cor Greene 

Knowles W., jr.. 75 Washington 

McDaniel J. H., 81 Greene 

Meem John, 183 Bridge " 

Meredith R. L., 108 High 

Probey Arthur, 3d cor Frederick 

Shoemaker E. J., 17 Potomac ' " 

Smith & Odell, Frederick cor 2d 

Wingate H., 72 Congress 

Delahay & Kemp, 23 South Royal Alexandria 

Grimes Charles R., 80 North St. Asaph " 

Mankin & Fadeley, Fairfax cor Duke 

O'Brien Edward, 57 South Union 

Price B. F., Water n Cameron 

Sinclair Thomas, 15 South Water 

Swain Stephen, r 31 Duke 

Carpets, Oil Cloths, &c. 

Clagett & Dodson, 4 Market space 

Hall R. Brice, 375 7th west 

Perry Louis F. & Co., Penn av cor 9th 

Carriage and Coach Makers. 

(See also Wheelwrights.) 
Bridget John F., 395 Penn av 
Bridget R., 5 13 V west 
Dennis J. P., 476 6th west 
Ferguson B. N., 336 C north 
Flynn Simon, 305 D north 
Graham R. H., 477 8th west n D 
Hall George R., 13| west cor Penn ay 



Johnson R. W., 553 12th west 

Joyce Andrew J., 477 14th west 

McDermott M., 455 Penn av 

Payne John, L north and Penn av 

Thompson G. R. & Bro., 9th west opp Cen mkt 

Wallis & Durham, 502 and 506 6th west 

Walter, Karman & Bopp, 346 D north 

Young John M., 405 Penn av 

Young Thomas, 409 Penn av 

Dougherty & Bufort, 7 Bridge Georgetown 

Jones R., 30 High 

Rapley & Murphy, 30 Prospect 

Edelen Robert J., N Pitt n King Alexandria 

Miffleton Henry, 184 Duke " 

Prettyman Robert F., 14 and 16 N Pitt " 

Summers John, 15 and 19 Pitt " 


Hamilton C. J. & E. W. Hadden, E north ab 

13th west 
Seltman Charles, 261 F north 
Green & Brother, Fairfax c Prince Alexandria 

China, Glass and Earthenware. 

Boteler C. W. & Sons, 318 Penn av 

FoAvler Charles S. & Co., 504 7th west 

Krzyzanowski W., 383 7th west 

McDevitt J., 313 Penn av 

Pursell Thomas & Son, 341 Penn av 

Straub J., 128 Centre market 

Lazenby T. A., 124 Bridge Georgetown 

O'Donnoghue & Hurley, 30 Market space " 

Stanton R., 33 Congress " 

Entwisle Mary, 162 King Alexandria 

Miller R. H., Son & Co., 65 King 

Cloaks and Mantillas, 

Kingsbury E. A., 506 9th west 
Maxwell John S., 328 Penn av 

Clothes Scourers. 

Schiefner E., 479 11th west 


{See also Tailoes.) 
Bar & Brother, 478 I south 
Brown Samuel, 520 Penn av 
Cohen M., 70 4£ west 
David Abraham C, 263 7th west 
Glick Jonas, 276 and 422 Penn av 
Goldsmith Simon, 355 7th west 
Kauffman J., 494 Penn av 
Kauffman Jonas, 119 Penn av 
Kauffman M. H., 418 Penn av 
Kaufman N., 519 9th west 
Lauchheimer & Icheberg, 394 Penn av 
Leipziger E., 476 Penn av 
Lully Meno, 387 7th west 
McCamly James M. & Co., 390 Penn av 
Oppenheimer Leopold, 300 Penn av 
Oppenheimer M., 74 La av 
Ring Moses, 414 Penn av and 603 8th east 
Schmitt Andrew, 4| west n G south 
Seldner Lewis & Co., 296, 346 and 400 Penn av 
Straus A., 320 D north 
Walker Noah & Co., 368 Penn av 
Wall, Stephens & Co., 322 Penn av 
Ward Enoch, 76 La av 
Wiesenfeld & Co., 446 Penn av 
Wolfsheimer N., 47S Penn av 
Wolfsheimer Samuel, 614 8th east 
Gants S., 116 High Georgetown 

Kaufmann E.. 134 Bridge •« 

Rohr & Neuberger, 144 Bridge Georgetown 

Schloss J. A., 81 Bridge " 

Seldner F. A. & Co., 146 Bridge 

Siegel Henry, 184 Bridge " 

Anker Moses, 2 South Wharves Alexandria 

Blondhaem Henry, 51 King " 

Brager Joseph, 12 and 55 King 

Genzberger Leopold, 22 North Royal " 

Lauchheimer & Eichberg, 85 King " 

Lilienthal Samuel, 10 North Royal 

Schoolherr & Bro., 108 King 

Schwarz Isaac, 7 King " 

Treuman M. & Co., 79 King 

Waterman Simon, 100 King 

Wolf W., 20 King 

Clothing, Second Hand. 
Bell M. (ladies'), 503 11th west 

Coal Dealers. 

(See also Wood and Coal.) 
Ray Alexander, Ray's Coal Dock Georgetown 
Williams Mortimer L., Mkt sp and 1st n 

Frederick " 

Barker U. W., Union c Queen Alexandria 

Smith D. B., ft Queen 

Wise & Co., King n Water " 

Wise Geo. P. & Co., South Wharves n Duke " 

Coal Mines and Shippers. 

Borden Mining Coal Co., n the Aqueduct 

American Coal Co., Union c Oronoka Alexandria 
Borden Mining Coal Co., John R. Masters, 

agt, North Wharves 
Cumberland Coal Co., T. J. Mehaffey, agt, 

Union c King " 

Frostburg Coal Co., D. B. Smith, agt, 

Union Dock " 

Coffee Roaster. 

Riley Terrence, N south n 4£ west 


Aigler C, 546 Penn av 

Aigler J., 319 D north 

Bauer George, 89 4£ west 

Boyle J., 156 Penn av 

Briel C, 251 Penn av 

Briel Michael, 476 9th west 

Byrne Mary A., 109 Penn av 

Decker E., 242 H north 

Decker Philip, 436 7th west 

Demonet Charles, 155 Penn av 

English J., 492 Mass av 

Fussell Jacob, F north c 12th west 

Gautier's Saloon, 252 Penn av 

Gregsby Ann, 248 C north 

Grenager Caroline, 42 Ohio av 

Grupe William, 415 Penn av 

Guttenson John, 63 Penn av 

Henline Joseph H., 297 7th west 

Horning John, 441 K south 

Kasper C, 200 6th west 

Killian John, 304 F north 

Kloeppinger C, 476 G north 

Kugler C. M., 518 Penn av 

Lederer Christian G., 392 7th west 

McKenna Ann, 177 Penn av 

McNeill Ann, 46 4.V west 

Miller R. E., 520 7th west 

Mueller Carl, 490 6th east 

Neeb Curtis, 339 Centre mkt and 367 19th west 



Norbeck George, 316 Perm av 

Potentini Thos., 206 and 279 Perm av 

Pomery M. J., 327 3d west 

Ridenour H. II., 304 Penn av 

Riffhtstine John W., 400 Mass av 

Rupp William, 306 G north 

Russell J., Centre mkt 

Sauter Michael J., 336 Centre mkt 

Sauter William, 292 7th west 

Savre James, 228 7th west 

Schaffiekl J.. 386 6th west 

Schmidt C. F., 60 Penn av 

Seufferle John J., 592 7th west 

Snow John, 59 4f west 

SteinleF., 9 A south 

Sullivan Robert, 49 7th west 

Ulrieh Charles, 403 ^ 9th west 

Wayne L. (col'd), 83 E Capitol 

Williamson Edward, 519 11th west 

Wurth A., 347 Penn av 

Atzs C. C, 84 Bridge Georgetown 

Battersby Ann C, 38 Fayette " 

Cameron S., 79 Bridge " 

Cayton Elizabeth, 29 Favette " 

Daly R. (col'd), 76 Bridge " 

May Peter, 134 Bridge " 

Peacher John, Mkt sp n Bridge " 

Pryor Martha (col'd), 41 4th " 

Spaulding M., 83 High " 

Appich David, 151 King Alexandria 

Appich Louis, Royal n King " 

Bossart Michaal, 25 South Fairfax " 

Brengle C, 129 King " 

Brodbeck M., 96 King 

Schafer Christian, 3 North Fairfax " 


Provest, Winters & Symington, N J av c A south 


Poulton Wm., 479 8th west 

Essex J. F., 12 and 23 High Georgetown 

Reynolds John, Cherry n Market sp " 

Revnolds Joseph, Water n Market " 

Ridgeway J. H., 8 High 

Armstrong John T., Union c Princess Alexandria 

Boudin Alexander, 5 North Water " 

Cawood Joseph, Water c Princess " 

Lyles Samuel, South Fayette n Prince " 

McCliesh George, 47 South Union " 

McLean Joseph, Union n Oronoko " 

Crampsey Eliza, 319 F north 
Wright R. Mrs., 246 Penn av 

Cotton Goods, Manufacturers of. 

Mount Vernon Manufacturing Company, 

125 North Washington Alexandria 

Cuppers and Leechers. 

Borland A. J., 434 Mass av 
Emmner J., 479 13th west 


Costin Wm., 485 8th west 
Nightingale James, 84 Prince 


Baily Stephen, 477 13th west 
Barbarin F. S., 242 Penn av 
Barnes William, 5th east n B north 
Clark John W., 364 7th west 


Cockerille S. J., 246 Penn av 
Dailey 0. A., 352 Penn av 
Donaldson R. B., 276 Penn av 
Gibbs J. B., 244 Penn av 
Gildea B. M.. E north c 7th west 
Hills Thos. 0., 306 Penn av 
Hoffar Ancus M., 296 E north 
Humphreys G. W., 12 Market sp 
Hunt R. F., 310 Penn av 
Loomis M., 336 Penn av 
McConnell Wm. P., 498 Penn av 
McFarlan D., 52] 12th west 
Malster Wm., 521 12th west 
Noble Henry B., 278.^ Penn av 
Noble Lester, 278 £ Penn av 
Van Camp A., 407 F north 
Wadsworth H. N., 366 C north 
Clark Samuel, 71 Bridge Georgetown 

Chase J. Edward, 5 Nth Washington Alexandria 
Dienelt Julius, 17 North Washington 
ington " 


Fegan Peter, 95 La av 


Osgood Rufus F., 450 7th west 


Barrett Margaret & Harriet, 407 10th west 

Bart C. L., 297 G north 

Bontz J. Mrs., 504 9th west 

Bopp Catharine, 509 11th west . 

Boswell R. A., 550 I north 

Brown L. A. (col'd), r 185 F north 

Cameron Rosa, 451 9th west 

Carman J., 25 E Capitol 

Clark Anna, 451 9th west 

Clark M. L., E north n 12th west 

CobbU. Mrs., 595 N north 

Connor Ellen, 195 I north 

Costin C. T. (col'd), 17 A south 

Cramshier M., 241 I north 

Crawford Charlotte, 302 F north 

Doran Mary, 503 9th west 

Dyer M., 49 1J 8th west 

Eaton Mary A., 484 10th west 

Flint C. W. Mrs., h 422 13th west 

Fosbenner E., N J av n C north 

Gallagher Mary, 436 9th west 

Gee M. C. Mrs', 344 5th west 

Golding A. (col'd), 92 23d west 

Gott & Co., 179 Penn av 

Harrison E.. 97 E Capitol 

Hill Eliza, 497 10th west 

Howard A. J., 264 H north 

Hubner A., 506 11th west 

Hurley Amanda, 408 Mass av 

Jack Mary A., 41 4 k west 

King Virginia A., 406 Mass av 

Korff C, A north n 1st east 

Lawson Mary, 490 I north 

Lewis Mary, 470 F north 

Lindsey Catherine S., 324 Penn av 

Ludman Charles, 262 Penn av 

McKenny J., 490 Mass av 

Nater S. Mrs., 42 La av 

O'Connell M. J., 530 K north 

O'Neill Elizabeth, 418 13th west 

Piggott M. E., 440 20th west 

Rantin Rahama, 488 14th west 

Rixter Maria. 383 20th west 

Rollings L. J., 500 7th west 


Rose Mary, 476 1 Penn av 

Rourke B. Mrs., H north n 2d west 

Rowe M., L north c 1st west 

SaffellE., 344 G north 

Smead Frances B., 45 4h west 

Skidmore MaryE., 424 12th west 

Stoddart Catharine, 1.7 13£ west 

Streeks E. R., 107 I north 

Sullivan Ellen, 262 P north 

Travers E. H., 367 18th west 

Walsh B. Mrs., 456 2d east 

Warder Mary, 4-10 Mass av 

White Elizabeth, 474 9th west 

Williams E. Mrs., 381 13th west 

Williams E. (col'd)', 222 B south 

Williamson Adelaide (col'd), 18th west c D 

Wilson M. E., 295 Penn av 
Hunt M., 101 Bridge Georgetown 


Allen Charles, Md av c 11th west 

Bates John E., 7th east c L south 

Boswell & Bro., Va av c 7th west 

Bury Edward, 354 L south 

Callan James N., 436 E north 

Cassin Joseph R., 265 7th west 

Clarke D. B., 442 Penn av 

Cridler A. M.. 454 Mass av 

Culver C. P., 268 Penn av 

Eliot Wallace, 298 F north 

Ford S. C, jr., 290 Penn av 

Gale L. D., 471 E north 

Gardner J. B., 21 A south 

Gilman Z. D., 350 Penn av 

Gray W. A., Mass av c 4th west 

Gross M., 500 9th west 

Harbaugh Valentine, 449 7th west 

Kerr A. H. & Co., 148 4* west 

Kidwell & Laurence, 296 E north 

Lewis & Bryant, 548 H north 

Lovejoy John S., 411 12th west 

Mclntire Timothy C, 370 7th west 

McPherson H. H., 571 Penn av 

Major B. C, 464 7th west 

Major John R., 409 7th west 

Matthews & Simms, 498 Penn av 

Milburn J. P. & Co., 220 Penn av 

Moore Joseph B., 113 Penn av 

Musser George J., I north c 10th west 

Nairn & Palmer, 342 Penn av 

O'Donnell James D., 589 8th east 

Ridgely D. G., 124 Penn av and 20th west 

n Penn av 
Schwartze J., 468 Penn av 
Shuman S. T., 4£ west c F south 
Smith L. M., 371 Penn av 
Stone James H., 313 7th west 
Stott C, 375 Penn av 
Sullivan J. P., 4th west c H north 
Thompson W. S., 440 15th west 
Waite S. B., 528 7th west 
Walsh Francis S., 608 8th east 
Winter Frank B., 290 K north 
Barnard Geo. B. & Co., 127 Bridge Georgetown 
Cissel R. S. T., 110 Bridge 
Kidwell J. L., 65 High 

Sothoron G. M. & J.W., 186 Bridge " 

Stone J., 119 High 

Bowling J. William, Fairfax c Prince Alexandria 
Cook H. & Co., 89 King 

Entwisle James, jr., 94 King " 

Hart William A., 109 King « 

Leadb eater J. & Son, 5 and 7 South Fairfax " 
Milburn John A., 163 Kina: << 

Peel & Stevens, 29 King (wholesale) Alexandria 
Peel, Stevens & Co., King c Alfred " 

Pierpoint J. R., 172 King 
Stabler Richard II., King c Washington " 

Dry Goods. 

Allen George F., 28 Market space 

Bar & Brother, 482 I south 

Barnes & Mitchell, 5 Market space 

Burdette W. W., 351 7th west 

Carter R. W., 50 Market space 

Clagett & May, 324 Penn av 

Clements E. C, 458 6th west 

Colley J. W. & Co., 523 7th west 

Combs Robert M., 613 8th east 

Deveny Charles, 597 8th east 

Egan Henry, 321 and 323 Penn av 

Etchison L. A. & Co., 301 Penn av 

Fishman Solomon, 391 7th west 

Garrettson Nimrod, 226 7th west 

Gibson J. C, 20 Market space 

Goddard Andrew, 347 7th west 

Hall R. Brice, 375 7th west 

Harper & Mitchell, 312 Penn av 

Herman Samuel, 131 4| west 

Hooe, Brother & Co., 10 Market space 

Johnson & Sutton, Market space c 8th 

Kauffman Isaac, 219 H north 

Latham John E., 137 Penn av 

Maddox F. T., 349 7th west 

Matthews & Gore, 358 7th west 

Morrison Alexander, 377 7th west 

Newton A. L., 521 7th west 

Perkins William H., 115 Penn av 

Perry & Bro., Penn av c 9th 

Phelan M. A., 76 E Capitol 

Riley Wm. R. & Bro., 36 Market space 

Robinson C. W., Mass av n 4th west 

Sears J. W. & Bro., 48 Market space 

Shuster W. M. & W. H. Clagett, 38 Market space 

Taylor & Hutchinson, 42 Market space 

Berry H. E., 98 Bridge Georgetown 

Carter R. W., 53 High 

Gutman E., 50 High and 117 Bridge " 

Hammerschlag Bros., 68 High " 

Hurdle W. R., 92 High 

Mayfield & Brown, 121 Bridge " 

Mvers C, 130 Bridge 

Offutt A. F. & Co., 163 Bridge 

Schloss N. A., 105 Bridge " 

Schloss S. A., 166 Bridge 

Smoot & Burroughs, 119 Bridge " 

Ashby & Wood, 170 King Alexandria 

Baar Lewis, 138 King " 

Berkley William N., King c Fairfax " 

Bryan & Adams, 76 King " 

Green Elizabeth Jane. 32 South Fairfax ", 

Harper & Bro., King c Royal " 

JelliffG. D., 319 King 

Larkin & Bro., 64 King " 

Meyenberg S. & W., King c Pitt " 

Stewart J. M., King n Pitt u 

Witmer G. K. & Bros., 91 King " 


Barthel &, Bro., 4'. west c Penn av 

Bell Win., 429 Penn av 

Denham L. J., 249 Penn av 

Drew Geo. W., 299 Penn av 

Wheatley Win. II. 383 Penn av 

Cropley Horatio, 10 Potomac Georgetown 

Wheatley W. 11. , 4 9 ,1 efferson 

Baudouin Henry, 249 King Alexandria 

Warfield A. D.,* 27 South Fairfax 



Edge Tools. 

Simons E. L., 438 7th west 

Kirchner W. 


>62 H north 

Engineers, Civil. 

Loomis Silas L., 277 I north 
Pohler A., 7th west c F north 
Stearns Isaac H., Kendall Green 


Baumgarten J., 499 7th west 

Benner H. C. (copperplate), 616 Penn av 

Chambers B., 464 10th west 

Dempsey & : Toole, 326 Penn av 

Hare D. 0., 264 Penn av 

Oppermann A., 519 9th west 

Phipps Win. C, 494 11th west 

Siebert S., 376 Md av 

Smith Wm., 511| 9th west 

Throop J. V. N., 450 Penn av 

Exchange Offices. 

Davis Samuel, 450 Penn av 
Dunawin J. E., 430 Penn av 
France John, 266 Penn av 
France J. H., 497 6th west 
Germon J. F., 404 7th west 
Hands J., 456 Penn av 
Harry F. A., 214 Penn av 
Harry J. M., 410 Penn av 
Howe Walter, 372 Penn av 
Hurley M., & Co., 492 Penn av 
McAuley Geo., 503 7th west 
Morrow R., 420 Penn av 
Mortimer John T., 413 Penn av 
Olive Henry, 332 E north 
Pearce Thos., 450^ Penn av 

ADAMS & CO., 514 Penn av 
McClintock John M. jr., 394 D north 
ADAMS & CO., 36 Market space Georgetown 
ADAMS & CO., 48 King Alexandria 

Fancy Goods and Trimmings. 

Adler & Bro., 439 7th west 
Bloecher Catharine, 412 7th west 
Clitch H. Mrs., 298 Penn av 
Davis Ann E., 379 9th west 
Delarue M. M., 238 Penn av 
Evans John D., 433 7th west 
Gotthelf & Behrend, 414 7th west 
Hilton Susan, 375 9th west 
Hohlberg S., 394 7th west 
Hutchinson & Munro, 310 Penn av 
Lake E. A. & Co., 370 Penn av 
Lammond A., 484 7th west 
Lansburgh M. & Bro., 322 C north 
Lincoln M., 301 Penn av 
Lowe E.. 297 Penn av 
McLaughlin H. J., 308 Penn av 
Maedel Charles B., 153 Penn av 
Maxwell John S., 328 Penn av 
Muhlingbaus F., 482 7th west 
Pincus Morris, 285 D north 
Richey J., 492 7th west 
Rothwell Andrew, 368 7th west 
Ruppert C, 522 £ 7th west 
Sanistag S., 4.^ west n Md av 
Shedd W. P., 502 11th west 
Sikle Michael, 34^ Market space 

Smith M., 328 B north 

Stuart Mary M., 11th west c H north 

Stuntz Joseph, 375 N Y av 

Wbitaker J. T., 560 N J av 

Jarvis S. E. Mrs., 140 Bridge Georgetown 

Kaufmann E., 102 High 

Minger H., 56 High 

Berry C. C, 72 King Alexandria 

Richards W. B. jr., 110 King 

Seldner P., 154 King 


Barker M. (col'd), 241 Centre market 
Chandler H. (col'd), 242 Centre mkt 
Gibson John, Northern market 
Mason T. (col'd), 21 N and 317 C market 
Skidmore James, ft 11th west 

Flour Mills. 

Coltman Charles L., Ohio av n 12th west 

Page Q. L., F south c 6th west 

Boyce, Thomas & Dodge, 170 Water Georgetown 

Edes Wm. H., 70 Water 

Elms & Bradley, Water c Fayette 

Lyons E., 55 Water " 

Ray A. Ross & Bro., 118 Water 

Whiting & Wright, Union c Gibbon Alexandria 

Flour and Feed. 

Ball J., 530 Penn av 

Banks J., 561 H north 

Becket W. (col'd), L north n 24th west 

Clark George B., 534 Penn av 

Coates John H., 26th west n Penn av 

Fleming Abraham, 403 7th west 

Hayes B., H north c 4th west 

Jones A., 494 Centre mkt and K north n 21st west 

Jones Alfred, 527 12th west 

Kiddle A., 191 K north 

Knowles William, 230 7th west 

Lee Alfred, 546 12th west and 489 C mkt 

Lewis W., 495 Centre market 

Linkins J. C, 200 L north 

Lyons Joseph, flour inspector, h 463 9th west 

Payne C, 498 Centre market 

Payne Thomas H., 581 7th west 

Princehorn H., N north n 5th west 

Pullin James, 617 10th west 

Strider Thomas, 9th west n B north 

Taylor George W., 255 7th west 

Thompson Charles W., 599 7th west 

Vanarsdale P. H., 536 7th west 

Wise James A., 428 7th west 

Addison Hanibal C, 93 Water Georgetown 

Beall & Shoemaker, 101 Water " 

Berry Peter, 85 Water " 

Boucher A. H., 23 Market space <: 

Clabaugh William, 89 Water 

Cruikshank R., 67 Water " 

Cruiser C. (col'd), 63 Greene 

Darby Benj., 87 Water 

Davis I. Thomas, 83 Water 

Dellzell & Bro., Cherry n Market space " 

Edes W. R., 76 Water 

Hartley & Bro., 99 Water 

Hyde & Davidson, 59 Water " 

Lee A. (col'd), 41 Bridge 

Lewis Wm. Mrs. (col'd), 24 Bridge " 

LowryG., 28 Water " 

Magruder J. A., 61 Water 

Sweeny H. M-, 77 Water 

Waters G., 28 High " 

Waters J. G. & Co., 109 Water 

Woodward T. (col'd), 35 Jefferson 

Young Amos, Water n Frederick " 



Paolinelli C, 390 Penn av 

Furniture, Dealers in. 

(See also Cabinet Makers.) 
Ballauf Wm. & D., 461 8th west 
Bontz & Coombs, 369 7th west 
Boteler C. W. & Sons, 318 Penn av 
Brown Thomas B., 360 7th west 
Buckley Rudolph, 410 7th west 
Cripps Wm. McL., 499 11th west 
Fowler John L., K south n 3d east 
Goldsmith H. A., 506 7th west 
Green B., 180 Penn av 
Harrover George, G south n 4£ west 
Hines C. & M:, 20th west n Penn av 
Holmead A., 59 La av 
Israel Robert & Co., 428 7th west 
Kirby S., 481 8th west 
Lease & Co., 502 7th west 
McGregor & Co., 530 7th west 
Prentiss S., 59 La av 
Reeves Randolph B., 454 7th west 
St. Clair Rosanna, 552 12th 
Walling J., E north c 10th west 
Wight G. M., 57 La av 

Dowling Wm., 170 Bridge * Georgetown 

Bradley C. C, King c Alfred Alexandria 

Cross Newman, 194 King 
De Vaughn James H., 130 King 
GREEN & BROTHER, Fairfax c Prince 
Muir Wm. H., King c St Asaph 

Gas and Steam Fitters. 

(See also Plumbers.) 
COGAN WILLIAM, r of Peel & Steven's 

drug store, King Alexandria 

Glove Makers. 

Ramsburg & Ebert, 105 High 


Gents' Furnishing Goods. 

Hopkins W. M. S., 374 Penn av 
Lane C. H., 424 Penn av 
Stevens M. H. & Co., 360 Penn av 


Adams D., 265 21st west 
Adams John G., 8th west c L north 
Adams P. L., 38 F south 
Adams S., 288 C south 
Adz Christopher, 334 Mass av 
Appleby William M., 368 3d east 
Ashdown William, 240 4| west 
Aylmer Robert R., 183 Penn av 
Bacon Samuel & Co., 319 Penn av 
Baeschlin John, 113 F south 
Bannan Michael, 468 9th west 
Barbour & Semmes, 65 La av 
Barnes Wm. A., 14th west c I north 
Barrett Michael, 132 II north 
Barry Catharine, 494 10th west 
Bartlett Isaac, 644 4th east 
Benton Mary A., 335 Md av 
Bestor Owen B., I north c 11th west 
Biggins J., 108 23d west 
Birth W. AY., 388 3d west 
Bligh James, 525 11th west 
Bohrer George A., 11th east n south 
Bopst William, 447 7th west 
Bowen & Proctor, 456 Mass av 
Boyd Jane, 40 K north 

Brashear W. B., 526 Penn av 

Brennan Mary, 302 18th west •. 

Brennan-Patrick, 358 Va av 

Bresnahan C, 440 10th west 

Broderick Thomas, 3d west n G south 

Brooks E., 297 3d west 

Brown Eliza, C south c 13th west 

Brown Wm. A., F north c 13th west 

Brown & Williams, I north c 11th weslj 

Browning & Keating, 353 Penn av 

Bryan William, 44 Market sp 

Buchanan John, 14th west n N north 

Bulley A. F. & Co., Va av c 8th east 

Burdine W. H., 15th east c G north 

Buscher Henry, 246 N Capitol 

Bushby James H., 315 7th west 

Byrne Thomas, 481 14th west 

Callaghan P. 0., 446 20th west 

Callahan John, 26th west n I north 

Cantwell J., 31 E Capitol 

Cantwell M., 445 2d east 

Carberry J., 498 3d west 

Carigan Catharine, 215 F south 

Carlin J. E. F., 601 12th west 

Carmody Jeremiah, 683 H north 

Carrico William H., 630 11th east 

Cassell & West, 7th west c Md av 

Cassidy S.,257N Yav 

Castel John B., 549 8th east 

Castor Peter, 314 F north 

Caton J., 393 5th west: 

Clark James, 3d west n F south 

Clark John, 271 F south 

Clark John T. C, K north c 7th west 

Clark Reuben B., 337 4± west 

Clay J., 300 3d west 

Coburn John V., 390 H north 

Cogan Thomas, 373 20th west 

Comerford Michael, 466 K south 

Compton E. J., 9th west c C north 

Conlan P., 315 3d west 

Connell D., 509 K north 

Connelly E., Mel ay c B north 

Connor Dennis, 283 N Capitol 

Connor T., 316 Uh. west 

Crane Michael, 589 Va av 

Crawford Charles A., 183 8th west 

Croggan John T. S., 7th west c E south 

Croggon John, 90 G south 

Crook Mary, G south c 7th west 

Crown Jeremiah, 336 10th west 

Cullinan M., 3d west c B south 

Currey Ellen. 271 D south 

Curtin T., 596 Penn av 

Curton James, 621 9th west 

Custis Lemuel, 608 6th west 

Daily P., 245 21st west 

Daly James, 388 L north 

Davidson Daniel D., 93 F south 

Davis Jos. W., 469 9th west 

Davison Samuel C, 13th west c M north 

Dellwig Louis A., 588 7th east 

Deneale Kinlaugh, 677 4th east 

Deremer Isaac S., 81 K north 

Desmond Mary, F south n 9th west 

Desmond Michael P., 4^- west c K south 

Dillow W., 130 G north 

Donnelly Richard, 216 4£ west 

Donohue M., IIS 23d west 

Donohue T., 50)') 3d east 

Downey T., 305 4th west 

Doyle Richard, N C av n 2d east 

Drury S. T., 294 E north 

Dunnigan P., 532 K north 

Duvall Samuel, 206 I north 

Dwyer 11., 114 A south 



Dwyer John, 75 7th west 

Dwyer T. R,, 74 E Capitol 

Edmonds C, 548 I north 

Edmonds G. H., 198 N Y av 

Edwards Leroy, 351 12th west 

Ergood Jesse, 7th east c G- south 

Farrell Bridget, E south c 2d west 

Fendner Wm., 158 6th west 

Fitzgerald J., Plater's al n K north 

Fitzgerald T., N north cNJar 

Fitzpatriek Bernard, 327 15th west 

Flanagan James, 208 F north 

Folen J?., 99 K north 

Foller J., 570 5th west 

Fowler Mary E., 236 4th west 

Fowler Solomon, 193 I north 

Fox Peter F., 455 L south 

Foy James, 303 B south 

Frazer J., I north c 18th west 

Fugitt F. I., 383 L east 

Gates John N., 565 11th east 

Gavin Patrick, r 319 Va av 

Geary M., F north n 2d west 

Gleason T., 20th west c L north 

Goddard W. C, 375 10th west 

Green Ann, 122 G north 

Green J., 1S6 20th west 

Green Mary A., 229 22d west 

Green Michael, L north c 13th west 

Greenfield Henry C, 472 M south 

Grimes G. PL, 434 Mass av 

Guild J. ,^486 F north and 301 B south 

Gulick G. F., 556 N J av 

Haburn Charles, 81 La av 

Hagerty Daniel, 253 9th west 

Hagerty William, Penn av c 22d west 

Hall Edward, 40 Market space 

Handy S., W. K., 229 Penn av 

Harper Wm. C, 397 Penn av 

Harris John, 673 7th west 

Harrison Wm. H., 506 K south 

Harvey J. S. & Co., Md av c 13£ west 

Hayes B., H north c 4th west 

Hennicg William J., G south n 4th east 

Herman Samuel, 131 4£ west 

Herrell G. N., 241 20th west 

Herrell J. E., 207 20th west 

Hilton James H., 269 7th west 

Hitz F., 31 A south 

Hubbard Solomon, 475 14th west 

Hughes C, 584 G north 

Hyde David, 220 E south 

Inch Mary, 648 7th east 

Jackson, Bro. & Co., 333 Penn av 

James Samuel, 94 26th west 

Jarboe F. M., 20th west c I north 

Jewell Claudius B., 283 7th west 

Johnson James, 1| west n S south 

Jones J., 15 E Capitol 

Jones James H., 542 M north 

Jones Thaddeus, N T av c 10th west 

Jones W. S., Mass av c 3d west 

Keely Laurence, 195 I north 

Keithley John, 723 3d east 

Kelley James, 4} west c K south 

Kendrick Ann L., 251 9th west 

Kennedy James, 218 21st west 

Kennedy & Pugh, 508 7th west 

Keough G., 2d east n A north 

Kesty Patrick, 302 F north 

Keys N., 32 E Capitol 

King Mary Mrs., 315 5th west 

King & Burchell, Vt av c 15th west 

Knight George, 582 N north 

Knight Henry M., 595 7th west 

Knott J. H./333 18th west 

Kohler John, 1S4 i\ west 

Kough Sarah, 419 L north 

Laggan J., 218 L north 

Langley Mary E., 254 Sth west 

Langley Thomas H , 602 N north 

Leddy Hugh, 603 6th west 

Leeke Arthur W., 558 H north 

Leeke H., 558 H north 

Lepreux A., 265 Penn av 

Lord W., 482 G north 

Lord Wm. & E., 604 N north 

Loughlin C, 335 20th west 

Lusby William H., 531 4th east 

McCaffrey Hugh, 2d west c D south 

McCarthy Eugene, 271 12th west 

McCarthy J., 120 U west 

McCarthy Jeremiah, 390 7th west 

McCarthy John, Sth west c north 

McCauley Jane, 61 M south 

McChesney John H.. 214 7th west 

McChesney William R., 41 7th west 

McCurdy E., 286 C south 

McGarvey John, 24 K north 

McGee Catharine, Md av c 4th east 

McKeever T., K north c Conn av 

McKenna P.. 450 21st west 

McKenny Vincent, 599 11th east 

McLaughlin D.,,,260 4th west 

McNamara Martin, 703 H north 

McPherson H. B. M., 413 7th west 

Magar Chloe Ann, 59S 11th west 

Magee C, Md av c 6th east 

Maguire Patrick, 254 F south 

Maher James, 4^ west c I south 

Mai one L., 2S8 3d west 

Mankin James, 398 9th west 

Marceron Marcellus, 584 11th east 

Markward George W., 299 Sth west 

Meek P., 597 Penn av 

Menay John, 107 H north 

Middleton & Beall, 365 Penn av 

Miller C, 38 Washington 

Miller James, 371 15th west 

Miller Robert, 256 E south 

Mills R. T., Md av c 4th east 

Monaghan Peter, N J av c G north 

Mooney Michael, C south c 13^ west 

Moore James H., 385 12th west c C south 

Moore & Cissel, 387 7th west 

Moran William, 131 Md av 

Morgan John, 184 23d west 

Morgan Margaret, 586 11th east 

Morgan Mary, 26th west n G north 

Morony P., 9 E Capitol 

Morsell B. F., 69 La av 

Murphy John, 490 L north 

Murphy T., 415 3d west 

Murray H., 34 Penn av 

Murray M., K north n 20th west 

Murray T., 6th east n A north 

Murray & Seinmes 407 Penn av 

Myers P., S Capitol n C south 

Nagle John, 7 E Capitol 

Nalen James, 685 H north 

Naylor Dickerson, 488 N north 

Neale B. J., 61 La av 

Noonan Edward, 352 21st west 

O'Brien E. E., 9th west c L north 

0"Brien John E., 389 9th west 

O'ConnellE., S2 2d west 

O'Conner J., 505 3d west 

O'Conner W. P., 61 A north 

0"Hagan Patrick H., 313 8th west 

O'Hare C. S., 252 7th west 

O'Leary Daniel, 266 D north 

O'Leary Timothy, 31 26th west 


Orme F. M., 311 Penn av 

Orroe William, 312 D north 

Parker Geo. & Thos. & Co., 341 and 343 Penn av 

Patterson M. A., 86 4.} west 

Pearson C. B. & Bro., 634 11th west 

Pearson George 367 Penn av 

Pella John, 303 C north 

Pettit Smith, 330 Ohio av 

Pfeil D., 247 20th west 

Phillips Thomas J., 451 6th west 

Phillips Thomas W., 340 10th west 

Powell William, N J av c L north 

Pribram L., I north c 4th west 

Puinphrey Samuel, 4£ west c N south 

Purely H. C, 403 Penn av 

Queen Edward F., 363 7th west 

Quigley Mary, 546 13th west 

Quigley William, 181 7th west 

Quinn Daniel, 433 13th west 

Randall G. A. W., 311 D north 

Ready H., 528 K north 

Redfern Samuel, H north c 19th west 

Redmond J., 532 Mass av 

Redstrake Wm. J., 268 N T av 

Reed Bushrod W., 231 F north 

Reidy J., 464 F north 

ReillyT., 113Vaav 

Reily Peter, 399 L south 

Richards Alfred & Thomas A., S Cap c N south 

Richter P., 566 L north 

Riddle John, 585 Md av 

Rigdon E., 23 E Capitol 

Roachford Johanna, L south n 6th west 

Roberts S., 88 23d west 

Robertson William B., 345 7th west 

Roemmele J. C, 326 18th west 

Rohleder Frances, 252 F south 

Rowles James F., 43 7th west 

Ryan John, 3d west n E south 

Ryan Mary, 3d west n D south 

Ryon Richard J., 9th west c D north 

Sanderson Thomas, 494 G south 

Sanderson Thomas H., 583 11th east 

Scaggs James S., 432 7th west 

Schulze William, 286 7th west 

Schwinghamer Eugene, 13£ west c D north 

Scrivener T., 330 Del av 

Semmes John H. & Co., 523 9th west 

Shaley Catharine, 294 2d west 

Shaughnessy William, 155 Del av 

Shaw" John, 179 7th west 

Shaw L. Mrs., 198 3d west 

Sheckels Theodore, 371 7th west 

Shehan D., 72 A south 

Shehan Mary, 408 B, north 

Sievers Henry, 435 7th west 

Smith Thomas, 418 Va av 

Smyth John, 481 L south 

Sniffin Theodore, 505 G south 

Snyder L. W., 8th west c N north 

Sommer J. H., 156 Md av 

Spalding J., C north n 1st west 

Spaukling George, 674 4th east 

Steele William F , 527 I south 

Stewart George W., 437 12th west 

Stewart John H., north n 10th west 

SteAvart Maria, 336 L south 

Stinzing Frederick, 243 7th west 

Stoddard Elizabeth, 186 4.', west 

Stone J. O., 8 E Capitol 

Stone Walter, F south n 9th west 

Stutz F., 491 11th west 

Sullivan Mary, 560 Md av 

Sullivan Mary, r 215 F south 

Sullivan P., C north c 1st west 

Sullivan T. D., 56 A south 

Sutherland I., 17 E Capitol 

Talbert Wm., 557 11th east 

Talbert William II , 624 11th east 

Thistleton & Smith, 606 7th west 

Thompson C. W., 600 H north 

Thompson Robert E., 3d east c D south 

Thyson Paulus, 393 7th west 

Todtschnider W.. 372 Mass av 

Tolson Addison, 536 7th east 

Tucker John H., 101 D south 

Turner Henry, 450 11th west 

Tynan John, 333 L north 

Upperman W. H., 419 Penn av 

Vanhorn Rebecca, 391 L south 

Vass H. H.,285 Penn av 

Venable J. G., E south c 12th east 

Venable Joseph G., 7th east e G south 

Wagner Philip, 624 C north 

Walker S. V., 431 14th west 

Walsh Edward, 373 12th west 

Walsh J., 120 A south 

Waugh James E., 9th west c N Y av 

Wayson Mary A., 542 Va av 

Weeks Joseph, 421 12th west 

Wells John, 720 6th west 

Welsh J., 220 B south 

Wescott Susan, 625 8th east 

Whalan John, 210 G north 

Whalen F., 216 B south 

White James, 10th west c F north 

White P. & Co., F north c 13th west 

Williams Henry, 180 5th west 

Williams & Jolly, Ga av c 3d east 

Wilson J. B., 327 Penn av 

Wilson N., 2014th west 

Wimsatt Richard, ft 11th west 

Wood Jane, 10th east n N C av 

Wood Lexcious A., E south c 9th east 

Wynn James H., 14th west c S north 

Bateman Joshua, 37 Fayette Georsret^wn 

Belt John M., 112 Bridge 

Bogue John J., 36 Market space 

Bohrer Benj., Montgomery c Beall 

Boucher T. F., 188 Bridge 

Bowen R. J., 86 Dunbarton 

Bradley J., 135 High 

Brooks L., 99 High 

Brown Alfred, 23 Market space 

Brown Daniel, 54 Fayette 

Brown J., 40 Water 

Callahan M., 26 Water 

Campbell J. F., 65 Montgomery 

Cathcart J. L., 94 High 

Clements L., 125 High 

Colburn R., 89 Greene 

Collins James, 105 Market 

Crowley W. F., 52 Bridge 

Crown Margaret S., 86 Market 

Cruit J. M., 45 Bridge 

Dorsey & Ernest, 118 High 

Dowling J. , 44 Bridge 

Ellis G. T. , Fayette n 2d 

Gormley M., 43 Jefferson 

Gross James F., 12S Water 

Johnson John C., 97 Water 

Jones F. A., 49 Montgomery 

Krouse Ann, 45 11th 

Lewis J., 12 Bridge 

Lipscomb E. A., 113 High 

Lipsoomb G. B., Montgomery c Dunbarton 

Litchfield H. T., 64 Dunbarton 

MoCraith Richard, Market c 3d 

McKelvia E., 26 Bridge 

Milbourn F. T., 103 High 

Milbourn F. T. & Bro., 91 High 

Mooney John, Market c 4th 



Morah A., 28 Bridge Georgetown 

Nichols & Wilkison, 57 High 

O'Donoughue Ellen, 160 Fayette " 

Offutt A. F. & Co., 165 Bridge 

Offutt H. L., 49 High 

Orme G. W., Bridge 

Oyster D. W., 79 High 

Bitter W. H. & H. G., Market n the Canal " 

Bobinson D., 74 Bridge " 

Scott John, 30 Water 

Sherwood Temple H., 342 High 

Stribling Cornelius, High c Water " 

Stroud G. W., 61 Bridge 

Sullivan Patrick, Market n 5th " 

Tenner W. H., 125 Bridge 

Trunn'el John H., 58 3d " 

Upperman C. A., 112 High 

Upperman G., 67 Bridge " 

Waters T., 115 High 

Whelan Martha, 7th c Frederick " 

White Bobert, 167 Bridge " 

Yates Zachariah, 24 West " 

Alexander C. W. & Bro., 77 Cameron Alexandria 

Amos Andrew J., North Pitt c Queen " 

Ballenger John T., American Coal wharf " 

Barker H. S. W., King c Commerce " 

Blacklock, Marshall & Co., Ferry Slip 

Boush Nathaniel, 3 South wharves " 

Bradt A. H., north end Boyal n Canal " 

Breen Patrick, 97 South Washington " 

Brewis T. A., Cameron n Royal " 

Broders J., 5 North Union " 

Burley James, 53 Cameron " 

Burns Tbomas, Prince c Fairfax " 

Dearborn .George W., 106 South Fairfax " 

Dorsey H. Carter, Queen c St Asaph " 

Douglass J. E., 146 King " 

George Isaac, 179 King " 

GIBSON A. L., 264 King 

Graham Charles, 33 North Washington " 

Gray Miller & Co., 33 King " 

Grigg Joseph, 325 King " 

Hamersley James F., Cameron c Henry " 

Harper J. Newton & Co., 2 Queen " 

Harris Walter, 314 King " 

Henderson John E., King c Alfred " 

Hulst Garret, 147 King " 

KEYS JOHN A., Boyal c Wolfe 

Kinchloe & Bruin, King c Union " 

Knox & Bro., 27 King 

Laphen John, 26 North Boyal 

McBurney George, Duke c Patrick " 

McCarty Dennis, 9 Prince " 

McGinnis Hugh, 335 King " 

McVeigh J. H. & Son, 12 South wharves " 

Mankin William, Cameron c Patrick " 

Mankin & Bro., 84 South Water " 

Marshall & Co., 11 King 

Monroe H. L., 5 King 

Mothersaid Louis, 61 Wolfe " 

Nugent Owen, 253 King " 

PHILLIPS JAMES E., Queen c Alfred 

Queen Hannah, 127 South Water " 

Bichardson John W. , 327 King 

Bobinson George H., 11 South wharves " 

Seldner & Stein, 20 north Boyal 

Sherwood Joseph T., 113 Queen " 

Simpson A.M., Water c Wolfe 

Simpson Gilbert, 16 North Fairfax " 

Sincox Aaron, North Alfred n Queen " 

Smith William H., Columbus c Princess " 

Smith William M., agent, 305 King 

Stoops Elinda J., Patrick n King " 

Taylor Elisha P., 338 King 

Tubman James R., 209 Cameron " 

Vaccari R., 25 Prince " 

Washington & Co., 11 North Union Alexandria 
Wheat & Bro., King st wharf " 

Wools William, North St Asaph n Queen " 


Morgan & Bhinehart, 27th west c G north 

Nevett James C, foot Duke 



Bell F. H., 60 Laav 
Bell L. C, 359 D north 
Bitner W. G., 158 Pa av 

Loeligar J., 456^ Pa av 

Munck C. H., 496 6th west 

Wagner J., 478 15th west 

Wassmann George F., 201 Penn av 

Knyser J. C., 57 Congress Georgetown 

Ludeke Joseph, 168 Bridge " 

Fornshil John, Boyal n King Alexandria 

Griffith Kinzey, lower end King " 


Baker S., 267 21st west 

Booker & Stewart (col'd), 314 E north 

Burgess George W., 8th west c D south 

Burke Daniel M., 233 F north 

Christmond Oscar B., 608 8th east 

Clarke B. C, 186 I north 

Cook H., 430 E north 

Dawson Edward L., 276 and 374 7th west 

Dechaner John, 442 7th west 

Dubois Marie, 256 Penn av 

Emmner J., 263 Penn av 

Gerhardt J., 306 C north 

Gibbs John H., 218 and 242 Penn av 

Harris J. T., 529 17th west 

Heard J.. 6th west, under National hotel 

Herbert Ananias, 415 7th west 

Hinkel J. P., 3 E Capitol 

Johnson Henry (col'd), 342 15th west 

Johnson & Brown (col'd), 495 6th west 

Leutner A., 516 Penn av 

McCubbin N. 0., Richmond house and 4th west 

n Mass av 
Martin William H., 427 7th west 
Mavers G., 496 Penn av 
Miller G. M., 369 Penn av 
Moxley A. (col'd), Penn av c 3d west 
Patten L. (col'd), 272 Penn av 
Rudd James N., 699 4th east 
Rudd James T., 521 9th west 
Saur G. C. G., 497 7th west 
Schaefer H., 427 E north 
Shorter & Clarke (col'd), 513 9th west 
Smith James D. (col'd), 316| F north 
Smith & Evans (coFd), 251 Penn av 
Tally James (col"d), 476 15th west 
Thomas William, 11th west n E south 
Triay Francis, 585 8th east 
Washington W. H., 43 A south 
Watkins William, 561 7th east 
Wright C. (col'd), 126 Penn av 
Bonitz H., 134 Bridge Georgetown 

Evans Bernard, 178 Bridge 
Ford James W., 176 Bridge 
Grusinger C, 124 High 
Guvernator J., 81 High 
Harris G. (col'd), 49 Bridge 
Jackson D. B. (col'd), 96 Bridge 
Matthews C, 60 Bridge 
Sandner L. S., 69 Bridge 
Wilson J., 63 High 
Jacobs H., 66 Prince Alexandria 

Lampert D., 242 King " 


Hair Work, Ornamental. 

Dubois Marie, 256 Perm av 
Gibbs J. H., 242 Penn av 

Hardware and Cutlery. 

Campbell & Son, 351 Penn av 

Dyer John W., 133 Penn av 

Elvans John R. & Co., 309 Penn av 

Francis Geo., 490 7th west 

Griffith & Shields, 339 Penn av 

Harvey F. L. & Co., 325 Penn av 

Savage J. L., 324 D north 

Sibley & Guy, 322 D north 

Tucker E. B., 482 7th west 

Venable William L., Va av c 7th east 

Wheeler E., 67 La av 

Adler M. J. & Co., 123 Bridge Georgetown 

English & Son, 138 Bridge " 

Linthicum E. M. & Co., High o Bridge " 

Carlin James F., 63 King Alexandria 

Carne W. F., King c Fairfax " 

Creighton John T., 88 King 

Muir John, 200 King " 

Harness, Saddles, and Trunks. 

(See also Trunks.) 

Bailey J. F., 591 7th west 

Donovan Michael, 98 4| west 

Germueller F., 383 Penn av and 372 7th 

Johnston H. S., 373 Penn av 
Jonscher E., 248 H north, 
Kircher David, 420 K north 
Koch B., 244 H north 
Lutz & Beall, 392 Penn av 
Murphy L., 470 13th west 
Oppenheimer M., 78 La av and 429 7th west 
Sessford George A., 309 E north 
Topham J. S., 499 7th west 
Weber C, 184 Penn av 

Reily & Bro., 84 High Georgetown 

Thomas J., 64 High 

Brown William N., 68 King Alexandria 

Moran A., 66 King. " 

Padgett Wm. F., 145 King 

Hats, Caps and Furs. 

Anthony J., 540 7th west 

Bernard & Co., 448 Penn av 

Cohen Edward, 416 7th west 

Davis J. Y., 356 Penn av 

Dittrich & Bro., 425 7th west 

Lane C. H., 424 Penn av 

Mattingly F., 494 7th west 

Stevens M. H., & Co., 360 Penn av 

Stinemetz B. H. 236 Penn av 

Stinemetz S., 542 7th west 

Reniick T., 126 Bridge Georgetown 

Seymour W. F., 132 Bridge 

Arnold John, King n Royal Alexandria 

EVANS J. T., 80 King 

Greenwood & Co., 105 King " 

Hay Scales. 

Clark I., 35 High Georgetown 

Hides and Leather. 

(See also Leather Dealers.) 
Kinsey B. S., 564 7th west 

Horse Shoes. 

(See also Blacksmiths.) 
Brown A., D north n 8th west 
McGuire T., 475 8th west 


Pilling F., 288 Penn av 


Avenue House, H. I. King, 7th west c Penn av 

Brown's, 364 Penn av 

Casparis J., 11 A south 

Clarvoe John H., 413 Penn av 

Dorsey Presley W., 381 7th west 

Franklin, C. Finkmann, 253 Penn av 

Franklin House, C. & H. W. Martin, 8th west c 

D north 
Howell Daniel, 167 Penn av 
Juniata House, Lusk & Smith, 25 4| west 
Kimmell House, H. F. Johns, 355 c north 
Kirkwood House, J. H. & A. W. Kirkwood, Penn 

av c 12th 
Mt. Vernon, John Mellor, 826 6th west 
National, F. Tenny & Co., Penn av and 6th west 
Potomac, Geo. T. Howard, H south c 10th west 
Potomac House, 792 6th west 
Powhattan House, T. J. Thomas, foot 7th west 
Richmond House, F. Brandner, 8th west c D 

St. Charles, S. Lamb, 3d west c Penn av 
United States, Remer, Smith & Co., 470 Penn av 
Vernon House, A. Gage, 3d c Mo av 
Virginia House, H. Knight, Md av c 13| west 
Washington, A. F. Beveridge, 3d west c Penn av 
Willard's, J. C. & H. A. Willard, 224 Penn av 
Wren's, G. W. Wren, 550 7th west 
Farmer's, Jos. Fisher, 106 High Georgetown 

Georgetown, Ellen R. Lang, 129 Bridge " 

Maryland House, John Davis, 130 High " 

Metropolitan, Wm. C. Hazel, 168 Beall " 

Montgomery House, Samuel D. Linn, 126 

Union, E. R. Abbott, Bridge c Washington " 
White House, C. Anthony Rodier, 33 High " 
American House, D. Colvin & Bro., 331 

King Alexandria 

City, Samuel Heflebower, Royal c Cameron " 
Green House, James Crawford, 55 Cameron ' ' 
Green's Mansion House, George L. Stewart 

& Samuel F. Gregory, Fairfax c Cameron " 
Marshall House, Martin V. Maddox, King 

c Pitt 
Rail Road, John Ryon, King c Fayette " 

Union, 7 North Union, James Guy, propr " 
Virginia House, King c Peyton, Thomas 

Huntington, propr " 

House Furnishing Goods. 
Boteler C. W. & Sons, 318 Penn av 
Green C. E., 178 Penn av 
Savage J. L., 324 D north 
Woodward C, 318 D north 
Ogden John, King n Pitt Alexandria 


Adams E. C, 1 Centre market 

Anderson L., 4 Northern market 

Andrews G. K., Northern market and 51 Centre 

Atkins D. (col'd), 315 Centre market 
Ballinger Richard, 64 M south 
Ballinger Westley, 64 M south 
Beach N., S5 Centre market 



Beach S. C, Northern market 
Bladen W., 523 Centre market 
Blaisdell William A., 143 Centre market 
Brewer J. W., 12 Northern market 
Brook Boyd X., 31 Centre market 
Brooks C. (col'd), 92 Centre market 
Brown II., 73 Northern market 
Brown S., 517 Centre market 
Brown T., 49 Centre market 

Caldwell William N., 63 and 127 Centre mkt 
Cammack John, 125 Northern market 

Carroll D. (col'd), 69 Centre market 

Carter J. (col'd), 87 Centre market 

Chambers J., 72 Centre market 

Colclazer J. I., Northern market 

Collins William T., Northern market 

Crawford Charles H., 66 Northern market 

Croggon John, 43 Centre market 

Crowley W. F., 526 Centre market 

Cummings William, 14th west c B north 

Cunningham B., 12 Northern market 

Davis J. A. 514 Centre market 

Bean J. T. W., 86 Centre market 

Delaney C. (col'd), 94 Centre market 

Donaklson B. S., 525 Centre market 

Donaldson T. G-., 137 Centre market 

Donn A., 63 Centre market 

Dunnington J. F., 97 Centre market 

Elliott W.. 519 Centre market 

Flemming Eliza, 71 Northern market 

French C. E., 143 Centre market 

Freund L., Northern mkt and 516 Centre mkt 

Fnnk H., 146 Centre market 

Galhorn G. W., 95 Centre market 

Glorius G., 173 Centre market 

Goodrich J., 14 Northern market 

Grimes B., 61 Centre market 

Hammond John. Northern market 

Hardinjr T., 122 Centre market 

Heine William, 61 Northern market 

Heitmuller A., 37 Northern market 

Heitmuller H. , Northern market 

Hessler L., 105 Centre market 

Hines A., 319 Centre market 

Hoyle H. J., 53 Centre market 

Hughes B., 317 Centre market 

Jones N. (col'd), 111 Centre market 

Jones Thomas S., 62 Northern market 

Kaufman G., 72 Northern mkt and 15 Centre mkt 

Keefe J., 153 Centre market 

Keefe John, 41 Centre market 

King John, 17 Northern market 

King Bichard, 8 Northern market 

King B. F., 119 Centre market 

Kline T., Northern market 

Lacy W., 515 Centre market 

Langley T. H., 163 Centre mkt and 124 Northern 

Lavender J., 11 Northern market 

Litchfield H. T., 4 Centre market 

McDonough P., 7 Centre market 

McElfresh C. E., 55 Centre mkt and 129 North- 
ern market 

McElfresh H. B., 133 Centre mkt and 123 North- 
ern market 

Martin H.. 521 Centre market 

Miller D., 145 Centre market 

Mulliken J. W., 5 Centre market 

Neumeyer J., Northern mkt and 187 Centre mkt 

Newmeyer L., 321 Centre market 

Newton B. (col'd), 316 Centre market 

Padgett J. T., 132 Centre market 

Page C. G., 124 Centre mkt 

Pitton Henry, Northern mkt 

Poole W. E., 20 Northern mkt 

Porter Robert, 103 Northern mkt 

! Porter Wm., 323 Centre mkt 
Ray Alfred, 10 Northern mkt 
Reed A (col'd), 66 Northern mkt 
Beed Wm., 168 Centre mkt 

Richter C, 77 Centre mkt and 15 Northern mkt 
Biddle Wm. 0., 109 and 110 Centre mkt and 65 

Northern mkt 
Boach M., 115 Centre mkt 
Roth Ambrose, 17 Northern mkt and 171 Centre 

Rover John, 67 Northern mkt 
Sanford Washington, 790 6th west 
Schench Geo., 128 Northern mkt and 520 Centre 

Schofield John, Northern mkt 
Scott J., 512 Centre mkt 

Shied J. T., Northern mkt and 39 Centre mkt 
Sherwood P., 142 Centre mkt 
Shoemaker S., 320 Centre mkt 
Shreve J. H., 522 Centre mkt 
Shreve S., 47 Centre mkt 
Shreve Wm., Northern mkt 
Simmerzer L., 107 Centre mkt 
Stello Henry, 16 Northern mkt 
Stevens C, 99 Centre mkt 

Stewart J. A., Northern mkt and 37 Centre mkt 
Stewart J. C, 322 Centre mkt 
Stone Thomas, Northern mkt 
Stryker P. A., 75 Northern mkt 
Summers J. H., 83 Centre mkt 
Summy Benj., Centre mkt 
Thompson B. L.. 525 Centre mkt 
Tillmer Rose (col'd), 69 Northern mkt 
Vowles E. F., 178 Centre mkt 
Wallingsford W., 147 Centre mkt 
Weaver J. H., 121 Centre and 13 Northern mkts 
Wells Peyton J., Centre mkt 
West Stillman, Northern Liberties and 186 Centre 

Wilkison L. L., 2 Centre mkt 
Williams H., Northern mkt 
Wilson John L., Marsh mkt and 130 Northern 

and 54 Centre mkts 
Burrows B., Georgetown mkt Georgetown 

Burrows J., do " 

Byrne Philip W., 173 Bridge 
Calhoun R., Georgetown mkt 
Chandler H. (col'd), do 

CoakleyL. (col'd), do " 

Evans T. H., do " 

Mankins E., do " 

Mankins S. W., do " 

O'Donnoghue J., do " 

Pettis W., do " 

Robertson W. H., do " 

Sherwood E., do " 

TuerveyT., do 

Wood J., do 

Banes John, market Alexandria 

Berry Thomas, do " 

Cawood Moses O.B., do " 

Childs John, do 

Cook J. F., do 

Cook John H., do " 

Craft Jacob, do " 

Crawford James, do 
Cross Wm. J., do 

Elliott Julia, do 

Gilbert John, do 

Glasscock Geo. W., do 
Grimes James G., do 

Hight Christian, do " 

Hoenstein Rachel, do 
Hotbough Joseph, do 
Johnson Dennis, do 
Lyles Rebecca, do 


Martin Joseph, market 


Monroe John M. 
Monroe Susanna, 
Naylor B., 
0' Sullivan Daniel, 
Powell Joseph, 
Pulman Samuel, 
Pulman Thomas, 
Poland Frederick, 
Ryon John W., 
Sherwood Lewis A. 
Smith Robert W., 
Studds Frederick, 
Sullivan Andrew, 
Thorn William, 
Travis John, 
Welch John, 
Williams Robert, 


Ice Dealers. 

Vernon Charles R., foot 13th west 

Godey W., Greene c Dunbarton Georgetown 

Ink Manufacturer, "Writing. 

Wilson William, 528 7th west 

Inspectors, Flour. 

Shoemaker G., 7 High 
Taylor Robert, 8 North Union 


Instrument Makers, Mathematical, 
Nautical and Philosophical. 

Burch John, 333 F north 
W'urdemann W., 304 B north 

Insurance Companies. 

(See also Agents, Insurance.) 
Fireman's of Washington and Georgetown, C nth 

cor 7th west 
Franklin, 515 7th west 

Mutual, office adjoining Bank of Washington 
Washington, 292 Pa av 

Potomac, 51 High Georgetown 

Fire, of Alexandria, 127 King Alexandria 

Potomac, of Alexandria, 11 South Fairfax " 
The Southern Protection, King n Royal " 

Intelligence Office. 

Leonard C, 494 ,11th west 

Iron Fences, Railing, &c. 

Mead James H. , La av n 9th west 

Iron Founders. 

Schneider F. & A., Pa av c 18th west 

White Charles, Maine av n 4£ west 

Duvall W. T., Washington on Canal Georgetown 

GEMMEL CD., North Henry n King Alexandria 

Jamieson Thomas S., Royal c Wilkes " 

Iron and Steel, Dealer in. 

Baldwin George T., 1 3 North Fairfax Alexandria 


(See Watchmakers and Jewellers.) 

Justices of the Peace. 

Barnaclo Jonathan W., 3SS 9th west 
Callan N. 
Carberry Thomas 

Clark J. D. 

Clements R. H., 

Cooper William, 10th district, 209 D south 

Cooper Samuel 

Corry J. L. 

Cull James 

Donn T. C, 70 La av 

Drury Samuel, 73 Penn av 

Ferguson B. W., 538 Pa av 

Fisher T. J. 

Fulmer G. H. 

Giberson G. L. 

Goddard J. H. 

Hazard 0. E. P., 227 Pa av 

Hollingshead J. S., 8th west c E north 

Johnson J. H., 68 La av 

Kelly M. 

McCormick W. J. 


Mulloy W. A., 440 3d east 

Murphey F. J. 

Murray Henry G., 650 8th east 

Myer F. S. 

Naylor H. 

Peck Joseph 

Roche R. J. 

Rowland D. 

Smith Daniel 

Spalding H. C. 

Thompson William, 465 8th west 

Van Zandt N. B. 

Walter Charles, 397 D north 

Wannall C. P. 

Waters William 

Waugh W. A. 

White R. 

Williams Thomas J., 426 K north 

Woodward W. R. 

Lager Beer Saloons. 

Ackmann C, 398 Md av 
Bopst M., 522 N J av 
Hassenmeyer G. F., 315 D north 
Heimerdinger C, 334 E north 
Huhn M., 552 7th west 
Koch Henry, 294 7th west 
Loeffler Ernst, 226 4th west 
Richter & Schonborn, r 630 E south 
Rupp Frederick, 376 7th west 
Staehle J., 492 Penn av 

Werner C, 355 Penn av, 270 B north, and 521 
Centre mkt 

Lampblack Manufacturers. 

Wilson H. C. & Co., 22d west c Upper Water and 
La av c 7th west 

Lamps, Fluid, &c. 

Rowe John, 6th east n C south 
Whittlesey C. S., 534 7th west 


Abert Charles, 211 F north 
Alexander & Bro., 499 7th west 
AshfordM., City Hall 
Averill Calvin K., 536 Penn av 
Baxter S. S., 486 12th west 
Bennett Clement W., 42S H north 
Berry T. W., 10 4| west side 
Birchett R. T., 490 7th west 
Blair Montgomery, 6 President's square 
Bradley & Bradley, 1 4 .V west 
Brandeburv L. G., 341 18th west 
Brent George W., 26 La av 



Brent J. C, City Hall 

Brooke Z. B., La av c 7th west 

Carusi E., La av c 7th west 

Carlisle & Maurv, 436 D north 

Chase G. N., 393 1st west 

Chase J. P., 393 1st west 

Chipman Geo., 360 C north 

Clarke & Smith, 6th west e La av 

Cox W. S., 40 La av 

Coxe R. S., 430 D north 

Craig J. N., 524 7th west 

Crawford W. S., jr., 42Si D north 

Cross Win. B. B., 428 i D north 

Cruger L., 184 I north 

Davidge & Ingle, 24 La av 

Dayton Wm. B., 8 La av 

Dodge T. H.. 7th west c F north 

Edwards John S., 442 F north 

Ennis J. F., 22 La av, 282 F north 

Everett C, patent attorney, 476 7th west 

Everett T. T., patent attorney, 488i 7th west 

Fend all Philip K, 4* opp City Hall 

Fendall Wm. Y., 4* opp City Hall 

Force Wm. Q., 480 10th west 

French B. B., 37 E Capitol 

Funstea D., 30 La av 

Giberson Gilbert L., 64 La av 

Gibson Minor, 407 H north 

Gillet R. H., 405 N Y av 

Grammer C, 428| D north 

Hamilton J. C. C, 428J- D north 

Harrington G., 452 E north 

Hatch N., 492 7th west 

Hatch N., 514 12th west 

Henry P. M., 476 7th west 

Hill S. H., 472 E north 

Johnson Reverdy, 271 Vt av 

Jones C. L., over Bank of Washington 

Kennedy John G, 7th west c F north 

King T. B., 38 La av 

Laskey R. H., 36 La av 

Learnard C. J., over Bank of Washington 

Ledyard Henry, 275 Vt av 

Lenox W., 49 La av 

Lewis Samuel L., 73 K north 

Linton John A., 49 La av 

Lloyd & Carrington, 20 La av 

McCalla J. M., 15 Ind av 

McCutchen John H., 24 Mo av 

Mclntire J. N., 7th west c F north 

Major D., 32 La av 

Miller W. J., La av c 7th west 

Minor Frank, 40 Mo av 

Morfit H. M., 36 U west 

Morgan E. C, 395 D north 

Baylor C, 4 4^ west 

Neeley John T., 25 4 k west 

Norris John E., 362 7th west 

Ould R., 462 15th west 

Pendleton W. A., 432 D north 

Peters J- H.. 1st east n C south 

Philip W. H., 40 Laav 

Phillips P., 462 15th west 

Pigott J., 311 6th west 

Pollak A., 474 7th west 

Randolph & Randolph, 520 7th west 

Reed Amos, 514 7th west 

Risque F. W., 544 7th west 

Robbins Z. C, patent att'y, 7th west c F north 

Rockwell John A., 211 F north 

Rooker W. B., City Hall 

Scrivener T., jr., 486 12th west 

Sherman C. E., 413 3d west 

Smith B. P., City Hall 

Smith F. L., 8 4| west side 

Smith J. B. H., 334 H north 

Stanton E. M , 472 15th west 

Stevens H. L., 474 7th west 

Stevens J. T., 517 7th west 

Stone Wm. J., jr., 443 5th west 

Swann Edward, 26 La av 

Thompson M., 21 4k west 

Thrift R. G., 28 La av 

Tyler Samuel, over Bank of. Washington 

Tyson John S., La av c 7th west 

Tyson John S., jr., La av c 7th west 

Utermehle C. H., 8 La av 

Wallach C. S., 7 Ind av 

Ward Wm. H., 356 Penn av 

Webb W. B., 4 La av 

Willett R. W., 391 Penn av 

Williams S. S., 17 4* west and 524 7th west 

Williams S. T., 464 Penn av 

Wilson James R., 432 D north 

Winder C. H., 527 17th west 

Woodward W. R., 454 6th west 

Wylie Andrew, 428^ D north 

Young McClintock, 299 F north 

Caperton H., jr.. 131 Bridge Georgetown 

Cox W. S., 103 Gay 

Jackson Richard P., 155 Bridge K 

Jones Frederick W., 164 Bridge " 

Marbury J., 51 High U 

MarburyJ. C, 51 High 

Matthews C. M., 55 Congress 

Beach S. Ferguson,' Market Bdg Alexandria 

BRENT & KINZER, Prince n Fairfax 

Claughton Hiram 0., King n Royal 

Marshall John, 7 South Royal ' " 

Neale Christopher, 7 North Washington " 

SMITH ROBERT J., 81 Prince 

SmootD. L., 11 South Royal " 

Wattles C. W., 127 King 

Yeaton W. C, 17 South Royal " 

Leather and Findings. 

(See also Sides and Leather.) 
Bergman L. M., 307 Penn av 
Brissey Isaiah E., 496 6th west 
Chery Clayton, La av n 9th west 
Ford Thomas G., 430 7th west 
Lerch John J. B., 508 11th west 
Shafer John C, agent, 289 Penn av 
Cox John E., 14 Bridge Georgetown 

Eliason E. A., 54 High 

Markell George H., 45 South Union Alexandria 
Smoot C. C. & Son, 21 King 
Taylor John T., 13 North Royal 


(See Appendix.) 

Lightning Rods. 
Olcott John B., 338 G north 

Lime, Plaster and Cement. 

Chism John, on Canal n 19th west 

Drury William P., 10th west c B north 

Godey William H., S K north and 9th west c B 

Hoover Lawson P., Rock Creek n I north 
Mitchell C. W., 7th west and Canal 
Morgan & Rhinehart, 27th west c G north 
DAVIS JOSIAH H., 16 Sth wharves Alexandria 
Moore C. A., Union c Wilkes " 

Whiting & Wright, Union c Gibbon " 

Graham C. B. 


243 Penn av 


Livery Stables. 

Beasley J. B., 328 C north 

Birch Henry, 14th west n D north 

Bligh John, C north n 12th west 

Boteler P., 491 6th west 

Cowling & Bro., 304 G north 

Davis John, 471 8th west 

Earl Robert, 212 H north 

Fowler Alonzo R., r 331 12th west 

Howard John C, 382 7th west 

Keleher & Pywell, 8th west n E north 

Lakmeyer F., 229 G north 

Nailor Thompson, 299 E north 

Pumphrey J. W. 344 C north 

Rainey R. J., 469 8th west 

Shreve J. H., 380 7th west 

Smith T., 19th west n Penn av 

Wheedon William, E north n 13th west 

Cruit R. & Son, 4 Bridge Georgetown 

Darne Richard H., 192 Bridge 

Robertson James, 1st n Market 

Von Essen P., 38 Congress 

Warfield A. S. D., Bridge c Market 

Wright H., 86 Washington " 

Chatham & Bro., Nth Pitt c Cameron Alexandria 

Hamersley William H., 11 South Pitt 

Ware Charles A., 11 North Washington " 

Locksmiths and Bell Hangers. 

Fisher Frederick, 416 7th west 

Kuehling & Son, 259 Penn av 

Schneider C. G., 271 Penn av 

Shilling A., 367 E north 

Strobel John G., 322 Va av 

Wagner J., 478 15th west 

Daw R., 102 Bridge, Georgetown 

Kayser J. C, 57 Congress " 

Ludeke Joseph, 168 Bridge " 

Weadon F. M., 144 King Alexandria 

Looking Glass and Picture Frames. 

Lamb F., 237 Penn av 
Small George, 263 Penn av 
Wagner J., 255 Penn av 

Lumber Dealers. 

Coyle Fitzhugh & Bro., B north n 13 J west 

Easby H. N. & J.' W., D north c 26th west 

Fugitt Joseph, 90 La av 

Lenman & Bro., Ohio av n 12th west 

McLean William, 13th west c Canal 

Mosher Theodore, 4th east c Ga av 

Norment S., 3d west c Md av 

Van Riswick John, foot 6th west 

Walker Jonathan D., La av c 10th west 

Ward J. B. & Bro., 12th west c Canal 

Libbey J. & Son, 27 Water Georgetown 

Pickrell E. & Co., 51 and 53 Water 

Wheatley F., 37 Water 

Barker U. W., Union c Queen Alexandria 

Smoot, Uhler & Co., 21 North Union " 


Clapp E. D., 405 F north 

Ellis William M. & Bro., Ohio av c 13th west 

Hall & White, 4j west c Me av 

McClelland S., 467 10th west 

Maedel Charles B., 153 Penn av 

Nicholson Joseph, 257 Bridge Georgetown 

Smith & Perkins, foot of Wolfe Alexandria 


(See also Brewers.) 
Davison Joseph, K north c 27th west 

Marble "Workers. 

Acker N., E north c 1st west 

Bradley William, 201 H north 

Griffith William A., 430 9th west 

Rutherford Alexander, 471 13th west 

Rutherford William, 352 E north 

Stegmaier Michael, N Capitol n north 

Wilson A., Penn av n 1st east 

Nash Robert H. jr., Fairfax n Duke Alexandria 

Neale Charles L., Royal n Duke 

Owens R. & Bro., Duke c Alfred 

Mathematical, Nautical, and Philo- 
sophical Instrument Makers. 

(See Instrument Makers.) 

Merchants, Commission. 

Murray S., 55 La av 

McCobb & Dodge, 63 Water Georgetown 

Blacklock, Marshall & Co., Ferry slip Alexandria 

Cawood Daniel, 8 South Union 

Cazenove & Co., 27 and 29 North Union 

ELDRIDGE M. & Co., 6 South wharves 

English Zeph & Bro., 31 North Union 

Fowle William H. & Co., 4 South wharves 

Fowle & Co., 13 South wharves 

Gray Albert W. & Co., 31 King 

Gwin D. S. & Son, 6th South Union 

Hartley S. & Son, 35 North Union 

Herbert William W., 35 North Union 

Hooff P. H., 38 South wharves 

Knox& Bro., 27 King 

Lambert B H., 18 South wharves 

McKenzie Lewis, 36 South wharves 

Marshall & Co., 11 King 

NEVETT JAMES C, shippers, foot Duke 

Partlow, Hill & Co., 15 King 

Paul Isaac, Union c Queen 

Pennybaeker & Perry Bros., 17 King 

Perry Thomas, 5 South wharves 

Shinn Stephen, 61 South Union 

Suttle G. F. & Co., 10 South wharves 

Wheat & Bro., King st wharf 

Milk Depot. 

Bennet John E., 45 Prospect 


Milliners and Millinery Goods. 
Allen L., 305 Pa av 
Benezette Maria, 118 C south 
Bien S., Market space 
Blout H. L., 401 7th west 
Collins Martha M., 337 7th west 
Davison M. L., 299^ Pa av 
De Melville Madam, 296 E north 
Douglass A. P., 293 Pa av 
Etchison Rachel G., 23 Northern Mkt space and 

12 Market space 
Falconer Sarah, 353 7th west 
Gittings B. E., 14 Market space 
Haney Hugh, 179 Pa, av 
Hayward Hester, 437 13th west 
Heller Simon, 34 Market space 
Herman J. P., 335 Pa av 
Hills M. A., 296 Pa av 
Hutchinson M. A., 41 A south 
Hutchinson & Munro, 310 Pa av 
Jones D. Mrs., 491 j Sth west 
King IL, 294 Pa av 



King S., 289 Pa av 

Meager Grace, NYavc 10th west 

Partello C. V., 560 M north 

Preuss G., 289 Pa av 

Rimph M., 30 Market space 

Shepherd Mary S., 407 5th west 

Sickle M., Pa avn 8th west 

SiegelM.,379 Pa av 

Speir Ann, 275 Pa av 

Stassen H. L., 495 8th west 

Stevens R. C., 336 Pa av 

Thompson Ann E.. 506 Penn av 

White Carey W., 602 8th east 

"Willian M., 32 Market space 

Wolfsheimer Rachel, 605 8th east 

Clark Mary, 83 Bridge Georgetown 

McDonald E. E., 71 Bridge " 

Thorn Anna W., 133 Bridge " 

Wollard Ann, 91 Bridge " 

Berry E. T., 106 King Alexandria 

Schwarz Henry, 132 King " 

Solomon Ann, 164 King " 

Mineral "Waters. 

Arny & Shinn, Greene c Olive Georgetown 

Arny Louis C, Water n Cameron Alexandria 

Model Makers. 

Driver N. C, 476 7th west 
Smith Edward N., 452 7th west 
Wood William P., 4£ west c Maine av 

Music and Musical Instruments. 

Carusi N., 11th west n Pa av 

Decoeniel C. T., 314 D north 

Decoeniel & Dennis, Pa av n 11th west 

Ellis John F., 306 Pa av 

Metzerott W. G., Pa av c 11th 

Reichenbach F. C, 498 11th west 

Parrott John H., 166 King Alexandria 


Hagan J., D north n 8th west 

Newspapers and Magazines. 

(See also Appendix.) 
Congressional Globe and Appendix, 464 Penn av 
Constitution (The), E north n 12th west 
De Bow's Review, 291 F. north 
Evening Star ^The), 325 D north 
National Era (The), Ind av cor 2d west 
National Intelligencer (The), 7th west c D north 
Republic (The) , Ind av cor 2d west 
States & Union (The), 7th west cor D north 
Potomac Advocate and Herald, office r 10 

Prospect Georgetown 

Alexandria Gazette (Edgar Snowdon, edi- 
tor), 70 Prince Alexandria 
Southern Churchman (Rev. D. F. Sprigg, 

editor), 70 Prince " 

n King " 

Notaries Public. 

Bestor W. C. 

Bradley C. 

Brent J. C. 

Brown E. F., 7th west cor F north 

Callan J. F. 

CallanN., 213 F north 

Causten J. H. 

Clark J. D. 

De Selding C, 507 7th west 

Donoho T. 

Fitzpatrick J. C. 

Hamilton E. M. 

Hollingshead J. S. 

Hooe B. 

Howard W. E. 

Hyde A. 

James C. H. 

James J. D. 

McKenny J. 

McNeir G. 

Mechlin A. H. 

Nourse J. R. 

Noyes J. H., 572 H north 

Phillips G. W. 

Ray Alexander 

Stettinus S. 

Sweeney H. B. 

Thomas G. C. 

Walker J. T. 

Walter C. 

Webb J. F. 

Williams S. S. 

Williams W. P., 310 E north 

Nurserymen, Seedsmen and Florists. 

Cammack Wm., 13th west cor E north and 14th 

west n R north 
Howlett J., 176 N T av 
Hughes William, 567 7th west 
Jardin Armand, Conn av cor 18th west 
Saul John, 396 7th west 
Savage George, 294 5th west 
Yelte G. L., 104 Centre market 
Small John H., 8th n Fayette Georgetown 


Butler E., 569 H north 
Coulson T. (cold), 117 F north 
Dines Maria (col'd), 263 C south 
Dunlap Charlotte (col'd), 303 Md av 
Gates M., 204 L north 
Hyssett E., 332 18th west 
Landey Julia (col'd), r 420 L north 
Lyles Semas (col'd), 309 8th west 
Marks Fanny (col'd), 312 I north 
Page Margaret, 364 9th west 
Watts Mary (col'd), 182 K north 

Woolfson D. T. 


244 Penn av 


Tobias John, 426 Penn av 
Woolfson D. T., 244 Penn av 


Schwarze J. R. B., 498 12th west 
Stant William H., IK north 
BECKLEY R. D. (col'd), 204 King Alexandria 
Conway Gilbert (col'd), North St Asaph n 

Oyster Saloons. 

(See also Restaukants.) 
Ambush Stephen (col'd), B north n N Capitol 
Brown Robert W., I north c 9th west 
Butler B. (col'd), 445 6th west 
Coakley Gabriel (col'd), 214 H north 
France James (col'd), N Y av n 13th west 
Harvey Thomas M., 281 C north 
Pickrell Ignatius D., 256 E north 
l Reed Joseph (col'd), 522 13th west 


Seymour Lorenzo (col'd), 12th west n H north 
Seymour Robert (col'd), 11th west c I north 
Smith Edward, 222 21st west 
Sunby J. (col'd), 249 21st west 
Wilson H., 550 N J av 

Painters, Coach and Carriage. 
Root David S., 544 M north 

Painters, Decorative. 

Conboye J. C, 71 La av 

Painters, Fresco. 

Carstens Emerich, 193 Md av 
Schutter & Michaelson, 342 G north 

Painters, House and Sign. 

Angel John T., 348£ Va av 

Bartels Hugo, 320 C north 

Beron William, 564 7th west 

Bischof J., 18 Washington 

Borland J. A., 386 7th west 

Bowen C. T. & U. G., N Y av n 15th west 

Carr William E., 257 G north 

Cassell John T., 7th west n Md av 

Clements B. H. & Bro., 160 Penn av 

Collier A. J., 406 7th west 

Drury & Mickum, 73 Penn av 

Earp J. W., 475 11th west 

Elmore Jerome, 86 C south 

Frere R. M., Jackson Hall al 

German J. H., 65 Penn av 

Goodrich W., 272 G north 

Guerin August, fancy signs, 409 K north 

Harris & Crossfield, 343 E north 

Harvey William C, 681 7th west 

McLean R., 358 E north 

Mahoney Robert, 85 G south 

Mankin John W., 481 9th west 

Miller J. H., 345 B south 

Moore R., 484 6th west 

O'Bryon J., 347 E north 

Orton William H., 520 7th west 

Parker M. T., 53 La av 

Parker & Spalding, 190 Penn av 

Peake John, 11th east n Penn av 

Scott John B., 12th west c E north 

Stanley Thomas, 455 9th east 

Turnburke G., 14th west n G north 

Vantyne J. S., 5th west n M north 

Varnell G., 51 La av 

Walker W. T. & Bro., 579 12th west 

Willson Edward J., 65 7th west 

Clements John, 51 1st Georgetown 

Fowler John, Frederick c 7th 

Godey & Goddard, 51 Congress 

Murray James, 141 Bridge 

OffuttC. A., 23 Potomac 

Offutt Edward T., 77 Market 

Butts A., 34 South Water Alexand 

Hurdle & Monroe, Pitt n King 

Kell Arthur C, 15 Prince 

Nowland C. W., 79 Duke 

Rudd John A, 92 Prince 

Williams G. R., Duke c Fairfax 

Painters, Landscape. 
Clements A. II., 278i Penn av 

Painters, Ornamental. 

Franze L., 320 C north 
Lahayne C, 432 E north 

Painters, Portrait. 

Brown P., 434 Penn av 

Cranch J., 514 Penn av 

King C. B., 486 12th west 

Stanley J. M , 278^ Penn av 

Ulke H., 434 Penn av 

Washington W. D., 486 12th west 

Simpson A., 59 Congress Georgetown 

Paints, Oils, and Glass. 
Jillard J. & Son, 254 Penn av 
Merryman John H., 261 7th west 

Paper Box Makers. 

Hammerschlag Herman, 404 7th west 

Paper Hangers. 

Hounschild W., 168 Pa av 
Rodier C. H., 106 Bridge 
Rudd John A., 92 Prince 


Paper Hangings. 

Alexander J., 240 Pa av 

Clark L. F., 248 Pa av 

Franklin & Rothrock, 505 9th west 

Markriter J., 486 7th west 

Meiners August, 367 7th west 

Moore D., 538 7th west 

Willner Francis, 365 1ST Y av 

Clark J. P., 158 King Alexandria 

Tacey Jefferson, 157 King 

Paper Warehouses. 
Hill George, jr., 99 La av 
Towers Edward, 377 and 408 D north 

Patent Medicines. 

Bassett J. M., 384 Md av 
Cannon William M., 528 7th west 
Mcintosh Henry C. 0. L., E south n 6th west 
Rupp Frederick, 580 11th east t 

Hertzberger I., 429 Pa av 


Antony J. G., 48 La av 
Appleton H. D., 413 C north 
Baum Leonard, 407 11th west 
Blanchard S. B., 258 Pa av 
Bogan M. V. B., 455 Mass av 
Borrows J., 396 E north 
Boyle C, 27 4| west 
Brothers & Gray, 179 B south 
Butts William B., 279 7th west 
Christie Francis C, 323 9th west 
Cleary R., 188 4.V west 
Craig B. F., 233 I north 
Davis A. McD., 443 E north 
Dove George M., 472 I south 
Draper L. J., 421 11th west 
Duhamel W. J. C, 496 I north 
Eliot J., 408 F north 
Force C. F., 32S D north 
Gaburri L. E., 423 13th west 
Garnett A. Y. P., 465 9th west 
Gibbons John L., 32S N Y av 
Grayson J. C, 451 13th west 
Green J., homoeopathic, 385 C north 
Gross George, botanic, 407 11th west 
Hagner D. R... 2! t II north 
Hall J. C, 334 Pa av 



Hansman T., 491 7th west 

Harlie C, 150 Pa av 

Hellen B. J., 396 4th west 

Herbert J. W., 550 H north 

Hill F. H., 445 F north 

Holston J. G. F., 373 E north 

Howard Hamilton P., 332 F n6rth 

Johnson Richmond D., 175 Pa av 

Johnston William P., 466 7th west 

Jones William, 403 C north 

Keasbey J. B., 332 Pa av 

King C. E. R., 258 8th west 

Lee Alfred H., 400 I north 

Liebermann Charles H.. 241 F north 

Lincoln N. S., 510 12th west 

Lindsley H., 370 C north 

Lindslev W., C north c 4V west 

Lippitt W. F., 371 F north 

Lippolt J. G., 608 N north 

Lovejoy James W. H., 411 12th west 

McKim Samuel A. H., 586 7th east 

MeCalla J. M., jr., 13 Indiana av 

McCoy G., 346 B north 

Magruder William B., 91 Pa av 

Marburv William, 9th west c H north 

Martin P. M., 237 7th west 

Maury T. F., 4^ west c C north 

May J. F., 397 C north 

Mead Francis W., 681 6th west 

Melvin M. B., Ya av c 7th west 

Miller Aaron W , 549 6th east 

Miller Thomas, 246 F north 

Morgan James E., 604 Md av 

Newman W. G. H., 76 K north 

Palmer William G. P., 458 H north 

Pope Gustavus W., 14th west cor I north 

Purrington Tobias, 302 F north 

Pteily James R., 370 7th west 

Riley John C, 453 14th west 

Roberts John M., 433 G south 

Robinson Thomas S., 350 10th west 

Semmes A. J., 349 19th west 

Smith J. S., 4th west cor Mass av 

Smith L., 188 4^ west 

Smoot S. C, 128 Penn av 

Speake Rufus H., 324 G north 

Stone Robert K , F north cor 14th west 

Storrow S. A., 128 F north 

Thompson J. Ford, 319 7th west 

Toner J. M., 37 La av 

Tucker W. McK., 368 C north 

Verdi T. S., 224 F north 

Waring J. J., 442 E north 

Waters W. E., 78 K north 

Waters William E., 254 C north 

Whelan W., 254 G north 

Willett J. E., 536 13th west and 93£ 4£ west 

Williams Wm. A., 17 4=h west 

Worster J. R., 447 10th west 

Young N., 421 Penn av 

Young William P, jr., 414 9th west 

Bohrer B. S., 104 Gay Georgetown 

Burroughs D., 95 Washington " 

Busey S. C, 149 West " 

Lauck Isaac S., 40 Potomac " 

Lumsdon W. 0., 31 Gay " 

Mackall L., jr., 110 Bridge " 

Magruder H., 44 3d " 

Riley J., 91 Gay 

Ritchie J. A., 137 High 

Snyder J. M., Gay cor Congress " 

Tyler G., 72 Gay " 

Adam T. I., King cor Columbus Alexandria 

Chancellor C. W., 167 King 

French David B., 18 North Washington " 

Johnson J. B., 190 Kins " 

Stabler Richard H., King cor Wash- 
ington Alexandria 
Snowden Harold, 4 North Pitt " 

Piano Tuners. 

Becker V., 306 Penn av 

Dennis B. F., Penn ay n 11th west 

Rebine M., 473 14th west 

Plane Makers. 

Bridge Joseph, 458 7th west 

Planing Mills. 

Curtis Henry, 10 Mo av 

Truman & Draper, 12th west cor Ohio av 

Simms W. H. & J. L., ft Wash'ton Georgetown 

Allen & Jackson, 275 Penn av 
Callahan Charles, 5th west n M 
Sibrey William, 321 9th west 

Plumbers and G-as Fitters. 

(See also Gas a> t d Steam Fitters.) 
Bickel J. F., 393 Penn av 
Cunningham C. W., 506 11th west 
Dove Wm. T. & Co., 500 9th west 
Evans T., 162 Penn av 
Furse Thomas, 307 E north 
Goodall George W., 564 7th west 
Miller Thos. W., 243 Penn av 
Myers & McGhan, 376 D north 
Scheifley J., 273 Penn av 
Snyder C, 321 D north 
Thompson J. W. & Bro., 269 Penn av 
Thompson & Hannan, 487 6th west 
Evans T., 100 High Georgetown 

Thompson & Bro., 74 High " 

PARK PHILIP, 113 Prince Alexandria 


(See also Restaurants.) 
Adams James E., 629 8th east 
Bellew Robert, 550 12th west 
Byrnes Matthew, 255 F north 
Fahey Thos., 556 7th west 
Golden Margaret 616 8th east 
Greason Wm., E north e 13th west 
Rollins J., 560 7th west 
Sanderson Edward 0., 407 L south 
Talty Isaac, 330 E north 
Willett John A., 657 7th east 
Byng John, 50 Water Georgetown 


Burnett Enoch, 369 8th west 
Reinhart C, 25th west n F north 
Straub J., 559 L north 

Preserved Meats. 

Dubois F. & Chas. Reglain, 366 E north 

Printers, Book and Job. 

Alexander C, 191 F north 

Buell & Blanchard, Ind av c 2d west 

Gideon Geo. S., 511 9th west 

McGill Thos., 271 Penn av 

Moore Wm. H., 312 D north 

Polkinhorn Henry, 375 and 377 D north 

Sage F. H., 7th cor La av 

Towers L., 6th west c La av 

Waters R. A., 323 D north 


Wendell Cornelius, H north cor N Capitol 
Gazette, 70 Prince Alexandria 

Sentinel, 12 South Royal " 

Steuart William, 43 King " 

Printer, Copperplate. 

Rutherdale J. S., 588 N J av 


Wilson & Barr, 496 9th west 
Shekell R. A., 92 High 
Brown John 

Javinel Charles, Fairfax n King 
Slater John 



Allen Timothy, H north n 2d east 

Anderson E., 84 G north 

Andrews & Vanhorn, 384 L south 

Brooks Joseph C, 573 8th east 

Brooks & Jones, 555 11th east 

Brumagim Jacob S., 371 4£ west 

Chase William, 197 I north 

Coomes & Bro., 131 Penn av 

Cunningham R., 215 Centre mkt 

Day Charles T., 622 C north 

Guinand William, 541 8th east 

Hunter William, 365 10th west 

Jones James, 555 11th east 

Krammer George W., 574 11th west 

Lavender J., N noi'th c 5th west 

Linkins Francis, K north n 20th west 

Lokey James B., 488 Md av 

McArdle Stephen, 5 Snow's al 

McDaniel Enoch, 470 E south 

Mallard & Duval, 235 Penn av 

Moffat Daniel J., 575 Penn av 

Newkirk William B., 502 Penn av 

Pfluger John J., K north n 20th west 

Piles Thomas, 556 4th east 

Preston Wainwright, 11th west n Md av 

Scott Samuel, 580 C north 

Soter John, 251 7th west 

Stewart George W., 437 12th west 

Van Slyke M., H north c 13th west 

Vermillion Richard, 4£ west n N south 

Watson James, 321 12th west 

Wise Joseph, 584 C north 

Donaldson W, 140 High Georgetown 

Fowler W. R., 37 Bridge " 

Robinson & Evans, 111 High " 

Seyes W. H., 68 Bridge ' " 

Delphey Bartholomew, Alexandria mkt 

Young J. T., 8 North Union " 

Public Buildings and Halls. 

Columbian Armory, situated on the Mall bet 6th 

and 7th west n B south 
Masonic Lodge Hall, Va av cor 4th east 
Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, 526 8th east 
Temperance Hall, 401 E north 
Forrest Hall, High n 1st Georgetown 

Masonic Hall, 51 and 53 High " 

Society Hall, High c Prospect " 

Liberty Hall, Cameron n Royal Alexandria 

Sarepta Hall, King n Royal " 

Pump and Block Makers. 

Greenwell James, Md av c Sth west 

Henshaw Foster, 463 Va av 

Jones William II., 459 Va av 

Tucker John, 14th west n N north 

Hart John, 29 Duke Alexandria 

Rag Dealer. 

Strasburger Henry, 40 Market sp Georgetown 

Railroad Depots and Offices. 

Baltimore & Ohio 

Alexandria, Loudon & Hampshire, Water 

c Princess Alexandria 

Alexandria & Washington, North St. Asaph 

c Princess " 

Manassas Gap, 127 King 
Orange & Alexandria, 170 King 


(See also Porter Houses.) 

Adams R., 286 Penn av 

Baggott J. W., 362 E north 

Bean James, 528 8th east 

Bell J., 544 Penn av 

Benter W. F., 312 C north 

Birch Jacob W., 527 9th west 

Bopst Joshua D., 531 9th west 

Borremans C, 537 9th west 

Boulanger Joseph, 237 G north 

Boyle Christopher, 463 C north 

Brink M., 534 Penn av 

Brown William (col'd), 484 D south 

Butler Ferdinand, 467 14th west 

Cole Francis, 622 Sth east 

Collins Eliza, 491 Centre market 

Criddle A., Market house basement 

Delle George, 336 7th west 

Donnelly James, 301 E north 

Dorothy Washington, 388 7th west 

Dubant P., Penn av c 6th 

Emrich P., 510 11th west 

Fenwick & Marshall, La av c 7th 

Fletcher & Johnston, 485 10th west 

Flint Charles W., F north n 15th west 

Gerhard J., 346 C north 

Gibson J., 483 7th west and G north c 7th west 

Gordon J., 277 Penn av 

Green Eliza A. (col'd), 80 La av 

Green William L., E north c 8th west 

Greenfield B., K north n 20th west 

Haas I., 510 Penn av 

Hammack I. D., 202 Penn av 

Hancock Andrew, 239 Penn av 

Hennessey J., 538 Penn av 

Holbrook J. T., 570 Penn av 

Johnson William, 460 Penn av 

Jones & Miller, 321 E north 

Jouvenal Peter, 14th west n S north 

Kelly Miles, 520 N J av 

Kipp & Brewer, 368 F north 

Klomann Charles, 509 7th west 

Klotz C, 507 9th west 

Koch A., 340 D north 

Lahna H., 528 Penn av 

Lichau H., 34 La av 

List C. H., 6th west c C north 

Mades Charles, 465 Penn av 

Megee B., Penn av c 26th west 

Middleton John H., 9th west c B north 

Miller C, 26th west n Penn av 

Miller G. M., 369 Penn av 

Minor John R., 15th east c Md av 

Murray Henry G., 650 Sth east 

Nally J., 532 Penn nv 

Neal George (col'd), 210 F north 

Oentrich & Boyer, 507 11th west 

Paolinelli R. & Co., 42S Penn av 

Parry Sarah (col'd), 78 La av 

Pheiler John, 77 Pens av 

Pribram L., 4th west c I north 



Roberts M. F., Penn av c 11th west 

Ruple Jacob, 369 19th west 

Ruppert Anthony, 319 8th west 

Schaefer Charles", 216 7th west 

Scherger W., 512 Penn av 

Schmidt F., E north c 11th west 

Schmidt J., 489 6th west 

Schnell George, 304 and 306 E north 

Shreve William 0., 262 7th west 

Simpson W. S., 283 Pa av 

Souer C. H., 494 Pa av 

Springman George A., 484 Pa av 

Unsworth John B., 233 Pa av 

Vanskiver J. E., 554 7th west 

Werner C, 355 Pa av, 270 B north, and 521 

Centre mkt 
West J. D., 328 E north 
Whitney A., 1 A south 
Wunderlich John, 619 7th east 
Clark Theodore, 88 Water Georgetown 

Ellis W., 50 Congress 

Fink C, 40 Bridge " 

Foley J. W., 77 High 

Giles A., 33 Bridge " 

Gross James F., 26 Market space " 

Hilleary John, 42 Market space " 

McPherson Robert L., 27 Market space " 

Ruppel Michael, 37 Market space " 

Thecker William H., 8 Market 
Varnell George W., 31 Market space " 

Von Essen J. P., Congress on Canal " 

Brown Sanford, 71 Cameron Alexandria 

Childs James, 52 North Union " 

Donnelly John T., 31 Prince " 

Keeyes Francis, 17 Prince " 

Kerwin Martin H., 71 North St. Asaph " 

Kraus John E., 27 Prince " 

Price J. T., Royal c King and 7 South 

Union " 

TENNESSON SAMUEL, Pitt c King and 

Cameron n Royal " 

Tomlin R., Royal n King " 

Roofers, Composition. 

Hoskins James 0. C, K south n 3d west 

Rope Maker. 

Dean Charles, West n North 


Sash, Doors, and Blinds. 

Baldwin Brothers, D north c 1st west 

Hamilton H. W. & Co., 562 7th west 

Smith Daniel, 12t